Should I use video to market my business? With Chris Carlin on the Do Video Podcast

Should I use video to market my business? With Chris Carlin on the Do Video Podcast

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Guess. What it's Friday and you know what today is well. It's the guest episode, but. Can. I crew and welcome back to the do video podcast. Where. Our aim is to get you and your business genuinely, connecting, with your customers through, the best method at the moment video, and you've. Got me your lovely host Zoe the video confidence, coach on your wondrous journey, to. Meet, the money man named, Chris who. You're. Gonna see in the next title screen as we move on. Thank. You sorry and welcome, to the podcast, hold on I've already done that bit but who have I got next, to me who is this way gentlemen next Oh weird, I look. Weird, well. Really weird you were in the previous scene. You. Just repeated okay. If. You weren't there and for, everyone who's just there, was a bit weird there but Chris right. Here anytime a business yes almost as if it's on your shoes a, mask your money now helping everyday people, take control their finances from, the comfort of their own home you've. Already got that tag mmm. Thank you but, last time we talked well we had a nice long X yes great. About. Everything video and online. Financial, planning and how it differs from regular yes, your planning but what I want to focus with you today is, on. The videos that you do and the social marketing and your YouTube marketing your, LinkedIn and so forth yes yeah you do for your business yeah, which I am getting in three yeah, absolutely. So. As the. Note down here says and I was going to get my, brain was just like Zoe what are you talking about look at the notes yeah. How. Do you use the videos that you create to audience, to, market to your audience but first off what, are the type of videos that you do yeah so, we, do so we've got our initial, video so that's a really professional. Video, which which. We use to launch the business if you go on a website mash your money now calm down a you it's the first video that you'll see when. You go onto the onto, the website goes, for about 90 seconds that's a really that's our suppose our formal, advertisement.

And When, we launch the business. Well, that was viewed over 10,000, times between. Facebook Instagram. YouTube, and. LinkedIn. LinkedIn. Went really well yeah over 10,000. Views which. Is absolutely fantastic and a great way to dog if you're launching a product then that is, definitely, a good way to do it and especially around that 90 second mark but yes it's not too long and not too short you, get enough information to get you message other yeah absolutely and it's not something I spent 10 grand on it's always a bit of how was it it wasn't cheap, either but that, was worth its weight in gold, it's. Especially, considering, how long it's gonna last you absolutely. Yeah that's, what, I think it's called evergreen contents, cuz it's always gonna be it and it's a taxes, this is who we are this, is what we do and, this. Is, and. Also it's a bit of a reminder as well this. Is why we do it as well so so, there's that side of it as well but, we also, do a regular, for. A very, weekly. Video. Called whiteboard Wednesday so. That's literally me in, a whiteboard behind me and talking about a financial, concept, whether. That's something that's come from me directly or, something. That might be something that's topical in the media or it, might be something where a viewer. Has actually commented, and asked me directly well how does this work so it's really just a short. Five-minute video, just, explaining you, know what. Particular. Concept, in a way that's a bit more casual. Bit a little bit of fun don't. Take yourself too seriously what's, the fun in that and but. Also it's a content that's engaging as, well so really, enjoy and then we occasionally do, live. Videos, as well mainly, on Instagram, and. Facebook I probably don't do enough of those if I'm being really. Analytical. Up myself at this point in time but, definitely, something that we could look more to in the future literally, get the phone out here, that's. My phone and aims. Just, record yourself or. In the car whatever it might be just really, use to prompt yourself for those, I'm. Not used to doing anything to prop myself up I hate why there's not many there being done so. It's. Actually a really good question and realistically. It's it. Might be a conversation that I've had or something net media, that's topical, it's.

Definitely, Something like, I said I probably don't do that well it's something that I need to do in the future, yeah, and definitely when we talk about prompts, when I say, prompting other than something like you said even conversation. Usually. When I recommend, for clients with, my other hat on yeah, is usually, talking about either, a date or regular. Schedule feel I'm saying that we will go live every Monday morning for exactly, another. Prompt could be either boof so say for example we do workshops so every workshop we would do a live show for. You even though you don't really have any events or any particularly, yeah. But say for example, before the major events. For, like, you know taxes. Jus yeah like, a big not that big bonanza yeah just like before every major financial thing, or maybe an maybe a public holiday of some given that room that stays, that hey, you. Know it's a, Australia. For, example yesterday for in, this back, in time when we're actually recording that yeah yesterday, was a day, holidays, Monday. Yes, people decide to take it off because it was Australian Saturday yeah. And that. Could be a prompt for you saying hey it's a public holiday yes, you have this time off to do the gardening and so forth but yeah you, can use this time effectively you think about finances, well we've got something coming up pretty soon which, probably would have happened at once this gets published, but as, we're recording this it is actually the, Royal Commission is due out very, soon the final report so but, the one above the bank go on the bank's yeah absolutely so, we've got some so I do my social media I plan it every week so that's might the the prints and the video content, but if if something really comes out of that which I think warrants, a live, feed then yeah definitely put the camera up have a chat go from there I really, hope so I really hope something comes out of that we. Spend so much time and money on the dancing I say. We I mean like taxes yes the 18-day yet but just be careful what you wish for that's all that I'll say yeah, for.

Tuning, The whiteboard Wednesday you hear what I really think okay. Like. You're already isn't gonna subscribe to crazy site you're gonna do that anyway thank you hmm so speaking of whiteboard, Wednesday a new social media well, done for like actually taking time every week to actually plan well thank you, into. My schedule it yeah what, do, you think is like, benefit. Of doing these type of video yeah yeah for your business it really is that being front of mind ultimately, that is what you do the content the content for its engaging, your potential, audience to. Be so. For, my marketing, and maybe. A professional market might disagree with this but I don't, see social. Media marketing. As trying, to convince one someone. To become, a client, for. Me it's when. You're, the audience, is ready or a bit potential, client is ready they think of me first and. I think I can think of a couple of times in my own experience. And I'm sure you're the same as well so anywhere we, think. All right I need for, example graphical, design done and I, go, I'll go on a Google search for someone yep, talked to a couple of people yep that's there that's all fine and it all looks and you can get a product and then, actually. Just finished in that product or just after you're done it you just you catching, a cell on a car oh wait. You, know someone two quotes writing something you would have liked to have done business with oh yeah, you do graphic design as well don't you gee, so probably should have used to you but, because they weren't France of Mines. Then. You just forget so, for me it, is it. Is if someone. You, think has a question about their super, or wanted by their first time or heaven, forbid you know they need them apply, for insurance because I've had another child and they've heard a horror story because, if something had, happened to some without personal, insurance cover, then they, think of me first because they've seen a Instagram. Post or a blog post or, a YouTube, video or a whiteboard Wednesday I want. To be known as the go-to expert for, my field when, it comes to those sort of things and, hopefully professional. Marketers don't disagree with you on yeah okay beautiful the way that you're thinking is the point of social media yeah yeah and the point of being online and keeping yourself up to date with marketing, because, now there's no longer a fact that you can have a poster, up in, the middle of a town I you, know right diatonic, and blah blah yeah we're not in the days of that and we haven't been in that day for a very long time yeah so to be able like you said to be free to find and I think you mentioned in the last podcast, that 14, touch points yes a messages talking directly this isn't like like having a conversation with your people but touch points as in you appear in the social media if you tag someone that they already I can follow. So. See below the options of touch points that we can refer to below. This post because, I'm too lazy to think of it now and no way. You will find those touch points yeah. Yeah. That's a good video, you leave yourself nice and then you'll definitely yeah. Exactly right exactly right so yeah, it's it, is about being front of mind and you think every time you see a new brand first time you just seen scam. Unfortunately. That's just the way we think bad. Because. They're not in the financial sphere or is that right I think it's probably Jamie general, really it's, I, could probably only think of once or twice where I've looked. At seen an ad on Facebook as an example and gone I really want that like. I don't even think like an Apple iPad as well which is what we've got down in, the corner is an app on our Samsung sorry no geez well you think yeah yeah but alright its first time I saw an art iPad and I thought I don't need that how ridiculous, is that why, don't I have got a computer that does all those things it took me about four or five guys to see I was like I'll give it a try then once I gave it a try was like well this is so cool. Another. State. So, yeah. It's it. Is about being in front of mine and having that those.

Touch, Points because. Every single touch point you are building trust you're building your brand you're building your message you're building confidence with your potential customers, and also re engaging your existing, ones as well which, is really important, as well so yeah. The fact is the, more times you get seen the, more business, hypothetically. That you get so that. Don't always happens, I hundred percent that way but yeah, that's that is the whole point of advertising. And doing a lot of those things so yet depth by all means be, regular, be present, and be, front of mind when people will need to seek your services, you. In, your notes down here have talked about a sub-brand yeah I'm intrigued, as to what that is and why. I feel, kind of bad not knowing about it cuz I'm a professional know it. Could be just a term I made up so but, I know for me like my brand is mastery money now so that is my business name that is what I'm known for obviously, there's a personal, name Chris Cohn that's behind that video as well so that's kind of us that's, kind of a brand in itself my personal, brand but my business brand is masked your money now but, because I do the radio. Regular. Weekly series. Called whiteboard, Wednesday people, know that as a brand, whiteboard. Wednesday has become almost its own brand so, therefore. I refer to that as a sub brand because. It's a sub, brand of master your money now so, it's just another way that points, people back to, my business marks your money now so most, your money now is the primary, brand because that's my business that's what I want in note 4 I've got, a personal, profile, which links for quite heavily into the brand as well but, also whiteboard. Wednesday as well has become a brand of mass, your money now so people for Carl's and get people counting you're saying is I don't want board Wednesday who, does what Wednesday, masamune, now so. Thank you and that now that I know what you mean that conversation, yeah that actually is good sub brand because when I saw, it in your nights I'm like I want sub brand is you, think disease. No. I get yeah yeah yeah you're right definitely don't you create series, or when you get lines of content it's not just one offs and you've got like, a for example to do video yeah. Okay. Yeah is it's. Not to be a confidence, coach brand and. Again. Video confidence coach can be a hard thing to remember but you video that's a really yeah absolutely the thing and because. My. Branding, my face is all over it yeah well you're all over out yeah. You. Can definitely see where that's coming from yeah and you, can definitely understand. That this. Is like the do video podcast video confidence, coach cool I want, to do video blah blah blah so that sub brand is differently mmm would help lots of businesses and to be able to create that binge herbal content as well absolutely definitely, for whiteboard, Wednesday mmm the. Trends. Video Forever, Ago for. My other business zebrafish, digital media where we talk about 2019. Trends and one of them was creating digital content, you're creating series, creating, packets, of content that people can stumble, upon you and then keep watching more of your content not, for the sake of you. Know wasting. Their time right yeah but just to be able to give them more content and they can be like alright I can keep going so they learn more from you because in the other day like. I'm, thinking on but about 25 whiteboard Wednesday's I'm sure how many episodes are you I'm on to the on to. Videos however many is right here yeah. I'm. Very back, to future Zoe who is editing this because I don't even know at this point all right I got ya I know I'm, know I've recorded like 20 but, I'm not sure what we're up to now so. Let's stop it so, yeah I mean when. Whatever. Whenever. You get to someone's watching your video for the first time that, might be especially.

If It's episode 25 or 50 or 100 if they're only seen you for the first sarlaac and you do a very good video or very good content, they look and go big naturally, gonna go who is this guy or, girl and what. Can we do you, know what else do they do so, for example they see a whiteboard Wednesday for example age pension, for example, which is not in my primary, target market, my primary type of markets 25 to 40 year olds but someone. Outside my target. Market who's gone for an age pension and effort which could be over 66, at the moment to apply for an age pension they, might look at that and go oh there's this guy, alright, I'm gonna go back they're going to do this they stalk in like we all do and they'll, go back and look at some of the previous episodes and they might see the video on for, example how to use your super duper first time and they, might think oh yeah my son, or daughter is looking to buy their first time they might be interested in that content so it's just creating that snowball, effect creating. That that. That's series, and that consistency, as well which is really really specially, the content that you're working on that you may well, not realize this now but the content that you're working on is your sales person yes because, people. You. May or may not know this but, people. Don't enjoy talking to sales people know. People. Refer to do their own research find, out and then once they're, ready to contact your contact, your business they're already sold on what you provide say. For example when people come to my zebrafish business it's a little bit of a high tier video production, because we do it all for you yeah and for, you you have different tiers sort of such but when people are coming to you they've already research the hell out of your website YouTube, you know they've. Already researched you and they know hey I like this guy I like what what, he says and what they do I know I want to work. With you yep and then you don't have to worry too much about the selling because you already trust them it's all team points are already there yeah and they already know that they want to work with you yes just negotiating, well realize, what, you do and why they're there yes absolutely, just the point absolutely, yeah yeah.

Trying. To find a space to practice perfect, or even just explore your next great idea can, be hard to find especially in, regional Victoria our studio space is in the creative Jalan makers hub and, is ideal for artists. And makers and also, offers a recording, studio for, small-scale audio, and video production come. In and get that podcast started get, that video for your website done, or even get the band together for a jam session for the ages we're located in the heart of Jalan and you can find more at Jalan makers comdata, you that's, too long makers comdata, you equipment, hire and expert, assistance can. Be arranged for an additional fee. One. Thing I definitely want to talk about here in your lives that I keep referring to is what holds people back from using online videos, what, do you believe is. Your point of view I think for me when. I speak to people who are not confident, about. Doing. Videos, and doing. Social media and just putting themselves out there in general I think there's a fear of perfectionism, or they they feel, like they've got to be perfect, which, is anything. But true especially if you've watched this podcast, in this episode, or, even a previous episode that yeah exactly, right, like I even my whiteboard Wednesday's, they're not perfect. My. Initial. Promo video is perfect, and again that goes back to what we discussed last episode, about knowing. What the purpose of your video marketing is and also. Your, non the purpose and the budget as well what you know so that was intentional, you hired a professional. Originally. Done for a reason yeah absolutely. But, for every other video yeah but every other video doesn't have to be perfect especially if it's a podcast or a series, like whiteboard, Wednesday and, we're, not going to perfectionism, people, are turned off by perfectionism, if. You've got someone who's you know all professionally. Done out with their makeup perfect, we all know people don't work work let's, all tell the real world operates we, want to seek, if we're going for social, media advertising. It's. Social media advertising to everyday people so. They want to Bay work with everyday, people we, know that people will talk to friends first before there for. An expert about particular topic and so. If we can present ourselves as, a friend who's. Not perfect who has flaws who stutters occasionally, pronounces, word says, duh now instead of don't know, that. Is Hari I'm sure your audience is fine with Donna yeah dan. I. Mikey. We walk always picks me up on that one. Fine they say it was it jokers, Chuck. J. Dose Jandal, Journal zip yep, yeah, that I'm I I'm not, allowed to call them songs, in the house then. Must be Jan dolls so just, said just so we chose, a meeting Mary to carry Bobby Natalie and bad so, yeah I think when it comes to videos. You, don't need to be perfect especially if you're doing a podcast or, an Instagram live story or a Facebook live story, don't. They actually perfect just put the content, out there you, know yes by putting a couple, of small cuts if you need to especially be doing the podcast or a whiteboard Wednesday but. It doesn't. Need to be perfect just get yourself be, yourself be confident, and you stuff be the expert, which. I'm sure you already are and it's just believe in yourself and just being yourself and let it roll and especially, for the tips that we provide you video. Confidence coach provide you yeah it's not we're trying not try, and make you perfect we're just trying to make it easier for you so say for example when like we always provide the stability tip, which is your, camera stable so you don't have to stress about your armhole yeah it, would talk about lighting and sound not to make you look perfect, or to make you seem perfect but just so people can hear you properly you can see you properly yeah and especially with the work that you do on your social media it's always nice and clear and ice and Chris because that's the point yeah a nice and clear and understandable furniture absolutely, I mean whatever whiteboard, Wednesday go to five minutes. Which. Even people, over, region when we do the first couple say that was mommy too long yeah. We live in a generation where we're too impatient away for 2min Anil's so, yeah podcasts. Like oh yeah podcast is absolutely different yeah yeah it's also it's also not the case either because those people unless the message, is not interesting, the vlz people aren't going to continue watching yeah so like I think five minutes is fine you don't comment, enough information to give the people that what they need and if, people want something shorter yeah then they.

Can Watch something shorter yeah and it really comes down to you can have a long five-minute video you can have a short thirty minute video it. Really comes down to that's really comes down to content creation what you've got and, but being short and sharp and Chris with your content, it's. Always better living and wanting more, especially. If you do the social media stuff like what I've just done yeah you'll see on our, social medias for, the do video podcast and you have a video conference coach that Chris's, face will appear he will say that exact thing that he just said before and then looking. Like this yep cut to whatever sorry, exact. Example. Yeah yeah yeah I've. Done with you again. We're looking back at I know yeah, and. Looks. Like we have the one. Golden, rule the. One golden rule of doing online videos. Particularly. If it's a four, whiteboard, Wednesday, or. I dare, say for a podcast as well you might correct me here use, captions we. And I particularly, on social, media that. That. I think it's something ridiculous, live like 85%, of videos that watched on silent, so. We did our first few videos without captions if. You go back to our earlier episodes, they didn't have any captions on those and one of the feedbacks that we got when, we're put in that original content out there was. Yeah. We can keep put some captions, on there cuz we don't know what you say like you're watching it on the train to work or. You know between, classes, or wherever what. You're watching the video a lot, of the time you, just watching captions and you think about your own use, of social media I know I'm exactly the same as well so. It's really, so. Make sure you put captions on your videos, maybe. Not your professional. Promo, videos like but, certainly, if you're doing a regular series I would, definitely use captions, you can use this, is where you probably can I think it's rare that sound does the audio transcription. our. Us-based, business where you can put in give, them a video and they do one US dollar per, minute for captions. They, also do transcriptions. And they also do. Okay what's. It called translating. As well but a little bit more expensive yes and, the type of captions, you're referring to for the professional, speech yeah the captions, that you're referring to it called Burdine captions okay so where the captions are a part of the video yeah so you, can't get rid of them which does work especially well for social media for zebrafish.

Yeah, We do that all the time we always make sure that we provide stuff with captions and, I'd say the only problem, that we have is that because we're doing a whole lot like for example a podcast episodes can be so long it does take a while to put the captions, out there and for, all of our content we can't have captions all the time yeah but at least have the ability to have your descriptions, and have an idea, in your descriptions below if you can't do captions for editing. Purposes or whatever always, have captions down below sorry captions always have descriptions down below you'll need to, explain to people what's going on yeah but definitely that's one thing I did notice about yours which the captions were very useful and very easy to understand yeah and that's what yeah that's, what you want to do because we're also you. May have possibly seen, me. You haven't because they haven't released yet but for everyone else they would have seen, and heard these ones. From JT, Budd she's a comedian and, he also works for the ndia so, always Andy talked about captions, and how our, DOA. Is. National. Disability Insurance, Agency. Oh I usually, all say this, game is the thing okay, agency is what people well okay, beautiful how do you know that there you go yeah because this, game is the thing right eye is, agency. Is actually where it happens yeah, and. What people work beautiful yep yep yep so um as part of that he talked about um you, know being able to provide descriptions, below being able to provide your children's yeah yes it does help people who. Don't want to actually listen or who don't want to have audio where you watch their videos but also helps people who are you. Know who are deaf who are ambitious. Okay. Huge. Advantage of that it always works well for absolutely, and the other side of it as well and maybe we'll just finish on this point is when. You if you do get your captions done up if you've done a farm in a video if. We work on I think it's about 150, minutes sorry, for words per minute and appends, how quickly that you speak but, if you speak with five minutes at 750, words you've got a blog post which.

You Can just clean up edit, out and, you've. Got another way that you've repurposed, your content as well so, and for five minutes five. US dollars I think it's about 750 Australian. That. There. You go that you are a blog post for 750, especially. If you put that much effort into a video my content. Really that's what we're definitely doing with video company scratch but bloggers. Taking well because, dyslexia. Doesn't firm quite well with. Doesn't. Bird well we're actually doing blogs that's why we're hiring video. Here is everything, yeah deal, with Italy yes, yeah so I was just looking there because. Of the little. Guy is running out of battery yeah yeah but, what. I do want to know is. How. Much does, it take timewise. For you and effort wise yeah yes as well as the cost of actually did I do for you so I get my other professional. Who does mine and. We. Do on episode I think it's a hundred dollars so what that does is recall, the video, captions. And puts, it all together pretty, much the only thing I've got to do then is just uploaded. To YouTube and when it gets back to social media but, that. Works well for me because he's professional, he does all the work and. Then. I don't have to worry about things I can focus on other things on. My business that I am better at so. But so but even then like if you are on a budget you can you can't do it yourself and also if you're doing a live video, that. Doesn't cost you anything so, for, me yeah, it really does depend in, terms of a time, commitment so with the whiteboard Wednesdays we, record, 10 videos at a time so, I went into the the studio, last Saturday, and we, did for, two to three hours just, punched out 10 videos, so I had the topics pre-planned, we went through the videos like that so, he's now got all the recordings you'll edit them do these thing put the captions on make it work. So. Our sure it would be a quick shout out to my video, exams, Levi here I met her at Hebron films definitely. Check him out he's fantastic but. Worry we will get him on the podcast yeah. And. So, yeah, it's it really is it's. You. Can make it as cheap. Or expensive you, want to do it that's it we do video if you want to do it for free just, record on your video, that's easily done if you want to $10,000. Professional. Video done for, TV that can be done as well each video, can be suit your budget and as. We. Talked about it don't worry about being perfect it. Doesn't need to be perfect just get your content out there just, get doing videos and if you're not confident with that she's. Got it yeah. Especially. For what you're referring to before which is batching where you do a whole bunch in one go that, works that, works quite, well for most people is to be able to get yes there is a tendency, of looking.

The Bit same but when the content, is all about the message and not really about the look and for you for example you wear a uniform so you don't need to worry about looking different each time yeah yeah yeah. Yeah you're wearing huge format yes yeah yeah um but for the guys who you know it doesn't when, it comes to budgeting always look at look around see what type of people are out there there, are different especially, when you go to people's websites videographers. Websites they're all there are quite clear tears in the sense of different. Levels of the production yep so say for example. Levi. Levi but, Levi's ones you. Know because you talk to him in person in your same location, you probably would have and I met do you did you just find him a miner days is, someone I know, he. Was a friend of a friend just got my friends. And. That usually works well when it comes to the obscure yet to be able to fire someone in that nature and if you're online and you see and you go through he builds websites and you find they're out there like you know the $2,000 tier which is forever fish stuff that's what we do because, we're professional, more at that level where we can charge that, type of money for a video because of the quality and the step that you're going to get let me said in there yeah, previous of this episode or either the last episode where you talk about evergreen, content that's gonna last us absolutely. Yeah that's why that, type of those type of videos cost a lot of money of course for what whiteboard, Wednesdays you know saying that they weren't last year while no but it's just a case of the content, is meant to be weekly fast, your content, yeah and the work that's required for those videos once you record them it's a lot simpler than doing a 90, second promo video with all these cuts and edits and and, everything, like that actually. Levi also did my wedding video as well which we just got back super excited about that and I'll see that costs, a lot more because there's a lot more editing, and work, involved at his end to, make, that look really good and speak oh and everything like that but. Because. The whiteboard Wednesday's they're not meant to be professional, they're not meant to be they, just pretty much point. The camera up work aims go. We're. Not doing fancy anything there for the cost is not as much so it really does depend on again it pins on your purpose depends on your budget and what, what, you want this content to do and, that's definitely, when, it comes to video it very much depends on the effort that's what you're paying for you're paying for the level of effort that a person has to do yes, there's a base price of when it comes time to like, getting in the studio put it turning the lights on and use your equipment there's a base price for that no matter who you're working with yeah but when I can't the price, on top of that is dictated by you yeah, in regards to how, intense. We're. Going yeah especially. For whiteboard Wednesdays and that's well I met all of us like, I said in the previous episode I met you in person then, I checked more of your app but I that's, why I subscribe that's why I started, following you over six I meet you in person yeah I enjoyed, the content that you're putting in the persona that you're going out in the language and torn because Finance. Me. No not me don't know finance you do video, yes. Finance, no no I have people for that but. When it comes to that personal. Personal. Finance that's think that's something I'm definitely gonna be getting on with you once, I officially. Go. To my accountants and be like am i all finished with you hey you never finished with your can but in the sense of how I done everything that I need to be this year okay then you go yeah. To a personal. Online, financial. Planner and I should I, think anyone else in that situation say where should I go. You. Gotta master your money now calm, you, if, you want to find, more information by myself and you can find all my social media, links to Facebook Instagram. YouTube and, LinkedIn, so, hit, me up send me a message whatever. Works for you and, yeah. Hopefully I can, yeah. And most importantly enjoy the the videos especially the whiteboard Wednesday and, I want to send. A send. Say, a special thank you your Christmas coming thank, you coming to a lovely, GE, oh yeah and because, it's, currently still summer it. Is still plenty hot. The. Lovely yeah this. It's a great location creative, Jalan you have seen the advertisement, during this podcast it's, a great place and I work from here only problem is a lot of Windows great food like filming and lights and stuff but not for heat, yeah. I. Wanna, thank you sir thank you you're a chef, maybe I'm doing out doing some cast episodes right here and we'll be having a, lot of fun with a thumbnails, which you would have seen at the start of these videos where it's just.

That. You're up for that make. Me look stupid. Yeah. Take. Your hand go yeah yeah all right so we're gonna throw back to Zoe you're gonna finish out the episode. Thank. You Zoe for. A full list of sources credits, and downloadables, feel free to check out the do video podcast comm website or, you can just write out chat world over owl a conversation. That we just had on. Your favorite podcasting, app of your choice and if, you are watching our faces today feel free to subscribe on our youtube channel where. We have tutorials and other things that I'm working on if you have any comments concerns questions or, feedback feel free to reach out to the video confidence coach on our social needs on our, websites or, just. Google us and see what you find please let me know what you find we aim to help you however we can so, if there's anything specifically, that you need questions answered for or anything. Of that nature where you would like to some coaching on your video, journey feel, free to reach out to us where we have group and individual, coaching options, available to you thank you for engaging with us today and don't forget tell your crew about our lovely podcast chat, or whatever, whatever you got out of today just let them know alright, bye guys.

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