Seller Check-In with Harry Temkin

Seller Check-In with Harry Temkin

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Hello. And welcome to another seller check-in on Griff here in my home studio, as you may know most. EBay employees, are now working from home during, this shelter-in-place order and. Also today I'm joined from her. Home here, in San Jose our good friend Liz Austin from, seller marketing, and also. From his home in New Jersey. Our guest today via. Zoom, EBA, vice president, of seller experience, Harry Temkin, welcome Liz welcome Harry Thank. You very, coast-to-coast. On, zoom' today it is yeah, we're determined, to keep on working, so. Yeah. Glad, you could join us today as you as you can tell the. Some. Of us are using virtual screens, if you're looking on the video, and it's a. Excuse. Sometimes, you'll see my arm disappear, but look like just like it did there so we'll make sure that doesn't happen, anyway, Liz take us away I. Think. You want to ask Harry a question, about whose team Liz. Yeah. Thanks for having me Chris and hi Harry and bum. Not to seeing you at upfront and this, month we were doing some great live broadcasts, over there so tell, us I'd be doing all well and I. Don't know about you Harry, but if. A, it's, been a tense this little period of. The. Coronavirus. I think, the zoom is you, know being amazing, for us we've been able to do all of these meetings and, we've, been working hard to get the protections, and support out for ourselves but, it's, funny like, people know that you're not going out so they know you're going to be unzoom or they know you're gonna be on plaque or they know you're gonna be on email so there's no running and hiding so. You. Know the computers played a big part in, our lives in the last couple of weeks along, with my daughter's. Kind of coming in and sitting on my lap and, you know doing. Fun little background in zoom Mike Pearson and we're also doing kind, of happy hours and, just. To keep them, motivated, and. And, and ribbon and and, and, half the enough is everyone convey in this. Unprecedented. Moment but how are you managing to, run a product, team from, New. Jersey and, via zoom and how's all that going yeah. I mean it's it's, pretty incredible, and. As you know my cat owner had a product management also is here in New Jersey with. Me and, then most, of the team is in San Jose but we have teams you. Know all through the west coast all the way up. Into. Into. Portland and, up, in Toronto, in. Israel so we're really all over the world and you, know a lot of times we've been accustomed to using what we used to call the VM are our old system Nell zoom but.

Obviously Even more so everybody, is now doing it from their homes and you, know we we've enjoyed welcoming, new. Members to, our staff lots of little kids joining. In in, our meetings or dogs, cats, lots of pets barking, in the backgrounds. When. Your printer's going off because kids are printing stuff out or. You might even hear a lecture going on in. The background with, some of my kids are all home and they have online classes they're, they're dispersed, all throughout the house, but. It's been incredible, I think people have transitioned, to it incredibly. Well, and. You, know we've already been we're super relaxed, as it is so the fact that kids are, partaking. In the meetings has just become the norm and. You. Know I think it's. A credit to the team to, watch them. Continue. To develop and get, things out on time even, in some cases, to. What we call switch the rail as. Many, of our sellers know we introduced, an invoice deferral, program last. Week and we literally, began. That project, on a Thursday, and delivered it on a Tuesday, to, give you an idea of what can be done even, in a remote environment. So. I'm, really, really proud. Of you know how the team has been able to keep, it together so to speak with obviously the number one priority, is, everyone's, health and safety and the same with our sellers but. You recognize how important, the platform, is particularly. In. This these, incredible, times and my, entire team as is I think all of the teams at eBay are just a hundred. And ten percent committed, to, continuing, to deliver on. Behalf of obviously. At all of you our sellers and. Our buyers. Yeah. That's it's a it's been an interesting two weeks I'm looking, forward to the next month or so I think this, may go on a little bit longer than any of us had imagined, so, we're, getting we're getting in. Inculcated. And used to the fact of working at home and I think one, of the cool things is getting to meet everyone's families, because it. Is, like bringing your kids it's like bring your whole life into eBay day, a. Hundred, percent and you know it makes us you, know quite frankly just, all these days at home yeah, and it was just, you know what was it four weeks ago I think list we were in Tampa. We, were oversubscribed, 200. Sellers they're an amazing. Event, longtime. Friends, new sellers there we. Had rally roots there it. Was it was awesome and to, think in you, know this very short period of time we were supposed to be in Austin this week for. Another up front we were gonna be in Detroit just a couple of weeks back how. Things have changed so much but I think with you, know the technologies. That we have today particularly, like, zoom that. Enable us and as you guys can see I'm wearing my ebay upfront t-shirt, in, the spirit, and. You, know we've got eBay that the purple, in the back which you could say is of course our podcast, colors even our open colors my favorite color nabel's us to you, know sort of deliver. It to you streaming. Right, and so a little bit of what we'll do today is. To, reiterate some, of the things that, I presented at. At, upfront. So you, guys aren't, missing any of the cool stuff we're working on and you know. Sort of give you some tips of the trade and things that you can focus on while we have you know quite frankly a lot of this extra time at, home yeah, Harry. And Liz know this with the RF to our audience are actually a topic for today's. It's. How to sustain, your business through, a global. Crisis, or any global crisis ease. This one being probably. The biggest one in our lifetime, so, I wanted to ask you a little bit about this we've, got some feedback there sellers, coming in and telling us hey you know I'm busy I'm I'm finding, things to do maybe I can't go out in source product, but this is a great opportunity for.

Me To reevaluate what, I'm doing on all levels what I'm listing and I thought we'd talk about three things, so, Liz and I can ask you some questions about these. Listing. New items and how to take, advantage of what we offer so that you you're, listening from the start the right way and getting items in front of buyers and then, we'll talk about updating. Existing listings. And then, finally, how to drive conversion, because there's been in, tradition, at eBay of some tools recently, that and I'm not saying this just myself we've, heard from sellers, have been extraordinarily, successful, in. Driving, conversion, we want to make sure every, seller is taking advantage of it so to your point that's, why we're here today is to is to get the word out so, let's, talk about listing. Items and what. Should sellers be doing in your view when, it comes to products and service eBay offers to make to take advantage and get the best, possible. Position, when, they're listing items sure. Well I mean the first thing I would say is like just, keep listening first off right I mean I actually took the time last. Weekend, and this weekend, to list a whole bunch of stuff that I've had around. The house which I know is a little different as a c2c user versus a view to see user but. I mean I had like brand. New floor mats from cars from like 10 years ago that have been in my garage. And. They, actually sold in two days right, so and. I got full price I was even using best offer and, and. My son has been listening a tremendous, amount of sneakers, all, weekend, this weekend and today he's been back and forth using, seller, initiated, offers and receiving, best offers, he's got multiple, bids he, just sold a pair of sneakers. Literally. Today he shipped a pair yesterday, we, even shipped one to Hawaii to give you an idea of the demands, on the, platform, so you know the first thing is don't, stop listening, we are way, open for business buyers, from recognizing. That they, are coming to the platform, and they, are looking for all kinds of things you know not, you know things, related, to Kobe these days like disinfectants. Or things you know like that. So, my, number one piece, of advice is continue Westing now with, respect to listening what I thought I'd do and I know for those on the podcast will be a little interesting, you, won't be able to see it but I thought I'd do a lot, right from mobile. So, I'm gonna share my screen and, hopefully. Griffin. Lives are gonna tell me that you can see that yeah, we can see it great. Rapping. So, what, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over to the. Selling tab right it just it just could be we're, looking at a the. IOS. Version of, the selling app yes. We are. And so. What. I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into. One. Of my son's listings, actually. And. I'm. Gonna scroll down and, actually. What I'm gonna do is I'm actually clicking. On a filter, Hill called, send, offer eligible. And. This is new and this is also available a fairly new I should say but in native it's, available across all of our platforms so, it's an easy way to filter. The, listings. In which you can now actually send, a personalized. Discount. To. Watchers, of your, items, or people who have heavy browsed, your item meaning they've clicked on it more than three times or they've, added, it to the cart so we'll come back to that when we get to the sell feature but. I just want to point out that it makes it really easy for. You to look at the listings that are now eligible to send personalized, discounts, which is a phenomenal. Negotiation. Tool on the platform, what. I'm gonna do is I'm. Gonna click on, one. Of my son's newest, listings, he was able to get a pair of WaveRunner, 700s. Easy's. That. He got in in, one of the lotteries, and so, you know these are selling in a significant, price I'll say it's it's ready four hundred and fifteen dollars. And. This is the going rate you know if you're able to get these sneakers, and he's, got you know already 87, views and four Watchers, of.

The, Item when. We find a sorry, well. He got these directly. At, easy when, they run you. Know they invite, you into their effectively. Their lotteries, and. We just keep waiting in the waiting room or uneasy supply, and so if you're fortunate enough to be able to get a pair in this case you know these are selling well over. The. Suggested, retail price, just because of the demand for this particular, sneaker, and the size of, course yeah, but. What I want to do is I. Want, to go in to revise. The item just so I can talk a little bit about the elements, of the listing, and what's, really important, so. When, you're listing. Obviously. Photos. Are, really. Key then you want to use pretty. Much 12, photos, or almost you know as many photos you get up to the 12 that that, are allowed and to, take various, angles, and if you look at my. Son's pictures, he literally takes pictures, from. Again, all of the angles, the top, of the sneakers, the, sides of the sneakers, the sole this. Enables. A buyer one. To know that you got the product and two to really be able to authenticate, it because of all the various ways that you're taking a picture the more pictures that you take of your, listing, the, better a buyer gets a feel for, the product you're selling the, condition, of it in. Just, the ability to really, look at it in close detail, the. Second, thing that's really important, is the construction, of your title, okay. The, way that you're listening is indexed, in search altum Utley is your, title and your. Item specifics. And we'll talk about the importance of item specifics, in a moment, but, when you're building your title, it's key to have the, right words in there you don't want to stuff your title although, you do want to use the maximum 80 characters, that are available to you and, so in this case adidas. Yeezy, boost, 700. So you, know the brand the model, then. WaveRunner, again. The model of the sneaker, then, he has size 12, and a half and then he even has their, specific, skewer or the MPN, b75. 571. These, are all the various ways right. That a buyer is looking for, your, product, and by putting sais in the title, this the buyer also, knows, that. They don't have to sort of click into the view item car to make sure it's the size that they're looking for and. Then you, know so again having, that nicely constructed title. Is key and how it appears, in the, search results, pages but. Then let's also talk about item specifics, for a second because again this is this. Is really important. But, you'll notice and. Again for those of you listening on the podcast my, son has a very, long. List of items specifics, that he has provided and, he, has provided ones, if I scroll down into the listing you. Actually, see, we. Provide an indicator. In terms. Of showing, the. Item specifics. Were. Sorry, the buyer demand, data we are showing you as a seller how often, buyers are searching, these particular.

Specifics, And you. Can see that based on the number of my son is given, 32. Million recent. Searches so just think about that for a second because I've provided where, he's provided, all of these additional item specifics, it's, effectively. Making, the listing more eligible. To, the way buyers are searching, and Harry can you can you zoom back up again and let's let's, just talk about or just mention each one of the items specifics. That's being displayed right now, on the iOS mobile. App for this listing so he's making you know brand as an item specific, color the, shoe size and that is super. Super, important, oh yes also, provided. Here and I'm gonna come back to why that is in a moment you, have the model the, mech is it a man or woman's shoes the, type of being athletic the. Product line is Boost European. Size is also, super critical like you know and UK, size because, if, you're making your listening available, on the other platforms, by using global shipping program you. Want to be able to make it searchable on their, sizes not just the US side yeah, so, each one of these. Each one of these, so. I'm gonna just go, back in here, each, one of these again. We. Are showing you the value, so if I actually go, into, the item specific, section itself, u.s.. Shoe size is worth, nine point two million. Searches. All, right so if you believe that if you leave that out you're gonna miss, almost. 10 million buyers who are looking for these items it's, not necessary the buyers right, with the searches, translating, to how important, this particular. Item specific, is now what I want to do is I want to take a moment and switch. To the buyer view because, I want, to show how critical. This. Is, and. So. Let me just jump out of this rule so we were in the revised item, so this is how what a seller would see but now we're gonna look and see what a buyer would see exactly because. If we were to go do a. Search, okay, for, Yeezy boost 350s. Look. What you see directly, at the top. Automatically. Right, oh there's a sensor, yeah for us. Few sizes so if you're on the podcast what we're seeing right now is, there's a almost. A scrolling, marquee that has, shoe. Sizes from, 0.5. To the next 2.5 to the next so you can go right to for example all, the common sizes right now. If I, or, my son didn't provide that size 12, and 1/2 in the items specific, we only provided, it in the title and I, click, on the 12 and a half here, or you know even just you know 11. And a half or 12 as an example, my. Listing, will, not show up in this filtered, result and I know sellers have heard me say this a lot but. I really, and, I do it a lot because I want to stress this it, is so important, to recognize that it. Is not just about the title because. We, are building more filtering, mechanisms, like this with just you know these really nice buttons, directly at the top I don't have to actually. Go and open up the left-hand navigation, I'm simply. Right at the top of the search results now just clicking on a filter pill that, is size 12 or 12 and a half or 13, and if, I don't provide that item-specific breath, you're listening doesn't show up here yeah and is, that's, the issue that we're trying to hit home with all of our sellers is not just give it to us in the title but, give us as many of those items specifics, as you can because you see the. Number that my son provided is making, his listing more accessible, to 32. Million potential, searches, right, that's huge, so, Harry if you just put the items that the details in the title, and not in the item specifics, what search. Does. The, does. The title pull, into. The. Most common, which is query search right so when people like I typed in Yeezy boost 350, b2 certainly. Certainly. My, title, my listening, would come back and search results okay. Using, the query search like exactly, yeah but it's when you use the filters, like, I just did, they're either a left-hand, nav or the new quick filters, that's, where your listing won't, come back in the results, if you've not also, provide it in the items specific, section of the listing flow and, by as they used to using filtered something so we are saying that like, that's why there's so many millions, of searches that are resulting, as, part. Of that item specific, because hundred, precisely using, the filters and what, we showed you know typically I'm not showing the graphs here today but it open, and up front is we actually have showed our sellers they're examples of left-hand, nav usage, carry, these. Items specifics, Harry can we move are we done sharing the screen because they can't see us if you. Are. Great here we are so. It's really important, to prepare the screen actually. You. Know so it's important, for sellers to recognize that you, know when we look at the data and particularly, for items specifics, like brand and size the, left-hand navigation usage.

In Those cases is more. Than, the query search usage, and that's, why it's really critical, for, you to provide, you. Know those. Those. Items specifics, along, with the title and you know you've heard me say it many many times again it's not just about the title it's, about title and item specifics, and, also, just thinking about you. Know going beyond left hand now but when we build product, result pages where we cluster products, together or, what we call you know other where we could call things like browse nodes, or. We're, showing related, products, as, part of a listening on a view item card all of, those types of constructs, are ultimately. Based on item specifics so if you really want to make your listening available, in, almost every, respect every. Type of a construct. That we build to bring products together or search results, or filtered, results you. Want to give us item specifics, it's really, really important, it's talking about exploration. It's really great because we know that putting in item specifics, can take time but, it's a investment. Of your time because the more you invest in doing your item specifics. Or more filters, and search results your items are going to show up in so it's. A great investment, of your plan, exactly. And you know why don't we talk a second about just. Backing up to photos for a second, and, I could highlight again one of our newest, features, that has been incredibly. Well received yeah, I remember an eBay open when we announced this and people wanted it immediately but. It was a small, group that gutted at first and now it's available to every seller correct that. Is correct so, this is image. Cleanup and image. Cleanup is now available, both on Android. And iOS, yay. And so I'm now back showing, for. Our podcast listeners. And the iOS. EBay. App and I'm. On the selling page and I'm gonna click on, my. Unsold, items and I have two here and I'm. Gonna start off with, this anthropology. Woman's pink rose, embroidered. Blouse, and. You'll notice that. When. I if, I go to relist, the item here, okay, this was an ended item I'm. Gonna go into my pictures, and when, I click on the pictures the.

Title Photo which is you know just the the blouse sitting on a very old, kind. Of gray white, blanket. That we use yes very, good yeah I was gonna say this is not a very pretty picture to it, and, right, away a little pop-up came up that said would you like to remove the background yes please and so, I'm gonna click on that and, it's gonna say go ahead and frame the item it's ready to roll actually, as is so we're gonna continue and bang. Yeah. That looks a lot better look. At that okay, awesome and again for those of you on the podcast you'll have to come to YouTube to see this but as, as Griff just got excited about you can see that it literally eliminated. In. Perfect, ways and you can see the shape of this is then by no means just rectangular. Or a perfect circle yeah, it. Cleaned it up perfectly. It's a lot more professional-looking. Right, now than it was before yeah, and this is so exactly, and this is so important, when. You're using this as your title photo, Ibis, what shows up first in search result pages and for. Google shopping they, need a white background yeah so this is another really important, thing and we've made this super, duper easy now I want to show you just one more if you'll if you'll bear with me yeah sure because. What. I want to do is. Well. You look well you talk through that Harry I just want to go back to the Google the Google shopping, point so we sent a whole lot of our listings over to Google as part of page and paid, paid search and if those listings, don't come, on a white background Google, Shopping cannot display, those, listings, so it's super critical that your first image, is on a white background to be included, in the, listings on Google Shopping, yeah, that's not it necessarily. A. Sort. Of off-white or. Grayish looking, towel. Or blanket now, white really should be white ok now we're looking at it now we're looking another listing, yeah it's an anthropology. Dress and. I just want to show you again. Look. What we did here we laid it on a sheet. And you can see our carpet, in the background, it is looks pretty, nasty, and watch. We do the remove backgrounds so this, is a big challenge for it and we're. Gonna frame it and go and you're gonna see that it got it mostly right yeah there's some watch how cool this is now we're just going to use so. What we're seeing, what. Happened is it took away, most of the background, but there's still like, sort. Of, irregular. Shapes of the white blanket showing on either side so watch how cool this is I'm gonna just go to the eraser, and I'm gonna start swiping and, look, how easy it is to kind of remove oh, that. Was pretty all the rest of the gray right, and it's not removing any of the dress which is facing right look at that I'm just swiping over it and that's boom, there. You go I made a little bit of a mistake I can swipe, it back and just kind of riad, and, touch it up a little bit but you, see the power of this tool even on hard, things like this, it. Ultimately, still gets them you know pretty amazingly. Correct. And then the ability just to use. The eraser and the brush to, clean it up a little bit more makes, it super duper easy and again this is available to anyone on the. Mobile or apps. For. Android. Or Apple or iOS it's. Not a desktop, app application. Though correct it. Is not and actually just you know we've. Gotten a tremendous amount, of great feedback from, our sellers and many, of them asked, if we could actually add it into, our, desktop, applications. So, you know for b2c users, they'd love to see it in our advanced listing flow and you're actually looking into that now so, more. To come on that you. Know later this year but. We would really you know based on the feedback we'd love to incorporate, it into the rest of our tools but today and remember, that. It is very easy to start a listening on, on. Mobile, or on desktop, and go back and forth many of us start, the listing on desktop, we add all of our photos, on. Mobile, and then come back and complete the draft, on. Desktop, or vice versa yeah I did I do that I. Do that a lot I think, you, know that actually leads me when we talk about kind, of switching, or having help you know listing, I want. To make sure that I mentioned, multiple user account access because, as. Many, of our sellers know we launched in beta eBay. Open and we. Officially. Went. To production with, it at the end of last year with, the, ability, to, give, editing, rights to. Listings, or to create drafts and here. In this quarter, we then have enhanced. It additionally, we've made it available actually, to, the rest, of the world not just us, also. Added, the ability to. Look. At orders, so, that your helpers, can actually, pick and pack and they can package up the.

Lose, The you know the the the sold item, and then, the employer can finish with the shipping label and getting, it mailed out and so in, this particular, time where you know you might have. Employees. That you. Know are you're, separated, from them right cuz we're all working from our homes this. Can be a great tool it. Even could be a great tool the hot people who are looking for work that you need help with, creating, a draft some listings, because. You can give them this specific. Access, through. What we call mula and. Enable. Those, employees, to help you bring. Your inventory, up on the platform and then, you, as the employer can, finish and publish, them and really, have all that you know the full rights to they count but again to those employees, or or, part-time, help that you've hired you, can give them very limited, access to help, with. Some of those pieces of the listing flow and again this is called multi multi. User. Account, access or. What we like to call here, at eBay because we love acronyms, mu, AAA or, Mura. Exactly. Which. Resulted, in a lot of like you know funny little things like people going. I. Mean we do have a lot of acronyms you know yours throw, things around like SiO seller, initiated, offers I mean, is a joke you know we literally, have Excel spreadsheets, with all the acronyms and and their definitions, because sometimes it's are even else do you keep track of them it's, part of your onboarding when you study then you get a list of all of the acronyms. You. Gotta memorize them and there will be a test. So. Harry I have a few Christian please so that's so great sellers. At a place you got new listings, and we just went out with, primo. There are still subscribers, so that they can try a new listing, hundred thousand listings out. So. What, about. Updating. Current listings so all of those strategies that you just talked through are also really. Relevant so sell it for sellers who are and you. Know thinking about they. May have listed everything that they wanted to live that what about really, updating, setting the time and updating those listings, that you have on the site particularly, with image, cleanup, and item, specifics, those same strategies, can apply that can't be a hundred, percent and so everything, that I literally, just showed I, would, encourage sellers. To go back to their existing, listings and to, provide as many recommended. Aspects, as. They, can, you. Know we have been building we continue, to build out. Capabilities. For item specifics, you know quite frankly we. Learned, a lot from what, happened in October and, you're gonna see a lot of enhancements, to, make providing, item specifics, much, easier and more, relevant as we move forward, one. Of the things that we just recently added in. Seller hub was the ability to see which, listings. Were missing required, aspects, and it calls it out in it you, know within with the ability to inline edit, it directly, in seller hub and as we move forward over the course the next several months you'll see will add a column for that so you can edit them directly. Literally. In the column of active listings and we'll, do that for both required, and recommended and. We'll, be very sure to point out to you. Recommended. Item specifics, that at some point may, become required will now give you an indicator, for that so you have plenty of time you won't have to worry about finding it in the seller update it'll, tell you directly in the flow and. Again with, the listing flow itself we want to bring the. Most relevant item, specifics, to the top of the flow again ranking, them by that fire demand, data so when you are spending the time on it you're, spending the time efficiently. So. You, know again what I showed you with the sneaker example, you see, the buyer demand data in the listing flow today and. I recommend to you filling, in the one that have the highest counts, that, gives you the biggest bang for the buck right that's where buyers or. That's how buyers are searching for your listings this, is a great, time to, go back to your to, your listings, and I know many of you have thousands, of listings so, I know that can be a bit of a challenge that's, why we're trying to make it easier, to do it directly in active. Listings over the course of time and I'm. Not suggesting, that you provide every, single item specific. But, if you can provide you know one two or five of those critical, ones the ones that have the most BDD, I promise.

You You will see a, positive. Impact. From, that you will you know you'll you will have better chances of conversion, by, providing those because you're gonna make your listing more visible. To. Sellers but, forgive, me to buyers and again, take, a look at your pictures use, the image clean up, with. Your existing listings, to make them you. Know better quality, this, is a chance to take a look at your title and maybe revise your title a little bit and the. Last thing that I would note is, we. Talked about over. The you know several months bringing. Terror peek into seller hub so. Now you have the full capabilities. Of Terapeak, directly, in seller hub and, this is a great opportunity to also potentially, look at your price to. Look at competitive prices within, Terapeak. And this week Terapeak. Will also include active, listings so, not only can you see historical, listings for the last year but also current, active, listings, so, you really, can do top-notch, analytics, and determining, the best price, to. List to list, your. Your inventory, at. Harry. In, the time that we have left I want to make sure that we get in a good. Overview of two, of the tools that we talked about at the beginning that have, really had a huge impact on sellers, sales. And conversion. Rates and that's the seller initiated, offer and volume. Pricing can you talk a little bit about that for people who may not be using them and it's hard to believe there's sellers that aren't using these because they're so effective. Absolutely. Absolutely, so I'm gonna share my screen again and. Just bring, back the. IOS version of eBay and, there's, a couple of tools there's three tools in particular that that I want to stress that. Are, there are phenomenal, tools to help drive conversion. So. If. You have a multi quantity listing we, highly, encourage you to use volume pricing volume. Pricing and, significantly. Improves your chances of conversion, you, know historically the, data shows even, more than. 10%. And. It has been one of our fastest, growing tools, for. Listings, that are multi quantity listing and remember. That for a buyer in the view item we have you know provided, these these, volume, pricing pills, that they can just click on immediately, see the discount very easy to engage it and it is working really, really well for. Our sellers that have multi quantity listings then. Of course, you. Want to be sure to engage. Promoted. Listings where. You, are in a competitive category, so. Particularly in sneakers, my. Son uses promoted, listings I actually. Use promoted listings across a wide variety of my listings just, to give them a little more boost in visibility and that's exactly what that tool is for it, enables you to determine, again, time versus, margin effectively, how aggressive, do you want to sell your item, versus. You know at what margin, are you looking to sell the item and that's the beauty of promoted, listings is it gives you that flexibility, to determine, how much do you want to you.

Know Put in to, defend on, PL and to. Drive its. Promotion, in, in, search results, and. Finally, is, again. Alongside, of VP one of our fastest-growing, tools. In. The negotiation, space. Sao, otherwise, known as seller, initiated, offers or in some cases offers. To buyers and, here. Again in, Mobile you will see that I have four, listings, that are eligible to send offers, to. Buyers, and. Even. Before I do that I, just want, to show you. In. My. EBay my. Message is because. I want you to see what, it looks like to the buyer, this. Was a seller initiated offers, two mice on you is interested in this particular pair, of sneakers, and the, subject, header says special, limited, time 11. Percent discount, on Nike lunar, tiara, 1 Oregon Ducks so. You are getting this personalized. Discount, it draws in, the buyer says. You're getting this 11, percent discount, at quickly because, other buyers have been sent this offer as well and let, me tell you it is a phenomenal. Tool. You know we're, seeing well over one and a half million, offers. Sent per day using this tool by our sellers so, again I wanted to give you an opportunity to see what it looks like to your buyer and. Now what, it looks like when, you send them so, here, again an easy filter, I clicked, on the send offer two bars this is also available in, seller hub and it's, giving me just the list of items that are eligible, to send that initiated, offer and again the way they're eligible is either someone is watching it someone. Is heavy browsed it or someone has added it to their cart but it's not checked out and so. If, I were to click on say just the snow white video and I sell a lot of video tapes and maybe I want to send the offer for. A dollar 50 again it's a $2.00 video tape just as the example, here I can add a message to it if I want to and adding, a message significantly. Helps in, the negotiation, that makes it more personalized, but. I'm gonna say a review offer and then, as you can see it's good for 48, hours and it submits, it to in this case the one interested, buyer Ramon and you know you're, not going to submit this thing tools have, been a big, conversion. Driver whether you use best offer on your listening where that allows buyers to make. An offer on your listing or in Reverse you're, using initiated. Offers to send an offer to, a buyer they, significantly. Helped as I said I in, driving conversion, of, your listening a really, really, great tool and we continue to build this tool out with, more and more features over. The course of the, year yeah, I love this tool I love both using, it but I also like getting, the. Like, you just showed the buyers that what, you see is a buyer I get lots of these and at, first, I thought well I may find these annoying I don't because it actually prompts.

Me To buy something, that I've either forgotten, about or now, the offer is actually, really effective. And the. Price is what. I at, a point where I want to buy it so these are really important, tools to know and you know I didn't I should have gone back to my messages, you would have seen all of the inbound and outbound count, offers counteroffers. NSA o--'s that my son has been engaged and this weekend like I said, he, literally sold two pairs of sneakers this weekend and in. Both cases they, were sold either because of best offer or because of seller initiated, offer and, we also use promoted listings on them as well to give them a bit of boost in search so we're, really using, all of these conversion. Driving tools well. Harry I want to thank you and I want to thank Liz for helping out with this this has been really great information, I, know, that sellers are looking for, these kind of tips and advice to help them get through this period and to make and maintain if, not, boost sales which, is possible, I know it's a difficult time for a lot of folks but the, the, whole the, whole thing about online is that its online is not sheltered in place there are buyers looking, for things and you can find them on eBay and, successfully. Keep your business going I think, I just say to our sellers, you. Know this is why we're here we do it for for, all of you the, team is super duper committed, we, all love what we do we all are sellers on the platform, as you can see and buyers. And. You, can rest assured that just. Because we're working from home doesn't mean we're not going to keep building, amazing, stuff and continue. To. Get it released on a regular cycle over, the course of the, next couple of quarters and hopefully. You know we'll get beyond. Beyond. This crisis, in, short order and looking forward to seeing everyone at the next up front yeah me too Liz. Thanks again to for helping out with the with this segment my. Pleasure thanks having me we've, been talking with Liz Austin, our. My colleague, from the seller marketing, team at evasion helping, out and our, discussion, with Harry Temkin, who's the vice president, of seller experienced about, how you can sustain and, I believe even grow and boost your business through the this, particular, global, crisis, we'll, be back with another seller, check. In a week from now so, stay tuned and thank you for listening. You.

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