Self Care for Business Analysts!

Self Care  for Business Analysts!

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hey everybody this is Karaleise what's up what's  up what's up i am out here in the woods y'all out   here in the woods in the cabin i'm ready for the  weekend just to relax and unwind and take a break   so i thought before i leave here which we're  gonna leave soon to go see some more waterfalls   i wanted to do this quick video to talk about  something very appropriate for this kind of   setting which is self-care self-care as a business  analyst as a professional as a working person   self-care is very important and we always  sometimes overlook it but in this video we're   going to talk about some of those things that you  need to be doing and how to handle the stress at   work and the the the things that you have to  do you feel like you have to do but really   you can do them at the experience of your own self  right so that's what we're talking about today   i'll be right back okay so this is my weekend away  this is my uh escape that i have decided to do   um it's really cool up here it's like way high  in the mountains you'll never find this place   i literally went when i came up here i was like  okay this is where they film those horror movies   right it's super dark at night um really far  away up in the woods no one will ever find you   but if you really want an escape or you want to  just chill and you want to be at one with nature   this is also the place for that so we had  fun we have a hot tub outside we had roasting   marshmallows by the fire there is wild animals  we haven't seen them but we've been told that   they are here so we're looking out for that as  well i didn't bring jackson because i'm scared   of bald eagles swooping down and grabbing him  or maybe a hawk or something i don't know but i   didn't bring the dog because i was i just can't  keep my eyes on my my daughter and also my dog   i left him with a dog sitter so he should be  having fun because where i left him he has all the   dogs to play with so not worried about that but  this is great it's not too far from the city um   even though it's up in the mountains you can  easily get to the highway when you come off   the hill so i mean it's it's i think it's a  great highway spot so that's that's where i am   that's the setting you're looking at here in the  background so let's get back to the topic of the   video which is self-care as a business analyst  self-care so this is what i'm doing to do some   self-care because i've been working very hard  over the last month as you guys know i launched   the book go check out my book y'all this is going  to give you an unfair advantage to get your next   business analyst job and even if you want to  switch careers let's say you want to do something   in a different career you can see which careers  actually are great because they already use the   business analysis skills that you have so check  out my book it's available on amazon but you can   also get it from the link i'm going to put in the  description if you click it from that link you   will get a downloaded package that comes with the  book which is some templates some resources some   information that you can't get if you buy it on  amazon because you know amazon is like this is the   book is all you can get but with the other website  i can package other things to give you additional   resources to make sure that you can be successful  so go check out my book it's really a report it's   called the business analyst job market report it's  a research i did with extensive data from linkedin   to find out what are employers looking for when  they're hiring business analysts now what are   some of the answers that business analysts  can get that they've been wanting to know   about employment and the job market in general for  business analysts it's very immensely valuable i   mean every question you could possibly have i  believe i've answered it i think so right but if   you find something that you haven't seen answered  there you can let me know but i think i've   answered the majority of the questions i've gotten  from youtube comments some emails i've gotten from   consultations i've done from speaking engagements  i've done and from just looking at other people's   websites and what other questions they're  asking out there so i think it's a lot of value   so go check it out in the description  and get that report y'all get the report so i did that i was also working on you know i'm  doing consultations now so people can book some   time with me you can do that on my website you  go to there is a section that says   you know schedule an appointment you can find  some time on my calendar and we can have a session   there where i can help to guide you with some  things maybe you have an interview coming up for   business analyst job maybe you're working already  but you need some guidance on a specific thing   maybe writing requirements maybe writing you the  stories you need some help there i could do that   maybe you have um just wanted to start your career  you want to figure out what are the steps that you   should take i do those kind of consultations  and you're always going to be individual so i   want to know what is your specific problem and i  find that out with a 50-minute free consultation   first and then the paid session is where i use  the information you told me and i've i craft um a   package that can help you and answer the questions  that you're having and you know fill the gap that   you're having specifically to you so it's very  very personalized it's one-on-one right it's   not a group thing so there's that um i also did  the fit model i think most of you have seen that   where it's a test that you can do to find out if  you are a fit for business analysis so okay what   would make you a fit well maybe there are some  things that you're already doing in your life   that is going to be conducive to being a business  analyst so when you make the switch to that career   you already have these init rates so what are  those in your trade so the fit test is built to   uncover what you're already doing to see if your  your behavior already is going to be helpful for   you to become a business analyst so you don't  have to learn any new business analysis skills   you don't have to do no course you don't have to  be you don't have to change anything in your life   you just need to take the test and it's going to  analyze you based on what you're already doing so   i did that model and i thought that was very  successful we've had many people do the test   um and we have an average score at the end  of the test you get your results immediately   it tells you exactly what your results are  i also email the results to you so you can   have it in your email and then you can see what  your score is compared to the scores of others   who took the test so you can see where you  lie compared to the other people we've had   over 200 and more people take the test so far  and there is an average score so you get the   results immediately so this is not a test where  you do it and then you have to pay some money and   you know you can't see what you what your result  is now it's all free okay it's all free you go   to you click on the fit test model  you take the test and it takes you maybe 15-20   minutes because it's very thought-provoking  you have to think about some of the answers   um you take the test for 15 minutes and at the  end of the test you get your results right away   and then there's some additional next steps  i provide to say okay if you've gotten   your results could either be a fit it could be  a low fit mean that you're probably not gonna   be very successful in this career you probably  should look elsewhere you could be a fit where   you're like borderline you basically make the  cut but you're not really exceptional you're just   doing enough then you have a good fit where yeah  you have a lot of good things that are gonna be   great if you can just hone those skills some more  then you have an excellent fit this is great like   you already you're killing it already right you're  doing great this is amazing and then you have   perfect fit i don't expect anybody to be a perfect  fit however i have had maybe two or three people   hit the perfect fit score and so i was blown away  like who is the perfect fit just out the gate like   that but yeah there are people like that so um  you can go to and take that fit test   just to analyze yourself and do a self-evaluation  before you spend all the money and do all the   courses make sure that you know that this is  something that you will fit your personality   already right so i've done that and i've done  another thing in my personal life which i've   switched jobs right so i was working very hard  in a small company again i love small companies   because small companies gives you a lot of room  for growth you can get decisions made very quickly   you can see all how all the pieces work together  for the business there's just a lot of benefits   so i really do love working with small companies  startups um size companies in particular i'm very   i have a lot of affection for those business  models so i was working a small company   um doing a lot of work there i started there they  were not as great in terms of their processes and   the business analysis part of it and i went  in there i was able to bring them to a very   higher standard i would say that when i left  i feel like i i have given them more and they   were in a better position than they were when i  started so i i was with that small company i got   approached by another company and it was a great  deal so i took it i took it and so i'm starting   a new job and just making a switch like that you  know in a very short time launching a book doing   the fit test model starting um um a consultation  service it's a lot and i did all of this within   the month of april so you know it's a lot and  so i was working really hard i had deadlines at   work i had a lot of things to do and i wasn't  getting a lot of sleep i was sleeping like   you know four hours four hours a night if if  so much i'd wake up early in the morning try to   finish one thing to start another thing everything  had a big you know hard deadline i had to meet   and so i was just running like running on the way  running on the wheel running on the wheel you'll   see i didn't make a lot of videos in the month  of april because i'm just doing so much stuff   and so i thought to myself i need a break at the  end of april i was like you know okay i think i've   hit the mark on all the things i needed to  get done one thing with me if i commit to it   i'm doing it if it means i'm going to sleep two  hours a night to get it done i will because i   am very committed so if i come into something  i have to get it done and i have to get it done   in high quality so i did all of that and it  was at the expense of my my well-being right   self-care going back to the topic of the video  it was at the expense of my self-care i wasn't   spending time with my daughter as much she ended  up spending a lot of time by herself but she's the   only child which is sad and wearing a pandemic  there's not much kids that can come over um so   you know it was it was very very difficult my  voice is going sorry guys it was very difficult so   i had to take a break and this is the way i took a  break right i just just packed up my stuff decided   to go as far as i can with civilization at least  in the mountain part of it because this this cabin   is high in the mountain but as soon as you get  off the hill you're actually on the main road so   um it feels far away but really it's  not that much physically far away um so i did that and so now i'm here and i wanted to  talk to you guys about the self-care too because   in my case i work very very hard and i'm very  very dedicated but then i play very very hard   and when it's time to have fun i'm all in as  well right i'm all in so it's that dichotomy   that i have but i don't know if it's a good  thing to work you know work yourself to the   bone and have lots of fun for a short time and  they will accept the bone again and have yourself   have a short short break with lots of fun too  um i think it might be better to balance right   so i want to talk to you guys about balancing  and something i'm going to learn for myself   as well where you have to think about the  fact that nothing is more important than you   your job is not more important than you sometimes  leave your community more important than you   because when you're working on something it might  seem that this is the most important thing for the   company this is the most important project you  have to get it done the clients are waiting on   it and you feel immense pressure and immense  responsibility for it but the truth is that   you know management could make a decision tomorrow  and the project is done and all that heavy work   that you did that sleepless night that you had  you know in collecting your family and all that   stuff for nothing right so you can remember that  if you're an employee you work for a company   they make the decisions at the end of the day  and so you could be thinking that this is really   important but it's not as important if they decide  it's not important anymore they can make a change   like that on a whim so you have to remember to um  to make yourself important and not value your job   and the jobs the work that you're doing for  your job over just your own self and your   self-care in other words don't be a complete  workaholic okay don't be a complete workaholic   because work decisions will be made and some of  them don't always remember that you have putting   so much work into it and they may decide to cancel  the project because it's not financially viable or   some other team takes it over or whatever so  you give your all whenever you're working on   something you always make sure your work is high  quality but not at the expense of your own health   and i know this is obvious but  you'd be surprised how many people   like just how so committed especially as female  we are very perfectionist sometimes we want it   to get done properly we want it to be great we  want to put all our effort into it because we   feel we're going to be recognized for that  and we're working harder against our meal um co-workers sometimes review competition  like that so don't don't do that right don't   don't value the work that you're doing over your  own self it's not it's not good um take breaks   like take breaks during the day and take breaks  on weekends if you can find a weekend away   um do it right i know sometimes it's expensive  but you know you need to value your own self   so that you don't end up running running  running down you you'll have burnout you   will have burnout and it's not good  right other thing to guard against is   working harder doesn't always mean  that you're going to be more successful   working harder doesn't always mean you're going  to be more successful it's really working smarter   so if you're working really hard at something  you're coming out with a lot of things you're   outputting a lot you're delivering a  lot and you're doing a lot sometimes   what that does is they pad more onto your plate  because you're like oh you can get this done   within such a short time okay cool i'm going to  give you twice as much and you get that done oh   great give it some more and so you end up just  taking on more and taking on more and taking out   more to the point where you're expected to deliver  at this rate and then it just becomes like extra   pressure that you don't need to have and you  just start feeling burdened and you just start   burning out because if you allow them to pile the  work on you and you don't say anything they will   keep doing it because you know you're an employee  especially if you're a salaried employee they'll   try to get the most out of you so you have to pace  yourself at some time so work hard work give good   quality work when it's needed but be ready to  pull back right and make sure that you're not   um allowing yourself to be overburdened  unnecessarily and also um i you know in line with   this knowing to stop working hard knowing to stop  working hard i'll give an example what this could   look like it could be that you're working really  hard on something and you're really interested in   it you love it so you just want to keep going and  you you've found another satisfaction in it but   sometimes you end up doing other people's jobs  you end up doing other people's jobs and you like   that because you're exposing yourself to other  departments you're learning more so personally   you're developing by doing that and so you don't  really care if people think you're doing other   people's jobs but the more you do that the less  the organization can see where there's a gap   like if you're doing two persons jobs they  don't realize that this is another person's   job for them to go higher for that job they  just think you can do it and so you end up   spreading yourself too thin and you end up doing  so much and you feel like you're going to be   appreciated for it sometimes you are and sometimes  you are not sometimes they just see you as a   workaholic that they can throw the load on and  they just have fun and go on their skiing trips   and enjoy their life because you're doing the  job for them so be very careful not to be such   a good worker that you pigeonhole yourself into  doing multiple people's jobs and then you don't   get the benefit or the appreciation that you  deserve for it at the expense of your own care   at the expense of your own health at the expense  of your family because now you've you've set the   bar so high that you have to keep reaching  further over that bar and they're just not   pulling their weight because you can do it  for them so be very careful of um knowing   that and knowing to stop so if if i'm working on  a project and i see that i'm doing a lot of stuff   and it's been appreciated and people are grateful  for it i feel encouraged to do it and i might keep   doing it but it's really not good so this is  advice i'm taking for myself it's really not   good you need to let each person's role um do the  job that they're supposed to do so the management   can see that they need a person in this role and  you're helping somebody else get employed you're   going to help someone get that job because you're  not trying to fulfill every gap that you see right   because just because of your good will you'd want  to do that but it's not always a good thing to do   the other thing that you should look  at when you think about pulling back   is look at the environment that you're working  in look at the people you're working for look   at how the management and leadership is  treating everyone if you're in a company   where they encourage everyone see everybody  whether they perform or not get encouraged   encouragement could be just saying thank you for  things you know highlighting people's performances   in maybe company newsletters or company meetings  or whatever the encouragement could be just within   the team even having a team meeting and talking  about the accomplishments that they have made   if you see that happening that's  a good sign if you see where they   um they encourage everyone and tell  people thanks and show them appreciation   they also praise good behavior so you're coming in  earlier leaving late which is bad but if they're   like recognizing oh we thank you for the extra  work that you did by staying later or whatever   that's like praising a good be well good for them  but a behavior that they they appreciate i guess   um or you've just you know turned in something  delivered something earlier than you were supposed   to or you got a client to sign up and they  were about to turn or something i don't know   whatever good behavior that you have been able to  demonstrate and you found that they wreck you know   they they praised it that's a great sign to keep  doing it if you find they recognize performance so   when you've really done something that helps the  company make more money maybe you've improved that   process to reduce the waste and so you have saved  um in expenses because of that or you've gotten   you've done such good customer service  that clients want to come back and you know   upsell and buy more things whatever whatever the  performance is that has been measured if you've   been able to help them get to that performance  level you you've personally been able to deliver   things and your phone has been recognized and  this recognition could be in different ways they   could give you a gift card that i mean this is  like monetary recognition i'm talking about or   some kind of physical thing not just oh this is  a great job but it's lip service no i'm talking   about recognizing it giving you a gift card giving  you a hotel with your family to go somewhere a ski   trip here um to the beach here like whatever if  they're recognizing the performance and giving you   something to show that they recognize it that's  a great time to keep going that's a great sign   but if you're in a company where none of this  is happening they're not encouraging everyone   right just generally the company doesn't  recognize that they don't give thanks they don't   show appreciation they just you're just working  working working and you feel like you're just a um   like a laborer like you're just working and the  work that you do is great but nobody recognizes   it and nobody encourages it nobody appraises  the good behavior that's a good sign to pull   back and just do what you're paid to do okay  so that's going to help you with your self-care   because you're not going to be giving so much  and feel like you're getting a little bit in   return or nothing in return and it won't cause  you to feel so uh unappreciated for example so   the mental way that you care for yourself  as well as the physical way as well as just   de-stressing it's very important because if we  are into being quality business analysts which   everybody who follows me i always challenge you to  be right so i think that everybody who follows me   is a high quality super intelligent above average  intelligence person right who's working very hard   and is doing a great job if you're one of those  people and you're following me and you're seeing   that these are the things that are happening in  your environment and you're working really hard   you're doing a lot you're not going to recognize  pull back that's the time to pull back and just do   what you're supposed to do that way you preserve  your mental state and your physical state and if   you can get away for a weekend or take a vacation  or something your vacation is very important   it's very important for your self-care right so  you don't have to wait until you accumulate those   days some companies you have to accumulate certain  days before you can take a break but you always   most of us in in the carpet world we have our  weekends right so you can plant something around   your weekend plan something around the holiday and  take a break and enjoy and relax recharge you know   breathe strategize and be better as a professional  so i just wanted to share that with you i hope   that was helpful and we are gonna go pack our  things and head out we're gonna go see some   falls like i said earlier and we're probably gonna  just walk around and look at some tourist stuff   in the city from where we are it's a very  touristy city and there's a lot of you know   arts and you know crazy stuff to look at but  you know there's a river also we can eat or   lunch and look over the river and see stuff  like that maybe i'll go in the river myself   who knows i'm here to have fun right that's what  i'm doing okay guys well this was great i will see   you guys next time in the next video take care  check out the book check out the the report the   business analyst job market report it's going to  be helpful for you i promise so go check that out   either you want to get it on amazon or on the  link i'm going to share and get the information   to help you to be successful in your next business  analyst job take care guys i'll see you next time

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