See the Trading Patterns Working for This College Dropout!

See the Trading Patterns Working for This College Dropout!

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- What's up Tim Sykes, Millionaire Mentor and Trader here with Bryce Touhey. - Bryce Tuohey or Tuey as it's actually pronounced. He doesn't look impressed.

- Is it Touhey? Or Tuey? (chuckles) It's up to you, it is what you make out of it. - Thank you, Bryce Touhey I mean, Bryce, like you were labeled, I don't even remember this, but apparently is the 30 day bootcamp. If you click the link below Matt Monoco, who's your friend. Where you roommates in college or friends? - [Bryce] Roommates for about two and a half years.

- Roommates in college with Matt Monoco Matt Monaco calls you the dumbest person he knows it's how it's followed you everywhere. - Yeah, it has that was, - I literally don't even remember this moment. - Oh, you are ripping on me. - Was I? - You were Yeah.

- All right, I'm sorry. - No, no, you were right about, just about everything you said. Playing video games, watching Netflix all the time. - Listen, right now it's like 10:00 PM. We're exhausted.

I locked in roughly 12 grand in profits today. What you locked in what? - About 2,500 - 2,500. Never forget 90% plus the traders lose. If you wonder why we're trading all day and then filming videos it's to help you increase your odds of success. So that's why we're a little exhausted.

That's why we're a little laid back. I'm sorry. It's been a very long day, but while I'm here with Bryce just for the next like day or two while we have Pascal's here filming say, hi, Pascal - [Pascal] Hey everybody! - You know, wanting to get his story on camera because you are not the dumbest person that I know.

Maybe it's cause I know a lot of dumb people and you're like, not that bad. I don't know. I think Matt, I think Matt owes you an apology - I think he does too. I think he needs to owe me one too. - You're just good natured You're like good hearted.

That doesn't make you dumb. - Yeah - It might make you naive in this, well ugly world of corporate profits and pollution. - That's true, but that's, what's great about trading is I can stay away from the big corporations. Do it all on my own and you're over what, 200,000 now? - [Bryce] Yep, a little over 200,000. - If you want to get into the challenge, click the link below. We're going to have that there.

You got into the challenge after Matt and you said another roommate got in. - No, no. So the other roommate was interested in trading and he didn't actually end up joining the challenge. - What's his name? - Mike. - Mike?! You messed up Mike! You messed up Mike! What's Mike doing now, lawn mower service? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but that's hard work.

I've tried it, it's not easy. - He's an engineer. - So he's doing okay. - He's doing all right.

- but he's not doing as good as you. - That is, that's probably true. - He's not doing as good as Matt. - No, yeah, no, I'm not doing as good as Matt so.

- Matt, by the way is closing in on a million dollars in profits today the guy made 40,000, literally 40,000 in a day made basically nearly quadruple. What I made today, whether you make 2,500 a day or 12,000 in a day or 40,000. I mean the market is insane right now. And the reason why I keep saying 90% plus a traders lose that's industry stats. That's the ugly industry. It might be exciting that a few people are making money but not everybody is.

That's why I want to show people, you know what you're doing to succeed. What I'm doing buying first green day OTCs, dip by morning panics, what are you doing? - [Bryce] Oh, I'm doing it a couple of different things. One of the main things that I've really been focusing on right now, and it's been working a lot are the OTC panic dip buys. I mean, there's just so many runners, so many runners and they are bound to panic. They can't sustain the price action.

And so I've, I traditionally when I first started becoming profitable I was buying strength. I was buying breakouts. They were working. But I just noticed the, - How long ago was this? - When I first became profitable May and June. - So like nine months ago, - Yeah, Yup. - Okay - And after, after that I just kind of started to notice that when it didn't work I would take bigger losses because again I'm buying at the top, I'm buying strength.

And I still, I mean I still buy strength with the listed strategy I trade. But when OTC's, I really struggled buying strength. And so naturally I said, I need to learn how to dip buy. - Eh! if you click a link below, we're going to include this blog post. You know, it it's just about the morning panic pattern, that I look for every single morning.

That was my biggest winner today on OZSC. I bought the dip after early spike from nine to 14 cents came back down to 10.8. I nailed the bottom, sold it too soon at 12 and finished at 20 could've would've should've made 20, 30 grand. (chuckles) No biggie.

I didn't believe in it too much. 'cause this is like day five, day six in this market right now in 2021 to start off the year. I don't know what's going to happen later on but right now day four day, day five, day six. It's actually okay to buy the panics. I'm waiting for these giant panics.

Like we're looking at SNPW there's another OTC play and I've been literally waiting for the giant panic for three days. Meanwhile, the stock has gone from five to 20 cents. I've been waiting for a panic to buy. The thing is quadrupled. It's not panicking. At least it hasn't yet.

I'm sure it'll come sometime this week. Today's a Monday that we're filming this. So you like OTCs better right now? Or you just, you got accustomed to it because there's less risk cause your not chasing? - That, exactly. I'm still trying to get used to it.

I'm still trying to get it doesn't feel natural yet, but I'm learning, I'm learning and I, I don't know. There's just so many opportunities right now that it's easier to learn in my opinion with that many opportunities. That's why I won't say easier to learn, but definitely get you can get more experience. - You can get more, more reps, right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Like, so like each plays like a rep like if you're trying to get fit, right? Like you're not going to get fit and be like, oh I want to be fit. Let me do one bicep curl. Okay. I'm done. No, you gotta do like sets of 12 or 15 or 10 or 8 with different pounds.

But with trading you can't really, you know, call the reps. You can't be like, okay, I'm trading today. I'm taking work off. I'm taking school off. Let me try to get in 10 trades.

Give me the 10 trades. You don't know if there's going to be 10 good trades. And if you try to force 10 good trades you'll probably end up taking like seven bad trades.

- Exactly - You have to wait for the market to give you those reps. And this is actually a really good point. I don't think I've ever talked, excuse me. And I don't think I've ever talked about this in any video.

I'm literally exhausted right now. So that's, forgive me. But I wanted to get Bryce on camera. There's a lot of reps to be had right now. He just got profitable eight, nine months ago.

Now you're over what, 200,000? - Yeah. - What are your, what are your friends and family think? - I don't actually, I don't tell a ton of my friends about this. I, I don't - So your not going to show them this video. You were private on Instagram. - Well yeah, I was private on Instagram.

I was trying to, you know, they all know how many scammers there are online and they kept following me. It was getting annoying. - I understand but we blocked them, that's why if you ever get any imposters or scammers I have no backup accounts. I'll never try to trade your money.

None of my top students and I believe in crypto don't ever open any shady crypto account. Why are there so many scammers? Like it's, it's, mind-numbingly frustrating. - Because they're trying to make quick and easy money because they couldn't succeed in trading - But if they just study, like this is a thing for all your scammers out there, this is your chance. They probably don't want to be scammers.

They're probably like, well I'm so like, you know maybe they have families to feed and they don't know how to make like legit money. This is the time to learn, it doesn't matter if you're a scammer, it doesn't matter if you're, you know, anybody you have so many reps where you can learn different patterns from potential breakouts from morning panics like OZSC today. - Want to know what's funny is I actually messaged him. I said, I know you're a scammer.

Why are you doing this? And he said, I lost all my money in the stock market. - Some of the scammers, I, you know, I feel bad for them. It's kind of like the poachers in Africa. Like they're killing all these animals. And you're like, you know like these animals are going to be extinct in a few years. You're going to like have no more animals.

And then you're going to be really in trouble. But they're like, they have nothing. They have no other options. They're trying to feed their village and their family. I feel bad for them. - It's, it's tough it's tough. But you shouldn't see, you still shouldn't be scamming - You shouldn't kill endangered species.

- Right - You shouldn't scam on the internet. You shouldn't resort to crime. Like that's the thing here, I will teach anybody if you're dedicated.

And there are so many stocks in play every single day. It's not like we win every time, you know, I win roughly two thirds of the time. What's your winning percentage? - Right now it's about 62.

- That's fine. - Yeah 62 percent. And you can win, understand this morning before I finished the day at 12,000 in profits, my first four trades, I had four trades and I was up literally $7,000. I made roughly 8,000 on two trades both morning panic dip buys. And then I had two losses.

The losses were smaller and I tried some morning panic dip buys they didn't bounce. They were actually all morning panic dip buys, but when I'm wrong, I just cut losses quickly. What's your biggest loss? - $2,000. - How did that feel? - It sucked. - What'd you do? - So I was shorting an OTC first red day.

It didn't work. And it was very illiquid. It's actually ALPP still illiquid to this day. It was, it was rough, it was rough.

And I chased it down because I realized I'd missed it. It was breaking low a day. I was like short, short, short, short at the bottom and then no volume. It went right back up. I covered the top. It was an awful feeling. Surprise, is it, isn't that surprising my largest losses are shorts.

In a hot market. - Short-selling sucks right now. I rarely short as of this moment. I mean, we're filming it as January, Pascal what's today? January what? 23rd, - [Pascal] 25th - January 25th.

I don't even know the date. I have not shorted, I think in my nine months in the past, like two years I might've shorted two or three times, very small too. Shorting is very scary as we're filming this right now there is a stock called GameStop which has just gone supernova. Some of the biggest hedge funds were caught short. Citron research was caught short, losses tens of millions, hundreds of millions maybe even billions of dollars.

Shorting is not great right now. There's still a few selected good shorts, but if you're a newbie, I really would not get into that. You can just get your butt handed to you. What was your biggest gain? - A little over $8,000 - 8,000 win and only 2000 on your loss. So you got pretty well controlling the losses. - That's one of the biggest things that changed for me was learning how to take smaller risks and really maximize that reward.

- So how did you get started? Tell everybody, like, what happened between you Mike was the roommate? - Yeah (chuckles) - Mike! (chuckles) You Mike and Matt. The three of you guys were roommates. - Yeah. The three of us were roommates. I don't know. Matt kind of tried to get me

and Mike and interested in trading. And, um, I don't know it, I, then I saw Matt- - When was this? - Twenty, this was beginning of 2018 - 2018. So like three years ago? - Yeah and I don't know, Matt started to seem like he was kind of finding something, you know I was almost getting jealous because I didn't take it seriously when he first showed me. And then I saw him starting to kind of get the hang of it and I said, Oh my God, I can't let him beat me to this. - Did Matt study a lot? What did he do? - Yeah! - Does he have my DVDs, Video lessons, Webinar? - Yup. Oh he, and that's all he did.

I mean, between school and he had the side hustles I was doing too. And, and he was studying, I mean, he would, he was printing out charts every night, writing notes on those charts watching your video lessons, watching your DVDs. I haven't really seen anyone work harder Matt than that in anything - Good - At my age. And once I, that kinda - And how old are you by the way? - At that time or now? - Either or - That time I was like 19, We were both like 19, 19 going on 20. - If you're under 18, you need parental permission.

By the way, before you click the link in my bio don't just say like, Oh, I'm going to do this. I don't care what my parents think. If you're under 18, you need to get parental permission. That's just the law, okay.

But I do think it's good to get started 18, 19, 20, 21 22. Then you get the knowledge. Then you have your whole life to really hone in on your skills.

- Right, absolutely. That's the beauty of it. - So you saw Matt studying. He was doing well. What did you, what do you mean by he's doing well? Cause he didn't make that much.

- No, he didn't. But at the time it's it? Yeah. In the beginning, at the time it seemed like he did because you know, the the days he did well, he did well, you know what I mean? - What's well? - He, probably a thousand dollars but, - Was he pumped? - Oh, he was pumped and he didn't try to show it too much.

Cause he was humble about it. And like, I think he didn't want to make us feel that bad, but I mean a thousand dollars. That was what I was working for in like two weeks at the time. And that was good money for me at the time.

And then I'm seeing to make it a day and I just, that inspired me. It made me a little jealous and I was like I need to work harder at this. And gradually I just kept playing around with different strategies, different.

At one point I was like using EMAs and SMAs and all that crap. I know, I know, but I was, I was, I was like I can find a different way to do this. I was being stubborn. - Yep. - But eventually I buckled down.

It was actually really the end of 2019, I really buckled down on it. And I said, I need to put more time into this. And gradually that was two and three hour days of studying became five or six, six or seven, seven or eight. And then by April and May I was putting probably 12 to 13 hours in and I was just - What did you like most? DVDs, Video Lessons, Webinars? - Video lessons. Cause they were, don't get me wrong. But one of the DVDs I loved was Trading Tickers.

I mean, that was in my opinion was- - We'll post the link to Trading Tickers below with a special coupon, enjoy it. Trading tickers part two is coming out soon too. - I'm so excited for that. I will watch that front to back. And by the time May came around I actually remember the day it was May 15th. I just said, I'm tired of losing.

And I really sat down and I said I need to stick to one pattern. Cause again, I was still all over the place. I was still using EMAs and all that crap.

- Yeah. - And so I said I'm just going to stick to listed breakouts because I wanted to use smaller size to get a feel for it. I, I dropped my risk per trade down to $2. So if I lost, I was going to lose $2 per trade. It's like, that's not life changing money. And I just practiced listed breakouts and you know little by little, that was the only thing I traded in.

By the end of May, I made $80. - You were pumped! - I was pumped! And then, then June, I kept doing the same thing. I just sized up to a $5 risk.

And then that turned into, I actually made a thousand dollars that month. It just kept going up July bumped up to $20 risk and it became a little over $4,000. And then I started actually getting into a little bit of shorting, not a ton, but enough in August by August. I made I think $13,000.

- Nice - And that's when I realized, okay, hard work pays off. We're in a hot market obviously. But that's when I decided I'm not going to go back to school this next semester. - Damn - I know. And it was, I know it was risky move.

- Did your parents, were your parents pissed? You're like you're going to go penny stock trading instead of this - No, they were actually the most supportive people out of anyone I told. They were actually probably the only two people that supported me. - Wow. - They were, they, they, you know I was working on other things at the time. I still had other sources of income, but not nearly what trading was bringing in. But again, it just, it, it seemed like I knew how hot the market was.

I didn't want to miss out on it. And I don't know how long this market will be here. No one does, but I know that I can always go back to school to finish up my classes if I need to. - Yeah, for sure. - And I think college is a scam to begin with.

- Yeah! Leave a comment below. Do you think that college is a scam? Would you go to college? Are you in college? Let's hear your, your thoughts on college. Let's get a little healthy debate because Bryce dropped out of college and now he's made a quarter of a million dollars.

Not that everyone's going to do that, but it gave you more time to study. - Then that was exactly it. And you know, on top of that too if you're in college now, like don't, don't do don't go drop out without a plan, either. You know what I mean? - Get parental permission to drop out of college too - Yeah that too. - Get parental permission to study my stuff, get parental permission to drop out of college, get parental permission if you want to go to the bathroom, ask your parents everything! You're nothing if you're under 18! - There you go. And that, I mean, that's basically my story now.

And I've, I've refined my strategy from, you know listed breakouts to really more trend break plays but very similar concept, just trying to get in before that actual breakout on the daily chart. And this month I just crossed a hundred thousand or actually I'm $2,000 away from a $100,000 on the month. - In one month? - In one month. (applause) - Thank you.

- Have you told your parents? where you like, looks like it might've been the right choice to drop out of college. - And I, so I, I, yeah, I brought that up before they they always ask how I do every day. I don't really tell them how, like how much I've done in the month. - Really? And they're going to be shocked this month? Like, what, what'd you make last month? - Last month I made 60,000.

- And what was the month before? - What month, November? Uh, 14,000 - So you went from 14 to 60 to 98 in three months. - Yeah, yeah, that's also the hot market. Don't think this happens all the time, too. Like everyone was like, wow, I'm dropping out immediately. With a hot market, with preparation, you can get rewarded. It doesn't matter how much preparation you have, if you don't have a hot market. Right?

- Yeah, absolutely. - You're in the right place at the right time. Trust me, I've seen this. This is very similar to 99 to 2000. We don't know how long it's gonna last. And now you're, you're helping me write? Like, like let's be honest here.

You're not just my student. You're also helping me write. We have so many blog posts, so many different emails going out.

It's actually pretty cool. You know, I hire my top students too. I'm not embarrassed about that. I'm proud of that. I think it's kind of a cool thing where - It's amazing. - You have learned so much.

There's only so much I can do. You can see how exhausted I am in this video. It's fantastic. So not only do you get, self-sufficient like you don't need me. You don't need my strategy anymore. You've developed your own.

You've honed it. Still be careful though because you can lose it. - Absolutely, absolutely.

- But now he's helping me write content, create content for you guys. Cause there's so many, so many plays. Like I made like a dozen trades today and I missed out on another dozen or two. I didn't even trade BMIX the thing was up 500% or I did trade it, but I got out so quickly, I forgot my bad. I traded it.

And I was so frustrated. I made like, I think what like two tenths of a penny and then the thing spikes 2 cents a share over the next 30 minutes after I sell. - It was insane.

- And we're watching it. And I was like, why did it not have the strength? Anyways, there's only so much I can do. Remember I donate a hundred percent of my trading profits to charity. So whether I make 12 grand or 20 grand or 50 grand, it just goes to building more schools. I want to build more, but it's not the end of the world.

What do you think people make mistakes with, when they're trying to learn trading? - From my perspective, from what I went through, the biggest mistake is just, it's tough because it's something you need to do is kind of bounce from strategy to strategy, see what works best for you. Are you a dip buyer? Are you a breakout buyer? Are you an OTC trader listed, blah, blah, blah. But in the same breath sometimes it's that jumping around too much that you're, you're not giving yourself the chance to actually truly experiment with it.

And Matt talks about this a lot. It's you need to have that data on yourself, you know? Like how well do you do with something? You can't try something three times and then say, well it doesn't work for me. - I think it comes down to reps like give each strategy, like a thousand trades. Maybe that's excessive.

But like if you do 200 dip buys and 201st day first red day, short sales, like you start getting data and then you can start saying, Oh, you know on these first like 30, I didn't do, I was too conservative. So then the next 30 I was too aggressive and you're always fine tuning. I think that too many people tried like 30 different strategies and they try like five trades of each and they're like, I don't know what I'm doing. And you're just trading random stuff. - Yeah - Do you keep a spreadsheet? Do you keep tracking? - Oh yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's actually why I stopped. - You're not dumb at all if you use a spread- I don't even use a spreadsheet, I, I'm not a spreadsheet guy. Matts a liar and Mike you suck - Mike I'm sorry if you're watching this, - Why? - That's fair. - You're making this month probably what he's going to make in two years.

- Yeah, yeah. - You gotta be real. You gotta be honest about this. Like I know that it's not cool to like talk about money or brag about it, but like the upside potential if you overcome the initial losses, the initial confusion, the initial learning curve, trading is amazing. It really is.

- It seriously is. So I love it, I'll give you here were going to post a little disclaimer, Pascal put a little disclaimer on the bottom be like 95% of traders lose, say 99% of traders lose. I don't care what percentage of traders lose, Because those are unprepared traders. I would say maybe even a hundred percent of unprepared traders.

So are you going to prepare it? That's the question. - Yeah. And I did. I put in a lot of time to it. - How many spreadsheets do you have? - I can't even count them, so many. - That's good, that's good! - I mean, yeah, I can't, I wish I could count them. I just, I, you know, there even I use profitably a lot. I obviously post everything on there to verify my profits, but they're the statistics on there, I check in on.

I want to see my win percentage. - You start to learn your win percentage you start seeing your optimal position sizes, what's your risk tolerance, what are you comfortable with. Every single person watching this video has a different experience level, different personality, different strengths and weaknesses. You live in different time zones. You have to find what you're best at and what you're not best at.

It's not about just how much money you can make, it's what are you most comfortable with? I know a lot of traders where, they just try to make a 100 or 200, maybe $300 in the day. Once they hit their goal, they're out and they're going surfing all day and they're eating Poke over in Hawaii. That's fantastic. I know some people where they have 10 monitors and they're trying to grind it out and they can't wait to post their screenshot on Twitter at the end of the day. And that's their life. There's so many different, you know, shades in between, where you can be full-time you can be a slave to the market. You could just be a part time trader, you choose.

But I love showing you know, students of the game. Cause how old are you now? - 22 going on 23, going on 23 - When's your birthday? - February 6th. - Oh, - Yeah, coming right up. - Oh, it's almost your birthday.

What are you going to do to celebrate? - Uh, nothing. (chuckles) - Cool. Yeah. It's a tough time to celebrate right now. - Oh, I'll hang out with my parents. - Are you going to, Oh, you're going back up to New York.

- Yeah, I'll be back in New York with them and I will be moving here, like a month or two. - Yeah. - Yeah! - He's moving down to Texas.

Leave a comment below congratulate Bryce on all of the success, having the right mentality. I wish I was this wise when I was in my early twenties. I might've made a lot of money. I mean, I made like a million dollars. So you got to catch up, but, but, disclaimer, 90% of traders lose. Let's just throw the slammers everywhere.

I want you to have the right mindset. Like so many people are so focused on making too much too quickly instead of learning first and then potentially taking that education and making money later on. How important do you think that is to have the proper mindset and approach? - I mean, that's, I hate to say it's the most important thing in trading, but it is the most important thing.

- Why do you hate to say it? - Because you know, because it's like you know obviously there are plenty of other things knowing the right patterns to play, knowing what you're comfortable with, knowing your risk tolerance, but at the end of the day, none of that matters if you don't have the right mindset. - If you don't have the right patience right? Like let's say you want to make a million dollars overnight. Like, oh Tim Sykes says its a hot market, let me try to make a million dollars and you don't make a million dollars your first month and you give up, then you don't have spreadsheets.

You don't have strategy. You don't have experimentation. You're done, because had the wrong mindset. Do not message me. Do not apply to my challenge if you expect to get rich overnight.

Even Tim Grittani, creator of Trading Tickers. Who's now at roughly 14 million. He made nothing! Nothing at his first nine months! Are you pumped that you're ahead of him? - Yeah. I mean, it's, it's cool. And I mean, obviously it's, he's a huge inspiration. So it's, it's cool to just even have the opportunity to kind of be in that same spot, not same spot, but - You could be the next Grittani. - I'm working for it.

I'm working hard to be the next Grittani. - No two traders are like, understand, like it's good to get inspired by people who have made it, but every year is different. Every trader is different. Every personality is different. There's so many moving pieces. I just want you to get kind of an understanding of this game as a whole, before you start saying like, Oh, this is great.

This is amazing or this is a scam. It's not a scam. It's education. Education and getting knowledge is not a scam okay? The scams that are out there are saying this stock is going to a million! Like never sell! You know, for me, rule number one is cut losses quickly. I get made fun of a lot because I take a lot of small losses, but that's what keeps me safe in this very unpredictable game.

So I'm proud to share with you 20 plus years of lessons that I learned. Give them one rule before we go. - I mean, besides cut losses quickly. - Yeah that's my rule, you can't take that I patent that! I trademarked that. - Well, the, the other rule that I know it's yours, but I'm going to say because it's I apply it to my trading way too much is, singles add up. I've made my, I made all my, I don't take big gains.

- Wait, I got a text, no, I patented that too Another rule! - Another rule, oh God. Um, you're putting me on the spot here. Those are the, those are the two rules I live by. - That's why It's fun.

- Oh, let's see, let's see. (whispers) small gains add up. Oh, okay.

Okay. Even in a hot market, don't get FOMO. Do not get FOMO that burned me today. - It's true. You know, you wanna make the most that you can you want to succeed, you want to feel special, but you can't look at what other people are doing. You can't say, oh, I should have done this.

I should have done this. Again, it's all about the reps. If you have that kind of mentality, right? Like where you're going to the gym, you want to get fit. You're doing the reps, people at the gym you don't go to like, see somebody else do all these reps.

And you'd be like, I want to do those reps too. You just don't do it. Maybe you want the body that they have or the fitness that they have. But like you understand that your body is different.

Cause that's a very visual thing. Why can't people understand that trading is very different for you versus me. Do you every think about that? - That was one of the cur- that was a great analogy. - I just came up with that! - That was great analogy! - It's true! If you go to the gym, I literally have never gone to the gym, seen someone who's so fit and been like I want to do those 20 things exactly like they just did it. - Yeah - Because I know that, I'm not that fit. I know that I can't do it.

I recognize my own limitations. Even though I'm still inspired by somebody who's fit. So I'm in the gym in the first place.

That's kind of what it's like. If you see Grittani, if you see Bryce, if you see me, if you see Matt Monoco. Get inspired by our success, but do what works best for you.

Figure out what works best for you, do your own reps. And that way you can get on our level. And then who knows, you know, maybe you come travel with us and come work for me.

I need more help, you know, teaching with videos and blog posts and so much stuff, you know? Like it's pretty cool just to see what blossoms in a hot market. And you know, part of the reason why I'm overwhelmed I made a lot of trades, made a lot of videos today. We've been filming nonstop, but I freaking love it. And I'm just grateful for every day. I'm grateful for you and your dedication and grateful for Matt. I'm grateful for Mike screwing up! Screw you Mike! You screwed up so bad! Literally wait till you see what he does in the next year or two.

Wait till you see what Matt does in the next year or two. We're going to have a little party, right? We're going to have a party and we're going to be like, Mike you go sit over there, sit over by the kids Mike. Sorry buddy, you're not invited. You messed up. You had a chance. You had a choice.

You screwed up, but enjoy engineering. Is he an engineer? (chuckles) - He is an engineer. - I wish you well, Mike, I'm just kidding. I'm tired. Leave some comments below. Did you like this video? Do you want more video interviews with real students? He's real look at this guy. He's real, he's real. He's not fake.

And we'll try to teach you just based on our own experience. Hopefully it can help you, hopefully it can help increase your odds of success so that you don't lose like most people. Congrats Bryce. - Thank you, Tim.

- Keep it up. Screw you Mike! See ya! (laughing hysterically)

2021-05-05 16:11

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