Secrets of successful forex trading | list of forex trading secrets revealed

Secrets of successful forex trading | list of forex trading secrets revealed

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Imagine this Scenario, What if you are able to make consistent  profits in your forex trading   without risking Huge amounts of money What if you are able to read  the market like a Trading God   and able to predict the next  move of the market with ease What if you get double the profit on each  trade you place without risking more money What if you are able to double  your trading account in just weeks Sounds like a stretch? I used to think  the same until it happened to me. In the past few years,   I have gone from being a graduate who was a  terribly shy introvert, in student loan debt,   working 9-5 to live from bill to bill……  to a Full-time Professional Forex Trader,   CEO of, author, and ultimately  living my life on my own terms with freedom I have used the same system which I am about  to show you to convert my $200 account to $4000   and my $5000 account into $45000.This same system   has helped me to transform myself  from newbie to a professional trader From trading in forex for the past 8  years, I have discovered a big secret. That one Big Secret When Identified, Will  totally transform how you trade in forex.

And if you can discover it and knock  it down, everything will change …. faster than you can possibly imagine. So, the thing which brought me here the   story of Dr. Ben, and its weird how Dr. Ben  story helped me to transform me as a trader,

How a story of a doctor helped me  transform my $200 account into $4000? and stay with me as in a few minutes I am going  to share the same story with you but before that,   I would like to share is something  you need to know before you start. Here is the Truth #1 Forex Trading Sucks That’s a bold claim to make from a guy who  made thousands of dollars from forex trading. But, Here is my point Everything you have been taught about  forex trading is literally dead wrong The reason you are losing  your money is not your fault. All the Gurus and traders in the market  teaching to the masses are ignoring   the most important fundamental of forex Market If you follow what I am about to  suggest to you, you can literally bypass   all your struggle, losses, and hustle that  will lead you nowhere but towards loss However, if I tell you the truth you are  going to cringe a bit and that’s because   you have been led to believe that forex trading  is one of the hardest things on the planet But in reality, if you know the right way  everything after that will be a cakewalk. you can easily make consistent  profits in forex without any hassle. Truth #2 Everyone sells a strategy Everyone who is looking to grow in forex  trading is looking for a magical strategy.

Even I was looking for the same  thing when I was getting started. A Magical Strategy. This is what the market knows and this is why Everyone in the market is  selling a magical strategy. Almost every trader in the forex market   is selling a forex trading strategy. But  before you buy a strategy from any trader, I want you to ask them a few simple questions.

Do they even know why the candle in forex goes up? Why does the price of the currency change? most of them use terms like support  and resistance or trendlines in   their strategies. Do they know why they work? Or if they are trading with their   so-called Magical strategy do they even  know why does it work or why it doesn’t? The answer is they don’t. They are not practicing what they preach They are not even implementing that strategy and   selling it to the audience in the most  attractive package which is shallow from inside. I will explain this with facts in this video. Truth #3 Market Makes Money when you loose Almost every trader in the market sells its  strategy based on 1 thing which is the win rate.

Yes I know you might know this that   all the traders who sell these strategies are  claiming 80% or even 90% win rate of strategy. But the thing which no trader shares  about the strategy is Risk to Reward If you don’t know what the risk to reward ratio  for a strategy is, Here is a short explanation - The risk-reward ratio measures how much your  potential reward is, for every dollar you risk.   For example: If you have a risk-reward ratio of  1:3, it means you're risking $1 to potentially   make $3. If you have a risk-reward ratio of 1:5,  then you will risk $1 to potentially make $5 There might be many of you who are watching   this video and might have fallen for the  same trap in the past. Just like I did. Here is why the win rate does not  tell even 20% about the strategy. Suppose a Trader is selling his strategy  claiming that his strategy has a 90% win rate For Example, consider you have a trading strategy  with a 90% win rate but with no fixed risk to   reward ratio.

Now what happens, in this case, is if you win 90%  of your trade and make a decent amount of money.   But the 10% trades you will lose can blow up your  account as there is no fixed risk to reward ratio. If you are in forex you might be aware of this  Fact that 96% of Day traders end up losing their   money and the remaining 4% are making profits of  thousands of dollars every day from forex trading. That means 96 people out of  100 ends up losing their money What is it that 96% of traders are doing wrong? What is it that 4% are doing Different? What kind of strategies is this inner circle using What is the secret of the elite 4%? All your questions will be answered now Everybody knows that people can make thousands  and even millions of dollars from forex trading If you do it right. And in order to trade with the right  way you need to follow a proven formula   which this 4% of people in forex are following If you are trading now and you are not getting  the big bucks you want, It probably has nothing   to do with the account size you have or the  investment you have in your trading account. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t  matter how big your trading account is.

but it matters a lot how you trade that account. Before we move forward I would  like to introduce myself. My name is Daksh I was from a middle-class family And In a middle-class household, we  always have to think twice or thrice   before spending any money on anything. and In my community There is an untold rule of life.

Go to school, go to college  get a job and be happy. That was the social norm of my society Parents wanted me to become  an engineer and get a job. For that, they were Saving every  dime so that I could go to a Collage We always tend to desire those things  which we lack the most in our life And In my life that thing was money. I always had the desire of becoming rich,  Making so much money so that my family won’t   have to struggle for it.

Since my childhood I had seen my  parents continuously working for money,   saving each dime for us, making more  money so that I could get a better future. They use to compromise their needs  so that they could full-fill ours. External Struggle But here is a thing, I   want to share something that I haven’t  shared about myself on my social media. Since my childhood, I have  had an issue of stuttering.

I know many people who know me from my social  media and my YouTube channel might be shocked. since my childhood, I was extremely shy. I rarely use to talk.

I still remember the day when  In my school when our teacher   asked us to stand up and read  a paragraph from the textbook. My hands were shivering and I was  sweating. I felt like I was gonna faint. I was soo scared to do that and when my turn came  I started to stutter too much because of my fear It took me almost 5 minutes  to read a small paragraph. Those 5 minutes were like hours for me.

After I completed my paragraph. Not only other students but also  the teacher was laughing at me. That day I was soo embraced that I faked a stomach   ache in my school and went home  in the middle of the school. This issue of stuttering was so  much ingrained in my mind that I always use to shy from talking to people. In real life, I never use to talk.

I use to talk with only those  people who were close to me. But a Stranger was a big no for me. I even use to shy away from address to people.

Whenever I use to go out with my friends  I always asked them to speak for me,   give the order for my food, and almost  everything that involved talking. Internal Because of this issue of stuttering, I always  use to think that what will I do in my life. Any kind of profession I thought  of doing involved talking in it. And I always use to think I can’t do that.

This is how God made me and I have to  suffer because of it throughout my life. Situation After a few years, I finished school and I took  admission to an engineering college in a big city I pursued engineering because my  parents wanted me to become one. But Still, I was not sure  what I will do in my life.

But one fine day I was browsing through  the internet and then I came across an ad. This is what the ad stated. = Make money from home, Part-Time.

I was curious to see what was it about.I  clicked on the ad and it took me to a video. The video was about Forex Trading. The guy who was in that video  introduced me to this amazing   industry of forex and also about its potential. He told me how we can make so much money  by predicting the price of the currency.   All you need is a laptop  and an internet connection.

And At the end of the  presentation, he told me that   The only Big Secret to succeed in  forex is to find a profitable strategy. That’s it and then you can start making  thousands of dollars from trading in forex. I was mesmerized by the idea of how  people can make thousands of dollars   just by clicking a few buttons on their laptops. And top of it, to make that kind of money you   don’t have to talk to people or go to  a particular place to work every day. That was really ideal for me as   I didn’t have to talk to anyone and I  didn’t have to go to a job every day. I was so happy to know about this industry And I felt like I found it I found what I wanted to do in my life.

When I told my friends and family that  I am going to pursue forex as a career They got scared, They told me that trading  doesn't work, No one makes money with trading. Everyone loses money in trading. But I was not going to stop because this  was the first time in my life I found   something which I really wanted  to do and also that I could do.

So I started searching for forex on the internet. and at that time there was very  little information about the forex. I can across people who promised  me to sell a Profitable strategy or Some people call it a magical strategy. I started buying strategies from people. and This is what use to happen.

I use to buy a strategy and Implement it properly. Every time I use to buy a  strategy I use to think that's it. But the reality was totally different. I use to make money in some trades  and then loose my whole account.

Again this happened. I use to grow my account by 20-30% and  then again lose the whole investment. I gave 2-3 months to each strategy.  Thoroughly learned everything they  

taught me and again the same thing used to happen. I use to lose all my accounts. Andd this happened 7 times.

Yes Again and Again. I started to lose hope in the forex. I thought my parents were right.

I have lost all the money which I  had and I thought there is no way   anyone could make money with trading. The next morning I wake up. I felt  like I was back to ground zero. I felt lost again in life.  I thought what will I do. I decide to go out for a walk.

I went out and there was a tea stall I sat down  for a tea and started reading the newspaper. On the last page, I saw that there  is a trader's conference in the city.   This was the first time I saw that there was  a conference for traders happening in my city. I straight away went home  and went to the conference. As soon as I entered the conference hall I saw  a very Karazamatic trader speaking on the stage. And His first lines were Everyone told me You can’t make money with trading And After a few failures in trading  I starting to think the same.

But If I would have stopped  trading because of my false   believed which were formed because of my failures. I wouldn't have been standing here on this stage I wouldn't have been able to provide  my family with everything they deserve. I wouldn't have been able to live  the life of freedom on my terms. Then he told how his life was changed and  how much he has achieved through trading. I was blown away by his speech and only one  thought stuck in my mind. I have to talk to him.

But my fear of going to a stranger and  talking to him was still stopping me. But I thought this is the last time I am  going to see him and I only have one chance. I gathered courage and went to talk to him. As I met him I started telling him about  my whole story then he told me to wait.

Wait till the end of the  conference and then we will talk. So After the conference was  over I told him my whole story   and also told him how I am not  able to find a Magical strategy. At the end of my story,   I asked him it would mean a lot If you can share  your strategy with me, It would change my life. After he listened to my story he laughed and  said Daksh ,A strategy won't change your life,   and you are chasing your dreams  by running in the wrong direction. I said I didn't understand Then he told me this Story of DR BEN Ben was a lower-middle-class guy  who lived in a small village.

Ben studied his ass off for the past two decades,  sacrificed sleep, time with his family, and much, much more, to be able to  finally get referred to as a Doctor. The hard work paid off BIG TIME and Ben began  raking in thousands upon thousands of dollars   every day while treating patients and  helping them improve their health. On the other hand, Ben's friend Patrick was a  guy who always tended to seek shortcuts in life.   He essentially wanted to reap benefits  without going through the grind.

Patrick urged ben to let him  work for him and added that   he would help Ben in his  everyday affairs, to which Ben agreed, not having any clue as to what  was cooking up inside Patrick's mind. Patrick began working for Ben.  His work included standing beside   Ben at all times and handing the prescribed  medicines to the patients. Soon after,   Patrick begins noticing what medicines ben used  to prescribe to the patient for common diseases. In a few weeks, Patrick had memorized all the   medicines that Ben had been  prescribing to the patient.

He thought that he has grasped  everything that one needs to   when it comes to prescribing medicines to patients Patrick thought that as he has got everything  which he needs to know about treating a patient he thought of an Idea Soon after, Patrick went to a far-off place,  a primitive village where He set up a clinic   and began treating the villagers  by suggesting them pills and tonics that ben use to prescribe his patients. He started making money Things were fine until a man came in one day, complaining about a cough  that just wasn't going away. The foolish Pat gave him a medicine that had worked in the past on patients having cough. He then bagged a fat fee from the patient. The man came back a week later, stating that his  cough had worsened. A desperate Pat increased his dosage and sent him on his way home A couple of days later, the patient  who was suffering from cough died.  

The post mortem report stated  that he had died of tuberculosis. the angry villagers stormed off to confront   Patrick and He was forced to shut  down his clinic and went to jail. The health industry can't afford  to house people like Patrick,   who think that they've mastered a craft   after simply remembering some part of it. A large  chunk of folks who want to become doctors, end up failing miserably. The select few  who make it through years of hard work,   become expert enough to advise patients  and prevent them from dying of a disease. You cannot become a doctor just my  remembering the names of the medicines.

You have to understand how  does the human body works. You have to understand how does the  human body reacts to different things. In the same way, you can’t become a professional  forex trader just by learning a strategy. There are a lot of things which you need  to know before you become a forex trader.

Treating humans is a critical skill  because life is involved in it On the other hand, forex trading is also a  critical skill because money is involved in it. Being a Doctor is a million-dollar skill Just like doctors, forex trading  is also a million-dollar skill Any skill that has the potential to make you  a million dollar is a million-dollar skill. Right now you are just remembering medicines  like Partick and blindly implementing it. You have to understand how the strategy  works, How does the forex market works. Forex market is not just a chart its a market.  A market that changed based on various factors.

After I heard this story I realized that  the approach I had for forex was very wrong. After I heard this story I realized that  the approach I had for forex was very wrong. I was blindly following strategies of  other people without even understanding   why did that strategy work? I was blindly trusting people  who just sold me strategies or   techniques without even explaining why  did the strategy work or why it didn’t. This Story created a sense  of realization within me.

I went home and I asked this question to them   they said the same thing they didn’t  even know why their strategy worked. They said they just know it works But why ??? There was no answer. I felt like I was unknowingly  following the same path as Patrick. I felt betrayed and angry. For all these years I was chasing my  goals by running in the wrong direction.

But After all, these things I knew 1 thing I knew that in order for me  to grow in forex I have to   understand the core of forex  and understand its mechanism. Then only I can succeed and  achieve my goals in forex. Then I went wild and I read books, watched videos,  courses, audiobooks, and any other form of media   from which I COULD consume information  and understand the core of forex trading. It was very difficult for me to find any  trustable knowledge or information on forex I went to Professional traders to understand  their way of trading and I realized   before I placed my next trade I needed to  understand the mechanism and core of forex After 2 years of study and research.Yes,   2 years. It took me 2 years after all the  trial and error, hard-work, and hassle.

But I understood everything. And When I understood this I had a different perspective on the forex market. I was able to understand how the market is moving,   why the market is moving and I was able  to predict the next move accurately.

This changed my life. I was able to understand   why things like support, resistance  works, or when it doesn’t. I was able to understand which  strategy works and why does it work. I was able to look at the  market from a 30,000-foot view I got a higher perspective of the forex market. I am no different than you. I just happen  to discover ways to move past my mistakes  

and able to achieve some things which  were dreams for me once upon a time. After that I have converted my $200 account into $4000 and I  recently converted my $5000 account into $45000.   I did these challenges on my social  media accounts in front of my audience. The reason I am telling you this is not  to impress you but to express to you that   what is possible for even somebody like me.

Now As I started multiplying my forex account  I had money to invest in myself and I know this   secret that If I want to grow and take my trading  to the next level I have to invest in myself. I went through all the TOP  courses ranging from $500-$5000. I went to all the forex blogs,   bought membership of all the premium websites who  promised me to teach things to take my trading to   the next level. I attended more than 30+  conferences 33 to be specific to date. Networked with more than 50 Professional traders.

Spent thousands of dollars to take the  best possible knowledge from the market. To be honest most of the information  I found was misleading and outdated. There were too many Patrick in the Industry but  Luckily I met a few people who were like Dr. Ben   .the insides and Information which they shared  with me helped me enter the 4% Inner Circle group. After looking at my growth  and success there were people,   friends, and family members who  wanted to learn forex from me.

I didn’t have time to teach them one on  one or I was not able to refer them to one   single resource from which they can learn  everything which is important for trading. There was a friend of mine named  Harry who was also trying his luck   with forex and still struggling. after looking at my account’s growth  and ROI he was extremely excited.

He started asking - tell me which strategy you are  using? how did you found this magical strategy? I told him that The success which I have got in my  account is not because I found a Magical strategy. But Because I understood the  Main secret to succeed in forex. He asked me if I could teach him. and I said yes. after that every day, he used to come to my house   to learn from me and every day  I use to teach him for 1 hour. Harry was that guy who had invested  a couple of thousand dollars   in forex but never made a single  withdrawal from his trading.

but After learning this from me  Harry made his first profit.   He turned his $200 account into $1983  and he made his first withdrawal of $1200 The next day He came to my home but not  for trading but with sweets in his hand. And he thanked me for all the information  he got from the daily training.

He took me out for a treat and We had a good time. After our way to my home, he told me that   If I wasn’t there to teach him this exact  knowledge then he would still have been   roaming in the garden of misinformation  and chasing behind a Magical Strategy. And Then he said, You know what Daksh You owe this information to every  trader who is struggling in forex. Then I realized that If there was someone  who could have taught me the same knowledge   which I had right now then I  wouldn’t have to go through   all the struggles and losses  which I faced in my early days, After that, I decided that  I will create a Resource.   A Resource, so powerful that anyone literally  anyone who is passionate about forex trading   can bypass all the struggle and Become  a FUll-time Proffiosnal Forex Trader.

But Creating such a valuable  resource was not easy. As it took me 2 years, thousands of  dollars, and countless hours of testing   to acquire this knowledge and reach this level. It took me almost 279 days to  compile this whole resource.

I have gone through all the TOP courses ranging  from $500-$5000. I went to all the forex blogs,   bought membership of all the premium websites  that promised me to teach me about being a   professional forex trader. I have attended more  than 30+ conferences 33 to be specific to date. I have gone through all the top courses,   blogs, books any place imagined but I was not able  to find anything close to what I have created.

This book contains all the  information, techniques, Criteria,   Knowledge mindset, and resources  which is required for anyone who wants   to enter the Inner Circle of  4% profitable Forex Traders The Program is Called Forex Inner Circle. But wait You might think that this is the part  where I am going to sell you this program But Frankly this program is not for everyone. Here is why - This course is not for  those people who are looking   to make some quick bucks in forex but  this is for those people who want to make   a career in forex and transform  as a professional forex trader. This program is not for those people  who are looking for a magical strategy   and yes I have included a  strategy in this program but   there are other things too which you require  in order to make thousands of dollars in forex.

This program is not for infotainers and tire  kickers. I have put my time, money, experience,   and my blood and sweat in this program and  learning all the information provided in this. So   I only want action takers who are willing to put  the information into action and create a fortune. So if you fall in this category  please close this right now because   we don't have anything to offer to you Here is what you will learn from this course View and read the market like a trading  god and understand each and everything   going on in the market which you can use to  predict the next move and collect a profit.

Transplant the mindset of a  professional forex trader.   Getting rid of all the limiting beliefs  which are stopping you from growing in market Break Through tactic for gaining  double profit for the same trade   without increasing your risk. You will get a  crystal clear understanding of the on Page 23 2 things you can immediately  do to eliminate misinformation   about the most important topic in forex. Here is what included in this package - Here is what you will get All the pricing I am going to share   is the pricing at which these Books are sold  right now on my website and other marketplaces. Art of Forex - Acquiring Inner Knowledge of  Forex Trading - This book is going to help you   acquire the inner knowledge of Forex. I have  compiled all the basic mechanisms and foundation  

which you require to totally understand  the forex market. After reading this book   you will be able to look through the market  and will be able to read the market like a God. Market BlackBook - Understand the  Psychology of the Market - $97  This book compiles how the market works why  the market works and what is the market telling   us now. it’s like reading the psychology of the  traders. This part will help you understand the   next move of the market and also will help you  understand the major concepts in forex trading. Secret Strategy-Low Risk High Rewards - $299 The strategy which I will be sharing in this   book will have an 80% win rate and you know that  it does not tell everything about the strategy   this is why I am going to share  the risk to reward ratio for the   secret strategy. You will get at  least 1:3-1:5 risk to reward ratio.

That means if you are risking one dollar per trade then you  will on at least 3 to 5 dollars for it This is the same strategy which  I teach in my consultancy program Trading journal control cheat sheet. This simple  sheet will help you analyze and track the program.   Last but not the list my personal email service You will have access to my personal email id  and all your questions will be answered by me,   not by my assistant. So that you can clarify  all your doubts from the Pro Directly I have shared this information with my students  and have created exponential results for them. This resource is going to help you bypass all  the difficulties, mistakes, trial and error,   and all the hard work which I had to go through  in 2 years. And just within a few weeks,   you will be able to Trade like the 4% people who  are making all The profit in the forex market I will be launching this book on  and on other book publishing networks.  

This will be available in  more than 180 countries . If you are watching this right now,  the odds are you are serious about   Forex trading and you are committed to  grow and transform your financial life. So I have something special for all the  early birds. If you promise to share your  

experience and how this ebook has transformed your  trading. I want to add your feedback on this page. Here is what you will get Art of Forex - $99 Market Blackbook - $299  The Secret Strategy- $99 Trading Journal - $9.97 Total value of $897  All those Products are being sold  for the same price on my websites. The total value of this package  is $897 but that’s not what you   have to pay for becoming a part of the  4% Forex Inner Circle Platinum group. I am going to even charge you 10% of $897 I just want to spread this information to all the  forex traders who deserve to have this information I am going completely berserk I am not going to even charge you $188 not even  But for the first and last time I am giving you an   opportunity to become part of the 4% inner circle  platinum group and just for a small price of $97. That’s likely less than what you will make from  the 1st trade you place with our system . .

All the things mentioned above  will be included in this. That’s not a fair price. That’s a Bargain. But That's not it Here is a Bonus That you can get right now. I will be giving away a Trade Management  Plan designed for the strategy   which is taught in this system. Which is for $97 and Also A Risk Management Plan for $97 All included in this package  without any extra cost.

But this is only for the  first 100 people. After that,   this book will be sold for its original price. 1 more thing I would like to add is. This book comes with 60 days money-back  guarantee. If in any way you feel that this   book didn’t exceed your expectation then I will  be more than happy to give you back your money. 

So, literally, there is no risk involved for you. Become a Part of the Forex Inner  Circle and Start your Profitable   Journey of becoming a Professional Trader NOW This is the Last time you will be able  to see this video as this is a PRE LAUNCH After the Launch, all the Prices  and Bonuses will be gone forever. After the launch you will have to pay 5 times  more price that you will have to pay today   which will not include the bonuses.

So, make sure you take action at the right time.

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