SEBI New Margin Rules || Futures Trading Hedging || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

SEBI New Margin Rules || Futures Trading Hedging || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone, my name is Anish Singh Thakur And for many days people have been telling me That SEBI has got some new margin rules And what would be its impact on retail traders? Everyone thinks there would be negative impacts And yes some would be there. So I have made this video on that. So, I am telling you after studying this very well.

This video is made in 2-3 phases. In the first phase I’ll make you understand How much was the margin last year? Now what changes came How much changes in equity? How much changes in Futures? How much changes in Option-selling? Ok? And after that I’ll make you understand both Intraday and Delivery After that I That market analysis which moved on Monday In what ways our analysis work I’ll try to make you understand these. A little bit hint will give you too for tomorrow So come let’s start today’s video. And first of, the reason Topic of today’s video is Futures What happens is that there are many traders who are afraid of Options trading, Because they faced a great loss, Because they know only one theory Just because of telegrams tippers Or the people who call and disturb us saying that I’ll double your money Or Make you earn, Just give me Rs 20000- 30000/-.

Because of them we get used to Option buying That’s a bad habit if you only do Option buying. You can’t earn money by just doing Option buying. Can be earned if you trade on very specific days and don’t use total capital. Like if there is Rs 1 lakh then trade with Rs 20000-30000/-. It’s a very difficult job to control.

Secondly, if you know full Option Hedging, Option selling, Option buying strategies you know what to do on which day If you don’t have these two things Then you can’t earn by Option buying. You can earn if you know these two things So like this people are very tensed, And think of going towards Futures trading again and again. But they think that it will take a lot of money for futures trading, And earning is nothing. Means the capital you put on Vs the return you make is nothing as compared to Options. And after SEBI margin laws came, after the rules came, This became a double- triple problem.

Right? Slowly-slowly everything is going to finish by September. So for that, today this video is for those Some people don’t even trade in F and O because they got scared of Options. So we can do in Futures, And for those people who wanted to do in Futures But because of money don’t wish to do it And now Margin also came. Ok so let’s start. First of all, look this is Zerodha’s interface And in Zerodha I have to tell you Intraday and Delivery separately. And for all other brokers, Intraday and Delivery method would be same. So I’ll do it easy and start.

So first of all in Zerodha the thing you see is a basket order In basket order, we can make basket together and see Futures Margin We can see in this basket how much money it would take. Here, In this itself benefit is given. This thing is given in this only. If I buy a lot, then it shows 162 margin and 162 final margin I’ll tell you the difference between margin and required margin. Now if in yours there is no basket order Then you do nothing, directly add it to watchlist, as Exactly like I do, put that in basket and execute Sorry I’m saying basket- put in watchlist and execute. We come here just to see how money it would take.

First of all, I’ll delete this basket order and I’ll tell you brother How much margin we used to get and how much margin we are going to get. See index this I am showing you this on Index because maximum people do it in Index And I’ll show you in Equity too, TCS or Reliance will show you any of these Guys look if you want to buy this or sell or anything, Would take Rs 1 lakh on overnight right? And if I click on Intraday Rs 1,25,000/- This margin when clicked on Intraday before, Earlier this margin used to be reduced till 50,000, 70,000 That margin is slowly slowly exhausting by SEBI. This – this will remain like this. This is not going to reduce.

I’ll tell you now in detail. Clicked on this Intraday, then in Future it would show only 162 after September So you need to understand first what is going to finish. This Overnight is 162, it’s going to finish. Now I’ll show you a thing- I may have shown you this in a previous example, I’ll click on TCS and click on TCS July Futures. I’ll show you one thing.

If I want to buy 300 quantity of TCS July Futures How much money for overnight? Rs 2 lakhs ok? So if I directly buy TCS 300 quantities of TCS on delivery, Then how much? Just look Rs 9 lakhs you are paying. Look, it’s the same thing, you can hold this long term after buying TCS This also you can roll-over and hold Futures. Means going long on Futures- going directly long takes Rs 9 lakhs But even after the margin is finished, you can get this in Futures for 2 Lakhs.

So the margin in one level is not finishing up. What’s finishing up? Here it was 154 Which was 1 lakh earlier Before that 80000. Slowly slowing SEBI is exhausting it.

Now after a few days, Whether click Overnight 2 lakhs, click Intraday 2 lakhs Ok? Understood? This is going to finish. First I explained what is going to finish, The margin you are getting on equity today, Today even if you buy one share on Equity Even if for 5 times the margin When you divide 5 times the margin with 3000 Then for around Rs 500- 600/- you’ll get on equity trading for sure. It is not finishing up. Don't then think that a share of 3000-

So only 3000 will have to be paid on Intraday You won't have to give, For that you’ll get TCS for Rs 500-600/- For intraday traders. And if future traders also want to buy 3000 And want to Hold or short it, Then Rs 9 lakhs- don't have to pay this Rs 9 lakhs They can take this thing on delivery for 2 lakhs instead of 9 lakhs. So you’ll get a leverage of 7 lakhs. So first of all understand that not everything is going to finish up.

I know those people who have a question in their mind, I’ll answer them now- not everything’s going to end. Because people think that- like me in fact normal people- retailers- They think that brother, instead of 3000 I have to pay full 3000. Have to pay the full amount. No Ok? So now I have told you what's not going to end. Now I will make it a little better, that What smart work to do now? What smart work to do? Now if you want to trade in Bank Nifty Futures, I want to go long like this, want to trade in one lot, ok? I accept that if anybody wants to do swing trading, and have to do it in Futures, Let’s talk of Intraday first ok? which will exhaust in future, so basically there’s no use in doing it, no use in making the thing right Because how much time is left? One month is left, still let's do it.

It takes Rs 1,25,000/- here, then let's do it fast. 1,25,000 for doing Intraday. So what you should do is, since you are going long on Futures, then you put a Hedge position. Hedge means what?

Whatever trade you are buying, if you feel somethings going wrong against it, Then that second leg call it leg or whatever trade you are doing That save you that is called Hedging. So for hedging this, because you are trading upwards, Have to take the downward hedge Have to buy put right? this is a video of F and O series I hope you have seen the last 4-5 videos Then only can you understand these. If you are a complete beginner won’t understand, come after watching the 4 videos. So, if you are going long on futures, then have to do hedge from below Have to buy Put, need downside protection. Now when I buy put here, money will be wasted.

Because admit it- means I am not teaching you to do in hedge This Video I am showing to take margin benefit. So I’ll buy Put very cheap Cheap means very much cheaper. Means now Bank Nifty is at 35170, Then I’ll buy P.E of 33000. How many rupees? Of RS 5 Means I am only paying just Rs 150, which will become zero I think. This Rs 150, see from Rs 150 what benefit will you get? I’ll show you And set on Intraday And Zerodha doesn’t let you buy Out of The Money But let us buy in Intraday nowadays Ok? Let’s us buy on Intraday Even if they don't, there is a way. First sell then buy-

anyways let us buy on Intraday. And the rest of the brokers do give. I added. Look just as I add I have to execute this first, Later will buy Future As soon as you add, you people see? Paid Rs 150 Can you see this is Rs 150? Where will you bring 57000 from? If you are a retail trader and think money Need more margin, Then bring Rs 150 Don’t bring 50000 Bring Rs 150 What happened when you bought 150? 125 from 1,25,000 from 1,25,231 125 minus 57000 approximately.

You came with Rs 150 Bought PE of 33000 Alright? Bought PE And you add this From Rs 150, you arranged 68000 Understand that. good So now those people who have 2-3 4 lakhs capital And was stressed from SEBI margin, You can use this method For Intraday trading So look, it became half Now I'll tell you one more thing. Add one more order, Give Rs 150 more Look by giving Rs 150 more, By putting 150 in line, you saved Rs 7000 more.

But it is necessary or not, it depends on you if it is needed or not It depends on you, if you want take it, if you don't want, don't take. No problem, I say this much is enough. This much margin is also enough that I will execute this one first And then execute this. As soon as you execute- finished. in Rs 57000, you saved your margin.

So now you, the money you had Rs 2, 3, 4 lakhs Rs 1.5 - 2 lakhs, Rs 5 lakhs, Rs 10 lakhs You can smart use it like this. Ok? Come on now let me tell you something better, If this is Overnight positions Overnight positions ok? Then ok delete this option.

Now I took current expiry. You can always choose the current expiry if you are doing Intraday trade. But when this long if you want to hold then do Overnight. You know you have to give more money, Would have to pay 162, so you will do a Hedge again Take 33000 PE but with monthly expiry. Take the one with Monthly expiry, and this And it won’t let you take overnight, then no problem you add this still. Ok? Remove this Stop loss I’m telling you a way to add. Ok?

Now here it became 75000 Ok? And once again I cloned this So it became 50000. Means here I here I Ok one minute, I’ll tell you When you monthly when you are taking Overnight And take Out of The Money this was of Rs 50 Why waste Rs50 Look this is only Rs 10/- see this is Rs 10/- because we have to waste it have to waste this money Rs 10 is Rs 250 In that it was more, Rs1200 Then Why do we waste Rs 1200? So I took one of very far away Added it It reduced Once again cloned. 67 look The thing which required 160, I bought Put of monthly expiry that too 250 - 250 Collected Rs 500 And Rs 1 lakh. Who will give you 1 lakh in exchange of Rs 500? Even your friend won’t give. But this will be done by your broker for you.

If you assume, you are in if your account Upstox Anywhere other than Zerodha, You first of all, 2 out of the money, buy Puts of Rs 10 And just when you buy this after that, Our work will be done in 67000. And you can hold Guys you can hold this. Means if you have Rs 6 lakhs , then you can hold 10 lots, When you know to hold 10 lots, it would take Rs 16 Lakhs Would take Rs 16 Lakhs So you understood Delivery too. And whoever uses anything other than Zerodha First of all, execute these twos Far away's OTM, which we have to destroy Consider this 250-250 paid like interest We paid this. Next we took Rs 1 lakh and trading with that itself.

Now look, what will be the problem with Zerodha people When we are going to execute, it won’t execute. They won’t let us do the Out of The Money. So what you should do is, You have to keep more money with You But you will benefit. I’ll tell you how. Ok? I’m now taking an example, Let’s say if I have I have let’s say Rs 5 lakh Ok, Rs 5 lakh. 5 lakh means 2-3 4 If I do like this see Let's say we have Rs 5 lakhs Assume it, no problem.

If we have five lakhs, so how much we can buy? If we have five lakhs, we can only buy three We can only buy three Looks like this right? We can only buy three So you will do this also In to 3 And you’ll make this also, into three Okay? Now see in Rs 5 lakhs It is saying your account should have Rs 5 lakhs But 2 lakhs will be deduct So this is for zerodha's Rest of you don’t watch it, no problem forward it Or watch it So see, by keeping Rs 5 lakhs You guys have executed So first this reduced And as soon as this is reduced Rs 3 lakhs on its own from your account Means 3 lakhs, 2,97,000 amount is free Did you get it? First it will show that your balance is reduced Now suddenly as soon as you buy these Puts Your money is free, again the available balance will be shown So you have bought 3 lots What will you do after this You’ll come back by one, back by one step Because you have 297 You have 297 Okay? You have 297 Right now, available So what will you do You will reduce it As soon as you reduced it, See 324, okay So you have to come forward one more step, you can buy 1-1 lot 2 more times So you you know that you have 297 free Two lakhs 2,97,000 So you will execute one more this wing, one More set like this 163 out of 297 is been used Okay? But only 67,000 has been cut So you still have 220, approximately you have 220 Then 75+25 is 100 in quantity You can execute it again, that 2,30,000 is left Yet again this much will be consumed, And this one will be reduced Okay? Reduce 70,000 from 230 If you reduce 70,000 from 230 Then 30 will be cut there And 170 You can buy it once more So you have bought 25, 25, 25 thrice And 75 earlier So this is the one thing 75 plus 25, 25, 25 So you have to do manual work, Zerodha has to do manual work And people who have other brokers can do it definitely So you guys have bought how many lots in 75, 75 Bought 150 in quantity If you directly go to buy 150 in quantity Then will you get 150 in quantity in 5 lakhs can you get 150 quantity How much money do you require to taking on delivery? See, Rs.9,75,000, which I am telling you on delivery You have done it in 5 lakhs So if you can do the work of 975 in 5 lakhs Which is simple Then you can do in small too In 2 lakhs We can do the work of 4 lakhs in 2 lakhs Okay? So we can do it like this So this is how you benefit through the future margin A simple thing It’s an open thing in front of all of you But people don’t understand it in simple words That’s why I am explaining it Okay guys, I hope you understood, you enjoyed it Now I’ll show you by doing it in TCS If you want to buy TCS's July future it is a little tricky that’s why I am telling you You can either buy or sell it Let’s sell it Rs 2 lakh is required overnight Intraday is a little less, leave it let’s work on overnight so when I click on over night How much money is it asking for? TCS is asking me for Rs 2 lakh to work So I have shorted TCS How do we hedge it? See we don’t have to hedge it because of hedging We are doing it for margin benefit People those who have less money, they can use it We sell it We need to gap the upside loss We have to buy call, it can only save us So call, TCS is working on 3192 So TCS’s 34000 call Buy it way out of the money Buy it way out of the money Means only for hedge purpose 3500, I’m telling you 3500 TCS 3500 okay It doesn’t come ? 3300, ok.... are we getting 3400 Sorry we aren’t getting 3500 Okay we are getting it, TCS July 3500 call How much is it for Rs 3 guys it means it is only of Rs.930

This is of Rs 3 So for Rs 3, I am telling you This is not going to be zero 1 or Rs 2 will be saved So the entire Rs.930 won’t be wasted Rs.500 around will be wasted And 200 or Rs.300 will be received back definitely what happens right after adding

See, What happened right after adding One minute By adding, it has reduced Okay? And I’ll move it in an upward Right after adding it got from 2 lakhs to 1 lakh And if I buy it once more Then it has reduced more But we’ll bring it up What are you doing here? We are paying 930, 930 for margin In 930, 930 you will at least get 200-300 Means what did you do by giving Rs 1000, by paying in interest, arranged Rs 1 lakhs Where Rs 2 lakhs were required to buy TCS's future Now Rs 1 lakhs Now if you go take it in Rs 1 lakhs, you won’t get it So, there is a way I will show you were doing one more thing I think we can go more out of the money In TCS you are getting 3600 too You are getting it in Rs 2 So you add it see this , you add this one You cloned this one You are getting it in a little less, but here you can, lesser money So it depends on you How much out of the money you go, we’ll get it in that less amount See there you are getting 20,000 more there Getting less margin of 20,000 So, the lesser money you give the Lesser margin you get Give a little more money, you get a little more margin Depends on what all are they doing What is this calculation Who knows technical Who knows TCS is going 3%, 4%, 5% in an upward if TCS if I open the chart of TCS And if I show you TCS, If TCS gives bullish momentum in a swing trading from here My TCS will go, If TCS touches new height Rs 150 Went 180 up Let’s consider this minimum till here It will go in an upward till Rs.135 If it goes in an upward till 135 Then 135×300 Rs. 40,000 Then where will be the difference effect This 600, 600, Rs.900 But this is for Them who has knowledge I’m not motivating public like that You can take anything, no you cannot We are talking this about a trade or not normal public You will say we had fun, no brother First you should know all of it If you don’t know all of it then there is no sense Okay? I hope I am making myself very clear over here That this is just for traders, who is already experienced Who were anxious that what can they do in less money If my analysis is good Whose analysis is not good, cannot do anything in more money also Whose analysis is okay okay, who is learning, growing who can make them self-right later also So this video was for them So I hope See if you execute it this way You got a thing of Rs.2,00,00 In 126

So this was, this is like how you can benefit To all those who don't have baskets You directly will come here Will come here, TCS July See, we have to do TCS work here So we will write TCS, TCS 3600 Oh! I forgot to tell you a very important thing Forgot to tell you very important thing When we buy a call for TCS 3600, This won’t be executed On whom it won’t be One minute This won’t be executed at all in the market Because there are liquidity issues in this In equity options So I have to put a limit Instead of 2.1 you have to put 2.2 How will you know 2.1 or 2.2 We have to put it in a little more Instead of 630 we need to give Rs.670

We have to put it on limit only, do not forget otherwise we won’t be able to execute it Why? Because How will we do it You will come here, write TCS 3600 CE Okay? right now the market has closed That’s why it won’t show anything Okay, this is showing Two people are ready to buy at Rs.2.10 But One person is ready to sell at Rs.2.30 So when you put an order of 2.3 and see right after If there is two then we have to put 2.35, If we have three then 2.40, if you have four lots then 2.45 Here we have a lot of lots It means if somebody has to short 11 lots Or buy whatever trade they wants to do Then will put Rs.2.5 in limit and instant execution will be done

So the market order won’t work Very important point If later you won’t be able to do it, then whom will you ask to So I hope right now you are watching video carefully So I have got to know that it won’t work on market order then we have to put a limit on it Okay? I hope I have gave you the answers For how you can how people who are, who are afraid of Options who think there is much more loss in Options, due to theta decay See, whenever you do a swing trade If your analysis is very strong then that is something else But you don’t know in how many days Like Right now I have given you a trade of BPCL I have given you the trade of BPCL Whoever has done Intraday today for this must have earned good money The entire target has been hit And whosoever is doing to swing trade, you also know that the trade has been activated has given a breakout or have taken a pullback Okay? If for confirmation, we see futures buildup So today there’s an increase in open interest of 10% On short-term there is an 18% of open interest New positions have come new positions have come data wise Fibonacci level is breaking making 2 big candle on Intraday So BPCL, A swing trade There is a possibility that BPCL gives their big target after 10 days, after 25 days If you go in Options, then theta decay will take it So we should go in the future How do we earn in future? How do we earn in future, I have told you come back brother? Delete everything here Put BPCL, we have to go long If we need to go BPCL future long and have to keep the positions over night Are you saying how much money is it asking for It is asking for Rs 3 lakhs So BPCL is of 450 So we will buy put of BPCL It was a 450, are we getting Put of 350 350 July put, see We are getting it of 5 paisa This Is See, 3 lakhs 60 turn into 2000 do one more copy Clone it See it has become 180 I have made it half, And if we bring it up, Whoever are outside brokers, As many are outside of zerodha You do it however, it’s a same thing means you do buy first, it’s the same thing You got the thing in 180 And to everyone in Zerodha You have to always keep more money in the account But when it is free you can again put a second lot You can do it this way Have told the way how to enter BPCL, okay? Ok Guys so that’s it for the futures things Now coming back to the market. Market Study Let’s see a little bit What happened in Nifty, Bank Nifty? What going on today with Nifty, Bank Nifty In Nifty Bank market opened as I told below gap down and where its important extreme support was there it took support there If we talk about Nifty The level that it gave. It touched as soon as the market opened And then after that Let me open the 15 minutes timeframe it will be better It consolidated fulltime and in the second half I told you in second half you will see Either above or below, either of the side It can give a breakout And in the second half It did gave a good breakout If we talk about Reliance, then Reliance couldn’t go beyond its zone ok On first Candle, Obviously no one should Trade on this candle When there is so unusual candle And then it didn’t go outside the zone It finished. In TCS This was our zone And it didn’t go beyond its zone And I have told you if it comes Below this, then you will receive this target So we have got our target And it was sell below this Let’s talk about Indusind Bank Its opened it in this zone And it breaks here And it becomes a short position here In Auro Pharma I have told you to take the target till trend line So see it took a rejection here and it give a trend line target BPCL has been activated.

I have shown you that It is activated from all ends Bharti Airtel I have told you That it is not activated Bharti Airtel I have told you in the market That it would activated above 546. It didn’t So you can keep it What can happen tomorrow If I open hourly timeframe and show it to you What do you see? Market See this is Singapore Nifty And it still shows a gap down If tomorrow if the market opens week Or opens sideways down So guys, all of you do not get excited See this levels These levels, you see double bottom Now too, you see. How important is this zone? If market comes somewhere here If market a chance to come here 15600 levels, if it comes And takes a support here Again it will start an upward journey Why? You can see the market It is moving sideways since few days you all can see. It’s a sideways market After a good bullish run Market is sideways and is getting ready for a big move So it. Again it will come back Take support over here Until a big red candle does not breaks this level I mean, red candle like this big Does not break this level.

Till that time, it’s of no use going short I am sure it will take support from here And again probably slowly steady will start an upward journey And then there would be a momentum And then will come here and take consolidation And then give a breakout Or give a breakout and take support and go But the journey Is upside only Unless it does not break a big red candle Same with Bank Nifty Bank Nifty is already on double bottom support See here, But this too it opens a Gap down tomorrow Then you can simple expect Our market will come to 34700 levels And then from there will start our upward journey So this Is for tomorrow and day after tomorrow And this is what Market analysis is telling That how the market will move ok Alright guys, I hope this was a different Kind of video where I show you how we can use things And I expect you enjoyed it So if you enjoyed. Like it, Share it with Share it with all the friends Who want to do futures Who didn’t know how to do futures in less money Or take more advantage of more money By giving 500, 1000 Rs to the market How you can take a benefit of 1 to 1.5 lakh After finishing the rule margin of SEBI I am telling you all this later It will even work after September. The delivery one specially Intraday might not work But delivery will Zerodha is also been informed Like how you have to do it Which leg to apply first and then apply second leg And rest of the brokers There you have the option to buy out of money So you can do it Ok Guys So Subscribe the channel if you are new This is the fastest growing channel in India And we talk about lot of work So let’s start And I hope you have followed the meditation video You would have done the root chakra meditation Today, Sacral Chakra mediation would be there If you haven’t done you can start by root And then set a daily time for every chakra Start doing and see you will get peace of mind Nothing else There Is nothing for me to gain from you If you meditation. There is nothing that I will earn from you I am not running any ads on that There won’t be any ads on the whole series It is for your own benefit, Share that video With your family also Who don’t trade Children in house, they study In studies Like literally I am telling you In Class 11 I was very weak in studying And in 10th, Most of the time I was weak But in 12th, I Topped my School Just because in my school It used to happen Like what should I say, i forgot it A practice, like a meditation practice They used to make us do So the mind becomes so sharp that You automatically get focus And you get interest in things And if you have students in your house Or someone who is in business or job I suggest everyone that they should do meditation And if I talk about me If I have invented meditation Then you would have said Why are you telling this? You invented it So I didn’t invent it I just rediscovered it and kept it in my channel in Anish vlogs So go there and watch So I haven’t invented I am telling you people are doing it So why aren’t we doing it? When successful people are doing Like celebrities or sports player Or even traders worldwide They are doing it I talk to Steve Burns sir I asked him Daily he meditates He meditates daily Steve burns who has written the book New trader, Rich Trader Please follow all these people ok And just focus on your life and it is going to be a very good journey Thank you so much guys I will see you soon in the next video Bubye

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