Season 2: Inside Secrets & Business Advice With Sara Al Madani

Season 2: Inside Secrets & Business Advice With Sara Al Madani

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Spencer lodge podcast, in partnership, with Najafi events, if you don't know who knew gel here guess, what they're bringing Tony Robbins, here to Dubai fairly soon and some other major hitters, so look out for the Jahi events and. Make sure you get you tickets for Tony Robbins when he's coming on season, two of the podcast, episode, number one we go back to the beginning of episode number one on season number one and we have the awesome dr., Sarah on maddening with us on the show first of all Sarah thank you coming it's my it's, lovely having you on the show it's always fun and when, you interview, people that your friends, is always so much easier to learn about this story and for them to open up and be really honest some key takeaways today were Massaro, really been kind of like really open about the fact that she's. Made some mistakes MASINT decisions, and was really self-aware that she was prepared to go back okay. We, address some of those issues kind, of like get her focus, back and then move forward again so please make, sure you listen to what she's got to say because some, of these pointers, are really phenomenally. And inspiring. And telling also for us as well so I think we need to pay attention to, that kind of stuff but, without further ado let's cue the music let's get stuck into it and enjoy season, number two episode, number one with my mate Sarah, al-madani. To. My different thank, you so much for coming to loose hair again it's my pleasure. Nice to see you so you and I met, the returned yeah, a couple of years back now two years and scout sponsor two years four, days three. Minutes. Yeah. Do, you remember do you remember me see me the first time of course I don't like you remember we. Wouldn't like I liked you a lot I can't believe you'd say such no you didn't like me the first time we met we, both had, the wrong impression about each other well what was what, was back, then that was a couple of years ago where, were you on your journey a couple of years ago to want to be or even be interested in in spending, time talking to me someone you didn't know do. You remember I. Don't. Understand your question but I think. You mean so. What would I like know, that I went when we because. Someone must have called you and said oh yeah this guy wants to interview you so what happened is your, secretary. Yeah, or like assistant, called and she was like this guy wants to have an interview, with you and look let me just he might be a stalker let me just go you know google, it so, I googled you and I'm like he looks like a show-off.

Oh He's English no. He must be grumpy oh no, oh my god, so, I remember driving to your place I wasn't that excited because. I had a like, an idea about you because you look too serious on the pictures that I saw online yeah. You were like now, you're like but before you open so. I was like oh my god that's gonna be boring I remember. Parking. On your driveway and I'm ringing, the bell I'm like why are we doing it in his house and, and why is it house so big oh my god he must be like a show-off a snobbish, guy so, many things went in my mind but, I remember the minute I saw you I fell in love with you, amazing. Guy. Like. That yep so. Back. Then were you doing if, anybody, said can I interview you will, you the that, stage in in your career, in your evolution. Were you happy to talk to anyone to share your story whether there was publicity and, important. To you was getting, your story out there important, to you of Oris yeah, I mean whoever, knows me knows that part of my personality is I love talking and I love people so I love meeting and I love talking and I love sharing my story because I feel, like I went on a very hard long. Fun, cool, journey so, I wanted to put the word out there in case anybody, would get inspired by it and. Now a couple, of years since we first met you've you've, gone on your, audience, has grown dramatically. Over the last couple of years you seem to be a a role, model for inspiring, not. Just women but I think all people here. In the UAE and across the Middle East that. Is, that. Is that something that you you're proud of you're frightened, of something, that you lean into or you think it you happen by accident tell. Me about it I it. Wasn't intended, because, I was just on on. These platforms, on social media just, to give to put my story out there to share you know because I'm I love people and I'm very social so. And, then people, made, me who I am they. Are the ones that started liking following. Supporting, so it, didn't happen intentionally, I think it happened by accident when. I once posted a. Talk. That I was having with someone and, after. The talk finished and I posted I'm like oh my god I sound wise you know that's good and then everyone's like oh my god talk more we love it and then it, went from being people. Following me because I'm an entrepreneur to. People follow me because they love the message I have and they love the way I talk and and, it, just took a complete, different direction and when. You when, you look at that now do, you think there's a segment, of the market that, leans into you more so you. Know is it is it that young, just, getting started entrepreneurial. Type is it you find it's young, or old, or women that what is it you find from from the audience that you have and the engagement that you have that tend to be there definitely, in the beginning because, my first business is fashion so I was in that fashion and beauty scene so my, following was more younger, people. Who wanted to see these thing learn, about these things because I used to educate them about these things as well but, I guess when, I, switched. All, of that and I want the different rap I had. More mature audience, people, like the the people who wanted. The information who, wanted to hear about more about life not just about fashion and beauty and all that so that my demographics, completely, change age-wise. Mentality. Wise type, wise everything, completely changed and to. Be honest I'm not I love. Beauty. And fashion but I'm not interested that much in providing. For that audience anymore, do. You think you know what you really want to, be doing now after. Years, of being in business if you kind of got to a place where you really found your niche where, you want to be or do you think you're still searching no.

I'm Not searching I found, it it took me three, years to -. To. Be, the, clear version of Sarah and to, know what I want to do and who I am and you, know that you know it's funny Spencer a lot of people speak about ethics and morals but if I tell you five. Ethics your top priority, right now say to me you will take three minutes to think of them because, we were brought up knowing, ethics exists, but not, how to prioritize, or. Organize, or to select what, are my FX because the minute you're clear and you know what they are from. 1 to 5 let's say most important, every. Day in your life whatever you do everything. You say every decision you make you would remember these 5 points because they're clear to you but, if I know I just have to have ethics I would know I shouldn't be doing something wrong that's, it because it's generalized but, when you're more specifically. Like. Into it and you know what are your ethics for. Example let's say lying. The. Truth honesty, bla bla so every choice I make I'll ask myself was I being honest was. This necessary was. I suppose, I kind was so, it makes you question, yourself every, single day in every single decision you make and. Everything, you say actually when. You look at what. You do and then you look at the this kind of I'm. Really, agitated by the word entrepreneur nowadays. It. Became a kind. Of like a cool thing for a lot of people and I've always kind of banged. On about it being you know, not startup but had been a one-man band is, what an entrepreneur is a guy that starting up in business and trying, to get somewhere with it and most people fail yeah. And, most people fail but. Don't actually hold themselves responsible. I was talking to somebody the other day that's business failed I said what do you think went wrong and there, went bricks it and. Why brexit, they're blaming the, value of the pound wind okay and when the value of the pound was really impacted, it impacts it up across our business and so, breaks it caused it and to, me it's like no, no no you not. Having the foresight to think that breaks it might be a problem beforehand, or the person that caused the problem you can't be a victim to everything that happens in business when, you fail the, reality is it nine times out of ten it's your fault you've made bad decisions and, you have to live with those bad decisions yeah. Have. You ever failed or have you failed catastrophically in, any of your businesses I. Think. We spoke about this before where, I had the bad partnership, but, I've. Every. Time people ask me about that story I don't blame the, person that stole my money and took everything I don't say always she. Or he was bad or I would say it was my fault I didn't, have the proper contract, so, it, is you're. Right about that point it is important, to know that if, you play the blame game you get nowhere you learn nothing but, if you sit down and say okay it, takes two to clap where did I go wrong and then, this is where you start actually solving, the problem and learning so, I always.

Blame Myself, I don't blame others because, it was my ie I was part of that decision I was part of that happening, that event so, I, did. Have a downfall, and one of my businesses, but I. Think. The time I met you I owned six, to eight companies by. That time right. Now I own two I. That's. What happened to the other ones I cut. Them down okay-y completely. Why I was not interested I was not happy and, Oden. Hana Hana you, say you're not interested I need to I need to dig. Here you, lost interested, in in, the industry it, was in the sector it was in or you, weren't passionate about the, people within that business what was it exactly okay let me take you through the journey so. You would understand, why I shut, them if I tell you the reasons you won't get it okay so for the past three years I. Like. I became. An introvert, for a while because, I wanted to know who I am what. My ethics are why, am I here what's my purpose like I I, wanted. To know the answers, to all these questions and, as a human being all, of us were curious we always ask ourselves these questions and, I was like okay I'm. Gonna take some time off from people from everything and I just want to figure out who I am what. I am and why am I here my purpose and once. I, went on this self-discovery, journey I found out who I am and I. Found out that what, I'm doing is not, something I love it doesn't even make me happy because I understood, what makes me happy and, I. Realized. That I was. Spreading. Myself, you. Know like like I always say likes like sunrays I was like the Sun my light was everywhere, while. I, know and, I've, learned and I've understood that to make changes, and to make things happen you need to be focused, and I always like this is how you create diamonds it's laser what's laser it's just focused light and I. Decided to cut, down my Rays and just focus, because. I mean, it's cool to. Be an entrepreneur who owns like this and that and this and it, sounds cool, for. The people on the outside and you. Know it's always ego driven but. I realized that ego. Should be walking behind you not in front of you because the decisions you take because of your ego will, just screw, your life you, know because, your satisfying, the other you're not satisfying, yourself and. I realized, okay. They make money some. Of them make decent money so I'm gonna make a lot of money but, I don't love it and I, don't enjoy it and every time I go to the office I feel like I'm forcing myself to be there and I feel like I could, take that energy and put it somewhere else and do something way better but I can't because I'm there so. - I need to cut down so. I can be available for other things and. I decided to just shut, down all of them all at once, did. You really do all the ones in a span of like. Six. Months for, all the documents, and to like let go of the team for them to find out because as, a leader I I didn't want to just say hey you know I don't want this why bye everybody, you know bye but I stole them look out let's work for three months find other jobs I, recommend, you to other people, and all that and and, I did that and it took me six months they just shut down completely.

The. Olson Mac team is with us so I'm sorry my son is loud. My. Name is Mac Q this. E and. This is my show this, is my show. Maksoon. Say. Action. So. Welcome back to part two we had a bit of a break then because it's not a podcast, between myself and, sorrows, myself, Zara an awesome, son Maktoum so, he's out the camera somewhere but we'll see a little bit later on all right let's just go back into this because this is for me something. That's I think. It's not discussed a lot I think it's not it's. Not something as a subject, that we go into because a lot of this whole entrepreneurial, conversation. Is around positivity. And, go, gay and kind of like be ambitious and look forward and stuff like that and people. Talk about failure, but, they don't talk about, structured. And strategized, you know and I, don't call it failure cuz that's not the right word but. Almost. Acknowledging, where you are and, you mentioned just previously ego, and, ego. Gets in the way of those making really decent decisions, do. You think understanding. That comes from a level of maturity as, a human being or do you think that comes from somewhere, else. Level. Of maturity it, comes when you are in, peace with yourself when you understand yourself and you realize that the choices you make in your life affects you only and. As. I said everything is ego driven I don't want I want to do this so people can like me I want to do that because I want, people to say that about me I want to look like a certain way everything, is ego driven so. To. Me that is not success, because what I'm doing is not for, my personal growth it's not to, do anything or be somewhere it's just, to gain a status. In society, that's, it which. To me is not success success is not a status. Or a rank, you get in society, it's not. Certificates. On a wall it's not money in the bank it's way more than, that success is way deeper than that and the reason people don't, speak of, because it's not cool it's. Not trending, you said, to me before and I, find this hard to not, to believe when I talk to you but I find this hard for the public to believe when they see you. When. You talk to me you don't you, know you close those businesses down you don't care what other people think about you and you, know you only care about your. Own happiness but that. That. Image that's out there of you. I think is different to that reality. Yes. Is there a fair observation I. Don't. Think it's a fair observation but. You, can't you, I, mean, you, can't tailor-make. Yourself, in the media because, everyone has the one perception idea, like a lot of people think that I am a, very snobbish person, who's a show-off was that like. You exactly. Like. Me but. It's. You cannot change what people hate in ESP you know, sometimes. I can be something yeah, what, are the times but. Yeah. I guess like people, see you there the way they want to see you but what. You can do is for. Example if people tell me what, do you want to achieve with, people, my. Answer is I never want to be forgotten and, if, I never want to be forgotten and to leave a good positive impact, I will show myself in a positive way if I wanted to be the rebel, the for, example let's say the, naughty, girl like a bad girl I can do that you, you, can be, whoever you want to be in public but you can't Taylor make it to, look like oh she's, the girl that, was, strong, and then she went through a downfall and, people can't have the whole story there's, one image and the image they have is the successful. Hard-working. Woman. That empowers people and I like that and I don't want to change that when, you when you close a business down you've, gone through making a decision yourself about what you want to do you, have people you employ yeah, being that kind of very kind person I know you to be you. Must deal with a huge internal, dilemma, of having. To make, yourself, happy but. Not wanting to upset the team of people that you've employed that rely, on you encounter, new and, and admire you know, so is that is that really tough you know having those conversations well, I'm gonna help you find a new job but this this isn't this is not what we're doing moving forward no it is tough but when you are a leader not, just a manager at your businesses, what happens is that you build this bridge of honesty, between you and your employees.

Vulnerability. And basically. Like, when, I go to the office and I set with my employees, I asked. Them like guys, I don't know how to do this like they know I have I have weaknesses, and they know my weaknesses and I don't mind because I hire, smarter. People so I can learn from them so, I saw, with them and I asked them questions how to do this teach me that let's do that together and I always tell them guys I don't feel like this is going well like I think like, I don't want to. Me it. Was hard but when I went to the office that day when I took the decision I went, to the office and I know, from the look of my face I knew something was wrong and I sat down I told him guys listen I'm not happy and if. Any, of you in this office wasn't, happy I will immediately let you go and support you in every single way so I was like support me on this, transition in my journey and, I'll make it easy it's not like I'm telling you your visas are cancelled out of my office right now no I'm not that selfish kind of person I told him you have three months figure. Yourself out I recommend you I even like my. Best best, people, that I had to head hunt for years and find, in like four years my dream team I gave it away to other people so they can improve their businesses, so when. You are selfless, and your employees, know that they'll, support any decision you make and they'll understand, because. They know you are their support system as well they want to give it back to you one day tell. Me about the two businesses that you've kept running if you've caused other ones then what are the ones worth so, I've, kept. My company, in LA my tech company and I, kept my creative. Agency in Dubai which. Is like the branding, and all that I I. Want I have a third thing that I do which is public speaking but. I I don't I don't know if that's a business but it is somehow because you make money out of it obviously but. I do that as well and that. Is my favorite thing ever public, speaking oh hell yeah you, go on that stage use. You. Know I always say when I'm on a stage you have to drag me out of stage like if they tell me you have five minutes I take ten is there some people that are born to be like, yeah, 100%. Cuz it's the place I'm the happiest it, is right this. Is why I always feel mean to you you are like the male version of me out of the female version of you no trust. Me it's, that this. And we both don't have facial hair so that's good and. You doing some of. You. The beard very. Interesting. No. But. Where. Does that come from there this is really interesting point if we share that same. Desire. Where. Does it come from is it, performing, I, think. It. Is performing, my, dad always told me when I was a kid I was always like stand, in the middle of the room, and start speaking and wanted and demanded, attention and all that so, he said it was within your personality.

To Start with from the get-go but. The. Energy that, when you're on stage talking. To be like, there. Are people who do it and they talk crap on stage and they sell it cells and people love them but they talk crap on stage you know I don't. Want to talk crap on stage I don't want the attention I can do so many other things to get that attention I can start acting I studied acting I guess I'll start acting I can do ads I can do modeling I can do so many things I don't want that attention, I want, to stand on a stage and after I leave for. People to come and tell me wow, you've changed my life because, that feeds my soul. It. Just makes me feel alive so when you look at other people that do that that you really admire. Who. Is it that you when you when you look at people from stage who do you go to know what that person really nails that is it, Tony Robbins, right no you know it's funny I don't listen to a lot of people talk. On stage I've. Listened, to Grant Cardone, I've listened to Tony Robbins I've, listened to Gary Vee and each. One adds something. Like you know you, know when you listen to a song you would, you, would understand it differently than me because of the things you go through in your life I think, that public speaking is the same thing you sit there and you, fill in the gaps you have in your life so I take some from each and I love what they do and I respect them tremendously. Because. Because. I remember. I sat with Gary Vee and he, told me something he, said I, can. Change the world and I believe it and I sleep, on it and I know it and I it's, in my bones I can change the world and that. Really moved me you, know and. To. Because, self-love, nowadays, is, misunderstood. And like. Down like looked down upon you know what I mean because when you love yourself people think you're a show-off mm-hmm, well it's completely not and then I realize. That damn. I, I. Should say, that to myself more often I should say that to people because I do believe I want to change the world I want to do that in a better way so why, not say it do you yeah, yeah, 100% I used. To think it internally, but now I can say it out loud okay, see you happy yes. How. Do you want to change the world, because. The, world earth. The world is is not, a living thing it's. Some it's it's in it it's something we, are the living things we are the ones that make the changes we are the ones that you, know can affect. Things so, if you can change people, one, by one and that, person changes other people, and in its infectious it's like it's like a virus that spreads kindness. Is like a virus so, you. Can you change people you change the world so. Even if it's one person it's, enough for me I had. A message that came through to me on my phone as, a day before yesterday, saying. What. You do really inspires, me and I just want to say thank you and. When I get a message like that make, sure that they're happiest I want fire and, my. Whole body grows. And, I just did it it's, like.

Wow. There's validation, yeah there's somebody hundred, it's gone and it's, funny how it only needs to be one person I know there's lots of people out there with much bigger audience is I mean Tony Robbins I'm sure he gets a lot of that kind of stuff but, for me when, one person does it it's such validation, because one, person is a, success, story that's it you're done I'm successful, if I did it too if I change one person's, life yeah their. Whole life has changed I'm, successful, so, yeah, I mean I understand what you're saying but you know what's funny a lot of people think that if. Anybody. Gets a message like that they'll be happy now I know, a lot of social media influencers they get messages from people that say you inspire, me and they you know how on Instagram, you, choose to delete or accept, and read the message and reply they, press Delete because. It, makes their ego feel good but, it doesn't make me feel good because it doesn't feed them like they feel good oh my god I'm loved ., but, it doesn't make them feel like they're changing, the world day so, it's not for, everybody spencer and not everybody enjoys it if. Public speaking something that you're really passionate about, you. Yes she said you make money but it's not a business if, you. Made a business out of being a public speaker, and that's what you did full-time four. Or five days a week oh my. God i would be on cloud nine, really. Oh yeah big. Time and I've even, said that to my husband a while ago I'm like you know honey I just want to stop, everything and just do public speaking and you know I've been working on my book for a while yeah and I can't finish just. Like say kiss oh it's hard guys, but, so. I'm, I'm almost, towards the end but I know that book will be the beginning of that journey it's. A validation it's, it takes you somewhere you know so. I, think, after that it will kick kick like it'll kickstart and everything is gonna start and I don't mind doing, no business at all and just doing that business because. My business is the people business I love people you. Love. People so much you found someone to marry recently, yeah congratulations. Awesome. Being at your wedding thank you for inviting me that's fun yeah at a great time yeah it is really cool did you tell them how, everyone thought you worked out of the hotel. So. The theme of the the wedding was in. Bali in Bollywood, Pakistani, theme so, my everyone, is supposed. To and must and doesn't have a choice but to come wearing Bollywood, style so Spencer walks in and he's like everyone thinks I work in the hotel and I look at his clothes and he has like a lion, embroidery. Yeah, on his thing I'm like dude you look like you work at the ritz-carlton. He. Had the logo no. Is a lion. Before. You, for like drinks. And where's, the toilet you know. So. It's cute thank you for being okay, what's, money. Been married before but being. Married now. What's. Different for you. When. The. Thing is. You. Have to do a right to understand where you went wrong so, when you're with the right person. Marriage. Is, completely. Different, its, freedom its happiness, it's I I don't feel married with my husband I feel like I'm living with a friend I'm, completely, free I'm myself yeah.

I Feel like I'm myself I don't feel like there's any thing, stopping me from being Who I am or doing what I want to do and. I do it and and even if there are things there are limits definitely when you're married right but, even those limits I'm not crossing them willingly I love it you know so, just, being with the right person, completely. Changes your life and obviously. He's a successful, entrepreneur and, he's built. Successful, business is he a good guy to brainstorm, with oh hell, yeah. You know what's what's cool like every time we go to meetings whether. It's mine or his when I'm in America I, got all his meetings with him and all. The people, who are waiting for us for the meeting like why is he bringing his wife and, then once we sit there we both start talking business and we balance back and forth and we support each other's ideas and I learn a lot from him and he learns a lot from me like I have my complete. Admiration, as to this man and how he thinks in his ethics and. People. Then go like man I I wish, I had that that kind of relationship with my wife because, not, everyone can speak to their to their wife's about these kind of things you know what I mean about this, and all that so I love. It like I call him up listen babe I have this what, should I do there's a contract, should I hire like he completely gives me his complete. Opinion and he even calls me he's like honey we're doing this we're doing that so there's no ego, where where, you feel like oh my god I can't ask I need to look like an entrepreneur in front of him because he's a successful on tomorrow we don't have that we. Don't have any egos we, don't have any pride. Between each other and it's, fine, we love what we do and we enjoy it and I think we talk business maybe, 80% of the time when we're together do you we and I love it because we talked about it in an intellectual, way not, in hey I've got this what you've got it's, not like. Or anything like that it's just teaching, learning. I, mean i-i've got to know him a little bit since I met him and he said a real friendly, character but is he the same kind of person as used would like to be onstage or is he not like that no no my my husband is my complete opposite, than that okay like my husband. I'm more that, doesn't lie to down this oh my. God he hates dancing. I hate say he's gay he's a good dancer I've seen him move his body he's got some moves you know but, he's just not confident, that he does but. The. Thing is like. He. Like I'm the funny the, outgoing, the, loud one the one that like, he always tells people my wife you'd, see her in the street hugging a tree like, she's so social, she's, so out there that she'd have a conversation with the tree and I'm like yeah of course I'll do that I love it but, my husband's the complete opposite he's very, preserved, and he doesn't give his energy, and doesn't open up to anyone at all like he's very selective, and you, were like I remember in the wedding he was sitting down after, the wedding I was, like yeah so are you excited for the honeymoon he's like you know is my favorite person, in the wedding I was like oh he's like Spencer I was like I was like were, you sitting analyzing, people in the wedding he's like yeah I was like choosing, people, looking, so he's a Capricorn, so he is that very selective, person very he's, I wouldn't, I don't know if he's an introvert, but, he. Is social, when he wants to be when, he has to be but, he's not moody and stuff like so that's what I like about him so. My complete opposite, and I think that's why it works because if we're both loud if we're book social I mean it's a disaster sometimes, to be a bit of class okay. I just want, to go back into this thing just for a couple of minutes and just try and try, if we can because we're friends maybe try and give our audience here just, two or three tips, about. About. A subject that we've talked about but I think a lot of people might think about but they haven't gone there with that I've got too many businesses or I'm going in the wrong direction how. Do i how do I kind of like. Backtrack. A little bit and then reassess, myself and before. I move forward again because that's in essence what you did you've stopped and you've got hold on a minute here is this what I really want to do it's, not what I really wanted to do so you've made some changes so then you can move forward yeah yeah fair yes so. In. Terms of people being in a position like that where they they might be.

Frustrated. Right now or disillusioned. Right now with where they are and and and having probably. The outside, pressure of others. Making. Them feel like they need to continue where maybe they don't. True. How could we how can we give, some people some tips to to. Really, I bet identify, with that we. Can okay break. It down yeah let's give a business tip let's give a personal, tip and let's give a social tip good all right good, so, I'll. Start and then you give your tip all right so my tip is stop. Having. Oh no, stop being married, to your business and treat it like a casual date, try. Try, twice three times if, you feel like it doesn't work you're not compatible walk away, to. Me a business, is like a relationship, would you be with a man that cheats and. Is, moody, you don't understand, much you wouldn't want that right it's, a life decision I wouldn't move the man at all. Thank. You for. Being. Married to your business treated like a casual, date if it doesn't work walk away if you, really want to be successful success. Is what, you've done for yourself and what you've done for others if you, really want to feel like a human being if you really want to grow if you really want to be happier what you do you gotta be selfless not selfish because when you're selfish you're lonely but. Basically that's it because, you want to do everything for you you it's me me me me you know but. There. Is a third I open it up its weak it's not me and so. Stop, having that relationship with your business and sleeping, with your business and doing all this business because once, you're married to someone it's, hard to leave if they're bad if they're good you're like oh I'm married already no you're not you're. Not stuck, who, cares about what people say let them say oh X shut, his business he failed doesn't matter they don't pay your bills, they, in, by the end of the day you go back home you're alone you're in your house and your space they're not with you so, that external, facade, lose. It it's, not important, because you can change it whenever you want basically, that's it okay, what's, your business advice.

My, Advice is whenever. You start a business you have grand, intentions. You. Write, a business plan you feel it's something that you're passionate about and I think that a lot of people continue, through even. Though they're not necessarily, passionate, anymore and and. I. Think you have to understand why you went into the business in the first place if you went into the business just to make money then. Invariably, you're gonna lose lose, the impetus, yeah, but but like you you, you, have to be really honest with yourself and something, I do which, some, people think is a little bit weird yeah, is I actually look into my pupils, in the mirror okay, so, I go, into the mirror and I look at myself and I look deep into my peoples and I ask myself questions about, what I really want I don't. Think that's weird I'm like do I really really, want to do this is this really what my heart is telling me is gonna make me happy and, it's. Like when people invest money they. Invest $100, and the hundred dollars goes down in value to ninety five dollars and, they can see it might go down further but, what do they do they. Leave the money in there because, they're down there five five dollars down now and they want to make it back up to the hundred and so, they leave it in there and it goes down to be worth eighty five and then seventy five and then it keeps going down and down and down and then then they're in a situation where. They say to themselves I can't get out now, had. They left at ninety five okay there'd be five percent down but no no real damage you know it's a little bit down so I think that that it's like an investor like with the business if that business isn't going to work you need to understand, that very quickly so. Whilst, you have a business plan why you try and roll it out have a real, real clear vision of what you're going to achieve and if you can't get there in the first twelve months exactly, as your plans laid out and, it's. Not fun. Because. To me it has to be fun then. That's a real telltale sign because you're, gonna be doing that for the next ten years it's. Gonna suck and, like you've identified that. You really love public speaking' like, I do yeah that's, that's where that's where my soul food comes from if I did that all day every day I'd probably be my most happiest, but. I have other responsibilities. Too yeah no, you're, right sometimes you, have to end something, for, real beginnings, to happen to take place yeah and it's I feel like when you're doing things you don't like your, energy is there it's it's a waste of energy and it's waste of time waste of space and you, could have it you could have been more focused doing other things that energy I have, three companies that energy that I have in that those three companies I'm, so sorry about my son in the background all right get me back, to come, back. On TV quickly but no talking okay okay. Yeah. So basically. If you had three, businesses and your energy is on inside, these three be asses and you're like yeah but I want to be successful how. Could you do that if your spreads, into three places take, take yourself back shut, them down do something else figure, out who you are you have your whole life to live I have a friend who's 77, who just started a business it's never too late to start again to try new things and to do all these, things but having.

That That, affair, with with with your business, and you feel like oh like is if it's a person you can't let it go and you're, like very intimate, with it that's not gonna work mmm, treat your business like it's casual dating I think that a lot, of the time in business people don't. Know what they're good at you know as well as I do yeah, running your own business and being in charge of a business yourself, with all the responsibilities, that go with it yeah for a lot of people is not fun. Sometimes, being a number two in the company it's much better than being the number one not number, seven even yeah and I think that a lot of people aren't aware of that a lot of people aren't clean you, can go now yeah. You. Get fed up with business - okay. So, I find. That a lot of people don't really understand, themselves they want to set their own business up they want you they want to be in charge they know they want to go and grow something they care about but they don't realize what what's involved you. Know whether that's the finances, whether that's the plan in the operations, that all. Kinds of different aspects to a business IT alow, people when you're in charge of all that kind of stuff can be quite scary it, is you know I actually, don't. Like being the boss, like. Being the boss is not my favorite thing to be okay. Because, being the boss means that everything. Is my responsibility everything, stops with me and so, when I when I work with people and have employees, I'd rather that we're all kind of equal yeah, we're like part of a gang together a community a corporate, cooperative. And that, make sense to you yeah like I do that a lot I don't I don't put titles I just, like, it's funny I've never said that before it to anyone but in the office I have the. Officer. Foody the, person dates a lot in the office and I have sleepy, I have, the cool I have this is their job titles, and then everyone has deliverables, they have to deliver that's it I don't say that I'm the owner and I don't walk in like playing that role with a cape and I don't talk to me I don't have that I my office is I don't even have an office I have a desk my, employees, have offices I don't but I we have an open-door policy, so, well. You're right when, you are in on, one level you work in harmony but. When you're on top there. Are so many responsibilities. Everyone is waiting looking, up you, know under, estimating, thinking, and you're stressing, because this is responsibility, but you do all equal, the responsibilities, shared equally and when. You don't make them feel like you're the boss and you make them feel like you're part of the team that is 100%, pure leadership, yeah, I think, another thing to remember is if you do fail. You. Only lose money. That. That's at the end of the day all that gets off them a lot of people hang, so much on money, that you can always make money again as long as well, on it Spencer Emily I know a person, who's been she's been crying for four years because. She lost money I was, like in these four years if you like it. Was like content. Contained yourself and you got clarity, you would have made the money back but, you decided not to and you decided to sit down and cry about it would change nothing, so. It's true failing, sometimes is money and sometimes money is all a person has but. Just like you made it you can do it all over again you haven't lost yourself they. See it I was out stubbly people this if, you closed down businesses, or fail it's, fine because the, money maker is not the idea someone. Else can come and do a better idea you, know someone else can innovate and you will die easily but you are the business this is the talent not the business you're running not, the idea you have you are at the talent because if you, have a good great idea but a very very leader, a very bad an, entrepreneur, it's, like having a good car with a bad driver you, need like, it has to be equal yeah, yeah yeah so yeah it's it's, I don't, know what.

Definitely. It. Is a hard topic and. To. Deal with failure, I think it's a long topic that we should speak about separately, because there's so many things you can do to get out of that and. I've learned the hard way and I'm sure you went through the same thing but. Definitely. Sitting, down and dwelling in sorrow is never gonna get you anywhere it's never gonna take you back in time never gonna fix anything or you know, I learned when I stopped focusing on money I made. More yeah, yeah. Because it wasn't what I was hanging my hat on all the time I, I. Think focusing. On money is such an old-school way of thinking, nowadays. A GaN car dialog you know. I mean like even. Let's go back even older than that making, money in the millions and the dollars and the states and the empires and all that that's, a very old-school, way of thinking it doesn't fit in today's life, today's. Life people are more aware of who they are they. Understand what what living is about you don't want to exist you want to live and they, understand what happiness is about they're there they're, curious about all of that because like I think social, media that. Like very transparent. Well, before we were all controlled you know what I mean our, knowledge is controlled so I, think people know that they're worth their purpose they're they're searching, there they're open, about things and you, realize that okay. It didn't work I'll get a job I'll make money I'll live I'll have food on my table I'll be happy so, you, realize that money is not everything and if you chase paper you get nowhere tell, me what you see I mean I take it you've got a bright yellow Lamborghini that you have photo shoots with because, you're non-jew preneur aren't you hell no. You must have some big. Red. Lamborghinis, maybe as well no you, I I remember the, only time I ever took a picture next to a Lambo, and I even mentioned it in my quote I'm like I collaborated, with Lamborghini. And. To take them on a powerful, Drive okay. But all these entrepreneur, that's, wrong with you why are you all taking pictures with like cars and watches, and you are brainwashing, our next, generation, to think this is what entrepreneurship, is about it's not I've. Met billionaires. Who like, had, no not even one single brand on them like H&M they're wearing so. It's. It, shouldn't look I always say, I always tell people if I arrive. To an event in a broken-down car with. Missing. Tires and, a missing door I will, still spend, it I would still spin, heads because, of my brain like Who I am my energy my personality, but, if you need these. Things to gain attention and, to to to be accepted, in society guess, what they'll accept you but you'll be thrown away really fast because someone else who has more and better would come and take your place it's not a guaranteed, place and, to be honest I could not care less like. I would spend all my money on travelling, because I love that I feel it feels my soul but unlike watches. And showing, them to people do you know who the audience behind. That, screen is it can be a person who can't afford it it can be a young, girl who thinks that to be a woman, she needs to get these things so she'll do whatever it takes even if it's wrong to, make that kind of money what, if it's a mother, who who. Like who's. Been abused, like wait it can be a thousand, type of people it's not just all the rich people that can afford it and what. Are you telling them like. I hate, how people are not responsible, of what they put online which either content, is crap, and I, feel like they're selling the wrong idea I hate. Being called an entrepreneur, now when people tell me what do you do I go should. I say entrepreneur because what, social media showed people about like, that I like I'm like I do my own thing that's all I say so, you're in business with say your own business I don't even say entrepreneur, any work yeah aren't you preneur used to be a person who would do anything and.

Will Give up anything to be and to be someone, and to get somewhere yeah, right now it's whoever has a Lambo whoever has a watch and even like if you meet people they got your entrepreneur. They. Look at your shoes your bag and everything like it doesn't match the image let's, screw the image do. It the, entrepreneurship, is a struggle, he's a saint to me where's your watch I wanna, wear a Fitbit now I've, got what your, watches. Thanks for that and okay before we finish, you're. Writing a book and you've got one more chapter to go I heard this podcast, is going to come out a couple of weeks time so. I'm gonna hold you to something when's your book gonna be done. Goddammit. Spencer okay my last chapter, is love can, we have it published by Christmas. Yes. Okay. Yeah, definitely. God, he's forcing about before, that's, fair that's enough time - enough that for, months right it's just hard being dyslexic and trying to write a book that's why I really want people to appreciate the hardship, I went through to. Do that this is really hard work. To. Keep your mind focused on it because when you're have this Lexia you just can't focus if you're not interested you lose interest so. It's hard but I promise you now that it's you, know a witness then yeah. Other, word and, last. Question do. You like being on camera I love, you, know camera you do I love it there's no shame in the game I love it what's wrong with that there's, something within some people die I like being on stage I like being on camera and I've got no issues with that you know I'll. Lean, into that all day long but no but I tell you something I I. Can speak better in front of people than a camera if, I'm doc talking directly if I'm like I really yeah 100%. Okay what, I ask, is you vibe off there initially I think but it's a skill you can build but I love being on camera I love that we have three cameras here and I love them all. Once. Or two years since we started I know I say, I've been like III. Love, you Spencer I love your energy and, I feel like you, are one of the few people in this world that. I that understands, why they exist, and why they're living they're, very sweet in thank, you very much. Sorry. I'm a Denis on the Spencer lodge podcast, we'll. See you soon thanks for joining me on the Spencer lodge podcast, today with the awesome, dr. Sarah al-madani she, brings so much value, she's got so many. Experiences. In the world of entrepreneurship, but, also she's just a really kind person as well and it's great to have someone with her spirit, on the show to share with you if you want to watch other episodes then, click up there and you can see more of what I'm doing but if you want to subscribe click, there, and if you do you'll, get notifications for every single episode that I produce coming, straight to you so that you don't have to miss a thing I'll see you soon.

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