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Hey guys welcome, back to the channel. So. As you know I am, one. Of the biggest fans of captain, spoil I absolutely love it so today I thought it would take you guys on an adventure - captain's boil where, I currently am and we can just eat the food at, the restaurant together, so yeah I'm so excited the food is amazing if you're ever in Toronto you have to come to the captain's boil it's, delicious. Anyways, let's get into the food because oh. Thanks. Dude looks, like I'm back sight now I'm. Getting to. You. Know what you should add an. Extra plate so you can grab some. Yeah. No. Eat now. Wait, for the videos done to you what is sweet alright my. Friends in school we became besties, cooking, together cooking. Together a max yeah. He's. Like sitting there taking me, okay, here, we go people this, is insane let's eat let me tell you what we have going on here so Row V here we have third shrimp basket we have some cajun fries with. Some of these hot. Little bodies. YUM. Oh my god okay, here, we have some, snow crab legs some, Dungeness, crab we have a lobster here, then over here we have their, ladder. Young the, captain's, folio. I literally want to wear this on my head right now Catherines, oil powder which comes with, some crawfish shrimp. Fried. Fish some, rice we're. Going to pour. This on top of it, we. Have some, plastic. That's for, this. Is for organics, we, have some shrimp mussels, which, is exactly, what we have over here we have some muscle over here with some okra and some sausage we have some clams we, have shrimp, over here we, have a fried. Rice over here we, have so, much food and I'm ready to eat so let's just begin first, I'm gonna show you guys this pottery though look at this boom look at all that we. Got some fried, shrimp, cajun. Fries we. Got food the sauce in here is actually lemon, pepper shrimp. With corn and potato, and. Then look, at this Potter mmm, I jumped a crab look at that Dungeness, crab lobster. Delicious. Are you sure max, okay. Are you sure there's so much food like, okay. Okay. So we're. Gonna have to start. By of course selecting, the food. How. Could I not start it I'm listening mr. right like this is freaking. We're. Getting us ISM. I'm. Blessing, my thing, with. My sugar the, white is okay. Oh. My. God. Great. Bliss is going for it here I have a muscle. We. Are on a busy street in Toronto, so. I'm. Probably gonna hear some stuff. Come. Out of downtown, Toronto. Location, I'll put on the screen. I'm. On. What so when do we have some dip over here wasn't, it some neonates dip. Hmm. It. Always burn. So. An aioli starts. Off as in mayonnaise, but. Then you. Add something else to it which, makes it an aioli like a lemon. Pepper or. Tarragon. Hmm. What's. The same process of an aioli. Mmm. I. Know. We just started with them again okay let's go from one of these plans. We're, gonna add some broccoli. A lot. I'm, just gonna go over right in there. Wow. I'm. Always in a cup of mine blobster. Like that was a piece of me. This. Is actually. Amazing. Right now. Because, you know be super surprised if I don't get anything dirty. I'm. Gonna be super surprised, Mike, hi cutting. This lobster is so easy I. Like. Roughly, Ligety. Shears. Just. Perfect. I'm, going to bring some of the sauce at the side I have captain foil sauce so. Mmm. Mmm. Actually. The lobster is in their occasion sauce, mushrooms. Are in their lemon their garlic sauce. No. I'm still then, they. Have a lemon pepper sauce as well which. Is just amazing I just got sauce in my granddad, I'm. Still gonna drink it or, what actually drink this sauce. I. Haven't. Seen one in a while I love super boil though. House. In sausage here. So. My mom this is my new favorite thing cutting, the lobster like this is actually so clutch. Please. Pull the meat right out. That's. Crazy. Above. That. So, game. Go. Ham I'm gonna go in for some of this rice over here okay. Let's go in for this one so this is a shrimp fried rice it. Looks like there's scallops, in AD oh my. God. That. I love. Rice I don't do enough rice on my channel I feel. I like spice flavor. I'm. Getting butter. Mmm. Just our hands are so nice. They. Add alike that's, such a good freshness, to it. I'm. Just a great onion. Flavor which is awesome. Very. Mild money, um onion, flavor. Which. Is why I love scallions. So. Leg. Mmm. I. Love. How there's shrimp. Alarm. Please, raise your sword there's. Shrimp and, scallops look at that. Hmm. Look, so hot plate. And. When I lift it up but it's a hot plate my, probably Jenner I'm.

Just Gonna go in for them rice and have like some soy based sauce. The, we, put. On it and at the bottom there's like, um. Looks. Like a hot sauce maybe, their cap is both sauce. It's. Not the peasants what sauce mmm. Good. Flavor though. Whistling. Island. Nor. For me I. Need. More. Oh one. Mash please ask for play and, eat some of this he, finally agreed. So. Max and I actually became friends. Because. We. Have just like very similar personalities, in it. Which. Is usually why people become right actually that's not true sometimes people don't become friends look at this so many people hate each other because we have such similar personalities. I'm. Opening up this the. Lobster. Arm. But ya know me and maths, became really good friends in school even. Though I took a term off he. Still comes over my house. Because. I still have one, class that I take in, school, so, I'm still in school I'm not completely out and. We always hang out after class since Vegas I'd say where we, hang out after class. Mist. Heads work later actually but, we like we hang all again go to his work as he cooks right you can call an airy school two words in the kitchen I don't. Know if you guys know I used to work in a kitchen for. A couple years but. Yeah. So. It works in kitchen I'll both sometimes so it's work and we'll hang out we'll have a good time and it's just like the last one no. So. Knock, is, absolutely. Amazing. Yeah. So. Excited. Nice. Grab a fork and then, whatever. It's. So funny I'm like I'm already a spectacle. As, it is for like you to even like eating right all this mchuggers an ASMR artists. We're. Right now there really, and, he walks behind like this stuff up. It's. Okay. Mmm. No. Let's go for the Dungeness, crab you know what I used. To eat a lot of Dungeness crab. Like. Chinese. Grandparents, would make a lot but they as you guys know they're a little bit sick so. Yeah, so don't make food anymore so, I go over and I actually cook for them when. I make food for them and, we like it I make like their favorite foods they told me how to make it I make it for them so yeah I have. A night Dungeness crab in a while but. They used to make it all the time my guy. 9mm. Then. This cop is really good. Max. Got some. No. Max. Refuses, to conference the video son.

Eating. On this so, funny. They're. Probably like what the hell. This. Girl's like I love your YouTube channel. She's. So sweet I wish she could've even. Done. Max. Is dying. Max. II. Like. Oh crap. That's. Why me work mom. I like, it though. What's, every texture. A lot. Of people I know they're. Super sensitive the textures they don't like okra, but. The has like. Slimy. This to it right. Virginal. I mean blow. Over. Non-going. In person with this lemon pepper sure. Me. And Max can make a killer. Shrimp. Fettuccine, veloute. Oh, yeah. Blue, tie being the stop. Of the sauce right yeah. Creating. The stock for it then, I go through me touched my hand cream can. Be baked up this out, of the shells, have. The seafood amusing yeah. Mmm-hmm. What. Well, now I use crop base. Yeah. It. Sucks because max. When I became really, close towards, the end of the term. So. Like. The last three, classes, we got to like cook pretty close together he, would like run to my station Lee asked herself. I'd. Run to his station and ask for some legal, visas, good he thinks through pasta at me and I like it, oh my god it's all done say. I'm. Like take it off now it's good. Oh boy. But. Mass support they. Understand, what I've done say what. Do. You. Think means this good, did, we overcome one another bosses yeah. We. Did right yeah, yeah. It's. Like if this all don't take max that shit is overcook, I overcooked. It too sometimes up he's like telling me. Yeah. Yeah. Culinary. School is a hoot, I'm. Actually kind of sad I took this term off because a lot of the friends that I made I now. Won't get to finish the one year program with them which kind of sucks, but. I still hang out with everyone that I made. Friends with in school, so. It's. Okay I'm. Going for some of these fries Wow. Please grab food, got. Them now no I'm gonna. Go. For a grab a spoon gotta, play. Hmm. You try one of these. Pike, fish. Not. Food. Okay. That. Some dungeons have so. Come here. Go. For it. Yeah. I get it yeah I, think I ate that one. Eat. That one that would have the closet oh. Yeah. Okay. That, one ate the inside so grab the Dungeness crab here. Awesome. You're. Good yeah are you sure yeah you want some fried foods here. That's. A price. Do. You want some - some. Ketchup, well. Let me know. But. Yeah me, and Max have had a tag line in corners globe right now is actually from Kenya. Cool. It. Of a friend listen Kenya now. That. We're that's wrong, so. My stupid. Mom. Is. That where it's from. Yeah. Right cuz lion can use an Africa yeah, yeah have, you did you ever have like a pet drop I know that sounds ridiculous like no one's gonna ask me if I have a pet squirrel but. I'm just saying you know growth a dream. But. He never had a pet drop I remember he told me but he told me that, came. He. Saw a lot of them right. Imagine. Sense world. We. Have giraffes. And. People. Say unicorns. Are far-fetched there is an animal with I got how long neck. And. I'm, so funny this. Rice is really good. Hmm. And. I want any five guys. And. Want something a break though here take these. Thank. You welcome. How. Did those even fly bro you wanna go out for a new PR request for a new burger. That's. Just Vizard, come. They like flu. Did. I tell you guys, but. I saw. The. Lion King in theaters I go it's been a while I. Mean. Personally, I still. Enjoyed it because how. Could you not the, cutest part was when Timon. Was. At the waterfall. And. He's, just a little baby and, he farted and all the holes right no way that. Was probably the cutest part I really. Liked but. Overall I, would have to say it I definitely, would, I would. Watch it again but I just personally think like when you're doing a Disney movie I just think the characters should look like the characters, like. You you're not getting the same facial, expressions, that you experience, watching the actual Disney movie you know what I mean I.

Look. Like I donated facial, expressions, are what makes. Disney, movies for. Truly so, even though he was like a life kind, of like a live to. Be alive feel. Still. Was great, but. We're. Not good in those facial expressions, you know you're not getting that was true, nostalgia. For, when you're a kid you know I. Still. Probably like a little baby like five times though. No. Not, a lot, when. No, overall still better still. Love debt, but. I'm. Secret, for. If. It. Was I. Really. Just preferred it. Was like. Animated. Versions of their actual characters. I'm. Waiting for that stuff. I'm. Waiting for his movie to come home with just an animated. Better. 3d. 2d version like. The Pikachu like, the centerpiece you see detective Pikachu, I haven't. Seen it either and I know that, the graphic is better just to the clothes doesn't. Say they should you like how, people she was except Disney. Needs. A higher whoever those we knew it is with Disney Disney. And I believe it's Pixar happy because, the. Guy that was running Disney, I think, I can't. Believe a camera with his 92 camera the exact year day but when Pixar was developed. It. Was developed, through an employee. Basically. Being fired from Disney, and he created Pixar and he was like, he. Was one of the people that really helped, I can't remember the guys name one. Of the people, that were running Disney at the time, and. So. Was. Wait what's are you gonna Pixar movie do you know that I don't think it was no. It wasn't I. Wasn't. A Pixar movie the one people attacking Pikachu. My. Way. Maybe. It was let me know down below black, but. No. I. Just, got. Damnit. That's, not bad though just. Two marks like that. Can. I turn this stuff. On it. Okay. Oh. My. God guys I have. To tell you I have. Done. Like. Food, videos. That restaurant. And, it's just weird when like you, get tree and not nicely you. Know but. I have to say the, captain's boil experience, right exceptional. No. So. Good it's. Such a great experience honest I always didn't really really like captain's boil but this slate this killed it marina. Sorry, I was a whole lot of talking. Look. Irish -, what does, it check every night. You. Know I'm good match things. Nice. And so long we're, working on a couple things together right now. That's. A cool woman Eng boy I know you guys have different skill size I mean, you think that's something you're like we could do this together. Funny. I'm not gonna tell you guys what we're working on because the secret I mean me. And me. And Max were in a demo, in our school, so, those Devils in labs right so when one of the demos are showing this what we're gonna have to cook in our lab and we. Start talking and. I. Shall like a couple of things and we go I want to do this whatever these like how I used to do this in Kenya. Know. Is like what he's. Doing. And. We I mean we haven't really started working on anything yet I've, kind of been hanging out, we've. Been working on things or not really it's. So funny cuz not him - yeah, he comes to my house today he's like Veronica. Like it's. Been three weeks since we said we will work on this we need an actual schedule. He's. Like I know you're busy and everything but like he's visiting to them in the I say he's really busy because, full-time classes works. He's. Actually technically busier than me right now because I don't have a full-time closet or have a term off I won't need one cause I'm thinking where.

He's Like I know you're busy and everything, it's. Okay I'm saying this yeah right okay, he's like yeah. He's. Naked oh you're busy everything, but we gotta have a schedule like we need to make sure we're doing this oh my go Kay we're gonna do it don't worry. If. You guys follow my Instagram, then you probably already know Max's because I take all my friends, on my other stories. Well. I'm. So full. Zoom. Suited him shoot through them. Rescue. Asian, ladies like. One. Done. Omar. Iran but I hope. You enjoyed this video only, thing I, couples. World it's frickin amazing I recommend. Every day am, i call you gotta be armed day. No, it's telling men so they're all that get in here but. Yeah anyways so, I mean. Okay overall, clean. Didn't. Get much on me pretty. Good mucho. Bueno now. I'm gonna get this to go. Mac's. Are gonna get the stick out you're, gonna take a lot of this home for your buns. Ethan. Do, we eat this right yeah. I'm. Not gonna finish all this it's, not gonna fit in my fridge oh it's all fucking thank you Toronto fridge I bought. A second French actually stood I need to do epic tour for us anyways anyway. Thank. You for watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed this much fun and. Until next time.

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and please take out the midlle finger that's rude

fuck you mary phantomhive you are complitly wrong bro

The food looks amazing!!! Oh my frick I'm so hungry and I just ate

Veronica, you have no idea how happy I’m for u everyone finally realise the amazing person you are I’m so happy I defended you from the beginning you didn’t deserve the hate ever ur a sweet girl who got by a UGLY sickafado now look at you FINALLY EVERYONE REALISES HOW NICE U ARE IM SO HAPPY THAT I TEARED UP!!


Do you wear Invisalign?

Nowi know what i will be eating tomorrow

I'm sorry Veronica, for all the dislikes

Im so glad people are starting to see the good things about you now.

aww look at my happy bby

You know why I freakin love you? *because your STRONG and don’t give a crap about what others say*

You literally are the worst... truly

Ooh those looks so good, but unfortunately I have seafood allergy so I can't eat those.

why did u guys h8 her though. she was just eating peacefully lmao

I'm starting to like her now because of what that fat guy did

the glowup is different when u free yourself from toxicity

I love that at first you were sort of cocky about all of your food knowledge (no offence) bit now you are help everyone learn something about food couture so I thank you for being so nice to us unlike Nikacado Avacado (we don’t associate with him anymore for the mukbang community because it is about being kind and welcoming to others not scaring them and making them cry. So thank you from everybody watching xx

It is so phony and the saddest thing is that they will never learn because they are behind a screen and it isn't close to home so they don't care about the damage they are also causing or the consequences of their actions. If anything had happened they would have closed the tab and pretended they had nothing to do with it.

You a hot one

even I watch a lot of bad video about her but I m still low key like her because she just being herself even though she know people will hate her..venorica did nothing wrong , she just being herself and people hate her? Like what? u guys have to stop bullying, God try to prove she right , that's why this drama HAPPENED. SHE WON. Just be kind , let karma work.

I'm hungry

Veronica, you’re great!

Her teeth are like... good

The thing I don’t understand about Veronica is, in her other videos... she literally shoves her food in her mouth... like miss, the food doesn’t fit in your mouth why r u trying to break your jaw... it doesn’t make sense to me, you know you can’t fit it all but she still tries like it’s so weird (not hating just stating)

I’m glad people are cutting her slack. The way she was attacked was completely uncalled for.

Maybe you should make an apology video, tbh you started the whole drama, that channel done a harmless funny video.

Veronica ur so happy now

If anybody came for you. They’d have to go through me first. Because you are one of my fav mukbangers. I can tell you could care less for the drama going on because you got 99 problems & the drama ain’t one of em. You just trynna enjoy your food and make money.i can tell you love food and you love to eat too. Much love and more blessings to you gorgeous. Happy New Years!

She’s so weird and off mentally

No one likes you,you piece of shit.

could you do a recipe/mukbang for dubu-jorim tofu?

I like to describe Velouté as like a béchamel but with a stock in place of the milk.

Wow this looks so good ☹️

Hey lady. I wish you could post more often because it's just not enough lol miss your beautiful face


Jesus Christ she got pewdiepie to make a vid abt her

SHE IS SO FUNNNNNN HER GENUINE REACTION WITH HER FOOD OMG CAME HERE TO DETOXIFY WITH THE MAJOR DRAMA I LOVE HANGING OUT HERE but I'm so sorry for bashing you now we're here to support We didn't know what was going on That time Sorry if we weren't there to help you that time

Im from the HO0D!

I love your videos. They help me every night to sleep. Sometimes I can't sleep and you help me with your videos to find sleep. Thank you for that. Sometimes something little helps someone :).

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youre so pretty t.t

I love this girl so much, she makes me so hungry though

My girl over here unbothered by all the drama try it avocado she ain't payin no mind

Someone that loves okra

When you are trying to skip part if the video and it takes you to another video

Girl everybody is obsessed w you. That’s all I know.

her hair looks so cute

Glad y’all blind fucking people who didn’t know that there’s two sides to a story finally apologized. I hope that after this you guys learn that there’s more than one side and not to say smth so toxic and disgusting so fast when you don’t even know anything. If you want to come at me for this comment, come at me bc you guys deserve every word that I typed out bc I’m sure all of you who were against her said smth terrible. Bc a ton of hate comment added on together can kill someone, literally.

Sorry Veronica...., I was really upset on you before ...

Omg I really want seafood now!!!

*Veronica laughs in the background*

Sorry to bring up old things but it seems she is much better. I used to not like her due to that drama stuff like a year ago and this is the first time I have checked back at her channel. Although it maybe doesn't matter much, I think this shows a lot about her character as she has moved from that situation and improved for herself. I think this is a good example of acknowledging mistakes and genuinely changing. I am glad to so that she is happy now and has grown. I can't say stuff about genuinely happy or differences since only her fans can notice this but just from this video compared to the other ones, she has a brighter glow. I hope she has a good 2020 and I think I will check her channel out more, she's lucky to have her fans that have had her back.

im sorry for everything i said to you and for all the dislikes. im glad to see you being unbothered and happy. happy new year, love

This looks bomb

Why do people hate her? She seems like a very sweet woman.

Her vocabulary is so expansive... she probably said “But yeah, so..” and “Maaaaaaaxxxxxxx” about a million times. Her waving to people in the window like she thinks she’s a fucking celebrity. Omg this whole video is CRINGY AF.

She order too much.. i hope she take food and eat home :c

Max crazy I would've been started eating lol

Been supporting you since the beginning girl, & happy to say I've never left. Proud of you & love you sm queen.

you look beautiful with the bangs + you look more calm and happier while eating those foods

What is the reason for your videos?

shut up.

Who has never hated Veronica?


Who's with me?... Never threw an hate on Veronica.. Then reading comments from people that who threw her shits?


I think Veronica is very nice !!! It's just because of her eating manners!!! If she can fix that she can be PERFECT

can u shut the fuck up

Jheremia Holloway how?

you will need to read and watch videos about the drama that happened way before to know that, actually dont, its a waste of time

i’m jus wondering how she has the trust in herself to eat food that could stain her WHITE jacket without taking it off. and she didn’t get it on herself. amazing.

You know what? Just isolate yourself from anymore drama. I don’t want you to get into more drama. You have grown so much and honestly just leave all the negative things behind

everyone who hated on her i hope u feel like shit now

all this drama and Veronica Wang: STRAIGHT CHILLIN

Surprisingly enough, it needs SALT?

Girl they're so obsessed with you lmao

LOVE YOU, VERONICA. ❤ Your channel is like the chill zone.

Veronica I respect you so much not only are you still very much in shape after these years by most mukbangers get bigger you stayed in shape also you seem to have bettered yourself and now you seem happier and nicer but that just what I see wish you the best


Veronica sisss you doing well, just don’t get near to the drama. Love youu❤️

Love you girl ❤️ glad the drama don't bother you lol

I love how people are forgetting Veronica was the original victim to the drama

Please stay away from the lady. I knew you are real and talented just on your own Veronica!

You are pretty

Whenever I’m feeling down I watch a video from Veronica Wang. She’s so calming and happy!!


never understood the hate she got.

Tbh? When the drama exist about Veronica, I was so curious and watched those "tea" then I started watching her videos, I was like "oh, I like her". The issues didn't changed my perceptions about her. I like her a lot. She's my fave mukbanger btw.

your stupid as fuck, what fucking dumbass decides to crs a comedy video oh idk maybe your dumbass


I hate you still!!

Oh my this looks delicious!!!!


I just wanna say you’re my favorite and you are really good at what you do! I love your big bite videos even though some people might not and I think you’re so strong and positive. I genuinely wish the best for you and may your future be rich in love and happiness.

i really hate how everyone who used to hate on her is now being nice to her as if they didnt do anything wrong. Ive always been a fan of veronica. Shes an amazing person.

I love you and support you

Nope, still cant stand her ass!

İyi Kız y’all are miserable.

Leave this page lmao

Yess i hate her

najatch79 then fucking leave!!

That looks so good and I happy your keeping of the drama


I just started watching because of the drama but I love the way she way say yum so good

I missed ur Whitby meet n greet pls do another ily :(

just want to say ur so strong for dealing with that disgusting man


Girl, I love your banggsss

Love you Veronica Wang your videos are the best AND YOU KNOW IT

Sorry if this is off topic, but I absolutely love her now. Not because the drama’s over or something. But because she’s matured so much. She’s very well put together. She collected herself after that unfortunate drama, and she actually put effort to improve. Look at her now, drama-free and just eating delicious foods. ❤️

Finally everyone’s starting to see you for just the regular sweet girl you are , your doing great Veronica ! Keep it up

i love you ^^

Veronica you're prettier and seems happier and now I'm in love with you!!

Love u ❤️

I'm sorry for not supporting you due to last years drama. You've vastly improved and your content looks like you put so much more effort into it. I hope you're in a better place in life now, you seem happier. ❤

*Guys can you stop talking about drama in the comments, And actually talk about the video?

this looks killer. I'm going to Toronto next summer I think

I regret hating veronica:(

Stop wasting ur time posting hate comments toward her she does nothing to you.

I’m not apologizing because I always defended her. Let my sis be happy. No matter how “sloppy” or “greedy” she may be, she deserves to live without people up her ass and trying to down her all the time. Love you! ❤️

Aw, Veronica looks way more happy! She even looks pretty with the bangs! She didn’t deserve what the avocado do to her! Hope you guys have a good new year! (Exciting to see the apologies she gets lmao)

Hi, I'm from Brazil and watch all your videos. I would like you to record videos eating Brazilian food. It would be very amazing. The most common we eat is rice and beans. But if you research a little about our culture you will find out more. Thank you, I hope someday this message will reach you. kiss

Are you Asian? Your last name is Wang tho.. Is she Asian? Can someone reply my comment?

I think it was mentioned before that she's Chinese and Greek

@blue skies i was joking

@Sarah-Jayne Brown cant be...

@bape nbhd

@Sarah-Jayne Brownthx for the reply but she looks white and it confusing me...

Yes she's a full Asian

Why do some of the mukbangers bring out a lot of food and doesn’t finish them?

Pastel Wth have u been living under a rock?

Dude. She did apologise and took the copystrike claim back. What more do u want from her?

I love you and I want to do a mukbang with you and you are so good you are a pro

Veronica Wang I love seafood boils

Sorry we didn’t protect you from that creep love.

Did you see her Instagram? She lost a good friend 15 min before midnight

I really love her smile!!

your so effortlessly pretty!!


Veronica is *UNBOTHERED*

imagine homeless people walking buy.

I've always loved veronica, even during the drama. She's simply gorgeous.

@Eddie W

call her bunny can I kiss you then

@Eddie W I said what I said

Not really I heard Veronica eats dirt

I haven’t had seafood boil since August

I want to do a mukbang with you so so so bad and I love your vids

You cant lie she seems like she's on drugs now or crazy pills .. I miss the old you! You have changed so much!

People change every single day. If u missed the old her then watch her older videos. Accept good changes on her and leave instead of complaining

She's happy and high off life

@lethal heart

Sha Lewis I think you’re the one on crazy pills

I remember that Veronica wang was treated horrible but now she’s treated as a nice person, it looks like time has fly

This girls is nasty with her with her snitch ass

Nah im on here to see nasty ass people like u so i can put yall in check

YKZ Trickzter Then why are you on her channel? Are you obsessed with her?

You look really pretty with dark hair

She looks so happy

Still you r so fake

Hoor Kasim get a life.

I’m here because all the drama with your name involved...I have no clue what happened a year ago but Idc and won’t judge from that as of now you’ve gained a new subscriber your vibe is awesome and I love your appetite

Are you from Mexico

What are all the comments about?

I love the way Veronica is just minding her own business hahahaha you go gurl

Amazing video

Love the way u eat .u make me hungry

the best thing Veronica did that she pulled herself out of this whole Mukbang drama, her videos are better, the way she talks and starts the video is so cute. i wish her the best

she seems so happy and full of life

She sucks

She’s a bully and a manipulator




cant stand her but your dumbass had time to click on her video, scroll down and then comment? yeah....ooooookkkkkaaaaay. Fuck outta here.

@pastel Can you kindly walk off a cliff.

um....1.5 million people do


Make a video everyday please

you don't seem to be getting any skinny er

We can see that

Yay! It seems we are going to have our regular, almost forgotten looong hugs at the beginning of the video from now on!!))

Can you do a video on kawaii tea set treats like as if youre making little things for a small Alice in wonderland themed tea party, it sounds so cute and a pretty interesting video


Your be Vibin through the drama tho

ι really lιĸe veronιca ѕнeѕ a ĸyυтιeeeee! nιĸ dιd тнιngѕ тнaт yoυ dιdnт deѕerve!

As someone who thaught you were an awful person, I must say, I'm so sorry. You've made so much improvement!

I literally had to watch a video to better understand why ppl claim to not like u bc i didnt know anything n infact i dont care chy imma jus continue to watvh this banger video i love how u start of your videos so adorable much love happy new years. I subcribed to your channel 3months ago n i love watching u


Omg! This video makes me want to go there now.. or later cuz it’s like 1:00am

I love you From the beginning of the channel. I don’t care abt the shit they throw up on you. Keep up the good work my girl, I love you so much❤️


I’m jealous of ur metabolism

Girl your name is out there like wtf lmao. So finally I’m watching your videos

You seem to be doing better. Wish you the best

Wᴇ ᴀʟʟ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ, Vᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ. Yᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ sᴏ ᴋɪɴᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ᴅʀᴀᴍᴀ ғʀᴇᴇ ɴᴏᴡ! - ʟᴏᴛs ᴏғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ғᴀɴ

You look like as if Nora and Sam from "iCarly" / "Sam and Cat" had a baby???

this is literally the first video of Veronica's that I've ever seen. she seems so nice and down to earth.

look at her, she's thriving :)

Your such an mean to your boyfriend

I hope she doesn’t even. Mention none of the bs . That’s the biggest slap in the face to all of the cunts.

Max really just needed to say thank you and grab that food fr fr

Where you been I missed you

Good video !!!

Wait I’m missing something.... why were people saying mean things to her?

possibly one of the first ever mukbang drama happened in late 2018 that involved her, thats why

Sis, I love you! ;)❤❤❤

Woaw I thought you were actually going to say Grace but nope " Blessing The Food" hmmm!..

You look so hype lol

Veronica make cooking asmr a permanent part of ur vids then eating it as the muckbang would be superb

Avocados eventually go bad...

Sis being good

While everyone's saying: “karma did a great job” karma this karma that Me: “I'm just straight up hungry”

can i just say sorry for doubting you about the trash like turns out you was right

Theres something very wrong with this girl.

I hope you post soon ❤️ You’re not involved in the drama and shouldn’t have to refrain from posting like the others have been

I am never doubting Veronica ever again

You are so pretty and you make the food look so delicous!! I'm getting suuuper hungry, yuum!

Im with u from the start

Bruh this is way better than the drama that is going on. I'm so glad that she's not trying to be involved in it bc I ain't stressed no mo

This girl is so fake with all the mouth's gone to her head

Aerated foam cream

Garlic idiot

lol you can't say anything so you just making stuff up. Girl, 2020 is here. Let it go.

The white denim is giving me anxiety

Lots of Love Veronica

Okay guys lets stop talking about the drama and talk about the food. Damn,they look good tho

Glad to see ur life turning out for the better✌

Life bring huge lessons , doesn't she

Dickicado cancelado!! Go Veronica

Stan Veronica wang for clear skin ✨

A fucking queen

Others show thier true colors you came out clean sis happy for you

I’m so hungry, feed me!!!!!!

damn she's unbothered

wow, a mukbang channel who is actually EATING and not feeding off drama? we love an unbothered queen

You became so cute when you cut your bangs

Yo she really pretty thooo

She eat too much...she could help some homeless people with some food instead of eating alone !!..just saying :)

You all guys are all idiot ,fucking stupid,and heartless..I just said she could help !!!! Fucking stupid people...

It's a job u idiot

It’s her job lol

Shes a mukbanger. Their job is to eat a lot


@YKZ Trickzter I don't take ass out I take them from the back ..doesn't matter If it's a dumbass o just an ass

@YKZ Trickzter told u are a dumbass

@mile s away oh ur so mean

@mile s away get ur 2 subscriber headass outta here

@lethal heart dumbass

@YKZ Trickzter nah ur just a dumbass girl ...


@Eddie W she changed she isn't like the fat avocado who is always the same

@Eddie W But she very clearly changed since then. Are people now not allowed to work on their issues and change?

Lmfao Veronica is loving the publicity

I know. Her name is being brought up but she's sitting and eating

@Dead Af i dont give 2 shits

Bruh thats old story

Me either, you’re making me crave some so badly it looks so good!!

@Mahogany GalFriday what if she just doesn'tlike it? Not everyone likes the sauce. She could and should collab with Bloves whiles she's I'm LA but she doesn't have to eat seafood thry can eat other dishes. Don force that sauce on everyone...because it's not for everyone.


Me: *sees the video* Also me: MOOOOOOM I WANT SEAFOOD BOIL TODAY! My mom: sit yo ass down and eat your veggie soup!

Happy New Year Veronica

she cooks for her grandparents.... whatever they want

I've been on your side through all this, i'm so proud of you

Do you ya'll even watch YouTube anymore? Everyone just lives in the comments posting weird shit about people they don't even know. Just enjoy the damn video.

Look at this girl straight thriving !!!!!

There is child inside u mam, thats why whever i watch your gives always smile on my face.. love u mam

its not that i don't like her but if i want to watch someone scoffing food like a fat kid after a 3 week diet ill watch my own kids lmfao

loving you now! keep growing ❤️

I love the development in herself and her behavior and EVERYTHING. she is literally thriving and everyone else is freaking out. love it.

veronica i love you

I always liked her like she deserves a lot

I haven watch you in a long time Veronica

i actually never hated Veronica I never hated the way she ate she is actually pretty cool

Thank you for staying out of the drama I love you for that ❤️

Have bangs and they're growing in now and boy are they so annoying especially when eating. You look so good in them

Veronica Wang: BISS in your face! Yes IN AND OUT the TRUTH. LOL ... Can’t wait to see her next mukbang!

We should do a vegan mukbang together! I normally don't do restaurants but I would go to Green Earth or you can come to our kitchen

You have been improving an lot keep it up.

Meanwhile Veronica here is unbothered minding her business and being the Queen that she is. I love this chick

People say that she eats weird, but I’ve always loved the way she ate! It made me feel happy and hungry


Veronica doesn’t deserve hate and she’s so cute

veronica be thriving we STAN

@veronicawang I love watching your vids! I’m Asian & Hispanic. You taught me a few things how to cool certain of my heritage foods, ty

I don't hate her anymore I love her channel❤ her channel grew so much❤

wow you grew so much and you are amazing mukbanger

Girl, your name is being invoked and stirring up so much bullshit between immature brats, lmao. Can't wait for another chill, drama free upload from the Queen of mukbang. V.

I love u so much and I love ur bangs omg they so cute I can’t get over it u look bomb



she seems genuinely polite now :) makes me rlly happy , aw


love a drama free queen

Can you do a bleach mukbang ?

I love you veronica stay strong❤

Been subscribed for such a long-time. Glad to see you well! Have a Happy New Year!!!!

*_Am i the only one who doesn't have a problem with her?_*

Veronican i'm so sorry for all the hate you got, i started to like you more each day. i hope nothing but the best to you

I gonna have sea food and I wanted to eat right now

A queen minding her business. We FUCKING STAN.

Omg i love captain boil ❤️❤️❤️

So glad you’ve moved on! Good to see you happy

im glad you're thriving now!!

Pretty girl

I’m just here cuz I know you eating instead of talking about drama. F*cking THANK YOU!!

Did you just eat all of the lobster without saving half of it for your friend???

shes thriving

God she’s so pretty

Ur hair looks so glossy and perfect

Veronica is vibin I want krab now

your hair suits you so much

She’s a cutie.

If you never folded on Veronica and stayed supportive youre a real Wang Gang is all I will say. Happy New Year Veronica. Hope your grandparents feel better soon. I remember cooking for my grandparents when they got to the point where they couldn't.


Happy New Year's Wang Gang. She's flying above all the drama and we stan for & with her

You have some bravery to wear a bright white jacket and eat a seafood boil.

I just wanna say that you deserve an apology, I’m sorry for hating you, you were right

@Tsukiko Furude in the past hopefully everyone has a better year

What was the drama even about

Why pelope hate u?

U have my sub xD

I'm sorry Veronica for what I said from the bottom of my heart I'm really sorry. For someone wondering for what I've said: I said "just say sorry Veronica" when she already did I don't think it's a bad thing to say but the fact that I said that when she already said sorry make me feel like a bad person.

It really bothers me that the fake fans who hated and turned on Veronica bcoz of the drama are now nice to her. I stood with Veronica 100% through those tough times and argued with many defending Veronica. Ya'll fake asses can get fucked.


lot of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Veronica Karma has done the job. Truth eventually comes out. I'm happy to see you happy. And so sorry for all the roughness and cyberbullying you had to go through. Wish you have a great year ahead. Keep shining

Honestly this girl is an angel how could anyone hate on her

*Veronica flipping her bangs like nobody’s business*

Let's start with blessing the food, (pours sprite in a cup and moves in circular motion.) My dumb ass waiting for a prayer.

This food looks absolutely yummy!

her boyfriend isnt in even in the video or even with her. what the fuck are u talking about?

I really wish I had a friend like you, and not on some clout chasing shit like don't need to post that just want someone to be on the same wavelength And as far as the drama is concerned I'm so "proud of you" you have acknowledged things you were not happy about and you have grown and become a better person cuz of it, the way you have handled this situation 10/10 the fact you vented about the situation but knew it was in your best interest not to say anything

I keep forgetting she's Canadian until bits of "eh?" At the end of her sentences

4:18 I also have bangs and I connected spiritually with this moment where you couldn't touch yr hair but yr bangs got messed up

Loved this video!! I have a captains boil close to my house in Toronto and I love the sauce. It’s just a little pricey but so worth it

I love your personality

I went to the exact same spot!!!! It’s so gooddd

Aw she seems really nice

max gunna gun them cheeks

max tryanna smash homie

guys stop commenting all these adorable nice things to veronica, i'm tired of liking them all :')

15:00 when she asks max about the okra... she looks damn cute. Glad to see you thriving veronica..

wearing a white coat to such a staining food collection. boy, you are brave :D

I love how she is not in drama anymore and being herself

I enjoyed watching this video so freaking much

I used to dislike her but now i like her , not just because of that story with that fat avocado. I don't know how to explain it lol anyways Love ya Veronica ❤❤ P. S you didn't deserve what the fat guy did to u..


you should eat with max on your next video

I’m new to this channel but I just subscribed! You seem to have really great content ❤️

I’m glad you’re doing so great

I'm always staring at her perfect teeth

I hope your 2020 is better than your 2019 ♥️

You are doing better since I watched your YouTube which was about nine months ago i’m happy for you ❤️

She has such an appetite. I need that

Watching your channel makes me so hungry I’m starving

Thank you for staying out of drama queen

Omg ive been in toronto for so long and i havent tasted captain’s boil

New to your channel :) you are such a cutie can wait to watch more of ur videos

that looks good

I didnt know who you were until this latest incident, but im glad i came to your channel and subscribe. Good luck in your future Chef Wang

Everybody in the restaurant:

24:04 it’s not Pixar ,because Pixar works very closely with Disney but it’s DreamWorks, DreamWorks was the one who has beef with Disney

Shookz or Carlo no your not.

Wish you post everyday


why didnt u save the other half of the lobster tail for your friend wtf


I wanna go to hell for hating you so sorry for what happened and all this drama after I watched some videos about this drama you weren’t at fault at all so sorry now I support you with everything I’ve got

Omg next time I’m in Toronto I’m definitely trying this place!!!

I love seeing Veronica happy

I've always liked you since the beginning.

lmao aww " just eat now mann " hahah so toronto

Hola hermosa saludos

Exactly 666 likes, The Devil works fast but Veronica eats faster

Y'all use to hate her for the way she eat and hate her over what that dickado said about her and now acting nice like none happen ? Pathetic

Marry me!

i think you need to use some of that youtube money to get yourself an hd camera now lol


Shes the cutest omg

I wanted Max to eat sooner so he could comment on how good the food was. I’m drooling over it. Also, how does she eat this in FRONT of a window?!? I’d be so coy and not able to eat in peace. SHE’S TRUE GOALS!

Honestly...these past months have been hard, but it’s great to see you doing well, karma getting the right ppl...LUV U ❤️ I’m glad ppl are seeing the real evil person of it all, I’m just glad your drama free, love seeing you eating so peacefully ❤️❤️

Love ur vide shout pls

The disappearance at the end lol so cute

You're missing all the flavors!!!' Suck the shrimp head, that's where all the flavors are

Lowkey hungry

Other news