Seacret 7.2 Business Overview with Muzafer Najfi

Seacret 7.2 Business Overview with Muzafer Najfi

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Welcome. My, name is Mizar and I know that a friend or a family member or a business partner somebody asked, you to take a look at this presentation, and obviously. They, were excited. I'm gonna do my best to. Share with you information that was shared with us and after. This presentation is done you'll get a chance to spend some time with, the person that obviously, sent this video to you now look before, I got started with this incredible, company seacret, direct which obviously, secret, is spelled, in a unique way as you can see, but before. I got started I was told probably, like a lot of us that if you want to become successful go, to school and I got lucky enough to play sports, at a university. Level but my senior, year I taught everything in, my right knee my ACL, MCL in. PCL, and I saw a lot of my friends, make it to the professional, level for basketball, and football and. I, ended up graduating with, a couple different degrees my best, job. Offer had, me earning somewhere, around. $35,000, a year now, I'm not here to say that that income is bad or put it down I just, know that I wanted. More, I just wanted a different lifestyle my mom and dad made. $30,000. Combined, income, as we grew up I wanted, to have a better lifestyle, for me and my family financially and. What. I ended up happening is a friend, of mine called me one day and said eh what are you doing and and I, said this magical, word called nothing and and, he, said I want you to go to a presentation, with me and and I did and we ended up going and I saw this profession. For the very first time I was 21 and a half years old I met a guy that was 24, and he showed me the concept, of leverage he, showed me the concept, of building a customer, base he showed me the concept, of building a business from, a local standpoint. But being internationally. And my life has changed over, the last 20, plus years and it's, not just, the money because god bless we've, been very fortunate we did well financially, after. Building almost, six going on now seven, companies in this, profession, however what, the money did, it, allowed me to retire my mom it allowed my wife to be a stay-at-home mom. It's, allowed my children, to live in neighborhoods that I only, dreamed of and it's, brought us time freedom and health more, than I could even imagine and, and so, why why, why. Now why you what, what is it that you're looking for for your life because the why is the biggest question for all of us some of you I know for a fact love, what you do career-wise, but you're looking for something extra, others, of you hate, what you do, listen I've met a lot of people that, hate what they do and what they're looking for is a replacement, style. Income, in the last as someone that's just looking for something bigger something. That's in that six-figure. Range right a hundred thousand two hundred thousand, three, hundred four hundred thousand, plus range and the, fact is is that if they continue to do what they're doing they're, never gonna be in that range and so why, everyone, does this is something different for everybody, but I'm, gonna do my best to share with you about secret, because the truth right now is there's two major challenges, in, North America, number one is health everyone.

You And I know either. Needs. Better, health or we know somebody. That, needs or wants better health now number, two is finances. Oh my goodness, you know most people are concerned right, they're concerned about debt. Or job. Security, or savings, or do I have anything for investments. I'm hearing all this stuff that's out there most, people don't even have a savings account they, live, in only, a checking, account and so, people are looking for something extra. And all we're saying is that secret, may, be the solution, you know a gentleman, a long time ago Anna's family, immigrated. To the United States his name is Isaac, Ben Shabbat one of the major reasons, why I am here today between. Him and his family and the integrity, and the character of who, they are you, know they risked everything that. They had to open the kiosk, in, the mall you. Know and what ended up happening from, that point is is they just needed a few hundred thousand dollars to get home because they thought they were gonna be homeless they, were at a point where they lived in a foreign country didn't. Know the language had no money and their whole family was, on this on this, verge, of being homeless and, you, talked about the true American, Dream they, found a way to pull some money together and they, ended. Opening. The kiosk in the mall selling, toy helicopters. And they. Had friends that came from Israel to help them and all, they needed was just enough money to get home by, their parents, home back back in Israel so they could be safe what, ended up happening was a lot more between, a hundred, of them because they started, with just a handful, but they led to about 20, people so between 20, of them they ended up building something. Amazing, in just a short period of time for, months, they made millions, of dollars split. It equally, and about. A dozen, of them went home I think 10 to 12 went, back to Israel, ran their businesses, and another, hundred, came. Back saying we want in we want to be a part of what you have we want to be a part of this community we've, heard stories, of what you guys did in four months imagine what we could do in four years and you know what I've ended, up happening ladies and gentlemen they invested, in bringing, something bigger, than just helicopters. Or toys they, wanted to bring the magical, place of the Dead Sea to not only the United States but the rest of the world and, what they ended up doing is they founded, something called secret, spa they, felt that the Dead Sea was, the best-kept secret, hence. Secrets. About s.e, a CRE, T and they started opening up kiosks, all over literally. Location, after location after location after location, and and this, young girl by the name of Eddie Perez ended. Up getting a job at one, of the kiosks in, the mall and her first date the. Company record first week broke, the company record and they're going who is she how did she do it so they flew her in and they said listen tell us your secrets, tell us what you're doing we would love to make you management, and she, said I'm not I'm not interested, in that these, products, are so amazing. They're demonstratable. People, say wow right away people get results right away she, said this needs to be in relationship, marketing why, wait for people to come to this kiosk when, you can literally Network, get, through relationships. And impact, more people in more lives at first, they said no at first they actually kicked her out of their office but, what ended up happening is, they researched. Work marketing, relationship marketing, and they fell in love with the concept they, got great advice from people that were more successful, than them and they, were told listen it's the future. Relationship. Marketing your your, context, your relationships. Social. Media platforms. It's all based on who, we know who we trust, is the future, and lo, and behold it's what's happened, and because. Of networking. Because, of relationships. We met some people that led us to some people that led us to this gentleman by the name of dr., Howard Cohen dr.. Cohen oh my goodness, it's. Now, paving. This path of our, future, of our company you, know he has. Been a natural path in, natural, health and in in, care for over 27. Years and, he's the founder of the Cohn Health Institute, you know where he's treated, over. 50,000. Patients and. Trained over 50 doctors been internationally.

Recognized, And awarded, and. What I want y'all to know is that, as the company, has grown right. Since, 2005. Yes. We've done over a billion, in sales combined, you know we opened 900, locations, over 40 countries, and then, we partnered, with the number, one skincare, Bini, in the world they actually wanted to buy us we, weren't for sale and what, they did is they research. The dead sea they wanted to launch a skincare line instead. They. Thought they'd buy secret, what ended up happening is, for the first time in their career they ended, up partnering with a company without owning, it and they. Signed exclusivity. And today. They're our manufacturer. And there's a number one skincare company, in the world as, our partner, to help us manufacture. The products were going to talk about you, know we ended up transitioning. From retail, to direct sales in 2011. Once, we did that a couple years later 2013. We, were in the top 100, and then again and then again and then again and it's now been, five, years, we ended up relaunching. Nutrition, a couple of years ago and today we've. Acquired a company called, seven point two which, is plant-based, nutritional. And it's, a product line that is going to change the health of your family, my family, and families we don't even know we're, already in seven countries right US Canada, Mexico, Australia. Germany. Japan. Korea. And we're opening, up a few more in these next twelve months we over. Time our, goal is to get to the 40 countries, we were in when we were in kiosks, and we're gonna keep going see, the formulation. Of our products, it's. It's pretty phenomenal right, our mentality is were created, by Nature we're tested, by science, and we're proven by you and, I mean you and me both right we use the product, you know we've got patents, on the product there's dead sea minerals over 70. Naturally. Derived ingredients hyper, allergenic right, paraben, free cruelty free, over, 20 minerals and vitamins and antioxidants. Plant-based. Ingredients ladies. And gentlemen organic. Organic. Non-gmo, and. Gluten-free and, and dairy-free. And soy free and and we've had certifications. That the point is is that when, you look at our skincare because, of the properties, of the Dead Sea and it's the best-kept secret right, over 1.7. Million people visit, the Dead Sea every year they paid their own money to go there because, it's the lowest point on earth 26. Minerals, 12. Of which are exclusive. To the Dead Sea are found there now, there's over 33%, salt, content you know if you look at these pictures you're, seeing people float. In water because. Of the density, because of the salt content and people. Have gone there because of the healing properties, the the therapeutic. Properties even ancient royalty. You know I don't know what, your religious, belief is but there's a book that we all know that exists, called the Bible in, there they talk about the Dead Sea before there was even science. The, Dead Sea was known, for, its therapeutic, properties and so all I want you to know is we've, brought this in the form of skincare so you can get your daily dose of vitamin.

C Right, for your skin right we'll start with your face then. We'll go to age, defying, cuz everyone, I know wants to live longer younger, and then acne. My goodness it's it's become an epidemic, and then if you if you look at the fact that our bodies, you know we've we've, got to make sure that that's taken care of and then and then our here right like it's literally, we've taken care of everything from head shoulders. Knees, toe. Right like everything from here to there and then, there's men there's, men going yeah but we're different I am, man right like, the, thing is is that we said okay we'll design some specialty, products, for, our men and we put it in a black bottle put, em in, and big letters so none of us would get confused, but I got to tell you my favorite products, is the aftershave, there's a hydration, gel for men it's flat-out amazing, now there's, proof in the pudding right a picture's, worth a thousand, words maybe that's a foot like that's a that's a heel and, you can see the before and afters right this is a hand one, week of using our mud soap. Right, we don't make any medical claims all I can tell you is the only difference in this person's hand was, using the the soap this is a child you, know I've got two little girls and. My daughter had severe skin issues, and using, the mud soap in the body butter it's gone away. You know when I look at this child and think of my daughter I mean you can look at the before picture in the after picture you, know here's somebody that their leg look at the difference in their leg I mean it's just incredible, in one week what happens, you know here's a young boy that's, seven, days look at day one day. Two days, well day three day five day seven listen, if you were the parents of this young boy what would it take you or what would it take to convince, you to stop, using. The mud so cuz I'm telling you right now this nothing, that's ever gonna get me to stop using it for, my daughter's you know you look at this this is pretty. Severe, five days right, using, our body butter using our salt and oil scrub, right, now again, I can go through product, after product after product after before-and-after picture before and after picture here's, one we have a product that removes dead, skin and. There, were people that started putting, it everywhere even though it was designed for your face people, put it on their tattoos, and they remove the dead skin and the tattoo got more vibrant more colorful, I'd be willing to bet that everyone, watching this either has a tattoo or you know someone, that has a tattoo even. Tattoo parlors are selling this because, of what it does for the quality, of their work again.

I Can go on and on we have an age defying line, you, know this product is amazing this gentleman actually had those those, big penises. On, both eyes and on, his right while you're looking at the TV screen so it looks like your, left but. That's the area that we put it on and in 20 minutes it was gone, and, he said will you do the other eye we said yeah it'll cost you right but but, the point is is that the products, worth here's another lady same, thing it was her right right, but if you're looking at the screen it looks like her left but, look at the difference, right the, one eye is still, just, puffy. 20 minutes again here's another one we did his eyes I, just, I'm just kidding, we really we really didn't, maybe we did maybe, that'll happen to you I don't know but, again this, is just a joke, these aren't actual results. Right we don't test our products, on animals, this, is just having fun now here's a lady that, in two, months, right because she used the product use the product use the product the longer, you use it the more the results, will last and this, is a before-and-after actually used to think there was a mother-daughter but it's a before-and-after picture. And what I want you to understand is again what would it take to convince her to stop. Using the products to go back to her before picture right. I look, at this like our our recover. Product, what it does in 15, to 20 minutes with fine lines and wrinkles and what they say is is, you, want to make sure that. If you're gonna go somewhere special that, you do it two hours before because after. The first 15, to 20 minutes the, results get stronger and stronger and stronger you can even put on your neck area. Listen, there's so many people we know that have these challenges, you can't put Botox here, first, of all if you do use it I hope you would stop because that's injecting, toxins into, your body use, recover, instead, and by the way if you know someone that has a neck like this don't, walk up to them gonna I can help you that's, that's, not gonna get you a customer, they'll probably be, upset but what I want you to know is people, I was called OHS are just pictures I thought that way until, I met this lady she's, my business partners, mom you know Jesse McPherson, and I become friends, business, partners, and, and we build this business together this is his mom and, when, you get a chance to meet her and you see these results it's someone, that you know and I wanted my family and friends right to use this I mean it's patent, it's, gets dramatic, results, we ended up you, know you get so many packets, you get eight in a pack we used all eight on one of our friends and look what happened all the wrinkles went away okay. We're joking, some of these are jokes haha. Again, we don't use it on animals this is a cute picture I can't, take credit for it it's not my picture, but the fact is I still think it's funny right now people, go I'm, still not a skin care expert or, specialist, don't worry neither, was i I thought the only thing I needed to use was shampoo, so all I use there's a three-step, regimen, that is simple, ladies and gentlemen step number one is cleanse, okay. I can, get that step, number two is exfoliate, get rid of the dead skin and, step, number three is moisturize. Right provide, nutrients. And hydration. To, your skin, these. Are pretty simple step one two and three so all we have to follow but the challenge, is some, people just don't use skin care I didn't, because I just didn't know any better I do now right, because I was too educated, you know number two is those that use it may not be using the right it's okay we put a one two three step Pro together, for you and other people we are using old technologies.

Like They're, using the cassette, tape of skin care why, you. Know you have one gift one skin. One birthday suit that was given to you take care of it if, you don't if, you don't take care of your largest organ. That's what that's what prevents, diseases. From getting into your body right. Protect. It number two is health I want you to understand, some of us don't know like what, to take or how much to take or even enjoy, the experience. Or even have a credible, source but that's why we're, so excited about dr. Cohn right, we know that he's credible we know he's the right source and his, belief was is, that the, secret. To, health right secret, it's, really simple all we need to do is a couple of things or a handful of things really three number, one is the air right. The air the, water and the food make a major, difference in, you and I in our health you, know you look at the, planet today right all the pollution not, only in the air but in the water our food, our farms are all over produced and the fact is is that what, we need to do is get dreams into our body which will lead to oxygen, into. Our body into, our blood, it's like, photosynthesis. Happening, inside. Of our body because, then that will create energy. Naturally, then, you look at the water you, know when we can get proper hydrogen. Right, it's actually number one on the periodic, table right hydrogen. It's so important, h2o, that H, is, so, important, it will lead inside. Of our body to recovery, and number three is food, nutrition. Ladies and gentlemen from the foods that we eat in the foods we probably shouldn't, be eating that goes into our body either leads, to, vitality. Or the opposite, of and, all I want you to understand this health made simple. You know dr. Cohen helped provide, the steps, that. This the simple process number one take, our shape and our greens at breakfast. This, is how you want to start your day it's organic, it's vegan it's kosher sugar free non-gmo. There's no gluten, no soy no way no dairy none of that stuff, why, introduce, that into your body in the morning number, two is take recovery, at lunch right, what this will end up doing is it's a patented, molecular. Hydrogen that. Helps promote an alkaline. State, in the cells, and tissues. By reducing. Excess. Acid. Recovery. Right, and then step number three really simple take the alkaline, boost before you go to bed it improves sleep and it, raises, your pH after. An. Acidic. Meal or drink listen, I know that people drink things they shouldn't be drinking and eat things they shouldn't be eating this is like your Hall, Pass right. I want you to live life but. What's nice is you can live life and take, care of your body with a Hall Pass now there's, weight loss made simple you know there. Really is, you, know the standard American. Diet s ad, it's, kind of sad right, the standard, American diet leads, people to being sad because. Of what's in the foods all we're saying is follow, the same process but, step, one just do it twice take, your shake and greens two. Times a day plus a regular meal take the recovery at lunch and alkaline. Boost before you go to bed but there's a bonus take, a product, called. 30, minutes, before any of your meals and, what will happen is that it will literally, assist, in the, healthy, appetite. Control that's what we want you, know there's fat burning there's weight loss the sugar cravings, you it, will help curb, all of that and help with your metabolism, so much more there's no caffeine in there so if you take it in the evenings, you will be fine and still be able to go to bed look at some of the results 38. Pounds 40, pounds 54, pounds there. Are stories of people that lost 10 pounds or or or, or 12, pounds or 15 pounds as well now when you go to your ideal, weight then just go back to health, made. Simple, and follow, those steps to maintain the, vitality of, your, life now we. Also have something for, your day and night secret. Is provided, vitamins. Vitamins. Minerals, and antioxidants you, know to activate, your mind and your metabolic. System and protect your immune system, and then that night calm. Your nervous system, and in neutralize. Toxins. And and help with an inflammatory response look, to, be a customer, it's simple you can buy retail or, you can save, money, up to 50%, off of retail get. Free shipping earn, points, and birthday gifts and referral, credits and that's a VIP customer. And that's only a $99, purchase, one, time, plus. There's free shipping when. You're over $99. Right so what I want you understand is you are a very important, person to, the person that asked you to watch this video and to us as a company you know I want you to realize that we also have people that host a party you know what they do is is they want to take a night off and they, want to invite some people over and have fun we will do the demonstrations.

For You and you will earn host, rewards, like a hundred two hundred dollars in free product, credit half, off of additional. Skin care products I can go on and, on now the. The social economy, shift, why is your, friend showing, you this or your, business partner, or your relative, you. Know why is it that my friends, are asking me must offer we. Know that you were the vice president, a field, development, was seacret direct so, with this company, I was, a vice president, for two years why, did I resign, because, there's a social economy. I want, you to understand, that social platforms, have more of an impact than TV and print brick-and-mortar. Has now changed, to, click, an order right network marketing is gone mainstream, right it's simpler, it's faster it's reliable, it's fun it's virtual, and there's, an income there's, an income, stream and for. Me I wanted, to build an international business. That I could will off to my children, it's what I wanted to do I know, that god forbid if something happens, to me right, as the vice-president the company, it wasn't I couldn't will off my vice presidency. To my daughter but I could will this business, off you, know I want you to know that it's simple, to build an international business, right it's $99. Or if you're in Canada its 119 one. Time to, start an international business, and all the tools are provided from a welcome, kit to a personalized, website to, a reporting. Based back, office, system, to, state-of-the-art, videos. To, do an app everything that you need now, you're gonna want an opening order number one is you can get it which is our basically, our five miles in five minutes they're the most demonstratable. Products, that we have that make people go wow in, a matter of minutes and then we've got a livid, product, right which is our day and night we have a loved it product. Package, it's an opening order which are the. Other skin care lines that we have outside of the five vows so some of y'all may get, it in love it some of y'all may get it live it and love it and what's coming what's, coming. Is the feel it the 7.2, line it's, coming now some of y'all may be watching this video and it's already here where, I'm at currently, today it's coming in a couple weeks it's, coming in a couple weeks a couple weeks from now it'll.

Be Right now but, what I want you to understand, is we're so excited about all of these areas you know there's five ways to earn an income again one, of the major reasons, why I resigned as vice president is, because, when, I understood, that you could earn an income, five. Different, ways most. People, earn an income one way it's called crappy, right, let's, just be real if they work they make money if, they don't work they don't make money some of my friends are doctors, and they comas offer as a doctor, when I practice, medicine I make money when I don't practice medicine I don't mean the attorneys, judges, CIA. Agents. I mean we even have business owners that work with us I have I have some of the top business. Owners around that, are now building, a secret business part time and some now full time so, the first way we earn is retail is really simple like we, get products, at an agent price sell it at a retail prices, instant, profit like instant, and what I want you to understand, is this example, that you're seeing is, one of our highest selling products, it's a nail buffer it's so unbelievable. At the kiosks, in the mall and even when we went into direct sales number. Two, number two is our, VIP Commission's, you'll earn 20 or 25% and, that gets paid to you daily, you know the question, is do any of y'all have yesterday, bills that you need today money for then, then this is the business for you because we get paid daily you, know you also get like free product, credit like it's great how. This works, so what I want you to understand, is here's an example if you had 10 VIP. Customers, and they just ordered a hundred dollars in product each what, ends up happening is that would be a total of a thousand, in product you'd earn, 250. In actual. Commissions, immediately. And an additional, $200, in product credit now the, two ways to acquire customers one, is present secret you can use this video you, can use this PowerPoint, you can use three-way calls webinars Facebook. Lines whatever you need number, two is you find a host right, and the average host, when they do a party, the average sales is 650. And you would earn between 125. And 150, dollars again, immediately, like one party, a week as an extra five hundred to six hundred dollars a month all, right think about it that's just an additional, income the third way we get paid is team commissions, what ends up happening is is that our business model, includes leverage, you'll, introduce people who introduce, people who introduce people they may be in the same city they may not they may be in the same state or province they may not but, you can build an international. Business I have friends of mine that just got started with me that introduced people in Australia, who have introduced, people in Japan and I'm, from, Minnesota and I now live in Arizona, the, key thing is is you introduced, to who introduced to who introduced to now the fact is we all introduced, more than two and the, people outside of our to start. Going underneath other people, that's why it's a two by two by two by two by two by two by two which, is a binary and you'll earn ten or fifteen percent commissions.

What, Happens is we pay a cycle, bonus when your left team does 300 and business and your. Other team does 600, and business or it could be vice versa it'll, trigger a cycle, bonus so ten cycles, would it be, an additional forty five bucks just. Ten cycles what would a hundred cycles be or a thousand, cycles be now, there is a cap because this thing can go on to unlimited, and that's 25,000. Dollars a week listen if that's a challenge then. We need to have a different conversation because, 25,000. A week there are people that have already capped that out, now, the, fourth way we get paid is a leadership, bonus right and what this is is this is a leadership check, match people. Got all my friend introduced, me because they want to make money off of me no that's, the company most of us work in right now they, make money off of us in this, business we want to make money with you we, want to help you build your check, because the better your check, is the better our check match, is and, it starts at 20 percent on the people we personally, introduce and when they introduce people it goes to ten percent and 10 percent and 10 percent when. People reach the rank of bronze and above and they earn a commission from, our third way the one I just showed you the team commissions, that's, where we get these percentages, from so if you introduced the young lady that you see and she earned a thousand, your 20% match would be an additional two hundred dollars, or the, gentleman that's next to her if he earned ten thousand you'd earn an extra two thousand, what if they maxed, it out and they were earning twenty five thousand a week then. You would earn an extra five thousand a week in this simple theoretical, example now, for, getting promoted in our company we have performance, bonuses you know I want you to know it's a one-time rank advancement, when you go star or executive. And receive the watch or when you go bronze and receive like the tablet or iPad or Royale, or silver listen it goes and grows as you can see those two three thousand, and seven thousand and forty thousand a hundred thousand, all the way up to a million dollars yes, we've paid the million dollars out yes, we've paid it out more than once we just recently had one in North America, there's, another, bonus, and this, is with a little extra money each month drill drive, or, live your dream see, when you become a Royale, which will teach you how to get there you'll earn an additional five hundred dollars not one time but every, four weeks and then it goes to six hundred eight hundred twelve. Hundred to. A few thousand, to six thousand, and then, we'll take exotic, trips around the world last year we were in Greece this year we're taking people to the Dead Sea I. Just want you to know that opportunities. Are never lost they just go on to people that take advantage of them in. 2017. Alone, people. That reach these rank of bronze like the the rank of bronze we had over two thousand, three hundred and then royale that, someone whose team did five thousand on left side five thousand on the right over seven, hundred and eighty and then silver, over seven hundred ninety gold, over three hundred platinum, look at the numbers Ruby diamond, over fifty five of them blue, diamond red diamond crown.

Crown Royale was the million dollar bonus and we can't wait for, 2018. For you to be one of these numbers if not multiple numbers, people, that you've introduced, to be in multiple, numbers it's, growing, there's four simple, steps in getting started step number one is, get started dive in right, if you want to be a customer, great be a customer, the person that introduced you if you want to be a secret agent be a business, partner of the person I introduced you cuz step number two is where you, know what what products, do you want to do nutrition, do you want to do skin or you want to take care of both of them and when it comes to the packages, you're either gonna get it love, it live it feel, it or do all of the above and then it's who do you know who do you know that has skin and who do you know that has a body who do you know that wants to lose weight who do you know that wants to become healthier, who, do you know that. That wants, a better life who do you know that wants to replace their job who do you know that just wants extra or more time freedom or travel, more who, do you know that wants to will a business, off to their children, or put money away for their kids college fund who, do you know a number, four is training this is not for you to sign up and for us to say good luck will teach you and train you how to do it whether it's one-on-one or we have secret saturdays we, have agent, court trainings, we have our conventions. You know coming up here shortly there's a we have a training. Called the family reunion, and understand, something, that that, happens once a year as well it's like the convention, of just, our family, right, just our organized, it's amazing. What we do what, I want you to know is this is that when this video finishes, the person that's gonna turn to you is gonna ask you what part of the presentation, interested, you the most look. At it and then decide which. Of these four steps how many of them do you want to get through right now and then introduce, this video to somebody else introduce. It to two people immediately, and help, them get started and build, your team in your legacy, we look forward to celebrating your successes, and helping, you win, welcome, to secret, welcome. To a phenomenal, future have a great, day everyone and god bless.

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