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Hello. Everyone, and welcome to the mercy College School of Business 2020. Commencement, I am, dr. Lloyd Gibson Dean, of the School of Business and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our virtual ceremony. You. Are graduating, during an unprecedented. Time but. You are graduating and that is what you should focus on today this. Is your moment you, have worked hard and overcome obstacles along, the way to. Reach this point in your life's journey and we, are all very proud of you one. Important, thing to remember is, that, no one gets to this point without some help or support while. Our ceremony, here is focused, on recognizing. The achievements of, our graduates, I would, like to take a moment to acknowledge everyone. Out there who. Helped or supported, or inspired, our graduates, along the way and made. All of this possible I, ask. That the graduates, reach out to these people this. Includes parents. Grandparents. Siblings. Other, relatives. Friends. Loved, ones and teachers, thank. Them and applaud, them for what they have done to help you get. To this point in your lives, keep. In mind the graduation. Is just the step although. A big step in your journey through life during. Life's journey here are two suggestions, of things you can do to, make your journey happier, and more, successful. First. Remember. To stop and smell the roses along, the way this. Old saying means, that you should take time out of your busy schedule, to enjoy or appreciate, the beauty of life too. Often we rush through our lives without taking some time to appreciate things that, we have done or experience, so. Please remember to stop and smell the roses the. Second, suggestion is that you learn to celebrate, your victories, even, the small ones now. Your graduation, is not a small victory but, it is one victory, out of many you will have during your life. Celebrate. These victories the, more you do this the more victories, you will have and a happier you will be these. Celebrations can be as simple as treating yourself to an ice cream or a night, out or sharing, your accomplishment, with a friend. Studies. Have shown that by taking time to celebrate victories. It makes, you happier, and. Causes you to achieve even more victories so. Stop. And smell the roses and, celebrate. Your victories, even the small ones, remember. That you are graduating, during a challenging. And unprecedented, time and you, have succeeded, despite. What many of you have encountered in the past two months alone, I believe. That. With what you have learned along the way you. Will continue, to succeed throughout your life and I, urge you to go out and use your victories, to make a difference, in this ever-changing world. Congratulations. To the graduating, class of 2020. And best, wishes for future success, and happiness, we. Are proud of you and what you have accomplished, and look, forward to hearing about your future, achievements, thank. You, good. Morning my. Name is Kaylee Reagan ISTA and I'm the undergraduate, speaker for the School of Business I would. Like to start by congratulating the class of 2020. Students. You, have worked incredibly hard to get to where you are today. Parents. Siblings, grandparents. And anyone, else who's tuning in thank, you for all the support throughout our college careers, though. We are celebrating in an extremely unconventional. Way don't. Let these difficult, times downplay. Any of your achievements. It. Is very important that we thank everyone who has helped us reach this pivotal point in our lives as it was not accomplished, alone, to. Our parents, thank. You for supporting us over the past few years whether. It be financially, or emotionally you, have been a guiding step for many of us here today, try. Grandparents, siblings and the rest of our families thank. You for understanding when, we were stressed out with work or away at school missing, out on family calories. To. Our friends mercy. Has given us the incredible opportunity, to create friendships that will last a lifetime don't.

Forget About each other and don't forget to tell each other how much you appreciate one, another but. Most importantly, please thank yourself you. Are the reason that you are receiving that degree the. Countless all-nighters, and study sessions, were worth it you, did it. When. I was 16 years old I'd myself, convinced, got to be an athletic trainer the Buffalo Bills football team it's. A little ironic considering, this is the commencement ceremony for the school business. I never thought I would work in business but. On a whim my junior year of high school I signed, up for a business careers class not. Knowing what it would entail, little. Did I know could I be graduating, with the tool degree in finance and marketing just, six years later, when. I first came to Mercy I was a marketing major I chose. Marketing, because I came into college lacking, some self-confidence, when it came to finance and accounting in, the upperclassmen, had told me that I'd probably do best as a marketing major. Mercy. Has been so great at pushing the importance of having internships, during college but, I was lucky enough to have my first internship freshman. Year doing, marketing for a startup clothing company, once. I had that experience on my resume I applied. To close to 100, internships, for the summer of my sophomore year I got. A few denials didn't. Hear back from a majority of them and finally, I got an acceptance that. Acceptance, is from an investment bank in New York City I was. Shocked that I a marketing, major from a small school have, been offered a position in finance I would. Argue that finance is one of the most opposite, career paths from athletic training. My. Experience, at Mercy College has taught me to embrace change while. Initially thought I would end up studying, a sports related field at college I actually, ended up having the opportunity, to be on the field hockey team here at Mercy I was. Lucky enough to be faced with change and happy, that I accepted it and welcomed it becoming. A part of the business school at Mercy is the best change that life is there in my way, life. Is never going to go in a straight line plans. Don't always work out so. I ask you graduating. Students, to please be ready for that change embrace. It, oftentimes. The, pack you may not have planned on taking will lead you to great success as, the. Late Steve Jobs once, said the. People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do, mercy. College class of 2020, I inspire. You to be crazy I inspire. You to change the world thank. You. Good. Morning and congratulations to, the class of 2020, my, name is Robert beckysan and I have been selected as the commencement speaker for the Graduate School of Business all of. The long nights have finally paid off and we made it to the next chapter of our lives. To. The staff and our family and friends, thank you for making today possible, you've.

Given Us the moral compass to allow us to persevere and such tumultuous, times. Our. Mental fortitude and effort has been tested unlike any graduating, class yet. We've accomplished, the goal each one of us has set out for. When. It comes to grit and determination, I've had my fair share as well ten. Years ago I decided, to join the United States Marine Corps it. Was a tough decision in, a long journey but. It was the best five years of my life between. Fill of exercises, due dates and bad phone reception there, was never enough time. We. Was saying the desert for a week and it. Would take hours to send an email denied. A paper was due I would run to the peak of each mountain looking. For just enough data to send a few megabytes, times. Were tough but it made me better. Later. In life on my way out of the Marine Corps my, wife joined the army as I started school in New York City, she. Was stationed in Texas and I was here so for two years I flew home to my wife every, other week I continued. To graduate, with, honors with, a. Bachelor's, degree and economics, and philosophy. Last. Year my wife and I finally made in New York City our home we. Drove here from Texas and moved into our apartment a week before turbo, begin. Turbo. Is in the celebrator program when you take six classes a week meanwhile. I was still figuring out the difference between a four and six train, every. One of those memories made me the person I am today well. We all have our story to tell each. Of you made a sacrifice to earn your MBA each. Of you spent a few nights with little sleep because of a test or paper that was due I've. Seen single mothers and individuals, with multiple jobs study. Vigorously, just to make it here I wish, I could see each of your faces right now knowing. How far we have all come. Although. I may not hear or see you I can. Feel the, amount of emotions, we are all experiencing, in this moment as we. Begin a new chapter in our lives I would, like to leave you with a quote from Franklin.

D Roosevelt. The. Only limit to our realization of, tomorrow will, be our doubts of today so, - class of 2020, live, fearless and fail. As much as you can because, those failures will lead to a limitless tomorrow. Congratulations. We are the class of 22. And. Now. The president, of Mercy College Tim, Hall I, will. Now present the honorary, degree - Valerie Mason Cunningham, Valerie. Mason Cunningham, as former, vice president, of channel, marketing for North American, operations at Xerox, Corporation you. Oversaw, transformational. Company, strategies, that, drove revenue, and profit growth and inspired, others to achieve excellence, a 38-year. Employee at Xerox, Corporation your. Business acumen and ability, to build consensus. Across teams have, led you to accumulate. Impressive, career achievements, you, serve as a member, of Mercy colleges Board of Trustees a role, to which you bring enthusiasm and. Valued, experience, as chair, of the board of directors of volunteer, New York you raise awareness and investment. In a vital organization. Matching, individuals, to meaningful, opportunities. As. Demonstrated. By the several business, and community awards you have received and your speaking engagements. In many leadership forms, you've, made an incredible, impact, on the, industry and uplifted. The next generation, of business leaders by. Virtue of the authority vested. In, me by the state of New York and by the Board of Trustees of Mercy, College and, now, confer. Upon you Valerie Mason, Cunningham, the degree, of Doctor. Of commercial. Studies on orous, causa with all rights, and privileges thereto, appertaining, ladies. And gentlemen it's my pleasure to, introduce dr.. Valerie. Mason, Cunningham. This. Is a great, day by choice. Congratulations. Class of 2020, I thank. You for inviting me to speak to you today on this joyful occasion Thank. You president, Hall and Dean Gibson for providing me with this opportunity and, to, the faculty staff alumni. Board of trustees and without a doubt a special shout-out to the families and friends who have all helped, our graduates, reach this, important, milestone in their life's journey thank. You and congratulations. My, name is Beyonce, Knowles. Okay. So, I'm clearly not Beyonce Knowles I'm Valerie, Mason, Cunningham member of the Board of Trustees at, Mercy, College and I, am honored, and humbled to be with you our illustrious, graduating. Class of 2020.

Here. To, celebrate. Your, extraordinary. Accomplishment. As a student, earning, your degree from, the School of Business at, Mercy, College we. Congratulate. And celebrate and, quickly. Turn to encourage, you to, set sail on a new fleet of ships to change, the world an, unbelievable. Story being written about, you and for. You, congratulations. I want. To take a few minutes and share some messages, from my heart to, yours I want, to talk a little bit about rising. Up by choice, it's. No secret our world is in a state of crisis, a pandemic. We. Are clearly facing an unprecedented, time, it. Has shaken all of us our global village our core in many, ways it serves. As a lesson for all, of us to, take nothing for granted to. Understand. Life offers, neither problems. Nor, challenges, only. Opportunities. Be, grateful, every, day, earning. Your degree is, no, small task in life, at Mercy College each, of you has likely faced, challenges or, difficulties. Moments. Of doubt fear. Failure. But, you persistent, you. Will, reap, the benefits, of that determination. And grit as you, leave mercy, to pursue, your goals and dreams your. Education. A key plank to your next opportunity, success. And milestone. Nelson. Mandela said and I quote, education. Is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world in quote. Now. There could be several things that are coming up for you as I position, this, notion to rise up by choice one. Might be fear and Zig, Ziglar said it best fear, has two meanings but. Get everything and run or. Face everything and rise the. Choice is yours, end quote and here's. A visual, image from, a proverb that states just. When the caterpillar thought, the world was over it, became a butterfly, in, quote, and this, transition, from one state to another demonstrates. Visually, a transformation. By choice this. Is exactly, what you have learned through your academic training. And experiences. Here, at Mercy, just. When you thought you couldn't get it done you. Achieved, it and this. Preps you for the next chapter no. Small task, but. This is your, moment to take fear, and face, everything, and rise up. By. Choice, graduates. You've, got this as, I. Thought about what I could share that might, be interesting.

Insightful. And useful what. Lessons have I learned over the course of my education as, a, first-generation, college, graduate. Of SUNY Old Westbury, class. Of 1980, and my. Career. Thirty-eight, years at a fortune 500 company rising, up to, a senior, executive level. That. Might motivate you. As you, go from student, to alumni, and into. The workforce or continue, to pursue your additional studies, what. Might I say, to help, inspire, you to, make a difference to, challenge. You to rise up by, choice well. Here are some thoughts one. Performance. Counts. To. Embrace. Change as the new constant, in life, 3. Be. A leader, a constant. Learner because, knowledge is power, 4. Be. Reliable. And trusting, stay. True to your, values, five. Before. You spend earn. Before. You write think. Before. You speak, listen. Now, all of these take practice, number. Six think. Strategically, and. Always. Have a plan, testing it with those you. Trust and trust, the process and lastly. Go to bed with lots of dreams but. Wake up every day with, a purpose, now. These, are just a few thoughts that I wanted to bring to your attention that, you could put in your toolbox going, forward but. Now the question is where do we grow from. Here to, rise up, by, choice. Navigating. These uncharted, waters through. Seas of uncertainties. A movement. Is rising, up a new. Global village. Rising. Up by, choice now. You might ask well. How do we break through to change the world, well. There's. A new fleet of ships rising, up, rising. Up from the Earth's core, a new. Fleet of ships rising, up to take their place and, to, guide us to a new world order a new. Fleet of ships waiting. For you to embark on, engaging. And, lifting. From the Seas of change, they're, rising up by choice and this. Fleet will be directed, by the vessels, of leadership. Entrepreneurship. Partnership. Citizenship. Friendship. Mentorship. Relationships. And more, rising. Up by. Choice, and what, school graduates. Take, your place all, hands. On deck it's, exciting. My. Final thoughts are these the. Collective, we those. Of us who occupied this planet, now and those. Who are yet to be born are counting, on you to, grow your skills your, ideas, your, ingenuity, your resilience, your, dedication, persistence. And your. Commitment, to rise up by, choice. Class. Of 2020, you are exactly. What our world needs we. Celebrate. You, day tomorrow. And all the days after that you're. Part of a new movement rise, up rise, up yes rise up by, choice. Congratulations. And thank, you to the class of 2020. You rock. I graduates. Professor, Camille from the School of Business here, unfortunately. We're not together in person, but. We want to wish you all the best we, are so very very proud of your accomplishments, good, luck and see you soon. Congratulations. Merci students, and to the econ 298, honours students who are graduating Kimberly, Evelyn Julian Stephanie wish you lots of luck and best wishes. Congratulations. Class, of 2020. Professor. Franck torchin, School. Of Business, wishing. You all success. Happiness, and prosperity and. To, remember this quote have. People, always leaving. You by. Saying I never, had, a better experience, with. A human being and. I say follow. Your passions, and also. Network. And build, strong, relationships. Through. Life. Congratulations. You. Did it oh, this. Is professor, Bernstein in the School of Business I just want to take a moment out to congratulate, all of our 2020, graduates. Obviously. It's unfortunate. For everybody, across the country that we will be able to have live commencement, ceremonies, we'll have virtual, ceremony, in, no way to set the Minish your wonderful, accomplishment. And you should feel very very proud of what you have have, done I think. It actually is actually more. Special, than ever in, that not, only have you made your sacrifice. And all the hard work to get your degree now. You're making another sacrifice, of your, life commencement. Ceremony, to, the betterment of our community and society, so I congratulate, you twice and wish you nothing but the best. Congratulations. Everyone I just wanted to wish you well as you move into the next step of your journey best of luck. Congratulations. To, all of our graduating, students the, economy needs you our business expertise, now more than ever good luck.

Hello. Graduates. Congratulations. On your, graduation we, are so very very proud of each and every one of you and we, are so sorry, that we're not with you to celebrate your special day but please know that we are thinking of, you excited. For you cheering, you on from the sidelines, and we. Are, going to follow your. Accomplishments. With pride and joy don't. Lose touch with us enjoy. Your day celebrate. And the, best of congratulations. My. Name is John Casone and I'm, here to congratulate you, and I, hope you're all as proud of yourselves, as I am of each of you you. Are a reflection, of the growth and the vitality of, the Mersey college student, you are mercy. And, you. Have a responsibility. To. Fulfill the dreams of the students, to come I wish, you all a successful and. Happy future. Plus your Wagner from the School of Business want, to congratulate all this year's graduates. In, particular all, of my students, and my. Daughter Allison, is graduating, you. Guys are gonna do great things I, have all the confidence in the world and, congratulations. Again. And. Now, our 2020, graduates, from the School of Business. Melissa. Priscilla Abad. Salman. Abid. Manuela. Chundo. Gabriella, aria with. Distinction. Dale. Carmen, Ava's. Magna. Laude a. Camellia. Alexander. A. Tamale. Syed. Ali, with. Distinction. Eric. Author with. Distinction. Elizabeth. Alvarez Oh Rosales. Laude. Jennifer. Martin's, Alves. Serena. M Amaro. Wilmer. Omar Amaya. Catherine. Why Amparo. Francesca. I'm glad. Naya. Vaughn, Jim. Zoic. A Antonito. Alex. Aparicio. John. Sebastian sovaldi. Para no Yoba magna. Laude. Edwin. J Aponte. Ryan. Aponte. Branya. Aquino, with. Distinction. Stephen. Aranda, with. Distinction. Valerie. Or aho. Vanessa. S Archer, magna. Laude. Jose. Carlos, Arevalo with. Distinction. Carlos. Arrhenius nco, magna. Laude. Cynthia. Ascencio. With. Distinction. Jamila. Yacht's. Laude. Juh. Heel Cristian, Travis, Austin. Victoria. Avalos, with. Distinction. Amanda, li allah. Michael. Ayala. Summa. Laude. Maryam. Aziz. Andreea. Dinero bahar Ali. Danielle. Bailey. Randy. Bayaka. Runa. Bally day my. Ab. Arena, ballad image. Chief. Raj baram, with. Distinction. Jonathan. J benegas, with. Distinction. Clayton. Banks. With, distinction. Clara. Banner. Ruben. Barajas. Diana. Baranski. Laude. Robert. J Barbara. I'm. In a car Rene Barcelona. Eduardo. Barragan. Erika. Bars be, summa. Laude. Robert. F buck use and with. Distinction. Tricia. Bihari with. Distinction. Abdul. Kalam. Rosemary. Bela man, summa. Laude. Ross. Will Benitez. Jeana. Bernard, is. Gina. Burnin des. Marques. Jamal, Barry. Sabrina. Biancaniello. Gerald. Olivia be enemy. And. Up, being. Bob. Inta. Rahul. Pippin. Magna. Laude. Nathaniel. See bittle. Tanisha. Blake. Glenn. Beamer. Molly. H bold. Devin. M Boyd. Vivian. See Boyd, summa. Laude. Tamar. Li Ka bramble. Danielle. Branson. Essence. Bronner. Laude. Carrie. Anne brown with. Distinction. Lihua. Are brown. Naday. Shoe Mallika, Brown. Charmaine. Dee Brown. Megan. Fela Barnard. Laude. Brian. Brunel. Joshua. V Burgos. Kahshanna. M Brooks. Gabrielle. Bush magna. Laude a a. Vonda. L Butler. Aisha. A by field. Ie. Shay by field. Lisa. S by field. Lisa. S by field. Roxanne. Cabrera. Rachel. Calandra. Laude. Matthew. Called, Aaron. Raymond. Calderon. Laude. Nadia. Calvert. Natalie. Come Barry. Shot. A s Campbell, with. Distinction. Simone. A Campbell, with. Distinction. Toni. Annie, Campbell. Marlin. Campos. Laude. Louis. Canal. Louis. A canal a. Syrupy. Capistrano. Magna. Laude. Christopher. A cappucci. Sophia. Rose Caputo. Summa. Laude. Andres. Carmona. Daniil. Carrington. Chiara. Our carter with. Distinction. Tiffany. Carter, magna. Laude. Ingrid. C cardi. Dana. Aileen Castro. Felicia. An Castro, with. Distinction. Eric. D Katarina with. Distinction. Samantha. L Cavallo. Cheryl. A challenger. With. Distinction. Shaun. Charles. Hearn. And chichi. Chen. Chen. Summa. Laude. Jean. Ming Chen. Oh fine. Chan, with. Distinction. Claudius. Cherrington. Stephen, cherrim. Laude. Alex. S chicas ah. Andres. Jimbo. Edison. Patricio, choo-choo Kukai a go. Crystal. See Cintron, Flores.

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Distinction. Cemil. Magna. Laude. Kenneth, Joseph, Sessa. Kenneth Joseph, Sessa. Xianyang sham. A mean, shamsid-deen. With. Distinction. Chin with. Distinction. Grace. Disha voce. Johanna Ruthie, Siegel magna. Laude. Glorious, I'm Pena. Jermaine. T Sinclair. Shalini, Sirica, soon. Eva. M Smith magna. Laude. Madisyn, a Smith. Madison. Smith. When J Smith. Tiffany. A Smith with, distinction. Devyn. Soriano. With. Distinction. Gina. Lisa Soto with. Distinction. Alexis, de sola magna. Laude. Tawana Stephens. I assume, our st. John. Julia, a Sioux Barrow. Caitlyn Sullivan, with. Distinction. Sharni, see Sweeney. Keith's a Sylvester. With. Distinction. Senate, taught VA. Magna. Laude. Yanira, Marilyn Tavares. With distinction. Jordan. Thomas, magna. Laude. Joel tain Thompson. Alec. J Thorpe with, distinction. Modena, IT onco. Siena. M tirado. Neah Todd with. Distinction. Grandin. S Tollett, summa. Laude. Nando, Toro. Catherine, J Toro de. Christina, Torres. Elizabeth, Torres, magna. Laude. Ezequiel. Torres. Ryne Nicolas todo with. Distinction. I Anna, Turpin. Shaf hood in. Emanuelle. I you go. Charlotte, you Laila summa. Laude. Lauren Unger, summa. Laude. Chantal gu Raina. Laude. Nineteen. Vance. Van. Angela Vargas. Jessica. M Vargas. Jose. Vargas. Miriam. Vargas. Lady, M vessel. Vasquez with. Distinction. Arielle is Vega, magna. Laude. Destiny, Vega with. Distinction. Kenia, joseline, Velasquez, Mejia. Melanie. A Vella's. Diamont, Virginie. Gara Lina VR Pierre. Laude. Victoria. Lauren, van flu magna. Laude. Tell me you, know with. Distinction. Allisyn Wagner, summa. Laude. Aldrin. Stephanie, Lee walls. Magna. Laude. -. Wang. Andre. Washington. Alberto watanabe, with. Distinction. The Nile Weldon. Terrence, James white. Laude. Christopher, Edward Whitfield, summa. Laude. White with, distinction. Alexia. Williams. David. Clarke Williams. Summa. Laude. Tasha Monique, Williams. Dondre. Otis Wilson. Stephanie Wilson. Delia. Were shamsky. Jessica. Withers, summa. Laude. Jamie. Right. Inari avondale right Leslie. Laude. So yon with. Distinction. And rooming. Ye. Bryan, ke. Tammi T York. Geordi. Brian Zambrano. Dennis. Then they annoy. Ahndrea jjan in with. Distinction. Islam. Zuzu. Ladies. And gentlemen I now, present to you proudly. The graduating, class of 2020, please, join me in congratulating, our, graduates.

2020-05-23 01:58

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