Scared Buddies Play Until Dawn But Only Make The Worst Decisions | Part 1

Scared Buddies Play Until Dawn But Only Make The Worst Decisions | Part 1

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Hey what's up pals its your buddies and this time we, gettin scared scared, ones. We're. Returning to until. Dawn but this time with, a special, twist everyone's. Dead we're gonna make only bad, decisions. Yeah this time I get to shoot the squirrel and feel completely. Validated. Okay with you shooting this bro thanks man everyone's, gonna fight we're gonna trip, during the QuickTime sequences, everyone that. Can die is gonna die it's gonna die I can't wait I can't wait, let's, do it new story a tiny, butterfly, flapping. Its wings today, may lead to a devastating, hurricane. That's what we're leading to the smallest decision can dramatically, change the future uh-huh, counting, on it he's carefully, yes. They're, all. Drunk. Cuz that's a little drunk right there and, then I'll blame this new trick oh yeah. Now we have to watch this terrible prank on Hannah, I. Can't wait from all, right what's going on with our bro here, he looks yeah, they're definitely all drinking, once, again brother you've outdone us all. Joshua's. Drunks it that's why he, doesn't know about this prank, go. See my have you look so hot in that shirt I, bet, you. Like. This. Frank doesn't age well just. Say maybe. You. Know making. Out oh, she. Just immediately goes for her shirt and they're like feet apart that's. Why. Also why didn't hear stick, to come sausage-like Steadicam, I'm sorry. Yeah, let's, go get her let's wake him yeah I guess. Yeah. Yeah. It's just good cuz we Josh do, kind of not remember, a lot so we time, because he wouldn't, that's. Probably yeah. It, was just a prank Han. Background. Serious. Yeah you okay. Yeah yes. Oh don't, be ever safe. We're. So rude let's, follow the noise yeah. Not. Clear, boyfriends that your sister, obviously. Laughing, so fun the stress level is not a beer time low. Oh. Oh. I, mean that's happening, yeah, yeah. Yeah we don't dead. Oh my, gosh. To. Everything. You do every decision you make from now on will open doors to the, future, every single choice will affect your faith day man the fate of those around you, you, have a committee to commend you. Know where they are is beginning, fart yeah and I want to help you see it through no matter how upsetting. Things make. You. Will always find a way to work through it all right we. Will start with this we go outside okay yeah and I want you to look at the picture on the. Okay. Oh. We're not getting into Sarah honestly okay yeah. Makes, me happy. I. Feel. Depressed or it scares me scares, me. Yes. One. Fears it, not. Everyone will talk again soon. Until, then I suggest you. Try to stay away from. Dark. Places. All. These gifts hope the music I, feel. Like I've been brought back and saved oh yeah best, song ever. I should. Listen to this in my drive. The. Girls themselves couldn't have made it that far something, about that mountain seems to breed tragic, events, she's, like listening, to the. Immediately. Watched after the. Video Remy. Winter. Getaway. Really. Want to spend some quality time with, each, and, every one of you and just.

Share Some moments, that we'll. Never forget. Let's. Do this. Yeah. Let's, make some bad choices. Let's. Try to scale, the fence gates busted, climb over Chris. No we don't trust him let's try to open the big yeah. Nevermind. Let's just listen to the note so, quick. Yeah quick, don't do it safe right, I hope nothing bad happens here I guess. We need to do these to go over it yeah I guess. Let's. Go scale. The, wall, this was the quick option yes. Seriously, why. Are you going full jump for this she's, doing all the way I wanted, to get a good. Oh. Move. We're. Already starting the relationship. We're, gonna kill squirrel butter a game, I played. I've been rewarded, for killing things we got ourselves a totem want to see inside the totem, okay bird. Haha. Give me the bird now - no, animal, is safe what's, this scary thing say past, is beyond our control the, past is under, control so is the future all that you can control is you right now were you at Chris. We. Gonna read his text. Chris. A creep, has a crush on Ashley, is gonna, shoot us. Cool. Well thanks. For I, can take it from here oh also. Don't do any of the things that we doing oh yeah, so, don't open someone's, bag that's not okay to snoop only video, games. Have. You ever met. You. Go. This. Is, a. Huge, scared buddies moment this is such a moment. At. Last I feel, Rudy. Here we go oh I, get to choose the. Choices, in this game. Don't. Make me shoot a moving squirrels, that's so me don't make me sure - squad Oh No, I'll shoot the squirrel, get, him down reach. For the sky. When. We said everyone dies. I. Can't. Wait for them all alike just Throwdown. In major. Argument, already. Shot a squirrel done so much Wow, yeah the squirrel is. Good. They're, a little too aware yeah, you're not wrong Chris at school he was talking about like you know just like one seat away is how you met, your friend yeah like, that's so true like.

You Took this job here, and that's how we became, friends, that's true, Oh Jess. Mike's, new girlfriend, trusting. Kaftan, irreverent. She's cool a lot is cold oh yeah we can run. Like. He was so mean, about the subtle things. Jessica. Be capable of imagining. Insist. Give that back or explain, I'm with Mike now. That's. My motto maybe nosy, Nancy you shouldn't go nosing around in other people's. Nostrils. She, in it you guys go ahead I'm, just gonna wait here for a bit. See who else is coming, me. Mike what I. Mean. You, know whoever. Of. Course is here yeah, I mean. Like. They're dating but. That. Cuz we didn't tell him uh-huh, but they know her thanks. Guys I guess she was a friend. Emily. Uh, Emily. The worst. Best. But ultimately, dead no still oh yeah there. Is. Such a jerk. Yes. It's moments, Mike, intelligent. Driven persuasive. Gonna also die yeah. Michael. You're a jerk. So. Mike is already kind of like making Emily, mad yeah, and they're, getting kind of into some beef and now it's our time to shine let's. Fight should we fight threaten. Threatening, Michael. You got a step off I, love full names Emily, and I are together Michael. Whoa. Whoa. Now. She likes us this time can you do things right away so I can make out what's this other guy. Yeah I need, to go find Sam, agreed. Um. I, really, don't think you should head back down the trail by yourself, Matt are you kidding, me you can't leave me alone for five minutes you really think that little of me it's not what I'm clearly, your. Defense. I'm. Just, trying to be helpful if you want to be helpful then you can help get everything up to the lodge as quickly as you can oh wow, here, we are here, we are this Ashley. As I recall it, likes, Chris. Academic. Yeah inquisitive, forthright. Who Washington. Large grants snooping. I. Need to check the expiration, date on their big breakup that's a good one Wow. Our. Guard down what, are you looking at. Let. Me check it out yeah yeah. Look. Maybe. You just see for yourself you know. Not. Only are we killing them we are. Whoa.

Did, You know. I'm just excited sorry snowball hello. It's a bird in the face. Rocks, no. Bottom. Let's. Get, him Oh director. George. Dang. It sometimes. Nothing is the right thing to do or are. Doing. The wrong. Forgot. We're just trying to be like. I. Know. About. Anxiety well, who makes us anxious men, for. Sure, I'm not scared by planes I am screwed by castigated, by planes I do fear, Heights I am actually scared of drowning, what's your drawing. Knives. Knives, are so scared cockroaches. Are gross. So scarecrow it up yeah I don't like crows are scary they are scary no. Stop. No stuff oh I'm. Sorry I startled. You yeah you did obviously, spiders. Are creepy spiders. Are so creepy creepy. Well that looks like a little Wolfie so I'm gonna go across, storms, are crows crows, really. Stuck with crows right now this guy's a jerk. Josh. Hannah, best brother thoughtful, lovely kind of a weirdo what do you know some, cell towers I'm getting, withdrawals already you. Got a spare million lying around I'll, fix you right up. Go. Get things done I guess. Nobody. Likes coupons. Blue Ox hold. Well. We got ourselves a thinker, nice one. Yes. From all the way down there who did I just got an awesome idea yeah, flamethrower. Just, like we did with Laurie dudes yeah, just point the spray can in the lighter and. I've. Ever done this if, like the flame goes into, the can, it's. Gonna blow up so. It's not safety you could kill, yourself think. The flamethrower. Upstairs so just ignore. Don't, worry. About that Chris let's just go. Worry. About that the whispering, is weird I'm. Very uncomfortable close. That window oh. You. Can't anyway I couldn't. Think. I'd be Choa the baby Wolverine, crouching, in my house. Will. Do yeah, come. On in take. A load off at whatever you want. Just. Hot. Hot. Tea challenge, challenge, or warn or warn what. The hell were you doing with em out on the trail it's, good what I, saw. UNM, the. Telescope, before. We. Just ran into each other distrust.

Mistrust Watch, yourself watch yourself Mike, all, right fight fight, right I'm sure it's all it was you, know what you. Can think whatever you want it's. A free country. Yeah. Here. We go oh. My. God that, is so, gross, just. Are you trying to swallow his face. Seriously. Anymore. No. One wants in on your territory huh, you weren't even in the room when she started kissing him. Not hear me with your sluttiness too loud Oh someone's. Bitter she didn't make. All a big, cattle call with that dreamboat, Congrats, your top cow that's real deep calling miss homecoming it, can I haven't even done anything, provoked. Boom. You're. Making everyone I'm coming, yes jealous. Much, Emily, to frigid, for you too hey. That's that's, uncool whatever. I don't. Give a crap what you think at least I can think 4.0. Bitch on a roll suck on that when you're trying your needs. Grad your armor all natural advantages, you can handle, you, couldn't buy a moldy, loaf of bread with your skanky, ass. Shut, your mouth Jess Jessica. Okay. No you're. The one who needs to keep your nose out of other people's business I'm about to get right up and your business. Because. I am down to get real we. Can't get along for 10 minutes get, a little bit of a break right, Mike. Why, don't you check out the guest cabin when I told you about yeah. Dang. It about. That Oh. Where's, my back and, when I got on Rodeo. Everybody. Argue, just, like, guys. Pull out that popcorn, I'm go yeah. The bat I swear it takes place over seven chapters. Oh. This, cabin. Is, the coziest, the, most romantic, love, den you will ever layer, as. If. We ever make it. I'm. Feeling, we're not some how we paid their relationship, better than ever apparently, all these kids a live off of buying, it yeah. Danger. Toto. Good. To go. Why, you just standing in the window, bro why, are you just standing in there looking at people it's weird. I. Thought, it said shoes and, I was like. Yeah. Who. Says that when they start music like it's pretty good right I'm, doing, great right bring the heads I could be a DJ, I, wonder if we can kill one of them on the way that's, great. Wow. They, never close the investigation. Okay. I'm getting. The creeps now yeah. I guess, ask yeah being respectful here yeah I guess not. You. Barely even remember what happened we played a, stupid. Half-baked. Prank, that probably acted that killed. It's. Not our fault they, ran into the wood mm-hmm, wait so she was here like.

This. Story is I. Don't. Understand, that you push, the card push. The card do, it yourself. There's. A I, think if you can push, it. She. Didn't even notice that I didn't jump down to help. Try. It again. Back. Into it. You. Try one more time. You. Know. She. Just, squeeze fast she said it well she wouldn't fit all right bye. Gonna. Walk down the road. We. Know you. Injury. Twice. Danger. Danger Danger, Danger. I, know, what all the jump scares are and they still upset, me so it's, just us up here nothing, to worry about. 22:44. We'll figure out when she. Happy. Christmas, he. Said. From Josh I think my, brother has never given me anything engraved, before. Got. That started, that's like the main part of the game called. Until death. Five. Hours until that. Here. We go I just wanted to say. Really. Means a lot to me that everyone came back this year and you know that. You. Can Sam, I ship. Yeah. Just. Be serious. With. My dad all the time. Before. You got too, busy to hang out with big. Sad boy. Okay. Mr. demand oh. You. Just take your freaking time bright can. You just keep the light so, I can see alright. Man I'll. Do better next time, first things first we got to increase the water pressure before we get the boiler fire. We'd, bring too much to last. You're. Freaked out. Sure. Totally. It's never be concerned, yeah. Maybe. We should, check. It out what. If it's like a, pipe that's about to burst or some problem with the furnace is likely, look. At that touch. Them. Together. Ahead. Of us. People. Say that when their. Wiki. Was I CRO. Let. Us investigate, your feelings, toward, other people in Greater yeah, okay, normally I would say loyalty but maybe, we should say honesty yeah I value, on. Misty. Be. True to yourself than to help others in need right kind of time already we talk against okay. There, we have it we, have set them on a bad, course there's, already been two deaths. Animal. Deaths next. Time people are gonna die and. Their. Relationships, are gonna be torn apart prior to die it was good to be bad.

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"we are gonna make all the bad decisions this time" makes most of the same decisions

Prediction: at the end they will all be dead

*lies* “Alright man I’ll do better next time” And I gotta say girls always say something that will get themselves killed No offence for the girls

This guy looks like a Beastie Boys character.


does someone wanna explain the 7 limbs joke cause jeez

Gonna leave out heavy rain huh?

This is beautifully animated

I love it when Zach and Kelsey play video games together... ❤️

words can’t tell how happy I am about this.... LOVE YOU GUYS and Until Dawn

How do you not understand that joke. All 7 of my limbs. 2 arms, 2 legs, head that's 5 add your boobs that's 7.

Until bath should be the actual name

One of them would have died yes

7 limbs must be 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head, 2 boobs.

There isnt a bad choice in Beyond tbh. You should've put Heavy Rain instead of Beyond and LIS

Call me Kevin is annoyed at this point lol

28:10 look at the shelves

Until Bath t-shirt anyone?

13:49 IM DYING

“All 7 of my limbs” - I’m guessing head, legs, arms, boobs lol

13:40 they legit harmonized

This in game tea is delicious

7 limbs: Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, left boob, right boob, booty.

UNTIL BATH Coming soon

I laughed way too hard at the high five rejection LOL

This reminds me of Detroit become human for some reason

Why da fuq does Josh look like Rami Malek like da fuq

Top 10 biggest tragedies


Em: Honor roll Me: Honor roll all years!

Anyone else think that them singing oh death sounds like the tune of amazing grace

Dying over that 'until bath comment

They really harmonized their "OHHHHHH" at 13:40

You should play Man of Medan! It was made by the same developers as Until Dawn.

It's 2019

For some reason. I just love that they are making all the bad decision

The therapist guy or watever he is looks like the grandpa version of the situation from jersey shore

Samantha's name isn't Hadyn it's SAMANTHA!

I'm dying, this is hilarious. If you're down, y'all should do a stream of Life Is Strange!

29:32 I thought he was gonna say *You just got bamboozled*

I think the seven limb joke around 23:30 was about her boobs

I just want Sam to be fine, she is my favorite character.

There are a lot of differences from last time. Is this a new updated version of until dawn?

Matt looks like Jordan fisher

So who was chasing Hannah and Beth

Back here again

I watched FBE play it after this and I liked them making the right decisions but I also like seeing a different way of playing it.

Are you even killing Wolfie?

big sad boy xDDD

the blonde female character looks like Hayden / Kirby from Scream

#birdsaregross please make this a thing

Every time they said “until bath” I died

7 limbs including her boobies


Buzzfeed: We're just gonna kill everyone! ~_*Psyco Mode has joined the chat*_~

There is something in the back when Sam pressed the button of until bath

16:18 the clothing change

Oddly, that hanging High Five was the hardest thing to watch. I may need therapy after seeing that.

"I still have all seven of my limbs" lmao


They're singing has me dead

It doesn't REALLY matter what choices you make...Except to decide who lives and who dies at the end...Also-You said you like Chris and Em the least, so it made sure that they survived..

Sadistic, but good. Job well done.

I love the “Oh Death” song since it was in Supernatural when the character death was introduced lol

the supernatural one with the mile high black dudes with low boomin voices is freaky and you can almost feel spirits approach you *shudders*

13:40 Did y'all hear that harmony though ?!

I just love Kelsey’s outfit changes in this video

You guys should play the Man of Medan. Sequel of Until Dawn! They’re making a sequel anthology, I believe!

Why do the camera and audio seem different???

Aubrey Tetzlaff it’s the actors name

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