Scale Your Sales #069: Larry Long Jr - Seize The Business Opportunities Now or Someone Else Will!

Scale Your Sales #069: Larry Long Jr - Seize The Business Opportunities Now or Someone Else Will!

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Hello and Welcome to Scale Your Sales podcast,  now my next guest is the director of Collegiate   Sales at Teamworks, he is also  founder and CEO of Larry Long Jr LLC   which focuses on sales motivation,  inspiration, training and coaching. So   Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Larry Long Jr. Thank you so much for having me it is a privilege   and a pleasure and an honour to be here with you  Janice. All right don't over, I get it Larry.

We're all trying to Scale our Sales we are we're  going to do that we're going to do that and I   know this is going to be lots of fun for you  audience members. So Larry let's start off with   the pandemic the UK today has just gone into its  second lockdown this is having an impact on all   businesses, all associations and everything. So  what does it look like from your end in the US?  It's been quite the adjustment you think  about it we're on lockdown we're used   to being out there face to face I think  they say B2B that stands for body to body   and now we've had to go virtual so  essentially we're getting used to the   boxes it's like the brady bunch he got boxes  everywhere some people don't want to turn   on their camera it's like wow I still need to  establish these relationships I still need to build trust in order to business but we've  had to make the adjustment to the digital   world so it's all about being flexible going  with the flow putting on our thinking caps   and just being creative and innovative  so that we can still make things happen.   what is the one thing that you've found has made  a difference to enable you still to make those   connections and relationships with people through  this medium? I’m going to give you two. I know you   asked for one I’m listening and that's the number  one it's listening for us we've been getting close   to our clients just asking questions and sitting  back and listening to understand number two we've   had to get creative we've had to put on our  thinking caps and after listening figuring out   how can we serve how can we help how can we assist  and be a resource to our clients and our prospects   during these turbulent times we're going through  some turbulence we're going through some chaos   then the rocky waters what we found is it  presents an opportunity for us to help even more   and in different ways than what we did before  but if we kept doing what we were doing before it   wouldn't work I can guarantee you that there's not  many guarantees in life but essentially what got   you here won't get you there so we've just been  flexible and adapting to the current environment.   I think it's really interesting because we  wouldn't wish this on anybody however there   are some real advantages because in the sales  environment people sales people like to talk   don't they and they're not so good at the active  listening and so by having this restriction   has actually brought the importance  of listening and really focusing in   so much more it's gone to another level. I wonder  when we come out of lockdown do you think those  

skills will be maintained or we'll just go back  to where we were before? Because these are real   opportunities but there are opportunities that  you really want to continue to take forward.  So true and that's a great question I wish I  had the crystal ball my thought is that those   who are going to continue to win will continue to  adapt what happened is things were going up before   we were in a great market everything was hunky  dory it's all rainbows and sunshine well that   changed and we had to change what I think is  that when we come out of this and things ramp up   those folks that go back to doing things the way  that they did before just throwing up on people I   caught logaria diarrhoea in the mouth and not  really listening not really caring about what   the clients and what the prospects what they're  going through they're going to lose and like you   said this is terrible but e through the bad times  it presents opportunity and I’m fortunate to be   able to see it just first-hand the opportunity of  folks up levelling their sales skill to listen and   to actually drive a match when we're selling I’m  thinking that we're playing matchmaker between   whatever we have and our prospects their needs,  their wants, their desires, their challenges,   hopes dreams and aspirations. So talking about the  hopes dreams and aspirations what's your view in   the B2B environment whether it's shifted enough to  deliver those hopes dreams and aspirations to be   buyer and customer centric? We still have  a ways to go we're showing improvement   but that just tells you how far off we were before  because before folks that didn't belong in sales   folks that didn't even have the basic fundamentals  of selling skills they were able to get by because   essentially everyone's flushed with money. Now  that things are tighter and things are tougher   if you're not able to pinpoint those values  that value proposition that you're able to add,   people just want to know "what's in it for me? how  can you help me? can you help me make more money?  can you help me save time? be more efficient, take  care of my employees, take care of my clients" if   you're not able to clearly deliver that right now  people are saying like sweet Georgia brown ain't   nobody got time for that so essentially we've  got to continue to up level because if we go back   there there's going to be some winners  and there's going to be some losers   you make the choice I know where I want to be I  want to be on the winning side hashtag winning.   So I want to find out a bit more about you how  did you get into to sales and your special energy   around what you do? Saw her off sales lawns by  Larry I was 12 years old knocking door to door my   mom made a little flyer for me and I was scared.  She said, what's the worst that someone can say?   I said no. She said, is it that bad? I said yes.  I don't like to hear no she said boy you better  

get your behind on out there I went knocking  on doors and I loved it I picked up clients to   mow their lawn and then two no a year later my  sister's 10 years younger she was three my mom   dressed her up in her Sunday’s best she said take  your sister with you on the one thing I learned   is having a cute little baby girl certainly  increases the sales, who can say no? I mean I   got the face for radio so it was like I get out of  here but when they looked at her and they said oh   where do I sign up. I grew up in VA hospitals  my parents serve veterans and I’ve always just   loved serving others and the great thing about  sales is we get to do that for a profession. We   get to help other people accomplish their goals  overcome any obstacles that are in their way and   it's a win-win-win situation so just I mean I’ve  been selling my whole life like I said my sister's   10 years younger when she came being an only child  it's like oh what about me oh look at cute little   tiffany I’m like what about crazy Larry? So I  had to learn how to tap dance and how do I really   get some attention over to me and the best way to  get attention is to drive value for other people. 

that's a great way drive value for other people.  I want to talk about we're both black people here   and there's a lack of diversity in the sales  industry and there's a lot of more focus on   gender diversity but I want to talk about Black  Lives Matter and the impact that's having in   America and specifically in the sales industry.  What is your sense? we have a long ways to go.   We're making some progress and it's good to see  I’m not going to sugar-coat it's good to see   that we're having the conversations. In the  past it was swept underneath the rug like   ah that's taboo we don't go there well yes we  need to go there and really it's a microcosm   of our society realizing that folks that are  black and brown have been treated differently   which is not right and essentially there's right  and there is wrong and organizations individuals   try to get away with the grey area well and you  can justify anything I mean we're in sales I can   justify anything but when you look at it from just  a clear mindset there's right and there's wrong so   it's great that we're having the conversation but  there's a saying that your actions speak so loud.  

I can't hear what you're saying so I’ve got my  popcorn and I’m watching and I’m taking notes   and I think mark Cuban who's one of the sharks on  the shark tank he said it at the beginning of the   pandemic he said "during this time just watch  individuals and organizations are going to let   their true colours shine through" lo and behold  that's a very bright dude because their true   colours are shining through and it's all you got  to do is look at the actions what are they doing   not what are they saying not what are they  putting out on social media that that's all   fluff that's on the surface. How are you treating  your employees? What does your leadership team   look like? the folks that make the decisions if  we don't have a seat at the table we don't have   any impact I mean let's keep it real so we've got  a long ways to go we're showing some improvement   but and not enough not enough. Not enough and  it's the same in in the UK do what one tactic I   have whenever I get a senior leader I always  ask them the question because they'll give   out the statement they know that by halves but  actually then I’ll say well what's the makeup of   your board? What is the makeup of you the senior  management team? And it's not stuttering often you   just got to be honest because obviously I can look  it up anyone can look it up and I think by asking   the question it's like putting a little pebble and  it's one of those things that keeps reverberating   because they don't want to be asked that question  and be uncomfortable about the answer so I think   just by constantly as you say you've got it's  great we're having the conversation but just   by asking those questions because there isn't it's  there's right and wrong as you say there isn't any   reason why you shouldn't and it is systemic and  there's lots of adjustments that are going to be   have to be made over the years starting right now  starting yesterday in order to make real action   to really change things. So I asked the question  it's not my discomfort it's other people's really   and they need to that's only really when things  change I don't know what you think when people   are a little bit uncomfortable then they really  want to change it. You can see the gears turning   in their head and they're like oh you got me  and it's like hey what you going to do about it   knowing ain't doing I mean I know I’m not supposed  to eat a lot of fried foods but I love some   chicken and biscuits Bojangles I ended up buying  stock and Bojangles because I ate there so much   but I’ve calmed down now but what are you going  to do to make a change and make a difference.   So in talking about what are you going to do tell  me a bit more about your company because it's   quite unusual when I read up about Teamworks  it's quite unusual what they do and how it   comes about and although I saw the apps and it's  really the connectivity and social media things   why is it necessary? I’m going to have to pull  out the gold mic on this one oh I love that we   know that Teamworks makes the dream work  we essentially help to empower and engage   elite athletes so whether that's English premier  league teams that we work with for me I’m on the   colleges and university side the student athlete  in our in our instance is generally at the centre   and there's so many different folks  that are trying to communicate with them   using different methods whether it's text, email,  group me, WhatsApp, carrier pigeon you name it.

we provide one centralized location for anyone  that wants to communicate within an organization,   sports organization in one place, files, digital  files, completing forms, all from the app because   we all keep these things wherever we go why not  use it and leverage it to strengthen communication   to build culture and to keep everyone on the same  page because traditionally they put things on the   bulletin board that gets missed they tell things  verbally and we're talking about athletes here who   aren't always the brightest hey what time does  the bus leave again how many times do I have to   tell you now it's go check your team works and  then we acquired a company called influencer   that's a social media platform that allows elite  athletes to tell their story twitter I think the   millennials call it Instagram, TikTok and next  year they're going to be able to monetize college   athletes will be able to get paid for their name,  their image, and their likeness well you better   build your brand so that other brands will say  we'll pay you Bojangles will say we'll pay you to   represent our brand now for me I know I’m getting  a little long-winded I’m going to wrap it up   I played baseball at university of Maryland my  father ran track there my sister ran track there   I think over across the pond you call it rounders  everyone laughs and they say ah you play that   little game rounders I’m like ah it's baseball  but essentially I’m at the intersection of sports   which I love technology I’m a tech geek and then I  have the opportunity to lead a team so it's really   the trifecta. Larry I love your editions. This  is in full colour isn't it. What's next? I know   everyone's wondering. I’m just waiting for  the next thing. Oh my god, right, okay so   What one tried and tested strategy would you offer  listeners to scale their sales? Tried and true   it's making sure that you have tough questions.  Tony Robbins the great Tony Robbins said  

"the most successful people ask the best questions  therefore they get the best answers" what I’ve   found and what I’ve observed with the teams that  I work with is that when you ask the good and the   tough questions and you shut up and listen  you'll get the good and tough answers your   prospects your clients will give you the path  to the order but so many times we're talking   we're spewing how much we know and the and the  folks on the other side say so what who cares it's   like a doctor if I go into the doctor and I tell  the doctor it's my shoulder and he's talking on   talking this and that about oh I’m the best ankle  surgeon I’m like doc you're missing the spot ain't   nobody got time for that I’m going to go find  someone who's going to listen and take care of my   pain I don't care how great you are ankle surgery.  That's what happens so many times in sales.   We're talking about how great of an ankle surgeon  we are and the folks our prospects are having pain   in their shoulder so the tried and true test is to  ask the right questions listen and then determine   how you can help solve their pains how you can  help them accomplish their goals you can address   their needs that's winning right there. Wow  certainly, so tell me a bit more about the LLC,   Larry Long Jr. I’m shining I’ve been doing  this for years Janice I’ve been talking  

you can tell I like I got the gift of gab I’ve  been talking I’ve been sharing I’ve been coaching   but I never formalized it I mean 2018 I had nine  corporate engagements I didn't make a dime and I   didn't do it to make a dime and I still don't but  now that I’ve formalized it I have the opportunity   to help even more organizations and individuals  that want to take their game to that next level   on a scale of one to ten let's look at it how are  you in your discovery calls let's be honest maybe   you're a seven I’m going to come in and help  you take it to an 8.5 maybe you say hey Larry   I’ve been doing this for years I’m an expert okay  you're a nine what's holding you back from being   a 10 and I already know the answer I’m going to  listen to what you had to say but I know it's that   person in the mirror. If you've got the blinders  on and you're not opening the new techniques   that might work to getting creative then you're  missing out on the opportunity and if you're not   going to seize the opportunity I guarantee you  there's someone who will so I help individuals   and organizations step their game up from a  motivation inspiration sales, keynote speaking,   coaching and training perspective. I love it  because I get to see the development of people  

take their game to the next level and in return  I get to win as well. Fantastic, I love it when   and especially it's normally a man that says  to me when I go in and work with companies.   Even in their body language if they don't say in worlds like what can you teach me I’ve been doing   this for years and I love when I’m walking out  after the engagement how they're my best friend.   It's funny how that works. That's the challenge  and that's what I absolutely love how can I  

turn it around to actually really enable them  not embarrass them but enable them to modernize   their thinking and modernize their understanding  of the world that they think that they are in   because the world has changed around them it's  just that they haven't changed their system   I do a lot of social selling looking at key  account management and focusing on a customer   success, customer experience because I think  that's how you grow your revenue routes   by retaining your customers and really looking  after them and really getting on upselling   cross-selling all of those things but it's like  I’ve known these this company for years how many   connections do you have in that company one or  two it's like well you need to have 10 or 20.   You're at risk that one person leaves then  all of that so and then once they've got it   they can really see it and they run  with it isn't that fantastic Larry?   Once they've got it they're running with it  they're a different person they're so much more   energized that's what I’m sure you love too. It's  so great to see and what you talked about getting   close to your current clients that's also a  great referral source people, love to help people   if you have a track record of helping them show  me that me and I’ll do anything for you it's just   amazing that the tighter those relationships are  it's just magical some folks say what's the silver   bullet what's the magic dust and there isn't  any essentially it's about true relationships   building trust and actually adding value to other  people with no expectation in return people can   smell commission breath they can when you got to  pop a couple tick tacks a couple mints but that   that commission breath ah it still comes through  strong but if you truly care with your heart,   with your mind and you say it you say it through  what you say as well as your actions the sky's the   limit. Sky's the limit! Okay so Larry who is your  Hero or Shero? I can't just come with one I’ve got  

a hero in shero my mother and then my father god  rest god bless his soul they're both my heroes   just having the opportunity to grow up around  them to have them lead and coach me and parent me   has really made me the person that I am and  it's just amazing how blessed how fortunate I   mean my father grew up in Baltimore city in the  projects single-family home an abusive father   wasn't there alcoholic and he made it through  he made it through because of his internal drive   but also mentors many mentors and that support  group and essentially he passed that on to me   both in his words as well as his actions my mom  just an amazing woman we talk every single night   we do a little trivia game every night at 9  00 pm and my mom is just amazing and I would   say that they're both my heroes my heroes and I  owe the world to them god really blessed me and   I can't say enough I can go on and on about my mom  and my dad. Oh that's fantastic, that's wonderful!   Larry how can listeners get hold of you? oh  goodness by hooker by crook nah on LinkedIn you   can see me I got to smile for a mile Larry Long  Jr and I would love to connect a would love to   interact and anything that I can do to help assist  and serve as a resource for you just let me know   so Larry Long Jr on LinkedIn would love to connect  with you. Brilliant you've been a fantastic guest   I’m going to have to bring some pops to compete  with you next time round so listeners if you're   listening to this on audio you need to go onto  the video as well because Larry brought his game.  He said you bring your seatbelt you  got to be ready when you come through.  

You're in for the ride so thank you for being  a guest on Scale Your Sales Podcast Larry it’s   been an absolute delight. The pleasure's  all mine thank you Janice all the best.

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