Scale and Grow your Business Fast with Outsourcing - First Time Hiring Experience pt 2

Scale and Grow your Business Fast with Outsourcing - First Time Hiring Experience pt 2

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All right so when did you hire be a number two is it a month later a few months later and and what cheese did you that, ii hire i was, trying to think about those so i, we, didn't hire a second VA right away we went with. Graphic. Artist so. Then. It was the, the first one was the first decision was the toughest because it was like what would we outsource once. We did that then, and that's the piece i was just speaking to you like don't even worry about that piece like you're probably thinking that and it's okay you have something, you can outsource trust me but. Then we were able to look at what are the what are specific, tasks, what are the specific, talents, that we need and graphic. Artists for us was just number one on the list like that was the thing that we were going to fibre for, most often right it was like okay, i mean like we absolutely. Know our way around photoshop, and it was just getting ridiculous like we were just getting in trouble with ourselves so it, was like we needed to have somebody on, staff. That we could count on for that and, so that was it that was easy but it wasn't it wasn't quick like it we really, you. Know cuz we're super cautious and that's kind of our thing and so we waited I'd, have to go back and look but I feel, like we waited a few weeks before we were like oh maybe we could hire more people you know and. Then. We brought in the the graphic arts and that kind of busted. The dam wide open it was I go and then we could have this and then we could have this it was like anywhere, where because. We built every, aspect of our businesses, ourselves, and we did that on purpose because of the vetting business like we needed to know what. All of those components look like because. One of the things that we educate about, is making sure that you know what questions, to ask before, you hire somebody right and so we had to do that for ourselves and, so we it was easy for us to look and go okay what are the elements that we can turn over because, because, we hadn't turned over any of our business to other company we had tried but we had taken it all back again and so. That aspect was easy to go okay what are the technical, pieces so whether it's audio editing, or video editing or graphic design some. Of those elements if you've got those elements in your business those are easy to, think about outsourcing, to and and most, people I think don't think, about outsourcing, to a freelancer. Because, no. One wants to man it like like the Guru's and the e lance's and the what we I'll get that on some level in the virtual world they, can up and disappear, and you, have no recourse right other than maybe you'll get your money back but from a business standpoint so what like that's momentum.

Lost, And. So I think most people don't think about freelancers. For that they go looking, for like, the graphic design company or the, branding company or the marketing company it's like really they, just need something on hand so so that's the other piece that I think free up allows. Companies to do is get very specific about what you need, right. Not having to hire a, full. Services, company, for, just a small piece of it it allowed us to customize our businesses, in a really, cool way and to, maintain control of them which, was important to us. Comfortable. What. Changes, did you start to make what did you start implementing yeah. Who's. Nuts, like it was literally like crazy. Town over here because it was it. Was so addictive, it was like okay wait now we need this and so I mean everything, changed, like everything, our businesses, don't look anything like what they do I mean mind. You when we met you you was just and I we had investigators. We had other but it was all very. Cumbersome. Like it was all very like, we. Were resistant, and, then we finally like we had a duplicate, ourselves the investigators, we had to duplicate first, and. So we'd had some experience, but that was like you. Know turning over like, top-secret information like that was challenging, for the counter and tell people and so the. What, happened, after, our experience with you all was this real, like just relief of like wait there are solutions. You. Know some of the stuff we were still wanting. To look for, higher, levels, of and would so I'm glad that you mentioned that free up offer services, at different levels because. I never dreamt of using. You all for. Some, of the consulting, stuff and it. Was like oh well what what you know and again it's like he probably told me a thousand, times but I just I couldn't hear it like I just didn't have those boxes and so. The fact that then, it was like oh well we need someone to advise us on this who do you have and that's. Worked out phenomenally too, and I love the fact that we're, in control of that like we don't have to pay you, know by into some 5,000, 10,000, $15,000, program as we're, figuring out, what. We really want to do and. We have an amazingly, vast. Network, of professionals. But, there were still some aspects. That we, needed that, we. Weren't finding elsewhere, we weren't finding it in the way that we wanted, and. So it's, really allowed us to maintain again, like I said control but but be able to put these other aspects, in place and so, it, changed. Everything like again, everything, is systemized every we we kind of made our own mantra. Amongst. Ourselves which, was you, know the, efficiency. First right it's like I get. That it may appear, to be our systemization, first that I get that it may appear to be quick or just to send out that email, but.

If It's something that's gonna be duplicated, throw it in a Google Doc you know train, somebody on it have somebody else do so we have a track, record of it because, what we found in the very beginning when we were we were having to go back and, find. Stuff you know be like wait how did we address that how do I was like okay this is ludicrous so now it's like we, don't address an email we don't address an issue or a customer service complaint, or anything, else without. Documenting, it right. And and, so so that it's when, I say it's changed, everything like, it's changed how we think it's changed how we do business you know em to be much more efficient we have boxes, to put all that stuff in now. Books. On that. Five. To ten years and they're gonna do it and you're not adding, another thing to your plate because you're way better at XYZ, and I need you doing that right now so once. You finally got into the mentality to things change so if we need a graphic designer we have it or suppose we need someone, to come in and give us, like we're doing it right now for, LinkedIn we don't know the first thing about LinkedIn I understand, how it works I don't know anything about how, to maximize it so we hired someone for five hours a 50 bucks an hour to just consult with us go through what. We're doing wrong points, in the right direction and, a lot of times that's way better than anything I could do in in three, if I commit all my time to it so there's. A lot of different creative ways you. Can pull these people together so let's, keep going you said that you said that you talk to people and CEOs facing different events about, your experience, what, else have you not mentioned what else do you do on a daily basis, to get the most out of its freelance experience, oh my. God it's it's just ongoing like, I'm so glad that you mentioned that because it's you know I'm listening to myself recall, this stuff and it's it's like I wasn't an idiot, but it was like I just couldn't. See certain things and so it's like pulling, those layers off on every. Single level and allowing, that to continue to happen I think is is the real blessing. And all of this like it's a continual, growth like you're talking about now, you're you, know you don't have to be the master social, media but because you're. So good at the outsourcing. And so, familiar. With that process, you can move even faster you know and I think that that's that's, a piece it's no different than like we train people on the due diligence process once, you've established it, into your business you can move much. Faster. Than, if, you don't establish it like there's there's a little bit of the training up front and the positioning, and maybe altering, of the business but the you, know using you, know freelancers, using remote hires is, I, mean, that that's really the gift in all of this is that everything. That you bring on now is faster, it's more. Founded, in the organization, and it just expedites, everything, it. Expedites. It from a very. Just. Solid space. Right not the flighty growth, that, we see a lot of entrepreneurs doing like where it's it's, just like oh now, I'm gonna hire this person and this person this person but it's it's.

Well Founded, their systems, and processes, to back it up and so I love that you gave voice to you. Know our tendency, to think, that we need to be the expert and that's not what I'm suggesting at all I think, that it, is important, though for the business owner to. Make. Intelligent, decisions. And. So. There's, a big difference between turning. Over ten fifteen thousand dollars to a company, to do something when you're not even really sure what, it is you're trying to do yeah, it's, a lot of Justin. Says all the time you know hope is not a due diligence plan, and, you. Know versus, I'm, going to find the people who know and I'm gonna hire them to consult with us and bring sososo, in, one you're kind of flinging. Your business out there and abdicating, it and the other you're, bringing. The expertise, into your business and I think that that is truly, the make or break it for most. Successful. Business models and and, the, creativity you know I think a unites clicked so much early on because it was like and I told you flat I was like you you can move as fast as I do like like, I didn't have to explain a lot of things to you which I really appreciate, about you and I and I was able to go hey I need this like how do I make this happen like and there wasn't a lot of well, we. Needed a like you don't stop like you just like did, it done and it's like oh my gosh this is brilliant, right and I and, then it became clear like I was slowing you down in, our conversations. Which is highly, unusual for me and, so I appreciated, that more than you know, and. And. It's important to know kind of where you. Are in that process like don't jump into, remote. Hiring, thinking. That you, are an expert at it when you've never done it before right like like give yourself, and your business an opportunity, to. Grow. Into. It because. Otherwise you're, gonna get frustrated, right you're going to I've. Talked to a ton of people like well I try, to do this and edit it or done it didn't work and this person and I'm like ok, where are you, and all of that like how, did you prepare for that how did you what ownership, did you take did you go back another well they just sent this out it was all wrong and I'm like and that, was another piece like I had to be okay knowing, like the world wasn't gonna stop spinning and, the. Businesses weren't gonna fail. If. The, wrong email went out right, it was like okay. Got it you know I really. Had to let go of some of that and say this. Is a training opportunity, the same way you would do if it was an employee right, so, so, kind, of that thing - and once. I got okay with that we had very few, like.

We Don't have issues right there there there was maybe one or two situations. I can think of where. I had, to go back and say oh you know I apologize, this was the wrong template, that got sent out you know that that's our error but. That's business, 101, you know it's customer service one, one and and. So I think that I can see like I give you all a lot of credit for running a business like this because I'm, sure you, are the. Victims. Of a lot of blaming you know because it didn't work and it's like you, know from the business, owners perspective, you. Have to be ready to take this on because it's. You. Have to be able to own your stuff and you know it's like where are you, fearfully. Abdicating. You know, yeah. I. Had a bad experience at, wasted some of my time which is to my money my, stop outsourcing, for two years and now I'm ready to give it a shot again. What. Were you doing for those two years you just just your, business and you just finally went crazy and now you want to get out of it again like just, because you have no one has a hundred percent higher. Doesn't. Exist like even, now I'm pretty close it's well over ninety five percent but last, year I hired one assisting, and I fired him within a few days because I realized it wasn't the right fit and moved. On with my life and it cost me four, bucks, and you, just kind of you. Can just give up on hiring just because you have that one experience, it doesn't go exactly what you want you have to focus, on what you control, understand. That there's gonna be elements you can control and things are gonna come up and things aren't going to go exactly what you want and like, every, other part of business there's a risk and there's always gonna be a rest and there's nothing you can do to make there is zero so you have to continue, to chug for because at, some point you just hit a ceiling where you can't grow if you stop appearing and thank you start hiring you've, just missed out on all that time you could have been hiring and growing to, get to that next point but. Here's the challenge is, that that dould conversations. Are not common, in most, entrepreneurial. Circles, they're, just not like like we talked about building teams and we talked about you, know collaborating. And all these other things but, most. Entrepreneurs. Aren't thinking, about hiring. Right, I know we weren't it, was like we were gonna come up with all these other creative, solutions, and it's like at the end of the day that's. A huge, game-changer right, and it's in its and laughing, but I'm like no that was us 100%, us like we, looked at each other like what did we think we were gonna do here you know but it but. Again it, is just kind of that you, don't know what you don't know and, I do think, that we, owe it to budding. Entrepreneurs, and startups, and new businesses, to be a lot more honest, about this conversation and, say that's, why I say start now put, it in your business plan now because you'll grow that, alongside, your, business don't, do what we did you know and wait five years or six years or seven years before you're like oh maybe we should actually be taking a look at this now. We had really unique business, models, and so if you are in that kind of a situation and, you want to dip your toe and outsourcing, all I can say is don't wait.

Because You're. Gonna come up on the same thing and, persevere. Through it, not, only that and this is kind of a little bit more you know out there a little bit woowoo but but one of the greatest things is that I got, to drift off of your, cellular. Confidence, in, the hiring space, and that's one of the things that we look for when we partner up with companies, is like what. Do they bring to the table that we, haven't mastered yet like, I don't need to go out and I don't need to go build a remote hiring company I don't need to do all those things I get to just simply kind of sidle. Up to you and be like oh you can do this and and if I if, I'm sitting, in the right place vibrationally, I can, just simply drift, off of that and and. Build off of your cellular, confidence, I don't have to make, all you the mistakes you made in the beginning and all these other things like that's really, to. Me the, beauty of free up is that you've done, all of that preliminary work, for, us you've, mastered, it you you provide research I mean I think I told you like the e-book, that you said I was like the best thing ever oh you, note again and I'm I'm. A pretty smart person, like I have a master's, degree I was a counterintelligence agent like, you know I'm intelligent. There. Were just aspects, of our business that I couldn't, see because I was too close to it and, by. Seeing. It through your eyes or bring it like I get I can't, even tell you how many situation I've brought to you you're like you, just do this and I'm like this. Is a big deal, like huh you don't understand, it's very complex, you like not, really like it's pretty simple like you just do this not like okay, you know and of course it was just that you know but it but, I think as the business owners the visionaries, as the ones that have been doing it, we're so close to it and so it's hard to see. Critically. You know it's hard to see from a detached perspective. And that's, another value, that you all bring is like you know, not, only you and Connor, but free up and the. People that work with you like, they'ii kind, of shoulder, that burden for, us you, know as we get comfortable in it and as we're able to carry that and it really is a beautiful, segue. For. You. Know most of us eat breathe and sleep our businesses, and it's like we're you know it's like our babies you know the, turn aspects, of it over can. Be a little intimidating, and I think that you will do a great job of, smoothing. Out, that transition, for folks. Expectations. You set with them upfront it's a communication. Is there something, you don't come up with do you do any of that or not really. We. Do but from a little bit of a different angle and so so, what we do is we just like. Asana, is. A big thing for us like we talked about and so it. Kind of our systems, and our processes, do a lot of our filtration for, us at this point and so we always, baby step everything like I don't care how many successful, hires we've had we, still baby step with everybody, and so it's, just.

A, Testing, you know it's like are they responsive, or this and that like I. We. Don't have to do a ton of that because you all do a ton of that and so. That's. We hold to that same bar, if you will if there's stuff above and beyond which occasionally, there is like maybe. There's something that's really proprietary we want to make sure that we're emphasizing like, this is we, need to segment out this stuff, you. Know we'll address that from our level but for the most part we just baby. Step everybody in and and, so we don't immediately go here here's all this work you know and then two. Months later when it's not done right so I get irritated at them like like, we do, a test run and then we do another task and then we are they responsive, are they getting it done on time if it didn't get done on time are they communicating that to us you know we just watch we, just kind of throw people into the mix and we watch how they respond, and we. You. Know if it is an urgent type, of situation, where it's like we need something immediately. Then, we handle that differently. Obviously. Like if it's, that then we're much more clearing the expectations, can you accomplish this in, this amount of time and, so we've learned to be very clear on that communication. But for the most part of for integrating, them into our ecosystem. If, we, allow, ourselves a, couple weeks to do that not necessarily, because the worker needs it but it's just like you, anytime you throw a cog into a system like there's, an impact and so you want to kind of let that balance. Itself out let them get it, comfortable. You, know sometimes we don't have that luxury because, it is something that needs to be done right away but our preference, is to bring, people into our ecosystem and and, keep them in our ecosystem. Because then, we've trained them and they're you know and so so, we'd like to do. That as much as possible, the. Other thing I'm really, enjoying doing, is playing. With some of the higher level concepts, and and working with some of your folks that we can bring in like, we're now in a position to bring in more and more people say okay how do we do this and how do we do this so now we're building that kind of that advisory, team if you will of freelancers. Which. I didn't, even know was possible right. And so so so, it really is has. Freed us uh-huh for you know, that it, has freed us to, get. Very creative with our business and not feel like we have to do something a specific way, just because that's what everybody else is doing like. We we love the hybrid, model space, and I I, mean I love when someone tries to tell me something, can't be done that way you know I'm like. Figure. Out to do it, because. It's like a puzzle and so free, up is a key component. To, allowing, us to maintain control. Of our business but also to. Be able to stretch it in ways that I never dreamt possible. Awesome. A few quick points so we. Were talking about rush reward right so I just hired an agency it's like free up to take over my Twitter and it's, a few hundred dollars a month let's. Say worst, case scenario, I try them for a week or two and I realized it's not what I want her maybe they did a bad job and I delete the tweets and I'm, out a few hundred bucks best-case. Scenario I never have to deal with that ever. It's. Like low-risk. High-reward than, that Excel Connor I look for those things all day and, buy you ten, things that are low-risk high-reward, and, five of them work out three of them work out my business is in great shape going, for like.

The Venture capitalist, of remote hiring. Monthly. Investing, small amounts of money do, I. Pull it back and the things that do work I pour more money in doing here's. What here's what's so important, about that as I think I think it's important, kind, of a freaking have, you owned this like you do that better than anybody, I've ever seen, like, and that folks, if you're listening to this you're watching this like take. That from him like I absolutely, snagged, that off of you like oh I can just do this and try, it out and you just have this real like. It's nonchalance. But it's it's it's super, brilliant. Nonchalance. It's like yeah and got. It you know and so most. People, aren't. Thinking that way and so, join. Up with freedom if, just to get close to this guy like like just just, drift, off of him because that sort, of mentality really. Is the. Make it or break it for businesses, but a lot of us don't have that it's, the prepare to prepare to prepare and I love that you're giving voice to that. But. It's not natural. To people like like you really have to retrain, yourself like I'm so, much closer to that now but. I'm telling you it's because free. Up has been trading, it is all time you. Know to think that way you know and it's it's it's, I don't know maybe other people do it more naturally than I do but but a key thing also that you were talking about is, that when most people think about freelancing. And remote hires they're thinking, of EA's so, I think it's really really important to continue to reiterate that we're talking about talent. Across the scale and. So so, the idea that you could go to free up to. Handle your social media needs you know and get advisement, on it and everything else you, know I think that's crucial. Absolutely. I'll even give one more example on the lower level. And so I have a 75-page. Document, of how to be needs assistant, and so, if I'm going if I hire someone I'd, say hey take the next three days. Three. Days it's not going to take up any of my time and, I'll. Pay them for their time because that's my reputation if a client doesn't pay I still pay the freelancer, that's just that's just my mentality, and everything so I'm afraid to lose one you can't be afraid to lose money in this because here and there you lose a little bit of money but the ROI you're, gonna make is much bigger than if you don't hire anyone, at all so he, comes back to me in three days and either he knows the stuff and I take one more step forward and I do some one-on-one, and.

I Get. Feedback and I test them again before giving, him more or, it doesn't work out and I came for eight hours times, five bucks an hour or whatever that is for three days and I move on I do the same thing with someone else so I value, my time more, than I value that that, time that I don't have to spend it it's, beautiful and I can, give an example similar. So. We had a I had a conundrum, within one. Of our processes, right the, podcasting, process, is I mean we literally created, the McDonald's, of podcasting, right so it's like didn't put pickle, here like this is and, that's what I envisioned, and through free app we were able to bring that to light because. We. Had outsourced before and all the other things but I had envisioned, this really meticulous process that, we could plug people in at any stage of it and keep, it running because we needed it to be very, scalable. And. So that was that was a really fun puzzle for me but one of the components. I had. Kept, seeing. That. We needed like higher, level. Content. Writing right so. So I started like I we. Requested, a few workers and I'm like okay when we tried a few people I was like gosh something's, not working here. It's not working, and I couldn't figure out what it was and then it dawned on me because. I was thinking okay we're gonna bring in this high level confident, writer which we could have done like I could have stuck with that process but, because I had set his goal of really. Truly, breaking, down each, little step of it it what had illuminated. For me and there was a couple trial and errors a. Couple folks I really liked and we're gonna use them for other projects, which I like that two's IQ bring someone in for this task it's like I'm not a good fit here but I can plug, you in over here or I can you. Know refer you to this space but anyway and. So. So what it illuminated. For me was where I hadn't. Broken down the process far, enough and so then when I was able to break the process down furthest like oh I don't actually need a content, writer what was happening, was it, was something that was repetitious.

And So. It was more like once, the process. Was established. Anybody. Could do it I, was. Thinking it needed to be a Content, writer content, writers are thinking they need to be creative, and work over you know so it was there, was a disconnect, and it took me about a month I was like what, is it like I just couldn't break and then all of a sudden when, it happened it was like oh you. Know but I had to do exactly what you're talking about it some trial and error you like like, and I think that that's the difference and that's that's the gift and free up is that you, have to get really clear, on what you're looking for, you know I couldn't, sit there and go oh I need, a marketing, person like what does that mean, you know like that's the biggest issue. That we see in the due diligence side, of the house most situations come. Up unless they're specifically. Fraudulent, or scamming, to begin with but most of them are miscommunication. And most of them are because the business owner wasn't clear like, end of story like we I can't tell you how many times people come to us and they're like well I need someone to do marketing, where I'm gonna hire this company can you bet them like awesome what are they gonna do well, they're gonna do marketing well what does that mean like. They're, gonna send fliers out are they gonna do it like what kind of marketing well this, kind of it and it's like you start realizing like they have no clue what they were hiring them for using. Something like free app like you have to know or. You. Hire the people to help you get clear so, that you can implement, that and that's what I really love is that you've got all of these solutions at all of these various levels. It's, it's like a playground, for me it's like I if you if you've got a systems, like process mind or if you're the visionary. You. Know those solutions, are all there, in. One, place which is also very valuable to us. Absolutely. And right now what, are their last pieces of advice, tips. Things, you learn things, you would tell someone out there that maybe hasn't had as much success as, you've had up to this point and. I just trust, yourself on, some level to really. And be honest, with yourself and so be honest, about where perhaps, you're, your. Own fear, or your own hesitancies. Or your own kind of wounds and stuff or whatever are showing, and. Address, those within yourself, and allow, that. To, to grow you also, in the process and and baby step, it like like. You, know you don't have to like hit the home run right, away you know I think that's one of the beautiful things that we've illuminated. On this you know in the video is that it's it's. Okay like take a baby step out and kind of feel into but don't go running back and hide yourself like like, if it doesn't work out right away ask like why does it not work out one thing you know Nate you're phenomenal with, and I'm sure there's on your team or is like let, them help you they're, the, experts, in that space allow, them to say read here, watch the training video that I didn't what you.

Know But but do that like. Allowed, them to help train, you so that you can, better serve your, business, and. I think that that is. You. Know that will greatly increase, your chances of success um, whether, you use free up whether your remote I like it doesn't really matter I think I think that the inevitable is you, have to have people helping you in your business like end a story or you're. Limiting, your own growth and it, says like you know to pick. Your poison you, know but but do it intelligently, and, be okay, with you. Know you don't have to be perfect, at it right away you know we certainly weren't but, we. Were okay not being perfect and and it's, it's grown. Our businesses, and us in, in, hugely, exponential. Ways and so for that I will always be. In gratitude for you well. You guys gave us a chance to know you're a lot smaller than we are now and you referred me to many. Clients many different so, I am always in debt for that thank. You so much for joining us this was awesome. Action-packed, content, and. I'm really, excited to see what you do next because. Veteran. As I continue to try new things and, have success I'm going to be sharing it with you and I'm sure you'll do the same thing with me so it's gonna be a lot of fun over the next few years beautiful. Yeah this, is this is a great relationship so, thank you Andy and we've met amazing people through you, it's. Just fun anyway, it's fun, so I adore you hey. Have. A great weekend. You, too. Hey. Everyone I'm, making content like this all the time if you like this video please, comment, and like below also, click, the subscribe, button to, get even more content, brought to you thanks. Again for watching and I'll be back at the end of the next video to remind you again.

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