Saturday Training How to push your business to another level with Travorium 6 and 7 figure earners.

Saturday Training How to push your business to another level with Travorium 6 and 7 figure earners.

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Alright. Well, good morning. Good morning. Good morning. We do want to welcome in our Facebook audience. We are just getting everything set up here. Gonna share my slides again and with that, we do want to wish every single one of you happy holidays. I know we're in the middle of all of the Christmas activities and things like that that are happening. I believe

we have mister Darryl Roberts with us this morning. Good morning, Darryl. Good morning, Todd How. you doing, sir? I'm absolutely incredible. How about you, my friend? Man, I am fantastic and I am improving. Uh and I and I believe it. Cuz

we have unbelievable things happening as a company. I mean, right now, we are actually going through an incredible explosion of growth. I might call it mini growth. I wouldn't call it like incredible but I mean, we are having a huge surge. Uh get ready to break a

couple more ambassadors. Uh incredible things are happening. Uh some of you may have not seen the promo video from the company In fact, before I even go into the slides today, today, we're talking about the ambassador game plan. We're going to talk about Dreaming Bigger Dreams We're. going to talk about

executive chairman training, right? But I want to segue for a moment because one subject that comes up on a regular basis is, how do you compare Travorium to everybody else out there in the marketplace? You know, how do we stack up to what else is happening out there? And I think this is a very, very important discussion that wasn't really planning on but it came up yesterday couple leaders that ask that question like, wow, you know what? In fact, I want to record an entire training on that because the differences are not settled. They're huge. Uh the differences are not just, I mean, that we give away more to a consumer, not even close. Um but then, culturally, what happens from a growth mechanism is you look down the road, as you duplicate that and extrapolate that out, what is that look like, right? Uh but the company posted an amazing video yesterday and some of you may or may not have seen this.

I want to pull that up real quick in case you haven't seen it. Super super fun. Hey, if you seen it, obviously, you'll enjoy it again. Hey, where are you going this year, right? Um so, this video is posted again just yesterday by the company and it kind of shows you what we're doing as a company this upcoming year. All the different places we're going to and one of the first things you want to do is you know, grab this link. It is in your back

office. So, if you log in to your back office, you'll see the video back there but you want to grab this link where you have the actual link so that you can text this out to people. You you know, Facebook Messenger this to people and so you want to have that link and of course, I have a file called videos and if I just go to my notes on my on my iPhone right here and I know I blur my background here real quick so hopefully you guys can see this but if I just go to notes which is on the iPhone, okay? You just go to notes and I click on that and I type in videos. This is where I keep all of the relevant video links, right? So, if I want to go to Leaders of, the incredible video that you know, Maria did, hey, that's right here. I have that link. I don't have to

remember that. I can just copy, paste. If I want to grab that three-minute video that, you know, mister David Hart did that describes our travel program, I can copy, paste. If I want to grab, you know, you know, whatever video, the compensation video, the Zoom, you know, you know, again, the video I'm about to show you and that video link is readily handling. All I can do is grab that link and I can text that to somebody and so I want to show you guys the video because you haven't seen it. Um again,

super short, super fun but it's a video that you definitely want to have the link in your notes readily available to share with other people and we do this real quick. Sometimes Zoom makes you click on this, then click on that, then click on this, then click on that to do the thing you want to do. Alright, here we go. Let's try this one. We'll go portion of screen. Okay, we'll go here. Alright, so we should have that one in a full screen here.

one thing I forgot to do is click the sound. Sorry, guys. Give me one second here. Oh, I don't have the producer like Darryl does. Alright, here we go. Try this one more time.

With a trap with it lean with it rock with it snap with it all my ladies pop your backs with it. Dubai frame, mosque, marina, harbor mocha Khalifa. By the way, this is an incredible video also. I loaded up the video. That was actually

Adriana's video. That was her Dubai trip and so I I had the video loaded up but I guess some rather was probably playing. It went on to the next video on Vimeo. Um that was the Dubai trip that Adriana went. In fact, they started our Spain meeting last week with that Darryl It. was absolutely

incredible. They played, it's an amazing video that she did and by the way, if you guys want that video link, you know, have that one as well because it's pretty incredible. Some of the videos that are coming out you know, from our field force now are just unbelievable. And you know some of the best tools you're going to have to sell the business are really just the trips that all of you are going on. And that's the that's the big thing and I want to we'll talk about that while I'm looking for this video. And then I wanted to have Darryl come in and and talk about this concept as well. But the big

big difference you know between our company and almost every other company that's ever existed in the travel space. Is that every other company out there they're selling travel discounts. Meaning you join company, you pay your monthly autoship every month and they either give you, you know, some kind of you know, portal where you can go and you can book travel, and it's, you know, less than expedience, less than Google, and there's like 99 different companies like that out there, and all of them are virtually the same. Now, some of them like, they weave in, oh, we have a concierge service, which nobody uses. We have a, you can use the airport lounge, right? And there's all kinds of loopholes, and, and nobody uses. Now, we've actually had the conversations with those companies that provide those kinds of services. And again, no uses

that stuff. It's it's just when you got nothing else to sell, it's something you throw on the video that kind of sounds good, right? Oh, we had a concierge jet service. We have emergency medical evacuation, right? I mean, again, good luck getting that when you're actually hurt, right? I mean, there's noone of that. I mean, so again, it's one of those things just it's it's garbage and when you compare to what we actually do as a company, we give people in exchange for their monthly autoship, two points for every dollar that you can redeem on actual vacations. That is not a subtle difference. If I join over here, ooh, I get travel discounts. We call that our net

net travel portal, right? We barely even talk about it on the Zooms at night. It almost never comes up because it's like the least exciting thing we do. I mean, that's the only thing 99% of the companies out there even have. They have nothing. Oh yeah. We have caught here. Whatever. I mean, 99% of the companies, they have nothing else other than our net net travel portal which we don't even talk about. And

beyond that, when you look at what the real value is, you are earning, you know, one, two, three actual vacay based on your membership level. One, two, three, actual vacations per year that you can go on. Well, it's not even just the benefit for the consumer. I mean, would you rather pay the auto ship and huh, I get the net in a travel portal or pay the same auto ship and ha, I get to hit a travel portal along with two to three actual vacations. Well, even beyond the benefit for the consumer.

There's also when you're building an organization which all of us are doing, right? If you're on this training, you're at some level thinking, hey, I want to build a team. I mean, I want to go out and you know, become a one-star, two-star, three-star director, one-star, two, three-star ambassador, maybe executive chairman. We're going to talk about that today. At some level, you're thinking I want to take this to a different level and part of that cultural difference is the fact that we have people actually traveling and you know, there was a company in our space and they, you know, kind of ran into some trouble but they got great big. They were the only other travel company that ever got to almost a billion dollar per year level and of course, they were the only other company besides us who provided their since then BK but they were the only coming besides us that who in exchange for the auto ship actually gave people vacations.

Now, in their program, you had to go 12 months before you could ever a vacation and you only got one per year. So, you gotta join, wait an entire year but a year from now, you had a vacation but over time, what happened was so many people were traveling. It's not just this academic thing you could do. It's not just like a go and save some money. Hey, this

trip's already paid for. I just gotta train you to turn in my points, grab a plane ticket, and go and what ended up happening was they suddenly had an entire company full of people who were in travelling. and over time, you know, year after year after year, the base grew, grew, grew, more and more people went on trips and suddenly, he's like, oh my gosh, this is the most amazing place to be. Well, if you've not been to our Dream Trips page lately and of course, that's only in English, right? I mean, then also, you know, French and Spanish and other pages out there but if you've not been there lately, we have a company full of people who are going to Barcelona, who are going to Venice, who are going to Dubai, who are going to France, who are going to Montego Bay, who are going to Punta Cana and Cancun, who are going to Spain who are going to, I mean, you know, fill in the blank, right? Of all the different world tours. Hawaii, Hawks K, San Diego, right? We have a company full of people who are in fact actually traveling and it's not, well, I have to go tell somebody about it. All you gotta do is invite into our Dream Trust page. All

you gotta do is invite them to Travorium dot stories and it's like page after page after page. We are building a culture of people who are not talking about living the dream like ninety-nine the travel companies out there. We're talking about a company full of people who are in fact living the dream. They are going places. they are doing things, and only we're doing it in a way that that other company who sense, you know, filed BK, they never even dreamed of doing it. Because with us, you can use your points month number one.

With us, you can book your free trip incentive. The day you join. You don't have to wait an entire year to go on a trip.

You can book a trip the day you join. Of course, you gotta book a 30 days in advance. Then four months from now, you have enough points to go on the seven night, eight-day vacation for nothing, right? Uh and you've got all the world tours. I mean, you have multiple vacations that you can take within your first 12 months and begin to build your story now, not a year from now and that other company who again since went BK, I mean, they got almost to a billion a year and so guys, when you realize that there is no competition, there's not another out there. It does not exist. It does not.

No, no, no, Todd I. know about this travel company. Yeah, they're giving travel discounts. Ooh, that's called our net net travel portal. It's lame. It's boring. It's almost

embarrassing when you try to do the comparison, right? You know what I mean? So, it's like, there's not even close and then if you add in the fact that by the way, Darryl and about three in March, I mean, we are literally now January February, March, We are 90 days from beginning our tenth year in business. We're in 63 different countries. We paid out tens of millions of commissions all around the globe. The paychecks go out every Friday as they have for the past nine years just as they did yesterday.

Everybody gets paid on time, every time. The company by the way is completely debt free. The company by the way has paid almost all of its entire overhead for next year. They already paid it. The the office we have? Yeah. That's already

paid for the entire next year. Cuz the company sitting on so much cash from a tax perspective, right? In our country, if you're in America, right? Uh if you're not, you may not understand. It's been America. you want the tax write off and so, I mean, I mean, I mean, by the way, the ambassador pulled Darryl it's, getting paid at the end of December. Why? The company has so much cash. Get it out to

everybody. I don't want to get taxed on this stuff. It's for paying people. I mean, we are on a mountain of cash and we're only getting bigger. Going into

our 10th year and then you talk about the comp plan. Where you can succeed at in ways that just were never possible before. If you go back and look at the kind of pay plans that me and Darryl grew up in, it just took big time teams to accomplish what you can accomplish here with just a few hundred people. I mean, you had to have team of teams of thousands of thousands of thousands of people to make six figures. Here, I mean, a team of three hundred, 400 somewhere in that range and you're a six-figure earner that was just never before possible. So,

Darryl you, and Maria are travel aficionados. In fact, when I met you back in 90. 8, you guys had just come out of a a travel company and so you guys have been around this travel industry much longer than I've been doing it and I know that you can articulate on this point but it's not a subtle point in any way, shape, or form. Well, if anybody Todd gets tricked by somebody trying to show another company that has exactly what you just talked about compared to what we have, then, you know, hey, see you. Goodbye. You just don't get it. You don't understand it. Again, Marie and

I, you know, you guys know Maria. She's been passing about travel forever and and from day one, you know, one of the first things I found out about Maria, she likes to go bye bye. That's kind of our little pet pee or pet word we use go bye bye and I knew that from literally day one and we've been with two other travel companies, you know, a decade ago, etcetera and again, nothing comes close to it. That's why I'm so pumped up and excited and that's why there's somebody another travel company gets in touch with me. I'll look only to just for the comparisons to to show them what we actually have but Todd is not even close what what our company is doing done for the marketplace out there and let me take a look at the world tours, the the free trip incentives, you take a look at the resorts, and then you add that little thing, the the savings and discount of platform when you put all of those together, wrap it around the amazing compensation plan. Yeah, I got a call from Dave.

They're making so much money. We got paid for the next five years last week. I'm just kidding but it it is amazing what Todd said. I mean, they're paying bonuses for at the at the end of this year. Uh that's due at the in the middle of of January. It's because the cash

is the company is is doing so well and they're doing so well because we provide an amazing service. So, I don't want to rehash what Todd just talked about but we have something very special. If you break down what it is you have to do, we're going to talk about the going ambassador and all of those things and but where does it all start just starts with you deciding that you want to take better vacations, that you want to take more vacations, and and that's the whole of golden objective. You know, with those other companies we were in, I don't think we we actually use their platform to actually travel because it it was kind of a card mill type of scenario. We were trying to get

some agent rates etcetera and and the industry just wasn't having that and that's why those companies are are non-existent today but when you take a look at what we actually have and you realize that the first thing I need to do is do I want to travel? And the answer for 99. 9% of people is yes. Do I want to stay at some really four, five, six-star type of hotels and resort? Uh most people would have to unequivocally say, yeah, of course, I want to do that and once you realize you want to travel, you want to stay at nice places, and you want to do it for literally pennies on the dollar, the money that you're spending that, that, that runs your business actually goes towards providing you for those vacations and resorts, etcetera. Guys, it it's a no-brainer and then you figure out, okay, I've got the travel down. We've got all kind of people traveling. I can use

this guy's video, that guy's video, the last two people, Marie and I just enrolled here this last week. They saw the videos, the from Dave's training on the Monday training call two weeks ago. We we grabbed an excerpt of that and we started sending that out and so far, two actually signed into the business and there's several more in the is. So, by the end of the month, I mean, it should be five or six new people that we've personally enrolled just because of people traveling and because of the amazing deals. Then, you go from there and you realize, hey, I just need three people and now, I'm getting those points for free. I may be getting ahead of you right here, Todd and then, you just put the simple game plan. My

point is guys, out of everything that I've done, Marie and I have done in the last 33 plus years, this is the easiest, the simplest game plan out and while we're working, while we're building, while we're expanding our business globally, guess what we get to do? We get to travel all the time. We get to watch our son play baseball all over the country. They're going to be in Florida. They're going to be in North Carolina. They're going to be in Arizona. They're

going to be in Utah. They're going to be in Southern California. They're going to be all over the country. Uh that this year and we get to do that and expand our business. It's nothing out there, Todd that comes close. No company even

comes close to what we have and I am so excited that we're in the right place at the right time and we decided to take action and that's the biggest thing. No matter how simple the game plan is, if you wanted to sell vinyl records today and and you think you could get them out there. Guys, you're not going to make money doing that because the timing is just so off and and we can give you examples. You know, Todd has

several other examples but the example for our company, the timing is perfect for anyone that wants to travel anyone that wants to make money, anyone that wants to follow a simple yellow brick road, the game plan, your time is here. You've gotta get up here excited about those things that Todd and I have just talked about. Todd couldn't be more happier and excited about where we are with this company and we're just getting started.

Yeah and when you say we're just getting started, I gave that analogy on Monday night. Um you know, to compare us to a company that most people know Starbucks. Yeah. Um you know, there's a Starbucks in every corner and half the grocery stores now are target to Target and they got a Starbucks right there at the front, you know, of the store and you know, people, you know, today, realize there's tens of thousands of Starbucks. They're on every street corner. They're a internationally known, you know, household name but people don't realize it becomes 17 years to get to 17 stores Meaning back then, I mean, they were 17 years in and noone had ever heard their name. Well, we are getting ready to start our tenth year in, okay? And we're doing way better than Starbucks was doing, right? Cuz we're in 63 countries and we're growing and six-figure earners, all this kind of things, we're going much faster than they did understand we are still at the very beginning. And it's not so

much what happened in the first nine years of the company's history. It's going to be what happens in the next nine years. And this is where, you know, the the platform is now established. You know, you've

got leadership, you've got people earning money, you've got people going on trips, there's noone else out there like us. Uh, there's a yeah, pent up energy, for travel, because of the pandemic that happened, and so you can take all those things combined, and obviously, I mean, the next, you know, nine years, you're going to see this company not just double, not just triple, not just quadruple but it will be something to the degree of 10 to 20 to the power of what we are today. Meaning, the real growth is about to happen. The top incomeers haven't even heard of the company yet, right? They've not even heard of it. They're going to have people flooding in from all regions of the world and the company will become massive and all of us are still here at the very beginning and you made such a comment there too, Darryl that it's not just comparing us to other travel companies but also comparing us to other types of direct sales opportunities. Now, again, a lot of different kinds of companies, many great companies, many great products and services that are out there but again, personal preference.

You know, some people, you know, maybe they like selling glutathione. That was a product that I was involved with where we sold glutathione and some of you are like gluta what? Glutathione. What is that? I mean, that is not exactly a conversation opener, right? That's not exactly a page turner and when you're at the grocery store and you turn around and say, hey, how's your glutathion level. I mean, they may call security. Some kind of creep over here asking me, I don't know what, but I just, I mean, and by the way, glutathione happens to be something that's in your body, okay? Uh, but I mean, it's a tough cell. I mean, you gotta get into the science, know what it is, and you start playing doctor, and then, of course, you know, you're being compared to what's at the vitamin store and all these other kind of things, right? Or you give the product to some people, and they like it, you get the same product to other people, and, oh my gosh, I broke out in highs, on the toilet all day long. I mean, you you get a

variety of reactions. That is not the case with us. The product works universally.

Whether you are old, young, male, female, from the United States, from Europe, whether you are, it does not matter. Our product works universally for everybody the same. You can travel for less. If you tell three, you can travel for free and by the way, there's a much bigger group of people out there that like the of going down to Cancun and hanging out the swim up bar and they want to talk about and I'm just using that as a quick example because you can go down the list of things. They've got a

shake. They got a this. They got a that, right? Again, you're selling widgets and giggets. We're selling fun. We're selling the one thing and by the way, what's funny, Darryl is, many of those people in those companies, if you ask them, well, why are you selling this? Well, look, if I sell enough of this stuff, they're going to give me and my family a trip to Hawaii. I mean, it's like, they're going through all of this stuff just so they can be if they sell enough of the stuff they don't really care about, get back to the one thing they want to do which is take a trip to Hawaii. Which,

you mean, all you have to do is join our company, pay your auto ship, and guess what? You get the trip to Hawaii. There we got the Rhino Man. I love it, you guys. You're doing fantastic. I'm hiding out in the background over here but that statement right there, Todd is exactly right. If I sell enough stuff, they're going to send me to Hawaii. The

problem is, your garage qualifying everybody you sell the stuff to because most of the time, they're not even going to eat it, taste it, drink it, whatever that is. In this situation, all we're doing is selling fun. That's what we do. We sell fun. We sell trips. We sell the ability to create memories with your family and your friends. No greater

product in the world. That's it. Drop the mic. Thank you. Boom. Well, here's what's funny because we were having this conversation yesterday because we went to lunch with a good friend of ours and it got me really, really good friend of Darryl Ryan and Ice and we known him forever and I was there with mister Dave Hart and we were, Dave was actually doing some of the actuaries.

You know, they've been doing at the company and what's amazing is the longer people are with our company, the less likely they are to quit. But understand the end versus true in other companies. The longer you're with some of those other companies, the more likely you are to quit because what Ryan just said. The product starts piling up. They keep shipping this stuff every month but I'm not swallowing the pills every day. Next thing you know, I got two boxes then I got three boxes, then I got four, then I got no place to put it, and hey, yeah, you gotta call the company and cancel this thing because I mean, it's piling up on me, right? I mean, I don't need five months the vitamins and you don't really hear that here. You don't really hear,

hey, I got too many trips to Hawaii. I got, I gotta slow this thing down. I mean, you just don't hear that one, right? I mean, instead, the longer they're here, the points start to build up, the more likely they want to stay here because they want to hold on to those points because they represent an actual, you know, vacation. They represent an actual life-changing, a memory I'm never going to forget kind of experience. I agree. This is

easy. If you can't see, you know, they used to say what Ray Charles could see how valuable this is. So, you know, I shouldn't say that and that's you know, not hopefully not too funny but guys, again, we have something great. So, Todd hey,

let's let's shift gears and get into some of the things because it the one thing I've known over 30 plus years being in this industry is what is it that you have to do to create a financial fence around your home that nothing can penetrate. So, you gotta ask yourself, what do I actually have to do? Well, number one, you have to take vacations because the more vacations you take, the more trips you actually show on social media, family, friends, and and they see all of that that that's going to increase your business. So, is that hard to do or is it easy to do? That's that's pretty easy to do. Take some vacations, stay at some amazing places for literally pennies on the dollar. Sometime, it literally costs you a dollar based on, you know, the the different events that I know David showed us some of those things. So, that's the first and foremost, it's really simple to get going. And then the the first

goal that I tell people, it was for me, our first goal for Marie and I back in the daytime when we first connected was to, hey, let's get three people so that we don't even have to pay for the monthly anymore and and we did that in less than 24 hours times two for both both of the position. So, how tough is it to get three people? Well, if you follow the the ATM method that Todd talks about or you follow the the pass and plug where you you send somebody a text which I still use that. I use the combination. I probably added 10, 15 people this past week to the dream trips and every week, I'm putting you know, more people in there but I'm also sending out those simple texts just trying to pick somebody's attention and showing them right now like what you said earlier. I'm showing them Dave's that little excerpt on the videos of the travel advantages here. I've got a a

major pastor signing up here in another week because that got it. She she her text was here after I get done here, I'm going to go get her text that she sent back to me and and I want to tell you exactly what got her. Now, guys, I did send that out to a lot of other people and nobody, some of those people did not respond to it but I told you, we already got two already signed up and we got four, five more in the process and I'm going to read exactly what she said. I have

my producer actually looking it up right now It is so cool. I didn't even tell the producer and I just know she went from one part of the room over there to the other part to grab my phone and start looking up so I can bring this up to you guys. Pretty unbelievable. So guys,

Siri New Year's goal, get a producer. You know that please. Do know that. But but guys, how simple is that? Here, let me, let me okay, her response, a dollar for Dubai. Boy, bye, smiley faces on there. Imma

call you tomorrow, DR tomorrow. That was her response to to sending that out. And, and guys, you, the, the thing Todd that that I'm, I'm adding to what we talk about, you gotta picture it, you gotta visualize it every day, you gotta, you know, keep your mind positive and what you want as opposed to not wanting you want, and I'm still going to talk about that, but the other thing that I got as I mentioned from Doctor, Phil is tarry is again, I know this and it's just a made inside my body. I'm not

going to send information one time and you're going to sign up. I'm not going to send you to a live webinar or leader of and and you're going to sign up. It does happen once in a while. No question about it but the number one thing that now I'm showing all the new people so they understand this clearly is that you're going to have to show people multiple time. 80% of the people sign up after the fifth to twelfth time, they review information. So, again,

that's another, you know, brain thing that we're bringing out to people just to give them clarity. They're not signing up that first time. Some people will but if you think you, this is so amazing and it is and you're going to just send information out there and just sit back and wait to sign a bunch of people up. No, it doesn't work that way. So, that's one thing I've learned this year with the last two weeks and really showing people. I've been telling them that type. You've been telling

them that rhyme. You've been telling them that. But now I'm showing them that sharp chart. You're going to have to follow up again. So my point is Todd it's it's not complicated what we do. There's a few simple

little habits that if you repeat over and over again you can create free trip. You can create a 500 bucks a month. You can create 5, 000 bucks a month create 200, 000 bucks a month. You can create a million dollars a year. It's a few simple things that if you just get in and get consistent with, have that discipline to create that momentum. Your life is going to change all while worst case scenario, having fun traveling. Well, Joe, you said

in a moment ago, that, you know, the more you go out and travel, the more you go out and experience the product. The more you go out and have fun, you know, the the bigger your testimonials going to be. The more you know, the more influence you're going to have over your prospects and the more money you're going to make, right? And so, again, I mean, go back to would I rather you know suck down the glutathione pills, right? Which, you know, there's a whole pack of em, you know, and you know, take em one at a time and sometimes you get my wife had to take them with apple sauce. He's her tummy wouldn't get upset or would I rather go, yeah, Cancun. Let's go back there, right? And be at the swim up bar, my buddy, Ryan, would I rather go and do jet skis with you? Darryl and you know, in in San Diego or Hawks K. I mean, we sell fun and the

more fun you have, the more you get to make. I mean, this is one of the unbelievable things we have going for us and sometimes it's more of a it's more of a mental thing. Sometimes, we just mentally, you know, kind of put blocks in our way or barriers in our way because we don't expect good things to happen to us or well, yeah, but that could never happen for me or maybe I don't deserve it. All these other kind of things kind of get in the way of a very, very, very simple concept. Who do you know

likes to travel? Almost everybody. If you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you do? Mm hmm. Travel. I mean, you go get into the mall and literally have a booth there and person after person comes up and you ask that question. And over 80%

of the time, the immediate reaction is travel. I mean, so, this is a known quantity. Can we save them a bundle on travel? That's a known quantity. Can you go get three and then travel for free? And again, the rest just happens from there. Sometimes, it's

just a matter of us getting out of our own way or having the discipline as Darryl likes to emphasize to do the things we know we should do the time we know we should do them, right? And if you do the things you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do them, right? Then eventually, you can do whatever you want whenever you want. You just have to do the simple things today that gives you the ability to have all of the freedom tomorrow and you know, that's just all this thing is. Uh mister Ryan, whatever you want with who you want as well, correct? Absolutely. I love when you say that, Todd It's. interesting

too because Darryl talks about habits and we were on the call with the Spain Group on Tuesday and part of our theory or part of our call was about creating the habits, doing the habits over and over and over again And Todd, as Darryl talks about the text that he's been sending out, the Dubai, I've gotten a chance obviously to hang and watch you every day and have conversations with you every day and I'm on the outside kind of freshly coming in and watching all these habits as you do them and and I get to talk to Darryl and Maria about it and everybody else, Danny as well but it's so because it's funny Todd It. seems like once a week, you've got two people that that are getting ready to come on board. It seems like every week, we have this conversation. Yeah, I got so and so about ready to come on board. I gotta send them a little more stuff. Yeah. And

that doesn't happen because you're picking up the phone and you're grinding on em. It happens because number one, you have relationships with people. Number one, number two, you continue to communicate with these people even if it and that communication doesn't like you just sent something out the other day. Had nothing to do

with business us. It happened to be a, I remember now, because you're about ready to sign someone up off of a funny little thing you saw on Twitter that you sent out to a handful of people and this person responded back, hey, Todd how, you been? What's going on? All of this comes down to number one, relationships and what Darryl's talking about, habits. That's those habits. Over and over again. Uh I'll bring it back to you, Darryl and I know Todd's looking at a couple emails. Right now, probably our

text that he been sending out. But Darryl here's, my habit this morning. Here's my habit every morning. I get up in the morning. I have my cup of

coffee. I open up my laptop. I look at some emails and I start to write down who is it that I've been communicating with that I need to check in again with today. Who is it that's on my team that's just joined that I need to communicate with today. See how they're doing. How can I assist them? Have they, you know, where are they at in the process of not only just getting a better feel for the product, getting a better feel for the company. What's

their next move? Well, their next move is to get three so the product's free. It's the simple habits every morning and you can't stop and say, okay, well, I did that on Thursday. I'll wait till Monday again.

What? Everything is about momentum. Anybody who likes to watch sports, we're in the middle of the NBA season and we're in the in the middle of a football season right now. NFL. In every game that's won is based off of runs and momentum and then defense at the end. You get on your run, you get the momentum, you score up on the board, and then he defends so the other people can't do that. Darryl I, know you got something going on. Go for it, buddy. No, no, I'm just Marie,

my producer's in my ear. So, I love it. Well, as you guys were talking about, we're we're looking at a couple of slides and and Ty, like you said, that you know, who is who benefits from these trainings that we do. Uh it's us because, you know, sitting down, preparing It just puts you in a mind frame that to absolutely just just grow. So, today's forecast, you guys, I think about this every day as 100% chance of of winning and Todd you, you and Ryan probably have heard this several times. I've

heard it over the internet several times and probably over the last six, seven, eight months Uh think about it. All you guys on that are in the Facebook. Let me ask you guys a question. Pretend I'm asking you guys this question. How

would you feel if I gave you one million dollars today. I mean, how would you feel if I said, okay, I'm going to write you guys a check, give me your Cash App, or or whatever kind of Venmo. I'm going to send you $1 million dollars after this training. Uh how would you absolutely feel about that? Well, of course, you'd go off the walls and she she hopefully see a few hearts coming in here. Uh for those of you that

are listening, if you're listening, put some hearts in there. You'd be pumped up. You'd be excited. There's no debating it. You'll be through the roof. One million dollars coming in and you're going to have it within the next probably hour, 30, 40 minutes from right now. You'd be beside

yourself. There's no question about it. As a matter of fact, instead of $1 million dollars, I'm going to give you $10 million dollars. How would you feel about that? Would you, would your life change instantly? Would you start calling people? Would you start thinking about things differently? You just absolutely just be beside yourself. $10 million dollars

but then I I little caveat on it. I said, but you won't be able to wake up tomorrow. You can have the 10 million dollars but you won't be able to wake up tomorrow. Do you still want the $10 million? Everybody says, no. So, think about that and I call it gratitude and that's just one of the things I wake up was for smile on my face. You should saw Marie got up much earlier than than I get up. You can tell on Saturdays,

I have bags under my eyes a little bit because it's probably the earliest I get up Because we gotta prepare for this training. But again you wouldn't give up. You would give up $10 million dollars for waking up. So when you wake up

every single morning, that's as if you've got $10 million dollars and if you think about that and you have that type of energy and you won't take the $10 million dollars but you want to wake up. If you go just with that one thing alone, that gratitude. Every morning I wake up and throughout the day, I'm just thankful. God I just thank you for all the wonderful things that you're doing and and I start seeing those things about Aaron being drafted about all these wonderful trips and and and money coming in and people's lives being changed with this amazing business. So, if you just become grateful to in your life, that's going to make all the difference in the world. I just prove to you, you would not take $10 million dollars to wake up every morning. So, if you start

treating waking up with gratitude every single day. That one thing alone will cause things to happen for you in a total different way. So, starting tomorrow, when you wake up, you didn't get the 10 million but you were able to wake up. There should be some changes in your life. Todd

I've, been seeing that so often and and it makes so much sense. You wouldn't trade 10 million for waking up in the morning. No, I mean, it's fine. It's funny because you know, even when you talk about like, you know, I always heard Zig Ziglar in the day, you know, talk about just, you know, how we treat ourselves, how we treat opportunity how we treat our own mindset and you know, you know, if you had a million-dollar racehorse, you know, how would you treat that racehorse? I mean, would you let it, you know, stay up all night, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes? Would you let it stay out till 3 AM partying, right? Uh it's a million-dollar racehorse. Well, I mean, you know, if you ever like ask an insurance company, if you were working for a big company and you lost a finger, you know how much money they're going to pay you just for a little pinky finger? A lot. You know, if you were to lose two fingers, if you were to lose a hand, if you were to lose an arm, if you were to lose an eye, I mean, any one part of your body is worth an absolute fortune, right? And it's just a matter of, you know, kind of treating, you know, what you have and being grateful for what you have, you know, that you got this billion dollar body, you've got this amazing opportunity, you've got every reason in the world, chance of the world to go out and live the absolute dream. Traveling

from place to place to place, country to country to country, traveling for free, building a team, hanging out with people that you want to hang out with, you know, and you know, growing and learning and all those other kind of things and you know, you just, number one, it starts with that attitude of gratitude but then, you know, as we get it go into the new year. I'm going to ask you to kind of dream bigger dreams. A lot of times we talk about what it takes to become an ambassador which we're going to talk about again today. But

before this conversation is completely done, I also want to talk about what it takes to become an executive chairman. Let's talk about be dreaming some bigger dreams, having some higher aspirations. Knowing that hey, you know what? What's up? We're at the very beginning of this company. You know, and it's not about what am I going to do this year, next year, but as I look down the road five years, 10 years. Who

on, who of you on here to be an executive chairman and can you get there in the next five to ten years? And the answer is absolutely yes. I mean, in the next five to 10 years, how many of you going to be an executive chairman? Now, I remember Darryl a moment ago. He asked that question. You know, if I

were to give you guys 10 million dollars, who wants it? And he's like, anybody? Anybody? I'll try to kind of get some reaction here from you know, people that are watching, right? And I just want to make the joke joke because it's funny. When you watch The Price Is Right or you watch Family Feud. I mean, for like no money at all. People come running down there. They're all happy

and jumping up and down and clapping. I'm here to win $20, 000. I mean, you're all excited to win. Hey, make the comment to my wife as we watch the show because I mean, Family Feud comes on. They got the game show network and you know, sometimes we'll be, you know, eating dinner and our girls are here and they love that they love that show. You know, turn it on and I get sucked into it as well. It's like, you know,

you start trying to guess the answers, right? But then you see these people just jumping up and down for twenty thousand 1 time. By the way, to a split with all their family members. I mean, it's not like it's 20, 000 for me individually. I got

my mom on here. I got my brother. I got my cousin. I mean, that's going to get split up. How many different ways? You're jumping up and down. All

excited for a couple grand And if you would just get that excited for a small moment in time, you could become a two-star director and get 24, 000 to 30, 000 every single year plus free vacations. I mean, so, get a little fired up for what doing, right? Give a little fired up for your own dreams. Get a little fired up for going into the new year and dreaming bigger dreams. Ryan,

you look, you got something you want to say. Well, it's interesting because Todd, I think you know this story. Darryl I, don't think you do but we were on the Family Feud.

No. Yeah. So, I'm 15 years ago. Yes. You were on a Family Feud. And we actually won in my sister-in-law, Kimberly, and myself were the two that went in and out of the booth and you know, picked whatever they, whatever the statement was, we finished it off and we won and I think in the end, I don't know if we won. I, gosh, I

can't remember. Tammy and I were on the newly wed game as well. So, I I can't remember but. Well, one, you gotta pay

taxes on it, right? Oh, yeah. And then you do have to split it up. So, we're like, oh yeah, we won like, I don't know what it was, ten thousand, $12, 000 and you're like fired up and you go, oh shoot. I won two

thousand. I gotta pay like 40% taxes on that stuff and by the end, you're like, dang it. That was awesome but we were all excited about what? Don't get me wrong. We were grateful for all of it. The experience was better than any of it. The

newlywed game and I got videotape of that. That was an all-time classic. Absolutely an all-time classic. Ryan, I gotta see that, man. You you gotta send that over. I know. I I I

beg it, man. We're we're breaking that footage out at some point. Oh my gosh. Kevin has it locked away in a vault because of one of her answers. But I guess, I think we have Danny on here. Danny, are you with us? Well, they can look at your phone. Yes, yes, yes. Can

you hear me? Yeah, we can hear you but I we're used to seeing you on fire. Right now, we just see the logo. Yeah I'm scared. I'm scared to turn on the heat because when I turn on the heat, the internet kind of goes fuzzy and then I look like as if the company don't pay me enough money. I pay my bills. I pay my bills. Hey, man. Danny

gets so excited. He melt down the internet. He literally melt down the internet. How you guys doing? I I just wanted to hop on real quick. I don't know. Uh I want to share something. Can I share something real quick? Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.

Okay. So, where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Right here. So, I woke up this morning with this pic with with this message. Uh at the bottom at seven oh 5. Okay, time to check

out your new adventure. I want to travel and get paid. Let's go. Now, the funny thing about this picture, if you look up where I kind of circled it, I sent him a message back in 2019, January 15, 2019. Alright. Two years. Two years later. Two years. It's been

sitting in his in his messenger box for two years. So that mean he looked at it. He didn't reply. He didn't say oh Danielle check it out or whatever. Nothing. Right? He just said ah. Thank you but I'm not replying. Then he goes on

and looks at me. Okay? For the next two years. He just looks at what I'm doing. And just

sitting on the side and like this. Mhm. Bro Danny he said that January 20 19. It was actually three years one month away from three years. Yes. Yeah, we're one month away from 3 years ago. That goes back to Darryl's comment about follow up and stuff like that that sometimes you you might plant a seed today but you don't get to harvest that seed for one year, two years, three, years, five years and the problem for most people is they don't stick around long enough that when the guy or gal comes back and says, okay, here's your executive chairman leg. You're finally going to kill it. The

problem is, oh, you're no longer here. Yeah. You didn't stick around long enough, right? Todd you, say it all the time as well. Most people might taken that lack of response When Danny sent that three years ago as in oh shoot they must be mad at me. Oh shoot they're not talking to me. Oh, shoot. I did something wrong rather than. It doesn't work.

Yeah. It's just timing. None of it's personal and you say it all the way all the time, Todd When. someone about, so, what do they think about you? Yeah. They don't. How do you say that, Todd No. It's the idea

that, you know, most people, they would sit around, worried about what people think about them, right? And the truth is that friends and family, they don't think about you. They think about themselves. Yeah. And if you could ever get half the country to hate you, if you can ever get half the country to despise you with a passion, they might elect you president.

Think about it. Sorry, Danny. Back to you. Yeah, no, no, all good. I was

thinking about the same thing yesterday when I was driving. I was driving in my car and I'm like, the person next to me doesn't know who I am. He doesn't know I'm I'm a top leader. He doesn't know I'm in travel, right? The everyone around us, when you go to the store, nobody knows who you are. We live in a world where

like all these people, they don't know who you are. So, it's for us to actually let them know what we have to offer. Every single day, we can share with someone what you have to offer and now, it's like you said, almost three years and actually right now, I was I was listening when a devil said they were going to go on this big run. I'm like I told everybody on my team. I'm going to grab my phone. And

then from the letter A, all with the Z, I'm going to message everybody again. And I woulda hit up this guy, Tino, at one point, and he said, oh, by the way, then he, I was just going to message you. There's another person in Canada back to the job, I used to have that just over broke thing. Um, he messaged me last week, and he goes, hey Danny, please, important. Give me a call tomorrow. And I'm like, I

looked at the message and said, okay. and it was 9 PM for me here So midnight in Canada. And I haven't messaged him yet. He

messaged me back, said, Danny, okay. So, I see how you do it. You just don't want to call me. And I replied, I'm like, dude, I'm busy. You know what? Like, I mean, we, I know you, but if you really want to join me, you wouldn't join me a long time because I'm like, you know, okay. So, you, are you, do you

have time right now? I have to call you right now and I called him up because Daniel, okay, okay, listen, listen, listen, listen, Can I do this thing? So now, it's to the point where people are begging, right? When time goes on, if people would just understand, join, okay? Enjoy all the travel because I mean, we're the only company that you, you know, you pay and you get to actually travel. So, join the company. Just do like, you know, like Ryan, join the company and be like, okay, you know, I got some things I gotta take care of first. Enjoy the

travel and next thing you know, yeah, I might have someone from two years, three years, whatever will message you back and you're like, you know what? Hey, I'm already here but if you would've joined me back then, you could have been, you could have a ambassador leg. Hm I mean and all you did in last two years would have been travel. What's so wrong with travel? It's just unbelievable that people don't understand what we have. I remember Darryl when you when you messaged me that one time, you said, Danny, okay, now you're going to get points. That was the moment for me. That was like, it's game over. I said, okay. Honey, we

can't lose. We can't lose. You can't lose movement. You cannot lose when you join and I think the biggest fear in network marketing in anything, whatever that it is we're doing, social sharing, the number one fear for everyone is like, what if I don't win? What if I say yes and I don't make money? What if I say yes and it doesn't work out? But you get to travel.

There's you can't lose. So if anyone out there has been looking for something that they cannot lose, this is it. That might be a training Todd We. need to do what Danny just talked about and just kind of go through that through the phases right there. Just stay in and we talk about it all the time. But the way you just

broke it down, you can't lose and then you look back a year from now, you've got five hundred people underneath you or 50 people underneath you. You got a two-star leg or an ambassador leg, etcetera. Hey, I don't know how many people that were above you when you were going through your phase of, you know, figuring things out before you decided to commit a hundred percent that literally lost out on thousands and thousands and maybe an executive chairman league type of scenario and they left out because they just quit instead of just traveling and having fun and and let me check back and see. Man, this thing is growing literally 10, 15 people missed out on having a Danny underneath them just because they happen to come in early but they miss out because they didn't stay long enough to to see it to fruition or take the travel advantages. Unbelievable. Yeah, yesterday on Instagram, I looked at this, I was Bryce sent me this this girl's profile and I checked her story and they did a a video compilation of celebrate that first anniversary. So,

it's been a year. She's been with the company and then, I'm looking at the video and I had this moment of like happiness that went through my body. I'm like, I don't know who they are. They're on my team but I don't know who they are and every single woman on that video said, thank you for this opportunity. It changed my life

and they were just sharing how happy they were to celebrate that one year and one girl said, I remember when we were six and now we're 400. And I'm like, I remember that moment myself when we were like four on a Zoom. Uh like we're doing Zoom Monday to Friday every night. And I'm I'm like okay

guys so we're four people tonight. Um good job on inviting by the way. Um so like are you guys not hungry or something? Like I'm here to do a Zoom and we're only four. So tomorrow please invite one. And we did that every single night. And sometimes we're like six.

And I'm like okay so we have one guest tonight. Yes we're going to make it We're going to make it. I believe and it was tough. Like, you know, when you're six people on a Zoom and you're like, five of them are already in the company, you're like, okay, so the Zoom ends and then, the guest leaves and you're like, guys, good job.

Good job. We got one. We got one. Okay. So, tomorrow, let's get two. Let's get two. And today, there's like thousands of people, right? And I and I found that team on that Instagram, I look at this story, I send a message to my ambassador said, can someone tell me who she is? And Lily responded like, oh Danny, is everything okay, is everything okay? She's still on my team. I said, yes. I just want to tell you to tell her that I'm happy she's on my team. I don't know

who she is. I saw 20, 20 faces of women. I have no clue they are but I know they're on my team and I'm happy and my volume is going up. So, tell

her I say thank you. But you know, you know, unbelievable from five part, five people on the Zoom, tonight is like a group of 400. I'm not talking about like forty, 400 ladies in Europe. I have no clue, never

see their faces. I don't know who they are and they're on my team it's like, muah. Thank you for joining. Thank you for this

binary system Thank you for this binary. I'm just send out some hints because there's some some new matrix out there, right? I know you guys are kind of talking about that. Thank you for this binary system that I can get paid on limited. It doesn't matter if you join, you know, wherever you are but hey, you're on my team, I'm happy. So, thank you David Hart for putting this together, putting a place like you can't lose. Whether it's travel or money You just can't lose. As I once heard Ryan

said, Danny, he was scrolling through. He's like, man, he's looking at his downline. I have no idea who any of these people are but I love every single one of them. But I love it. But

like I love every single one of them. And and and Todd say it like a prison speech. I like to tell everybody. I love every single one of you.

Speaking of which, before we hang up here, I want to bring up some slides here. We'll get you guys those comments. We're going to talk about executive chairman training here. Hold on real quick. This is just for

you, Danny because I know you're all about executive chairman. Are you as executive chairman or boss? That's it. That's it. Sharing his. Yeah.

One second, Todd Let. me see if I have to turn this one off here. Give me just a producer? No, it's already on. I love it. Producer. He's a show nowaday. Yeah. By the way, I've had a new saying for, let's call it over the last last year or so.

Actually, Westbrook for the Lakers said it. And I claimed it immediately, which was, it's never too late to be great, right? I've been saying that for a long time now. Guys, it's never too late to be great. But I got a new one that I'm going to throw in there as well. And I'm going to give you

guys credit. Cuz today's forecast is a hundred percent chance of winning. I'm going to say that every morning when I wake up, you guys. That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for that guys. Thank you. Thank

you. Thank you for that right there. That's what made this call for me. The training today

changed my life with that right there. It's kind of funny you say that too, Ryan because you you never know. It's always like you could just be one thing, right? Just that one tidbit that you pick up, that one little, you know, you know, and that's why, you know, I mean, I'm always taking notes.

I mean, when I hear anybody speak, right? And when I'm in church, I feel like I'm the only guy on my phone and I take a notes. You know, I mean, you know, you just never know who's going to drop that golden nugget that way of saying it and that's part of, you know, just being excited about being student. You know, be excited about going out there and you know, and want to help people, you know, and help people grow. Okay, so here we go. From current slide. Alright. Well, that that says a lot, Todd Look, we're here at, you know, you guys are here every single Saturday. Um you know, sharing

and learning at the same time. You got leaders learning from other leaders. I mean, we're, we are, we're, we're, if, that's a clue for people. Say, hey, look, look, the leaders are getting together to learn more amongst each other. I mean, I think we should probably connect and be on every single Saturday call. Uh

it's it's it should be a mandatory. You know, you don't you don't come on Saturdays, you don't get paid. But can you guys see the screen now? Yes. Yes. Alright, so we're going to talk about the ambassador game plan, right? Go on Prospect three to five people per day and if you do that just for the next three to five years, you're probably going to sponsor 36 to 60 people, right? You know, and you know, that's 180 to 300 people in five years and you're going to become an ambassador. It's just an ambassador game plan, something you can do every single day but going to 2022 Knowing the kind of momentum we have as a company. I'm going to ask all

of you because we're all getting ready to do those New Year's goals, New Year's resolutions. It's a you know, it's cliche but it's a time of year when people do reflect. They reflect on the past, they reflect on the future, and I'm going to ask you at this point, that question, what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? I'm going to ask you to think bigger, dream bigger, and maybe set your aspirations on maybe something beyond ambassador. Now, if you're brand new that might be a big aspiration, right? Uh but again, I'm just going to ask you to dream bigger dreams for a moment. Say, man, what would I do if I knew I could not fail? If you absolutely knew with Crystal Vision, which we've been laying out for you all morning, there's no other company like us in the free vacations and your worst-case scenario, if you absolutely knew you could not fail, I mean, what kind of effort would you put in? If you cou

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