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Sasha Banks interview on WWE The Week

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And I snatch her back, I put my boot and arms around her and I winch it back, she goes my back, my neck, my. >> I'm hurting already. [MUSIC] >> Whats up? >> The woman who has more nicknames than I have action figures and that's the hard thing to pull off. She's the standard, she's the leader, she's the blueprint, she's the conversation, she's the legit boss, she is Sasha Banks and she is in the house. >> And your future Smackdown Women's Champion don't forget that.

Okay, that sounds interesting, we're gonna talk about SummerSlam in a half second. But first of all, Sasha when I see your beautiful face here, 1000s of Sasha Banks moments pop up in my head because, my first show as an NXT commentator in 2013, you had a show. I did a match on that show, when I did the commentary for the first ever women's Iron Man Match 2015, you were in that match.

When I was ringside in 2016 for the first ever Women's Hell in a Cell Match, you were in that match. What would NGO Sasha Banks say? If we showed her all those matches all those rivalries what would she possibly say? >> She would say damn, you did and that you did everything you said you're going to do. And now you are the legit boss and the face of the WWE. >> Well, that sounds about right, is there one favorite rivalry, one that really stands out for you? >> I've had so many and I'm so thankful for my career thus far, I mean Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bailey, but right now, I have to keep on going after Bianca Bel Air because I need to get my Smackdown Women's Championship back >> That sounds lossy, we're gonna talk about some of them like I said, but Sasha you have an army of fans here in Germany.

I printed out all their questions, they sent it in on social media and first one is from Maria. Interesting question, when you were a child, there was a time you were living on a farm, can you imagine returning to farm live sometime in the future? >> Honestly, yes, I have dreams, let me take this out, of being on a farm again, I want to have my own land and grow my own food and have a bunch of animals. So, now at 29, I definitely want to live on the farm again. >> Okay, cool, this is my favorite one, dream match scenario.

Lisa sent this in, you and Eddie, standing side by side, in a Mixed Tag Team Match, who would the ideal opponents be? >> My gosh, it would definitely have to be Bailey and Rey Mysterio >> I have Ray Mysterio with that 6,1,9, I have made them bad. >> We had Ray on this show, it was such an amazing talk, I felt so proud to have him here because I've been watching him since the mid 90s. I'm such a guru for this business and and then we talked about him and Edie Halloween Havoc 1997, do you have a favorite Eddie match or favorite Eddie moment? >> That one is definitely in my top five, Eddie vs Rey Mysterio, Halloween Havoc that's such an amazing, incredible match, but I would have to say Eddie versus Brock Lesnar at no way out. >> 2004. >> 2004 when he won the WBE championship, I remember being a little girl watching it at my home and just like so happy that my hero finally won the big one.

That was such a rock solid match as it, I mean, can't be better in 30 minutes then under that match was, and I remember seeing Eddie live here in Germany the year before in 2003. My brother and myself we were obviously 20 years younger, we took the train all night, we spent our last money to see Eddie. And he had that whole crowd in the palm of his hand, I mean, it was amazing, he was such a performer.

The greatest of all time. >> Outstanding, next, Eddie related question here from Captain Molly. Besides Eddie, who inspired you the most when you started to watch WWE? >> Eddie was number one, Kurt angle, Ray Mysterio, De Malinchok, Chris Jericho, men, they so many, there's just a legends of so many superstars. But Eddie is always my number one, he was the guy that I just wanted to be. >> Speaking of legends, this is a great question from Benjamin, you've always said you would love to face Trish Stratus, do you think this match will happen one day? >> No, this girl is dodging me, I'm waiting for trash, I'm here, whenever she's free and wants to fight the legit boss the greatest of all time, then she can come find me.

She knows where I'm at, she has my number, she has. >> Okay, Stephen wants to know, are there any current WWE superstars that inspire you to this day? >> Ray Mysterio, I am so fortunate to be on the same roster with him, anytime I see him in backstage I squeal like a little girl I happen right away. I'm still such a little fan girl, Ray Mysterio still inspires me, I watched him through the curtain. I watched him through the monitor, he is just the greatest usually go. >> I've kids myself and I love this father son Tag Team Championship duo, I think it's the greatest thing? >> It's so amazing, I can't believe Dominic is here, I used to watch him too when I was little and for them just to be like an awesome tag team, I can't wait for SummerSlam and I can't wait to watch that match.

>> Yeah, they have a match against the Usos, perfect, this is perfect, I mean speaking of SummerSlam, SummerSlam will be streaming live. Also here for the fans in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, it's a Saturday night or a Sunday morning depending on where we stand from. Here in Germany, it's 2am in the morning actually, but we will watch it, and you have a match against Bianca Bel Air for the SmackDown Women's Championships. Are the WrestleMania battle scars still visible because you took some time off after that match? >> Yes, do you know how long it takes for a scar to go away? You know how many treatments I had to go to, doctor's appointment after a doctor's appointment after laser scar removal. I can't be seen by the WEB Universe looking so ugly, but just wait till Saturday, I have so many tricks up my sleeve for Bianca Bel Air [LAUGH] paybacks.

>> [LAUGH] What will you do to ensure that Bianca will need some time off this Saturday? >> You just have to wait and see, I can't give you all my secrets, I can't let you know everything besides the outcome of me winning. You're just gonna have to watch on Saturday. >> I will, lots of SummerSlam related questions here, Sven sent this one in on a crazy day like Saturday, do you have any rituals to get ready for the match? >> Always, I always have to wake up, I meditate, I always have to bring my crystals around me calling for good energy and I really just love to dream before everything that I'm gonna do to my opponent. I love things of different ways to put them in the bank statement and I just love to study my opponent like nobody else, so I have no holes in my game.

>> Sounds about right, Sarah wants to know, you've surprised everyone with bringing Carmela and Selena Vega to the contract signing on SmackDown. If you could choose one NXT superstar to join you as well Would it be? >> That's a good word. I might have to choose either zile Lee or ESRI? I think they would be good and my little my group. >> Sounds interesting, sounds really interesting.

Hannah said in the next question at WrestleMania, you had not only blue, but also green hair. Was anything specific inspiring you for that look and do you already have another colour in mind baby for Saturday. >> Saturday, you just have to wait and see. But for WrestleMania, my gear was really inspired by Nicki Minaj. And I don't I don't know, I was really just feeling that green at the time and it made the whole look come together just made up pop even more. Plus I love money and I wanted to show that I got money.

>> Speaking of Nicki Minaj, what music do you listen to? >> Nicki Minaj Kendrick Lamar, those are my top two on repeat nonstop. That's also what I listened to before my matches and before I go into the big shows, Nicki all day will get me ready. >> Sounds good.

Sasha Banks is going Hollywood. I mean, I saw you in the Mandalorian. And one thing that surprised me was the tornado DDT.

>> It surprised you? >> Yeah, because. >> How would that surprise you? >> That's not a typical action sequence thing nowadays, it's a wrestling movement something of our world. Was it your idea? Or was it the producers idea or the stunt coordinators who came up with it? >> It was all my idea.

I definitely wanted to bring the WB style to the Mandalorian to Star Wars. I wanted my fans to know that that was Sasha Banks. Whether I had a helmet on or not. You just knew that was me. I remember going into the set that day and they're like, they wanted me to do something quite different.

I was like, how about can I just grab this guy and just do this? And they're like, my God, we love that. I like that. That was awesome. >> Yeah, I mean, I almost thought about now she's putting him in the bank statement but you didn't.

Lots of Mandalorian fans here. You're not only conquering the WWE universe but also the Star Wars universe. It's a question from Kirsten. How did this journey start? How did it begin? >> How did it begin? It just began me scrolling through my DMs. And I saw this interesting message saying, hey, John Fabra would love to talk to you about a Disney project. I go, what that, is this real? So I sent it to my manager, my lawyer and he contacted me.

He said, yeah, this is real. Can you can you call John Fabbro? Can they FaceTime me? I go, yeah. JOHN Fabbro FaceTime and I was like, what the heck is going on? He said that he wrote a role for me in the Mandalorian. And he would love to do anything he could to make it work. And I just had to ask WWE, and here we are.

[LAUGH] >> It just goes to show how many people watch WWE, right? I mean, it's so admiring. >> It's so amazing >> The reach that WWE creates and also when I think of your match with Bianca belly at WrestleMania, and I think of my two little girls, it's so empowering. That's so powerful because when I grew up, two women were not in the main event of WrestleMania. They didn't tear the house down for 15 20 25 minutes. It's so great what you guys do, and you have my utmost respect for that. >> Thank you so much.

WrestleMania was such a dream come true man. Inventing was always my biggest dream, so big I couldn't even like imagine and picture it. Until last year, we did it name last year a couple months ago, we did it. And I just keep on hoping for next WrestleMania as well to me in a minute. I just I want more. >> I mean, for me, and I'm not exaggerating.

That's really how I feel. I mean, in most sports, we don't get like two prime athletes in their primes, but in this case it's that's an MJ versus LeBron moment. We have you who's been there forever. You have won everything, you kinda the MJ. Everything comes across so smooth and so talented.

And there's this new super athletes that comes in and we did never see like, a prime MJ versus a prime LeBron.> >Yeah, prime LeBron? >> But what's [INAUDIBLE] about that? >> Prime LeBron?> >> What's you doing about that? >> Don't say prime LeBron to Bianca Bel Air. No, she got lucky. >> She got, she cheated.

Did you not watch WrestleMania when she used her braid against me? >> Yes I saw it. >> Is that championship material? [LAUGH] Is that the champion you wanna have for this company? >> But kid basketball [CROSSTALK] >> That's what you want your little girls to look up to. >> Well. >> Shame on you. Don't worry, this Saturday that will all change.

>> [LAUGH] Okay. >> That will all change. The leader will be back. >> My feeling is that we should talk about the Mandalorian some more.

>> I thi nk- >> Okay, that makes me happy. >> I didn't do a good job there. And this is a good question actually from Jason. You were so amazing in the Mandalorian he writes, when are we gonna get a series or a movie with Sasha Banks in the leading role? >> Maybe 2023 [LAUGH] maybe in 2023? >> Is that a prediction or a spoiler? >> A prediction. >> [LAUGH] you heard it here first and maybe Ed Volker. Awesome, sounds very good.

Next Mandalorian question. One day there must be a movie about the life of Sasha Banks. Besides yourself which actress would you choose to play? Whoo I would have to either choose Zendaya which I think I just probably choose her because she looks young and refresh like me. Or Halle Berry, of course. [LAUGH] >> See she's so stunning. >> She is amazing.

She's so beautiful just like I am. >> My crush for the last, I don't know how many years but Halle Berry, big shout out to Halle Berry if she is watching. >> She's either it could be Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. I mean, there's so many women that can play me. >> Yeah, so let's say you would tape a music album.

Who would you feature on the album? Give me two or three names. I would choose number one, my cousin Snoop Dogg. Then I would choose Nicki Minaj little Wayne,Eminem. I would even have John Cena on the track. I would have him, I would bring him back. And who else? Of course Kendrick Lamar.

I can't forget about Kendrick, I think my album would be the greatest of all time. >> There is some best friend from sweetie. What's her name? You posted that in your story recently, right? You had Bailey the best friend song. Yeah, I think I saw that there.

I mean, that would, that'd be kinda cool. >> Yeah, I don't think I posted that song. >> I think you went to a fake Sasha Banks account and saw that? >> No, come on. You have so many followers. There's no Sasha Banks account if you're. >> Not my best friend right now.

>> But she was. >> Is a hater. >> But she was. >> She was my best friend. >> That was my best, what? >> Yeah was, what's my best friend? Not anymore. It was my best friend.

She's a little. >> That's a remix, that's the first song. [LAUGH] l Speaking of social media. You post so much inspiring things on social media, is there somebody or something that inspired you recently? >> No, I just wanna keep on inspiring this world I feel like the world just needs more love, more good energy.

So if I can post a little inspiration just to brighten people's day does a show on that. You can change the world it's up to you. That's what I'm all here about, we're here to make the world a better >> For sure, for sure. Do you have any idea how hard it must have been for these fans they weren't able to see Sasha Banks live for so long? Do you have any idea? I have an idea cuz it's the same goes for me here. I haven't seen my fans in so long until the past couple of weeks just to hear their energy again, just to see their faces and their smiles.

It brings me so much joy, and I cannot wait to see him live in person in Germany all over the world. I cannot wait. >> Man. >> Thank you so much for waiting.

I love you fans so much. I love my crew. Thank you guys for your support since day one. >> What feeling must it be for you? I mean, you walk into Allegiant Stadium Saturday night SummerSlam big match feeling Smackdown Women's Championship on the line.

So much time has passed, and we didn't have fans for so long. What moment will it be for you? Can you feel it already? I mean, do you have already some goosebumps? >> I always get goosebumps when I think about the energy of the fans in the crowd. I mean, WrestleMania was just a small little taste of what we missed for so long, and a Saturday is gonna be no different. I try to not get nervous I try to not let them to spook me and make me lose my focus, but they always bring me good energy and I can't wait to hear the horror of them when they hear me as your new Smackdown Women's Champion dropped out of their seats. >> That's also one thing about you I mean and I think that's an ability that only special talent have.

You always perform and you always deliver at the highest stage. Is there a certain calmness you have? Is there a certain ritual you do it before all these big matches, because you always seem to deliver on the grandest stages whether it be a WrestleMania or an NXT TakeOver or a summer slam whats the secret Sasha Banks? Please tell me. >> The secret is I was born to do this. I was born for this. My dream and my goal for the rest of my time and I'll be is to always put on the best performance, to always leave the fans happy and hungry for more. And if am leaving one must see Sasha Banks even more.

I want them leaving they like that was the greatest match of the night Sasha Banks should always get the main event Sasha Banks, Sasha Banks, just Sasha Banks. I just want them to talk about, well Sasha Banks. >> [LAUGH] What would you do if you weren't a WWE Superstar? I were a WWE Superstar I would be a universal doctor, or a scientist, a farmer.

A lot of things. I wanna do a lot of things in this world and I feel like just being a professional wrestler Derby is just a small taste of what I'm gonna be in this universe. >> What's next? >> What's next? Movies, music, a farm live. That's what's nice right now.

>> Incredible. If you were a scientist, what would you invent? >> [SOUND] I can't tell you my secret lab. I mean, >> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, because I need to pen this down.

I can't tell you what I'm gonna be or what I'm gonna do. >> Sounds fair, sounds fair. Before this interview, of course, I did my research and I've watched your interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'm wearing a Stone Cold shirt by the way.

>> Hell yeah. That's my guy. [LAUGH] >> Yeah. What feeling is that? I mean, I was a wrestling fan, a WWE fan all my life and he and The Rock.

They were my biggest heroes. What feeling is it for you to sit next to him, talk to him like an old buddy? I mean, that must be inspiring. That must be motivating. That must be amazing, right? >> It's so amazing and the fact that he would even fly me out to where he lived is to have a conversation with him to crack a beer and drink with him at like nine in the morning. >> [LAUGH] >> He's so freaking incredible and he is just so awesome and such a legend to the WWE.

He such an inspiration. He's definitely someone I will inspire to be. And just he's awesome. The best. >> Speaking of the Rock, is he another role model for you? >> He is, he's such a role model. Just to see him whenever he comes back to WWE, his presence and how amazing is to everybody backstage I look up to that.

That is just something so inspiring to see a guy that's so busy, who's so big in this world, and still yet so humble and it will take any time any minute out of his day just to say hi, and to have a conversation with you. So he's a huge, huge inspiration to me. >> That would be my dream mixed tack, Sasha Banks and The Rock, I think that would be amazing. >> [SOUND] That would be amazing against who you think.

>> Let's say, Becky Lynch and Stone Cold. >> Wow, that you're talking about our WrestleMania Main Event right there. >> Yes, sir.

>> Wow, should we put on the mix match challenge on Facebook? >> I think, >> [LAUGH] >> That's not the right stage for that we need the right stage. >> Yeah, I mean, it sounds better. >> I think so too.

I think so too. I think Sasha Banks and The Rock was Becky Lynch and Stone Cold man. That makes the hair on my head stand up and hype. >> That was like manette, I love it.

>> [LAUGH] Make it reign- >> Love is made out of it. >> Next question is from a Stefan, that could you imagine founding your own Wrestling school? >> I can. I definitely can. And that would be crazy to have my own Wrestling school one day. I would love to teach the future of this business about what it takes to make it here.

It's very, very hard. So I think having another amazing school in this role would be great. >> Do you remember your first bump? >> Yes, either my first bump was either in my bedroom or my first bump at the actual Wrestling school. I remember being so terrified and thinking, okay, just don't knock out.

Don't knock yourself out, tuck your chin. I remember my first time i was like my God. >> [LAUGH] >> [SOUND] Okay. All right. Ten more years ago, let's do it.

>> [LAUGH] Amazing. What would we the first thing because I saw the question here, flying through what would be the first thing that you teach others in your Wrestling school? >> I would have to teach them to follow their heart and listen to their heart. You have to. This is the biggest, biggest key in life. You have to follow your heart, you have to follow your intuition.

If you don't love this, this is not for you. I wanna do it just for fun. This is life, this is hard and to always follow your heart is overwhelming. >> Great advice, great advice.

I love it. Mark with another question, in your recent interviews you said you want to go to Mars and start a promotion. >> [LAUGH] Yeah.

>> Which two WWE superstars would face each other in the first ever Mars Women's Championship match? >> And I'm not booked in it if I didn't book myself cuz that's how promoters usually do. >> Well. >> I'll just leave myself out of it and I'll be nice. >> [LAUGH] >> I've learned from my bosses, Who would I choose? I would have to give the future an opportunity. So I would have to go down to NXT and scout. I'd have to choose Dakota Kai, birth.

>> Raquel Gonzales? >> We're already gonna see that coming up, boo. We don't want to see that twice. It's gonna be never been done, never been seen before. I'm gonna have to choose Dakota Kai versus, I think Becky Lynch.

I think the aliens would love that. >> [LAUGH] >> I think they would love to see a girl with pink hair and a girl with orange hair. And they would just be like, my God, what is this? >> I'm just imagining all the aliens, green faces. >> [LAUGH] >> Mr. Spock ears sitting ringside.

>> All of that, they're gonna love it. >> Amazing, amazing. If the mixed match challenge were ever to return, who would you choose as your tag team partner except Finn, who was your tag team partner before. >> [LAUGH] >> Kai sent that in.

>> I think I would have to choose Bobby Lashley. I think Bobby Lashley. I think Bobby Lashley with MVP on our side, we would always win. >> Prediction for his match against Goldberg this Saturday at SummerSlam for WWE championship? >> If I'm gonna choose him as my partner, then I'm gonna choose them to win boo boo. I choose Bobby Lashley.

Goldberg. >> [CROSSTALK] >> Will it be a hard match? [LAUGH] Will it be short and sweet? Will it be a longer match? What's going to happen? Give me some insight. You're the expert here, come on. >> I am the expert.

Goldberg matches are always short and sweet. So I expect nothing less than Bobby just hitting him with a one, a two, a three. That'd probably be a five second match. >> Because both use the spear.

We have seen the jackhammer from Lashley before. It's a trademark move of Goldberg for decades now. But yeah, I also expect it to be short and sweet. But I think Sasha Banks versus Bianca Belair would be a longer match.

Give me a time frame, 20, 25, 30? >> Let's see. I think it's probably scheduled for 30. I'm trying to make it go less than five minutes with the ideas and thoughts that I have in my head of what I'm gonna do to her.

I think this is gonna be a quick match as well. Whether I hit her with something brand new with a one, two, three. Or if I love just to torture her and snatch on that bank statement. And not let go and just make her tap out. >> I mean, that sounds cruel. That sounds mean.

>> That sounds nice to me. It sounds like a good chiropractor adjustment. >> Chiropractic adjustment, not where I come from. >> Not where you come from, but over here. She's gonna love it when I hit her with that backstabber and I snatch her back.

I put my frickin arms around her and I wrench it back. She go, my back, my neck. Can't wait. >> I'm hurting already. What are you doing to me? Great question from Max. You're gonna love this one.

Drumroll. >> Matt, give it to me. >> How does it feel to be the greatest WWE superstar of all time? >> It feels great. It feels amazing.

I just wake up so happy, I go to bed so happy. I just wake up with excellence. It feels amazing to be the greatest of all time.

Period. >> Couldn't have said it any better. Another question that I read on social media so often is which NXT talent would be the ideal challenger after Sasha has won back the SmackDown Women's Championship? >> Let's see. Let's ask the fans? >> [LAUGH] >> What do you guys think? >> Yeah put it in the chat.

Who is next? >> Put it in the chat. I don't know there's so many. There's Xia Li, there's Dakota Kai, there's Raquel.

There's still Io Shirai. I'm still looking for my revenge on that girl. There's just so many. I can't just choose just one. >> Okay, social media related question here.

When you write the word you on social media, you always capitalize the U, why is that? >> Because of the double U. I wanna make sure you understand it's up to you. You, you, you, you. >> Me? >> [LAUGH] >> You, it's like it's more of a statement. It's an exclamation more.

It's a period. So it's you. >> Sounds fascinating.

Everything is fascinating about the boss. Do you have any last words before Saturday, before SummerSlam for the audience in Germany, in Switzerland, in Austria, worldwide? >> I love you guys so much. I thank you guys so much for the support nonstop. And I cannot wait to see all you guys all again and thank you so much for loving your future SmackDown Women's Champion. Can you see this beautiful picture behind me? >> That's amazing by the way. >> Right here we're gonna put the SmackDown Women's Championship right here.

But make sure you watch at SummerSlam on Saturday. >> WWE network, people, watch it. Sasha, I hope you enjoyed your time with good old Sebastian here on BB ball. >> Thank you, Sebastian, I love you.

>> Thank you for your time. I've been dying to get you on the show and and finally happened, I'm so happy, I'm so lucky. I hope we can do this again someday. >> Absolutely, maybe we can do it Sunday for a celebration.

>> Why not? I'm always up for it. >> I'm always up for it too. I can't wait to show off my championship. >> Okay, great last words from Sasha Banks the standard, the leader, the blueprint, the conversation, the boss, perhaps the future SmackDown Women's Champion, I wish you. Okay, let me do this.

Let me do this again. >> You better close out right. >> That was Sasha Banks the standard, the leader, the blueprint, the conversation, the legit boss and the future Smackdown Women's Champion coming this Saturday at SummerSlam.


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