Sasha Banks becomes Raw Women's Champion | WWE's terrible booking of Asuka as Champion continues

Sasha Banks becomes Raw Women's Champion | WWE's terrible booking of Asuka as Champion continues

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So sasha banks, is the new wwe. Raw women's, champion, yes it actually happened we did make a preview video on monday. Discussing, about the possibility, that sasha banks could be. The new world women's champion, the the championship, could change hands on monday and we weren't wrong that's exactly, what wwe. Did. And they made the change monday night on raw now. For those not aware going into monday night raw it was the big hype wasn't it this is the big match we're going to have. That, sasha banks be going up against oscar to decide who was truly. The real royal women's champion even though it was oscar, after their, weirdness. At the. Extreme rules paid for you but for those who weren't. Uh aware or have been living under a rock or certainly not been on social media because if you mention this on social media, man. Do you get a reaction, if you mention this on social media my word. I mentioned this like my thoughts on it on social media, and you got called immediately. A whiner. A complainer. Go why do you complain about everything a little over just. You know. The thing is when it comes to, wrestling social media now people are very very angry. So. Um that's what that was but. Because of what happened to extreme rules so extreme rules we had, oscar defending the royal women's championship, against sasha banks. And myself, included, i thought, like. Most people i think thought that oscar was going to win this one. Um. I assumed the plan was to have oscar as the royal women's champion for a long time have a long championship, reign. Uh that kind of thing going forward but that wasn't the case. Um. Similarly. To her backlash. Defense. Of the royal women's championship, against nijax, we had a screwy, finish. And that was the case. At extreme rules because extreme rules we had. Uh, oscar have sasha banks in the oscar lock, sasha banks taps out but the referee's distracted by bayley. Um. Bayley, then, oscar let's go of sasha banks, out of the ask a lock. Uh she goes to spray the green mist which is a disqualifiable. Offense, anyway. But she sprays the grey mist and it goes into the eyes of the official. Uh which then leads. Uh him to be blinded, and him to be down. Uh bailey comes in hits oscar with the wwe, women's tag team championship, belt. Uh oscar's, out sasha banks gets on top. There's no referee to count the three because he's been blinded, he's been blinded, by the, mysterious. Green mist whatever, in that green miss substance. Uh whatever it's in there, it's blinded, the poor referee. So he's down. So bailey. Thinks on her, feet. If you want to call it that, on her feet she decides. I'm gonna take the referee's, shirt off, the shirt off his back. And count the one two three paul heyman style at extreme rules or rather one night stand 2006. Ecw, one night stand, 2006.. And then. Counts to three forces the timekeeper, to ring the bell and we have sasha banks as the raw women's champion or the self-appointed. Self-proclaimed. Royal women's champion whatever you want to call her. So that was the case for sasha banks. And then obviously, they're all saying the storyline, after that is sasha banks you're not the raw women's champion, what are you talking about of course you're not the real, raw woman's champion, blah blah blah. Which then leads stephanie mcmahon to appear on the screen last week on monday night raw and say, we're going to determine. A real raw woman's champion we're going to have a real raw women's champion. Next week, on monday night raw we're going to have oscar. Versus, uh, sasha banks for the royal women's championship.

What I didn't get in that is that her, rationale, for that stephanie mcmahon was, well even though sasha banks you didn't win the royal women's championship. Oscar, you didn't win the match either. What, what happened, to the champions, advantage, then. Wha what happened to the champions advantage, because in my opinion. What truly happened there then is that oscar was disqualified. You spray green mist in the referees. Face isn't that disqualifiable. Um. Reason for the ref to call off the match. And therefore, because oscar, is the royal women's, champion. Um she retains, the championship. She loses the match but she retains the championship, because the championship, can't change hands, by disqualification. Well that rule would change. Stephanie mcmahon said that the match between, oscar and sasha banks are monday night raw. This week. To prevent, any interference, from happening from the likes of bayley, and kyrie, sade and whoever. That the championship, could change hands by pinfall, submission. Count out, and, disqualification. Uh which then again. Even going into that, i was under the assumption, okay that just prevents. Bailey getting involved so sasha banks is going to take a pin for or she's going to tap out to the ask a lock. That makes the most sense sir. Um. But they didn't go with that either, they didn't go with that either they actually went with the title change of sasha banks becoming the raw women's champion. We predicted, it on the uh preview, video that we posted on monday night purely because of the side plates the side plates are the clue the side plates are always the clue. Into what is going on because, wwe, is taping multiple, episodes of raw and smackdown, at the same time. Right now so they're taping. Two episodes of raw on a monday, and then two episodes of smackdown on a tuesday. Um, they did the same last week so they, taped, uh last week's raw and this week's raw last monday. And then the following night on the tuesday, they taped, last week's smackdown, on this week's smackdown. Um, so obviously they taped the title change. The day before, they did the smackdown, tapings. Well, on the smackdown, tapings, on last week's, uh edition of friday night smackdown, sasha banks was out there, she had uh the raw women's championship, but they had oscar's. Side plates on it well obviously the side plates have to be changed because this week on smackdown. Sasha banks is going to have the raw women's championship, but it's got to reflect that she is the new royal women's champion, says he had the side plates, changed. However, it would appear that between, having these side plates changed, and filming. The second episode of smackdown, sasha backs had a little bit of a photo shoot backstage. And she posted, this photo of her with the royal women's championship, and the wwe, women's tag team championship. And, the online, sleeves you can't get anything, past. A pro wrestling fan if we've learned anything, from this, you can get nothing past a pro wrestling, fan, uh and that was evidence. Uh by the likes of gary cassidy from sports keita fellow sports keda brother. That uh the side plates have changed, so people naturally were saying wait a minute. Why have the side plates changing we haven't had a title change yet. Uh, could this be that the title was changing hands on monday night raw and that's exactly what happened the title changed hand on monday night raw, uh we had the match the match itself was fine it was i again. Going into it i had no qualms, about the match. Because. Sasha banks versus us was a great match. When has it not been a great match it's always been a great match. The thing that i had an issue with and it's been an issue. I mean how long have you got but it's been an issue for a while certainly especially the last couple of months it's been really really noticeable the last couple of months. Was the creative. And the finish. The finishes. The whole, horror show at extreme rules pay-per-view, was mad in my opinion by bad finishes. Bad finishes, that made no sense. Were shoehorned, in to try and get your silly angle over, came out expensive.

What Was a good match. And just ruined, a lot of potentially. Good matches. And that's been a major problem for wwe. In my opinion at least over the last month or so but i mean you can trace this back for quite a while. But some of the finishes, were just just terrible. And i mentioned this during the extreme rules post show and i think it's worth mentioning here as well. A finish. Is so important when it comes to pro wrestling, because. A finish. A pro wrestling match is like. Any good television, show or a television, series. You can have. Um the best intro. So the intros would be their entrances, to the ring and, the ring introductions, by. Uh the the ring announcer. That could be your intro, they can be perfect. The body of the match. Can be, perfect. So the body of a match is equivalent, to. All the episodes, in the tv series. But the finish. Is your season finale, the season, uh the finish, is the episode that the season finishes, on, and ultimately, is what everyone is talking about, and hooks them in, to watch the next season. Or hooks them in to carry on watching your pro wrestling, product. Uh or cooks them in to watch, and want the rematch, that's exactly, what a finish is arguably, the finish is the most important, point of the match, the finish, tells, the story that you're looking to tell in terms of the storyline. But it also ties the match up in a perfect, bow, and keeps the fans wanting, more. And for the last few weeks. When it comes to wwe. And maybe it's a bit longer. You know maybe maybe it is a bit longer, when it comes to these, bad finishes, the finishes, of the matches have just been. Nonsensical. Uh lacking, creative. They don't tell the story, if anything they just confuse, you even more they've ruined what is a good match. It's important for a finish in my opinion as well to complement, uh. To complement, the match and not be a complete 180 to whatever the match is trying to tell. And. Again monday night on raw. That's what it felt like to me. Obviously i'm a bit disappointed, about oscar losing the royal women's championship. But it was the way that it happened, and just. It just again it felt silly and didn't make a lot of sense in my opinion. Now for those who weren't watching monday night raw and there was only 1.6, million of you live. Which is a slight improvement, a couple of weeks ago but it looks like 1.6, million and 1.5, million is the norm. For monday night roll now which should be concerning, for wwe. Um, we were having the match between oscar and sasha banks in the ring and then we cut to backstage, and we see smackdown, women's champion, bayley attacking, kyrie saying of course kyrie is saying his, tag team partners, with, oscar, i say. Is. More like was now because she is, uh leaving the wwe, to move back to japan to be closer to her husband and her friends and her family. So bailey's attacking kyrie saying backstage, just mercifully. Beating her down. Uh then oscar has a choice to make does she stay in the ring, or does she go backstage. Uh to fight for a friend or should she stay and, fight for the royal women's championship. She decides, like the dumb baby face that she is because, again, baby faces can't be cool. They have to be stupid, and they have to do what's right. She goes back to sage to, save kyrie saying from the beat down by bailey. Uh but this leads to a count out of course. The, as per the stipulations, in the match by stephanie mcmahon the championship, can change hand by count out, uh which leads to sasha back's winning the match and therefore winning the royal women's championship. Uh in the. Process. Now the finish. Look some people are going to say well the finish protects, oscar and yeah of course it does because she didn't take a pin full. She didn't she didn't. Lose. You know in the in, the traditional, sense. Because she wasn't pinned or she wasn't submitted.

However, In my opinion it does hurt oscar, because it made her look stupid. And. Stupid. In my opinion, is just as bad as looking weak, and losing the match by, being, cleanly, beat, uh by someone you were expected to be, if anything is worse. Right would you rather look tough. And just lose it to a better competitor, or do you rather look stupid. And in my opinion that's what it looked like it just it. It felt, stupid. And people will say, how does it lack logic because. Um, the pre-match stipulations, were there and, and i do agree with that to a point you set out your stipulations. You kind of told us to finish going in. So why are we so angry. About the outcome or why are you so angry about the outcome and i i'll tell you why i wasn't happy with that outcome. It's more, the way that oscar has been booked ever since she became raw women's champion. That's my issue. With this whole thing it's not necessarily, the match itself, and this finish, there are a lot of, sasha bank stands. On social media that if you say for a minute. That you thought that it was a bad decision, and oscar should have won the match or whatever, you will get hunted down. And like liam neeson, and taken, they have a particular, set of skills and they will take you down. If you uh say one bad thing about their precious sasha banks, so i won't do that here because i'm a fan of sasha back she, is a tremendous, worker and, her and bailey have been absolutely, brilliant, um. In 2020. And as a women's tag team champions there isn't a better female tag team on the roster right now you can't argue with that and, um. It's an interesting, storyline, an interesting direction for them to go and you cut you just can't argue that point. The thing that annoys me when it comes to oscar. Is that ever since. She won or was given. The raw women's championship, she has just been booked. Horrifically. I mean absolutely. Horrifically. So she, wins uh the money in the bank. Uh, the, briefcase, had the money in the back pay for you why did she win that well she won that because she got over. During the empty arena shows earlier this year. Nobody. Not only was nobody ready for ask and nobody could touch oscar. She was just that good during that period of time there was so much confusion. And. So much. We don't know what's going on our wwe, going to be able to run shows what is it going to look like with no fans, the atmosphere, sucks. Um, is it difficult to watch show anyway, let alone with no fans, etc, etc those are the conversations, that are being had. Uh but oscar was the shining light. Monday night raw she was, her promos, were just always, spot on fantastic. They didn't need to be in english. They were just great. And, her matches. Speak for herself oscar's a tremendous, in-ring, worker worker. You can't discredit, what she could do in the ring her matches were great too. And then the whole character, the rounded character of oscar. Just really started to come into its own and she was the best part of the show even at some points. Even in matches where she had nothing to do with it i think she went out on monday night raw, during an andrade, match against someone, and she was put on commentary. Just to speak japanese, why because it was more entertaining, than the match, it added atmosphere. It was something interesting, to watch. Wwe, was struggling to know what to do during these empty arena shows during the pandemic, and i'm not going to criticize, them for that it's a very confusing, time and it certainly was then. But they put ask her out on commentary for these matches because she was interesting. And she was entertaining, she was compelling. And. Eventually, she got over. With the audience. Even though there wasn't any audience physically, there she got over the audience at home. So when the, money in the bank, contract, came up, she won it, uh and obviously because of becky lynch's pregnancy, and her going on maternity, leave she was given the raw women's championship. And people went okay, it makes the most sense oscar is the one that can pick up where becky lynch has left off she's the. Probably the biggest babyface. Female wrestler, on the royal roster right now it makes the most sense. Uh we'll have a long, oscar. Championship. Reign and, really elevate, oscar to a next level that she was at when she was in nxt, because obviously the run that she had in nxt is mythic she never lost.

I'm Beating for was it like 900, and something days it was just crazy it won't be done again. Uh female competitor, of the year overall competitor, of the year only other person to do that by the way is kyrie, sane. Which is interesting. Um. But yeah that, that was the point okay right. Everyone was ready for oscar at that point because they were ready to see her shine. And what happens. She's booked. Strongly, for a couple of weeks while paul heyman is still in charge and i don't want to turn this into a paul heyman versus bruce pritchard thing or was it oscar a paul heyman project because i don't think that's necessarily, completely, the case i think blizzard man was also a big fan of oscar. And might still be and we don't know he can sell on things very quickly. But. After then she had a couple of interactions with nia jax on raw because that was going to be the next few there was going to be, ask of his snyder jacks he has a couple of interactions, nixon, raw, just completely, flaws. It's not even close attacks are backstage. Attacks are in the ring. Easy peasy. Uh then you had charlotte flair come back to monday night raw after losing the nxt women's championship. We need, something for, charlotte fletcher she can't be doing nothing. Even though she's going to be going away off television sometime, soon we can't have her doing nothing, you kidding me it's sharla flair, the charlotte flair. She needs to be doing something, i i am interacting, or, pretending, rather to be vincent around there. So, oscar then has a little bit of a, feud with charlotte flair whilst. She is also, feuding with nijax heading into backlash. So what happens, of course. Charlotte flair beats oscar, clean on raw your raw woman's champion, is defeated, clean. Ish. Uh by, um. By charlotte flair on raw. Strike number one bad booking and i know people will say well nijax, got involved but she's still lost. I still your champion, doing jobs. On raw. No, don't have that i'm not having that, so we get to the pay for you we have backlash, i'm really thinking well it's it's, it's oscar's first defense of the royal women's championship. She's facing off against nia jax. It's meant to be a big opponent for her to overcome, it's a first championship, defense. Logic would suggest that she beats her. Not completely, emphatically. But she gets over the hump, right what is a difficult title defense. She manages, to do it, and, she sets herself up for a long championship, reign looks like a fighting champion looks like a credible champion. Uh and we see, uh a good, royal women's championship, reign for oscar coming forward after that. So what happens. We get to the pay fee backlash. Nia jax vs oscar. Match. Whatever. Finish, double count out. What. But i'm sorry at the time, my head nearly explode a double count out you kidding me. In your first championship, at defense you're not good enough to beat your first opponent. So right from there again another strike she's just lost to charlotte flair a couple weeks ago on raw the weak prior on raw. And then she can't beat nia jax in a championship, match. So again, strike, on that, badly booked. Now eventually. Um, she would beat, uh. Charlotte flair on monday night raw. To retain the raw women's championship. But to be honest. And she did repeat, and she did, uh defeat knight jackson, raw. But she beat charlotte flair on raw because now jax attacked her early in the night she was selling an injured arm, and asked her one with the oscar, on the injured arm on the injured shoulder.

So Don't tell me that was completely clean because it wasn't she needed an excuse. She needed a pre-existing. Injury, to defeat charlotte flair. And she couldn't beat nia jax, at backlash, either. So she has a second championship, defenses, against sasha banks this time at the horror show extreme rules and a horror show it was, not for the good reasons that wwe, wanted it to be, for the awful finishes, that we saw at that event. We have sasha banks versus uh oscar. And then we have the screwy finish that i mentioned earlier. Referee. Bump. Miss to the eyes, bailey counting one two three, sasha banks the champion. Uh she made sasha banks tap out but then she got pinned by sasha banks because of bayley. Again. My head nearly exploded you can go back on the watch along and go and have a look at what. It didn't make any sense to me and. Why, at this point they're starting to rack up, you have losing to charlotte flair on raw, a screwy finish against nia jax. At backlash, where she can't even beat nia jax, she then does defeat charlotte flair and raw but there's a pre-existing, injury so she needed that, she can't beat sasha banks at extreme rules screwy, finish. And then she loses once again to sasha banks this week on monday night raw with another squirrely finish. And and, if you're a casual, fan if you're a casual, fan. And people will say well, you're looking too much into it there, you're zooming in too much where there aren't things there. And they've actually in those in those defeats they've tried to protect oscar. Because how many, clean jobs has she done. And it's not about, winning or losing, necessarily. It's the way that she can't be anyone. No one. If you're a casual, fan. And i'm not gonna say you believe it's a shoot because so many people don't now and, look kayfabe, even though. Some people actually believe pat mcafee and out of goal is a real thing. Kayfabe, is dead. And everyone knows the score everyone knows it's a work everyone knows what's going on. But, in terms of the casual, fan, who don't who doesn't look too deep into things and, um. You know doesn't know the inner workings of the business, or isn't completely, smart to the business, in, what goes on behind closed doors kind of thing. If you see someone that can't beat anyone. And they're a champion, and they can they can't beat knight jacks because it's a count now they can't beat sasha banks because the referee screw thing they can't beat, charlotte flair unless she's injured first, what are you supposed, to think. What are you supposed to think of oscar's. Capability. As a wrestler what are you supposed to think of ask his capability, as a champion.

The, Image, and the. The thing that's been put into your head straight away from seeing those performances, is she's not good enough she's not good wrestlers she can't beat anyone. Because what what, evidence, is there to tell you otherwise. Nothing. Nothing. It's honestly, it's one of the worst, championship, reigns. From the woman's point of view that there's, there has been. Because, it was booked, terribly. You go from one woman's championship, reign in becky lynch. Where she's championed, for a year. And in every match, she wins. She beats. Everyone, she beat everyone. That was the point, she beat shayna basler she beat oscar. She beat natalya. She beat sasha banks. You know, she beat him all. Everyone, every single person she went up against becky lynch one. And becky lynch is a big star. Why, because she won, every match, that's how you make a big star especially, a big baby face. People will say well, maybe you're looking over what it was really like at the end of her reign people were a bit sick of her people were a bit sick of her at the end of her reign because she constantly, won, i think she maybe won too much. But when you're building her up. As, the man, right, pun there see what i did but when you're building her up you, you they have to win. I've said this about drew mcintyre, recently. As wwe. Champion. If you're gonna make drew mcintyre. The star if you're gonna make drew mcintyre, the guy in wwe. You need to do what you did with john cena you need to do what you did with hulk hogan, what you did with steve austin. Whoever. The, key thing is they win. That's it they win, they win, they win every time there's a big match a big opponent. They win. And why is that so important because then in the eyes of the audience, you're a winner you can beat whoever's placed in front of you you are unstoppable. You are the top of the top in wwe. It doesn't matter. Necessarily, if you're holding the championship. Or not what matters if is that you win. If you win and win and win. People just assume that you're a winner and you're the guy. But if you lose and you can't beat anyone, if people don't believe in you you're a phony. You can't beat them, you're not, legitimate. If people don't believe in you and they can't invest in you, why would little kids want to buy the merch uh merchandise, of the babyface, that can't beat anyone. If they're a loser. People would like to buy the merchandise, of john cena because he won all the time, the kids believed in him that he was going to overcome, any adversity, and any odds, that were placed in front of him why because he always won in the past. So they believe that he's going to continue winning in the future. And that's the and that's not the case of oscar here. What has there been, in the past. In recent months that tells you she was going to beat anyone, nothing. Because the way that she was booked, was stupid, and awful. So, i wasn't surprised. Almost in a sense that she did, lose to sasha banks monday night on raw because, over the last few months what's what's been there to tell you that anything otherwise, was gonna happen. Nothing. Nothing. So i, that's what annoyed me what i'm not necessarily, annoyed that sasha banks is the is the raw woman's champion. I i've, i'm a, bit, something in me is a bit like well a smackdown superstar is raw woman's champion. That old wild card rolls back. But. The thing that annoys me the most is the booking of oscar as champion and the booker of oscar, since winning the championship. She turned into a world champion, loser. Or certainly a world champion that couldn't beat anyone. It's and it's just again it's just a waste, it's just a waste. Now. As far as sasha banks, i don't have a problem with sasha banks being the champion, like i said i'd rather not be a smackdown, star. But i suppose with a woman's tag team championship, they can appear on every brand, whatever. The brand split means nothing now anyway. Like it ever did, but, it doesn't mean anything now anyway. Um. You know. Thoughts on having. All the championships. On two. Females. People are gonna complain about anything. I don't necessarily, have a massive problem with that, you go look back on. The two-man, power trip in 2001. And they've done other instances, over the park, sean michaels and diesel, that kind of thing, even it never bothered me then, i think it's an interesting, site and an interesting spectacle.

I Don't think it will last very long, anyway, so people that will say ah they're just, it's all the spotlights, going on and why didn't it go on other people. I partially agree, maybe they should be highlighting other people, you've got twitter saying naomi deserves a chance not naomi, deserves to go on, ms tv and then be. Have a terrible segment of lacey evans. People want to see people. Different people have a go and have an, opportunity. But at the same time sasha banks, and bailly are killing it, and, i think it prolongs, their eventual, breakup and i think it adds more steam, and. Emphasis, to their storyline, so i don't necessarily, have a huge problem with that. My problem, with all of this. Is the way that ask has been booked my problem with all of this is how oscar was but does raw women's champion. And i think, in the same way and we'll round this out here that the finishes. Have been bad recently, i've been really bad on wwe, television, recently. I think this was just another example, of not only a bad finish. Uh but continued, bad booking. When it came to oscar as well were raw women's champions so that's the thing that i think. Frustrates, me the most when it comes to this. Ask a situation, at the moment. But of course as always this is just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts, on sasha banks, being the new royal women's champion, and oscar losing the championship. After only a few, raw women's championship, defenses, let me know your thoughts, in the comments section below i'll be sure to respond, and reply to all of your comments i really enjoy interacting, with you guys, so i really appreciate, anyone that takes the time to leave a comment, uh if you've enjoyed this video please do give us a like also it really does help us out uh go up the rankings on youtube and go into people's recommendation. Feeds, uh but most importantly, if you haven't already please do subscribe to wrestle news 365.. You can do that by clicking the bottom right hand corner of the screen right now or if you wait a few seconds there'll be a subscribe button at the end of this video, along with another video for you to watch we're closing in getting so much closer, to that 600, subscriber, number we're only about 20 off now so if you haven't already please do subscribe.

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