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Good. Morning everybody and thank you, for joining today's, webinar. My. Name is Nathan Cookson, I'm the portfolio, manager, at, Pearson. Myra. Mayer Pearson is product. Management, responsible. For. Apprenticeships. And work-based learning provision. Within, two key sectors, appears and one being business which. Covers, the. Cross sector products, for example, customer. Service business administration. Management and leadership and. Other products, within. Apprenticeships, work based learning and, content. That, covers. The generic. Cross sector areas, in. Addition I also cover. The digital, sector again. Apprenticeships, and work-based learning provision. Within that sector. Thank. You for joining today today's webinar, is really to talk about sage, transition. In England only and, our, particular focus will be on. Pearson. Products, and services that will be able they'll, be available to support you in that transition, from Sasa, prentice ships to, new standards, when we hit that critical, date on the 1st of August 2020. And. That's correct it's, to highlight, the various products and services, and qualifications, that are available to, you and both, now and from. The 1st of August 2010 t22, support you in that transition, from frameworks, to standards. So. Starting first we're going to cover the, business, and administration, routes you'll. See from this presentation, that we've classified each, of our areas. When the the various routes that are covered within the, apprenticeship sector, so the first one is looking at the business administration, routes. As you, can see here there are three current. Seis, apprenticeship. Frameworks, within the business and administration sector, and they are the intermediate, level to, the, advanced at level 3 and the, higher apprenticeship, in Business and Professional Administration. At level 4 you. Will see from this slide that there there is no replacement standard, at level 2, and. There. Is no replacement standard, at level 4 and following. Close dialogue with the employer. Group and the, IFA, to the e there, is no intention currently, to develop. A new standard, iva, level 2 and over, level 4. However. It's our is our intention, at Pearson that we will continue, to maintain.

Our, Level 2 qualification. Provision, and so, that they're able to diploma and Business Administration, at. The same time we also will maintain our level. 4 business administration, provision. Whilst. That transition, takes place currently. Those qualifications are available, to August 2022. It sorry, August 2021. And we. Will review. The. Uptake of those qualifications in, terms of learner numbers as we get closer to the to those dates. What. I would like to highlight is that level - we do have, alternative. Provision, both in. Competency-based, qualifications. For example the level 2 diploma and, also. Knowledge, based. Qualifications. That can be delivered in your course type, program, and in. The future weeks and months we will be doing some marketing and communication, to share, those products, with. Customers. Where. There is continued, provision is at the, advanced level apprenticeships. And Business Administration so, the level 3 framework. So there is a replacement standard, and it's been around and for, a couple years now and that's the business administrator, level. 3 standard. As. You'll. Be aware, within. The business sector that there are no mandated. Qualifications. In the majority, of the new apprenticeship. Standards, however, to support. Customers. And apprentices. Within, their own program, phase, of. The apprentice now they'll enter support. Centers in terms of of delivery. We. Have created, two qualifications, we've, created the Pearson beat level free certificate for business administrators. And the. Pearson, BTEC. Level 3, diploma for, business administrators. These. Are on program, optional, qualifications. That I've designed have been designed to. To. Support that unprogrammed phase and, they are available now. Moving. On to, the, management, and leadership sector. That. Also is, covered, with the business administrative, route. Sighting. With the intermediate, level 2 apprenticeship, level 2, we have the advanced level, framework, at level 3 we. Have the higher apprenticeships, both at level 4 and level 5 and they're the first four rows on this slide you'll. See that there is no replacement provision, in. Terms of new standards at both level 2 and level 4. Similarly. To Business Administration, those qualifications, as, existing, qualifications, are due to and, be reviewed by the end of August 2021. And we, will be undertaking that process shortly to make a decision whether, those. Qualifications will, be, extended. Or whether decision is made to retire retire those qualifications but as it currently stands, they are still available for learner registrations. Outside, of apprenticeships, once, we, hit that first of August deadline, until.

August, 2021. Where. There is a replacement, standard, you'll sees at level 3 and I'm, sure you're already aware by now that whilst. It is a level 3 replacement. Standard, the. Wording, has changed, from management to team lead a stroke supervisor. And. Similarly again to Business Administration, there is no mandated, qualification. Although, the standard ISM highly, recommend. The. Undertaking, of other on program, qualification what, Pearson, have created, is the level, 3 certificate, for managers and the, level 3, diploma for, managers, for, those who are not aware of the differences, between the. Certificate, diploma and this is a reoccurring, theme for, our this entire deck is that certificate. Targets. The the, knowledge. Elements. Of the apprenticeship, standard. And. Some areas of behaviors, whereas. The the level 3 diplomas or the diplomas at any level where, we've created a replacement qualification. And the diplomas. Cover the full apprenticeship, standard so they support both the delivery of knowledge but, also the assessment, and evidence gathering of the, skills and the behaviors, and as, you'll see that for level 3 the team, years supervised replacement. Standard those qualifications, are avail now and the standard is available, for endpoint, assessment, through Pearson. Again. At level five you see that there is a replacement it's the operation, stroke departmental, manager at level five, simulator. Level. Three, we have created, those two optional. On program, qualifications. To support, the knowledge but, also to support, the the skills and knowledge and the behaviors, together, and. They are available now. Nesting. At the bottom of this side you'll see that. Pearson we do have some provision, in, seis frameworks, and recruitments, and. In. Terms of the advanced level apprenticeship, which is at level three there, is a replacement standard, called recruitment, consultant. Pearson. Have, made a decision, to not engage in, this area, in the going forward so, there is no replacement qualification. Or standard. In terms of endpoint assessment, that Pearson will be offering those. Recruitment. Qualifications. So they say the qualifications. They, have a operational. Review date of August 2021. So, what we will do is we will continue those qualifications, until they reach that review date and we'll, make a decision at that point in terms of their continued, use I think. It's quite likely at this stage that the recommendation. Will be to withdraw, those, qualifications. As we reach August, 2021. So. That covers the business administration, route moving, on to sales marketing.

And Procurement. So. There is provision in, terms of customer, service at level. Two and level three so, replacing. The intermediate. Level apprenticeship. In customer service is the customer, service practitioner, level two and replacing. The advanced, level apprenticeship, in customer service at level three is the customer, service specialist, level three standard. Pearson. Are offering, endpoint assessment, in both of those areas and in, addition we have again, created. The, optional. Qualifications. To support that on program phase based in terms of the knowledge but also the knowledge skills and behaviors and, you'll, see there we have the level 2 certificate for, customer service practitioners. And the, diploma to support the Christmas service practitioner, standard and at. Level three we have the recently. Published. Qualification. Several. Months ago for customer service specialist both the certificate, and the diploma so put them for provision is. Available, now in customer, service to transition. From say, frameworks, to replacement. Standards. So moving on to sales. Marketing. And contact. Centers. You. See that, in terms of level 2 and level 3 provision. There are no replacement, standards, for sales, marketing. So. He sales and contact, centers at levels 2 & 3 in terms, of marketing, there is no replacement at level 2 but, there are various, options at, level, 3 so, in terms of sales, again. It's, a it's a very similar message. At. This. Stage pitten are not engaging in new standards, in those areas, however, the says-- qualifications. Are due, for review at the end of August 2021. So. One year after, the. State's framework, registrations, close it's, our intention to continue those qualifications, until we reach August. 2021. At which point make a decision, whether. Those qualifications, will continue, based upon demands and their gain that's the same for contact, center operations, so there is no replacement. Standard, provision through Pearson but. Those qualifications, should. You wish to entertain them as a standalone provision will continue, to be available for at least. Another. Year and a half, in. Terms of marketing there. Is no report there is no replacement vision at level 2 in terms of the intermediate level apprenticeship, in marketing, however, there is various and provision. Available, at. Level 3 and beyond in terms of new apprenticeship, standards, for. Peers and we've only engaged at level, 3, there. Is a marketing, assistant level 3 apprentices that available. But. Unfortunately, person, we've not met we we have not decided. To engage in that area where, we have engaged in, terms, of replacing level, 3 provision, is in the digital market here level 3 new. Apprenticeship, standard, we. Are in the process of developing. Our 10-point assessment materials for, that standard and they'll be available by. May 20-22. That. We have created. Three. On program, qualifications. And the, Pearson level 3 awarding principles, of coding, the level 3 award in digital marketing business, principles, and the level 3 award in marketing, suppose if you are familiar with a digital market ear standard, there. Is a mandated, requirement, within that standard that a learner completes. Three, knowledge, modules. During. The unprogrammed phase they can they can do this by either in to taking a specific, vendor, certificate. That. Aligns to those knowledge modules, alternatively. Making, them to take a off. Quality, seed qualification. That aligns to those knowledge modules, and. Pearson, we have created, those three qualifications. That are aligned directly to those my knowledge, modules, and satisfy. The criteria. From. Program, achievement, and each of those qualifications are, assessed via an. On screen assessment. Details, can be found on the Pearson website so we have full provision in. The digital market here level 3 standard to replace the, safe framework, in. Marketing. So. Moving on to the more retail focus, standards. As. It, currently stands, Pearson. Have active, provisioning, frameworks, at both level 2 and. Level 3 for, trade supplier, and funeral, team member, and funeral. Director. We've. Made a decision that we will not be engaging in new standards, in each of those areas, and, identically. To the other areas of that we've covered in this webinar the, qualification. So they say those, qualifications, that are in the safe framework, have. A review date of August, 2021. And we. Will continue to offer those qualifications. Until. August 2021. At which point our our decision, will, be that we withdraw. Those qualifications, and, exit from both the trade supplier and the, funeral. Operations, and services sector. In. Terms of retail, I mean retailer, the, renew retest that has have been available for a long, time to such an extent that the safes frameworks, have already been withdrawn.

So. There is provision available. In, terms. Of the the level intermediate. Level 2 apprenticeship, and retail and the advanced level 3. Apprenticeship and retail in terms of retail level 2 and retail, team later level, 3, unfortunately. Pearson we we've taken the decision very recently that we will be existing the retail, sector, so. There is no replacement. Qualification. Or endpoint, assessment, trick standard available through, Pearson. Although. There there are alternative. Provision. Out there in the sector. And. Finally. Covering the business sector is illegal financing, and accounting route. So. Currently Pearson, offers nice apprenticeship, frameworks, at level two and the level three and providing financial services and the various, pathways, within, that. In. Those frameworks there, are multiple, replacement, standards, available in the financial. Services. Sector and the legal sector and the accountancy, sector so. Multiple, standards from level 3 all the way to professional, level standards, at level 7, Pearson. Again. We've made the decision that we will not be engaging, in, the financial, services sector following. The withdrawal of seis, framework. So the, providing, financial services qualifications. Will continue. Until. August. 2020. So, the, the. Whilst. The frameworks, close, from the 1st of August 2020. And there, has to be full transition, to new standards Pearson's, qualifications, cease, at the end of August 2020. So there'll be one month period where any additional. Registrations, can be made to those qualifications. But. Following the 31st, of August 2020. We will be withdrawing, providing. Financial services sector and there'll. Be no further provision, in terms of apprenticeships. Within. This area from Pearson. You. So moving on to digital. In. Terms, of the IT user, area so the intermediate apprenticeship. For IT application. Specialists, and the Advanced Apprenticeship, of IT application. Specialists. There. Is no replacement standard, at level 2 and level 3 that directly, replaces. The, IT application. Specialist, sector, the, primarily really the prom' primary, reason for that is because of. The. Requirement, that a new, apprentice, standard aligns to as a very specific. Job. Job, occupation. And, it is deemed that the IT application, specialist, is not. A very, specific job. Application. Sorry. Job, occupation, so therefore, there, will be no replacement. Standard, to replace those frameworks, from. The first of August 2020. Pearson's. Qualifications, are due to expire in terms, of IT users, at the end of December, 2020, at this, point in time it's our intention to withdraw those qualifications, at the end of December, 2020, in. That we feel there'll be no or. Very minimal use, of those qualifications once. The seis frameworks. Are retired, for. IT application, specialists. Moving. On then to the procom area so I mean there is the intermediate.

Advanced And higher apprenticeship, for IT software, web. And telecom. Professionals. So. Similar, to level. 2 in terms of IT application, specialists there is no level 2 replacement. Digital. Apprenticeship. Standard. And. Those. Qualifications, that level 2 program. Qualification. Is, you to be, reviewed at the end of December, 2020. However. We have had some demand. In terms of. Learner. Activity, outside of, apprenticeships, are non apprentice learners so it's our intention that, whilst the. Apprenticeship. Framework will. Expire. From. The 1st of August 2020. We will we will extend those qualifications. Approximately. For the further two years to assess. The. Level of demand for, those qualifications, at, level 2, in. Terms. Of level 3 and level 4, and beyond, the. ID the digital sector is very similar to the. Legal financial accountancy. In that there are a vast. Amount of replacement, standards, that have been developed, aligned, to very very specific. Job. Roles job occupations, have in the digital sector so, there, are multiple standards, available. Within. The digital sector, at. The current point in time, Pearson. Are not offering, endpoint, assessment, in those. New, digital standards. On. The basis that there are some changes, occurring. In terms of the digital apprenticeship, review and the changes to those standards. However. Within many of the, replacement, standards, is. A requirement, for, the. Achievement, of knowledge modules, to. To. Be achieved in order to. Meet. The requirements of the unprogrammed phase and what. We've done here at Pearson is we've created a number. Of level 3, and level, 4 qualifications. That align today's knowledge. Modules, and you'll see in the. In, the third column here the, list of those qualifications, I'm not going to I'm not going to go through line by line but. Similarly to digital marketing what those qualifications do, they directly map to the knowledge modules, of various. Digital. Replacement. Standards. You. You. I'm, sorry about that it seems that we had a audio. Issue so. To. Continue. We, have created, those knowledge qualifications. That map to the knowledge. Modules. And they are all assessed by on-screen tests and. Achievement, of various peers and qualifications. Meet the knowledge module of each of those standards, at level 3 and level 4, alternatively. Apprentices. Do and centers do have the option of inter taking, vendor, certificates, at the same purpose. So. In. Terms of level 4 and level 3 program. We. Have the we have optional. Qualifications. But at this current stage in time we do not have endpoint, assessment, available. In. Terms of the existing seis qualifications. For. Level 3 so for the advanced apprenticeship for IT software web and telecom professionals, it's our intention to extend, that, level 3 qualification.

On The basis that similar, to level 2 there, is that demand. For. Learner. Registrations. And the need for that qualification outside, of apprenticeships, so it's our intention that we will extend that qualification for a further two years and when, it is due for review at the, end of December, 2020. We ended December this year and level, 4 we will be retiring that qualification, so withdrawing that qualification. When. It when the end of December Rises on the basis that there. Is minimal. Learner. Demand. At, level, 4 for, that qualification, once. The, SAF framework, expires. You. So. Next steps, from. The first of August 2020. So. This is this is essentially. Just a recap, so. That works so that the, message is absolutely clear. So seis apprenticeship. Frameworks, in, England argue. For, withdrawal, at the. End of July 2020. So, from the 1st of August, 2020. Any, new apprenticeship, starts, will, have to be on apprenticeship. Standards. As opposed, to those frameworks. And. Just a recap we are only covering England, in this webinar. Frameworks. And Wales and Northern Ireland will continue, and, my recommendation, is that you contact your business, and, development, manager or, your customer service contact, further, information, around those areas. But. In terms of a very quick read recap, of what new standards, are they're, written directly, by employer led groups often called Trailblazer, groups, so, a group, of. Employers. That represent. The. Sector, of all sizes from large organisations. All the way down to SMEs, and what, they do is they define the knowledge skills and behaviors that. A individual. Needs to be occupational, competent, within a specific job roles and. What this is allowing is allowing employers to identify. Those relevant skills. Knowledge, and behaviors, and and bringing, apprenticeships. Future-proofing. Apprenticeships, to those skills knowledge and behaviors that industry, needs in. Addition to that it provides apprentices, with a clear pathway. To progression, in. Terms of, further, apprenticeships, than those job roles or additional. Groups that apprentice, may wish to take those. Thunders tend to be one to two pages long, and. Then. Call pro a high at high level the requirements, of the standard.

Supporting. That is the assessment plan and what the assessment plan is, is. It is it provides the framework, for. Endpoint. Assessment, so that independent. Assessment, undertaken, by an independent, Assessor. Against. Those, knowledge skills and behaviors that are contained. The apprenticeship standard, and. Each of those assessment, plans are very much tailored to the requirement, of the apprenticeship, the. Minimum, duration in terms of apprenticeship is 12 months and. And, that the maximum. Duration is determined, by the complexity, of the job role and. Those, Neels those those knowledge, skills and behaviors that need to be acquired learnt, and. Evidence. By apprentices, but. After that period of time endpoint. Assessment, takes place, and. This. Is an independent, assessment of the, achievement, of those knowledge skills and behaviors and aligns. To the content, of this asmin plan. It's. Very different to apprenticeship, frameworks, whereby. And their, qualification. Based and then it's that continuous. Assessment. Throughout. The apprenticeship program so, that still takes place of an apprenticeship standards, plus that, independent. Assessment. In the end point assessment, phase. Support you with the transition. Pearson, we do have our apprenticeship, webpages and I will click on this link to. Hopefully. It works to show you. Those. Are printed pages. So. Here within the person, apprentice website you'll be able to access a variety, of information, downloads. Videos. Content. And to. Support you both, in. Apprenticeship, frameworks, whether that's in England Northern Ireland Wales, in. Addition, to at that transition to, apprenticeship standards, and you'll also to be able to find Pearson's. Information. Around new apprenticeship, standard, so if you, follow. The finder standard, it. Will take you to your, various, routes if you click on one of those so business administrative, route you'll see the three. Standards. That Pearson, currently offer in terms of endpoint assessment in business administration, team. Leaders supervise an operational, manager so if you click one of those here. You'll be able to, access. The, detailed. Information, that Pearson, provide around, those areas. So within, the unprogrammed tab you'll see. Information. Around the. Qualifications. Yum program qualifications, at Pearson deliver and you'll be able to download the specification.

If. You click the endpoint assessment, tab you, will be able to download Pearson's. Endpoint, assessment, specification. For that which. Contains information. Around our approach to endpoint assessment, and that's available for each of the areas we are engaging with. So, coming out to that. And. That. Wraps up our when I say it was a high-level. Overview of. Transitioning. From safes to, new apprentice standards, and the various products, are available in each of the sector's within, business and digital that peers and support. We. Do have a variety of support and offer in the first instance, if you, have any questions, or queries or you want to follow up any information around this webinar my, recommendation, is that you contact your named. Business development manager. Alternatively. Our customer, service team can be contacted on oh three, four four five seven six zero zero four five or email. On the email address provided there. So. Thank you very much for your time and. We, will be in contact shortly. You.

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