Salon Marketing Business Plan - How to build a clientele in 6 months

Salon Marketing Business Plan - How to build a clientele in 6 months

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Hey, it's Dustin with Dustin to courtship calm and in this video I'm going to teach you how to build a salon clientele, in less, than six months now. Before, you start the video make sure that you have at least a half hour set aside so, that you can watch the whole thing now let me be upfront the reason I'm making this video is because the, amount of time that it takes for a new salon professional, to build up their clientele, is way, too long, industry, norms suggest that it'll take more than three years for a new stylist to build up their clientele which means if you're just starting out you're, screwed it also means, if you're a salon owner that wants to hire a new stylist, it's gonna be an uphill battle of slow, growth and a lot of turnover, but, seriously does it have to be that way or are there a select, group of salon, professionals that are leveraging digital, marketing, techniques, to help grow their salon clientele, faster, I want, to show you a new, and better way because, let's be honest we love what we do but at the end of the day we have to make a profit so, let's go over the computer and I'll share with you six tools that, we're using in our salon to help our new stylist, grow their clientele in six months or less. So. Before we get started let's, make sure this video is gonna be worth your time if. You're, a new stylist, that wants a good start on your career or if, you're a salon, owner that, wants to set your new hairdressers, up for success then, you my friend are in the right place or maybe. You have been a salon or spa professional, for a while but, want to step up your marketing game then this video is for you - I've. Worked for weeks on this, special, workshop putting together the strategies, I've used, in my salon to build a full clientele. Consistently. In less, than six months and I can't wait to share it with you now. I want to make sure that you have the best viewing experience possible. So before we get started I'd, love for you to turn off everything, that's operating, in the background on your computer, shut down Facebook and iTunes, and silence your phone for, the remainder of this training, so that you can focus and discover the new marketing strategies, that will bring you new clients every day on autopilot, I know, it's hard to shut down the email and shut down the phone but if you focus with me here for the next 30 minutes I promise I will make it worth every minute, of your time now. I've talked to so and spa professionals all, over the world and what I found is that a majority of them felt, some, sort of a calling to this profession, maybe, you have a creative bent or a love for style or maybe somebody in your family was a beautician and you were drawn to it whatever it was you.

Went To beauty school with a passion and excitement you probably, learned great technique and met some like-minded friends, along the way but, once you graduated, you realized there, was something they didn't teach you how. To market your talent, effectively, to get new clients in the door I mean, you could be a hair genius and, a natural talent but if no one knows that you're open for business how, are you going to grow and if. You're a salon owner a good. Salon owner you, actually, have to help your new hires figure, this out too because they don't teach it in beauty school and as. A side note if your, salon owner knowing. How to market your salon properly, will help you attract the best talent because, they, know that your salon is the one getting all the new clients and the, faster your employees make money the faster, you, make money so. A little about me my wife Rachel and I found ourselves in a similar situation, Rachel. Went to one of the best beauty schools in the country and was blessed to work as a hairstylist in a thriving salon, in the Seattle area but. About seven years ago we decided to make a change and. We moved our family down to the state of Oregon where, we didn't know anyone, and started, a salon from scratch when. We began we started out small with just Rachel, as the only hairstylist, but, I knew, that, more than 80% of salons fail, in the first 18, months and in order to not be one of those statistics I needed to get creative, and figure, out the most effective, way to get clients in her chair I learned. Everything that I could about salon, marketing and decided, that my energy was best spent perfecting, a digital, marketing system that works on autopilot, well. It took us about six months to build Rachel's clientele, and over, the last seven years we have hired several other Commission hairstylist, which has given me several opportunities to improve. Online, marketing systems and I, can say with, certainty that, I've created a repeatable system that anyone with little or no experience can.

Reproduce And I'm excited to share my four, with, you today, so let's. Get into the training so. Here's the thing everything, I'm gonna teach you in this video today are about simple, reproducible. Digital, marketing methods, that work but, let's start off by defining the term digital marketing, digital. Marketing is simply a term that refers to online marketing efforts in. Other words attracting, new clients while they're on their computer, or their smartphone, this. Can include website, traffic social media google. Search mobile apps directory. Profiles, and a bunch more there's lots of different platforms and strategies in, the, digital marketing arena, so. In case you're wondering this, means I'm not a fan of print ads coupon. Books TV, commercials, radio spots, or passing out business cards as a strategy, to grow your clientele, I've, tried them and they just aren't worth the time effort, or money your. Potential clients are on their phones and computers, all day long using, apps and visiting websites I'm. Gonna teach you how to get in front of those potential clients where they are and when, they're looking my. Method has one, simple. Concept you, need a professional, website and an, effective strategy to drive traffic, to your website, well, there are many ways to get traffic to your website I found that there are seven tools that, are most effective, in getting new clients calling. Your salon every day these, tools are independent, of each other but they work together and I'm gonna share those tools with you one by one right now first. Off let's talk about your salon website, I want, to be really clear upfront if you're a salon owner you. Need a salon website, this, may seem like a no-brainer to some but I've met countless salon owners that think their Facebook, page is good enough and it's not also, if you're an independent contractor, that leases, a station in a salon you also, need your own website your. Website will become your main digital. Hub that displays your brand promotes, your salon offers converts. Visitors into clients and ultimately, acts as your digital receptionist, to take the load off having to make so many calls scheduling. And confirming, appointments, now. The homepage of your website needs, to communicate three, things right, with somebody visits for the first time first. It needs to tell them what you are they. Need to know instantly, that you're a hair salon or a massage. Therapist, or a day, spa or an aesthetician, or whatever you are this. Can be done through strategically. Placed text and professional. Images, second. It needs to immediately communicate, how your service will meet a need that the visitor has this. Can be a simple, five to seven word statement, on the homepage that lets them know that they're in good hands, if you're. A hair salon create, a tagline about your professionalism, or your atmosphere, or if, your spa communicate, relaxation. Finally. Your site needs to have a clear call-to-action this. Could be a button to schedule an appointment online or, if, nothing else at least a phone number right, in their face to call and schedule an appointment I can't, tell you how many salon websites I've visited or, I've had to search around to find their contact information, if, potential clients need to spend more than three seconds, to figure out how to contact you you've lost them, they.

Will Click the back button and move on to another salon website people. Have short attention spans, and don't want to spend time searching for the information that they're looking for so your phone number should always be right there in the header of the website let, me take a minute and just show you a few random salon websites they illustrate what I'm talking about, okay, so here we are on Google I'm gonna do a simple search for, Seattle, salon in. The state of Washington, and we'll go down here to, the. First organic listings let's go down here to cents the salon. And. I can tell immediately that's a salon even for the page fully loaded the logo popped up and it says cents a salon that's, affirmed, by the imagery, right here looks like a really nice professional, salon. I can tell that there's a lot of different stations. Here so it must be a thriving salon, so the imagery, tells me immediately there's a salon it also tells me that I'm in good hands that they're gonna be able to help me out cuz they they've got their color here they've got lots of stylist and something this is probably a high-end, salon just from the imagery, and my. First impressions, now, over here it says book online which is great I'm, gonna say that they, should have, some. Sort of text here that tells, me a little bit more about their, salon, like sell, me a little bit all's it is is imagery, and. The imagery is good it's professional, but I would, put some. Tagline. Here that's gonna sell me on clicking. The and also put a button right here having. It up in the top right it blends in with the rest of the navbar, and. So I think that their, buttons, should be right here big and bold that says book online so sometimes, I notice right away is that they don't have a phone. Number anywhere above the fold let's, scroll down a little bit and see if we can find a phone number. And. It looks like they don't even have a phone number on their home page so I'm gonna write census salon a b-plus. I can, tell immediately it's, a salon I think it's gonna be a high-end salon and there, is the ability book online but I don't think the booking online is, in, the right spot I think they should have a button here and I think they should tell me a little bit more of their tagline so because they didn't have the, button in the tagline I'm gonna give it a b-plus pretty, pretty. Good website at, least on the home page but I think they can do a little bit better let's, go back and we'll go down here to Bowie salon. Okay. So my first impressions, from Bowie salon is they got green and brown which tells me it's probably some sort of a betta salon or something like that it's it's it says beautiful, naturally, so this backs up, just. My impression that it. Is probably. Some sort of an organic Solano that use organic products but I know immediately that's the salon so they have an image here that says salon, salon. And spa it, says, it right here and then it gives me the call to action bold, in, a button which I love and then, it also says beautiful, naturally, so all the things that I'm saying for first impression, bowie salon is knocking out of the park except they, also don't have a phone number front, and center which i think is kind of strange let's scroll down a little bit okay, so it tells me a little bit more about their salon all of their accolades, which is really great this is gonna be a high-end salon just by scrolling down a little bit I can tell that still. Looking for a phone number and. Another. Book online and. Here. Here's their phone number all the way at the bottom and it's. Actually hard to read so. I. Think the booking online is great but because, the color it, because it's so far down the, the phone number and then the color matches, with the background it's it's not popping out at me so I'm. Gonna give this one probably, an a-minus it's a little bit better than the the website, we saw before. But, still I think your I think your phone number needs to be front and center for first, impressions. Okay so you noticed on those Seattle salon websites, they had a way to schedule appointments online this, is a really, really, important piece to successfully, growing your clientele, in six months or less I found.

It Interesting though, that these websites didn't have their phone number in a prominent spot on their website you absolutely, need both so you can reach different, kinds of clients so. Let's talk a little bit more about, online scheduling, there. Are a few reasons I think online scheduling, is so important, number one some. People would rather do it themselves instead, of talking to somebody on the phone and trying to coordinate schedules the. World is going more and more automated, and people, are used to that so, your website needs that functionality, I'm. Convinced, that we get several new clients each week that would not have scheduled with us if we had not offered online scheduling, number, two online scheduling works for you while you sleep let's, say for instance somebody's, taking a selfie in their bed at 11:00 p.m. for their Instagram profile for whatever reason, and she, notices that her roots are grown out in that moment she decides she, needs to schedule a color appointment, and she can at, 11:00 p.m. from. Her bed because, you have online scheduling, number. Three for smaller salons and independent stylists that don't have a receptionist, online, scheduling, will reduce your workload a ton, schedules. Appointments and confirms, appointments, by text and email, which, will save hours of your time while, reducing no-shows, number. Four online, scheduling, helps you capture email, addresses we'll. Talk about this more in a minute but when you have somebody's email address you're able to send promotions, upsell products, and create, advertising audiences. In Facebook to drive them to your website there. Are a few good salon management, systems out there like mind body or schedule isset II but, the software that we love the best is Rosie Salon software, in, addition to online scheduling, it basically does everything that you need from salon software, I have. A few other videos you can check out on my youtube channel that will walk you through all the rosy features but if you want to try it out for, 30 days for free I'll provide a link right below this video so. In review the, first tool, to, grow your clientele, in six, months or less is a professional. Website that displays your brand in a compelling way in some. Way to schedule, appointments, online right, there on your homepage so, visitors convert, into clients with one click the, six tools are all designed to help drive traffic to your website so, that your website can, do its job which is ultimately convert visitors into, clients so. The next tool is website, search engine optimization, or SEO, when. You hear somebody talking about SEO what, they're saying is that they optimize, a website in a way that, it appears on the first page of Google search preferably. In position, 1 or 2 the, most basic thing you can do to, optimize your website is creating strategic title, tags and descriptions. For each page on your website your. Title and description tags, should all contain, three, things in this order your. Business type so, if you're a hair salon you, will start with hair salon your, city and state and your. Business name so, a good title tag for hair salons home page would, be something like hair. Salon in Seattle, Washington -.

Gene, Where a salon or some, variation of that there, are several other things that will help your website rank in Google search like quality, content on your web pages geo, tagging your images, and integrated. Social profiles when, my wife and I first started out we only had these first two tools and that was it we, had a website with online scheduling, and I optimized, our website so that it ranked in Google search and to this day we, get a minimum, of 40 new clients, each month, organically. That, means we don't spend a penny on advertising they. Do a Google search they, find us at the top they, click our website and they schedule an appointment it's, that easy and it's that important, and once you have it all set up you really don't have to do that much to maintain it the, next tool that's a must and will be a very influential. Traffic, source to your website is your Google my business page Google. My business is a simple page that you can populate with any free Google account it's, the place on, Google where you can add your business name address phone number, images, hours, of operation, basically, anything about your business in, addition, this is where your clients can post reviews, which, is really important, and those reviews, are right there for the world to see when potential clients are looking for a salon or spa in your area your, Google my business page, is what populates, the Google three-pack which, are typically the first three organic, spots in Google search now, chances are good that there are more than three salons in your city so, it's of extreme, importance, that your salon take one of these three spots so, how do you do that great question first, is simply, that your Google my business page, is completely, 100% filled, out with accurate, information about, your business and high quality pictures, next. Making, sure that your website is optimized, with high quality content, is important, because Google, looks at all of your digital properties, for, quality, content, and engagement, and this includes engagement, on your social, profiles, as well and finally. Your, Google reviews you're, going to have a better chance of ranking, in the Google three pack if you have a bunch of diverse. Reviews. From real clients these. Google reviews are not only important, for SEO purposes but, people trust online reviews and if, you have a glowing reputation on Google you will get lots of new clients from reading your positive, reviews I have, a strategy that works really well for getting more Google reviews that I've posted on YouTube so be sure to subscribe to my channel if you, can rank your Google my business page, and your website you, will have two of the thirteen spots on the first page of Google which will guarantee lots, of traffic to your website and like I say the, salon with the most clicks gets, the most clients.

Quick. Sidenote I mentioned, earlier that these six digital marketing tools work together one. Thing that I love is that if you use Rosie, salon software, in your salon your, clients can actually schedule appointments, straight, from your Google my business page that, means they don't even have to click through to your website to schedule online the. Next digital, marketing tool is video and I'm not gonna lie I love, video video. Gets me excited if you, utilize video, properly, in your salon it's gonna look like you got your crap together and is gonna set you apart from every, other salon in your city because chances are pretty good no, one else in your city is using video properly, video. Has the unique ability to connect with the audience unlike, a static website because there's action, when, someone watches your salon promotional, video they can see your face they can hear your voice experience. A little bit of your personality, which, all build trust and when someone's looking for a new hairdresser, they're, definitely looking, for someone that they can like and trust, if, someone visits a website they can hope for the best they choose a good hairdresser but. You can't really know for sure until, they actually get to the salon but with video they, can preview, their experience, with you if video. Is done right a prospective, client can almost feel like they know you, before, they even enter the salon this. Removes a lot of the apprehension, when it comes to picking a new hairstylist, right. Now we're promoting a video that I produce from one of our hair stylist and it's going really well in, the last two weeks it, has got over 1,100, views and yesterday we scheduled nine new, appointments, for her what, would nine new appointments, in one day do for your business I believe, every, salon should have at least one professionally, done brand video that's 60 to 90 seconds long it's, really important that this video has high-quality footage, and audio background. Music and a compelling story but other than that there, are several other ways that you can use video to engage your audience with just a smart phone a lot, of stylists use Instagram, to post before-and-after. Photos of their work and that's great but, again pictures are static, and they don't tell the full story an even. Better way to show off your work would be to ask your client if they'd be willing to do a 30-second.

Facebook, Live video with you at the end of their service turn. On Facebook live and show the world your work your personality. And your happy client that's, digital marketing, Gold tag, your happy client in the video and post a link to your online scheduling, page if you, do this often enough people will start to take notice and you'll, begin seeing new clients on your schedule all the time well, like I said there are a lot of ways that you can leverage the trust building qualities of video in your salon marketing I've given you a couple and have added a few more there on the screen for you but get creative with this and then use the other digital marketing platforms, like your website Facebook, and email to, get your videos in front of as many prospective, clients, as possible okay. Let's move on to number five which is Facebook, ads out of all the digital marketing tools I'm talking about today this is the only one that's gonna require a little bit of a budget but let me tell you it's pretty inexpensive to, get your message in front of a highly, targeted list, of prospective clients now, let me be clear up front I only recommend paying for strategic, Facebook, ads that, have a well-thought-out, marketing, funnel that begins with the ad and ends. With the new clients scheduled, in other words don't throw your money at Facebook boosting, your posts and hoping for the best you, need to have a clearly thought out strategy like, the one I'm about to show you there. Are five parts that you need to plan out to have a successful Facebook ad campaign, that will actually. Attract new customers the, offer the, ad campaign, ad targeting, a squeeze, page and a redirect, to your online scheduling or Thank You page you, need to begin with the offer what, do you want to offer the prospective, client in order to get their attention you, could offer a percentage off the first service you could offer a free upsell like an eyebrow wax you, could offer a free styling product maybe a free haircut with, their color process, you. Decide what's gonna be the most attractive offer for your client while still making a profit remember. The goal here is rapid, long-term growth so don't expect to make a lot of money during your first six months we. Want to get good clients in the door while, them with excellent, customer service and connect, with them on a personal level so they, pre booked their second appointment next. Is the ad copy get to the point and frame your offer in a way that will capture attention, in addition, you'll need to choose a good image or video for your ad that, will go with that offer, next. Is your ad targeting Facebook. Has some awesome targeting. Features that will help you really narrow down who you want to see the ad you, can target by a gender, or age city. Household. Income or pretty much anything, really there, are a ton of ways that you can narrow your targeting so it fits exactly who. You want to serve the offer -, next. Is the squeeze page or opt-in page you, want people who click on your ad to go to a landing page that will do nothing but capture, their name and email, and maybe a phone number this, squeeze page will, send you their contact information and send them, a voucher, for the offer that they've opted in for finally. After you've got a new client opt into the offer you actually need to get them on the schedule the easiest way to do this is to redirect them to your online scheduling, page after they've opted in or if, they left their phone number you can simply just give them a phone call they're. Already hot leads because they've given you their contact information in exchange for the offer but, you still need to get them on the schedule, these. Are the elements that are going to make your Facebook ad successful. At capturing new leads and this, funnel can be used with any point of entry you can use the same funnel for YouTube or a link, on your website or a link in an email however, you want to broadcast your offer you, just need to get the prospective, client to click a link which, takes them to that squeeze page finally. The last part of this training which is really crucial to growing your clientele, and, six months is pre-booking, your first-time clients, for their next appointment all the, other tools are about getting new clients and while those systems, will, get you new clients every day on autopilot the real way to build your clientele, quickly, is to get your first-time clients, to book that second and third appointment, if you're, getting a couple new clients per day and have a 40% or, better, return, rate the math shows us that you will have at least eighty eight clients, by the end of six months which is considered a full schedule so.

How Do you increase your return rate to the 40% benchmark, or better if you're, a new stylist this can be tricky because of the scarcity principle your. Client knows that you don't have a full book so there's nothing forcing, her to pre book now when, she knows she can probably just call the day of her, next appointment so, what we do is create, artificial. Scarcity, first, when a new client calls, for the first appointment we only offer them appointments, for the next week and beyond even, though we may have open appointments, this week scheduling, for next, week gives, them the impression that we're full which psychologically, makes, them want to get on the schedule even more of course, you have to feel it out on the phone so, they don't lose any potential, clients but, we never offer same-day, appointments, unless, that's, the only way that she'll schedule, when, we offered a pre booked while they're in for their first appointment they, remember that we're booked out a couple weeks and are more likely to pre booked their appointment right there in person next. I want to tell you about a system that we're using that works really well with pre booking when a client comes in for the first time it's really important to conduct a very thorough consultation so, everyone's, on the same page one. Of the things you can ask during your initial consultation, is how long they typically like to go between color, services, this, gives you that information upfront so you're not stumbling through a bunch of questions at the end of the service when it comes time to pre book them for their next appointment so here's what it looks like each stylist, has a tablet at their station so they can pre-book, at their station, as part of, the service instead of waiting till they get to the front desk where they pay we. Think this is more personal and flows much better than trying to handle too much at the front desk when, the service is complete and we know the clients happy we say okay since, you said that you usually get your hair done every six weeks I want to look ahead at that time and see, what I have available you, can always call or cancel, but my evenings and Saturdays get booked up the quickest so I want to make sure that, we find a time that works best for you. Oh look I have a Tuesday, at four pm available. Six weeks from now will that work with your schedule at, that point they'll say yes or no if they say yes mission, accomplished, if they say no it usually comes with an explanation like, they'd rather schedule online or, they would rather call when they know their schedule better if they say no just follow up by saying perfect, when it comes time for a touch-up make sure you call a couple weeks in advance so that we make sure we can accommodate your schedule again. We, subtly, affirm, the fact that we're busy, so it plants the seed in their head to book early which, will help us in the long run here's, the thing we can't force anyone to pre booked but, we want our language to assume that they do want. To pre booked and, if they have a different plan we happily accommodate, what works best for them everything. Is positive in accommodating. To fit their needs now. If you weren't able to get the first-time client to pre booked in the salon I have created a real crafty, four-step, automated, follow-up system that will dramatically, increase the likelihood that they will still schedule. Their second appointment with you we, don't have enough time on this video to go through that right now but it's called salon profit circle and you can look for that on salon, marketing University comm. All. Right we, just went through the six tools to, build your clientele, in six, months, or less and hopefully. By now you're beginning to think wait a second, this, is doable, I can, begin to use these, tools in my salon to dramatically, speed, up the process, of building my, business now. I'm not exactly sure why you showed up here today but, I bet I can guess if you're, anything like me you. Don't have the time patience. Or financial, capital, to, wait three to five years, before you begin making a full-time salary as a salon, professional, that, path sounds, completely exhausting. And discouraging. And I'm convinced, is the reason, so, many salon, professionals don't, make it in our industry, also. You, want to dedicate your, life to doing, what, you love without spending years growing, the hard way you, don't want to be one of the 80 percent of salon professionals that, throws in the towel from not being able to pay the bills so here's what I want for you I want. To get your schedule full, and profitable, in six, months or less it's. Your time you've, obviously, watched the whole video for a reason and know, that leveraging, a proven, salon growth system is your key to success remember.

This Nothing, I've shared with you today is just theory I've, used every, single one of these tools to create a profitable, and growing salon, from scratch, I'm, not extra special I just have a system, that works and I mean it when I say if I can do this you can too so. Do you want to know how to get at least 10 new clients week, after week without weird gimmicks or having to pass out thousands, of business cards let. Me introduce to you salon, marketing, University. Salon. Marketing university, is a 3 course, 33. Video set that I've created to help salon professionals like, you execute. Each tool, that, I've shown you today so that you can have a full schedule in less, than six months chances. Are pretty good they began seeing the genius, behind the training today but are maybe a little overwhelmed, and are thinking to yourself how do I actually use these tools in salon. Marketing university I let you look over my shoulder as I demonstrate, how to execute, each, of the six tools that I taught you today you'll, learn how to create a wordpress website from, scratch and learn how to optimize your website so, that it appears at the top of Google search I'll also, teach you how to rank your Google my business listing. In the Google, 3-pack and finally, you'll, learn how to create a promotional video, rank. It and use, Facebook, ads to promote yourself effectively, and, as, a bonus I'll give you full, access to the salon profit, circle course that I was talking about earlier so are you ready to start the process of growing, your clientele. Five, times faster, than you would on your own naturally. You're probably thinking all right Dustin what's, the investment, while, the 3 courses that make up salon marketing university, are valued. And available, on my website for, the normal price of 541. Dollars however. I want to make this incredibly, affordable for you right now I want. You to become part of this movement of salon professionals that aren't going to settle for scaling, their business slowly so. I want to give you complete access today to, all the training for, only, $27. All, you have to do is just click the yellow button below to get all the details to sign up the. Final step once you click the yellow button will be this order, form it'll, take you just a few min to fill everything in and after you fill out the order form you'll get an email with your login credentials. Everything. Will be waiting for you on the inside of salon, marketing University, the first time, you log in so.

You Can check out the course material, right away or whatever, works for you at your own pace and it's, really easy to cancel the subscription anytime. You want again. Click, the link below to, get the details to sign up now. Before we sign off I want to walk you through a scenario. Imagine. If you jumped all in and enrolled, in salon marketing university, you. Reference the training, to build and optimize your, salon website and began driving new leads to your website you. Use the techniques, and a software, that I recommend in this course and then, one day you notice, a new full, color and cut is scheduled. For next Tuesday you didn't, schedule that appointment over the phone in fact you've never even heard that person, before at. That moment you realize things. Have, changed, for your business, you. Have found an automated, system that attracts new clients, and schedules, them for you using, some real simple, technology. Salon. Marketing university can dramatically, change your. Salon business and I truly hope after, going through this workshop you, can see how powerful a simple. Digital marketing strategy, like this can, be for your business, I'd, really, like to see you inside salon marketing university with me so all you have to do is click. The button below or go, to salon marketing University com, to sign up thanks. So much for being here with me today I can't. Wait to see what's in store for you god, bless and make, today extraordinary.

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This is doable but I don't work in a salon I work from home so I can save to open a salon in a year and a half. Any advice for me

Good question. Everyone opens a salon differently, but I would say 1.5 years seems like a long time. We started with just a shampoo bowl, chair and a computer with salon sofware in a 100sq ft room. It was kind of like a salon studio and It cost us under $1000 to get started. I would get your website up and running a year before you open, optimize it, so that it begins to rank in Google. On your home page have an opt in that people can sign up for a voucher for a discount service. This way you are building an email database a year before you open, and can reach out to these people when it is time to open for business. Use a forwarding phone service for the phone number that has a voicemail that says you are opening in 2019. 2 months prior to open, get Rosy salon software and start allowing people to schedule online, so that day 1, you have clients booked. I think you are doing well to save money to open the salon. We have paid cash for everything, and that has allowed us to scale as the business grew. All the best to you!

I have a couple questions before ordering, do you have to create a website if your not the salon owner? Or do you use the salons current website and does SMU show you how to do what needs done in that case?

Dustin NcCorchuk oh I’ve watched ALL of your videos (i have a name for the one i plan to open which is a men’s day spay Also the shop I’m at endorsed cutting their clients hair at home or a different salon which is unusual in the salon world but they are only a blow dry bar no cuts or color are done there I may change my mind in the men’s salon next year and just maybe start from home with my clients at my current them open a regular salon I guess I’ll just feel it out I’m thinking to subscribe for your smu by Sunday I think it should be helpful either way thanks again for your continuing responses I really appreciate it

Got it. Ya, if I was you, I would begin doing the legwork for opening your salon. ie, picking a name, building the website. (check out my video on salon name ideas) that way, when you open your doors, you can hit the ground running. if you plan it right, you could use your future salon website now in your current salon.

Next year not next month (opening a salon ) lol

I am hourly plus commission until my 90 day evaluation where if I’m doing good making more then hourly in commission then I can go to just commission which is why I want to use your video I’ve been a hairdresser for just over 20 years I moved from buffalo ny to Orlando Florida last year this will be my 1st salon job since being in fl it’s actually a blow dry bar which is a new concept for me but I plan to open a salon next month where I will 100% use your training and getting it. Ow will give me more time for when I do open The salon has us use Instagram and teaches us how to do so but as your videos say Instagram alone don’t get that traffic and repeat clients The salon is a franchise and I’m not sure if there UPenn for change but I I want to use your system as much as I can on my own if not such as linking my fb to the company’s page we do have a button to “book now” I want to use that as I’ve seen others do on fb A ex coworker of mine has a fb and a linked page to her work and she’s commission as well So I guess my question as now is can I use your system even if the salon don’t ? Thank you for responding so fast I wasn’t expecting that I found your channel back in November and kept it in the back of my mind for when I got a job and this salon pays you more for the more business u can rotate and etc

Great question, Jaime! The scenarios depend some on if you are a commission stylist, or independent contractor. If you rent a chair, it is my recommendation that you treat it like your own business, and do your own website (the training actually teaches how to create a website from scratch using Wordpress). If you are commission, you could do your own website, and I recommend that, but it is in your salon owner's best interest to apply these things to the salon website too, which will bring more clients for everyone. let me know if that make sense, and if you have any other questions.

Nice video but with all respect I didn’t finish...Too complicated...If you want to succeed in your business,you need only 3 things to match...1.Good product(service)...2.Good price...3 punctuality...always be on time...never make customer waiting for you...that’s also mean a great customer service...100 and plus years ago there were No Facebook, No internet...etc...I like to do stuff the old way and believe me it works!!!

Thanks for the feedback....but you're missing the first step: Attracting customers/buyers. You could have the best product in the world, at the best price, and are always on time, but if no one knows you exist, you wont have a business/salon. This video is all about salon marketing, and how to attract new clients for your salon.

Second time watching this and I gathered even more information! Thank you!

Oh you bet! glad it was helpful. thanks for the feedback.

Hey Dustin what if your salon doesn't go by an appointment system should I still have a website

Ya, I think whether you are a walk in or appt salon, if you want new clients, you need to be visiable on the web.

aewsome ----------a very helpful video

In regards to your scarcity principal if we are at a salon who offers online booking wouldn’t she be able to see that we did have that day available versus next week?

Great info

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