Run BTS! 2021 Ep.140 | BTS x Fifteen Night On A Business Trip [Eng Sub/Indo Sub][TURN ON CC]

Run BTS! 2021 Ep.140 | BTS x Fifteen Night On A Business Trip [Eng Sub/Indo Sub][TURN ON CC]

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[RUN BTS EP.140 BTS Collaboration Variety Show 1] [On a warm spring day] [because the weather was nice and mild] [BTS went on a spring outing] [BTS is in here] Jimin, please start us off! [As soon as he opens his mouth] Now! [Intercept] - Run. - BTS! [My comment, sniff] BTS! [I hate you] It's been a while, everyone. - Yes. - It's been a while since the 7 of us got together. [Congratulations, the whole group is here] - With "Run BTS!"! - SUGA! [SUGA is back in good health] - SUGA. - SUGA is here. Let's give it a hand for SUGA's revenge(?).

[That's strange] - Why would he want revenge? - Revenge? - Don't you mean "return"? - Return. He returned. [Jin's mind lost its way] I must have lost my mind. If you look behind us, it says "Run BTS!" spring MT(outing in Korean). Isn't Jin the only one here who's been to an MT? I've never been to an MT. [He's been to an OT instead of an MT] I've been to an OT, but not to an MT.

Then it's a legendary MT. - What's an OT like? - With an OT, - What's it like? - the college freshmen, [Jin talks about his college orientation experience] all get together, [For Jin, an OT is having a talent show in a big auditorium] in a huge auditorium... They have a talent show? - They have a talent show. - They have a talent show? [A talent show on their 1st meeting] Aren't they meeting each other for the 1st time? - Isn't OT short for orientation? - Right, right. - Right, orientation. - So why would you have a talent show? - And the upperclassmen from each department, would sneak in. [The wonderful world of OTs] - Really? - They would pretend to be freshmen.

They pretend to be your friend. We do stuff like that. [Moving on quickly] - What are we doing today, everyone? - I know. MTs are all about games. [MT is Game] Yes, games. - We just got here, and we're starting like this? - Right away? - Yes, we're starting right away.

- We're starting right away? - We're in perfect positions to play games right now. [Especially comfortable] [Worried about SUGA, who's a returning student] SUGA needs time to adjust. I wasn't gone that long... - People might think I was gone for a year and a half. - People might think, [Giggling] he came back from the army. The 1st game for the MT, is the attendance game.

[Unconsciously chanting the attendance tune] - Attendance? - Attendance, attendance. - What is that? - No. - You're right. - What is that? - What? - I don't know either. - What is it? - What?

[He's cute] Why don't you know it when you just did it? - What did he say? - Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance. [Where did the alcohol come from?] The alcohol is going in. Drink, drink, drink, drink. [Old man Jimin is suddenly summoned] How long will you make me do the shoulder dance? I'll get a dislocated shoulder~ [The old man gets a dislocated shoulder from excitement] I'll get a dislocated shoulder~ [Hahaha] Dislocated.

[Attendance game] - But this is... - You have be good at directing your gaze. [The person you point at and the person you name have to be different] There shouldn't be any breaks. [High-level feint] Can I point at Jin, look at SUGA and say Jung Kook? - Yes, that's a feint. - Really? - Point at someone. - Do you really think you can do that? [They know each other's skills too well] Do you think you can pull that off? [Meanwhile, R(M)phaGo is learning the game] Is the finger important? - The finger! - The finger? - Yes.

[Declaration of war] I'm only going to point at j-hope. [He declares his finger belongs to someone else] I'll just think my hand doesn't belong to me. OK. Let's go! 5, 6, 7, 8. [The attendance game finally starts] Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance.

[Saying RM while pointing at V] - RM. - Yes. Jung Kook! [R(M)phaGo is buffering] - Jung Kook! - Yes. [The game continues precariously] - SUGA! - Yes! - Jimin. - Yes. [Calling Jin while pointing at Jin] - Jin. - Yes? - You're out. - Then... - You shouldn't have said Jin. - You failed.

- You can't do that! - You're out if you call out the same person? [Jimin is sad] - Yes. - How many times do I have to explain? [because he can't Jin by his name] That was a feint, in a way. [Explaining again for Jimin who's bad at games] - Jimin, this is... - I wanted to mislead you, [The one you point at and the one you name have to be different!] that I was going for someone else. But I can't do that, can I? This is a practice game, but you should still turn around. [Upset] That's not fair. It's a practice game.

[Starting over with the 2nd attendance check] Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance. - Jin. - Yes. [Following the rules to a T] - Jimin. - Yes.

[...Jimin, again???] SUGA. You're out. You're hopeless. [Sugarcoating] [It's because Jimin is too honest] You're too honest with yourself. [Starting over with the 3rd attendance check] This is how you do it. OK, Jimin?

- OK. - Yes, I got it. - Let's do it right this time. - But it's confusing when you do it. - Three rounds. - Yes. [Terrible player starts the game] - Let's start with Jimin. Let's go. - Yes. 5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8.

[Revving up] Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance. [Congratulations, Jimin gets through the 1st hurdle] - V. - Yes. - RM. - Yes. - Jin. - Yes. - Min! - Yes. - Min! - Yes.

[...Who?] Min? Min? Who's Min? [BTS Min...] - What's with Min? - The 8th... Is it the 8th member? [The ex terrible player is feeling triumphant] Why are you using nicknames? [Hear me out. I have an explanation] The "Ji" in the front was silent. [He was trying to say (Ji)min] - Min. - It was me, right? I did answer. [Buzzword] [Hi, I'm Min~] - I'm Min. - Yes. I'm Min~ [Caught in an endless loop of practice games] For doing a bad job at taking attendance, - please stand up. - It was a practice game.

[No, you're wrong] - No. Stand up. - That was over a long time ago. [People are ruthless to Jin] - OK, that was ruthless. - OK. - 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4. - Let's start with you.

[They're getting excited taking attendance again] Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance. [They got used to the rules now] - RM. - Yes. Jin... [But they can't get past 2 people] [You got caught] Jin must have went home early.

[Jin went home early] He went home. - He went home early. - Jin went home early because of a hangover. [Went home early 1] Jin went home. [Went home early 2] Why do I like Jin so much? OK. [THE GAME MUST GO ON] 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4. Attendance, attendance, [Hurray] attendance, attendance.

- Jung Kook. - Yes. [Breaking news] [2 BTS members passes the attendance game] - SUGA. - Yes. [Oseok... Who is that?] Oseok. [Looking for BTS's Oseok] - Oseok. - Oseok!

[Suddenly changed his name to Oseok] Who's Oseok? - Oseok! - Who's Oseok? [You should be out if you said Oseok] - Shouldn't he be standing up after saying Oseok? - I know. [The person who was looking for Min] What's with Oseok? [SUGA goes home early too] - What's with Oseok? - Seriously. - If Oseok is correct, then Min is correct as well. [Praise the ex terrible player. He survived] - I'll go with JK first. - OK. - 5, 6, 7, 8. [Up and down] - Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance.

- Jimin. - Yes. Jung Kook. [Jimin is back to his old self] Jung Kook. [Jimin goes home early as well] This is hard. - It's a battle between terrible players. - It's harder than I thought. [The game is over as soon as you're named] Starting with Jung Kook. 5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8. [They'll set a new record if they can move past 3 players] Attendance, attendance, attendance, attendance.

[1 person succeeds and then THE END] - j-hope. - Yes. V. [You die when you're named] [A death note game, not an attendance game] What are you doing! - Too hard. - We're so bad at this. - We can't get past 3 players! [Just like tennis] In my opinion, just like tennis, [In other words, BTS did BTS in this game] we can't make a rally happen. - You can't play this with 2 players. How do you play this with 2 players? - You can't play this.

[The final game is the tomato game] - You'll end it with the tomato game. - Tomato! [Broken toma(to)] - Yes. - Toma toma toma toma toma toma. No, you should say tomato tomato tomato. [Aha] Tomato tomato. Something like that. [I'm worried about this game too...] - You're an idiot. - Toma toma toma toma. - What is that? - If you say toma, [Finalists who don't bring suspense] you just have to say "to" and he just has to say "ma".

I don't think V participated in the game that much. [The lucky finalist who didn't get called on] - V... - You made the play-off without doing anything. [The tomato farmer is still nervous] - Tomato tomato tomato. Like this? - Yes. [Starting with V] V will start with the offense.

Go! - To. - Ma. - To. - To. - To. [Premonitions are never wrong] What's with you? [The winner of the game] - Do you not want do this? - Why are they so fast? - He won! Why are being like that to him? - I won. [Hahahaha] Are you an idiot? [A confirmed idiot] - What? - He won. - He won. - He's someone I'm ashamed of no matter what. [The youngest member is ashamed of him] Please add in the snot CGI. - Tomato to to. Like this. - Jung Kook wins! - It's hurtful.

[I'm a genius] I think this is a hurtful game. [Hopeless 3 brothers game after foot volleyball] - Why... - The 3 brothers are hopeless. Because one of them thought he was playing the toma game, instead of the tomato game. [Youngest brother] [The farmer who lost his toma(to)] [The middle brother who lost to that idiot] And the middle brother who lost after 2 attempts. [The oldest brother] - And the brother who thought he won. - I made a mistake. [The spectator who didn't know who won] The idiot who misunderstood.

[The hopeless 3 brothers after episode 100] You know the hopeless 3 brothers, don't you? - It's the trinity. - This is serious. The next game is the vroom vroom game. After you say vroom vroom... [My dream car Porsche] Porsche! [They all get in the car they want] Lamborghini! [Oh my] Lamborghini! [So exciting] Lamborghini! Lamborghini! Bugatti! An electric vehicle. [BTS went off course with the game] What is this? What? [That's why we'll explain with text] [The vroom vroom game] [Extend your arms as if you're driving] [Lean right on "left turn"] [Lean left on "right turn"] [Jump on "speed bump"] [Lean forward on "abrupt stop"] [Lean backward on "go"] [Hold the wheel] - Please hold the wheel. - Can't we just figure it out ourselves? Do you have a license...

[RM doesn't have a license] - No. - I'm driving without a license. - I'll think of this as a driving exam. - You can just ride a bike. [Riding a bike as un unlicensed driver?] A bike rider. A bike rider. [For a bike rider] Left turn. [j-hope laughs with his body] I do this when everyone else does this.

[Drive a tank, if you have to drive something] You drive a tank like that too. Just say it's a tank. [The song first] - A bike rider. - We have to sing together when it starts. Baby car~ [An unrecognizable car song] [The older members try to save it] - What are you doing? You're trying to be funny. - Vroom vroom vroom~ [Jump] Speed bump. Go.

Abrupt stop. Right turn. [Someone made a mistake...] What? - This is why you can't play a game with unlicensed drivers. - OK.

- I don't have a license. [He got it wrong too] - You should just ride a bike. I told you to ride a bike. [He got it wrong too] [Getting blamed all by himself] You should just walk. You stood up? [Taking a free ride] Let's think about the environment.

- OK. - We're too good at this. - There's another person who made a mistake. - Really? [Jin got caught because it showed on his face] - It's him. - He's quiet.

[Nervous of being caught] He's had his driver's license for the longest time. - Wasn't he the 1st one to get a driver's license? - Right. [He's been driving for 10 years] I've been driving for 10 years. Stand up.

- Stand up. - I thought I fooled you. Every time we play a game, the people next to me get eliminated. [No one discovered this loser] 5, 6, 7, 8. Vroom vroom vroom.

Left turn. [V stopped] Him! Him, him, him. - What? - He made a right turn. You're really bad at games. [Can't refute] Do you want to go home? Seriously! [The person who made a mistake survived] Vroom vroom vroom. [Jump] Speed bump.

Go. Right turn. Right turn. Left turn. Left turn.

Left turn. Right turn. Left turn. [j--hope is finally caught] - He made a mistake! - Me, too. [So close] Vroom vroom vroom. [Coming clean] - Vroom vroom. - What? - What? [If someone talks about conscience] - What? - Without notice.

[look at Jung Kook] I made a mistake. - You're really honest. - Now. [It's the final game between 2 proud geniuses] It's finally the game between 2 proud geniuses. It's almost like "Fast & Furious". [They just like this game] Vroom vroom vroom. [A play-off without any suspense] Vroom vroom.

Bangsideok(?). [Please use precise pronunciation] - What? - Bang Si-hyuk. - Your pronunciation. - It's speed bump. - Is it Bang Si-hyuk? - Say either Bang Si-hyuk or speed bump. [Whatever. I'm just excited] - Why do you keep calling Bang Si-hyuk? - Vroom vroom vroom. Go forward.

Seriously! [Tickles j-hope's funny bones] Vroom vroom vroom. Vroom vroom! Right turn. Left turn. Reverse.

[He gets it right] [Jimin who backs up like this is out] You back up like this? - Get up. Get up. - Wasn't it a right turn? - You look cool backing up. SUGA, you should do a one-man show. [V is excited to host the show] Vroom vroom. Right turn. Left turn [Jump] Speed bump. Speed bump. Speed bump. Speed bump.

[Getting into the rhythm going through speed bumps] [BTS's best driver SUGA] - The best driver is SUGA. - I knew it. - OK. - Since everyone is feeling energetic now, [The beauty of field trips] this is the quintessential MT game.

The mafia game. But we got a lot better. - Really? - Really? - We're pretty, [Hearing this for the 1st time] - Have we played this before? - Better? - good at this. Don't look sideways. Just close your eyes. - The staff will go behind you and poke the mafia's neck. - Yes.

- All right. - OK. - It's not as if we're vampires. OK. - Wouldn't we die? - Let's do this. [Splat] Please close your eyes. [It's nightfall. Good citizens of BTS , close your eyes] [A suspicious person appears] [A familiar silhouette] Our staff will go, [They don't know anything] and poke, the mafia's neck. [Jung Kook is the mafia] Don't raise your head, [SUGA is the mafia too?] until we appoint the mafia.

[An abundance of mafia members] [Every BTS member is a mafia] [A mafia game with only mafias] [Crouching next to them] If you're a mafia, [Hey! You too? Yes! Me too] please raise your head and please confirm each other's identity. [Full of mafias after raising their heads] Please raise your head and... [Unsuspecting mafias] [Peekaboo] - Head... - Oh gosh! - Head... - Oh gosh! What? [Being polite in the midst of all this] - Hello. - Oh! Hello. - What is this?

[What is Na Young-seok doing here?] - What? - What is this? - Hello. Hello. [Like watching TV] - Oh gosh. - Hello. - This is amazing. - Oh gosh.

[No one expected Na Young-seok to visit] I was startled... I'm sorry. Hello. Hello. [Bowing down] - Hello. - Oh gosh. - Hello. - I was really surprised. [=There will be a lot of surprises ahead] You shouldn't be surprised by this. - I was so surprised. - We actually,

[BTS SUGA is surprised by celebrities] get really surprised when we see celebrities. We don't see a lot of celebrities. I'm not a celebrity. I'm just a man who's been playing games,

[Producer Na Young-seok, semi-celebrity, a man who plays games] for 20 years. Today we're actually doing a collaboration between "Run BTS!", [Collaboration between "Run BTS!" and "The Game Caterers"] and "The Game Caterers". I thought I didn't recognize a lot of the staff members. You guys are world-famous stars. - Right. - Yes, you're right. [The worldwide handsome guy has nothing to be ashamed of] Right.

[I respect him] Most people would be modest. But he's really something else. [A man who recognizes his worth] - ​Why are you saying phew? - He's confident. - Let's be confident [We love Jin too. - ARMY -] I love Jin. I love him acting like that.

[Lost their mindset by force] I think you're starting you lose your mindset when you started out. [Training to get back that mindset] - I'm here to get that back for you. - Our initial mindset! This is a special episode for "The Game Caterers" viewers and ARMYs, - so let's have fun today. - It's going to be, really fun. [Revealing the secret] That placard says spring outing.

It has 2 layers. [Peel off the banner...?] Please take 1 layer off. - I didn't notice this. - Wow. [I got you, didn't I?] There was something like this.

[Amazing] - But why does it say NT? - NT. - What's NT? NT. [NT = NA PD's Variety Training] It means my training. - Na producer. - I didn't suggest that.

[Exclaiming in unison] Na T! Na T! Na training! - Na T. OK, OK. - Na T. [Loves it] - Na T. What's with that? - Na T. Na T. Let's try to enjoy this.

- All right. - All right. - I'm looking forward to working with you. - I'm looking forward to working with you. [It's the 1st time I'm doing a variety show like this] But I'm a little bit scared. [Don't be scared! I'm just a man who plays games] You don't have to be scared at all. [Rolling his eyes] - Then we... - What's there to be scared of?

[Na Young-seok's equipment] - Come in. - I'm scared. What is that? [He starves people on TV] - We can eat, right? - What? - We can eat, right? - What did I just say? - I said you seem to be losing your mindset when you first started out, - Yes. after you became a world-class star. [Having a premonition about starving] We're going to starve today. I heard on talk shows that 10 years ago, [Everyone knows about the time they slept in bunk beds] you used to sleep in bunk beds.

Right. I'll help you go back to that time. - We may have a sleepover here. - What? - We're going to have to turn this upside down.

[The horrifying props make an appearance] Are we going to do a wake up mission? [The props they saw on TV] Let's sit down. [Fish sauce] Isn't that the famous one? [I saw the fish sauce!] - Let's sit down. - I saw the fish sauce! [Trying to soothe them which doesn't work at all] These are just props. I just carry them around. - Don't mind them. [Already distrustful] Why would you carry them around? [A confrontation] - I don't know what might happen. - Okay, okay. - You never know what might happen. - Wow.

[Barbecue ingredients appear] What is that? - These are the barbecue ingredients. - JMT. [Eyes wide open] What is this? - Lobster. - It looks so good. [They're drawn in by the meat as expected] - It's amazing. - What kind of game is this? [Provided by "The Game Caterers"] Everyone, these are the ingredients for the barbecue today. - OK. - Take a look.

[Korean beef with marbling] [The essence of barbecue, pork] [Swanky lobster] [Apple mangoes that even sound luxurious] [Na Young-seok starts the show] Can you tell me what's in front of you? - At the very front? - Beef. - It's beef. - Beef. It's clearly beef. [Jimin is already getting a dry mouth] It's assorted beef. Assorted cuts for grilling! Jimin. [Why do you keep smiling at me? (I'm nervous)] Why do you keep examining me? Because it's like I'm watching TV. [BTS's celebrity] Please stop doubting me.

I'll tell you when we're going to start playing games. - I'm just enjoying myself. - Yes, please enjoy yourself. [As for the beef] This is beef. You may be able to tell, [Assorted beef] - that there are, - Sirloin. [They automatically come forward] - all kinds of cuts. - Right. - It looks delicious. Why is there an album? Is it a trivet? We'll talk about the album later...

[BTS's album is a trivet...?] It says right here that it's a Grammy nominee. [Using such an album as a trivet?] and number 1 on The Billboard Hot 100. Do you want to use this as a trivet? - But there's no reason for this to be here. - That's unacceptable. It's right next to a cutting board.

The reason why I put the album there is, you know, it's an essential of your blood and sweat. - Right. [Nervous] - So, I wanted to see how far you can go without returning the album. [I got it] I think I know what you want. [Album before meat] Like, as we love our album so much, - Yeah. - we will return the meat.

- Just like that. [I trust you BTS] - People will love to see such moments. The first game is... ["New Journey to the West" lover] Oh, we're playing the figure quiz! [V, you're correct] - As you expected, - We will return the album right off the bet. [BBQ Cup, Figure Quiz] [A group game where they will lose one item whenever they miss a question] [Game Phobia] - I'm not good at this. - Figure Quiz? - What's this? - What?

- I'm not good at this. - What's this? I got every question right when watching the real show on TV. [A self-proclaimed quiz genius makes the crowd flutter] - Yeah. - V is the ace. Let's change our seats. - Why? - Let's change. - As V's good at this, - No. [Let's just go as is and change later] - Let's just go as is. - Okay.

- Alright. - Come on. - We might lose one item. Is that alright? That doesn't make a big difference. [Even if we change seats] your turn will come anyway. [Enlightenment] Right. Each of us will have 2 turns.

[Scanning] Don't try to have them all. I don't see the instance rice. - We have ramen, instead. - Oh, I forgot to tell you this. [Na PD is not that cheap] As you don't want you to starve, [For free] we will give you rice and kimchi. - Right. For Koreans, those are necessities. - That's enough. - Yeah. - That's generous.

[Game start] - Let's start from Jung Kook. - Oh, please. - 1, 2, 3. - JY. It's not that difficult.

- 1, 2, 3. - Emma Watson. [He expected them to miss it] I knew it too. [Even difficult questions are easy to him] - Why? - Everyone knows that. - Hermione. Maybe they expected you to say Hermione.

Hermione is not the right answer. [More open-minded than expected][Yes] - No, Hermione also counts. - Really? [Are they winning at the first round?] You're much better than "New Journey to the West" members. - Really? - Really? Let's continue. Jin!

- 1, 2, 3. - Messi. [BTS on fire] - Okay. - Right. - Am I right? - Right, Jin. - Not bad. - You don't need to say the full name. - He's Messi. - Let's continue. - Messi! - 1, 2, 3.

- So... - Wrong! - Good-god. - How come you don't know her name? [She's a wife of Mr. Baek] - How come! - Good-god. - She's a wife of Baek Jongwon. - Yeah.

- So Youjin, right? - How come you don't know that. Seriously, I even watched her video clips in this morning. [But, wrong!] - You're... - Apologize. [Did you already forget Mr. Baek's nice smile?] We filmed a lot with Mr. Baek. - Text him later. - Actually,

[Embarrassed] We watched you and Mr. Baek being on the same episode. [Mr. Baek praised BTS a lot] - Mr. Baek praised BTS a lot. - Yeah. - You're so mean. - How come you missed that question? We're a family. [Caring Jimin behind back] - At first... - Besides, you're his best student. - I see what you're doing. - You even got a knife. - Yeah. - I know.

Teacher. It's not what you think. [Teacher! I love you!] [Cold] - Jimin, let's take the album out. - He's like a betrayer. [Without hesitation] - We don't care. - What are you doing! [No touching moments] Are you sure? - We really don't need it. - We really don't... - You put your everything inside this album. [Begging] It's a milestone of your life. [Meat lover] Nothing is more important than food.

- You took the album out. - Yes, we did. [Feeling relieved] So, you're saying like [too extreme interpretation] tofu is more important than this album, so is bean paste. [Serious about food] - We need to eat. - Yeah.

I don't care about the past but only present and future. - Right. - Good. - We can get stuck with the past. - Yeah!

- Shall we? [2ROUND] - Nervous. - Why so nervous? - Nervous. [Tips for viewers] Everyone, don't get nervous. It's like a TV show. [Okay, relax] - Okay. Just like I'm watching a TV show. - Okay. [Starting from j-hope] Let me start. - From j-hope? - Yeah, from me. - Okay. - Cool.

- 1, 2, 3. - Park Chanho. - Correct. - He... Okay. - A too much talker. - I suddenly forgot his name. - Park Chanho. [Moving on thanks to j-hope] Park Chanho. - I don't remember to be honest. - I almost said "Too much"... - Me too.

[Doing self-hypnosis, like he's watching a TV show now] Relax. Do it casually. As you're watching a TV show... Oh, what a coincident. - 1, 2, 3. - Choi Woosik.

[My close friend] Amazing. This question could go this way. [Moving a body as he's nervous] But you changed seats at the last minute. - Please answer, 1, 2, 3. - Bong Joon-ho.

The mustache is confusing! - Here, 1, 2, 3. - The... - Wrong! - Ryu Hyun-jin! [Jimin, again?] - Ryu Hyun-jin! - Come on! Hey, you... [Very angry] How come you don't know the first Korean Cy Young award nominee? - No... - He's a hidden weak spot. - You're crazy! - Seriously... - We even went to see his game. [Disappointed] - Hey, this is not cool. [Every wrong answer has its episode] He was my player in a baseball game that I played in middle school.

I'm not lying! It's okay even if we don't know each other, right? [Agreed] It's true, though. [That's what Figure Quiz is like] I know the person so well but, - I can come up with the name. - Yeah. [Time to take food out] - Let's take one out. What will it be? - Let's take tofu out. - For this much... - Let's take an apple mango out. - No, tofu. [Taking 10 times longer than the album] - Apple mangos are good. - Ryu Hyun-jin. - Take the apple mango out.

- I said apple mangos are good. - You can buy them later. - Take tofu out. [Tofu hater] We can make bean paste soup without it. [Hesitant] Don't you touch it. - Jimin is now... - You're not allowed to touch it. - I know. [Bold action of tofu hater] Jimin missed 2 chances. - Tofu is protein. - Thank you.

- We can do it without tofu. - This is protein too. [It still lasted longer than the album] - It's scary. - Just like we're watching TV. [Back to the old strategy] - Yeah. - Just like watching TV. - It's the same old strategy.

Watch it casually. [Oh! Ryu Hyun-jin is on. TV] That's Ryu Hyun-jin, no? - Isn't he Ryu Hyun-jin? [Forced relaxation] - I need to relax. - Shall I watch TV? - Everyone, tofu is out.

[No more!] - Okay, now... - Let's focus. We need to focus. [Jimin did] Jimin just returned our album and tofu. - Okay. - But, I... Let's switch our seats. - He must be under pressure. [Last in order] - This is the last.

[Which means] - You took the first... - So, I only need to answer once. - For the return point! - Yeah, you only need to answer once. [Switching seats] Okay, okay. Do as you feel comfortable.

- You guys are sending SUGA here and there. - I know. [Caring young members] - Welcome. - I go where I'm told to go. When did he come here? - Wait. - j-hope. - Let me get ready. [3ROUND] - I feel relieved here. - Okay. - Let's go. [Nervous] I like that posture.

[Same quiz, different attitude] You two are so different now. - Relax. - I need to focus. - Relax. - 1, 2, 3. - Park Bo-gum. Why can't I say his name right? [Looks much relaxed as away from the quiz] - Park Bo-gum. - Bo-gum.

[Park Bo-gum! I love you!] - Park Bo-gum! - Bo-gum! - Let's go. - Why? [Hesitant] - It's so difficult. - Yeah... I got it! It's Park Seo-joon! - Come on. - Come on. Or, Park Hyung Sik? - 1, 2, 3. [(Our) Park Seo-joon] - Seo-joon!

- Okay. [Amazing] - It's like a destiny. Like a destiny. Here we have a hard one. 1, 2, 3. Wrong! [What's happening?] It's so difficult. - Sorry but who is she? - The queen of ice. - Is she married with Kang Nam?

- The queen of ice. - Lee Sang-hwa! - I'm sorry. - Hey... [How come you didn't know] She wrote a history. [So angry Korean citizen] From behind... - Okay. - Sorry. - We all remember

[Missed 2 names] the historic moment. [Look at him] I know her. [As long as I can only survive!] - I was a huge fan. - Don't forget what you did! Hey, sit down! [Repeating the same thing] Have you seen it? Have you seen this? You sit down.

[Apple mango hater] Let's take the apple mango out, or maybe lettuce? Let's take ice cream out. [Couldn't care less] Your posture is a bit different, Jimin. There's a saying like, if you don't know this, you're not a Korean. - Ice cream. - The apple mango. - Shall we take ice cream out? - No, the apple mango. - Ice cream is not good for your health.

- Really? - Let's take the apple mango out. - Take the apple mango out. - By the way, why did you have so much ice cream before? - Take the apple mango out. - I didn't have that much. The apple mango. [Majority decided to take the apple mango out] - What? - It's hard to peel. [Good bye, luxurious apple mango] [4ROUND] - Then, where should we start? Here? - From Jimin.

- I see. [Jimin START] - It's burdensome. - Jimin needs to get 2 right. - I got confident. - I don't know so many figures. [Big trouble] It'd be terrible if Jimin misses another quiz.

[Please! I want someone I know] I wish Bang Si-hyuk is in the list. Here we go. 1, 2, 3. Actor Seojin.

- Correct. - Right. Yoon... I know him as he's on the show. [Jimin almost misses this quiz] Actually, you should have said Lee Seojin. But, I will give you a point as you said his name. [Keep saying he knows all] I knew his full name but only said the first name as nervous.

I don't know so many names. - Please. - 1, 2, 3. - Jo Jo Jo Jeong-suk. - Wrong! [Wrong!] - Jo Jo Jo... - I think he got it right.

[Protest] - He got it right. - Jo... - What's Jo Jo Jo? [I was nervous] - I mean Jo Jeong-suk. [Come on] Can't you give him a pass? Jung Kook, please tell me honestly what your answer was, under the pride of ARMY.

What was your answer? Jo Jeong-suk. [Our youngest is so cool] He's right. He said it under the pride of ARMY. - I think ARMY would all understand. - Yeah. [ARMY also heard the same] I have bad pronunciation.

[-ARMY at home-] - They would want us to eat. - Right. [Shameless] What if... I think ARMY would want us to eat.

[Going further] - We only say facts. - Right. If you don't accept this, [Threatening with power of ARMY] ARMY will go after you. [Changing his posture] You said the correct answer. [Oh yeah] - Let's continue. - Why does he sit on his knees?

[Strong counterparts for Na PD] He's sitting on his knees. [Finally made a deal] I admin you said Jo Jeong-suk clearly. [NEXT is Jin] - It's Jin's turn. - Okay. 1, 2, 3. Bruno Mars.

- I knew it. - You can't miss this. - It was close. SUGA. - 1, 2, 3. - Kim Kyungho. - Kim Kyungho, - RM. - 1, 2, 3. - Scarlett Johansson.

Next one. 1, 2, 3. - Ricaprio. - Wrong! Dicaprio! [Even ARMY can't deny this] Dicaprio! - Dicaprio! - What's Ricaprio. [Shameless] - I heard Dicaprio. - Dicaprio. - I heard Dicaprio... Yeah. [Good job!] - Dicaprio. - I heard Dicaprio. - You said Ricaprio.

RM, what did you hear? [That's BTS' teamwork] Dicaprio. [Lack of conscience] Is that how you play? - Ask ARMY. [No more calling ARMY] I won't ask ARMY. I will no longer ask ARMY.

Be honest. What did you say? My pronunciation of "Ri" and "Di" is bad. - For me... - He just started learning Korean.

My Korean [V / Born in Korea and still learning Korean] is not 100%. With a dictionary... [Is meat that much important?] I heard you Korean is worse than your English. [Making things up] Yeah, well... Actually, A name "Dicaprio" is English, too. [Got an error] [So funny] Sorry, it's English.

- Take bean paste out. - He's an American, right? Which one do you want to take out, ice cream or bean paste? Do we need bean paste soup? [It's just a soup... OUT] [5ROUND] Here we go. - Let's keep up the pace. - Shall we play faster?

Who shall start first? Who wants to go first? Decide. [You go first, you go first] - Start from you. - Jimin? - From Jimin. - Okay, let me start. - Yeah, j-hope. Here we go.

[Focused] You look so focused... Here's the quiz. - 1, 2, 3. - Baek Jongwon. I should have gone first.

Let's do it quickly. [Cool and chic] Let's go. - 1, 2, 3. - Kim Yuna.

Right. Let's continue. - 1, 2, 3. - Joker.

- Right. Next. - Good job. - 1, 2, 3. - Bboongbboong-e. - Correct, next. - Alright. - Bboongbboong-e, the farting king.

1, 2, 3. Wrong! [Oh] How come you don't know her? She said she likes us on some interview. [Got stuck] I know she's on "SKY Castle" but... - Actually, Last name Yeom is easy to remember. - Jin. You're in trouble. [Episode about wrong answers] I really enjoyed "SKY Castle". But, how come...

She's Yeom Jung-ah, right? [Confidence of winner] How come you don't know her? [Embarrassed] I have nothing to say. - Let's take ice cream out. - Come on... [Ice cream haters] - Take ice cream out. - Then... - Take ice cream out. Take ice cream out. [Cheating] We have 2 rows here.

Let's take this row out. [That guy] Don't be that guy. [No cheating, V Ice cream OUT] [6ROUND] This is when the real game starts. You got warmed up, right?

Let's go easy from now. [I'm ready] - I'm ready. - Ready? I think you can make it this time. It's not that difficult. [Breathing] 1, 2, 3. - Wrong! - Son Heung-min.

[What's happening?] - Wrong! - Son Heung-min. - What's with you? - Wrong! - Son Heung-min. [Oh my god] It's crazy. He crossed the line. [Help me, my friends!] You crossed the line. Is this intentional? [Upset] No, it's not.

- We were in Wembley to see him. - I know. [Speechless] - This is too much. - I check on his news. [But, you don't know his name?] For what? - You don't know his name. - Soccer fans all over the world are now... [Conspiracy] Is there an imposter in "New Journey to the West"? [On his knees] Do we have an imposter? - Is Jimin going to take all of this later? - No imposters.

- Maybe later alone... - I didn't want to impose on you. - You're imposing on us! - He's being like a public enemy. [Look at Jung Kook] It's beyond anger. Look at him keeping distance with you. [Keeping some distance] He's away from you.

Don't be in the same shot or angle with him. [Lettuces is being taken out] - He's away from Jimin. - I'm in trouble. I think we would miss even if BTS is in the quiz.

- No. - Let's discuss first. - Let's take this out. - What? RM can't eat lobsters. [RM can't eat seafoods] - Taking lobsters out is more realistic. - Lobsters.

Let's keep something everyone can have. [Bye lobsters] - It smells fishy. - Okay, okay. - I hate lobsters from today. - Okay. [Meat IN Lobsters OUT] [7ROUND] Let's start from j-hope. - Jin, From me? [Switching seats again] - Jin, let's switch our seats. - Why?

[Freeze] - No. - Why would you? - Just sit at the corner and answer once. - Stay there. You think you did well here? [Speechless] [From j-hope] - Start from j-hope. - Okay. Let's go.

- 1, 2, 3. - Shin Dong-yeop. - That's easy. - Good. You can do this. [Sad] I should have gone first. Here we go.

1, 2, 3. - Yoo Jaesuk. - Okay. [Warning to V] I warn you. Yoo Jaesuk... [V needs to learn Korean more] He's learning Korean. You saw that earlier. His Korean is not perfect. - He has a wide throat. - Pardon?

- Pardon? - Sorry sorry. [What is this? Giving up Korean skills to win the quiz] Yoo Jaesuk. - He feels comfortable with English. - Let's go RM. - Let's go. - Let's keep this momentum.

1, 2, 3. RAIN. This round is easy. - 1, 2, 3. - An Junghwan. Okay, nice.

- Nice. - I almost missed it as I only remember when he's young. No, no. 1, 2, 3. Wrong! - Kim Youngcheol. - Kim Youngcheol [Time to regret...] We're on "Knowing Bros"... We're on "Knowing Bros"...

We... [The happiest guy now] He was the MC of our fan meeting. - How... - I know his name but I couldn't just say it out.

You should know how I feel. You should know not like everyone else. - I know. - Actually, Son Heungmin is more...

[I understand] I'd be in big trouble if I don't relate to this. [Which food?] Which one should we take out? Lettuce? - Lettuce. - Lettuce. - Yeah. [Lettuce OUT] [You should make it] - We can do it. - Yeah. [8ROUND] - Let's make it just once. - Who's going to start? - Jimin? - Yeah, he should. - Yeah. [Heart pounding] - Let's go. - Let's go.

[Na PD just heard something] I just heard something. Your writer just said like [Run BTS! staff] "I don't think they would make it". let's start from j-hope. [Under pressure] - From j-hope. - From j-hope. - j-hope, it's your turn to make a mistake. - Wait.

[Relaxed] He has nothing to lose now. Alright. Let me start. I'm nervous.

Let's go. 1, 2, 3. - Curtain! - Wrong! - Curtain? - Conan! [How come you don't know Conan?] - Curtain? - Conan! - Conan. - Curtain...

[Jimin feels happy again] - You don't know Conan Sh... - You don't know Conan? I got confused! So confused. Curtains are just behind you. [Here] Curtains. - j-hope. - Actually, I got confused too. [So embarrassed] I know him but..

How come you... [Come on] - This is how you felt. - I can't understand. [As long as you don't meet Conan] j-hope, you're fine. You can stay in Korea. [Brilliant] Right.

- I might go overseas someday. - It's not our jurisdiction. [A letter to Conan] Conan, sorry. - Now... - Let's take beef out. [Time to take beef out] - We need to take one meat out. - Yeah. - To be honest... - Take beef out. - Pork is a must with ramen.

- Which one is better, beef or pork? - Let's take beef out. [Unexpectedly beef OUT] - Beef. - You can't eat much beef. - Pork goes well with ramen. - Let's take beef out. - You will be tired of beef. - You will be tired of beef. - We only take beef out, right? - Yeah. [Moving precious mushrooms] Right.

We're only taking beef out. - We can have mushrooms. - Yeah. [Happy moments with Korean beef - THE END -] [9ROUND] - So difficult. Jimin, you start. - We only got a few left. [More serious than ever] - Let's change seats. - How come we can't make it just for once? - Let's change seats. - Let's change.

[Announcement] Let me offer you something important. [3 ingredients left] As we have only 3 items left, [Offering en route mode] - I will allow you to play on the en route mode. - Okay, okay. - Not the round trip mode? - But, we couldn't make a single trip yet, right? [Well...] - We couldn't even make a single trip. - Jimin.

- For the round trip mode... - The first question is usually easy. So, you should solve it. - I don't even expect to make the round trip. - Okay. [Need someone to share burdens] Is there anyone who wants to switch seats? - Seats are very important for the en route mode. - Would you switch seats with me? - Shall we play rock-paper-scissors? - Switch seats with me. - You want me to go first? - Yeah. - Jin, can you switch seats with me? - No, SUGA should go.

[Don't do this to me] Why are you doing this to me... You should do it. You know names. [Switching seats again] - How many times are we doing this? - You can do it. - Let's change seats.

- j-hope, do you want to go first? - What? [Jimin switching seats with Jung Kook] - Do you want to go first? - Why? - No, two of us are not doing great now. - It's almost... This is a dangerous zone. [Serious] - Do you want to switch? - I know. Let's switch. Just two of us. [Keep changing seats] - You just got it wrong. - What? - Who starts first? Jung Kook, your posture is wrong.

- What should I do? - Please adjust it. [Like home] Relax. Like you're watching TV. [Relax] You watch TV. That person.

- Isn't he Lee Kyung-kyu? - Isn't he Lee Kyung-kyu? Like this. [Start from Jung Kook] You look relaxed. Good. Let's do it casually. - You can stare somewhere else. - It's fine.

- You can hum. - We can give up ramen. - It's nothing. Let's go. 1, 2, 3. - Olaf! - Correct. - Jimin, relax.

You're watching TV. - 1, 2, 3. - Bang Si-hyuk. Okay, good. Relax.

- Is that how you make a quiz? - You're watching TV casually now. - 1, 2, 3. - Billie Eilish. - Correct. Let's go. - Do it casually.

- Relax. - 1, 2, 3. - Park Seri. - Correct. Let's go. - So easy. - Relax. - 1, 2, 3. - James Corden. - Okay, relax. - Come on! - Let's go, 1, 2, 3. Who's this? [Wrong!] [BTS getting upset] RDJ! RDJ! [How come you don't know the Iron Man?] - Iron Man. - RDJ! [Lost vision after Korean skill] Iron Man! The highest guarantee in Hollywood.

Children all over the world... [V! Apologize him 3000] - Dreams and hopes... - V, this is... - You don't know? Marvel fans are going crazy now. - Just like the Son Heungmin's case... - Now... [Who couldn't say Son Heungmin] it's also a tragedy.

[Prisoner] How come an artist doesn't know RDJ? This is... [Have nothing left] What should we take out? Ramen... [After thinking] - Ramen. - Pork or this. [Sauce set OUT] [Let's do this!] We got only 2 left everyone. We might skip our lunch.

- We're in trouble. - How come we can't even make it on the en route mode? V, I'm not sure where you can live now. I'm still in Korea. [Who didn't answer Son Heungmin] I think you should leave soon. [95z friends trying to survive] Right. I'm leaving soon. - You two need to book your flight tickets. - I'm in Korea.

Be careful. [Actually...] Speaking of RDJ... Park Seri quiz was so hard. - You almost got it wrong. - I agree.

Who is it? [Scary moment] - I suddenly frowned. - It's an old photo. [Good job to me] Good-god I watched "I Live Alone" recently. - I know. - Yeah. [10ROUND] - Here we go. From Jung Kook. - It's fun, right? I just turned TV on. 1, 2, 3.

Hyunbin. [It was close but he made it] - I accept that. - Alright, Jung Kook. - Next. Why are you feeling relieved? - He's Hyun-bin. - Hyun-bin. - Hyun-bin. - Was that difficult? - Let's go.

1, 2 ,3. - Halsey. - Correct. [She would feel sad] We're friends. If he missed this...

She didn't have long hair when we met. [Exhausted] - Now she has long hair. - I didn't know. [We can understand Jimin] [Lost his smile] It was tough.

He's under pressure. Look at j-hope face. [Very nervous] - I'm dying now. - To be honest, I don't need to win this. [We're happy without food] - Because I got other things right. - So much pressure. Let's go j-hope.

I am so nervous. 1, 2, 3. - Ed Sheeran. - Correct. [Same thing for V] Please give such questions only. [After][Before] - You can make it. - Right? - This...

It's over when you crossed this. 1, 2, 3. - wrong! - How come you don't know? - Jo Yeojung! - Jo Yeojung! [Watch out the noise] - Wrong! - Why don't you know this? - Jo Yeojung! - Jo Yeojung! - How come you don't know Jo Yeojung. - "Parasite"! [Sad] I'm going crazy. [Finally] We need to take pork out.

- What should we do? - Take meat out. [Mushrooms are moving again] So nice. Mushrooms make broth so good. [100% pure meat got returned] Jimin, I'm proud of you. - Thank you. - Enjoy.

[I was naive... I want to have meat by solving quiz] [Last ROUND] This is the last. If we can't make it, we should go back where we started.

- Let me go first. - Hey, - that's might be a solution. - Let's do it. [SUGA is moving again] I think middle zone is dangerous.

But, bad players are sitting closely here, is that okay? [Official dangerous ZONE] Don't hurt us. You didn't need to say that... [Who didn't say Son Heungmin's name] Come on, there's a real bad play over there. [Don't watch this episode, Son Heungmin] - Right. - So sad.

Who goes first? [The youngest] Jung Kook. Here we go. 1, 2, 3! 4 dollars. [Wrong!] 4 dollars! [Grand Finale] [Today's ending fairy. - Wrong! - Kim Doohan! - Kim Youngcheol. He's Kim Youngcheol.

[A wrong answer that is more ridiculous than Son Heungmin] We even said hi to him in an award. - We said hi to him because he visited our waiting room. - Right. He visited us. [No!!!] - Get up. - It's the end. Go. Go. [The quiz show that they lost food and calmness] - 4 dollar! - A person's name. How can a person's name be 4-dollar? [The prize they won through this quiz: Mushroom] - Come on. - Jung Kook! Nice strike.

- 4-dollar. - Your... [Unable to give up] Will I score if I said "Kim Doohan"? He said no. You are wrong. [Failed the quiz. Sadly, they only get rice & kimchi] Enjoy the food. We should make Kimchi fried rice.

We are not cooking plain kimchi fried rice. [My friends! We have mushrooms] We are cooking mushroom kimchi fried rice. I didn't expect that you will bring this. [The mushroom raised the quality of the kimchi fried rice] Since there are only kimchi and rice, there's not much for the 7 members to do. [Today's kimchi fried rice chef is SUGA] - Let SUGA cook it. - Ok. - Ok. - Let SUGA cook it. - We are really going to eat this.

Set the table. [He is serious about mushrooms] - Are we cooking in two pans? - It's good because there's not much to do. It's good if we cook two pans.

[He dropped the precious mushroom on the floor] You are crossing the line! The mushroom is the most important ingredient here. - It's so precious. - This mushroom is... [There're only 3 mushrooms] Even if we split the 3 mushrooms, we only get to eat less than half.

- This kimchi fried rice... - I've got nothing to do because there aren't many ingredients. Is there something for me to do? [Even if they want to play a role...] - Exactly. I've got nothing to do. - There's nothing to do. We don't need to make it a big scale when we are just cooking kimchi fried rice. There are so many cameras shooting 7 people eating kimchi fried rice.

[Countless cameras in making kimchi fried rice] - How many are there? - 15, I guess. [Planning to film BTS cooking kimchi fried rice in nanoscale] [Chef SUGA's What Should I Eat Tody? Kimchi fried rice episode] Even if it's my first time... [Chef SUGA][Assistant chef j-hope] Put it.

I'm really doing this for the first time. Put them on the pan. Put everything on the pan. It's really my first time. [Chef SUGA's kimchi fried rice recipe. Put all rice and kimchi on the pan] [Chef SUGA's kimchi fried rice recipe. Slice the mushrooms and put them on the pan]

The mushrooms look so savory. [Chef SUGA's kimchi fried rice recipe. Mix the ingredients on the frying pan] [Meanwhile, a LIVE BGM that covers the kitchen] [Human jukebox, Kim Brothers] That low? [Adding a spoon of emotions in the kimchi fried rice] [To feed the members more, RUN BTS staff asked the members to negotiate with Na PD] 1 piece is not enough. I will ask for 7 pieces. j-hope! [Jimin approaches Kim Brothers] Everyone! [Recruiting members] - Anyone who wants to ask for 7 pieces of pork belly? - Do I add them all? I'm good at making a deal. Come. Watch how I make a deal. [The Pork Belly Expedition is formed for BTS's meal] Do you know? I...

- The fire is too weak. - you're about to be kicked out of this country. [V also joined the expedition] - I guarantee that I can make a good deal. - But before we go... This way. [We trust you! Pork Belly Expedition] Jimin, Jim, V will determine our destiny. [Confident] Let's make a deal. [So confident as if they're taking back their pork belly] - What? - A deal for 7 pieces... - 7 pieces.

- What are you going to bet on? - I feel like they will bring the meat. [Na PD is not easy, as imagined] - 7 pieces. Good. - What do you mean bet? Ok. Let's play one more game.qw

[A proposal by self-proclaimed deal expert] If we win the deal, - Yes. - give us 7 pieces of pork belly. [If BTS wins the game, they get 7 pieces of pork belly] If we lose, [If BTS loses, they need to shoot the promotional video for "The Game Caterers"] we will shoot... [Way to go, our members!] - Good! Way to go, Jin! - 7 pieces is 1 line of pork belly, right? [Na PD accepts the promotional video offer] - All 7 members? - All! - 7 pieces. - You will click likes and subscribe to our channel? - No. - We will shoot the promotion clip.

[Likes, comments, subscribe, hit the notification bell] - Notification bell too. - We will shoot a video. - You will shoot a video? - Yes. We will shoot a video. - I will play that video for 1 whole year. - Ok.

I will sell that video to big company. [2nd deal] - Then, how about we bet on 7 lines of pork belly instead of 7 pieces. - Good. [A tight deal] Let's make it 7 pieces. I won't sell it to a big company. Ok. [Isn't it obvious to bet on lines of pork belly?] 7 pieces? Not 7 lines? - 7 lines are... - Then...

- 1 line. 1 line! - 1 line. [Na PD 1 line VS 3 lines Pork Belly Expedition] No! 3 lines! Make it 3 lines. - That's already... - Instead of 1 or 3 lines, [Smart Jin's solution. 2 lines of pork belly] - let's make it 2. - No. Because... Subscribe, like, - and he will use our promotional video for the whole year. - Hit the notification bell.

I have it. Listen. [Smart Jin's calculation] Subscription, 1 line. Likes, 1 line.

- Hit the notification bell, 1 line. - Hit the notification bell, 1 line. - 3 lines. - 3 lines. Good. - Then, ok. [A miraculous calculation] If we are only saying subscribe, make it 1 line. - If we are saying "likes" too, make it 2 lines. - Subscribe and likes are 2 lines.

- And hit the notification bell is 3 lines. - 3 lines. - 3 lines. That was good! [Make a sincere promotional video] - You have to make the video sincerely. - Ok. - Of course! - I don't like it if you are doing it 1, 2, 3! [Sample video] - Subscribe, likes, hit the notification bell! - Subscribe, likes, hit the notification bell! [100% sincere sample promotional video] Right. We will do it like this. - All 7 members will shoot a video like this. - We will! We will!

- All 7 members? - We will! Hey! You have no self-respect? [Jimin, who was trying hard suddenly got emotional] Aren't you hungry? We are trying hard. - Don't you whine there. - We can do that. - Ok. What will you do? [Ok] - Go. I will be there with the pork belly. - Ok.

We got it! [The Pork Belly Expedition returns with a fruitful result] We are playing a game on a video. - Which one? - Subscribe and like. - If we lose, [Reporting] all 7 members should shoot a video asking for subscribe, like, hit the notification bell. - Ok, ok. - And he will use that video for a year. [It's fine] I don't care. Subscribe, 1 line.

Like, 1 line. Hit the notification bell, 1 line. Shall we add one more? - And... - 1 comment! Something like this. - Good!

[This is it] - 1 comment! - Good! Good! 1 comment! [What if we lose?] What happens if we lose? [No pork belly, shooting the video] - Shall we eat kimchi fried rice only? - We have to shoot the video, then. [Meanwhile, chef SUGA's kimchi fried rice is completed] It already looks good. [Everyone gathers with the spoon] It's so good. [Yummy] - By the way... - If the kimchi was cooked... [Oh, not bad] - Not bad! - I like it. It's so good.

[Everyone eats standing up because it's so delicious] It's good? I feel like everything is delicious now. [I like this food] - I love it too. - I love it so much. [SUGA is worried because they are eating too much before it's cooked] Eat when it is cooked. - It's still raw kimchi. - It's not completed yet.

[A quick delivery of pork belly] Anyone who ordered pork belly? I wanted to say we can't do it because it hurts our pride. But we will do it. We can do it right away. [The promotional fairy] Subscribe, like. - We can do it well. - Meat!

Well, [The important thing is] - you have to win the game. - Right. Right. [you can eat it if you win the game] - Right. Right. - Right. Right. [The game item is key] - What game should we play? - Which game? [With pleading eyes] Before this, [5 cards from the character quiz] 5 cards left from the character quiz you played. - Yes. - 5 cards. - Do we have to answer 5 cards? [Laying the cards on the floor] I will lay the cards on the floor.

Among them... [One member from BTS] One member from BTS should come out... [Picks the member right away] - SUGA! - Yunki! - Why me? [I'm good if it's not me] - SUGA. - Let's go SUGA! Min Chef let's go!

[Chef SUGA became the quiz player in the middle of cooking] I'm scared. What if I can't answer it? - Don't say that! - Jimin. Wait. Which one do you think... [Curious] Why? Why? What is it? What is it? [Exploring the difficulty level] - What should we give him? - It seems like the quizzes are ridiculous. I guess it's really hard.

He will definitely know the answer for the cards in the front. - The one at the back? - No. The cards in the front. [Taking out the easy one] [Taking quiz evaluator Jimin's opinion] Among these cards... I saw it roughly, it was about a character.

[1, 2, 3, 4] It's number 1, 2, 3, and 4. [Jimin, the quiz evaluator thinks there are 2 easy ones and 2 difficult ones] - Ok. - SUGA, pick. There's one easy one. [SUGA picks number 3] I pick number 3.

- Number 3? - Number 3. Number 3! [Preview] You didn't hesitate. [Nervous] Did I pick the wrong card? - I'm anxious. - I wonder if you know it. [Quiz evaluator Jimin thinks it's a moderate level] I think he might know. - SUGA is very smart. - Normally, people don't know it. [I know him] - But I do. - You said "it".

[Give me more clue] - It's not a human. - I guess it's a character. Well... How should I explain this? Let's say, you might know BTS.

But you might not know Jimin. Something like that. [A single round] - It's a single-round game. If you get the correct answer, - Which team are you? you will get 3 lines of pork belly.

[Correct answer - Gets 3 lines of pork belly] If you get this wrong, [Wrong answer - A sincere "The Game Caterers" promotional video] - you will shoot, - Yes. a sincere video. [BTS is always sincere] - Like, subscribe, hit the notification bell. - Like, subscribe, hit the alarm.

Was it alarm? Hit the alarm bell. [Pressured] - What if I get it wrong? I feel pressured. - You can do it, SUGA. - Let's go. SUGA. Don't feel pressured. - I don't know. - This kimchi fried rice is enough. - 1, 2. - Simpson.

No! [SUGA did it!] [Who doesn't know Simpson?] How can you not know Simpson? Simpson Bart. Simpson Bart. [You are so good at this game] Why did you get so many wrong answers a while ago? - Let's grill the meat. - Heungmin! - I thought... - Heungmin! - Why did you get so many wrong answers a while ago? [We got a nice question] Bart Simpson was a nice question.

- Simpson was a good one. - He picked a good one. [Taking back] This is what happens when you open your mind. [A welcoming applause for the pork belly] Let's grill the meat! Grill the meat! Let's grill the meat and put it here. [It's good that we made a deal] - It's good that we made a deal on the meat. - Yes. Enjoy. - Thank you. - Thank you. - It's good.

[Happy ending] Subscribe, like. This deal was a great idea. [Grilling the meat right away] By the way... I love it so much. [Satisfied] Listen to the sound.

- SUGA's pork belly. - The smell! [The table with meat is always great] - This is what makes a meal, right? - Right. [Chef SUGA cooks the pork belly too] [Today's highlight] - Ok. We will add the meat. - Here we go. - It's crazy. - I will add the pork oil...

[The fantastic collaboration of kimchi fried rice and pork belly] [Impressed] - It's crazy. - It looks so delicious. [SUGA even distributes the rice] Thank you, teacher. - Please give me some. - I will distribute the rice. RM. [RM, make sure to chew well, eat well] Ok. Thank you. [The little birds waiting for their food] You can eat it.

[One scoop] Great. [SUGA who cooked, won the quiz, and distributed the food] - Thank you, SUGA. - It's so good. If you want to eat more, have more. Ok! [Yummy] - It tastes totally different. - Yes. - Is it delicious? - Yes. [Big bite] You played a big role.

[Yummy] - It's good. - It's so good. [Enjoying the mealtime] - Pork belly makes a big difference. - It's crazy! - The pork oil... - The pork oil made a big difference. [Jung Kook enjoys the food too] [In the happy moment, the staff calls SUGA suddenly] Why? [It's strange] Are you a spy? He is a spy! [So suspicious] - What? - From this time onward, we shouldn't trust SUGA. [SUGA follows the staff without knowing what's going on] [Meanwhile, Na PD is waiting for innocent SUGA] [A very familiar scene from "New Journey to the West"] [Knock, knock] [SUGA enters] [What happened to SUGA?] [Next week!!] [Next episode] [SUGA is called without knowing the reason] [Getting more suspicious] - Why isn't SUGA coming? - We should continue to keep an eye on him. Is he eating ramen alone? [But...They are also invited] Where should I go?

[to the secret room] Hi, Jung Kook. [One by one] Welcome. [When they go into that room] Excuse me? Don't go. [They are back with something] - Charismatic leader. - Show the charisma! [And they start to act suspiciously] Aren't you hungry? We just had food.

[BTS...What are you doing?] - SUGA isn't talking. - Can someone make SUGA talk? Jin! Not this, not this! I won't do this! [BTS in Wonderland] [Check the next episode in "The Game Caterers"] Wait. I just wanted to sing and dance. [RUN BTS EP. 140 BTS Collaboration Variety Show 1]

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