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Hey. Everyone today I am practicing. At, some bridal, makeup / maybe, some makeup I might wear at my engagement, party which, is coming up in a couple of months I know this is very early but I'm also filming, a wish winning. Dress trial which you guys will see very, soon I'm very excited, to share with you and grace I tried them on I'm actually really hoping, that I can find a couple of good ones cuz I feel like that would be amazing if, I can like recommend, some super, cheap wedding, dresses to you guys oh we shall see cuz you guys know how which, videos usually go it's usually a disaster so hopefully. You guys are excited for that I'm also gonna be trying on my, engagement dress, today I have already actually tried it on a couple of times it's by its sisters the label which looks like this and here's just a little sneak peek back whoops I don't got to show you guys how it completely looks just yet because I want it to be a surprise and also I need a slick for under it and I just can't find the right one I'm gonna try them this one I go from naked, wardrobe, I don't, know if this is gonna be right a that I feel like I kind of need a strapless. One I just can't find one I might have a look while I'm in the States because yeah I'm struggling but this is the detailing, so I want to do makeup that matches this kind of color, scheme it's, like nude pink, rose, gold pearls, so. Yeah, I'll probably reflect, a little bit of that and then makeup today so we're just gonna chill out do, a little bit get, rid of with me, and. Yeah. So, I'm just going to start out with a little bit of one stick current by steel adjust, True Grit my skin I think I will work on my eye makeup, first but I just, want to hydrate. My skin straight. Away and also put a base down for that primer as, well I have some like just quick what's it called a loving tender shimmery, stuff on my body right now looks in this lighting I've got my official lighting, on it looks so much better than natural sunlight because it's got like a shine to it but the lights just don't pick it up and all the shadows maybe a little I can patch here promise it's not that bad in real life so, I'm going to use some on this way more to your sculpting concealer and it the shade of almonds, just around, my, eyebrows to carve them out because. I loving this look lately I just feel like it's more natural and, then I just fill in the areas I really need to rather than like coloring, my eyebrows in since that I like micro, Brett micro, braids my.

Crib They did I don't need like a lot of products so this just helps you kind of say like what I actually need to fill in so, I just take my jewel paddle brush this is my favorite brush to use with this you can get it in like the 12 piece bar co-owning so beauty shop calm it is one, of my favorite brushes I just like to pretend, like I'm copying, my eyebrows out and, it makes them look instantly, filled in for this makeup I want it to look quite dramatic. But natural, colors, um dramatic. Is in like every. Date romantic, not romantic is didn't like clubbing dramatic I don't they I don't really know why that's why I'm tasting it right now because I just want to like try to figure out what I'm going to do I also always like, not just since I've been engaged. But, like since before that I always get requests to do Bridal makeup, tutorials. I did one years, ago I'll link it below I still love it it's, definitely still like a look I would do now so once I kind of like fill it in I just like to go with the other side of my brush and just use, that side to blend I'm, going to work on the top I, so I'm gonna go in with my pillow a space this is in the rumah or her. Shade, I'm, just doing my makeup first I want to do a smoky liner, so, just, been that I can clean it up when I need to cuz I will nature because I'm doing something smoky so it's just easier to be able to like bullying as much as they need to annoy it's just stress out you know I think today I'm going to try out the. Biba, pellet by natasha, Tanana the all neutral. Because, it's just obviously, perfect, for, any. Neutral, look this palette has like a warmish. Neutral, a. Like. A read, burgundy, undertone or orange undertone, and then it's also got like a cool time kill a little cool tone row, here, we come again so I'm going to take this big angled, eye brush, just to blend the color kind of like all over my lid increase, I'm going, to use the shade tusk which is right in the corner here it's kind of like a similar, shade to my village. Like naturally, it's a bit dark I definitely commissioned, myself using and, Hacha Damona, I should repel it from my wedding day but I also kind of want to just like create, my own I should have color for my wedding um with, my branding so if you do you like depending how my own first, pellet launch goes like I thought there could be such a cute idea to actually like create a wedding. Pellet, you know so. I'm just kind of packing, that shade on just, to try and conceal, my veins that I have on my eyelids, and it is doing a favorite. Job I love this shade just going up to almost the brow Mia's, serving you in a little bit okay I'm going to use some black liquid eyeliner you use any a single, one that you are comfortable with um this, is is. This actually black all right this is brown okay lucky I didn't go straight out that although a ground would be a beautiful for, brighter look as well but like I said I think my engagement, party I'd want to be a bit more net dropping a bit more dramatic and then for the actual wedding day maybe something slightly more natural, which, I, don't know I might change my mind closer to the time how, good this is by the way this is by Mac I literally just put that on talk, to you to spin and like, how good is that it's not even moving I'm going to use my roller liner, by, benefits.

I'm Just going to do it alone God can I even do this on camera still, Wayne that's, making like Harold sir I don't want to be like too crazy but, I want to be there, and. I'm. Just doing a wingtip liner and doing, it real thin on the inner corner if I can and then just like slowly getting towards. The outer corner and it doesn't matter that it's not perfect because obviously we're, going to be using I sure, don't want stuff to smoke it we're trying it like somewhat even oh my gosh I'm so terrible, a liquid eyeliner lately, mm-hmm, yeah once I it's like it's like I thought I flew once we actually like bleed and everything is moving Tamara this is just kind of like the darkest, base because, I want it to be like super. Dark underneath, and they just smoke up weird hopefully this works out now I am using a short sugar rush by Expo beauty and we're. Going to go slowly at darker and darkest so I'm, going to start white, so we're gonna have stokka, gold. Look how like crooked that looks on this angle hey sorry. I'm going to start with the shade of spot which is a deep, cherry kind of almost black, color I would say this, is gonna be perfect and I'm literally gonna tap it to about halfway like. On top, of the, black eyeliner, and a little bit above, and this was why I'm doing this before there is my makeup because one, we could end up with fallout because we're doing a lot of layering and pinning and two because it's gonna start getting out of control out here so we can just sharpen it I've lost probably. Bordeaux, a bit too far and oh okay. This is like obviously just, a trial so. If. It turns out i glare I can just make it look better on the actual day this eyeshadow, is in same. I. Love it alright next I'm just going to warm it up a bit so, I'm going to use this shake here called way. Amazing this one yeah sage, it's ever so slightly, got like a woman to time but it's still quite neutral, ish this is going on top once again yeah, that's perfect you could use any neutrals, you have as well if you are recruiting, this look for whatever, of in it doesn't have to just be like winning slash, engagement. Party makeup okay, so I need to look a little bit through shot so I'm gonna go back in with my brush I used all over the lid increase earlier and I'm just going to stop the leaning and then we can lay a game, if we need to say like just here you can see a little bit of a harsh line from the lino so we need to build that up a little bit and then I think on the rest of my eyelid, and up to the crease I'm gonna take this shade here called a wrinkle, I'm just going to use the same brush it's a little bit warm up so. I'm going to actually like pick, it all and I think cuz I'm planning. On doing something like this for my engagement, party when you use some schima too so, I might crank out my steal, a little. Glitter, things I'm taking the same color on the same, it, brush as well and just using, that into flange so this is true thick for you of course, just don't, go is it because I have I may not go as thick news - I'm not another I'm just taking the tiniest, amount of seed which is the exact brown, in the corner, I'm. Using it on the angle cut of the brush and I'm just going to pop, a little bit of this through, the crease just to add some extra definition, I'm actually going to use this, this is bamboo, hurts by, heard of beauty the shimmery side I'm just walking off much the product I'm just going to add. Little bit of this I have like a little, it a little bit and then just using that brush again before it's it's just. To kind of wipe it out almost and just share it out a little bit I think I got a little bit over told that line I'm in the very inner core I'm just taking my little smudger brush again and then I'm just going to go over their ear and just like touch it up all right now let's make it the magic happen we're not done on the eyes we've still did highlight, and, do. Everything else lashes, and all that but I'm just taking a with, wife this, one is nice is huge, I'm gonna clean up under here first of all I, want the underneath my eye looking nice and bright and then just by, bicester make a nice shot line up here look, how much more better how much more better it doesn't sound very good how much better that looks it's, just like so satisfying, trying to make sure it's kind of even feel, like it's kind of even this make it would be so painful like New Year's even stuff too if you took more clutter I'm not doing more, glad X I don't much like - crazy, crazy I just want to make a statement like the. Party, is for hamish night pull. About us you don't grab all that attention with my eye makeup, waiting day though I want to be more like timeless.

And, Still like my. Kind of style with makeup like I'll still do something there. But I don't think I'll ever have anything this dramatic, you know I'm just touching out that in a corner of the glitter instead of using a liquid liner at the start - if I would say who totally use a black. Like, gel liner or something which could, even be a bit easier because you could just stop by smudging. That out as use liquid cuz it's, just what I gravitate, towards all right so now this is all plain we are going to work on our face and we'll finish the eyes in a little while so if a foundation, I actually work in are we not wearing this foundation on my wedding day maybe maybe. Maybe I know I'm speaking very early, because I think I'm not gonna get married until early, 2021. Because, I want a lot of time to plan my wedding I don't want to do like I feel like most people get married like in about a year I'm sorry, ours would be like just under two years our engagement. I meant with my sponge I just like love it this foundation, so much it. Looks perfect every time I wear it it lost amazing, I just love it so I could, imagine myself wearing this on my wedding day but obviously. Decide closer to that I'm just, gonna go with this BRB. Look how much sugar oh I, need to clean it - lets, not talk about it sir, this shape here is durable, I use like, Deauville. Montblanc. Punjab, is my most common one that I would wear when I'm full effect hand I've got a bit of a town down but, um it's not super dark because, it's like super, old fake, ten so, we're just gonna see how Dargo, gars how. Beautiful, it is and if I need some extra color we, can add that in soon, so, I'm just blending that out nicely all over, and I have a couple of like problem areas that I'm going to spot. Conceal, and I actually will probably bring, it the colour up a little bit because it is typically a bit too pale I feel like it's loose on camera but that's about official lighting is not, as dramatic as it looks on camera but it's. Still not right so on it my face I'm going to use natural beige by. Too. Faced and I'm literally going to like paint this on the, bottom portion of my face, so that it matches my, chest. At. The top it's not a problem because I am going to be wearing bronzer, so you. Know it's not it's gonna blend or as I don't put bronzer like on my face down here like this a bit weird I'm just using a little bit more almond, around. My eyes to, conceal those under eyes and, on. To the shop wing I don't know if you can see on camera but in real life like, this just done, the trick it looks so much better and then, I'm going to do the noise and. Then unto my eyes I'm gonna start using my sponge and they don't use my little brush again just to get right up onto me that way I don't, know if inner corners too I like to apply a lick on my waterline as well because it just helps till I can raise the redness from my eyes actually, I just. Swiped in it. Got. Right under there no, making, sure just blend out the concealer around. My nose and just. Uh pull my to post true so there's no harsh lines okay now that my face, is looking, flawless we've got to sit it all down so it lasts all night it's very lots of dancing, and celebrating, so, I'm gonna use a little while a twisted, underneath my, eyes it's just to sit the concealer, I feel like this is pretty much empty I'm, going to use it on a.

Small Face brush you, can still get this in the States like you can't get a New Zealand s trailer or maker anything but you can get it off alter, its really weird I don't know if they've just like stopped selling it in Australasia, or, what the deal is but, stock, up just, seen guys on it the rest of my face I'm going to use my trusty. C30. Studio, Fix powder with, a big, huge powder brush and just, tap, the all over, and then it just before we move, on to the rest of the eye makeup I'm just going to sit that just, so the powder really melts into my skin I've been loving this the super tempting by. VT. BTS, I love this for like a dewy finish like. I still probably preferred this glam, glow on a bit more I don't. I still love it I like I've been using it I. Feel. Like this. One's more like a oily feeling which I love like don't let that put you off, it it's really good so, it gives you that kind of like shy where is this looks more like weight like urban decay and soaks, in more and, still. Get you a nice glow. And. I put on a lot so while that sits, in I'm just going to work on my eyebrow so as you, can say like I really don't need to feel much in at all using. That technique, like, they already look pretty perfect, with my eyebrow hitter in my aisle like, eyebrow is tinted so, all I'm going to do is just take a, little eyebrow, pencil, this is a fist when I grab this is called a lingering eye Mac I'm just going to go around these top parts where like my hairs are a little bit more sparse and, also just in the front and just a lots of little motion, so they still look just like his and, the same thing on the upside good, you don't want to just fill one in that. Would be weird I don't know why would they just remind me of one time I was going clubbing this was literally probably like six years ago what's, going clubbing and I, remember getting to the club and try for yourself and I was like I forgot to put on mascara let. Who does that, me. And then it brow job today I'm going to use my Stasi works it is the first one I grabbed this, is in the, Shadis precise, there, I'm just going to like, that this is a she quite a cool color for today since, I'm doing a doc I makeup look this, colors a little bit turned out for me but in a good way just like makes my brow, is really stand, out just so that they look like natural. And fluffy can you see what I mean so I love that I love that technique lately what you guys snort now um I, guess I should do a little bit of something on the bottom lashes where, the heck is my I sure palate nothing like cleaning as I go but I've got my business right next I have not finished anyway, I, think, I'm I will line adjuster nerd because it's my favorite, like, lino color to wit I'm, just going to take a fin blender brush and I think just the shade frickle, which is the one I put ball over my lid and, just. Give myself a subtle kind of, aren't make it just so that it doesn't look super like top-heavy so nothing too crazy I'm loving how this is looking do, you see what I mean about like doing you of that nation off to the ice for this look like at first you guys would being my holy, that looks revolting. Because. That's what I thought, but as soon as you clean it up just. Makes like. Every, difference what is this, hair. Doing and where did you come from look, how pretty that color is under the lash lash looks like a shadow before I do my mascara. I make, my lash line up, top look, Lepke because you can't kind of say I don't know if you can say I'm trimming this very thorough if you couldn't tell most. You guys already know these things, but there's like this little skin color, right there because. My tight. Line doesn't have anything in it my favorite, eyeliner for, tight lining is the MEK flat track because it has a little tune or transfer, to my bottom lash line so like if I went way down on my bottom lashes like. On my bottom waterline, I don't, really want my black, eyeliner to go down, there that makes sense I think so. Yeah I'm just using an eyeliner brush and Mick black track and just paint it right, on to, that tight line so that it all blends nicely together.

I Swear though this is like one of the only eyeliners, I've found that doesn't, transfer, it's so, good look at her new traits of is if I put on too much so, I like, to do this first before I go to the bottom waterline just so that I can make clean it up if I need to if it, you know transfer a little bit but throughout the day stays close I love it it's just your proof of my lips fluff. Everywhere I've put on a little bit of the looking hot side and you could talk to I mean, you know what I'm going through, is, uh. Lashes. I guess I'll show you my bronzer and stuff yeah I think I'll do my bronzer and everything so that know how. To get stuck in my eyelashes, so I'm loving the pro it glow to God comfortable. Color which, is called chisel right here by tot this, fluff, this sucker my face, is being a problem there it is a huge, I can get that on my face can you certainly because it's it's, long I'm going to use a dime to contour brush today, to contour, so I've got a lot of control, straight, under the cheekbone and honestly, I would use my broad. Squad, my benefit but while I'm filming this it's before I go on my trip and I picked it so, I can't I think that Karen. Will hurl oh it looks so perfect with this makeup, because it's so warm I'm obsessed with it so instead. I think I'm going to use this to make a next bronzer, today this is called a sunlit, skin medium. It's so pretty, and I'm going to use on a medium, face brush and, I'm applying this, like above, where I come towards so more on my cheek. You guys know the drill and like. I said I'm carrying this up and turn my heel line just, so that my face, matches, my fake tan and to be honest like on the actual day of my, engagement party I will be a lot more fake tans than I currently am like, this ten is old hence, the reason I use the shimmer stuff on top I actually want my makeup to look nice today look cuz I'm actually going out for dinner tonight with Hamish his mom and I, don't want to look. Just, putting whatever the lift on my brush straight underneath my chin and, jawline try and give yourself a bit more of a jawbone, hopefully, I really feel like doing something quite pinky with this look, like. Kind, of cool Toma not super cool time a neutral pink I'm gonna go for this color right here this is called a pink color by Kylie, love, it I'm using the same brush just so that it bleeds Mac sleep with the bronzer because it's a little bit of probably over and I'm just going to apply that to my cheeks. This, is very matte but we're gonna highlight so that's fine, to highlight I feel like using something different I've, been using the same kind of highlighters, on rotation whether, it's daylight my chichi pellet what my XO. Beauty or my. Pixie. One that I mentioned my favorites all my cookie, by benefit. And the bronze squad, palette, I've, literally not really touched anything else I mean I want something a little bit golden this is Fuego by. What. Is it called dose of colors the, dizzy one dizzy Katie one and I'm. Going to use it with my detail. Face brush I'm just applying a little bit of that I might use one more shade just because I'm being extra, because I'm allowed to be for this kind of event even though I'm not actually doing, anything today other thing going for the nose right I'm, just pretending like. I've. Actually got a potty's goes you later okay, I'm using this above my eyebrows true because it blends really nicely with my skin turn this, is just gonna give that do. We finish to my face and then I'm going to go in with a double gleam by Mac I don't even know if you can still get this it's. True to meet chin skin finish which is a pale gold I'm going to put this right on the highest, point, over my cheekbones, only, and maybe the tip of my nose went on but then I'm also going to take it on a little, crease, detail brush and I'm going to apply this upon my brow bone and inner, corner just, so everything, matches nicely, now, oh my Mascaro. Cuz. The face is all done I'm loving the way it looks and I like the kind of gold turns. On my cheekbones, with the, UM I makeup I'm going to use my bitter, than sex mascara I'm. Gonna use falsies duh, like, why would I not just. Putting this on first I could have made sure myself using like Cupid. Or fantasy, buy extra beauty for this look but I have, not right now cuz I've used all of my lashes and I need to get some more oh my god I love the since card can you say how may theme it is probably not because of the whiner its, socket, honestly, if they've stopped making this I'm gonna actually start, a riot in, this on it Mellow elections, Oh.

Brush A my lashes, out with this little spooley just to take a little bit of the mascara off so they don't look who dramatic because they looked very forward, just the whole before, it did that so, for my lashes I'm gonna go see me it's like in the middle of. Minik and natural, these, are one. The last very. Very lightweight lashes, like, you, can't even feel them on your eyes it's, that's really nice and that's, still like a little bit traumatic that, not like faux, mink last romantic, if you know what I mean and today I'm using it the Jawara, dark latex, free glue can't get this off Expo Beauty Shop calm, I'm gonna use my little application. Tweezer, as well and then just applying, that as close as I can get to it my natural. Lash, line and you can just use the tweezer to it's, close again. I mean once they dry you just use the siding and like Clinton to get that like you're killing your lashes and it'll make them look like your own lashes it's like you want to be able to see anything, think about them like. And. Then if you want to make them a little bit more dramatic which I do right, now just because I've. Got such like that thick, black kind, of line on situation. Going on I'm just going back over the lashes just a little bit just to volumize. Them a little, bit more you can kind of see them like from the side like how long and thick and curly sorry. There's the eye makeup done now we're just good you the ones I think I would just go for like a soft pinky, nude because anything, else would just be too much like the dress is so intense the eye makeup is intense, so I don't want like too much happening, you know so I'm, gonna do on the extra night I'll probably using so beauty but I'm usually it's a beauty a little bit lately and I don't want you guys to hate me you strip, down maybe and then on, top, of that so, I just defy lipstick, decluttered, you guys missed it I'll list it below for, you guys and. Like one color I was kind of obsessed with I don't know this is gonna look at all the dolce gabbana um, soiree. 140. It's, like a pinky, color with gold, reflect, and I just wanted to try out on top of a brown, latina so to see how it looks it's really pretty but I think, I need a touch more nerd just to make it a little bit lighter just because it's but I like I think I'll just massage it in a little bit of creme de nerd throwback, mine's like melted, just, like that I think that's really pretty just simple a little bit glossy like, creamy, and the, super, dramatic eye so, I am. It just gonna go Jimmy and get changed, and I'll show you the finished look, be right back okay. Sighs. Put in its I'm here extinctions, I will link them you are and then I just did some loose curls I feel like this is similar to how I would wear my hair maybe even like slightly, tight curls I don't know a, low, like cute pony with a bit of volume or something, would also look really cute with this dress because of the cute little like these things, so this slippage. Things about working out really well I'll give you a quick sneak peek I don't want to show you like my entire outfit because like, I want to have some cute photos and surprise you guys a little bit you, know when I actually have my potty because.

I Love you guys just want to show you a little bit but, yeah this slip. Underneath looks pretty perfect because, the, Nick, Klein's not too bad and I think because the dress literally. Like matches, my skin tone almost it's. About, as good as I'm gonna get I would, still like to see if I can find a strapless one but it might just get a bit like annoying like you know at least this one went full down and won't go anywhere and it's actually quite a nice length too because it has just above my knee so, it's a little bit modest and in this slip goes all, the way to the ground I'm actually pretty happy and, it's super skin tight as well there's slip underneath this, like, the thing here is like the size like a 10 and under and I'm like nting to a very small. 12 at the moment so I feel, like if I gain 5, kilo no at, least in that like one killer, it'll. Be like it struggled to get into this dress I don't know I like if it's perfect, for my body shape or anything but I'm just obsessed with it he's a little snake egg like it's quite like form-fitting I'm, say sorry and I think yeah, make a really big, statement on my, potty day I'm so excited and I love the makeup with it I think it's just like perf that it's like it'll look so pretty in so glam it's, still like soft, you, know it's not like super, harsh. And dramatic like it's dramatic but it's not harsh like it's very blamed doesn't everything so, it still just looks really pretty and feminine which, is like the look I like to go for then I could wear earrings, even, like pearl earrings, would look so cute I don't like huge ones and pearl earrings but because it's got these little pearls on it um I could, look really cute or I don't know give, me some inspire. Guys you guys so much for watching I hope he likes this makeup look even if you wouldn't wear yourself like hopefully you enjoy watching me, director, thumbs up ends I tell.

You Friends all about this video if you think they would like it too and really help me out and I'll touch you guys in my next video peace. Up.

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So happy for you Shan! You guys are meant for each other! Beautiful as always

Ahh this video made me so excited for your wedding! I just got married last year and it’s like I’m feeling all the excitement all over again

The look is stunning, you're so beautiful, can't wait for the photos

Shannon I been waiting for your green rainbow look!


Amazing omg loved this so so much you are literally the most gorgeous and genuine human

You look stunning! I can’t wait to see the whole dress but the top part is so pretty.

Your so beautiful congratulations again my love your amazing and deserve all the happiness an joy in this world ❤️

once again, congratulations to you both!! I wish you a happy, everlasting future together


You look stunning

Wow, i love it so muuuch

This makeup look is so beautiful

I haven’t seen heaps of him but any time Hamish is in any of your videos you can just see how much love you have for each other & the way you look at him is the sweetest thing

I am loving that dress!

Yay I've been waiting for you to do a Wish wedding dress try on! So excited for that!

U r going to be the most beautiful bride like EVER!! Please tell me u r doing your own makeup! I did my own makeup. Not because I’m great at makeup but because I wanted to look like me and who knows my face like I do? No one! My 10 year old daughter always asks “why r u so good at makeup?” And I say “Iv learnt everything I know from Shan” ❤️

I am obsessed with everything rose gold at the moment! It’s just a flattering colour on everyone an I’m all for that 1 shade suits all as it doesn’t happen very often. Xxx

Super stunning dress super stunning you n the dress and make up look. So excited to see your final look. Ever so excited happy for you and Hamish . Earrings what about tiny cameo vintage type.

I'm so excited for the party and your wedding day! This makeup is stunning!❤❤

Thats such a beautiful look! You are going to look amazing ! Xoxoxox

Wow you are such an artist! That look is absolutely gorgeous! A wedding palette is a brilliant idea.

You are so beautiful I cant imagine how are you gonna be even more beautiful in your engagement party

Congratulations Shannon and Hamish

So pretty!xxx

You should do an engagement party grwm e.g skin prep, hair, makeup ❤️❤️

That eye look is horrible and not at all fitting for a bride to be. Maybe pay someone to do your make up!!!

For a regular consumer I don't feel like a wedding palette is necessary cos you'd only be getting married once to a few times? But for freelance make up artists? It'd be SO helpful

Wow! This look is stunning Shannon...simply beautiful x

Love the look it looks stunning your gonna be a very happy couple.


So cuteeee


I cant wait to see how stunningly beautiful you look on your wedding day. Even though I'm never getting married, if you were to bring out a wedding pallet id still get it so i could look half as good anytime


I’ve been watching you since your brown hair days and your double layer of foundation haha and it’s crazy seeing you get married soon! Time really flies by. I’m so happy for you Shan and I wish you both all the best ❤️

Will ainsley be one of your bridesmaids?

So gorgeous!

Love love love the dress and the makeup is perfect for it! Xx

i’ve been watching you for years and years and this made me tear up to see this. i’m so happy for you. congratulations. love you x

Your makeup is literally gorgeous! I can’t wait to see pics from the engagement party❤️

Omg love rge makeup, the dress and everything!

The dress is gorgeous. I think some rose gold shimmering earrings would look amazing. You will look stunning no matter what because you are in love and you can not reproduce that kind of glow!! Have a great trip!❤

You look amazing your make us beautiful I love it and the dress gorgeous

ahhh please make a bridal eyeshadow palette

Ugh you're so cute. ❤

You look amazing. Congrats on your engagement! :)

GOR. GEOUS. The entire look was perfection. And I cannot wait to see the full dress cuz the lil bit u showed was STUN. NING.

Shannon! I used the NARS foundation for my wedding as well, and it turned out so well. I also used the Too Faced Just Peachy palette for my eyes and I loved how it turned out.

Congrats babe!! I wish you and Hamish the best!

You look so beautiful ❤️

would love to see an updated no makeup make up look!

Can you get X.O. Beauty in the US? I love her brushes and really want to try them?

Love your grwm’s. ❤️

I think you should wear some rose gold pearls a few bangles with the outfit

Wishing you guys lots of happiness and good health always dear Shan! Congratulations again! Sending much love

You look stunning! I can't wait for the photos from your engagement party!! X

Your skin was GLOWING without makeup on gurl! What the heck! And the foundation and all are looking so smooth on top! Skin goals Shan!

Can you do an updated skin care routine. Your skin is glowing!!


Ahhhh I love this video

Love love love your dress, your makeup looks bomb and you look STUNNING as always. So happy for you and Hamish. ❤❤

Shan you look stunning!! I absolutely love your makeup I definitely wanna recreate this...I feel like this makeup would look beautiful on anyone! congrats to you and Hamish. Can’t wait to see your wedding makeup. P.s I’ve been following you for a while and I had to order your pallet right away! It’s the remix as I was unable to grab the first one but it’s gorg! also loved the rainbow series you did ✨

look gorgeous..everything just perfect

I love this makeup omg

Omg. So pumped for a wish wedding dress haul.

Looks perfect!! Great job and I can’t wait to see the final full look!

Sooo beautiful ❤️❤️

Lovely!! I'd love to see what makeup you're planning to wear on your wedding day!! Also whether you plan to do your own makeup or have someone else do it? Love you Shan

Stop it with the wish videos please!

So absolutely beautiful!!❤️

Love it!! Slay Shan!!

Beautiful Shan xo

I just LOVE the dress! I thought the slip was actually part of the dress so it looks great with it. Your makeup is exactly the makeup I would wear every single day of my life if I was 20 years younger. It looks perfect! xo

I CANNOT Wait to see the Wish wedding dress try on!!! Shannon as always this look and top of dress is fabulous on you!!! ❤️

I live for that color!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous! Beautiful makeup!

A wedding pallet is a fab idea!!!!!

This look is so pretty x

You should look at Wolford for undergarments. They make incredible slips and really nice panties and bras as well. And shapewear if you want a little extra control. So excited for you and this makeup look plus your dress are so exquisite!

I’ve been watching you for quite a few years and I just wanted to tell you that I’m so happy for you and Hamish! Congrats and u deserve only happinesses! Love from New York!

So beautiful. Can't wait to see the pictures. So so happy for you. Congrats ❤

Shan! That dress! I die!!!

That was a TRANSFORMATION - when you first started doing the eye makeup I was is this going to turn out? But you're seriously so talented, and it's so true, you just gotta trust the process. You are STUNNING.

You look so gorgeous and happy

WOW so beautiful!!! The hair, the dress, you look like a fairy

As an of shaaanxo fan. I’d like to say I’m sooo happy about your engagement. Like it’s perfect timing. Haymish

Probably my favorite look of yours

That dress is stunning!!! You look like a rose gold goddess! So beautiful! ❤️

This makeup is gorgeous. Love the smoked out brown line

I’m obsessed with how you skin looks Shan, it’s so glowy and has that ‘glass skin’ effect!! Absolutely stunning

What was dewy glow from the start of the video that lasted throughout??????

It’s on your cheeks is it a moisturizer or serum?

Major fairy goddess vibes! So excited to see the final look!! Xx

I love your videos when is xobeauty makeup coming to the uk ❤️

You look like a doll

Ohh shan you look so gorgeous! Cant wait to see the pics after your party ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sorry for all the comments but I like to comment as I watch video its like talking back to you can you do similar look with drugstore products it beautiful

I with you. I was engaged for almost 3 years before I got married I wanted to finish college and we just celebrated our 13th anniversary yesterday memorial day beautiful as always ps I have put mascara on one eye and left the house and noticed when I got to work lol

You're skin looked so gorgeous, juicy and radiant in this lookkkk that highlighter is a dream

Been watching since the beginning - yay Shan! You should totally make a wedding-esque eyeshadow palette and lipstick, it would be such a fun way to connect with your audience and commemorate your wedding

Stunning as always!! So happy for you and Hamish ❤️

I'm shocked - how did you not use Kitten by Stila? I figured you'd go back to your old favorite since it has that rose gold glimmer and Hamish loves a bright inner eye highlight. The look you did is lovely though

You always look absolutely gorgeous

Aww Shannon, I can tell how excited you are. U look so Beautiful. This make up look is perfect for the incredible dress. Can’t wait to see the Photos

Congratulations Shan and hamish I wish you guys all the love and happiness for the future and now x x x og fab here x please use skrip tune for a grwm xxx

Hey. I also have a grwm on my page.

Do u have an actual engagement dress haha

Wow, this entire look is GORGEOUS and your dress is absolutely beautiful!!

Your skin looks fuckin phenomenal

Omg you inspire me so much and i might base my prom makeup on what you did but way more natural

congrats u beautiful queen!

Stunning!! ❤️ Been watching you for years and I’m so happy for you and Hamish! You deserve to be super happy

You look gorgeous

I love this look! You’re gonna be the most stunning bride! I’m so happy for you and Hamish!!

I recently subscribed (I forgot my Google/YouTube login info) but I watch you all the time. You're forever in my recommended videos. Congrats to you & Hamish, you two are so cute & I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness. ❤

This look is amazing! Your skin looks like glass


I don't know in NZ but in France if you don't get married in the year of engagement, you have to ask again... I wish you all the happiness in this world

OMG SHANN!! you should have a facial before your party and vlog it!! i would LOVE 2 watch that!! LOVE YOU❤️❤️

So gorgeous, I’ve been watching u for years and I’m so happy for u because u deserve all the good in the world ❤️

Congratulated getting married

I'm so happy for you shan. Where are all the outfit pics from EDC thoooo i was so pumped!!!

A wedding palette would be such an awesome idea! It makes us feel like we’re a part of the day which is so cool

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love that dress, I’m literally obsessed

The sprayer on that setting spray sounds so satisfying.

I love you babe but I feel that the makeup is packed on. Looks a little overdone , you’re too beautiful to cover up all your beauty

Omg defintly do the low ponytail ❤️

Does the shade Almond of the Born This Way concealer work for you when you have no fake tan? We have similar natural skin tones and I can never decide which shade to get.


Love the look and the dress

Wedding pallet would be amazing! A lot of my friends are engaged and I'll be doing their makeup! I would love that!

Vary nice

I just wanted you to know that your pallet the remix is and has been the only pallet that I have ever owned. I absolutely love it. I hope you come out with another❤️

You look so beautiful and radiant! Love the make up, the hair and the dress - it all goes perfectly together! Really happy for you

Have you changed anything about your skincare routine lately? Because your skin looks amazing!

This makeup look is so amazing! You look beautiful! I’m definitely giving this makeup look a go

This wedding is really happening :,) I just am so excited. I can’t even believe it. So happy for the both of youuuu!!

Small Youtuber here


Gorgeous base and eyes! I think personally I would go a little more pink with the lips. Pearl earrings YES! A simple pearl can be so classy and I think with the Pearl's in your dress they would be perfect. Wont take away from the eye look either. You are a beauty!

i've heard about JJ's House they hae pretty afordable bridal dresses, like 300 $, maybe you could try 3 dresses from them too

Stunning xxx

i didn’t know that engagement dresses were a thing haha

omg congrats

Love that dress!!! Excellent color on you!

Lovely look ;) xoxo

Very pretty

I love the wedding pallette idea! That would be so cute. The champagne colors and the cute names


Congratulations! I've got married in March and the big wedding party with church and everything is at the end of September! :) I love this look! I'm looking around for some good makeup looks for my wedding day and your looks are always so inspiring

Her skin is glowing, what did she do?

Wow you look stunning so beautiful

That dress

This is one of my fav looks on you as of late. The colours look amazing on you

So stunning

Stunning xo

I am watching this video right now wearing the exact same robe.

Crazy I was watching the eye look like “this aint looking right ...” then ! She took that wipe and BAM . lol like if u felt the same


You look beautiful I'm so happy for you. You're glowing x

I think it would be so cool and cute if you would make a wedding eyeshadow palette!

I’m soooo excited!! You are gonna look stunning!

I love the dress! But I personally, my opinion, think the eyes are a bit dark. I just think lighter would look more timeless glam. But congrats on your engagement!

Pahleaseeee do a Disney and aladdin Mac makeup tutorial

You are stunning u wow

Shan, I recently bought Well Rested after hearing you rave about it for like ever and I LOVE IT! Sorry you can't seem to get where you live except online. I bought mine at Ulta in USA where I live.

Do the low poof pony for your hair and little dangly pearls

Im so happy for you I’m crying❤️

Love the glossy lip with the eye makeup. I'm so happy for you I hope you have an amazing time at your party, you deserve it!

You look so beautiful❣️ That dress is everything❣️ I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Oh no Shan! Is that foundation on your robe?

yes You can get mac doublegleam, i just bought one about a month ago...

“Now we set it down to last through lots of dancing and....celebrating” lmao

Shannon, just an FYI your subscriptions aren't showing up in my feed. I'm missing new uploads.

Is it weird before I knew what GRWM meant, I used to think it meant “Grown Woman”,

You're engaged, congrats beautiful, wish you so much happiness

LOVE your dress. A staples bra will end up digging in and will bug you all night. What you have is perfect! Your eyeliner is TOO big~ it made your lashes disappear and closed your eyes in. Also I would love to see a tad more "rose" to the gold not just nude and allllll skin color. Maybe a tad more pink in the eyeshadow/lips and cheeks! Do another trial!!!

Love this look!!! So excited for you and your engagement

Sooo elegant

Love love love love this makeup look. I’m totally going to try it on myself ❤️

This makeup is PERFECT for EID !! XOXO

Wow you look stunning. Your dress look fantastic. I can’t wait to see photos of you on the night. The makeup look is perfect for you. Xxx

Congrats to you and Hamish Shan! I’m getting married next month and this video helped me figure out my wedding makeup!

Your skin omggggg. Can we get a routine?!

Try buying a nude tube dress/body con amazon

Anything rose gold is my jam

This look is perfection ❤️ Congratulations Shannon on the engagement! Your videos are always something to eagerly look forward to :) Keep posting this perfection forever!!!!

this is amazing Shan

i just found you like yesterday and binged about 5 of your first impressions, you're one of my favs now

You’re so stunning!

This look is so beautiful!!!!

I’m looooovvvvving the hair Color!!!!!!!



I wish I could get away with the demi matte finish. My skin is so oily that a matte finish is dewy within 2 hours. Also congrats on the engagement, my fiancé and I also have our engagement party next month!

Why her brows look red ??

rose gold pearls will make you a goddess!

I loved your video. You look beautiful & I'm so excited for you & your future hubby.

I feel like gold hoops would be cute too!!

I love pearls and I think a champagne pearl would look so pretty on your skin tone. Some rose gold leaf earrings would also be really pretty and coordinate with the embellishment of the dress.

so happy for u shan...beautiful dress n makeup

U should use you makeup brand more often

Are you looking at getting all of your products over to the uk for sale, I have ordered several times from your site, but the customs charges kill me. I would love to be able to get my hands on more. Xxxxxxx

love that eyelook!! got really inspired by the smokey liner

Congratulations I’m so happy for you❤️❤️❤️

I’m soooo excited and happy for you! you looks GORGEOUS in a potato sack even! Loved your look and wishing you and Hamish all the Blessings God can give! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Omg shannon you look so beautifullllll!!!

Lovely color! Will try myself.

I think if you found dangled pearl earrings that would really work well! Especially if you decide you want your hair in a voluminous ponytail!!

Wow so so stunning

Perfect makeup. You should definitely do this

ahhhh so exciting! congrats girl

LOVE your dress. A straples bra will end up digging in and will bug you all night. What you have is perfect! Your eyeliner is TOO big~ it made your lashes disappear and closed your eyes in. Also I would love to see a tad more "rose" to the gold not just nude and allllll skin color. Maybe a tad more pink in the eyeshadow/lips and cheeks! Do another trial!!!

The dress, the makeup, the hair and the tan.. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSSS

KKW did a collection for her wedding anniversary you should do one for your wedding it will be soooo good because we trust your classy taste. Mouah ❤️❤️

You are absolutely Beautiful... like Wow! I love your voice and you're fun to watch. You have a great figure as well! you should be doing more than just youtube. You are a star Mamma!

Omg ur makeup looks sooo sooo sooo amazing soo sexyyy

You’re makeup if always on point

You look breathtaking and I'm soooooooo filled with joy for you!!!! I could cry


You look beautiful! Congratulations on the engagement!

Shannon, brides usually have someone do their makeup before wedding. It might calm you to have someone else do it, I don't know you will be so busy with the wedding. Yea, your getting married, This is Dixie from texas usa, I know you will be stunning. I wonder what jewelry you will pick. I hope you film engagement party. Hamish will make a great looking groom, in his tux. Honeymoon where ?.

I have the same dressing gown, it’s so soft I love Kmart

Hi Shan! Congrats! =) can you please let us know what oil you use on your face before all of your primers and foundation? Thank you!

Stunning ✨

I love you and I love seeing you this happy it warms my heart ❤️ have been watching you for years I’m so happy for u!! Xxx

I love it when makeup goes from 8:00 to 22:15

Wow absolutely love this look ♡♡

This makeup is one of ur best WOW btw that BTS spray or whatever did u justice cuz u were glowing all time after that SHIT and ur happiness and excitement is the absolute cutest

You look soooo lovely!!!! So happy for you and your fiance', congratulations

U look so gorgeous as usual! So happy for you guys

You should wear pearl threader earrings!! I’ll try to find a link to the ones I’m thinking of!! Love this makeup! So so pretty Shann!!!

Don't forget bracelets, that is beautiful to them DPs

Shan is the typical blonde wifey for them DP's that love blondes. I'm in the same boat.

Natasha Denona won't let you down on your Wedding day. You should also try ViseArt

Shaaanxo they sell a strapless slip at farmers from Bendon

I have super vainy lids too. I'm super pale. I love this look so much. I'm so happy for you. I'm getting married in September.

i love how casually she was like "oh yeah might drop an eyeshadow palette idk" IM SHOOK I NEED IT

I was a bit concerned about the eye makeup lol turn out great :D

this is such a stunning look !!!! i'm obsessed with the dress it reminds me of aphrodite and you look like a goddess ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You look so. so. so. happy. You're literally glowing! I've been watching you for so long and this is the happiest and best you've looked!

I love the idea of your wedding pallete

Definitely be a little more natural for your wedding.

Am I the only one that don't like this particular eye makeup she have done? I love Shannon but this is not blended...


Looked great until you put highlighter on your nose, that's all I see now when I look at you.

This eye makeup is not the best in my opinion it is not flattering

Shaan - are you doing your own makeup for your wedding day, or hiring a professional?

Ok. I'm curious. Is there an actual difference between baby wipes and face wipes? Could baby wipes be used as well? I've never used either on my face butvwas curious if buying actual face wipes would matter either way.

Really nice rose gold look, could tone the eyeliner down for everyday look aswell, rose gold and morganite jewellery would go with the look.

Absolutely Stunning! Love

Shan! Wish you all the best! May God give you a long happy and blessed life and marrige!

You look beautiful & so does your dress!

I would totally buy your wedding palette!

I don't know why foreign girls get pinky kind skin tone after doing alot of makeup...

I love the color rose gold that dress is so beautiful love it

U look beautiful

I love this video so much I have been around for a while and I am so happy for you and Hamish I think your makeup look is super cute and your dress is so cute also I love when you do grwm videos but yea congrats and I love this video

There is one rule for bridal makeup: wear what makes ully feel beautiful!

You have so much beautiful makeup, not sure how you can remember names of everything? BTW, you look gorgeous. Blessings to you both

Wear your brand. It's something you should be proud of.

About 16 years ago I went to work with my full face on but no mascara. Lol

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