Rock Church - Mind Your Business - Part 3, Creation Business

Rock Church - Mind Your Business - Part 3, Creation Business

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All. My life I have dealt. With witnessed. Had. Conversations, about the racism in our country, things. Our family and my family been through I've been through and, always wanted to do something I was, asked to give. A book proposal for, another book and one, chapter was on racism so, I happened to write that chapter as the sample, chapter for the whole book when. The publisher, called they said will you write a book on racism and when. They asked I instantly, said yes the. Book comes out September 11th which is a Tuesday, and then. The simulcast is that Saturday September 15 the. Simulcast is gonna be two hours and it's, gonna start off with preparation. Where, we're gonna prepare our hearts in worship then, is gonna be a presentation, on what the third option is all about then. Is gonna be a demonstration of, how to have a discussion on race and, then it's gonna be next, step application ideas. Things we can do to. Go, past talking, about it my. Prayer is that people, will get challenged. And confronted, however. That they would get challenged, in a way that they feel liberated from, false perceptions, about people and they're. Liberated, where they can actually enjoy other. People, better than they are now. I'll. Never be sliced so fast I haven't achieved beta, into such a failure Mike going with nothing ever works out I feel like I'm going nowhere. I'll. Never be fit the point I wish I could be more attractive. I'll. Never find love so I'm going to be single for the rest of my life. I'll. Never be one unless it doesn't lead to make how she could be more people were just friends or so except everyone thinks, I'm boring nobody cares about me. Nothing. Ever works out for me out of terrible I haven't achieved anything. You. Have been so good to me Lord I've had some great success God is on my side I, can. Do all things through Christ who strengthens, me today is gonna be a great day. God's. Timing is perfect I'm so loved. These. Friends are such a blessing to me god you're so kind to me my friends are awesome, thank you lord. Y'all. Ready for church today we, want, to welcome all our campuses, San. Marcos East County San, Ysidro City. Heights all, the microsites and everybody watching online let's get balls people out there big hand god bless y'all. Juvenile. Hall Dhanam state prison and god bless you god bless y'all let's. Get on our knees let's get on our knees today. Quick. Announcement you know the. Simulcasts. On the book on racism, is September. 15th. Everyone, say September 15th. The. Week before that that's a Saturday Sunday, September, 9th, we will start this series on the 3rd options as three Sundays from now we'll, have the books available or start the series that. Sunday. I will be doing a lot of media and stuff. In between and then before during and after our really, appreciate your prayers as I do that media stuff. Just. So I would be, clear, my. Goal is to spread the word of unity throughout, our country tomorrow. I'm gonna beyond a star if any other Christian, television I'll beyond a star tomorrow morning, and Bishop. Jake's is Facebook, live if you all followed Bishop Jake's Facebook live I'll be doing that tomorrow and, I'll keep you posted all the places I'm gonna go please. Pray that all those interviews, would. Impact, people in a, new fresh way can I get amen appreciate. It lord thank you so much for your faithfulness thank, you for the, opportunity, to speak unity.

And Peace and love to our country, we. Pray against the devil's attack, on us in the church. And. We just pray for a supernatural. Move of the Holy Spirit in the United States and Jesus name Amen. Turn to the person next week and say God loves you. I. Don't. Know how many of y'all know who Bishop, Jake's is but he has. Thrown. Everything, he has at. Promoting. This message, in the book and he God, has touched his heart so we want to thank him for his, partnership, and getting, his, whole following. Is 15, 16, million people on his face social, media - to. Receive. This message and walk in unity in our country so I'm, very excited about that amen amen. Let's. See let's see your Bibles on the count of three say word one two three say word one. More, time church, say word. Turns, out Philippians, chapter 4 Philippians, chapter four it is, in the New Testament about the middle if. You're in Genesis, you are. A long way, away. Be. Like being in New York talking about you going in LA. Philippians. Four if. You were to get a. Lie. Detector test, they. Would put sensors. All over your body head, arms, chest, and then. They were start to ask you questions, what's. Your name and if, you say my. Name is what, if. You say correctly. Your name. Nothing. Probably will change in your heart. Rate your respiratory rate your temperature, your, muscles won't tense up, where. Your we from which, address what do you live if you skip the correct answer nothing will probably change there'll be no. Reaction. But if they ask you a question. That. Either stresses, you out, or. That. You intend, before. You even speak intend. To. Say the wrong thing, there. Will be a reaction in your heart rate there'll. Be a reaction, and how you breathe, your. Muscles will tense up, every. One, of your, thoughts that, we have and by the way we, have about 60,000. Thoughts every, day give or take that's where all these are there, are 60,000. Peanuts in here, these. Are the positive, thoughts, these. Are the negative thoughts. Every, one of your thoughts impacts. Every single one of the 37, trillion, cells, in your body by the way 80%, of the, 737, trillion, cells in your body or blood red blood cells. Interesting. The Bible says the life is in the blood, 80. Percent of you of your cells are blood, every. Single one of your thoughts impacts, every, single one of your cells and impacts your heart rate in fact your respiratory rate impacts your muscles it impacts, your DNA and impact shows it impacts, brain cells, in. Your, brain and the structure, and networks in your brain every. Single one of your thoughts can't create and cause health or sickness. I'm. Going to talk today about how your thoughts, can. Create, a, life. That you don't want or I like that you don't want more specifically, a brain. That can be about your father's business look, at three weeks ago we started a series called mind your business every everyone say mind your business and. We've, been talking about how our minds, need to be about our father's business. Today. I want to talk about how your mind needs, to create, and can create a. Brain. That, can process your, father's, business, because. If your brain is not going to process and it's not structured, to process your father's business you're, gonna have more of a spiritual, battle going on in your, in your desire to obey. God before we start let's do a review, on, our. Declaration. Now I gave, this declaration, to you've week one and it's gonna be in every week we do this series I want you to declare this out loud it is very important for you to declare truths.

About Yourself out loud because when you think of something, neurological. Reactions, happen, in your brain and you create pathways. Neurological. Pathways, in your brain we're going to talk more brain, facts later and we'll get into the science of it but. When you declare something, out loud you create additional pathways. That, reinforce, that truth whether positive or negative, so. It's important to declare. Out loud the truths in your life and by the way when I pray I pray in the morning I pray out loud. Sometimes. I pray you know some parts of my prayer is silent, but most of us out loud it's going to be reinforced, more, not only not, only am i declaring, it but I am. Enforcing, and. Strengthening. The neurological. Physical pathways. In my head. So. If you tell yourself you're ugly there is actually a structure. In your brain that says you're ugly that. You have to rewire it. Is physical okay listen we'll get to that later everyone say say this out loud okay say I am, made. In the image of God, that. Is a fact that is, the fact no matter what anything, or anybody has ever told you that is. True you were made an image of God whether you're Christian or not you remain image you got all people made me miss you God you have the ability, to have relationship with God hear, his voice walk in his word number two say God has, given. Me a sound mind. The. Mind of Christ this. Is not me you don't have a. Crazy. Mind. We'll. Listen him in when, you get saved Christ gives you his mind your. Mind now has to interact with his mind. You. Have the mind of Christ but you also have your own mind that's. The battle that is. The. Battle. Don't. Walk around looking for the whoo whoo. The. Woowoo comes, you, know and I mean by the whoo all of, a sudden BAM she's, there a BAM the job just floats out of the sky okay, that may happen but the real battle, is you, thinking. And submitting. Your conscious. Willful. Thoughts to. The mind of Christ there's. No number three I, commit. Say. I commit, say. I commit, I want. You to say it I want you to say it. Okay, follow me say I commit, that's. What I'm talking about and, by the way when you pray you are declaring to God but you're also declaring, to the devil why. Cuz when you get up the Devils telling you there's gonna be a failure you're no good you're ugly this again you say oh no, I, commit. That I thought to be mindful of all this business in my life God loves me devil, God loves me devil yeah you might have got me yesterday but, today I'm walking in victory you declare to him that. This was going to happen hey man come on now say. I commit. To, be a mindful, of, the. Father's business, in. My life, not. The gossip business, I. Wanna, hear that you. Know what I heard I don't know I don't want to know what your, number. Number four number four I denounce, I. Denounce. Selfish. And, toxic. Thinking. Today, if. Anyone, speaking. There already thought it so. That includes, speaking. If you don't have to thought you're not gonna speak it you can't speak it out having a thought you stop the thinking a whole bunch of stuff will change and by the way when you think negative toxic. Chemicals. Are released in, your brain toxic. Chemicals, are released in your brain toxic. Chemicals, are reason their brain and they can make you sick. They. Can make you sick number four number number, number five I will take, my. Thoughts captive and, think. Like Christ today oh, she. Thinks she's. Here. I can't. Honey. You. Ever see people talking they just, grab. It. How. Many no I'm talking about. Say. As my mind is renewed. My. Physical, brain. Will. Be transformed. We're. Going to talk about today your physical, brain. Will. Change. Based. On your thoughts. You. Can, create a difficult. Different, physical, brain. With. Your thoughts, you. Are not controlled by your thoughts your mind controls your thoughts well. Let me say this you're not controlled by your thoughts if you do not allow it now understand, depression anxiety medicine, all that kind of stuff that's a whole nother level of understanding and a whole nother range. Of, mental. Emotional. Issues put. That aside just for a second. However. Your. Mind, has, to choose am I going to submit to Christ or am I gonna submit to my brain and, my chemistry will get morning. Explain says, number. Seven say I choose I choose. If. You get anything out all of this this is what you need those, two words I to say I choose I am. Going to choose to step to the right oh, no.

I'm Not saying I'm telling, you I'm gonna do by. Appreciator I am, going to choose to step to the left I'm. Gonna choose a step to the right I'm, gonna choose to do it with a little rhythm I'm, gonna choose, step. To the right step to, the left step back, Mambo. Well okay I'm gonna choose you got your farm saying that is a choice I'm going to choose, to, think positive. I'm. Going to choose to take negative thoughts captive I'm, going, to choose to be about my father's business. Now. My brain may be wanting, to do something different I am going to veto. My. Brain and. Submit to Christ this is a choice you are not a slave, to your thoughts. You. Have to be a slave to Christ. The. Bible says you are you are your, master is to whom you enslave, yourself - I am submitting, myself, to Jesus, okay. Number, seven let's say I choose, to. Dwell on positive, thoughts. To. Dwell upon, so I did well on positive, force. Everyone. Say I am a child of God say. God loves me God. Has a plan for my life. Things. May not be perfect, God's. Going to get me through the valley of the shadow of death. Just. Like he's done in the past he. Has never failed me, he's. Always there for me his. Plans for me to give me a future and a hope. Over. And over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again say, I choose. To. Dwell on positive, thoughts and. Only. Speak like today. Because. All of God's promises. In. My, life, oh yes. Say. Yes. Yes yes. Yes yes yes yes. Now. Here's what that does not mean. I'm. Gonna get a Bentley, tomorrow. And. God's promises. Yes God, didn't promise you a Bentley. I'm. Gonna get her for my wife she's, already married. God. All. Your, promises, to, give me a future and a hope not, to harm me or yes I want, to know what they are I. Want. To know what your promises, are now here's, my desire, God here's what I want, but. Not my, will but your will be done and I, know your wills better than my will it's all yes. You. And I am NOT gonna come to you get hit in the head I'm. Gonna come to you get blessed are. You following saying let's. Do a review body soul and spirit let's do a little review this is writing for understand we are all body soul and spirit everyone say body, say. Soul a spirit. Your. Body is your body - physical is what you can touch is what you can see in the mirror your, brain, is, physical. Your. Brain is physical is part of your body say, soul can't. Touch it it's immaterial, it's your mind your personality, your conscious. It's. Immaterial, here's, a cool, thing about your mind, your mind can, interact, with your brain they do interact, and your, mind can interact, with your spirit when you get saved safe spirit when. You can save your spirits alive this is what is in. Christ. This is the Bible says when you get saved the old is gone the new has come the. Bible says that you were seat at the right hand of the Father the Bible says that you now have the mind of Christ that's this aspect, of you that is completely. Righteous. Sinless. Forgiven, when, you get saved this completely, changes, when you get saved this is not necessarily changed, and when you get saved this is not necessarily changed in other words if I couldn't do math before which I can by the way that stuff happens you know one of my favorite subjects I ain't talking about myself but just take it personally I'm saying but, if you can't do math if. You can't do math before you get saved you won't be able to do math after you can save. Can, I get any men that's. Too bad you can't do Matt but I'm just saying it if. You are 200 pounds after you can say before you can say you're gonna meet you hundred pounds after you can say you know say praise Jesus I received. Christ as my Saviour and zap, I got a six pack I'm all ripped up now ain't gonna happen no. Impact, are you following saying this, does not change yeah and and this is probably not gonna change either you. Got emotional issues where you can say now you have now access. To. The perfection, of Christ. This. Is where you have to choose am, I, going to submit, to. The mind of Christ to the heart of God or am I going to submit to the cravings, of my body and, what I mean by that when I used to go home, on. Sunday night. My. Wife's a nice routine every Friday night we would have pizza and ice cream every. Sunday night Sunday, night is my worst diet, day because I just I'm, here, and. I'm you. Know throughout, the day that I'm tired and I can't eat I don't know what to eat I'm driving two hours on Sunday back and forth back and forth home and everything and so my, diets, messed up so I would go home, Sunday.

Night Church and just eat a ball, like two, bowls ice cream cookies, a, bagel. Cereal. And, III. Wouldn't, be full because it was just my body was just it was just I was so famished, and. Now, we're gonna and I watch ESPN it's like 11:30 I'm like this isn't, me John this is me time oh me too I wanted you know I work hard yeah it's all about me right now I. Feel. Like. And. I go to bed uh uh uh yeah. That, was fun that was fun that was all about me I bless me. Why. Because. I was listening to this. And. Not. This. Make. A long story short I pretty. Much cut out pizza and pretty much cut out ice cream in my life I, eat. Dinner and pretty, much don't eat anything after that I. Am. Retraining. Myself, to submit to the spirit now is the spirit say you don't need ice cream and pizza no. I'm. Not putting that on you. Mr.. Hill, how. Could. He's. Out of his mind. For. Me for. Me for, me. He. Says no I we. Need to adjust, some stuff so, your mind have, to decide are you gonna listen to the small still. Voice of God or, are you going to listen to the cravings of your body, your. Physical brain, is going, to be impacted by your mind. Your. Physical brain I'm going to show you some facts about your brain it's gonna trip you out and by the way as I show these facts to you I know that our culture, has, bought into the, belief of evolution, that. Things happened, over time. Without. An intelligent. Intentional. Designer. Creation. Says is an intelligent. All-powerful. All-knowing, designer. Lucia. Says no it was chance. And science, and science. Explains what happens it tells you what, is already there so. As. You listen to this I just want you to just think just. Think. This. Is not an evolution equation message but, still I want you to think about, where honker describes you which, is just a small centella, of. The. Invisible at roots of God being clearly seen in what he has made look, at these facts your. Brain is about 3.2, pounds give or take you're, born with a hundred billion neurons the same number of neurons as their stars in the Milky Way galaxy 100. Billion you can't get your head wrapped around on eight billion a fetus. Grows too fifty thousand, neurons per minute. If. Anybody's pregnant right now one, of the many many incredible. Out-of-this-world. Things, that are happening in your babies, in the womb that's in in the baby's head that's in your womb is. Every minute two hundred fifty thousand, neurons, are. Growing. Look. At this I think we have a picture of a neuron. On. The screen a. Neuron. Has. Thousands. Of connections. Each neuron. 250,000. Per minute are growing. In the womb you are born with 100, billion. Neurons. Your. Brain is 80% water soft, like butter or tofu. I don't, like tofu. However. If you touch tofu, and jiggles, that's your brain it's. Soft, your brain is 80% water.

That's. Why you, know all the concussions. In football I've had if, if. The. Definition of concussion, is correct, by the brain, surgeon that told me at which i 100%, believe i've had hundreds. Of concussions, easy. Because. You bring it you'd in your head and have thunder, and see stars multiple. Times of practice and I'd play 15, years I don't. Know why and, he said to me it is. Unexplainable. How, you could have a conversation. I. Can. Most of the time I can your. Brain uses 20% of oxygen in calories when you take a breath 20%, 1/5 of your oxygen goes to your brain when you have a meal look at your plate 1/5. Goes to your brain what, are you putting in your brain the worse, food. For. Your brain or chemical, is sugar. Sugar. Is. Poison. Now, there's, a lot of different kind of sugars so I'm talking my sweetener, white sugar it's, poison to your brain it. Has no benefit, it is detrimental to your brain and and. So when you eat it just, just know that there's other other kind of sweeteners you can use it a better 400, miles, of capillaries, in your brain these. Are these are the blood vessels 500. Trillion, connections, in, your brain, 500. Trillion one. Grain of sand of brain. Matter has 100,000. Neurons with 1 billion connections. Huh. Come on God you are the man come on God come on God what. Now. Someone is always mean you have this massive, complex. Computer. Right, here. That's. 80% water how, does water do that. How. Do you do that, do. You know that jellyfish, is like 95%. Water, a jellyfish, has, no. Brain, and no, blood. When. You have a thought. You. Create a pathway, for. Example, you. Have all these neurons each. Neuron has about 10,000, connections. Okay. Do we have that we had a picture of the connections that I put that up on the screen yeah I think. We did let's. Put it up on the screen one more time. Okay. So you see. You. Have a hundred, billion. Of, those in your head and they. Have all these connections and when you have a thought neurons. That wire together, five. That fire together wire together so if I say to myself move my hand and feet the neurons, that take to, do that why, or any. Connect and. They. Form a pathway and. So. You've heard the illustrations probably more than most famous whenever, you go to a basketball practice you'll see the guys practicing. Free throws over, and over, and over practice makes perfect you heard that thing practically perfect so what they'll do is that a free throw that everybody everyone gets smaller and then just just over. Thousand, whatever how many a day over and over you see Steph Curry it's just bam bam, we're not looking BAM three-point, bam why because, over time, through. Practice. The. Neurons fired, to make his legs work at a certain pressure, his his abdomen, his lower back his gluteus his his upper back his shoulders, his elbows wrists fingers everything in rhythm, Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. And all the time. And. All of a sudden he created a pathway in his brain this. Is science it's, a minute I'm making sense and so, what having game time comes his pathway is there he said I'll think about it my brain is wired to, do that. My. Physical, brain now I'm gonna make a decision walk, over to this free-throw, line get, the ball but his brain is going oh yeah we know this, so. He says walk over to brain goes oh we're already ready let's go, jump. Rubber ball three times like you're always done one two three this is it I got it lift, the ball up get, the elbow BAM, into the bucket I'm already know it's gonna happen I believe, it's gonna happen my brain is telling me this is what we do. You. Have a pathway. Imagine. Walking in the house there's a little kid your, father says get, in your room. You. Didn't do anything all, right. You. Walk in the house the next day what, are you doing I told you to get in your room. You. Walk in a house the next day I can't, stand you you're a failure, get in that room I want. To see you anymore. No. Son you don't wanna walk in the house anymore. All. Of a sudden you have created a pathway that. Your father don't like you you create a pathway that's, telling, you you, are failure. It's. Telling you you'll never be any good because every time you walk in the house you're told that's your bad so why, would you even try and now you have a pathway. That. Has bad. Feelings, towards father has.

Bad Feelings, towards you and. It's. Wide into your brain and then. You come to church and you hear the pastor talk about God loves you and you have a pathway that says no no father don't father's, bad. The. Body come to church the helmet says god you're amazing mr. God God, loves you has a plan for you like no, no no I have a pathway that says that's the opposite matter, of fact my pathway says, that's all I know, I don't have any pathways, of, experiences. Of repetition. Experience. Or thought, that. Affirms. What you're saying this book says about me, I have. A conflict. Say. Man if you don't talk about it can go to your dad and go to your mom I can go to yourself if you go to all kinds of. Multiple, reasons. How. The devil's gonna rewire, your brain. To. Reject, God's Word and his promises, in your life that's why you have to rewire, your brain and not assume, that what's, in your head is the truth, what's in your head was instilled, in your head from your life and we're gonna see that in my book in a few weeks the social, narrative, that has shaped how you view yourself in the world what you've heard from your parents your friends the media yeah, your enemies has shaved how you see the world but that is not necessary, the truth of God is just the truth of your experience, but. If you let that truth be your foundational. Truth and now the truth of God you're not standing on the rock you're standing on experiences, you your life is going to be directed by your brain and your thoughts and your past, verses God's future, in your life and this, is a decision you have to make if this first say what, I how, my brain is why it needs to be rewired. Because. When you think negative look what happens we have a chart, on the screen look what happens when you have negative thoughts. Where's. That chart, negative. Thoughts. I'm. Taking positive right now we're in my chart here. We go negative. Thoughts shortens, your DNA releases, toxic, chemicals in your blood it toxic chemicals in your brain increases, your blood pressure increases, your sweat gland activity cold, the hands tense muscles, heart rates becomes unhealthy breathing. Becomes erratic brain, activity. Drops. If. There's. One thing you can really, try. To do, through. Because of this series. Think. About your thinking and pay attention to what you, feel, as. You. Think, things, and. As you perceive, things. Pay. Attention to how your thoughts are impacting, you pay attention to what your thoughts are and taking, katham and say no that's not I'm gonna make that obedience of Christ it may, be consistent. With, what you have, experienced. But. That does not mean it's the truth. It. Just happens to be what you have experienced, and. What. Happens is if it's widen to your brain it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, because you will begin to tell yourself it's going to happen. Look. What healthy thoughts bring in your head. Healthy. DNA endorphins. Of joy and actually they're chemicals, endorphins, one called dopamine, it's a pleasure drug in your brain, dopamine. It's the same drug that's released when you take cocaine and and and, you experience pleasure has other uses as well but, it makes you feel happy healthy. Blood, pressure healthy, sweat gland activity when you think positive and you think of the true things that the things that are true. Normal. Temperature, relaxed muscles normal heart rate normal breathing healthy, brain activity, you're more creative, you're more focused you're more relaxed mentally, you're.

More Able to function immensely, when people go up to the three free-throw, line and their brain is telling me you're gonna miss it they, get all tense and they and their. Brain shuts, down and, they can't make a simple shot. They. Had a rewire their brain now. For things only tears let's do our four points look at your lesson plan out number, one our brain is wired for yes say my brain is why for yes. Philippians. 4:6 and nine Philippians. 4:6 and nine this is so important. Luber says in Philippians 4:6 is not be, anxious, for nothing, anxiety. Is anticipated. Disaster. But. In everything by prayer and supplication with, Thanksgiving, let your requests, be known to God. Then. The peace of God. Which. Surpasses all, understanding you. Know the Bible you know that's saying, no. Matter what's going on your life there god I thank you I, know. You're gonna do something in my life right now I don't understand. It this, is scary to me but I'm gonna focus. On, you and. All of a sudden the peace of God this pencil and say you know you know what some of that peace of God is the endorphins in your brain. God. Wired, us. In. A way compatible, with his word and what His Spirit wants to do it. Says the peace of God let's give that verse and then it says well guard your hearts and minds the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds and your, and your mind, and since finally my brethren whatever things are true remember last week we talked about with dr. Amen when you have a thought in your mind that is negative, you actually ask yourself is it true is. It true whatever. Things are true whatever things are noble whatever things are just whatever things are pure. Whatever. Things are lovely whatever things of good report if there's anything virtue or anything praiseworthy meditate. On. These. Things when, you're walking around your. Job you walk around the mall what are you thinking about I wish, I had more money I'm never gonna get a good job I never be able to buy that skirt I never, thought those shoes I wish, I had a body like that I wish I had a man like that I was out of man I was out of kids I. I. Wish. It was sunny I wish it was rainy I wish it wasn't inside I wish it was hard I wish it was evening why they're so humid why is it so dry it's like it's, like my, goodness, Lord Jesus help that person break what about this, I'm. Glad. I could think. I'm. Glad, I can walk through them all I'm. Glad I could even shop even I don't have money I could even dream about it I'm. Glad. You. Ever you ever look at stuff here's. How you know you you're good when you can look at stuff that you really like but you know you can't afford but, you can still enjoy it. Me. And my wife love to look at houses, we. Love to house look at houses and when. We were looking for a house we look at probably haunted houses loo going out. Let's. Go to house even though we're not looking for a house this is going to come gonna be nosy he just look around. This. Is nice this is nice and you go in house you can't afford but it's just nice to be there can, I get a man it's like I feel good I'm sitting down just imagine, for a second here's my house is, my house. Think. One thing look at problems to look at proverbs 23:7, it says proverbs, 23:7 as a man, or woman, thinks so easy do you know if you think your don't guess it's probably gonna happen you'll fail the test I. Can't. I can't pass this test. Math. Is so hard. 1+1. See, I can't. Get there. But. If you go you, know what. The, first step to passing is believing, you can pass is. It a guarantee no but let, me tell you something your chance is a whole lot higher if you believe you, ever see someone that knows, nothing what they're talking about but they just look confident, I. Stayed. At Holiday Inn last night come on scalpel. Because. Right, open you have to believe that God has called you I'm not talking about you believe in craziness, but believe that you.

Are Marvelous. What. Makes you marvelous, is not something. You did i. Miles. McPherson and marvelous not. Because anything miles did God. Did God. Gave me a hundred billion brain cells I didn't, I blew. Up about a hundred ten billion. You'll. Get that later number two we. Have given, a yes mind, of Christ, second, Corinthians 2:10, uh-uh second, Corinthians 1:20. All. God's, promises are yes. All. God's, promises are yes. When. You stand, before God to come before him every day he has a yes on you he doesn't have this on you let's. Talk about yesterday. No. No he's like are, you ready you. Ready to have some fun today. Yeah. God I have no idea what it is I know I'm gonna let you know when I want to let you know but, let's go it's God telling you, yes. It's, gonna be what you want not necessarily, but, what God has for you is better than what you want. Next. One number three. Yes. My king. Create. A yes, brain how. By. Reading the Word of God teaching, the Word of God talking about the Word of God memorizing, the Word of God reading the Word of God reading, the Word of God reading the Word of God reading word of God reading the Word of God same with me reading the Word of God read the Word of God same with me reading word of God read the Word of God read the Word of God read the Word of God read the Word of God read, a word of God same in me same we do word of God read the word same with me read the Word of God same with me read it word of God read the word of God read the Word of God read a good Oh - speaking in tongues oh wow yeah read a word of god read the word of god read the word of god read the word of god. Romans, chapter 12 verse 1 i beseech, you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy, and acceptable to God which is your reasonable service, why do, not be conformed, to this world don't, watch this don't, let your brain be formed. To. Think like the world, but. Be transformed. By the renewing. Of your mind, why, so you can prove what is that good and acceptable will of God what does that mean that means that not only does your is your mind give me your body so not, only does your mind need, to say yes that's, what, God says your brain has to say I receive, it you. Know in the Lord you can say I'm gonna go pray for somebody and all your, wiring says, I don't. Know, do that remember. Last time it happened. Every. Time you never did that before and you have to practice, that's why the first time you do this it's foreign. You. Don't have the wiring. But. After 100 times and, 200, times the, wiring, begins to become stronger, and more permanent and it's like how could I have never not known how to do that. It's. A wiring thing and a spiritual, thing number. 4 we. Must choose to, create. A yes, mind by the way in a yes brain. This. Is a hundred percent up to you, now when I say don't look for the woowoo what I mean by that is, people. Get up and say ok God just make it happen I. Was. Watching my son's he sends me these little videos on Instagram, I mean on my text every day, just. Random, stuff. Just. Random stuff and he's sitting here pictures, today of a guy preaching. A sermon on the treadmill he was actually on the treadmill the treadmill, was right here on stage and he's reading, the Bible but he's going like this one treadmill now, I don't know he just didn't, have his workout that morning and wanted to do two things at one time. You. Are not ever, going. To get in shape if, you do not exercise. It's. Not gonna happen and I. Know they have these like five-minute workouts stop. Just. Stop I. I.

Think. About five minute things seven, minutes a day it's so easy, shut. Lost. A sweat. I was. Watching track and feel you're saying these girls run to some. Long race. 1,600, meters or whatever and at the end they were laying on the ground I was like you know what I'm. Gonna run track I wanna lay on the ground I. Mean. I I miss. So. Beat working out so hard you couldn't stand up. And. You want God to do some in your life you, got to pay, you. Want to renew your mind you. Have to practice. And practice, and, practice, you. Choose I am going to read my Bible every day the, Bible says the Word of God is living and active sharper than a two-edged sword you know it's amazing about that when you put the Word of God in your mind, and. Then. You get a conversation about something else the Word of God it's working it's. Working it's rewiring, stuff, it's, doing stuff that I don't even know I just know it's all good cuz God's promise is a yes. And. If you memorize, his word you talk about his word and then one day you're gonna be in a conversation all of a sudden the words gonna go say, this. Say. This in, that, very moment the Holy Spirit's gonna tell you what to say boom but if it's not in your head how you gonna hear it and. If, it's wide into your branch it's gonna flow out just like it flows out. If. You watch Steph Curry if all y'all who know Steph Curry is y'all. Know who Steph Curry is right yeah it's. Just like he's it's. Almost silly. He's. Like. Like. A, suit like that. I. Mean. He's not he's not in the same position he's, falling this way he's falling back he's just like huh, can, you get that and he's from like downtown, why because, he's done it so. Many. Times. It's. Wired all through, his body. Practice. You. Want to have a mind like. Christ. In a brain like a process what the mind is telling it to do, so. When you tell your brain to do something and you can't because you just don't, you've. Never done it you have, to practice. Oh. Oh. Read. Your Bible. One. More verse will be done it. Says I call heaven and earth as witnesses against. You I. Call. Heaven and earth as witnesses against. You that I, have set before you life and death. Blessing. And cursing, therefore. Choose life. That you, and your descendants, may, live how, about. That verse as, powerful, that verse is there, one. God. Singing it's up to you you, have, to choose. You. Memorize the Bible you get your mind renewed you start to focus on my. Truth instead of the world truth you start to declare it renew. Your brain. Restructure. Your restructure. Your brain renew your mind restructure, your brain not. Only will, you have life for you. But. Your descendents. My. Mother took us the Catholic Church Fey years we've sat there and and, and. Probably. We didn't get a whole lot out of it. But. Do you know one thing I got out of it I shouldn't, say we did get a whole lot out of it we weren't into it we were little kids and it was just like you know hard it was no agonizing, it's cold you know was very repetitious well, I. Learned. To. Feel God in that church. No. Lie. For. A lot of reasons the nuns hit us. Very. Funny messing, around you. Know mess around since the Wilford let me tell you. But. For real seriously, I learn. To. Fear God and. When. You choose life you. Choose life for those who come after you and, those. After them and. Those after them there, are a lot of y'all whose families, are messed up today because your grandfather and. Your. Great-grandfather. But. You have to break that cycle. And. You have to decide and choose to. Break that cycle so, right now I'm asked all y'all to bow your heads on all the campuses. People. Watching online. Lord. We thank you so much. That. You gave us a mind, that. Can choose, to, trust your mind, our. Mind that, can interact. With. Your mind you. Can think like you. Speak. And listen, to. You. And then, our mind can inform, our brain. Lord, I pray for supernatural. Neurological. Connections to. Be established right now in people's minds, and their brains that. You would break those pathways that are destructive, and negative. That. You would break. Those strongholds. That are. Destructive, and negative. And, you. Would create new pathways even, right now supernatural. In people's minds, in their, brains that they would walk out of here not, stressing over things they used to stress over not worrying about things they used to worry about not having a negative thoughts they used to have, but.

They Would think on things that are true noble, and lovely, and pure and praiseworthy. And rights. That. They. Would not be anxious for anything but with prayer and Thanksgiving they, would make their requests known to you and the peace of God that, surpasses, all. Understanding the, peace of God that makes us go where, did that come from. We've, guard our hearts and minds if you would like to surrender your life to Jesus, or, your. Mind. To. God just pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart pray dear God. I, surrender. My heart my. Mind, to. You renew, my mind fill. Me with the Spirit of God. I want. To be obedient. I, want. To mind my business I want. To be thinking about my father in Heaven's, business, I want. It to be natural second. Nature to, obey to pray to serve, to, go to our group and being accountability, relationship, to serve in the church to give generously trusting. Their God is the one who gave it to me in the first place I. Want. To build relationships with people that, maybe I have never built relationships before people, who don't look like me have nothing in common with me in the natural but in the spiritual, we are brothers and sisters, Lord. Break, down all those false, networks. Those self-destructive. Neurological. Connections and pathways. That. The Word of God can flow through my heart my brain right into my actions. If. You prayed that prayer I know it was long. Just. Let me a hand up I can see you and pray for you God bless you God bless, you God bless you. Lord thank you so much for. Your faithfulness thank you so much for your goodness. Lord. I pray that we think about our, thinking. We. Think about what you're doing in our life. In. Jesus. If. God spoke to you during that sermon and, you feel like you want to ask Christ, to be your savior, it's, as simple as, ABC 1. Admit, and accept that you are a sinner the, Bible says all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God, believe, in your heart that Jesus Christ, is Lord and, He, died for your sin and rose from the dead and then. Confess yourself as a sinner and say Jesus please, forgive me of my sin so if you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior I just want you to just look at me right now and pray this. Prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much, say. Dear God I believe. That, I'm a sinner I know the. Penalty of my sin is death and. I. Don't want to die and go to hell, but. I believe that Jesus Christ. Is, Lord that he died and rose from the dead for my sin and I. Confess myself a, sinner and, ask him to forgive me of my sin, Jesus, please, forgive me of my sin and fill me.

With The Spirit of God in, Jesus. Name Amen. If. You prayed that prayer you. Just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know and we, want to email you some resources so, if you just prayed that prayer with me to accept, Jesus, as, your Savior, click on the link that just appeared and we, want to send you some free resources god, bless you and we'll, see you in heaven. You.

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