Ripple news & XRP Adoption: Two Banks Reveal Plans to Support the Digital Asset XRP [ Big news! ]

Ripple news & XRP Adoption: Two Banks Reveal Plans to Support the Digital Asset XRP [ Big news! ]

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Hello. Folks you have reached the cryptocurrency, portal, and today have some big information, to go over about ripple. And XRP in general but specifically, ripple the company, as you, can see here the first article, that I want to discuss here it says the XRP adoption, to, banks reveal, plans, to support the. Third largest cryptocurrency. There's, always a lot of talk in the crypto space where people say ripples, are great company but who uses XRP so. Ripple. Over the years have said, that banks will start using XRP obviously. Things take, longer, adoption. Is longer than anticipated we, don't know what's going on in the world right now so things take longer so look. At these these. Headlines. Here's as two Swiss banks are revealing, plans, to offer, services. For XRP. Signum. Bank which calls itself the first, digital. Asset, bank with both a Swiss, banking, license, and a Singapore. Asset, management license, now. Offers, deposit, exchange, and credit, services, for XRP according. To a press release and I'll pop over to the press release here in a minute Signum, already offers, services, for Bitcoin, and aetherium, so you know Bitcoin. And the theorem are already on board so. Now just the momentum continues, with XRP no matter if you are for, or against. Bitcoin, aetherium XRP it's just whenever you have these headlines this is continuous. Forward. Momentum for, the crypto space in general I'm always intrigued. And, kind of upset when certain, projects, try to tear down other projects, and vice-versa, the reality, is you know let's, lift all boats up in just a pod any forward, momentum in, the crypto space no matter what project it is because, use case over time will win out and the market forces will dictate, that however. What might. Bring beat down other projects, just keep going for moment I'm anything positive industry, let's keep keep, it going so, continuing. Here it's assignment, well well Khalid the. Depot manager, at signum, says the, bank is impressed, with ripples, XRP, based cross-border. Remittance, platform, and this. In this video we're gonna go over a lot of that just talking. About their cross-border. Remittance, platform, the. Quote here is the, XRP based, solutions. Developed, by the company resolve. Weak spots in the growing global remittance. Market of 700, billion dollars, the, low cost of transfers, makes, it an ideal tool, to facilitate payments. And emerging, economies, meanwhile. Arabic, Bank Switzerland. Also announced, plans to support advisory. Custody. And brokerage, services, for, XRP according, to a recent, announcement the. Bank began offering those, services for Bitcoin and etherion last September, again more applause because they're just for momentum, I an, Arab Bank Switzerland also recently. Invested, in Swiss fin tech company tourist group sa in a Series A funding round tourist. Group specializes in, digital, asset, infrastructure. And the, quote from the bank is an, increasingly, digital world Arab Bank Switzerland's, first-ever investment.

In A financial, technology. Company, is consistent. With its convictions. And reinforced. By a shared, vision with Taurus namely. The worlds of traditional, assets, and digital, assets, are converging. Although. The digital asset, industry, is still nascent both. Companies see tremendous potential, and efficient, gains for users, advisors, investors. And financial institutions, and, digitalizing, the financial, industry by leveraging blockchain, and smart contracts, technologies. And, that's an important, quote right there well says although the digital asset industry is still nascent this, is a little off topic but yeah they hope the whole industry is nice and we still need that, to have regulatory. Clarity, in the space so we'll. Probably going over a video this this week talking. About regulations. In the crypto space especially in the United States so, anyway continue, along here is the actual press release from Signum it, says ripples XRP token, now available, at signum bank there's. A press release we'll just talk about these three bullets, right here so it's straight, from Zurich Signum, Bank today announced, the availability of. Ripples, XRP protocol, token for custody, trading, and creditor on its. Banking, platform, a third, bullet three bullet points are all at 0.1, X, RP is the third most, capitalized, protocol. Taken globally that's just market cap Bitcoin. Theorem and x RP make up about 80% today's. Total, protocol, token market capitalization. Bullet. Number two Ripple's, x RP token, allows Signum, x' clients. To further, diversify their, direct token, investments, in addition, to Signum x' asset management products, and bullet. Three ripples, vision to instantly, move money to all corners, of the world is in, line with signals, mission, to empower, everyone. Everywhere. With more direct access to ownership and value, so it's, a good, little use case here signal, bank is going to be using, ripple. And x RP so. Continue long about the ripple theme. Here this is straight from ripple insights, on ripples. Main, web page of ripple comm, and it says TP, bank uses ripple, net to drive. Transparent. Global, payments between Vietnam. And the, world, so. The number of Viennese migrant. Workers in Japan, reached, a record, high in the last five years making. Vietnam, the second, large center of migrants, to the region this, growth is expected, to increase as Japan's, borders, become more open following. The government's. 2019. Regulation. Of a restrictive, immigration law as the. Overseas. Workforce. Continues, to grow in Japan people are looking for faster, ways to send, money home now. Understanding, this need team. Fong commercial. And joint stock, banks OTP, bank one of the leading digital, transformation. Banks in the Vietnamese banking, industry partnered. With ripple net to. Successfully. Deploy. Blockchain. Technology. For international. Money transfers between. Japan and Vietnam instead. Of waiting at several hours to complete a money transfer, from Japan to Vietnam, transactions. Take minutes, to settle through. A ripple net TD Bank is able, to provide its customers with, a simple, trance. Parent and fast way to send, Global, Payments in and out of Vietnam. And. The quote here is by. Joining ripple, net remittance, transactions. From abroad to to PTP. Bank will be faster, while, ensuring, safety and transparency. Cash. Flows will, be still. Be legally transferred, via foreign banks, to Vietnam said of the CEO Wang, Hong in. 2019. TP. Bank connected. To ripple net and is the first and only bank in Vietnam creating. An opening for the network of over 300, financial, institutions. To gain, access into, this market today. TP. Bank processes. Billions, of Japanese. Yen, equivalent. To. Dozens, of millions of USD, per, month from, Japan to Vietnam via ripple net remittances.

Are Real-time transfers. And processed. 24/7. A revolutionary. System compared, to traditional banking. Services. Being. Part of ripple net is helping TP bank open new remittance, corridors, and expanded, services, to more countries popular, with Vietnamese migrant, workers and in. 2019. The company, connected. To, his first ripple, net partner SBI, remit. To launch the first money transfer, service, between Japan and Vietnam leveraging. Blockchain, technology. And by, harnessing this power through ripple that TP Bank is making cross-border, payments faster, cheaper, and more, transparent. TP. Bank began its partnership, with SBI, Ripple Asia by, focusing, on individuals, working outside, of Vietnam who. Need to send money home to their families, on a regular basis, TP. Bank now plans to expand, its newly enhanced remittance. Service to, both individual. And corporate especially. Small and medium-sized enterprises or. Also, known as SME small and medium-sized enterprises, the. Quote here is this. Takes high priority, for SME. Customers. Of TP bank because, taking, advantage of ripple. Net with real-time transfers. And 24/7. Transaction, processing, SCM many, customers will save time, minimizing. Costs, reduced, risk management, and release the necessary capital that, can be used to further develop, their business, mr. Hong said now. As their networks grow through triple net TP. Bank will be able to make the entire cross-border. Payment, change a seamless, experience for both partners, and customers. So. That's the latest from TP, Bank, all. Right so continuing. Along here. Is the next update about money match how they works with ripple to provide cost-effective, Global, Payments for SMEs, in Malaysia and I'm going to play this video for you it's only about two minutes long so I'm, going to play it directly for you so you can hear directly from money. Match. Primarily. For SMEs, use people that's, basically helped us basically allowance, is a nice big payments they. Were 100 countries on when. We will meet the introduction, is sort of like a hug, instead of a handshake right and, officially allowed us busy, brothers great access you can access the bank as well so you see the right people, the. Right partners, and, I can see the ingre people that sort, of give. Us some some credibility as well and. This. Usually. Really. Allows me to open up the payment revels in. These, countries which. In turn lowers our course and. Then so. Generate. A mobo do the repo sort of kicks already, there. Because to, certain course of course I think the. Partners a regular brought on board so, we saw a cost reduction approach. Through about, 40. Percent we, obviously saw, saying a pass it back down finger simmer so, we think created, a lower euro pricing, process from which, their Intel computer, loop swing get more customers we. Generate the more volume we. Are. The partners, in. This with person. X then write the Clearview, rope in payments as well so speaking about the quickly takes two days right. For the money to meet our customers as, you get money through Europe in under five hours, yeah. That's, busy for my compliance, the player from. Partners comprising clear and this is the money reaching of friends that come in you in, your future for network so. That greatly. Enhance. The whole experience for customers as well. You know, great a very satisfied customer, who saw vision I think we have money, match as well as be lying if we what. Report has as well you, wanted you know demons, everywhere anyway, right. So I think that's it's something that we do it so I mean it's one thing about what we have the reels right now, but. I think that what. We really want to do is to have, the ability to collect and, not sell yourself and. Multiple, licenses so, thank you or network by the key focus would be to do our bone, collection. People visit these. Alright. So there you go folks hearing directly from, person. Up money match there so continuing, along with, this, is a ripple, insights, article, directly.

From Ripples. Website, so you. Have the overview of the video but here let's go through this article, it says money matches a cross-border. Transfer. Services, but, that helps small and medium-sized, enterprises again. SMEs, in Malaysia pay, their global suppliers as the. Country's, traditional, financial, institutions. Were, charging, high FX, rates, on the smaller volume, transactions, typically, requested, by, SMEs, and individuals, money match partnered. With ripple to offer cheaper, and faster payments. To more than 120. Countries around. The, world now. Here's the quote banks. Typically, focus, on larger, customers, who are sitting high-volume. Transactions. Action afford higher fees set money match CEO, and co-founder Adrian, Yap SMEs. Don't have much choice other than to accept, these same rates which, adds to the cost of dealing with foreign suppliers and, he says we worked with Ribble to create an improved, cross-border, payment, process, that offers, these, customers, better. Rates and faster. Transaction, times. Yeah. First became aware of this significant. Gap. In the market while working in treasury rules at some of the Malaysia's, biggest, financial institutions. Not. Only did he see how banks prioritize. The needs of, enterprise, customers. Over, s and E's he, knew that they were generating, a lot of revenue from, high costs. Affects transactions. And, he says all the banks charged, the same fees explained. Yep, they were happy, simply. Generating, these revenues, instead of trying to, increase market share by reducing, rates we. Believe that offering lower prices. And a simple, way to send money abroad, would really benefit, SME, customers, and allow, us to capture, this valuable, market our, challenge, was that we were a small start-up from Malaysia which. Is not a top, of the mind market, for the rest of the world and, we need to develop relationships with, banks and payment providers, all over, the world but didn't have the required credibility.

Or Transaction, volumes so there, you go building credibility of the partners and customers money. Match overcame, that challenge by, becoming part of the ripple, Network which. Gave the company fast, and easy access to, hundreds, of global partners with, everyone plugged into the same network that company cut integration. And operational. Costs allowing. To provide a faster, and more affordable, service, to customers. Ripple. Net partnerships, also helped money match offer same-day, settlement, times and. Another quote here is after joining rip. On that we were suddenly a credible, partner for all these financial institutions. And payment. Providers around the world we called Yap a ripple, net introduction, is more like the hub than a handshake we, struggled, to find a decent European. Partner, and we're stuck using Swift, system to, make payments, they're working. With ripple, partners allowed us to cut our cost by as much as 40% and, instead. Of transaction, taking at least two days we were completing them in just a few hours as he explained, action in the video, despite. Developing, a cost-effective. Cross-border, payments process. Money map still had to convince customers. To. Trust the company with their money instead of the traditionally, reliable, if expensive, banks, SMEs. Are rightly, cautious, with their money said yep gaining. Their trust quickly. Was. Not something we could hack you have to earn it we saw businesses. Start with lower value transactions. Once, we had their trust and they saw how much they, were saving, these customers, became they began making four to five and larger, payments with us every month over time, they also, the benefits, of same-day summons, from, helping, with, cash flow management to getting better terms from, suppliers. Alright, to wrap this up creating more customer, benefits, with ripple neck money batch aims to. Continue, to use ripple net to open up new markets and, create, more benefits, for its customers, and his final quote of this article is we, are always thinking, about how we can serve our customers. Better that's, why we're looking to develop partnerships, on ripple, net that, will help us build more payment, and collection facilities.

On A global scale we. Want to match the ambitions. Of our SME, customers, and be the kind of growth partner, that, they won't find in any of Malaysia's. Traditional. Banks, alright so that's the latest about money mash from ripple and ripple insights, next. Year ripple says XRP, remittance volume surging, and dollar value of crypto transactions, up two, hundred and thirty-four percent since corridor four now we're actually him go through their quarter one twenty twenty report. Here shortly we're going to go through together but, this is the kind of a quick little overview very quick here it says ripple says, enterprise. Use of its XRP base remittance, platform, is on the rise in. Its quarterly report, on XRP again we're going to go over the full quarterly report here shortly the. San francisco-based. Thin tech company, says. Transaction. Volume and the dollar value, of transactions. On the network spiked, in recent months the, quote is customers. Continue to see the value of XRP through. Significant. Cost savings by eliminating the, need to pre-fund. International. Accounts, from. Quarter four 2019. To quarter, one. 2020. Ripples. Ripple, nets on-demand, liquidity, odl which used to be their ex rapid product, but they've rebranded, to odl or on-demand liquidity, the. Service tripled, in transaction, volume, and the dollar value, transacted. Increased by more than two hundred and ninety four, percent in, ripple. Which owns half of the hundred billion extra P existence, created, odl to give financial, institutions, an ecosystem, for, moving money across borders, using cryptocurrency. Now. MoneyGram is the most high-profile. User of odl. And says it uses the product, to move more than 10% of, its transaction, volume between, the United States and Mexico, ripple. And MoneyGram partnered, in June of last year and November. Ripple, completed, its purchase of a 50/50. Million dollar stake in the company now I've actually done a. Video, about money. Gram and the partnership, with. Ripple and I'll actually put, that in the comments section below, all right so continue along here is the quarter, one, 2020. XRP, Marcus report directly, from Ripple, I actually. Love these reports, because not it's their own reports, and they're probably gonna put in positive light on them, but they do give a little history they tell you about what's going on the crypto space tell you what's going on the financial, world in general so let's just go through this together. Ripple publishes, the quarterly, XRP Marcus report to voluntarily. Provide transparency. And, ready to update on the company's views on the state of XRP market now you got to get my Kudo for that they are pretty transparent. I know there's a lot of pushback because they own a lot of the X RPE but they have them locked, up in escrows and they are fully transparent about it so. Moving along says including quarterly, programmatic, and institutional, sales updates, relevant. XR peat related announcements, such as spring and replimat partnerships. And commentary. On previous, quarter market developments, as. An XRP holder ripple, believes proactive, communication. Is part of being a responsible stakeholder. Moreover. Ripple, urges, others in the industry to follow its lead to build trust foster. Open communication. And raise the bar industry, wide so. Market Snapshot crypto. As a safe haven asset. Class we, know about everything, going on in the world right now since. The advent of Bitcoin digital, assets, are often, referred to as safe payment assets, and speaking of Bitcoin I actually.

Did A video about. Satoshi. Nakamoto, in the original Bitcoin, white paper I went. Through that a while ago and I'll actually put, a link to that video in the comment. Section below as well. And. Continue or assets, that market, participants. Can, turn, to during, turmoil. In financial, markets due to their presumed lack of correlation, to, traditional, markets, weren't. Out of the, 2008. Financial crisis. Digital. Assets put the safe-haven label. To, the test this. Was all about to change, on March 12th 2020. Or what some describe as Black, Thursday. So. In the days preceding, Black, Thursday digital, assets began the week holding. Firmly along, with gold and trading. As a safe haven asset, while, equities, markets. Were seeing the beginning of the Cova. However. Has, the S&P, dipped, below, 3000. On Black Thursday. Unprecedented. Volatility. Spread, through the digital asset, markets. Bitcoin saw its largest one-day, move ever losing. Over 50 percent of, its market value in a matter of hours a decline accelerated. By billions, of USD. Worth of liquidations. On leveraged, derivative, venues and lending. Platforms, now. As digital asset holders rushed to. Transfer, digital assets, to either meet, margin calls sell, out their positions, or take advantage of Christ's. Dislocations. The BTC, and aetherium, networks became, overwhelmed. In suffered, performance, issues, according. To coin matrix medium. Transaction, fees measured in dollars for. Bitcoin and theorem, shot up almost fivefold while. The entire crypto. Market including, XRP experienced, volatility. The, performance, of the xrl ledger or the X R P L such as transaction. Price and spread remained. Stable. Making, X R P that preferred, digital, asset for funds transfer. Fast-forward. Five weeks and as of April, 17th. 2020. The S P 500 is down 11%, on the year a WTI. Crude is. Down almost 70. Percent year-to-date. Goal, is up 10 percent and total, crypto, market, capitalization. Is up 7.3%. Given. The recession and continued, uncertainty about the extent, of the long-term. Economic impact. This global crisis will impose we. This is ripple talking expect. Continued. Market, volatility, and the sustain test. Crypto as to whether performs, as a safe-haven asset, or not, so. Disciplined. Responsible, stakeholders, continued pause and, programmatic. Sales, of. Xrp, so this gives a lot of consternation in the crypto space and a lot of people love, to bash X or ripple about XRP sales, and. It's just the easy, point. But you. Can see the transparency, that ripple bring. So as readers, may recall back in quarter, to 2019. Ripple. Shifted, to a more conservative, volume, benchmark, for XRP sales away. From coin market cap and to crypto. Compare, top-tier, CC, TT and. Significantly. Reduced, x RP sales. In the, quarter 3 of 2019, and quarter for 2019, ripple, further reduced, x RP sales and pause. Programmatic. Sales, ripple. Maintained, this approach throughout the entirety of core 1 of 2020. So, in quarter one 2020, total. X our piece sales. Were only one, point seven, million dollars, in USD, versus 13. Point oh eight million, the previous quarter. In addition. Ripple continued, the pause of programmatic sales, focusing. Solely on its over-the-counter, OTC sales. To build up utility and liquidity. In strategic regions, including, MEA, and Asia. Total. Sales OTC. Only given programmatic. Pause ended, the quarter at point. Our 0.6. Bps. Basis. Points of CCT. This is compared to in total sales in the previous quarter OTC. Plus programmatic, on 8. Basis. Points of CC TT represented. A ninety, nine point three percent drop, quarter. Over quarter, so. Here's the overall here. If you want to pause the video and look at that yourself. Percentages. You see is calculated. By dividing actual. Ripple dollar proceeds, by total, reported. XRP volume in dollars quick, note in q4, and, effective q1, 2020, CC, TT, change the methodology, it uses, to determine which exchanges. Lists, in the top tier which, is reflected. In the numbers above. Crypto. Compared, to not retro, actively, update. Its data for the change ripple. Continues. To evaluate, its benchmarks. Given challenges, such, as fake volume that continue to persist in, the industry, so here's the reported, volume I will. Just pause, it here you. Can pause the video and check that out yourself, there's. That. Volatility. XR. Pease volatility. Of daily, returns over quarter, one is 6.2, percent. Representing. An increase. In volatility from q4, s 3.1, percent extra piece volatility. Over the quarter was higher than, out of BTC, which was 5.8, percent and, lower, than that of ether. Which was seven point three percent so here is the graph you. Could positive, over here if you want to really take a look at it blue, as XRP this orange is red is BTC, this yellowish is etherium.

Correlations. With XR p after showing, signs of decoupling, from, the large cap digital, assets, correlations. Of XR, p with other large, capitalization. Digital, assets spiked towards 100%, following, black Thursday's. Market, meltdown, so. Again you can pause the video if you want to look at this graph the rolling 30-day, correlations. Of returns with XR p. Moving. Long escrow quarter one activity in, quarter one twenty twenty three billion XR p were again released out of escrow one, billion each month in total, across, the quarter, 2.7. Billion x of people returned, and subsequent. To new s coke contracts. So. No all figures are reported based on transactions, executed during, the quarter. Monitoring. Escrow, activity, last quarter ripple re share details, on escrow. To provide clarity on its, finish mechanics, and timeline to. Provide further. Transparency. Ripple, created, the looks like a Twitter y Twitter. Page. Here of @xr. P underscore. S robot, this Twitter bot monitors, and post the monthly, escrow, movements, anyone, on Twitter could follow this count to track escrow, activity, that's great more Tran pairen see as. A, reminder, every month the, escrow mechanism, releases a total of 1 billion XRP to ripple the portion of X repeat left over each month is placed, into a new escrow to released, in the following months and, now for more information you can go to repos. Escrow, please see here, it. Goes to a ripple, inside explanation. Of ripples xrp escrow ok on-demand, liquidity, customers. Continue, to, see the value, of XRP through significant. Cost savings by eliminating the, need to pre-fund. International. Accounts, from. Quarter four 2019. To quarter 1 2020. Ripple. Nets on-demand McCleary Odile service. Tripled, in transaction. Volume and the dollar value transacted. Increased by more than two hundred and ninety-four percent of, note. Ripple and as, emo a uk-based, digital, money transfer, service announced, their partnership to, use the digital asset. XRP. In cross-border, payments. Izumo. Launched service, to send payments to the Philippines and within. A few months ODL save, the company 30, to 50 percent when. Arranging currency transfers, between customers, in the Philippines and those in the UK and Europe. XRP, integrations. And liquidity update. As, mentioned. In a recent insights. Blog. Liquidity. Is the key to exchanging. Any, asset, the more liquid and asset is the. More efficiently, it can be exchanged, therefore, goes without saying that XRP liquidity, is the, lifeblood of ripples. On demand, the query for, cross-border payments, now. In addition to, being bolstered, through new use. Cases for XRP, outside. Of cross-border payments. Liquidity. Is increased by the variety and diversity of exchange. Tradable. Instruments. In the. Case of XRP quarter, one saw the integration. Of XRP into a number, of additional, exchanges. And liquidity instruments. Spring. The. Open, source community of developers continues.

To Build products, and support. Innovation on the XR, PL through improvements, to the technology, last. Quarter, Spray. Lots, new tools services. And documentation. For developers, including, XRP Letcher main NetSupport in spring, SDK. And support, for an allergic protocol, or ILP. Stream. On test net to in the spring dial, wallet, in. Addition. Spring, partner Anchorage announced, support, for custody. Of XRP. Enabling. Is growing, roster of enterprise, customers, to securely, store XRP for varies and use cases the. Popular, wallet BRD, also, announced support for XRP, all, right so here's a little market commentary and a few bullet points here regulatory, activity this is very key because I always call, for more, regulatory. Clarity. In the crypto space in order to move the space forward bullet. 1 the monetary, attire, Authority, of Singapore granted. Temporary relief, to certain market participants, from, the newly adopted licensing. Requirements, under, the payments services, act the. Relief will allow firms to operate, until July of 2020. After. Which time they must obtain a license, the. Next bullet the, Indian Supreme Court, overruled the ban on cryptocurrency. Activities, that, was imposed by the Reserve Bank of India in April, of 2018. A few. Days later the RBI. Announced, his intent to return to the Supreme Court to challenge its. Ruling. The. Next bullet the CFTC. Released, interpretive. Guidance for, when actual, delivery occurs for retail crypto, transactions. Involving. Leverage. Or margin the guidance is another step taken, by the CFTC, to provide clarity to, market, participants. Regarding, activity, that falls within their jurisdiction. Next. Bullet amid, the pendentive crisis the United States Congress, discussed, the creation. Of a digital dollar, and related. Accounts as a way to speed simulus, payments to households, that need support. Next. Bullet SEC. Commissioner Hester Pearce proposed, a three-year, safe, harbor, period, for crypto. Token sales the. Safe harbor proposal, provides relief, for issuers from being considered, offering, illegal. Securities, the, last bullet here Brazilian. Central Bank announced, an initiative to allow payments, between retail, customers, and businesses. To be processed, within seconds. The, initiative, is part of the central bank's overall initiative to.

Improve Open. Banking within Brazil. Industry, players three, bullets here swift, the first bullet is swift messaging, upgrade to ISO, standards, was delayed by a year and is now set to finish by 2025. Second. Bullet world line purchase, Ingenico for eight point six, billion, dollars continuing. The consolidation, trend, of payment. Players, ripple. Expects, to see consolidation. Continuing. 2020. As legacy. Players tried to digitize, and protect, market share against fintax the. Third bullet is Facebook. Alternates, plans for its Libre white paper due to regulatory. Pressure, and, political. Pushback. Unsurprisingly. Facebook's, leave a project shifted focus and will support both existing, government backed currencies and the. Libra, token. So just so you know I actually did a video, about the Libra. White paper and I'll put that in the comment section below so you can take that look at that as well alright, so to wrap this video up the last three bullet points are bought market, moves. First. Bullet the number of crypto wallets containing one Bitcoin or more continue, to rise and hit an all-time high on, March 11th. Bullet. 2 by, Nance, one of the largest cryptocurrency, trading, platforms, acquired coin, market cap for. An undisclosed, price and in the face of criticism affirmed, their intent for the site to be neutral, provider, of date, and I think the price came out of four hundred million dollars I actually did a, video about that as well so I will link that in the comment section below and you can check that out if. You want to and, the, last bullet here is by. Nance and okay e x over, two bit next in the Bitcoin futures, market this past quarter is volume on the crypto exchanges, reaches. Reached, a record-high in mid-march. So. That's the latest from the crypto currency portal folks thank you so much for tune in to discuss ripple. And X P in general, you. Can see here we started, with the two banks revealing, plans to support the third-largest cryptocurrency. As, always, if you have any comment, about the crypto space in general please put in the comments section below I love having discussion about the crypto space and I'll respond to all comments if, you liked this video please smash, the thumbs up button it really does help me out helps, out the channel helps out with those Google and algorithm and. YouTube algorithm, so I'll really appreciate it, if, you're already subscribed to the channel thank you very much I deeply appreciate you if you're not a subscriber yet, hopefully I've earned your trust by, giving you value and I would be honored with your subscription, to the channel so thank you again for tuning in to cryptocurrency portal I'll talk to you real soon.

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