Ripple Multi-Hop, Banks using XRP, and Crypto Sanctions

Ripple Multi-Hop, Banks using XRP, and Crypto Sanctions

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Good. Morning wherever you are we're. Streaming, live from, the. Huddle report, and, we. Got to figure this out so as always. Every. Single time, we go to stream there's always going to be some, technical. Glitch. Some technical, issue. The. As I opened up the coffee this morning and the whole thing exploded, in my face as, well, but, I did manage to get. Some and make some decent, quality, espresso. Though but with with, everything else I had, to delete. Some. Software, that I, loaded yesterday, that, was corrupting, my camera, so took. Care of that issue and, we. Should be pretty, solid here so a Anneliese. George morning, how's, it going first one in the chat so far. Um yeah appreciate, that if you want to tweet it out that we are live, logged. In a little bit a couple minutes, later. Than anticipated. Due. To some, technical. Glitches, so. Let. Me let, me see what we've got here, and, we'll. Get. Some people in the stream Josh, Lynn what's. Up Melbourne. Australia I. Love. The following. That were that, we're getting over in Australia it's absolutely. Outstanding though. Edie how's it going man. It's. Going to, pull. Up this stream here right. Quick. Um make. Sure everything. Is functioning. Cope. Aesthetically. So let's see what we've got all, right cool. It's awesome it's always good to see the stream. Working. Yeah so. There. We go hopefully. Yeah you guys good I don't while you're over in Australia so what, is it twelve hours ahead so it's evening time over there you can still drink espresso in the evening right so. It highly recommend, grabbing, a good quality espresso and. Michael. What's up Philippines. What part of the Philippines. Probably, never know it but, my. My, dad's actually from Manila, my. Stepdad. So. Yes, anyhow. Hey. We go through all sorts of different coffees, and my. Preference. 100%. Is. Is. Espresso. I can't drink American. Trip coffee and stand. It it's, too weak doesn't, taste good. Typically, the fries Drive stuff is absolute. Trash. So. You, got to get you got to get good quality espresso. You go out to some of these places and they try to serve you espresso, and the. Quality, of it you can tell it's just it seems like they took regular coffee and tried, to make some espresso out, of it and it's just it's, not the same thing so you're better off making it at home so, I have people that travel often. And come to visit from overseas. For. Work. So. I, make. Sure that they bring high-quality. Italian. Roast espresso. Over here so. Man. I haven't been to Melbourne yet so my. Plan, at some point here, I have to get to Australia, New Zealand. Haven't. Been to. Either yet and so, that's, definitely on our list. Of priorities I'm, just avoiding. With. A passion, that that long flight so the, flights over to India we're brutal enough so I can't imagine going. To Australia, it's what it's still gonna be like 23, 24 hours, of total. Travel time maybe a little bit more depending, on on lay overs and such so. But. I got I do get it I do have to get there so Orem ik City over.

In The Philippines very, cool. One, o'clock in the UK so pretty. Much all you guys it's ready for you. Can go grab a you. Can get our beginners grab your favorite. Beer get an espresso, wine. Scotch. Whisky, whatever who might be over, here we're relative, you know pretty much just starting the day I guess. You could put some, some. Whiskey in your coffee if you want forget, the cinnamon yeah just put a little dab of whiskey if that's that's, your thing so. So, two, coffees, that I like I'm just talking while people, log in so. Sec. Fredo, sake. Fredo is awesome, and. That it's it's almost impossible, to get Sega Fredo over here in the United States I found it on Amazon, but. It's just it's not the same. Product. That and, we get commercial. Grade, espresso. Roast from, from, Italy that normally, you can only get in the in the coffee shops so. That. Makes a huge huge difference and, so, I settle. On Lavazza. And Lavazza. You, know it's still a pretty decent, coffee it's not that bad no. Not Lavazza sorry le we. Get we get illy so then there's different versions of illy espresso. You got the the red pack you get the black pack then. You get the the, pre-ground, I was like grinding our, beans you know but but. That's how it goes so, we, end up to pay we have to get what we get at this point. So. Awesome. Yeah whatever, if you guys are new to the channel go. Ahead and subscribe, if. You want to make sure you, know listen, first then, if you like what you hear hit, the notification, bell and you'll. Be notified every time we post a new video, and. In, the meantime. If. You can, do this if you, can tweet it out that'd be awesome, hit, the thumbs up button on. The way in on the way out and. Well great things to talk about today, so, want. To go over as, the. Thumbnail, and the, subject, title. Highlights. I want, to talk a little bit about. We're. Gonna talk a little bit about multi-hop. I want. To talk about banks. Using XRP, and. There's just some things that have been coming out lately that. I believe could it's. It's it's a little bit of FOMO that's being spread and in this space I believe there's so much going on that you. Know we don't have to read, between the lines you, know just have to sit, back and and see, the progression, that's, taking place and, not. Try to put words into, into. Other people's comments. That are in the space I so to speak and it'll make more sense as I get into it I want to talk a little bit about crypto, sanctions, and. And, there's just there's just so much to just. So much to go through so. You, know definitely looking forward to all of that I'm just gonna I'm gonna send a quick note over to DNI, see. What's going on and we'll kick it off so. That's. It that. I, got I got to pull my got. In one second, I got to pull my stream, up I like monitoring, it too just to make sure the, the, YouTube. -. To. Monitor these streams is almost. Useless, so. It. Just it doesn't work efficiently, and if you just look at ob s, OBS. Doesn't really tell you anything so, it's, always good to have a secondary, stream going do, an audio check, I have to do a speed check Wi-Fi, check there's, so much to do on the way in so you guys didn't come here to hear, me talk about Wi-Fi, streams. And and coffee. Hon in the morning so. We've. Got we've got a decent decent, group in here so far I think it's important that we get started, so, here's, here's what we're gonna here is what we're gonna focus in on like I said we. Want to focus in on a. Few key topics, this morning, definitely. Want. You guys to to, jump in. Participate. As, some questions, give some feedback, if. You don't like what I'm saying and disagree, let me know you disagree that's fine, I like. The thumbs down as much as I like getting thumbs up it just means people are engaged. In the conversation. So that. Part's important, now, let's. Let's, start this off by. Focusing. In on on sanctions. In the digital asset space and the crypto space sent and, I think that this is important because there's so much going on in the world right now and. Within. This development. And. As you, know being. In the u.s. I'm, hyper focused, on the impact, of digital. Asset and blockchain on the, United States, while. Observing. Everything that's happening, globally. You know we have to make sure that we're you, know staying on. Top of staying in touch with the. Trends. In the marketplace and. At the same time we have to make sure that what, our government, is doing is really. For the benefit. Of the. Growth of the digital asset space so, you, know it's up danske good. To see one so. Let's. Let's talk a little bit about some current event that's, been happening right now obviously. Everybody. Knows that. There's a little bit of tension right now over. In Iran Iran.

Has Been a sore. Spot for for. Many many years it's, not new as much, as people want to put a focus, on on the activity, over in Iran be new it isn't if. You guys remember under. The Obama administration. Iranian. Iranian. Navy. Attempted. To to, board a u.s.. U.s.. Naval, ship and. They, surrounded. It it caused some hostility, some, tension, they, were they, supposedly. You. Know kidnap, or not kidnapped they supposedly were holding, the. Crew of this US ship that, was that happened, to be off course, it was a really bizarre incident. I'm sure Dee and I can can, really you, know enlighten, on you, know the process, of why a, military. Ship randomly. Ends. Up off-course, which is almost impossible, in. A location that puts them in direct in, a direct position, to. Be then held at gunpoint by. Iranian. Military and, it, just doesn't make any sense, but. You, know so so my point is is that, tensions. Have, predated. Trump. They've predated. Obama, Iran. Is engaged, in in many an affair as far, as the government, and I don't want to draw attention to the people, of Iran the, Persian people are amazing people but. Let's let's draw attention to, the. Bad actor, state which, is the government, which unfortunately. Has. Ultimate. Control over the populace and we. Saw an attempt, in Iran, to, overthrow, this, was a number of years ago under a Bhama and, unfortunately. The US government, sat back and was quiet at. That point and many great, people lost. Their lives over, in Iran as a result, but. They you know I don't want to talk about that either my point here is that you, know over the past year. We've, seen. Iran. And we've seen other countries, talk. About utilizing. Digital. At the digital asset platform, in order to circumvent. Sanctions. That, are put on them, by, the world, body and think, about. From. A if, you look at it from a macro, perspective a, state you know from a state perspective how. Does one. State, or a group of states in the world let. Another state who they look. At as a bad actor. Creating. Havoc in, specific. Regions. Of the world whether. It's through their their financial, support of terrorism, or. If it's through, the. Manipulation. Of a currency or you. Know if it's through, you. Know the, demoralizing. Of a population, and that and the destruction thereof, of their own country, how. Does the, world stage. Deal, with those, types of actors so really. There's there's, two ways that you can deal with states. With with countries, you, can put. Through. Economic, sanction, or you. Can take military action, against. Those countries so, we, don't want to see in every, scenario a, country, jump into military activity. Because. Again we we always have to think about the, people on the street now military, action, should always be utilized, as a last resort, unless, that. Country, is at a point at a, tipping, point where they, are threatening, the. The. Region through, the, buildup of weaponry. Through, the utility of of. Weapons. Or whatever it might be, or. Or, if it's even you know through the invasion of other countries. Unfortunately. The. Military. The military, option is, on the table and has to be utilized now you, know I don't want to get into that conversation either, but you know my point with all of this is that, with, Iran, as a bad. Actor state, in in many scenarios. They. Have overstepped. Their. Boundaries. Multiple, times over the, years and, there's. There's. There's good reason, to believe that, they, engage in subterfuge. That, you can't hold, them at face value for, for any. You, know any of the negotiations. Or any, of the agreements. That are put in place it's. Been proven time and time again but. Again not not even focusing, on that the, point with all of this is that, there are economic sanctions. That have been levied and placed by the world, stage. On, on, Iran. Now. Again. To circumvent, sanctions, we, saw that same conversation in, Venezuela, we, saw them attempt the petro. Crypto-currency. In. Force other countries. To use it to buy gas that, country's absolute an absolute, disaster, but, now Iran. You, know making that same, you. Know same move and making that same attempt, what's. What's amazing, about all of this is that. Is, that, we saw for the first time, a. Digital. Asset cryptocurrency, exchange. Actually. Ban. Iran. So and, and we've, seen countries, that, have forced crypto, exchanges, to not deal in their countries China. India. And. Elsewhere but, seeing, a crypto, exchange, that has actually, stopped.

Trading, And, I believe we saw that we, saw that with finance, I believe. They, had stopped trading somewhere. And. I, have to go back the bitcoins, is the exchange and so, this, this was I read. The article, over here on coin desk but, this was just, a couple days ago May 24th. Today, is the, 25th, so that was yesterday, I'm completely. Completely. Law track of the days over this past week it's been super hectic but, a local, bitcoin actually, shut down all. Services. To Iranian, based users. Now this you, know have they come out and said it they haven't said. Exactly why. They're shutting them down, although. Most. Likely, and even, according to this article it states. Specifically. That, US sanctions are, almost, you. Know certainly, the cause of them, pulling out of the, Iranian, market now this is a Helsinki. Based peer-to-peer, exchange. You. Know so it's, it's interesting that. That you. Know they need they need to abide all countries, and they're, companies, that, are part, of the. The world state by. You, know by a group of countries so if this, group agrees, that we're going to place a sanction, because that's the best thing to do and from their opinion, from a state level I'm not talking about from an, individual. Level but. From a state level that's their first attempt. At getting that, country, in, line with their thought process, without utilizing military. Action, again. And D and I would probably argue, this you know right or wrong whichever, side you want to be Chinese. Bamboo WB. You. Know so but. This is really again you know the first instance. In, Iran that were and maybe maybe, it's not the first but it's definitely not gonna be the last that. We're going to see these. Types of things happening, so this is a you, know cryptocurrency. Abiding. By the. Sanctions, that are being placed so trying to circumvent again, with digital asset they're not going to have direct, access to an, exchange. And and it's really important, you know if you, get the the world at large on board, with something you. Can definitely move. Countries. Into. You. Know into, compliance. At. The world stage and I will you know obviously, you. Can look at it from different perspectives, but, you know just a you know not not delay, this this, topic but. But. Iran as a major, supporter. And financier. Of global, terrorism for, years, and, years and years there, is no excuse, to say that. The Iranian, regime you, know has a point, in. In, their, activity, so they have there's no purpose. In their, financing. Of terrorism. Over, the years and the. Destabilizing. Of. Specific. Middle. Eastern governments. For. The, purpose, of manipulation. And control so. That is a bad, actor, State and, everybody. Has to agree with that definition. As. A rogue, state and. So and if, you look at also then internally. The way they manipulate and. Control their. People then. It ramps, things up a little different you know I mean it's it's it's really it's it's astonishing, so, then, we can even step in to Venezuela, and I got some really, crazy. Stories. That came out of out, of Venezuela. Just. Recently and you, know I'm gonna have to share this because to, me it's just it's. It's mind-boggling. It really is mind-boggling, before I do that let me just let me take a posture. Let's. Take a look at some, of the the people, that popped in want. To make sure we, acknowledge everyone, as they as they commenting. As we're participating, in this conversation and. Try, to get people a little bit more engaged again if you disagree, with me throw, up a comment because you, know I'm not afraid of, disagreements. I actually appreciate. It because, that's the only way we learn from each other I know in the current, political. Atmosphere, in. The United States with. The these, ultra-left. Socialist, whiney you. Know little kids that, you. Know want to yell and scream and, then they don't want to listen to anything anybody else has to say it's. So piss-poor of an attitude you, know it's it's so important, to understand, both sides especially, you, know if you don't understand, the other side why not sit and listen. And learn and you know and that that's, how we get along so anyhow. Something. To Durant. On that XRP, Carolina's driving. And listening, man appreciate that that's awesome you've got a multitude, of channels, you. Know then being, able to tune in and listen, to podcasts. And you, know man I appreciate you, know everybody, that jumps, in on an early morning or afternoon. In Australia, or the Philippines, you know where UK, where you guys are tuning in from I appreciate, all your time you know it's awesome and then, we've got, Noel. Over here from from, Dublin, we've got XRP, bananas, in from from. Ireland as well, so. This is great, Jerry Hall what's going on local. BTC is a Craigslist. Yeah. But so it's it's a form of a Craigslist, it's a peer-to-peer.

So, As a peer-to-peer. They're. Allowing individuals. That's the circumvention, of, a, of. The of the marketplace, and of the sanctions, so. Going through an exchange exchanges. I guess would be a little, bit easier to you. Know place a heavy focus. On as a country, to say you know what coinbase. You're, not gonna deal in the Iran if you want to you know keep working, and, having a presence, in the United States but. That's a good point but, still even, as a peer-to-peer even, as a quote-unquote Craigslist, they're, shutting down the circumvention. So. Maryland. That's a long ways away. Hope. All is well up there. Norway. Anders, in from Norway. Uh fantastic. You know I've been may. I like, Norway, you, know what I you know Norway's, a great, place you, know I spent you. Know some good time traveling, over there. Starting. Over in Bergen and and, we instead, of going north I really wanted to go north we ended up going south. But, what, a beautiful place holy cow. Every, corner you don't, even have to really think about where you're going just start driving and you're, gonna see you, know crazy, stuff all, over just waterfalls, and and they ords, and just, everything, you know it's unbelievable. So. Washington. Anneliese. That's awesome, fantastic. You. Know we're, planning another trip I used, to travel a ton when I was working but now. We're, planning a trip when we're trying to decide exactly where, to go and. We're, contemplating. Right. Now you know different locations, and, but. Been to Norway so we, got to figure something else out, but, you know it's crazy had a friend uh he was visiting, and and. He, was saying he said I can't believe you get you know you always you know you're always traveling internationally, you. Know what about the United States and granted, up into a lot of places in the u.s. too but not, so much as a tourist, and there's. Really. A phenomenal. Amount. Of things to see in the United States and Andy's, right you know taking, advantage, of you. Know the the, views and and the places, to visit in the US are just. Outstanding. You know and so that's, something that Devon, hey thanks, that's. Great so. There's. Always gonna be a little bit of overlap Devon, and so that's, great Dee and I was, on this morning streaming, and you. Know it's, good so. Are. I definitely, want to come to Australia, we. Just got a figure figure that out if we come to Australia, we'll have to spend like three weeks over there so. Oh yeah, oh that's right Jerry all your in Costa. Rica man. That's you know, one. Of one of the the reasons, that you know I've just hesitated, going. To going. Down to Latin America, for. South America you know is mainly, from a security. Perspective depending. On some, of the areas I've wanted to be in I've, traveled, through, again, workwise, travel. Through Mexico, and. Brazil. And. I've. Seen some really bad areas. But. Obviously some really nice areas, too, but, I know I know there's some amazing places down in Latin America and so that's definitely been on our list as well like from. A tourist perspective. I want, to get down to Peru Costa. Rica would be great too um. Sorry. I kind of got sidetracked in this conversation I want to take up too much time on, just, talking about this I've got a ton of things to go through so mister.

Be Braking 40 is a heart is harder than taking. Down the wall and game. We. Need we need something, but you know what you know what this shows us is, that. XRP. Is. Proving. Its. Stability so. And, that is you, know so important. You, know yeah, I agree Jerry, you. Know that definitely the news has it wrong, outside. Of you. Know maybe Venezuela, so let me let me just throw, this tidbit in I just think it's important to share you, know and and you know. I've, I I, know I know quite a few people from Venezuela. I know people, that travel, to to, Venezuela, now, it's almost impossible to get to Venezuela, via direct flight, but. You, know a friend of mine was was, down there recently you know he had his mother had had. Passed away but she. Was in, the hospital when he had gone down there and and. They. Ended, up you, know with. Power outages, that. Were pretty extreme, and you know it and they had a full. Power grid, out a full, grid power outage, for about three, days three days straight with, nothing no, Wi-Fi, no access, to anything once, your batteries died three, solid, days, now we said you if you go and. You need gas you're, waiting for an, entire day, to. Get gas and gas lines and this is coming from a country that. Used, to be a major. Producer. And, exporter of, gas, now. The population. Sit around and actually, have to wait so. Wait in line so that's just it's insane you, know and I'm gonna do another, topic. On Venezuela here, you know so I think it's I think it's really important. D. And I what's, up man I was, talking about you earlier to get some feedback and comments, so but. That's that's all right you. Have to go back and watch michael. Metz nor what's going on glad to see one, so. All, right let's see here let me go back to topic, at hand and, and kind, of get through this there's, some some important stuff so now. To the next point now when, we're engaged. With Congress, and. And listening, again focused, in the US you, know some of the some of the funds some of the misinformation some. Of the misunderstanding. In, the digital, asset space is that. That. Cryptocurrency. Is, used. By or used. Primarily. By. The. Criminal, elements, within. Society. Now. Digital. Asset you, know obviously, has. Been tapped. Into and, has, been used by, criminals, obviously. You. Know you can't avoid, you, can't avoid that fact. Fiat. Currency, on the other hand has, been utilized, for, money. Laundering racketeering. Theft. And. Every, other type. Of criminal. Intent, I know, into man since the beginning of fiat currency so. If, digital, asset, has only been around now for nine, years and, Fiats. Been around for a couple thousand, years i would have to say, that it's safe to say that. Fiat. Is the preferred, method. Of. Movement. Of. Financing. Or whatever, you know in in the you, know criminal, endeavor fiat. Currency for the most part goes, untraceable. And there's, ways that they. Try to engage into to. Launder, the money through, and. And, have, it just kind of disappear, into the system, now. Obviously. That goes on when, there is money laundering taking, place then, the, powers, that be can, find, ways to trace, them and track them if. They don't do that you know obviously they see all the other criminal activity, going on but, fiat currency, is by, far you, know on the top of the list of for. The the flood, stirs and politicians.

Sitting, Or the the media flood stirs and the politicians, who are sitting. In Congress. What. They have to understand, is that, digital assets, are the wave of the future what. They have to understand is that criminals. Are going to be criminals. Regardless. Of what. What. Tool, is in their hand they're, still going to be a criminal and it's not the tool that. Is and creates, criminal, intent, it's, the individual. That wields, the tool which. We can make that same argument for weapons. That gun sitting on a table, isn't. Going to do anything on its own until. You put it into the hand of a criminal with. Ill intent, then, that tool will, be used for a, criminal, action now, the same, thing can be said for digital assets, and. Again fiat, currency, paper money can, easily, be you. Know filtered, into the system, and hidden, and isn't a hundred percent traceable. Digital, asset again on the other hand is, a little, bit more. Traceable, and trackable, and won't. Be the. Preferred. Methodology. Above, criminals, to, move money and and the point you know with all of this is that, you, know with all of that happening, and yes you know we'll still see criminals, again they're going to use the tools at. Hand, and. Here, we have Europol. Was. On you know for the past year, or so had. Been tracking, a. What. They called here this was an interesting article. I pulled, it up on CCN. And. Then I also had something, I had it from Europe oh here it is so, this is from the, Europe old website, they. Actually did. A press release a couple, days ago on the 22nd. This they said this is the first law enforcement. Action of its kind. Against. A crypto currency mixer. Service so what the mixer service did. They're, basically mixing, all the, digital assets, together. And. Then. They kind of you, know move them out from there so they try, to make it almost impossible to, trace the. Endpoint. Of where, they're going and. Make it extremely difficult to, track the endpoint so that was the intent however. Europol. After. Over. A year and. Actually just a year of of. Tracking. And, investigation. Shut them down so, they saw that they over. The past year, this, mixer. Group, mixing. All these crypto, currencies. Moved. About. 200, million dollars, worth. Of digital asset in this past year which, was approximately. 27,000. Bitcoins. So this, this. Organization. And it wasn't on the Europol press, release I'm not sure where. CCN. Found. Their, information, but, they. Said here I'm trying to find the exact. Statement. I thought it was interesting on how much money these guys made. Let. Me see, here. You know here's another statement that the total. Turnover, of darknet markets amounts. To approximately 800. Million a year so it's really at the end of the day it seems, large but, it's a drop in the bucket considering. You know everything, else that goes on oh here it is so the, portal, according. To some, of the reports at CCN, had were. Profiting. About, six hundred thousand, dollars a month so they, were profiting. About, seventy-five. Bitcoins. Every, single month from. Their mixing, service, now, this. Was primarily. Targeting. Users. In, the United States Germany and the Netherlands. And. Those are the ones they were able to trace obviously, there are a lot of others that, will use a VPN that, will go untraceable, but. You, know the point with all of this is that. You, know as much as a criminal, you know wants to utilize a digital. Asset it. Leaves a trail leaves, cookie, crumbs and with, those cookie crumbs in that trail of these addresses. Europol. Or any of these agencies. Can, then go back track, and they'll you know be able to track them down and shut them down so I think that that's you, know it's interesting you know overall so. All, right let's see what we got here yeah. Any. Any feedback, comments, on this Devon. I don't think criminal is used many check ha ha. No. No, criminals, are definitely not using checks and you can almost say that the digital asset, is all, you know almost like a check right but could you imagine you know if they're using their checkbook, that'd be that'd be interesting, right that would be pretty funny ninety. Percent of, dollar, bills in the US have that's true to our TV you can you backtrack, that it's insane but.

But. There are you, know they have come, out and said that and now I was reading a port that our phones, are actually. Not our phones our credit, cards I don't know how this happens our credit cards are actually, dirtier. Than. Then. Money, they didn't, cash you know then paper money I don't know how that's possible but, that's, what they say so. What's, up Jim. Watching. From the YMCA. Man, if I could put you on you can start singing. Hopefully. You're doing a good workout I, did. Here 18, T is is, accepting. A digital. Asset for payment through a third-party, service, same. Third-party, service that Ohio is using, to. Receive, tax. Tax. Payments, so, what's, up for shod thanks, for that man appreciate. It man, you going to the gym that's awesome. Yeah definitely I appreciate. That as a hopefully. Hopefully. I don't ruin, your workout as you as you start working out so. Let's. See Bert. Hold the shipping, let's say criminals, are stupid, why, use traceable, BTC, when they can use privacy, coins like Manero and that, that's a good point to you know so they, go to what, what, they know no one said that they're they're intelligent, and. It would be interesting, to see what. Happens on the privacy, space in that, regard, you. Know to see what kind of traction, they can take, with. With a Mineiro, anything like that and I'll you know but the, big company, are the big, government out there you know tracks them down in the big organization. So you. Know that'll be that's I like, what Devon saying there's a good, chance of that but once you try to ban them then, they go underground. Once, they're underground, you know then there's, going to be an underground currency, at that point but. Again you, know it's not the tool it's the intent, of the individual, those, individuals, will be tracked and found, you can't hide just, because that's how you're you know moving money those. The, criminal intent is still, there and. So you, know there there's you, know still that so now. Going, back into. Into. Government and taking, all of this you, know what we're thinking about and, why. It's so important. You know for us to help. Educate. Those. That are in office, on the, realities, of the, digital asset space now, I then. Look at one point to. Bring up you wonder, in certain. Countries certain, circumstances. Certain, political, groups why, they may be, against. Digital. Assets, from mainstream adoption. And if, you. Think about some of the concern, that those individuals. Might have within. A political, class that. Accepts, bribes and, makes, large financial, gains from. Hidden deals with. Large lobbying. Groups. The same politicians, who. Get, huge. Amounts of money transferred. To them in quasi. Book deals written. By ghost writers, in, order to enrich. That individual. And, in order to gain their compliance. On specific. Issues you. Know so that is something, that you, know Dee and I think if you throw that you know they I think it's an interesting, point. You, know to really to. Really consider, is. That. You. Know is that you know from a from a political. Perspective you, know I think it's it's crazy you, know if you look at the way you can manipulate, the. Politicians. Into. Certain, action. Through. You. Know through through. These bribes, and it'll be interesting to see also you. Know what would happen from, the digital assets space you, know with these politicians, whether. They're in the United States or elsewhere I just think it's something that you know we need to dig down into investigate, a little bit further as to why, some of them might be against, it obviously you look at like the shermanator who. Receives, you know huge, you, know lobbying. Payments. From from. These. Credit. Card processing, companies, so, you, know so that that's, you. Know that's obviously, where. We're, at on that, so, let, me sorry, just kind of looking at the notes here let me see what we got any. Additional. Feedback comment. They. Devon, let's. See if you try to encase. Them to, a legit, coin the, exchange will not be able to so. You'd be stuck with them criminals, won't be able to launder them like, they can't cash exactly. Yeah that, that's a good point you, know and that's the whole intent, of the, of, the criminal, is to be able to move it into spendable. Currency. And if, it's just in a Manorama, narrow form then, you still will have to have a mix. Or service or somebody out there that's then moving that, coin, over, to, something that's spendable, that's a great point, yep, yeah, the side yeah that's that's d and i said yeah that's exactly right, so I think those are great points I like that you have great points.

So. Let's, see here when you off-ramp to Fiat privacy, coins don't help exactly, so, I think that's definitely you. Know very, very good point you know and so that's something that we need to emphasize. With. It with a political, you. Know class that are making their decisions, on this stuff you know we definitely have to you know bring that as a, major point. Now. Let's. Let's sideline. Over to XRP, a little bit because, I think this is important. XRP. Let's, talk a little bit about ripple, now. Obviously, there's a ton that we can read into the space you, know we see the growth we. See the potential of, of, ripple. Net we know what ripple is doing on, the global, stage we've, talked about it you, know many times and. We see. What Brad. Garlin house has stated. Regarding, X current, being, Swift 2.0. Swift. Doesn't hold a candle to what triple. Net through, X current, offers, the. From. The bank's. The financial, institutions, as, far as cross-border, payments, XRP, and ripple, net has a much. Bigger, role, in, the economy, of in the global economy, much, greater than. You, know any anybody could imagine and. Much greater than what Swift, would. Ever accomplish, so, Swift, as a messaging. Platform, and that's it, not a solution, to provide liquidity, not. A solution. To, provide. The. Actual you, know movement of of, currency. Strictly. Just. A, messaging. Provider, so, here. What we're seeing is that you know through, XRP. You. Can have a. Very. Reliable. Source of liquidity. It. Can be utilized, in, order to, facilitate. The. The payment, remittance, it. Can be utilized, for the. Exchange. Of all. Currency. And digital asset, it, has, significant. Functionality. To. It so the, from. A broader perspective. Regardless. Of the amount of time it takes it has, by, far you, know the the biggest, growth. Opportunity. Pretty, much out of any of the digital. Assets, mainly, because you, know xrp, being utilized, you, know for, a solution. Like, X rapid, now, right. Now X wrap it hasn't come full, on obviously they engaged. Obviously, it's active, but, here's here's some thoughts then. I want to look at some you know I want to look at something that recently came out an article that came out and. And, so, so here's here's my point you know obviously, things are happening. Banks. Adoption. Of. Ripple. Net as a. Solution currently, utilizing, X current, obviously. We. Can we can look at it in terms of its it's kind of exploding, the adoption, we're, seeing more and more financial. Institutions. That are being on-boarded, and, big financial, institutions, like. Sab you know out of Saudi, Arabia. We have RIA RIA. Money transfer, which. Is the world's second largest service, provider of. Remittance, payments, came. On board using, utilizing, ripple net now. One. Of the the, biggest unknown variables. Is when. Will X, rapid. Be engaged, by, these. Banks now. I I firmly, believe, that you know there's specific. Criteria. In, terms of you, know volume, of. You. Know in in terms, of currency. Movement, potential. That. That. Ripple. Net is probably, waiting for in, order, to you, know mass migrate. You know groups of banks into, real. Life. Utility. Obviously. You can't automatically. Have everybody, turn on at the same time with. The potential, of shutting. Down this. This, software. You know I software, program, or, whatever it might be you. Need to you, know ramp people up slowly. Into, that program to. Still work out any potential, bugs, that. There might be that won't be, and. Won't receive, a hyper. Focus. On so, so. I believe, that you know in order for X rapid, to roll, out in earnest, we, need to again see specific. Volume. Of activity by. A specific, number of banks, happened. Prior to I have no idea what that is I'm just just. Conjecture. You know at this point you know so. We. You, know I would, really have to look and say you know what is it that is it you know or, what is it or how you, know are they going to, put. X, wrap it into the. Mainstream use. And and again from my perspective so. Now. With, all of this you know there's some great things that are happening we. See that. Brad Garlin house was sitting down with, the, heads, you, know the kind of a who's who in the. In, the, in the world of finance, sitting. Down with Christine, Lagarde of the IMF, so you, know many many YouTube you. Know streamers, and videos have focused, in on that, specific. Meeting, but. Again the intent now, those. Organizations. Would, not sit, with. Brad, Garlin house wouldn't, sit with the ripple corporation, if, there. Wasn't, a bigger picture and if, there wasn't an intent. You. Know of utilizing. The, ripple solution, to, a fuller extent, if all it is is a swift. To point oh that's. Great they're gonna compete head-to-head with each other they might show up at trade shows but. Is it Swift 2.0. That. Is stimulating. Is it, Swift 2.0, that's getting everybody, excited, about.

Their Solution, or is, it X, rapid. Is it, their X via API, solution. You know is it the fact that they, can, you. Know provide global. Liquidity of, and. And, really. It's unparalleled, you, know so also, considering. The fact that through ex rap or through through. The through, XRP you know and through, ripple. I should say through the ripple multi-hop. Solution. There's, so much potential. Overall. And I think that is what the. Big financial you, know Wizards you, know globally, are focused. In on and why, they're excited, about. About. What. Ripple is doing with ripple net so I believe. There's there's you know great, things to come you, know obviously you, know there's a ton of excitement in this space but, I also believe and this is this, article, came out and you know I read, through this article I said you know what it's, it's important, to talk about it you, know we we should you. Know you know look and emphasize, yo for Sean Penn thanks for that, unexpected. Unexpected. And. Gives. Me motivation to. You. Know every time I get something you know from the community just gives me motivation to, give back to the community as well so I, appreciate. That man. So. The, so, this was an article again this, was SBS, CB, Thailand, tabs, ripple, for blockchain, payments the reason why I bring this up is because this is already old news from, back in September, of 18. There were some tweets that were coming out from s CB as a response. To. Somebody's. Questioning. So then. Then there's a whole article here, written about this and. Really the question would was would. You be using XRP, the. Response, from s CB Thailand was we. Will be using blockchain, technology, for ripple, but. As for. XRP you, may have to wait for further announcement. Now, we already know that if. These. Banks. Are engaged, in using. Engaged. In using. X. Current, through, ripple. At some, point they're going to turn, on the X rapid, solution, when, it's ready and when they're ready X, rapid, will happen now y-you know they write this entire article, about, this third. Biggest tie Bank teases, tantalizing. News for, ripple XRP bulls but. They didn't, tease the tantalizing news, because, somebody asked, them the question and, they, were responding, to somebody's. Question. Which. Is great that they responded, to the question, but, again it's really, you know common, sense that. We will. See you, know banks move into a solution, that's a gonna, save the money and B is gonna provide a more seamless, transfer. Of funding, if it's gonna make their life better and less, expensive. And and, overall, faster, then, they're, going to do it and. So if they're if they're already adopting. Into that, solution, obviously if they don't want to move into ripple net there's nothing, you can do that's, gonna get a bank to use X rapid, you know if they're on the JP, Morgan. Money. Transfer, solution, or if. They're fully embedded with, Swift and they. Never. Move over to ripple net they're not gonna use X rapid but if they're using, the. Ripple. Net solution, and they're using X current, there's a high probability chance. That, they're going to move over to X rapid, the, fact that people you know are trying, to read into every little news they. There was no utility, of tantalizing. News they you know they weren't teasing, it they were merely responding, so I get you know my point with this is there's, enough excitement, in the space. With. With reality. With real news of what's, happening, we don't have to you know try to dig in and and, put words into a. Representatives. Mouth of their financial institution, when it, really isn't there yet and that wasn't the full intent of how. That happened, as exciting. As that response, is you, know that could have been the response, someone asked a great question and here's, their amazing response that's just uh just, my thought, process, on it so, let's. Let's, get into multi, hop now I think it's important, you know that that, that. All of us on you know there's 40-plus. People that have been on and off this stream this, morning, I think it's important, that as.

Early. Adopters as, content. Providers. As content. Participants. It's, very very important, that. We stay informed, on key, aspects. Of the, solutions, that were backing. Just. Like the research that you might do prior. To buying a stock if you anticipate man. Farshad, what's up man really. Appreciate that. So. Right, three of them man that's crazy man. So, you, know so really you know trying. To emphasize, and focus on you know if you're gonna invest in stock if you're, looking for a long-term holding, stock you're, not just gonna go down you, know the list and say you. Know blind I'm, gonna pick this stock and that's the one I'm gonna hold for the next ten years that doesn't make any sense if you're gonna buy and hold if you're gonna invest in a stock and, I'm not saying that XRP, is a stock you know obviously. Not as a digital asset it's, not a stock, in in in, ripple. In any stretch. Of the imagination but. As a comparison. In terms of an investment thought process, and investment. Strategy, it's. Very important, that we understand. The. Full utility, as well so, obviously. You can dig in and say and look at Bitcoin and, there's a lot of opinions, back and forth on whether. Or not bitcoin is a long-term hold whether. It truly is a store of value etc. Etc in, the digital currency. World, bitcoin. Is a store, of value that's. Just that's, just the reality of it right now whether. That goes away in the near future you know we'll, find out is. LTC. The silver, to, BT sees gold it's. Holding its value at this point you know it's got a deed it's been, ramping, up with the market it's not at zero. Aetherium, has a lot of utility behind. It in, terms of in, terms. Of the framework that other. Blockchain. Companies, you know have built. On but. You know I guess with, with. Understanding. The nature of what we're investing in it's, important, also then to understand, if ripple. You, know is the primary vehicle, at this point or I should say the, largest vehicle at this point that, could potentially utilize. XRP, as, a digital, asset it's, important, then for us to understand, the vehicle just like it's under it's important, for us to, understand, the. Vehicle behind coil, or. Cinnamon. Or the. XRP tip bot you, know or you, know look at the. The the XRP ledger, you know understanding, the dynamics, of how the. XRP digital, asset, can be utilized. Within. These various. Solutions. Understanding. Then also how. How. How, ripple. Through ripple net you know factors, in to. The utility, of X. R P as well through X rapid, and. Understanding. The significance. Of. What ripple. Net really is on. The global stage and I think all of these things factored. In they're all important, you know we have to stay very very you, know knowledgeable. About what's happening, now it, goes a step further because, as we. Especially. In the United States especially if, you're, participating, in, the. Grassroots. Initiative. Outreach. To to. Congress, to, our political. Representatives. Now. Our political representatives. Don't, necessarily, just have to be in Washington. DC so my, next initiative. That. I want, to focus in on you, know outside of what we can do to help in. Congress, with the token taxonomy, Act but, I believe, the next initiative. Is an, outreach, to, state. Government, so state, governments, are very very. Important. Also. From, a. Normalcy. Perspective. And a mainstream, adoption perspective. To see certain. Regulation. Certain. Acceptance. Of digital. Asset at a state level, bears, a lot of significance, so we see what happened in Wyoming, we, see you, know some of the rules, that have been you.

Know Passed around in in, Nevada. We. See what, the what happened in Ohio you, know where they you know actually, are allowing. A third, party platform, to. Be used for, payment. Of taxes, and, as well as additional. Acceptance. Of the digital asset space by, the by, the state government, in in, Ohio as. They did in Wyoming, so that next initiative, and again, we foe because in on the early adopters, the YouTube content creators, the, YouTube content, participants. The, Twitter influencers. The Twitter influencer. Participants. Whatever, it might be whatever, the platform, is there's, a community, at large here, of digital. Asset, investors. And digital. Asset. Blockchain. Enthusiasts. Understanding. The dynamics, and significance. Of what this means to, our future economies, whether, it's in the United States or elsewhere in the world but, again. Focused, on the US crowd, here and we do have a you. Know decent-sized international. You. Know viewership and participant, base so. This could hold some relevancy, to. You as well not. You know not, really speaking, in. Regards, to you know how to be how, that happens in, specific, countries, however. So, so. Again you know it's important, that we take these actions, it's important that we, stay actively, involved, I have, a meeting coming up on on, Thursday. That. Should be very very interesting, that, I'll provide some feedback, on after, I have that meeting I've. Let a few people know about it so far so. I'm. Really hoping that will, will. Really allow us to get further, engaged. In, supporting. The, direction. That the token taxonomy, act goes in I'm, hoping that as a community. We'll, have our voice heard, to make. Things, happen and that's really what it's all about, could we sit back and do nothing and, and, hope, for the best I'm sure that we could but. The point is that we have to understand. We have to be engaged and. So. Many of us here again as early adopters and participants. In this conversation, are. Are, really. You, know active, in, getting, the word out so so. That's, you, know what what, is critical, and this is exactly why you, know we're gonna want to call on everybody when. The time comes in. The United States specifically. Internationally. Again whatever, you can do to reach out to your local government to your state government whatever, that might be so. All. Right our. Lid what is the YouTube, video that you're posting, up at arrow you know what I'm not sure what it is. It's. Just it's held for review. Hang on a second, here, we go, I need. To do. Some. Cleanup. Of some of the things that I've been working on here so. Hang on a second. I'm adding, a few more moderators. To the to the channel just to simplify. Just, do something real quick and then I'll from. Grab okay cool let me let me share that are they both the same video. Anneliese I'll do that that's awesome, I wasn't. Even not even sure if that that that worked there but yeah I'll check that out. I appreciate. That Anneliese James. Malpass. Hit. The like so yeah definitely hit the likes and. Show. Some support for the channel for sure you know anything, anything. You guys can do at this point so let's um, let's uh. Hang, on okay let me read this here let's this is a good one I'm Anders. Politicians. In Norway say bitcoin, is only for criminals, and money laundering, it's propaganda, at the same time the, head of the central bank is at the meeting with the International, Monetary Fund you like that so. This. This just tells me you, know from that perspective, there's. A balance, and we talked about this before as well I know. I'm going, over my hour and and you know we might end up going maybe, 15, minutes we'll extend a little bit sorry about that so, I didn't, mean to, extend. To, extend beyond the hour that that, I try to hold in my head but you. Know so the the. Politicians. Are, acting. On incorrect. Information, we. Can't assume, that, the politicians. Are purposely. Spreading. You, know misinformation. These. Politicians, may, truly, believe that. Bitcoin. Is only for criminals, of money laundering look. At the relative age of, your, political class, of your, elected, officials that, are sitting in. In, Parliament, in government. In. Congress, wherever, they might be and you'll see that most of them are out of touch, just. As we saw that embarrassing. That, embarrassing, I don't. Even know what to call it a spectacle. With, the politicians. Questioning. Facebook. And everything, else and they had no clue they have no understanding of.

Anything As. It comes to you. Know as it comes to the man. Look I just I just got the notification, RTB. Man. Thank you for that I appreciate, the extra. Pee tip bot that. Just came through so that that's really awesome. That's fantastic I gotta I gotta open it up I'm just getting some of the you. Know pop-up, notifications. So. I'll. Open, that up here let. Me see as we're going, let. Me see if I can get that here xrp, tip bot, so. Sannio yes so you know we can't and you know again we can't anticipate that, our politicians, are. Operating. Yeah. I really. Appreciate that that's awesome now. My tip. Off balance is filled again and I can start using it to to. Tip out again I appreciate. That our TV that's awesome. So. Yeah. So where. Was I all right so again, with government, so let's, go to the other part of what Anders was saying here at, the same time the head of the central bank is it so, here we have politicians. That clearly, don't. Understand. What. What, digital assets, are they are, they're operating, on misinformation they're. Hyper focused, on that misinformation as, accurate. These. Are the individuals, that need to be educated, on the other side of it you have the central banks and I guarantee, at the banking level the central, banks do, understand. Exactly, what. Digital. Assets, mean to. This space they. Understand, what digital assets are gonna do globally, they. Understand, all. Of the the you know various dynamics. Of. What's. Happening, economically, and. This is exactly why they're sitting down now again, from a political perspective and, I'm, not sure exactly how it works in Norway but it's super, important, to, do an outreach to these. Individuals, buying that individual. Within. Parliament, that. You can speak to find. That individual, that's open, to, understanding, that's open, to trying to pass through, some, sort of legislation and. That's, where you. Can, really begin to educate at. The at the political level so. Andrew said the head of the central bank is at the meeting with the International, Monetary Fund we're bad Brad Garland's talks about ripple so you have the, bank's get it the, government, doesn't but, eventually it's all gonna come together it, really. It takes, you know it takes a community to. Move. Mountains you know so here, we are from, the grassroots. Level in the United States let's say you, know getting getting, very active, with. The with. The politicians. To, truly, help, you, know move. The. The, legislation. Through Congress now. Things. You know when you think about it from a perspective of, you know the bill gets presented there's. A lot of other things happening politically it's, not necessarily, a priority now all of a sudden you gravitate, to one politician you say you know what this. Is critical, and here's what's really happening, out there here's what you need to do to get active, here's what you as a politician need. To do to get your name, you know stamped. In history for all time, you know because, blockchain. Technology. You know is the dynamic, shift within. This industry blockchain. Technology, is you. Know potentially. Greater than you, know the invent, of the Internet or comparable. To the. Invent of the Internet as far as what the Internet has done for everybody this is the next step so you get a politician. That wants. To take part in, that. Concept, and they're, out there like Warren, Davidson, Darren, Soto Tom. Emmer and there's many many others, and, then you see God, himer and you see others, that are, understanding. The significance and, importance, of blockchain, technology, for the US economy as well, as what it means globally, they, get it they, want to get on board so again on the other side you, know of the coin here we, still have a lot of politicians, sitting.

In The US Congress. That, don't. Understand. Anything. When it comes to economy now think about I don't, know about other countries but the majority of, politicians. In the United, States are lawyers. What. The hell does head say you, know for us when, it goes to making. Decisions on finance. And economics you. Know show, me one attorney that, knows about. Accounting. And knows about finance, and knows about economics, they know the hell of a lot about you, know the law books. You. Know you. Know unfortunately, you know been too, you, know through a, part, of Law School and it, wasn't it wasn't it was interesting, it was a lot of fun but. You didn't, read or, learn, the, reality, of what's. Happening you, know and you definitely don't learn anything, about finance or economics and. So, there are all obviously. You. You have even in the medical space you, have doctors, that they, don't know anything about nutrition. How in the world is that they don't nothing about nutrition, right but then, you have doctors that do know about nutrition and then you have doctors that know about economics and finance and those that have no clue how to run a business so, it's the same thing with lawyers you know lawyers are hyper focused, on their sub-2 on their subject, matter and they don't understand, finance, but yet we elect. You. Know we elect these politicians. These lawyers to go and represent us in Congress and then we. Decisions. When it comes to finance. And economics and, and, we're beating our head against the wall you know thinking, that these guys know what they're doing so when it comes to when. It comes to the, digital asset space how. Do we expect, these, attorneys, to, understand, the the, functionality. Of a, digital asset how do we expect these attorneys to, understand, the functionality, of a blockchain and how do we expect. These attorneys to, understand, the dynamics. Of what. Digital. Assets, mean for, the. Economy in the US and and the economy at large globally. You know country to country and, so if they're functioning, and operating, based, on false information, or misinformation or. Outdated. Information or, they're you know functioning, on you. Know just just rumor, mill which, many of them do because they don't you know they're gonna rely on you, know whatever small, you know bit of information is, dumped on their desk to, read about you. Know then it's, up to us then, to educate, them from a grassroots level to let them know look as a, as. A, constituent. This. Is the reality as a constituent. I'm here, to, help you learn the significance and importance, of blockchain. Technology, as a constituent. You know I'm here to educate you, on what's, happening, globally. With. Digital, assets, you know and so that is our functionality. You know that's where it's important, whether we're in the United States, or in, Norway, or in Australia or, in the UK or wherever, it might be for, in the Netherlands, you know there are politicians. That care about this topic and there's, politicians. That we can reach out to that can, really, have a major impact on everything, you, know that that we need to happen so I didn't even talk about multi-hop, I don't know what happened, got. Sidetracked and now we don't even have time to talk about multi-hop, unless you.

Guys Are good with that I'm trying to think timewise. Multi-hop. I you know we don't have to get a lot into it but, let, me let me go back and see some some. Feedback here. Davonne and as you watch in a couple months your politicians, will start coming around all of a sudden though I have new information in combat criminals, agree with that it's, a matter of time it's a matter of Education, it's, a matter of. Support. You know from from all from all aspects, so, let's, see no one compares to you Miss Anna. I'm missing out on that conversational. Kind, of uh let. You guys go, through that let me see um. Trying. To get through the. Facade. You're the man yes. Malpass. Man. I agree with that a hundred percent Farshad. Is really. Amazing, I mean constantly. You know showing support for content, creators. Just. Really you, know throwing out it's a you know man you know you're doing a phenomenal job. You know that's it's it's outstanding, you know here you are you know spending, time you, know listening. Supporting. Contributing. You, know there's just so much you know it's it's really amazing you know so. Huh, I'll, pass. Yeah, so yes so that this. This whole community that's why in the beginning you, know and and now you know when we talk about what, needs to be done we have the content, creators the content, participants. We're all in this together you, know there's so so many brilliant. Minds, in these, streams, that. And, you know you, know what DNI has been contributing. On. His on his stream and. Each, of the participants, that are here and I really appreciate, you, know everything that you guys have, everything. You guys give you know it's just absolutely. Outstanding it. Really is really really is so, all right let's let's, wrap this up maybe wind up doing an hour and a half I like, keep it to an hour because I'm when people come back to watch again nobody, wants to sit through an hour-and-a-half video with, that they can't engage in you know so and, then you end up fast-forwarding. And you tried to figure out where, in the world in multi-hop, go why isn't it in this video stream it's on the thumbnail. You, know I thought he was gonna talk about multi-hop, what. Happened to XRP, being used by banks I, guess. We talked about that in the beginning so, huh, all, right so, this is. Whoops. Let's. See. Huh, I have. No idea what blue bunny is is. That an ice-cream place I could. Be mistaken I'm going to sure.

Uh, Xrp. Carolina all right that's cool man. Appreciate. Appreciate your time here I get, it alright that's that's great man glad, you glad you were able to spend a little bit of time on here ah hide. Is ice cream thoughts. Never. I don't think I've ever had Blue Bunny, is. It an ice cream place or just some ice cream that's distributed. All right so let's look let. Me look here let's get into this and then well then we'll wrap this up at at, a what, times at 9:30 how about that I think, that that'll be that'll, be decent, so this, goes back way way way back and months. Are like years, in the digital asset space I swear to God you. Know weeks are like months, days, are like I don't know day. You know but, it's it's crazy so, September. 28 2018. Siam. Commercial bank pioneers. Ripple. Nets multi-hop. Feature. And, so obviously it was in the news and the news again Siam. Bank is was, that the second, largest bank. Over. In in, Thailand, I. Believe. I believe it's one of the the larger banks over in that area but. So. SCB, Siam, commercial bank, utilizing. And really again, like they said pioneering, and testing. The. Multi, hot feature and as I got into it I said you know what and, I'm on the ripple comm, website, to, pull this up I said you know what I've read. About multi-hop. I study multi op and then as, time goes by all, this information, just gets jumbled, up in, in, my brain you know and I go back and I'm like you know I got it I got to figure this out you. Know I got to figure out what, you know everything. That I that I learned you know and trying to go back in and remembering. Every little aspect of, it but. The multi hot speed, up the videos I've done that before it's great. Gale travels, I have I have, watched videos, in double-time, that's awesome, huh. Yeah, so let's see here. All. Right we're okay, so multi-hop. Now. Let, me let me get right down to the significance. Of the multi hop and where it where is it there. Was a little statement of, why the. Multi hop and I, wanted to read this because it was it was so important, and now. I can't find this statement this was awesome. Let's, see here. Cumbersome. Process, no. That's not it it was like it was like perfect. The. Benefits, of multi-hop. Now. I can't find it but you know basically you know multi-hop, is it allows these financial. Institutions to, move. Money, and, so let's say you have a small, you know you have a bank. Typically. You, know if they need to move money from one currency to the next many.

Of Them you, know aren't, on you, know the the larger bank wire transfers. And. Don't have a pull, of liquidity. They don't have the nostro Vostro accounts, and. So they're able to utilize, so here it is they're able to utilize. The. Multi-hop. Feature. Because. Normally, they have to convert, it into a u.s. currency before. They can settle it in the, other bank in the other currency, so here it is right here so a. Lack. Of standard integration, and Asia on for regional cross-border payments so. This is again they, don't have a standard, so they're not using a swift then I use anything like that you, know because. There's. Without. That standard, of integration, or. For. Movement. Of money even, cross-border, if it's going from you.

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