Revisiting how I got into screen printing and grew my business - Shop Talk

Revisiting how I got into screen printing and grew my business - Shop Talk

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You. Hey what, is up everybody Matt. With my key designs here, just. Kind of gonna hang. Out here for a second wait for you guys to, the. Show up today. Will be a, little. Different than, than. Normal, this. Might be more like the first show. Which. Is just, really. Just mean. Shannon, is not here today wish. She was here, miss. Her I'm sure you guys will miss her as well if, you're. Listening Shannon, I miss. You had two misses you as well and. I. Can't, wait to get you back, so. We're. Gonna wait for a handful, of people to tune in see who all Tunes in and I, guess. Talk a little bit we had touched, on. Basically. How I started, a screen printing business and there seemed to be interest, in. How. I went about starting. The business and everything so well well touch on that. And. Then also see what well, some of you guys been up to you this. Week. So. We're just gonna. Hang. Out for a little while, perhaps. Exchange. Stories. Answer. Any screen, printing questions, that do come up. And. Kind of let you know how how, things have been going this, week, so. We'll. Give it a few moments real, des the. Start tuning in we'll, see who's first, first. To. Come in on the chat here I. Wish. That we, could be like one of these color, YouTube channels like first. Person that Tunes in and leaves the chat a message. Wins. The hundred bucks by. The way we're not giving you a hundred bucks. Hey. What's up there sincere. Jamrock. Hi. From Oklahoma, how you doing, welcome. To the show, thanks. For tuning in, how. Has your week been going what what have you been up to, screen. Printing wise. Let. Us know in, the chat. So. We're just gonna leave it on the the. Little, hold. Screen here for a moment wait, for some more of y'all to to tune in and. I, might cut this one a little short it depends. What's. Up David tackling tackling. Techniques. And Santa, Cruz welcome. Hey. Welcome aboard. Thanks. For tuning in be. Good to hear from you how's. Your week Bart, I say, we cuz it's, Monday, to me I feel, like it. The. Week just never ends, didn't really have a Saturday, didn't really have a Sunday been been. Working working working so. What's. Up CJ's Place high. From Minnesota. Hello. How are you doing welcome to the show. Good. Good, not screen-printing, yet but, vinyl and sublimation has, me. Busy, right now so sincere. Jamrock that's. Good yeah. I I feel, like I haven't posted enough. Videos. On doing. Vinyl heat pressing, and all that I started, to record some some, things and I. Think. They're they're quite detailed, yeah. I don't know I'm always recording, something recording. Today like today I was recording today, and. I'll talk about that here in a how, things have been going with. This. Week. I've. Been getting some some, extra help since seeing. The the shop gnome is out. And. Well. We're. In Houston Texas here, technically, humble, so, howdy, to you guys. You. Started doing, CJ's, place, as I started doing vinyl. Once. Screen printing I never do HTV now. Yeah. Philly on that I started, out screen, printing so the. HTV. Part, was new, to me when I got into it I will say that HTV.

Is A, little. Bit of a, blessing having that. Because. Now we can do that the ones and twos and do names, and numbers because. We kind of just used to the, farm that out we say outsource that to other. People, and. Being. Able to do custom. Names and numbers and. There's. A yearly order that we do that's hundreds of shirts that's different, names and instruments, it's. Kind of a source of. Have. I tried adding a waste bottle, on your Epson. 1430. And resetting, it david. Tacklin okay, so I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna switch this over guys. That. Way you can see me and you're not just. Looking at this little screen here listening to my voice so let's. Go ahead and kick it. Hey. What is up everybody, designs. Here, so. We're gonna dive into some, of these questions and I'm going to talk about how, I got into screen. Printing. My. Little story and how we got to where we're at and kind. Of where we're headed really but. However, before we dive into that, I'm. Gonna go over to, the. Chat and. Answer. Some of y'all's questions so it seems like y'all have, some questions, I followed eyes about that I probably should have switched. That over. That. Is my, bad so let me go ahead and and. Kick. This over to, the chat real quick it's. Not easy it's not as easy as you, guys think it is doing, this, live. Stream operating, OBS, however. Let. Me get to y'all's, questions. Let's. See so David tacklin. Have. You tried, adding a waste, bottle, on your Epson, 14 30 in resetting, it it's funny that you, say that because I. Did. Just. Purchased, not only a CIS. Or is it a seeing-eye SS, like the constant. Feed. System, for the printer I bought one specifically. For, the. For. Screen printing so, it's just all black so, I'm really excited to get that in and also got. A waste. Bottle, I, basically. Learned and. Figured. Out how to pull the heads and stuff out so now. At this point we have two of them and I feel like I can resurrect the other one but also we'll have the. Other Epson, 1430 bad news about the Epson, 1430. That. We. Did get is one. Of the colors is clogged up in the all-black system, so I'm having to put some really weird settings, in it to. To, make things work. So. Yeah. Yeah. David, I've got. One on the way and actually plan, on. Recording. A video of how to go about installing, all that and tossing, it up because the the 1430, is a really, great printer, I was.

Fortunate Enough to come across that, 1430. I got from my. Former employee, that. Employer. Excuse, me that. I. Left. In 2014. To. Go full-time and. Yeah. So but. I've been, recording, me. Kind of, creating. Some sort here and it's thing I'm curious about is whether or not I can run two, of those things at once, through, accurate. Maybe not but I might, plug both of them up just to increase. Increase. The amount, of film that I can kick out so I think it takes about 10 10. To 15 minutes I've been playing around with some of the settings too and I found a quicker setting they get something opaque. Might even - the. Losing. One of the colors I was sick so I need to pull that that. Head out. What's. Up inks a tional screen printing what's going on, he. Says good evening guys and girls. What's. Up CJ's place, Matt. Do you watch Kim on the print life I do yeah. We've actually have. Spoke over the phone he's. A he's, a cool dude, he's. A thinks. He's, funny he's. Also. He's. Straightforward. It's it's funny, because I mean some of my friends, are, just like cam. I. Think, he's a little, more rough around that just didn't than my friends and what I mean by that is is uh, he. Doesn't give a damn. You know I mean which. My friends don't either but. He's. A cool guy we've, talked and we, actually had. He's. Interested, in kind of. Doing. A little something, together and. We. Chatted, on the phone for for. Some time and. Have talked about our experiences because, we're somewhat. In a similar similar place, our. Shops are you know we're, both manual shops, he has another manual. But I don't think they use that one a whole lot and. We. Got, panned in here and his telling me is like he needed a Jessie in your shop I'm like well you. Know we got a panda, we got a panda now, and. So, I've been training, him I'll keep, an eye out for a vlog, I've been training, him he's been here helping me while Shannon. Is. Out of town. Had. A family. Member passed away which has been really tough so, y'all sin y'all's left DeShannon. And let her know that you are thinking about her as well and. But. Yeah I mean. Cams. Cool we kicked. It over over the phone and maybe. When one of these days we can meet up. It. Was funny because it was like you, know you're, my competition. Basically. So. I'm gonna do. Whatever I can to. Essentially. Reach. A broader, audience a, bigger piece of the screen printing, community. On. YouTube. Which it's not a really. Huge. Community community. Which, I like because then we. All get a little more familiar with, one another. Let's. See, CJ's. Place I use a, 14-13. With the C is all black awesome, cool, yeah I got, it off of ebay I I, didn't, find there I know there were tons of them out there but a lot of them were just selling, the. The color inks which I don't really, need so, hopefully. This one works, out really well so I'll keep you guys updated on that. JP. What's going on. Thanks. For tuning in CJ's, place yep I'm a one-man show, out of my garage I feel, you on that CJ, because. That's. How I started, out and. I. Will dive into that here shortly but yeah. I started. It out in the, garage and, just kind. Of slowly grew, things. And to. Be honest, I, think. That. There. Were some things that that, went on I'm grateful. That they did that kind. Of forced. Us to to, get a shop and. A lot of it's just because a business, and. Filling. Up the house, like the living room with boxes, just wasn't cool and we're really cramped in the garage so. So. Yeah coal. Man there's, nothing wrong with printing. Out of the garage and. I. Think. That's a good. Enough segue now I'll, talk. About I'll. Answer. Something else questions, and just kind of really talk. About how I got into it how. I got into screen printing and how we got to the point where we're at. Okay. So, really. I never. Thought. That, I would be screen printing I had years. And years ago it's a probably. 2003. Somewhere. Around there 2003. The. Company I was working for. Basically. They screen print on latex balloons and I graduated. College in 2001. Which, sounds. Like, a long. Time ago which. It is really. However. So. I saw, them doing screen printing and I always found screen, printing t-shirts interesting. And I kind of put together a little business plan years ago I wish, I would have followed through with it then, but. I didn't, because my, boss at the time his name is Charlie, the. Art director there. At gala industries, where I used to work a little, back story on gala industries, they are a. A. Kite. And balloon. Manufactured. Lead screen print on latex, balloons, I did all their design, work I did. Their kite designs their packaging, their advertising, all, that, eventually I became the art director, there, and. The. The company slowly was just kind of going sadly. Just, going down is, a huge, company and I. People. Just slowly, either. Found different jobs or pass, away because there were older.

People That were working there, however. Back to how. I got into screen printing, that. Was something that they did they screen printed on latex balloons I, got discouraged, by. My boss saying that there was no money in screen printing so I just kind of let it lie, continued. To. So. I had, my regular job I freelanced, and then, I played music on the side so I was doing pretty well and. Then. Where things changed, his in. 2012. I got a divorce. Things. Didn't. Work out and, I. Found. Myself not very, motivated to do graphic, design a. Whole. Lot, not. As much as I was I, was doing it a lot on the side. That. That led me into thinking, of other ways to make. Money and I had put together is probably around 2006. This I'm dubbing, at Volkswagen t-shirt. Design. And. I, was, like you know what that if. You guys look, up, my. My. Name, Matthew. Chevalier, on YouTube you'll see if, you do a search for a v8 Volkswagen, bug that was one of the things too I had just these hotrod, projects, I'm in the hot rods I haven't. Really done, a whole lot in the past couple years last. Hot rod project I did was a El. Camino. You. Could see on my Facebook page some. Of the pictures of the El Camino and whatnot, but. I, used, that as kind of my t-shirt, hauler, anyhow. It. Was a really cool car. So. I. Was. Just kind of looking for. Another. Source, of income and because I was so tied into this Volkswagen community. I put together this Volkswagen design. Pitch. Put it out there and and said hey here's a shirt design I put. Together I'm. Taking, pre-orders I was charging like $10 a shirt because, the. Volkswagen, community, is. They're. Pretty cheap so I, mean people get into Volkswagens. Because it's a cheap car. To rebuild the. Classic, ones and there. Was about 25, people that place. An order I'm like cool you. Know I'm. Gonna source someone out to, just print it and then I, will. Make, money off of just. Kind of reselling, shirts that someone else printed well. I mean people warm. David. Tackle and I'm a 9:14. Guy that's awesome. So. I mean they're practically. Charging, what. I wanted, to. Really. Sell the shirts forward, so it was kind of like a waste of time so, me. Being a. Hot-rodder. Or a guy that likes to work with my hands that. Took. Woodshop class and, manufacturing. Systems and all these any, technical, thing I could after, I just completely. Got. Tired of doing art and it. Really wasn't a challenge in school, anymore I Harper, went on with art, school that was different story so. I. Decided. To make a wooden. Press, a one-color. Wooden press made, it bought some speedball, ain't not knowing a whole lot about it bought a a, frame. From one of the vendors I still, used to this day. It. Was. A head, excuse. Me it was a headache. Figuring. Out how to do that first screen y'all. Let, me know in the comments, how many screens did, you guys go, through when. You did your first screen and. Finally. Got a successful. Screen because I had watched video, after, video and there, was a lot of misinformation out, there about, you. Know if you want a bright friend you need to code it two, and two with, the. Round edge and then come back and code it again I think, that just, spells. A lot it like that's a lot of trouble for someone that's new, my, advice would actually be decoded. One in one, let. It dry. Expose. It wash it out and then. Print flash print the thing, so. It. Took, me it, literally, took, me. Probably. About, 40.

Tries, To. Get one, screen, and. Believe. Me there's, been many, points. And they're. Even disp. At this past Sunday this past week there's been plenty. Of points where it just gets frustrated. Because things don't seem. To go right even. Today. I mean, every day is a challenge when, it comes to screen printing, um. I wouldn't. Say I'm a perfectionist but, I I do. Take. My crafts, here selim. So. I I. Made. This wooden press use, a hairdryer. To cure these shirts and then got, the shirts out. After, I did that a, friend. Of mine saw, that. JP. Says looking forward to that I'm, doing my first screen tomorrow hey just do it one in one and. Make. Sure your you can't see through your film whatever art you're exposing, and you, can just expose, the crap out of it like you can over expose it as long as no lights getting through I. Don't. Really believe there's such a thing as over exposing, there's, definitely, under exposing. Okay. So as. I. Was saying I. A friend, of. Mine. Was like hey I work for a company which. Actually, is still a good client of ours today they place about, anywhere. From 100 to 300 shirts, every few. Months so. That kind of kick started things off were like hey can you print shirts, for us I. Was. Like yeah, sure how, many they want they, want about 300, shirts I couldn't, wrap my, mind around doing. 300, shirts because, doing. Like. 25, shirts, was a pain, in the ass and, even before that order, one. Of my co-workers at. Gala industry sees that he is actually the engineer, there that. That guy probably could design an automatic. And he has he's actually, designed, automatic. Presses, and. For. Printing. Different size balloons and the, guy is really. Smart engineer wise so. Shannon if you're watching and, kahlan's. Around you should tell him about Mike really smart dude and she hadn't met him at one point. So. He. Mike. Had ordered some shirts I completely, screwed them up I remember crying because I was just so frustrated, that the. Registration, of my wooden, press, that I made wasn't, holding registration. And. But. I really. Wanted to give up that night I bought some ink. From Ryan ed some yellow, opaque, ink because I did have the one station, and I used the same ink for my. After. I continued, doing my VW t-shirts, and then his t-shirts it was like RC, airplane, thing so, he would build airplanes and, whatnot. But. I got. That debt order. From. The. The, client, where my friend used to work I'm not gonna tell you who they are. I'm. Not gonna give that away. However. So I did, these 300, shirts they're. Like yeah man they they look great and it was a simple just left color chest, print type. Thing. So. I was like okay well maybe there's, something to this I'm going to just, go, ahead and. Actually. I'm. Gonna change, my freelance, website. Because, I was tired of it - screen printing I changed my facebook page to. Screen. Printing I changed. All my social media, - to, it being nothing, but screen. Printing and then every, single little small project, that came through I'd post, that up as a portfolio, piece and. I see oh the crap out of it I don't even know how like, I knew, how to put websites, together a little bit but didn't I stumbled, upon WordPress. JP. Says speedball, was awesome. Back in the day before all.

New, Technology. PLAs saw your you're right about that speed bulb for, for water basing, I think it's you, know it's it's a great I wouldn't, even call it a starter guy I'd say hobby hobby, level because. It's not like you can go buy a gallon of it not. That I know. So. Back. To. Building. The website and in just. SEO. Which SEO means search engine, optimization. The, Google. Algorithms. Or whatever it's called I can't. Think. Of what's called right now. Algorithms. So. In. Fact into it was a little easier to get your page, a higher up and I. Recorded. Some videos and tossed those up on my personal, page it's. Funny because I my. Personal, page I, actually. Switched, that over to I. Start, I saw, that they started doing well then I started the. Hey. What's up Waldo come on I'm impact, great to have you so, I actually. Switched. Some of those over from my personal, page. To an actual screen printing page. So. I. Would. Get little jobs here and there from, the website, I tried. Facebook, advertising, which Facebook advertising. Actually, just brought in screen printers, that, were. Interested. In the, process. However. It did bring in some clients, but I would, say the return on, the investment. Probably. Was. You. Know I didn't, make any money after advertising. Google Ads. Google. AdWords that worked really well I haven't done that in a while. But. That worked really well I got people. Inquiring. From all over the country are. Still some of them that, that. Come. To us to this day, from. California. Arizona. Some. Of them on the East Coast every. Once now every. Once in a while they'll order. Shirts. So. Things, started kind, of picking, up and, started. Developing regular. Clients, one of a, good, client and. Budding. Someone, I thought about partnering, up with Harry. He. Found. Me, through Facebook. Sent. A bunch of work my way and. Really, what what I did was, I just every, single one of these jobs even though I wanted, to make some money every now and then I would take, a little bit of that money and then treat myself for less. Of my but having, a full-time, job coming. Home screen, printing. After. We. Did the the family, thing and put. The kids to bed I. I. Would, 10, o'clock go, in and start screen printing until the. Crack of dawn sometimes, I wouldn't sleep or I would just go. To bed at like 8 o'clock 9, o'clock and, didn't wake up at, 1:00. Or 2:00 in the morning, get. My stuff done before I had to had to head to work and sometimes. I couldn't get it done in time I would just call into work and make up some excuse because they were pretty lenient. Excuse. Me. So. So. I. Should. Probably stop saying so. After. Things. Picking, up what I did what, I was getting at was the. Fact that I just took the profit, and invested, in things to make it faster, like a flash. Instead of a heat gun and then an. Exposure, unit. A tabletop exposure. You need it, was from ran our was one of the first things I learned a lot from Jonathan, which, is why I'm proud. To repin. Because he's just. Really cares about teaching you. He. Does sell. Product, but I mean that's how he makes a living just like we sell shirts. Then. The next thing was a washout boot or a, pressure washer, and a washout boot I was power, washing. Screens. Out in the driveway. And. Made. The. Driveway. A mess. He is awesome JP, he's a cool guy too we, chatted, on the phone for, two and a half three hours and hopefully during, the slow. Season we'll, be able to go visit him do some collaborations. And I don't. Know possibly, swing. Out and see. Cam. As well maybe, do something with him. So. Then. I get a washout, boost I was. Like okay in a good spot, all this is speeding. GM. Prints yeah jonathan is cool. I agree. So, this, was speeding up. Having. The flash and exposure, unit a washout booth I was like man the. More just kept adding the faster I was, able to crank out these shirts make more profit, and, I just kept kicking it back towards, the business got. A bigger, exposure, unit you, got a bigger, flash. Obviously. I went from a need there was no transition between the, one color wooden press to the. Six color six station that I have out in the shop now like, that was just I, knew. That I. Had. Come across a great, deal and, I. Jumped on it quick I believe. I asked my father to loan me that money because it was such a great, deal and he did I told. Him I was like man this is my. Dream and this. Is what I'm gonna do and. I. Used to like how much how much you need. I was like $4,000. I'm. Not gonna give you 4,000, I'll I'll, kick to your way make, it happen oh and. I did. So. Very. Gogan. That. The next thing was a conveyor dryer Harry kicked over an order I think it was probably, about. 11. Not, 1,100. 150. Excuse me 150. Shirts, front and back and then there were some tank tops, and. The, profit, from, that I actually, bought. My first conveyor dryer and.

That's. When just, things, started picking up I was having a hard time keeping up with it I was, even at work just. Answering, emails because work at my old, job, was just slow they. Didn't have anything for me to do I was bored. And I, just one. Of the things that tipped me over was, getting, an order of a thousand, shirts with. Three. Color it might have been a four color front, three. Color sleeve. On. I. Believe. He's on the right side the three color sleeve and then a three color fullback print. That's. My next thing to buy conveyer driver go for it save save, the money even if you're just saving a little here and there go. For it it's it's worth it because, I had. A pretty, cool, method to carrying, my shirts with, the. Press, that. Was pretty efficient, but as soon as you get that conveyor drier and you can just take it off and you don't have to spend that press anymore or Jack. With your your, flash. It. Will speed things up and before, you know it even, if you start out with a small conveyor, you'll quickly, outgrow. That because you'll just you'll. Be able to turn those orders out and look. For more. This a thousand-piece. Order, and. I remember, I was at band practice just. Being completely. Flustered. Thinking. What am I gonna going, to do how am I going to be able to complete this by. The deadline, that they had and they needed it in a week, and. I thought myself there is no way I'm gonna have to quit. My job, because. I was, literally calling in so much and they were cool with it because the business, was just getting really slow. I thought, well. If. They're, cool with me calling, in so often I'm, not sure they have job security here. I would, like to retain the clients, that I do have, so. I just. Started. Printing it printing. This job I called in. And. I. Feel. Bad about it but we're still I'm. Still good friends with them and they still kick worked my way there. Was like two or three days where I was just hammering, out shirts. So. I called, them up and just said hey I'm I. I. Quit, I started. My own business and, it's doing really well and I cannot come in because I have my. Own stuff going on I'm just too busy and. They. They're just kind of like congratulations, you know. So. That turned into, and. By, the way. Collecting. Payments, like all of our payments, have been collected, through PayPal and, one of the great things cuz my credit. Was just kind of really. It. Took a hit with, the divorce. Cells that you make through, PayPal. Eventually. After a year, they have a PayPal. Working, capital, loan. Which is one of the ways I've been able to. Grow. My. Business and. For. Us to actually get out of the shop. Because they you, can take out a loan that, is. X. X. Amount of cells, that you make annually, and. Then. There are certain levels where there's gonna be like they'll take out 10%, of your cells. 15. 20, 25, 30. In. Order for us to get, in here we we took out, so. With. The PayPal thing that. It was just like in steps and every. Single one of those steps the first one was a pretty, small loan, the. Second one was bigger it's kind of like okay this is not. Too bad. The. Third one I was like holy crap this, is a. Sizable. Loan but, I use those loans to get, the. The. Bigger conveyor, dryer the, that. The, vacuum top. Exposure. Unit and then last, but. Not. Least to. Get into the shop and now. I'm just. Been. Talking about thinking, about it, because. Our our cells have doubled, since last year. Whether. Or not to do another one of these, loans. And just get an automatic, because.

You'll See in our vlog like tonight as, soon as I'm finished doing this. Live. Stream. Did. It's, one set fee one. Flat, rate JP. And I, I forget. What it is, like. Say for instance they'll, just have one flat fee and. That's it and then they just take out whatever, your cells are so. If you agree to the 10%, they'll. Have an estimated. Payoff, time how long it will take you to paid, off. But. I'm. Trying, to think, I'll. Have to do a little math on that. It's. You, know it's actually not too, bad it's. Not too bad I don't know the exact number, really. But. It, for. Me it was a great. Way of just kind of growing the business because. We do a lot through through PayPal, we're. On PayPal do you see the info and how much you, can get go, to. Do. A search, for PayPal, working, capital loan, and, if. You have a PayPal account. Log. Into that, PayPal. Working. Capital and, it's. A pretty simple process you just put your information in, there. There's. No credit, check or anything like that it's all based off yourselves, and then they'll tell you how much of a, loan that, you can actually get, so, good. Luck with that and it to me it's it's. Currently. On on our fourth one and I'll. Just say that the loan that we did get to get in here like. It made us sick. Just. As to how much how. Big that loan was, what. I remember. Shannon, and, I just being stress, and like. Are we really gonna do this okay. Here. We go you know cuz it takes 30% out of each, cell. So. In. The future. Really. Where we're at you're welcome Waldo, you're. Welcome JP. Justin, you're welcome as well yeah, if you guys are using PayPal, they have a working, capital loan, towards. Where you can just it. I believe, you. Have to have. Done cells through, them for about, a year and it be, somewhat. Consistent. But. Yeah, so our next, step is after. Your. Welcomed GM thank you guys, the. Our next step is like man with. The Manor cells that we've done in this past year and things only keep. Growing. Is. Should we take out another one, of these PayPal, loans and get an automatic, in here I don't really know that we're going to do that. Hey. What's up Jason. Man. Because. It. Only seed only seed that it's it's grown. The company, that. Much more every. Single time and. To. Be honest. Do. You elect with this five. Hundred five. Hundred and, seventy six t-shirt, order six colours on the front, print. Flash print white on the back, dude. I, keep. Saying dude which. I say do to my friends, you guys are my friends however, it just feels a little silly dude, dude, dude dude in. But. I. Having. Pan to come in and help. Is. Great and. I. Love, having the extra help and I've been training, him. Also. At the same time I, just know that, with. His, help and then getting. An automatic. Will just completely. Free. Us up to get. Things done quicker not to spin as much time at the shop not. Only that to be able to bring in more, work. Give. Panda a full-time job. Us. To. Really. Just. Start, growing, things a little, more I'm. Not sure where I want to go with the size of it, I'm. Happy. With the way things are now a bird I I'm, not getting any younger, I am. 37. And manually, doing these things sure we, can get panda, to do it it's gonna take some time I. Was. Having him print some shirts. With. The six color job I tightened. Him and it was like he's printing 18 currently. 18 hours. Excuse. Me about 18 hours 18 shirts per hour and. I'm. At a rate of. I think it was 78, t-shirts, per hour with six colors. So. He's not quite there he. Will get there however. It wasn't, the. Automated, press I just know that that's got to be even. With the the. The. 24. Inch wide belt I think it's 24, it. Might be wider than that it's. The ran, R DT. For 22, I think the belts, wider than that eight-foot conveyor dryer however, it can handle. 350. T-shirts, an hour and I would like to max that thing's capacity, I like we can keep a press, going constantly that would be that. Would be great, I just, want to. Like. We make good. Money now I mean, we make a decent. Living for ourselves however, I, don't. Know I just like the idea of. Growing. It to. Even, if it were a shop with, just. A handful employees, I just, see, that the more sales that we do is we're. Just gonna make more money so it. Doesn't like money you.

Know I mean it's just getting there. So. I'm gonna go over to chat and and see what. You guys are what. Some of y'all been up to that's. Really. Kind of how I, got into screen printing where we're at, very. Condensed, version, kind of a cliff notes I'm sure I could have I. Need. To I need to wet my whistle. However. I'm not gonna go on, anymore, and just kind of see what you guys have been talking. About over. In the chat over here. Things. Like uh oh. God. Jasons, here uh. Charles. Ezra. Knack glad. I got that I bought. A lawson, conveyor dryer for 400, it's 8. Foot long 24. Inch wide. Could. Not turn it down I. Wouldn't. Have turned that down either I mean if it's working even at 400, bucks. Even. If you had to spend a couple hundred just, for a little maintenance things like a belt, or whatever the case may be but. Really I mean those belts are pretty tough you have to pretty. Much leave them. You. Have to do something really. Dumb. To it to like screw up those belts. GM, Prince can Congrats, on the success, Matt one day I will be there you, will you'll, be there and. I'll. Do my best to help, you out with that need questions, you have I don't, know everything, I'm still, learning, myself, especially. On the business end there's, a lot of business. Things like just. Even. With the tax and of stuff and payroll and all that because it was me and. Shannon. And I. You. Know we're, will. Be getting married in the future and so we've really. Just it's, kind of like been, we. Take care of each other type thing. So. But. Yeah I haven't having panda on board I, haven't. Been paying them under the table however it's, like man we need to set up some sort of payroll saying that or it automatically, takes out the. Taxes. And. Puts, away, sales. Tax, so I don't have to manually do that maybe. Even a CPA, or, whatever the case may be all. Things to look forward to in the future I don't know if you exactly look forward to I don't. Know that to me that sounds cool like just having. A paycheck come out X. Amount of dollars goes to paying. The bills and all that crap and it's just kind of more automated, even. Though it's. More automated, there's another hundred. Dollar bill a month but you, know perhaps, me, not wasting, time and. I'm doing that stuff myself I'll, be able to spend. It in other parts of the business business, getting things. In and out quicker and then also. You. Know getting, new clients. So. Let's. See what else we got here insatiable, screen printing you need to go. Ahead and get it the. Astros Texans, and Rockets, are waiting, on you to fill the stadiums, yeah. Yeah. That. Sounds great and all that there's. There's. A huge company here in here here, in Houston that's, called. Bull shirts and they I, know. They have a contract, with the, Rockets, they did quite a bit for them the Astros, when, they were. In the World Series they. Were sending, out a lot of business to shops. Unfortunately. I'm sure, we were not under the radar because, we're not automating and. One. Of the serious stories I heard from one of our vendors was that. There. A guy. In a suit from the vast rows of literally standing, there while they're, finishing up this job and cranking this automatic, as fast as it could go the, thing was dancing across the floor and as soon as they were finished with it they took a razor blade and cut up the screens so. Yeah, that would be cool that, would be cool the, Texans. Seem to be doing, well this year. Surprised. Because the the first few games they lost and, they. Seem to be turning things around, the. Astros, have done well these past two years sucks. That they didn't make it all. The way this year but hey, you. Know they still did great, the, Rockets, are, doing, well and have done well so yeah you're right about that I believe. A auto lease payment, would be less expensive than a. Employee. Even, part-time you're. You're, right about that however. Getting a lease. Requires. Credit. That's probably. A lot better than mine and equity. To. Put towards. That and. To. Be honest, it that's. Just I don't. Know. I'm still, I'm. Considering, all my options so that's that's definitely a great, option I'm.

Working On. The. A lease would be great, or making, payments, on one. That eventually would own because the. Thing about a lease is. Sure. You can pay this lease but I eventually just, want to pay this thing off and, have. It. Until. I outgrow. An. Entry level press. Which. You. Know hey maybe maybe, you're right maybe that maybe, I'm looking at it wrong perhaps, doing. A lease in it. Working. For us and paying less and then, getting. Something bigger that might be a way to go huh. No. I'm gonna look into that as well thank, you so much, thanks. Justin. JP. It, will eat you at. And. It will eat at you if you don't go ahead. And get, you, will sleep. Got, you if you don't go ahead and, get, you will sleep you okay yeah. I get what you're saying, I. I. Don't know if I was exactly sleep, easier, I think once things, were in motion and then I, was. Keeping that thing busy. Yeah. Then I would, sleep easier, when I start seeing, money. Go in the bank and there's there's. Profit. Rather, than. Debt. So. To speak. You. Know what that profit, in the bank that, would be so. I've been investing. And reinvesting, and I I'm not sure when that's gonna stop to be honest, I mean, I could stop now but, I would, like it to get to a point where it's bigger towards, where it's like man, if we stop investing, you know what cash we'll have in the bank and we'll be sitting on a. Nice retirement, and. Just. Being able to live a comfortable, life well I mean we're not high, maintenance we keep we're. Pretty simple, and, we're we're screen printers no you. Know nobody's, worried about a broken fingernail, or. Fancy. Clothes or anything like that I think all my clothes have ink on them. But. Yeah. I mean I I would sleep with a smile, however. When I woke up the. Next day I'd still be smiling. I'm just happy about it however. You. Know, I'm. Gonna make sure we do this right and our finances, our torch. Work things work great thanks. To young Prince I really, appreciated, love. The backstory mica designs. Actually. Put Mickey that's but, that's cool nothing. Wrong Mickey. But. Yeah. We. Tried sharing that and I really. Wanted Shannon, to be here for that, because I. Wanted. Shannon. To like. Her, coming, into it. To. Share, her experience, because. Her. Coming, into it is also a big part as to. Why. We're. Here why, the company, grew to where it was at and it took some time you, know it took, some time to to, get everything. In motion. But. As soon as we got got, the shop it was like just a light. Switch just clicked, and. It. Was easy to separate. Work. From from. Home life type stuff. So. Yeah. It. Did. She's, a huge. Huge, part. As. To why. Things. Are going well here because. I can't do everything myself eventually. You. Need people you need help and you have to trust people to. Work. For you and do, a good job I think that's probably been a hard thing not that I don't trust them, to do a good job, but.

Also Everybody. Thinks a little differently, everybody, thinks a little differently and do, things a little differently, and so I've kind of let her go off since, she's been out of town. Since, this past Sunday Monday, today's, the first day where I'm like I'm back at ordering. Shirts and back ad. Invoicing. She's. Gotten. A great, handle on it. That. It was cool to. Doing. That stuff again because, it's been been. A while however I, realize just how overwhelmed. I am. Let's. See. Man, you guys are just chatting away. Jason's. Going on to uproar, and Charles and Justin. GM. Prints are we invited, to the wedding yes, you are if you guys want to come we. Planned on adjacent. So. Shannon. Shan. While she, is out of town right now unfortunately. Her. Grandmother, passed, away it. Was a very heartbreaking. Thing, and. She. Is. In. New York and, she. Is attending the wake and the funeral, she left Sunday, had dropped her off Sunday morning, at 7:00. And. So. She's been out, of town so it's been it's, been rough it's been. I. She. Passed away I believe. Wednesday. Evening. Pretty late. Wednesday. And and, so Shannon. Was. Really. Upset. I, know. It's hard I didn't. Know her grandmother, as much but she's a really great woman, sweet, woman. And. Sorry to hear, that, sorry that all that's going on. And. So it's, been, a little rough. On. A. Personal, level level. However, we're. Pushing on things. Things, will be great. Although. It's it's just uh. You. Know she's. Up in New York attending. If you enroll and she'll. Be back and. And. It'll take some time for. Her. The kind of Hill from that so. But, so. Y'all you'll show. You all support to Shannon leave some. Comments in, this, the down, in the comments of this video let. Her know that. You, are there for her as well she's not alone so. Let's. See here what else we got going on, more employees, more headaches. Yeah. You're you're. Right about that I. Think. That however, panda. Eats he's, a good good. Friend and we have a lot of fun. So. Yeah. I, get. What you mean there we haven't I haven't got to the headache part yet. Sometimes. It is kind of nice to like not, have a whole lot of, noise. Going on, for things to be silent, but at the same time I enjoy working, with Shannon, and Panda I love it it's. A lot of fun we have we, are our chemistry, is just just. Really great. Imagination. Apparel make sure your insurance covers, your employee. It. Does, his, insurance is. We've. Got insurance I. Know. It's a serious subject. We. Goof. Around about, stuff like that, but. Yes, thank. You imagination. Or parallel I need a cheap cheap. HS. Kid to come a high, school. High. School high school, kid to come help for a few bucks an hour yeah. Why not they. Probably won't take. Five bucks an hour because I know the kids, high, school kids here in Texas, when. They're guaranteed, 12 to 15 bucks at Bucky's why would they want to come work for a few, bucks. Plus. Bucky's, probably, seems a lot more fun cooler not. Necessarily cooler but, you. Get out what you get what I mean buck is a cool place, it's. Its own kind of cool. JPD. Says lol. JP. Says true and. Definitely Matt look at all. All. Possibility. All. Possibilities. That will help your shop yeah, definitely gonna look into it I'm, not. Going to jump in it blindly, and going to consider who knows I might not jump into it at all and I might just save. Top. Like put that money away. And. Just. Buy one outright. I've. Been looking into use ones new ones I don't know man it's like it's a lot it's, a lot - it's. Not a lot. It's. A lot of money that's what it's a lot like I know. What's. What these press. Is gonna do what each one of them offers. Money. Doesn't exactly grow on trees so, that's. The deal if money. Weren't an issue then. You. Know I probably, would just go. Right for an M&M. Press. That had. 12. Colors and 14 stations, because I could put them to the work I feel. Very limited, by six colors what's. Up t-shirt chick, glad. You're here I. See. You, been. Watching some of your videos and whatnot cz. The. Issues with the another the other heat press so you got so sorry to hear about that. Hopefully. Things get resolved, I hadn't, had a whole lot of time to watch too much, but. Hope you get that resolved. Let's. See what else we got going on. Man. You, guys are just chatting away today. Let's. See. How, do you like your, ran our exposure, unit I'm seriously thinking about getting one I love, it I think it's great it, it, works. Really well and I'm not just saying that because I'm. A rep, for R & R it's it's, really well made the.

It. Vacuums, it down, really well it exposes, him fairly. Quickly I know, when I got it new it's probably time to replace the bulbs because they eventually do. Kind. Of lose their strength, but. A photo. Polymer. Emulsion. I could expose, in about 45, seconds, I will. Say and, this, has this doesn't even have anything to do with R and R like the the equipment's, great I've had zero issues with, it it came, in. Just. Fine like they package things really well and. I can't complain of I've had it since I think 2014. 2014. Yeah, it's, been since 2014, like, around the time I went full time I had, it and. Man. It's been a game changer I can't do the 23 by 31, screens. And I bought, that one with, the intent of getting an automatic, one day, so. It's been great the. Only thing I would say is. Eventually. When, I do upgrade. My exposure unit it'll be the single point stuff and that's only because we do a lot of. Spot. Process, work and sometimes, those. Multi, ball units, yeah. And not sometimes it's gonna be you're gonna have a hard time holding those, 0. To 6. 7% dots, and the. The. I would, say about. 1993. To 100%. It. Just depends on your emulsion, and. How. You prep, your your screens and. I'll dance your films and everything are so, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let's see what else haegeum from, from, t-shirt chick oh I, did know that tell, her I'm sorry, all right I didn't, know that. It's. Um. I, know. Off the top of my head but I feel like I'm gonna butcher it. Let. Me take a look ski and. I'll. Tell, you exactly. Where. She is and it's. Hip, see but. Kept-kept, see but hip see new york school more out in the country from my understanding I hadn't. Been there I'd hope to to. Go with her to see a family but not under the. Circumstances. At. This, moment. Mom, stop, texting, me love. You too mom. Let's. See what else we got here. Tell. Your future wife to stay strong. Sorry. It tickles hear that because we've. We've, talked about that for, some time and I'll definitely, tell my future wife Shannon to stay strong for sure, what. Is Bucky, so Jason, Bucky's. It. Is, spelled. Bu. Damnit if I type this thing out well. That's how you spell Bucky's it's a huge just. Kind. Of pitstop convenient, stores for travelers. And. Texas. I know. It started in Texas I don't know where else has had but, man. It is busier, than the shopping, mall in there the place was a huge they make some pretty awesome, food, it's. It's. Kind of like a super, convenience store where it's, almost turning, into a, Walmart. Not, not a Walmart, but. It's. Almost serene again it's, like a market, it's it's, pretty much market, they sell beef jerky they sell barbecue, sandwiches, they, sell. Sweets. Sell. Candied. Pecans. And all kinds of stuff if. It's in closer, towards the beach they sell boogie boards. Sunscreen. Bathing, suits. They. They have t-shirts, that they sell as well and. It it's. A big big chain. Let's. See. Jason. It's, it's. A gas station large, uproar, there you go, Bucky's. I should. Have some news about the press Wednesday, okay, t-shirt chick I'll keep an eye out for that hopefully, is good news. Gonna keep us posted, posted, said t-shirt chick. Upstate, New York there. You go yeehaw. Nice, cowboy hat on there. Yes. We they. Love you hey MA. I'm. Gonna call. Her up and tell, her that. Y'all. Love her but I don't feel like I. Don't. Know if, I'll. Probably just hang up on her call her and then hang, up on her but that might be rude, but. She knows how I am she's, she's. Something else. Herself. My. Mom's a character, you probably see where I get it from let's see if we can't get. Ahold of MA I. Say. You better marry, her - she's your backbone yeah. Man I love her let and she is a big part of things, it. Has awesome snacks, stopped, every time we go to Dallas, nag nag.

Hey. Mom. Mom. Everybody, on YouTube says, that they love you. Do. You have your hearing aid hating. Hearing. Yeah. Everybody, on YouTube says, they love you you're live right now on air. All. Right love you mom bye. Okay. So that's, my mom Oh. Call. Her cuz it was she's. Probably like what the heck, so. Anyways, it's been fun guys. Man. She's. Like why. Why. Not, because. Your mom. Hey. MA the meat laughs I should, I tell her that all the time I don't know if you guys know where that's from but that's a I. Think. It wedding wedding. Crashers yeah wedding, crashers. However. Okay. Guys well it's it's, been fun. Send. Your love to Shannon like I said leave. A comment down below let her know that you are thinking about her she'll. Be back soon, and, I appreciate, you all tuning in don't forget that if you are in market for screen printing supplies, or equipment use, our promo code Micha designs at Kassovitz Corrine print supply we. Get five dollars off your, purchases. That. What that does it helps support our channel also. If your and if you need Adobe Photoshop, be sure to check out our link down the description as, well that. To help, support our channel and don't get me wrong we're. Not making millions with. Doing these YouTube videos it. Kicks a little bit cash our way every once in a while so. We can kind of reinvest. Into better. Equipment, to do tutorials. And all that stuff because we I. Personally. Love. Doing it in in Shannon, she enjoys, being kind of in the background and, and not, all. These days I'll get her on that's, never not going to be a subject so I really. Appreciate, everybody, that has tuned, in, and. We. Shall see you guys next. Monday and keep your eye out for some. Vlogs and, tutorials. See. You guys later.

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Thanks for hanging out everyone, I really appreciate it.

Does vacuum top exposure unit really do a better job than loading a lot of weight on a foam/board? I’m currently using about 25lbs on my RXP.

It's more consistent. The RXP is a good unit, but with a vacuum table top you're not wasting time loading weights. You close the top, lock, suction it down, and go. You'll find it'll be easier to do halftones as well.

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