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RevenYOU makes advanced investing easy for everyone

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Even. More, gas a myriad. Of teams already, signed up and an in-depth, look at the revenue, leak, this, is revenue, TV. Welcome. Everyone I am maurits Nielsen, and I will be your host here today, I'll also be joined in the venue by, our, co-host. Multi. Echo out who will be interviewing some very interesting guests today. Thank. You my wits indeed I'm here at the venue and I'm here to co-host the show I have some very interesting guests. To interview, and I'm, really looking forward what they're gonna say today. Yeah. Thank You Marty before we go into these other guests first the two guests here with me at the table two. Of the cofounders of, Revenue the third founder will work be given plenty of attention later on so first : me, feel can, you introduce yourself, yeah well I'm Colin I'm so. As you mentioned one of the cofounders of Revenue and, I. Love. Swimming, I love being. With my family with my wife and Mike my, daughter, and. Coming. So, this is very exciting for me and then I also, really. Love to be busy with this with, working on this great platform, and this role it goes to where we're in very. Well with you yes, Mikkel Stockman of course co-founder. Yes. If every guide to and I, think I'm the inventor, of the, team. Infant. Since not, born when I was born but I think from the eight years old or something is still going on. Today. Was and especially, last week was an amazing ride so. That the platform it's open, everybody, can trade it's, amazing so, Kay told me a little we go talk about revenue, a little bit more in depth can you talk about last, week as I've heard you got had a great experience there, can you elaborate. On that yeah, well it's on so many factors what. I. Think, the best thing was we had some in the early days we get some technical problems, and then just. Subscribers. Came in so. Fast and we now I think we're up to 700. Something, so it's so great and it's it's rising in his writing so it's amazing yeah, so a lot of participants. Ready but first before we go talk about the league later on let's talk a little bit about revenue. Cuz you. Guys together with Stefan and we'll be talking to later came, up with the revenue Lea can you explain to me how you guys. Thought of the idea how, it was created. Yeah well actually last, year we have, thought. Of an algorithm ourselves, and we have tweeted, and we made some some, calculations. And it looked very very promising, so, we were we have decided to build. This and to. Put it in an, algorithm, and we. Asked stay from the other founder. Of Revenue, at, this moment to, program, it for us and. Then. We had this algorithm, and it was not working that good, so we were looking, for for, alternative, ways to find very good algorithms, and we found some but they are very it's. Not accessible, and, you have to, search. And look after TWiki you have to know a lot of. About. It at this moment so, we thought can, there be something, very much more easier, than, this, this hard way of working to get your algorithm, going on so, this is where revenue, started, yeah. Yes. For me it was also the beginning of a great team I'm, an entrepreneur for almost, 20 years now more than 20 years already and this, team had connected, so we had to really invest in this and be together and with. Revenue you have this amazing opportunity to do something like we. We think about it with YouTube you know you did, this normal TV it was close did they made TV, and, and. Then YouTube opened it all for the rest of the world everybody, could watch TV but also can make TV and I was so much bigger than any TV station in the world and that's, in, essence that's what what revenue is doing we, do know what what the, bank's do and investment bankers do but, then we open it up for everybody so that's right with the three of us and of course our team grow in the time much. Bigger but, it was the opportunity, was was you can you cannot you cannot do that not you know. To. Reiterate revenue. Is a way to make, crypto. Currency trading accessible, to everyone, so now. Only crypto currency trading this platform is also for trading stocks. And Forex. And all kind of markets. Which. Will be added. Platform, in the upcoming year yeah, so initially only crypto but you guys are planning to expand it later on so you. Were also mentioning, about making it accessible can you explain to me a little bit more because trading. In of itself is kind of a scary, thing and especially algorithms. Are also kind of scary if you don't know a lot about it attack so you, talk a little bit more to me about that accessibility, yeah, well if you have, at this moment when, you want to start, trading in stocks or something, you have to go to a platform and, then you or.

You Have to subscribe to have access to a platform you'll find all these bells and whistles it's very difficult, and then, you, have to have a few years of experience to make good, trades after, you have watched a lot of tutorials how you do these trades on your platform, and this whole part, of, getting. Known of a system with, a system and getting. All this trading. Experience we, all skip that and we just put, it in an app for the user it will be very easy for everybody, in the world to just, choose, a strategy. And play, it for themselves, yeah so that's, yeah. Exactly so. That's. The experience, of the user yeah, a little, bit more about the experience, of because, there needs to be a significant, like back and something, that is power ring revenue, so can you talk to me a little bit more about the. Portal. Revenue, league which already has over. Like you said over 700, participants and, is still available, for signup, at revenue, do so if you haven't yet in you're watching this make. Sure you do sign up yeah Vicky, took me a little bit about that that polo well, do, we call it actually call it portal yes it is a portal we call it portal, it's the name and, the portal is like a tool box where. You can make, every, thing. You want as. Long as it's an algorithm or a library, and, you. Can test it you can program it. You. Can just go on until it's really proven, and you can. And, you just and when you think it's really really good because you tested it for many many years of, data for example two years of that of three years of that you, know it's very really good then, you submit it to the rest of the world and then D everybody. Else in the world can, wait, a click or with. The tap can, can, use your your, algorithm, yeah so thank you so it's, the tool box that you can use as a developer, to create algorithms, which users, can then use themselves so for, a little bit more about this we've already mentioned him a couple of times the third co-founder. Of Revenue's Stephan is going to tell us a little bit more about. This portal. Yes. I am joined with Stephan, also co-founder, of revenue, and. I'm. The technical guy. Behind the revenue so I created this platform we. Call it the portal and in portal you can build your algorithm, so. This is what we start, we, have like once you're performing back tests you can see all your data is going to be into this graph if, we go up by a little bit. Then. You have your coding coding. Part, here where, we use our own language. Yeah, what is this language. Yeah. We create our own language we call a Jew script you scripts just like a C language so, evolutionally, would c c++ bite, and or combined language of those you, can just execute, it here so, it's kind of basic you don't need years of training, of coding or you, can just do it in a couple of hours you can learn it that's why we create, the step to be as low as possible and. You, can walk through your code we. Can step in to call. It so if you cut like a Bock or something you can walk through it and see what's, going on and why it's wrong etc and your output will be performed in a console, if. We go to the next one to the library because. Now we have the big with, a big want to be fair so we're not gonna use other libraries than the technical analysis, library this would be the only one for now so they, did you can create your own language what we're going to talk about, in. A couple of months I think if, you go to settings. Settings. You can perform your back, tests so every time you change something you click on back tests you. They'll be shown in the graph and if. You're going to go live once you public click on a lifeboat and you're gonna submit your code for the leak and.

You've Got a simulation mode where you run your code but. Not with actual money so. You performed, with with the current trading data that's, coming from the exchanges, if, you go to pairs, we. Got all pairs like if, you want to go for exchange, or different exchange you can say that does appear like a Bitcoin, US dollar for example you can give it a start date and end date and. The. Period of time you want to perform so it could be an hour day, 50. Min 50 minutes and. We go to the last one this, is why you every, time you press T the, backtest data that we showed here into your history where. You can just go back to what code changes, you made this, is basically the overview of our portal, system so. It's very. Usable. For everyone that's. What we try to create okay, well, thank you very much for this. Explanation. And, then, we go back to this video. Yeah. Thank you for that matter and thank you Stefan for a clear explanation about, even you guys said it as well accessibility, is important from the users but it's also important. For the developers, so there's not a very high, barrier of, entry even, if you're a beginning. Coder, yeah. Yeah we have to make it very easy for everybody. So, there's, this you script what Stefan. Has created, what he mentioned, is some, people can learn it in an hour some people take a little bit longer but, yeah. It's it's it's not it's, not a hassle you can do it very easily yeah so it's a it's fairly based so. I've. Also that you guys are not using AI for the revenue League well we're talking about how, the leak is structured, later. On but for now because, that's if, you have any prior knowledge of algorithms. That's. Probably coming as kind of surprised can you guys explain why. It's usually used. And more specifically, why you guys, chose not, to use it we. We. Chose the world the, jury chose to, to. Exclude, it. Because. Mainly because of I. Think the. Level of access you need you want to have give access to as. Many people as possible on. The one end and create a fair, level, playing field for everybody. Ai. Is becoming, democratized, and easier, every minute. But but still in some countries, it's. Quite difficult you need it's it could be can be expensive, computers. Can be expensive, so. That's. Mainly the the, reason of, the jury - - not to go, with yet, it. Was no strategy, yeah it's foo I yeah.

So Once. The actual app launches, you're using AI but now for the for, the league you will choose not to because you, say it's not very accessible yeah and because, we want to create. Accessible. But we want to create a level playing field so, it. Should not depend on people having more money to invest in tools. Like machine, learning tools and AI and. Some. People they don't so we want to have completely, level yeah accessibility. In a broader sense right not just like. Can you get it but also how easily is it to get if you are safe, from another country where you're not as easily accessible. Because. The. First thing you has a very strong opinion that will be shown in a video now why they, should have included AI so, that should be an interesting watch. Good. Morning Paul morning, we're. At the Technical, University of, Delft yeah a special. Place the green village I'm surrounded, by hyper. Loops as, we started, there was a problem, well. As actually you. Heard that our jury in, order to make a level. Playing field for everybody. We excluded, the machine learning and artificial intelligence and, you weren't right once what's, this I went. Bananas I mean this is just. Just. Starting, machine learning is and deep learning especially recently, we have so much computing power we have so much data and. These things are amazingly. Good at finding complex. Patterns and complex data much better than humans. Specifically. Financial, data so complex, human behavior, there's two markets going, all kinds of directions media, is, also getting involved and influencing, the people at the markets it's so comics, is a social science it's the social science. It's, our strategy, to include machine learning, artificial. Intelligence, yes okay for this this first, leak we excluded, it but you, know it from 2019. We're open for everybody in the world with AI with, machine learning yeah I do you have some tips for. Guys. Who are of angular's of course. Especially. Girls, yes very, good definitely. Me feel so I think the main thing here is for, people to get familiar with the libraries they're gonna use so I would recommend, tensorflow, in combination with Cara's Python for example you.

Can Very quickly develop, your models, very quickly training them on a lot of day and, then especially, start. Building your data sets early because machine. Learning algorithms, they are there you can import them you can use them you can develop the models very easily but. The big weak, spot is always to data center in 1.4, seconds we can. Do. Three. Years of data in. Our system. You. Think. Yeah. Definitely, and there are also ways to augment the data so the data or penetration techniques, if you think of images because always the easiest you can rotate an image you can mirror it you can change the collar so you can also do this with financial, data okay, so you can sort of change the the size, of the window you're looking at the type, that you can change the skills and just make sure that it's still representative, but you can do a lot and. You have things like transfer, learning for those who are a bit more familiar with machine learning this is where you have, a mobile that's already learned to do a similar task now, you give it new data and very, quickly it will learn to do the task that is very similar with Leste they're saying that once you've got, the. Rhythm going yeah next steps the next algorithms, the next machine learning bits, are, much faster and easier with little data yes, exactly so and I think let's get let me get the facial example, again because this is the most powerful thing so we can very. Very powerful, models we can make now in, recognizing. For example cancer on x-ray images yes but then if you want to recognize a similar, thing maybe not one type of cancer but not a type of cancer you need a lot less data to start recognizing this, because the model already knows what a human looks like it, knows how to detect objects, in the image but then just you need to detect the different objects in the financial market I mean if you can think of similar, data similar, time series data and you can try to model all these. On, the traditional markets we have a hundred years of data, yes it's 3012 well equipped a little faster, but well we. Worked. On going to old market, exchanges. In world definitely, deaf so was the. Internet is very rich I think the creative part is accessing, all the data, yeah. In 1602, the fields he started the, exchange. Yes. So there someone. Who disagreed. With the call to not include AI but let's not, talk. About that much more so because you guys feel, like go. With the site with the jury it's, a good decision just, accessibility. Is key to revenue and, we're gonna do that on the, backend as well you know. On. To that level playing field, before we go in-depth about the practicalities, of the revenue leak. Do. You guys have any tips or, any strategies. Or anything that you want to give out to. Anyone. Who's watching right, because, you keep saying it's very accessible, if. You're a software developer, you, don't know anything about trading, just go write stuff but, if. You don't have any any knowledge can you guys give. A little bit of headspace. That I could name one. Go. To the library you know the old fashioned with the actual live. There. Tend to be look very nice and lovely and silence. Go. To the old books The Wall Street books. We. Started crypto and the. Crypto, looks a bit like the, early days of Wall Street there, are a lot of things you can learn there. But. Oh you can of, course uni also need to go to get up at many places on the Internet where, you can YouTube.

Where You can learn about logarithms. Yeah. So number, one go to the library build, more libraries. Don't forget about. Collin, yeah, well it's also very important, to make, sure that you, use. Multiple. API. Connections. In your algorithm so, you can, see that as a cable as wide as it is there much more information can come so. And. You're not relying on only one. Channel. Of information but. Here's information coming in here should send out so if you use multiple API. Connections, this will benefit your algorithm, as well very. Well so, libraries. Not. Fight the ice. Example. When, there's a volume when, there's, let's. Say aetherium is very low in volume and it's certainly develop Rises you, need a lot of information that's one. Example by, api's, work then very good i. Think. Who. Murdered the, the jury member. Also said it work, structured. Work. Built your algorithm. Modular. There. Is there is there was a backlog you can see it but also, analyze, pair, item, work in structures, you. Will forget what what, will what happened yeah, so much will happen you'll, watch it back and you be like i have no idea what code I wrote that yeah yeah, so, easy trap to fall into and when you change something change, one, thing and then analyze very. Well and with, that we will, max, be moving to the revenue leak how does it work what. Did what did the phases, and. Maybe. Most importantly what's the prize money depending. On what your motivation, is so we'll be back in a, second. Welcome. Back everyone to Revenue TV I'm joined here by Colin, and McGill two of the co-founders of Revenue, and we are going to be talking specifically, about the, revenue, leak so we've talked about revenue, we've talked about what. The platform is and what it's designed to do now. First, what, is the revenue leak so this is for anyone who has, not because, like you said before over, 700, people already signed up, it's. Still open, at revenue that I owe so if you're interested and you're, not signed up yet please, do so but. Tell me what is the, revenue link the. Ramya League. Revenues. Is, the open, system. Where everybody can. Trade. Finance, automatically, yes so what we need is we need algorithms. And we. Need the best algorithms, we need a lot of cute algorithms, and the revenue leak is the, leak the biggest leak in the world for the finance algorithms. That's, basically what it is can, I say the prize money now, feel. Free it's you. Say well. We give away 1000 deuterium. Big. Big, prize almost. $500,000. Yeah at this moment there's also another very big, benefit, of this of. This revenue leak this is the way we can show the world our work and product and we, can show the world what. Our platform. Is capable of now, we have a. Lot. Of teams signed up and. When. The results, are coming then we show all kinds. Of over, revenues, types of algorithms and this will benefit all the all the people who have a little bit of money in, spare, to to trade, with it it's. A way to show the feasibility, of the product that you guys developed, while, simultaneously creating. A background for it to work on yeah basically, with the, the league every Rob this is the first league we will continue, after, this league the. First league is one is the one faces, the the, signing up period and, then phase 2 is the, what. We call the virtual, trading face that's. Where we talk about today. And, it's. Where. Everybody can join everybody, can join and. After, phase two there's, only a top ten that will continue to. End go to phase three and that, these, top ten teams, will. Trade, the drill money so, let's. Talk a little bit more about these phases, so you're saying sign. Up face what. Dates should we have in mind and you already said anyone can join can. You explain that a little more clearly, if, you were thinking, of signing up well you can sign up today of course but, you, have also an another. Month. To to. Sign, up but, if, you sign up later in the process you, will get a sort, of a little bit of a handicap because you cannot get to know the platform, before you launch, you submit, your algorithm, so the people. Who signed up the, earliest are most, beneficial, of figuring. Out how our portal, is working, I know you can ask us questions yeah I mean the first ones we have more, time more and more so, we just. Asks questions when you're when you're making your algorithms.

Chat. With us yeah. So that's our phase one sign up and so how long does that continue when those phase to start and what does that entail. In, the planning. The. Phase two. Ends, at 5 October so that's Dan but face, phase 2 starts, from. What they, are on, what they. Said we. Start from 50, July 15th, so next week so then from that point we, can get started yep and, that's one phase two starts and then it ends the 5th of October, yep. November. 5th. Of November okay so that's that's a month longer so for all of you guys who are like I'm, really, swamped for the next week but you know maybe if it's still November I can make it okay. So face. To virtual. Money and in. The phase two is already we concede. Behind me here as well face. To who's already when. The prize money starts, being distributed, Colin. Can you explain to me how that happens, because here five renin teams everyone, can win but it's. Good to explain yeah well of course the. The algorithms, with the, best ROI will, get, the the, will get the prices so, the top three of algorithms, with the best revenue, they, win. 6e. Theorem each team and then, we have for, two teams we. Have the sort of innovation price when, they make a big comeback or, they have great results or they are very innovative, way, or they are very durable or they. They. Keep track of the market in a special way that we can say well and this is also this, is about what the, jury members will will, tell ya and they, also get a price for it yeah, so top, three teams in terms of of. ROI and two, teams are like more of a jury, think you're doing something, innovative something that. We haven't seen before something, amazing something amazing, okay. And. Also five. Random, teams yeah so everybody. Who joins Revenue, League makes. Meister. Chance of, winning the prizes so everybody. Can benefit even if your algorithm is less better and than other. Teams. Yeah. So then you have the chance of winning 3000, euros yeah. Yeah, I mean currently right yes let's hope the fury yeah. Okay. So everyone, can still join during, phase two everyone can have a shot at these prizes but, then as we consider as well top. Ten winners of phase two so phase, two and fifth, of November, what happens then in Phase. Three yeah well then they start. Then. The algorithms, start working with real money so, every, team that goes, to the finals they receive a thousand, euro of playing money and in the end of this period by. The end of by, the 1st of February. The. Algorithms. With the best ROI they, win the big prize money yeah, so to go into that big prize might as we can see here even. Fourth to seventh, is nothing to scoff at I mean 35 the theorem is already a pretty sizable sum but looking at those top free prizes that's. Probably what you're going for if you're a developer, and they're going yes and. You've, got those. Algorithms. Right so, and we've got a lot of investors, so, we've these I see okay we're going on. We. Will race 35, million we've, all those investors, waiting. Waiting. To start in February the. App will go live, so. Your your your algorithm, will will continue to to. Earn money for you yeah and perform, so, yes but this is obviously is there only for the top sign right so might, not be attainable for most but as you said before can win before, that as well if you're lucky or if you're doing really well beforehand, yeah and what's.

Also Very important, thing is when you join the revenue League now so you can still sign up you're the first. With placing. The algorithms, on our platform when we actually go to go live and when. You compare it to the App Store the. First apps in the beginning yeah. There wasn't much, competitive. Competitors. So your, algorithms. Will so, that the apps can be fine more easily so, this is also the same with our revenue platform, if you are really. Started, with creating these algorithms there. Are less competitors, so, you. Will be showing, up much easier, so you, get. A fair and fair chance to get, rich with your algorithm, yes. Moving. Quick over at revenue, I, oh and, make sure that you join while, still phase 1 phase 2 and, phase 3 so, lit bit further in the future we talked about the, price that you can get for being innovative and, we also talked about the person responsible, for making, sure there's no AI we. Have an interview of that person so we're, going to give it to Marcia who's gonna have a talk and see, what the reasoning, behind those decisions, was thank. You Molly's I'm joined, with mo. Djourou. Lee of the. That. One can. You introduce yourself, hi, my answer, I'm, 32. And I, love. Trading. Training. What. Are you how, are you involved in revenue League I was. Invited, by the the. CEO and they. Scouted, me on LinkedIn, and I. Saw. A huge potential, in, this project and I, was very honored, to, when they asked me to be remember. So. What you, say is a huge potential, can, you say, what what you saw, I. See, a system. That is. Really. Back. In in its potential, and I mean that in a in. A different sense it is. It. Brings, the possibility of, profit, to people. Who hadn't, before like, you 25, euros and. You were in Kenya and. You. Download the app you start. Trading with algorithms, from design, some someone. Else designs and, yeah. Then that's, intensely. Powerful, it. Can level the playing field so good, and, then. The. Team really. Inspired me and I. Have amazing. Fellow. Jury members, it, is just one, sensational. Event. When, did you start trading. How, do you, trading. 2014. 2013. I was. Learning. Something. About a, machine, learning a, little bit I. This. Kind of things and then, I ended discovered, cryptocurrencies. Afterwards. And I. Thought this matches, perfectly, and, so I started, investigating and, trading. And for. Making a lot of mistakes and, afterwards, deciding. Humans. Are not well, equipped for this let's. See if a computer can do it and, I. Found, a lot of all algorithms. I fell just in love with algorithms ok. And how are you involved in revenue, Laden I'm. A jury member mhm. Yeah, we have a quite, big. Response. From the community there, were like hundreds. Of more applications. In four days than we expected, so. To. Level the playing field we. As. A jury not. Myself. Only the whole jury decided. To. Extend. The. The. Period one month longer of Phase two okay.

So That's great news, yes yes then that gives the opportunity for, the developers, to. Have, more, time to, develop the algorithm, to, a higher standard. Yeah. Was there more that you want to share about the the, dates. We're. Going, live the 15th, with. The, the, first phase. Develop. And. Submit all the the, trading, algorithms, develop, that. That extended, one month longer and, afterwards. We, will be. Going. With the real, money test okay. And that that's my real. Expectation. Who. Will perform, good, what. Algorithms. Which teams I will, be like the lynchpin between. The. Development, community and, the, other side the the platform so, if they need help with libraries. Or anything, yeah. I will be helping them okay, well, thank you very much good, luck with its. Judging, everything and then, we go back to the table, in studio. Yeah. Thank You Marcia for that interview and thank you all know for explaining. To us what the reasoning was behind and explaining something about the jury so, let's go a little bit deeper into these rules and as it was said one, big change, that the read was made is that the period. Is being extended so initially, it was 5th of October, it's now being extended to 5th of November, what. Are the other rules. That. Are associated with, the, revenue, yeah. Well every year team can. Submit five, algorithms. So, if. You have one algorithm which is doing quite good you can still work on other algorithms. To make sure that even. Your algorithm, outperforms, your other algorithm, so you make a bigger chance of winning so you have more more chance. For. The ones who still want to submit a team, can be of one and can, be of more than one. Yeah, so up, to five BOTS. You, can also assume, you can also submit alas why, would you because. There's no downside, to submitting. These. Algorithms, what's, a big benefit, of our platform, is you can do the back testing, and we, have said the period, for the back testing on two years of data, yeah. So so. Two years of data that you basically gain access to to use if you are a developer so, something. Else dad. I'm, wondering. About is so you're a developer. You joined this, your. Algorithm, does really well aren't you running the risk of people copying, your algorithm, or trying to you. Know use. It in any other way well. You could the, only way you could copy it is by reverse. Engineering it. So and, then you have to see everything, that the other will, do and we. Don't give that information we only, we also don't give the decode, information, decoding. Away. So even the jury cannot access the code yes so code is completely protected no one has access to your your, algorithms, okay. So we've, already talked to Lee about juries. Going to decide you know which teams do well we haven't really talked about how. We decided, who's going to on two-phase free so again, to reiterate top. Ten people we have a forum on face to go to phrase free so can you explain that for me : because we have the the. Formula. Here on the screen well, you can submit, an algorithm, till for example the first of August you can do it a little bit later but then you get a little bit of a handicap because from the first of August you have, still.

63. Days. Left. Because your algorithm, has to work 63. Days and then, we can give a very good score a :, sorry. Since we they postponed, it for one month you have one month extra so, it's let's say it's the end of August it's plenty fan of invoker's yeah, go and rest and back, test and develop. For a month longer yeah as long as you run for the 63 days yeah you're solid, yeah. So. What's very important, is how we rate these algorithms it's, of. Course of the high returns and the low volatility, so, this this, is the. Math. Behind the. Calculation, which. Algorithm. Will will win and goes, to finals, okay, so trying. To get something as stable as possible while, also generating a lot of revenue yeah, that's, like the the. Idea behind what you're trying to do as, a team. Joining them yeah yeah, of course and then, the. Best ways of course is is they have a very high return with the. Lowest risk possible yeah you know, what's something that might make the jackpot, and like be like you're, in a casino. Hi. You will end hi and, if it's startin if the end, this is timed right then you will end hi yeah then. You could make a chance with a high profile, but you know yeah, so. We've. All really talked about how does it work what. Phases are there what, is the prize money which is an, important of itself already 700. Over. 700, people if I'm correct have, signed, up currently for the revenue League so, items are still open over at revenue, I oh and with, that we've talked a lot about revenue, we've taught about the league and after. A short break we will turn with the teams which really are the cause the. Call rather of the, lake so short. Break and then we're going to see some interviews with some of the competitors, on the revenue league. And. We. Are back, here small. Tiny. Area there to. Start. Off face. Free. You're. Part. Of the arraylist sorry face, free of the. Competitor. Top 10 competitors hopefully. The people were going to talk to now some. Of these top 10 competitors I'm. Really curious to see who, mottier has here for us. Yes. I am here with. Can. You tell something about yourself. My. Mother. Of sky and I'm coaching. And representing. The Isle of lace team, in the competition, of the revenue league I love. Noi's where does that come from that name well, that's that's, really interesting she, was she. Was actually one of the first woman in the world who studied and she she invented programming. Away before the computers, were invented. Something. About your team, well. We, are a group of six people from, all. Of Europe because, I'm from Poland we have members from from. Spain from from. Netherlands. Yeah. Well and some, of them are professional. Traders. Some of them are programmers, Skouras. Yep. That's that's our team, what. Is your motivation, to join this competition. Well. The motivation was like an idea, of revenue, was was something what we liked because that was, that's. The opportunity, for people for all of the world to make to make money instead of banks, and that was pretty. Motivating, for us to join, the competition and, as a team leader do you have any strategies. Yeah. Of course we have strategies, we. Have five of perfect. Strategist. But then I cannot, tell you anything you, know that secret. Already. Know. Thank. You very much for your time and then with that we go back to the studio. Yeah. Thank You Marta and Thank You Olaf for being available to interview so that's one of the teams.

Over, 700, participants in, a, very short amount of time because I personally know that like a week ago it was way lower so, that's gone very rapidly, how, do you guys feel about that because it must be really exciting because I imagine, even though you're very confident, your products also also it's kind of you, know tense are people going to sign up are people as enthusiastic, as we are so how's, that experience, for you guys, yeah. Of course you build it's open platform, and you, think it's the future, but. You know you work, on it and you think it and I mean you, hope for it right and then when, other people's are enthusiasts. That's, really is that's, that's fulfilling the promise and it makes me so happy so yeah of. Course I well I I can't I kind of hardly say that I expected. It I can only say I work very hard for it yeah. I mean this is beyond expectations. We. Started. With with, shouting. Out that this big league is coming and we have this big big price, pool. So, yeah. We thought well there has to come somebody, and then it was quite. Late in the subscription period and it was quite, quiet, and then we had only only, 40 teams and everything okay and but now it's. Going. So fast in the last few days so we have all probably this weekend, I. Don't. Know I. Also. Like you to go. Chat with with. The early wide, list is with it with the investors, with the ICO and tell. Them what happens you know so they are there yeah you have a Gris great ID but do you a few do you have proof and then I can invest well. Now we have some, first big proofs and, I spoke with some guys because, they they, find me and then they will call me and then they say well how can I do it with this platform and then they were telling us about algorithms. Which can make like, 300 percent revenue and, well, I say well we really, believe. What you're saying but this is where the platform is we want to prove it to the world, what your algorithm, is capable, of so, did they subscribe, and then well, this will be a hell of a ride for a lot of. Yeah. So really. Enthusiastic. For you guys was also encouraging, to see the enthusiasm of, everyone participating. And I mean think, with a nice on a period as closer, as she get to because initially, the deadline was after the show and we extended that as well due to the success but I think it's closer, as you get to the deadline their. Submission. So we. Just saw an interview with one of the teams earlier today Marty I also interviewed another team and we, will be looking at an interview now I. Am. Here joined by Igor on in a Skype call and tell. Me a little bit more about you. Okay. And you are part of the, revenue. League, what. Is the same name. So. This is the, opportunity for us to test our algorithm. And. Yeah. So and we, you, tell me we how, big is your. Average. And I. See. So, besides that you you told me that you. Want to check if your algorithm, is working and. What. Is your next motivation. To join the revenue lake. Believe that joining. A competition, that will be the drive for us to improve and, to work out of, him and make it even better and, who. How, did you get into trading. Beginning. Of 2017. And. Each. Of us all the team members have their own experience, in the crypt of markets and. Like. Many traders bootcamp came to a point where we realized, that and, I think it's the same philosophy that reading humanists that. Algorithms. Are simply. Better traders, and. Mostly. Because they. Don't have human emotions they. Don't need to sleep and, they can trade at any time and we, came to that realization and, we started working at the algorithm. As March, of this, year. First. We tested the algorithm. We. Saw the results, and we started developing and. Running. A closed beta with. Customers. In a couple trial accounts, and. Getting. Feedback for our first customers, and. Ok, thank you very much you're I hear it every time the, algorithms, are better than human I think that, we go back to the studio. Our. Algorithms, are better than humans so or maybe if we're not careful we're all going to be out of a job soon for, now that's, not reality yet so. We. Preview saw a gap editor that there was also consisting, of a lot of different people in this case it's actually an established, or an, existing company do you think that you, have a lot of diversity, in your participants, so a lot of new. Startups. A lot of existing. Software companies, like how do you guys, expect. That to develop I don't know what analytics. You already. Have over demographics, well, we spoke. With we, speak with investors. And what. You see is that the. More agile smaller ones they they are. Willing. To to go over it why. They see is that what we can showcase the, whole world our capabilities. And we, can reach the whole world so we can, well. Be, bigger grow, what. You see the big companies. This. Is something, they're a bit more afraid.

I Mean, for, the revenue leaks are for the participants of the competition. So. The big companies they want. To but as, I spoke big guys with with Ola thank you she said well actually, in our team this, is one of a bigger company yeah but they're not officially, yes, no not, in. Official, capacity. But still, I mean as, you said before even though it's accessible probably. Expect a lot of the people joining to have affinity, with software so then make sense you're already working at the company well there are also companies. That created, an algorithm and I want, to find investors so, they want to find a market who used their algorithm, and I, spoke, with a company, that does that and then he said well I'm going to put it on on your platform and then we see how it how it goes and we will take all the prize money because, we, they'll. Get attitude right that's day 1 and then when this algorithm, is here they, have a total. Market, of everybody, who everybody. In the world who can invest with, their algorithm so they have a very, big market. Through. Our platform yeah, so, I would even encourage the really really big investors, the, the. Bankers just just, just go and and, and put your team on it why, not so bankers I don't be scared. With. That we've talked a lot now for a while about the backend so the developers, the revenue leak let's, go back to the, from, that so the users that so, say me. Personally for example no experience with trading no experience with solver, development, I. Download. Your app once it's launched in February, what. Happens what do I do can you explain, how that will work yeah. I can explain it. I. Can show it to you this is really from the point of the the user, yeah so, if the user comes to our platform and say well I would, like to investigate, some of the algorithms you, can say well for example my, profiles, I don't. Want to invest. In bombs, and grenades in tobacco but, so, this is your profile, and then, you see. An overview of algorithms. And you can select this, is the revenue of a. Specific. Period for, example one month and then you see this algorithm, did had, a revenue, 45%. And you see them the top ten algorithms, for you you see them in the list and you can scroll through it and then you you, just click, on it and then you see this, for, example more information, about this algorithm. If. You scroll a bit up do you also see another but a few buttons you say something about the team the, stats the updates everything what's about this algorithm, and when you really like it you just hit the button play, like, you do with a song on Spotify we make it that easy for you and then, you, see well. You want to play this algorithm.

And. And. You go for it and then you see this overview, of your your, amount of money you have in your total portfolio and you see your your for algorithms, for example, running. For you and you, see the total change of your. Of. The algorithms, that, the. Revenue in total in the in the last period, and if. You want to race you can do that if you want to stop you can do that if you want to see more details you can do that so, we will make it very easy for the user in a very good overview to, see what you can do and one also very beautiful, thing about this app is there's, a connection to all the the trading platform so, in one overview, you see your, algorithm. Your, your. Amount of. Capital. On the balance or on, BitFenix, on all of these exchanges, so you don't have to go to all these pages, and it's api connected, so it's always real time there. Was one last thing on. Right, above your. App you, see the amount of of, you tokens, you still have every. Time the bots makes a trade yeah. You. Use some of the tokens, and this. Is our token, where it's the, smart contracts, are all driven, by because we haven't talked about you, tiger maybe you can give me a very short summary. Because that's the token like we say that powers, revenue can you explain that very concise yeah I can do that because, we, have created this token, to make sure that the Algar that, you have to, where you can pay, your algorithms, with so. When. Your algorithm, makes a trade you, pay some tokens. So, this, is this is how you how you spend them and. We. Have also created. A token sale and we. We give out the tokens in advance so this is is coming from the 8th of August the tokens will start, from. That point on you can gain, access tokens. As a, user and then you get a discount, in the beginning you get a big or, a big bonus in number, of Tobin's you get so if you are early. You have more. Tokens. For. The same amount of money so you can let your algorithms, work, longer. Yeah, you can you can already sign up for that we call it white listing you can already whitelist. Yourself so you're you're, in front of the row for, therefore the biggest bonus yes, I've had. Start as, opposed to when you download, the app you are the beginning of February, and I've real deep in this because the, token consists, also in from. Several. Things. Where we make it very for. Example we make it a very stable. Investment, but then you have to look into the white paper because, we have really, sorted. Out everything, for you that if you want to invest in the tokens it's also a very interesting, thing, to do as well yes I check out the white paper yes if you'd want more you know if you already some have some affinity with this subject you're like well this is very basic that's, the person it's supposed to be but read the white paper and I'm sure that you guys have explained, it thoroughly that so, as. We reach the end let's, wrap. It all up again, I think the dates specifically. Are really important, so if you haven't signed up yet and you're watching this, revenue. Dot IO there's no signup, fee and you still have some time left but there's no harm and already signing up, need. To make sure that you do sign up by the, 1st, of August of, correct that. Is yeah. Make, sure you sign up before yeah, else, you, can still sign up do you have kind of a handicap yeah yep, Dan. Oh. Sorry. Start, of November rather so 5th of November has been delayed for a month to give more people access again, talked about accessibility, feel like half the time here so then, the final start, from the fear, of November. Yeah that's when we start playing with yeah burial, money both in terms of the, prize money that is available yeah, and the fact that you play.

With Actual money yep. So. Face, Suki you were shortly, again, reiterate. How many how. Many chances, you have and the amount of money you can access. Well so, so, once again the, top three. They, get, the. Teams get six etherium per round so we have several rounds, where we give this the. Four shows and. We give to most innovative, teams, we give them also sixty theorem and we, have the five random teams that also again. A 60 Tyrion so. Everybody, can win during this contest. Once. We give away 300. The theorems yeah so that's already. 50,000, euros that's just, being given, away yeah very, well more. Importantly if you end up so that's again phase two starts first of August and fifth, of November if you are in the top time all phase two you, gain a chance to participate for, the real, prize which. Colin I'll give you the other big. Money so, you see, these. From. Precision 407, is also real interesting. Prizes, already, if you earn 25, etherium that's quite. Quite. Good it's good and if. You're third you receive 63. - and if, your second, 210. Either and if. Your first. 350. Either so this is real big prize money so, we are the biggest algorithm. Contest, in the world we can say in terms of prize money. Participants. Maybe approach, that as well and by the time you know when you're been you're here you're you're a brand in algorithm, team. Thinking. Of signing up it's a rocket liftoff for your next career yeah very, well and then. First. Of February is also when the actual app launches, and it becomes available for everyone to use and I, imagined, that something you guys must be looking forward to as well yes, of course yeah yeah we're, building already. On on this application, the. Wireframe, is becoming. More, Charlotte and we, are we are finding, the developers. Who, are helping, to build our our, application. But this application, will be in the first quarter of 2019. It, will be on on the market so, we have a little. Bit of time left to make sure that you have really. Good, working, easy. Accessible. App. Where. You what you can use for your algorithms, one, thing is, that reading if you, listening, to this you say what I want to help us just email us we. Need developers, we need coding skills we need every. Talented. Guy, and girl who can help us out okay I've stay fond of everything right. I, think. With that would be a good point to wrap up so one final time to reiterate sign, ups are still open, there's no signup fee you can't really lose anything if, you're a beginning coder till. The first of August make sure you sign up before that for face-to-face -, from 1st of August to 5th of November, and then. For the real prize money 5th. Of November, till beginning of February and. With. That I think we, have had a great show we've seen a lot of people here we're already really excited to get started, we've. Talked enough about. The jury about, everything. That revenue entails and I'm. Really looking forward to see how the league shapes up behind. I. Yeah. That's, great to hear and with, that we will sign off here at a Revenue TV see you next time.

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