Retail Forex Trading Platform Changes - Margin Closeout, Leverage Changes, Binary Options Banned

Retail Forex Trading Platform Changes - Margin Closeout, Leverage Changes, Binary Options Banned

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Good. Morning, everybody it, is. 7:25. In, the morning on this beautiful 30th, day of July 2018, it. Is the first day of our trade week we, do not have many trade days left on this trade month and, we just have a whole lot of cool, stuff there's a quite a bit of news that comes out this week but. Really. Quick today, is. The. Day where. ESM a the, ESMA the, European, what is at the European. Securities. And markets, authority that's I, believe what I saw yeah it's not. Association. It's. The authority yeah okay. For, any of our customers. From, the EU if, you don't know this already that. Between, today, and tomorrow so, between July and. 30th. And August first I think they have to comply by August. First so really. Between now and August first that there, is a whole bunch of changes. Happening, to. Retail. Platforms. Leverage. Is changing. Margin. Changing, the, negative. Balance. Issues. And. Binary. Options, are now banned in the, EU. Personally. I'm very not really upset about that I think binary, options, are evil to begin with I think they're pointless I think they're stupid and. I think that they are probably. One of the most manipulated. Blatantly. Manipulated, markets out there, anyway. So you. Know. One. Of the examples I, think when. We think about margin. Is that the, initial, margin requirement, on non major. FX, pairs is. What. We used to be 50 to 1 in, the. EU now now it's 20 to 1 ok so you. Know if a lot, of these rules if you're, from the US. These. Don't, seem that big a deal basically, what we're saying is you can't have 500, percent. Margin. Anymore. In a single account, I believe you can still have a mammal, County I'm a. Ma'am Lam accounts, they, can still have the 200 because those are different. But. Those, are those. Are the. Massive leverage has changed. Also. Margin. Close outs I did, not know that this was not a rule but. You. You had to have a certain, amount, of in the u.s. at least you know you have to have a certain amount of your, margin. Percentage. Open, otherwise it kind of auto closes, on you or. If you reach 100 percent of your margin then your, margin limit then automatically. Closes out it. Seems to vary from broker to broker even. Negative. Balance protection, it you know here in the US I believe in Canada as well.

You Cannot, owe your. Broker, money. On a trade, okay. In, the EU I don't know if that was a issue. Or not but now negative balance protection, essentially. You, cannot, be in debt to your broker because of, an oops on your part or their part, okay. All of those negatives, are are. Going to be something that they have to eat and they have to reimburse you at least up to a zero, balance okay. There's, no more incentives to you. Know try and suck people in so a lot of these advertisements. For these new, brokers, where, they're like five hundred percent leverage become, a millionaire in two days those. Are not going to be around anymore okay. So that. A lot of that stuff is changing, and it's changing a, lot. Yeah. It's just that's. Happening already I know some. Brokers you. Brokers are making those changes right now and others, have not yet so. Be. Prepared for that how does that can affect overall trading, I mean I, don't. Know I mean I, don't. Know what percentage of EU, retail. Traders, are using five hundred percent leverage to trade. I'm. Really, not sure I I. You. Know we'll find out I don't think the summertime is a very good gauge. Of of. You. Know that, of. Measuring, the volume or what kind of impact that's going to have. We'll probably have to see a good, six months worth of trade, history of, you. Know the London session to really get, an idea of what that's going to be like. Yeah. So that's that's that's kind of a big big deal that's one. Of the biggest changes in the forex, market that we have experienced, in a long time so, anyways. I did. Want to start off today looking, at the. The. There. We go. This. Is a, rare, pattern. That shows up and. It doesn't show up that often, and it's. Called a diamond bottom. One. Of the. Most. Probably. Well known and, and. Respected. Pattern. Analysts, is Tom, Bukowski, and, this. Pattern the. Diamond, the diamond bottom. Has. The. He. There's a performance, rank that he gives to these. Two. Different chart patterns and. For. The diamond bottom, and a bear, move this, is ranked. One out of twenty one so. This is the most profitable. Chart. Pattern. That, you could that you could find and this isn't the Aussie dollar right now and so, there's clear areas, for, entries. And exits and, stops. Very. Simply, the. You. Know really we're just looking at the the, high of the diamond so where it comes to that point. That's. At the 74. 84. Zone that is where that. Is pointing, at and there. Are he. Notes, that that. Will the price trend so, diamond by diamond, bottom identification, guidelines price trend downward. Leading. Into the pattern, looks, like a diamond but is usually tilted, to the side that. Is that is very true here you, I've never. Seen and, textbooks. Somebody. Having a very very symmetrical. Perfect. Looking squared. Diamond. Trendlines. The the, price forms, peaks and lower valleys, broadening. Pattern and the first part, of the pattern narrows. With lower peaks and valleys trend. Lines outline. Many of the peaks and valleys forming, a diamond shape and that's what we're experiencing. Right here. Okay. The, breakout, is to. The upside. 69%. Of the time in a bottom, in a bottoming.

In. A bottoming, diamond. Now, it. Can also there's. Also a good. Chance of it breaking to the downside, so we have to be clear of like where we are in the. Long-term trend, where we are in, time cycles, and and, all that jazz so looking. At the Aussie dollar and, we. Know that we have been in a in. A Down move for a while here. And. If, I go to the daily. You. Know we've we've really found a lot of consolidation, here we've been we've actually been resting in this value area between. 73. 2773. 30 and. 74. We've. Been trading in that area, ever since. Mid-june. Okay. And we've. Been. Forming. Almost like what we're gonna look like to have a, W. Pattern. And. If. This diamond bottom. Plays, out. Then. We have a pretty nice rise in front of us a pretty pretty. Strong, drive, to, the top from this current value area that is the that, is a very very, likely. Move. From. Here all right. So. We've got to keep an eye on that anyways, the the entrance, zone is. Above. The. Peak there that so that's 74, 88. Let, me pull up the. Thing. Here. Maybe. Is the. Okay. And. Really. If we want to short, it we. Would be look so there's a diamond, break down to the bottom although, it's harder for prices. To move lower in the diamond because it's a very strong reversal, pattern it's a very rare pattern that shows up in, fact he. Said that he. Said let me be clear about this, I don't, like diamonds, they are as tough to spot as night crawlers in the grass on a summer night. It's. Pretty pretty, good description of how difficult, they, are to find. Yeah, they don't they don't happen that often but when they do take. Note, do. Take note and, that's. What we are doing here so. Zipping. On to. That. Entry there I, also. Want to point out that there is a probable. Diamond set up in quite a few pairs so look. At this Aussie. Dollar compared, to this gold chart. Alright. Gold chart, has. Somewhat. Of a diamond, bottom, as well. We're. Looking more like the letter M but there's, some clear structural, break here. That. We could see play out. The. Gold trade, is really gonna be above, and below, the extremes, we've been in a pretty, tight, range for, the last Oh. Past. Two weeks yeah past two weeks have been a pretty tight range in gold with this bottom here so the, the, long there's, a couple long conditions. That, we can look at based, on the market geometry, a, zip. On over here very high, gold there. We're okay. A. Bunch. Of trend lines boy. All. Right. So. On. The Friday clothes. We we had close, above the the. Six, one eight and fifty. Line where, we found support at, the six one eight again in fact over the overnight. You. Know we, opened. Higher, move. Down to, the six one eight retracement, held it opened. At that level traded. Up we've held it so we've, been finding support at that six one eight if, you notice that on the four-hour chart at least we've been forming, higher lows, and we're, informing lower highs so, we, are definitely forming, a type, of triangle, here if you saw those trend lines here we imeem, when. We're getting this flattening. Flattening. Condition. On. A long-term, downtrend, with the oscillators, being in these really. Over, overdone. Conditions. We. Have to really, look, at the, reversals, coming in this is I've been repeating, this for the last two weeks I think is that, until. There's a clear sign of a continuation, to, the downside. The. Bias, is still, to the top. The. Time. Cycles. Day. Counts, and all that jazz are still pointing to, a reversal. In a lot of these price action, in. A lot, of these in a lot of this price action there are. There. Are sufficient conditions. That. Need there are not yet sufficient, conditions, to continue to. The downside. We. Need to wait for a move. That, direction and, it, actually hasn't sustained there I could. Really see a fake-out. Further. Down and a, lot of these and that I could see that happening during like the London session or a lot of those whipsaws.

And Price happened, you can see a lot of initial. Drive, lower followed, by the. Rejection. And then, and then continued, up, continued. Inverse. Moving. Prices those are very very common. So. Looking, at gold. Actually. Wanna look at the Sun the weekly with every with all these pairs first. Gold. We. Can see that we've been in a downtrend ever since, March, or rather April, we've had one. Let's. See here how many weeks that we had. For. Not. Including this week we've had fourteen, weeks, of of. D, climbing, prices. 14, that is a important. Gann number it's a division, or a multiple, of seven those, are where we usually, find. Changes. In. That. Is. 249. Day cycles. So. Our in the 98 to 99, day a, reversal. Zone. Additionally. We. Just really, have to look at the long-term conditions. In these oscillators, they're just really, really really. Really overdone, and. Absolutely. These are a good example of why of. You know you can have things in these conditions for a while then. We can look at, gold. From this perspective. To. Do. It, on the daily. We're. Just hovering. We. Are just hovering. Below. Actually. I've been finding a lot of buying just below the. 350. Degree. Square. Of nine value, area. That. Is that, has been holding as a pretty strong. Zone so far, in. Addition we have a full moon. Bullish. Buying pressure into. For, the next. 14. To 16 days. Let's. Take a look at. Loops. I mean snippet 2. The. Euro the. Euro, very, similar, situation, on. The. Weekly, we. See these prices. We see have very strong divergence, in here there is a ridiculous. Divergence. In price, going on. This. Composite, index. This. First. Oscillator here it. Has been, up trending. And so's. A stochastic RSI but. Prices have remained pretty. Flat. This. Is a really, really good example of a calm, before the storm of, a. A. Resting. Dr before, we would move higher the, only concern, we, have here is I mean in fact we, want to be short, probably, on the long term here going into the rest of the year but, we, would expect to see a, test. Higher, above, this major harmonic, zone that the ones 1689. We. Should expect to see prices move higher more. Towards. This. 120-130. Zone, to. Retest that and it would be awesome if we were to form that that, head and shoulder pattern although. Again if remember last week when we were talking about patterns. The, head and shoulders pattern as, is the most profitable. Geometric. Natural. A. Subjective. Geometric. Pattern. But. It's only profitable. If you, wait, for the entire, structure. To, form ok, you. Have to wait for it to form I don't. Always follow that. But. Generally you should always wait for it to form I think really, on. Shorter. Timeframes, I'd say anything under a day, or. At least anything on anything, under a. 4-hour. Chart you, should wait for that head and shoulders to form completely, before you. You, enter. Enter. The trade. So. Looking at the year on the weekly again, very very overdone. Conditions, we. Look at the euro. This. Perspective, as well we have a. Really, gorgeous. Fluent zone here, of we. Have the moon phases and moon phases on this chart for some reason but we know we have a full moon phase basing. A price we, have support. Holding, on this. Planetary. Line. Here this is the, heliocentric. Line of Saturn, this. Is the exact longitudinal, longitudinal.

Position Of Saturn on. The. Gyro chart and so, we. Are finding a lot of coiling, around here, without any further downside. Momentum, and, I. Mean. We are just primed. For, that drive higher take, it would look this is on the daily those take a look at the Sun the weekly the, weekly there is a massive. Divergence. Being painted on this chart we can see the stochastic, momentum, index has been rising, while. Price has been either. Declining. Or flattening. So. This is telling us that the. Action. The. Volume, participation. For. The the. Moves in higher, directions, is its is significantly. Higher than our. Our bearish. Or our. Our. Bare traders, so, we're. Getting it just a big warning, sign pretty, much all around, the. Last. Two, to three weeks that there is a change. Coming, alright, so be aware of that. Then. We look at. The. We. Did let's look in the New Zealand dollar New, Zealand dollar very similar, situation, here again, we got a major harmonic, level here this is actually the same major harmonic, well. It's not the same value, but the. New Zealand dollar and gold are both. Resting. Right under their exact. Midpoint, of, price. For. The entire price history of their charts so, there. Is a ton, of. Ton. Of. Supportive. Price. Action in this, entire confluent. Zone again. On the weekly we're just coming out of this we're. Just coming out of the stochastic over soul condition on the weekly. We're. Just churning up on the composite, index. And. On. The. Weekly here very similar situation, found support 135. Degrees. Own we see this very. Bullish. Long. Term. Bullish. Regular, bullish divergence forming. And, when the New Zealand dollar moves, out, of my divergence, zone it's, a pretty it's a they have pretty swift drive so the last bullish, divergence we, had was, between, October. 6th, of 2017. And then into, December, 15th, of 2017, and we can see that we went from the. 6830. All. The way to a high of 78. Or. 70/30, so, we had a 200, pip drive, here, on. That, initial, breakout, we. Can really just see this expand. That, the New Zealand dollar for, whatever reason. Generally. Has on both, the bearish and the bullish divergences. Some. Really. Really really strong, engulfing. Drives. It's it's pretty impressive so, New Zealand dollar once it starts to drive and break, out of this divergence. Expect. A pretty. Violent. Rise, to. The top okay. The. Pound. That's. Dude. Weekly. Little. Sell heavy on the hourly we just saw again. Bullish, diverts. Truong bullish divergence here, on the weekly as well. We. Can see that we had to continue to see this constricting. Of prices, now and it's, stochastic, RSI has. Flatlined. It's. Just hanging. Out in here. It can't. Push any lower while, prices actually have moved lower and we've, been in a we've. Been in a, down. Drive here. For. Doot-doot. Yeah. Same same amount of times we're looking at the other 15. Weeks. 14. While we're going into the 15th week we just have 14 weeks a bit of a down drive so looking. At all of that move as well we're. Coming up against the new a. New square in time that's actually starting next week I think. Let, me make sure sometimes. It can be a little, weird. The. 6th, of August. Yeah. 6th, of August is when we have our next time. Cycle start. But. We can see we're trading, in here and and. Finding some difficulty staying higher here on the daily. Looking. At the four-hour. Bitch. I got bought up pretty nicely there. Lots. Of lots, of supportive, conditions, on the. Long-term chart, there as well. US. Dollar Canadian dollar, exhibiting. A little weakness we had this bounce off this inner heart harmonic, there look.

At The US dollar Canadian dollar on the weekly if, you remember oh yeah. It was a while ago back. Back, in June is it all the way back in early June we. Were talking, about the the probable. Sell off here, and US. Dollar Canadian dollar that's what we've seen we've had some good trades off of that. Waiting. To see what happens if we break this, trending, structure, there. May be another short opportunity. So. We'll have to keep our eyes open for that. And. Yeah so let's. Go ahead and zip on over, let's look at our HD muku system. To. Do. Upside. The. Other thing is I want to do for you guys is I want to give. You the square of nine values, for. The, Forex pairs that we look at if there's any other ones you want me to take a look I can get those forward to I want to share those with you. So you can use those values if you choose to the. Square of nine angles. Price. Value, areas are I think you're going to find our our very. Very. Natural. Areas, where you'll find support, and resistance. You. Can keep that blue in red but I want to change this black look. Thicker. Okay. Cool. So. Looking. At gold. Gold. Really. We want to operate with the same I. Looking. At gold the same we would look at the Aussie dollar because. They're just a very shared. Pair. Really. Looking at an entry. A little higher here because we've been in all this congestion. Consolidation. We'd probably have to put a higher weighting, by order, and put. That probably at the twelve thirty five seventy, seven now, I don't I'm, not expecting, that to get. Tagged. Today or tomorrow. Night but we may get closer to it tomorrow I mean Monday's. As we know are kind, of just an extension of a Friday where, the the beginnings kind of you know Monday is kind of a drag and that's, not until Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday that, we get a lot. Of the activity but certainly Monday's can be movers but I think to position ourselves ready for tomorrow, having. A resting by order 12:30 597, is a pretty safe zone. It. Was 12:30 577, 997. Yeah. That's. On the for our rich Mugu plus also thinking of that keeping, in our mind that diamond, pattern as well, on. The, euro. Similar. Situation, I mean there. Is no better example than, this. That, we've. Got, consolidation. Here and it's. Actually interesting to see the consolidation, is between two. Square. Of nine value, areas the 135. Degree angle and 180, of your angle and. It's. Very bullish if we can cross above. This cardinal, direction here, so cross above I mean and then, really that is, just, telling. Us that that, is also a buy on the for our Ricci as well so we're, looking at that one, 1755. As an entry. Okay. And. Ossie. Don't give me did the Aussie dollar to. Do New Zealand dollar. Similar. Situation, got a break down below, retest. Failed down lower between, the ninety degree in the 135. Now. This 4-hour chart is actually showing, that, this, we've got an entry, at the present value area which i think is appropriate as long as prices stay above, price. Action here, we, should be safe for this entry, and, to. Say long at that. 0.2, 68. The. New Zealand dollars actually been kind of a strong little player. Lately. Dollar-yen. Consolidation. Between the 45 degree angle the 360. Degree not, surprising, that we're getting.

Difficulty. To cross below this. But. Our. Entry. Down, is, actually a pretty, easy zone, to look at and it's not very far away from the current price action because we, want to be below the baseline. In the conversion line and we. Want the legging span to be below that zone 2 so we'd, be looking at the 101. 1096. Area as our short zone oh. Right. And. The. Pound dollar I think. We'll get a nice. Drive. Higher out of this guy. We're. Looking at the 4-hour, I think the 1 hour those gonna have a little bit of a better. Maybe. Not where's 130. 194. Yeah. Yeah. That way actually probably, just on a return to the base here it'd be. 130. 155. That. Would bring us back above the baseline like, expand be a prep price even though we're below the cloud but there's just strong reversal zones all over the place so. I'm. Trying to figure out what the best way to get all the square of nine values, are to everybody, I think the best way would. Probably. Be for, me to screenshot. The. Values. And then get them sent out in an email maybe I. Don't. Know, oh. I. Know I could probably. You. Know what let me take this out to a weekly. And. Do. This. Get. Rid of as much noise. On here as possible and. Let. Me see how clear these are. Actually. You tell me if they're clear enough. Okay. I'll try that. And. If Forex lends. Egor, Kelvin if you can't even tell me if this is if. This link would show those values clear enough for, our, members. That'd be great so. That's the pound and then. Let me do gold. The. Euro. Mmm. I'm putting. These in the portal by the way so you can get on the portal, and find, them. Aussie. Dollar. And. So when I'm when I'm saying the values I'm talking about the horizontal price, levels okay. And. So. The cardinal, directions. Of. North south east and west are the ones that are colored green yellow. Red, and blue, and then. The diagonal. Lines. Are the, they're. All black. You'll. Have to do some kind of research on your own and, go. Through each. Forex, pair and and kind of find these confluent, zones on the daily and the weekly charts to see is there, a particular angle. That. Is that. Is very strong. As a turning, point for. Whatever. Pair it is I know. That the I think. The. 135. Degree angle is a pretty strong one for the euro maybe I can't. Know if that my head I got, a look though I have. All my notes because I cannot remember all this stuff New. Zealand dollar values. Oops. Looks. Like we're catching a bid on some of these pairs. This morning, that we were talking about, the. Dollar yen. Dollar. Yen I mean when this guy falls it's gonna. It's. Gonna fall hard it's. Got, it's. Got a lot of it. I, mean I'm not expected I would like to see it come back down to the 107, zone form that shoulder for an inverse head and shoulders cuz, I still have a price target of 120. On, on. The dollar yen for. By, the end of the year sometime, just not. Currently. We'll. Definitely switch to a bullish bias when we if, we get down to this zone what we'll have to see. We, scroll a little bit farther dollar yen values. Again. These are going to be in the portal. Portal. Dot Forex lens dot-com. In the chat box those, are going to be in there. Usdcad. Okay. And. The. Swiss sees lookin pretty ugly. Pretty. Ugly. Wow. The New Zealand dollar really. Caught. A bit of a drive there didn't it Aussie. Dollar - holy cow. Man. That's. A big bounce dollar yen took it on the nose euro. Nice. Drive, higher pound, nice drive higher gold nice drive higher. Yup. That's telling, us stuff that we need to pay attention to. All. Right let's see here so. We've got those trades and. One. Other thing I kind of want to go over real quick just so I don't nerd out completely, it's. Something, that I've been working on there, was a book, written by. One. Of the biggest. Awesome, Gann nerds ever, his. Name is Tony. Plummer. He. Wrote. A book. Called the. Law of vibration. The revelation, of William double Gann and, he. Talks not, this book is a lot about how Gann. Hit. Gans, hidden. Methodology. And his, his, his, a lot of his work, using. The. Whatchamacallit. His. Number. Of books. The. Law of vibration. And, actually. Optoma, what. They did is they actually, input. One. Of the one, of the. Patterns. That he found. Let, me find it here. Can. Vibration. This. Ganz, pattern of vibration so, Gann. Said that this is. The. Pattern not, this sorry. This is, the pattern that is.

Repeated, Throughout. All. Price. Any. This. Is the pattern, that life. Or. The. Markets, in general follow. Alright. That. You. Can see. Is. Actually there's. Two in there there's the gans and then there's the Enneagram, by that group DYFS whatever his name is. But. Again. Anyways, in in this book. Tony plumber he, he kind of expands, on ganz work with harmonic, ratios, and using. The tonic sulfur or sulphate. If you if you're in the music, the door a Mufasa Lotito there's a number of vibrations, or, harmonic. Resonances. That that, happened between one. Note to the other and from one octave to the other and so. What I was working on a little, bit this, weekend, until, I had to help one, of our friend a. Couple. Friends. Of ours of this couple they are. Building, a house and, help. Them move a lot of stuff over the weekend but. I was working on, man. Did I not save it. But. If I didn't I. Think. I was working on Bitcoin, oh. Here. It is okay yep yep yep yep okay so. There, is a. Harmonic. Frequency. In time. And there's a harmonic, frequency, in price. And so that's what I was kind, of working on. I had. To establish what. Bitcoins, quote, birthday, was it's the the day that either the whitepaper happened. Or the day that it first started trading, on. Any exchange or was or is able to be bought because. Those are important, those are the important start dates and then you just kind of build out an octave, range. From there and also you you build in the, inner, notes. And so I. Started. With the. Initial. Release of the white paper I think I have to amend that but when I put in the time cycles. Ok, this. Is what I this is what I get so. Here's. This. Day and then. We double, that or not double that but we go an octave. Is. Expand. From here, and. Yeah. These are these all the trim. Sorry. I'll, try and find my notes while I'm actually scrolling, across my screen at the same time, but, the major octaves. Are the. Thicker black lines and then the note, the notes, the door in me faso a lotta dough dough, ray me, Fah, Soh lah, tea. Dough, those, those. Thinner lines are those those inner inner, notes and. You. Know they're I I, don't, know if I'm getting the cycle. Right or not I mean there's there, are some. Confluence. Zones where, you see, these, highs or, these turns happen, on these, on these particular dates. You. Know I've gotta spend, a little bit more time with, it, but. Following. That. This. Pattern, so we, have dole Ramey, foie, so. Is a huge is a huge. Huge. One there, should be a big move off of Bitcoin, from this time cycle here and, then. Also, the. Price. Levels are based on the. The natural harmonic number so. We. Could. 256. Double. That is 512 double, was one is. 1024. Doubled and so forth and so forth so forth but, the harmonic, levels actually have a have, a very, strong. Level. Of, trading. Range in between them. Trying. To get into this most recent price action so, actually lumen bringing down to a four hour chart cuz, easier. To kind of see how the price action works in a four-hour chart so. The daily but if I go. Back here. Okay. So here's 20 17s. Price action that's let's, go back farther. So. 2017. Yeah. This. Is in the spring time, we. Can see that these natural harmonic. Ranges, these, actually, act very, I'm, gonna say they almost are more, sensitive. Than, the. Straight. Divisions, of eight i. Think. Bitcoin, and maybe cryptocurrencies in general are much more sensitive to this vibrational. Rotation. Than, they are to those static. Harmonics, i. Mean. There's a lot of ways to do these but. So. You can see that they're not evenly, divided, because, like, here's the here's, a major octave. And so. You. Know the Ray, is, is, is. 0.25. Above, it or one oh sorry. So this is an eighth above of that, base this, is a quarter, of the way this is a third of the way, then. We have half way followed. By two-thirds seven, eighths then finally, complete a full octave so dole, rate dough, ray me Fah so is the most important, zone la. Tito. Okay. You'll. Probably also observe. That. Those. Levels. I. Pretty, darn, close, to. Our. Fibonacci. Zones. Of six one eight and three eight -. Not. A coincidence. And. So, looking at bitcoins price action. You. Know we can see in 2017. As we're. Trading here in these harmonic, ranges. We. Can, observe. A clear. I mean, this is this actually this most recent action but in in June, is just fascinating, to me how much. Bitcoin. Responds. To these value areas it's just it's, just crazy. I'm. Just fascinated by, this so I know, that, I've got the calculations.

And The levels correct for price I do not know if I have it for time that is gonna be the. Difficult, thing because these time cycles, are only going to be accurate as long as you get the initial start date and if I can't get that. Then. I. Don't. Know what to do. I've. Got to figure out the exact, start date though I mean doing something for the year I'm gonna work on the euro today and, you know working on a start, date for the year is pretty easy because we can, just Google, when did the euro start trading in the forex market so. That that's very easy to determine. Then, we can just plot out the. The. Time, from there and so. Yeah. Anyways. Uh that. Is my day just, kind of went on nerd mode there for a little bit of it but again you, know we're looking at a we're, looking for the Australian, dollar to break. The. While. You're somewhere you're. This. Looking. For the Australian, dollar to trade. Higher break, above the diamond, here we're, looking for news. 8 do New Zealand dollar we went long at that at that value area. 6897. Or. Sorry, was, that right 1697. Yeah. Maybe I don't remember. And. Also. We. Wanted. DD. T TD where we at. The. Euro. Wanted. To go long at. 1755. Breaking. Up there the. New Zealand oh we did that dollar yen we. Go short at one 1096. I returned. Down below there and then the pound we wanted to go long at 1:30, 1:55 on our break above there and majority. Of those are based off the 4-hour Ichimoku. Chart. But. Yeah. Yes. Oh, you. Know what I'm getting questions, from. From. The other man behind the curtain of Forex lands. One. You never hear of the. Two. Of them that actually make everything run smoothly. So. Yeah. I'm gonna brainstorm over, these harmonic, ranges, and get them more exact. This. Is stuff. That you, won't. Find. Any. Other. Online. Analyst. Or trader go over with you, well. Actually, there there are a couple I know of but I don't think they actually do. Live trading or education, anymore but. This. Is really cool stuff. And. I'm. Gonna say one more other thing too if you ever get any of these books if you if you get any technical analysis, books, the.

PDFs, Are okay. If you're. Going to pirate the I don't, would never suggest anybody pirate him but if you're gonna buy them I would, suggest buying them an actual physical book form because. Whenever. If you've ever looked at any. Like, trading education it's very difficult, to, it, just doesn't translate very well if you have if, you're reading something on, a page, and then it's references. See. Image. Number three point four but you have to go back a page or two on your computer it's so much easier to do that with a regular book, it. Just scales a whole lot more efficiently, and, and. You know it's I, think, you just retain, information better too if you're reading it yourself and taking notes and highlighting, areas and things. But. Definitely. I really. Want to go, into this book a little bit more because. There's. A part in this book where. Tony. Plummer. Actually. Got a hold of the. Physical. Book of Ganz. A tunnel. Through time and. If. You've not read that book before. He. Suggested, you read it three times once. As a novel wants. To get the hidden meanings and then wants to figure out what the hell he was talking about but. Tony. Plummer actually. Measured. I'm. Trying to figure out well you hear this he, measured the cover, of the, book and. He. Measured, the the. The. Letters on the cover and he. Measured the interior. Anyways. This. Is what he wrote. Said. The the. The. Important, point, is that the positions, of both triangles, in relation to the width of the book are then defined by the golden ratio the. Distance, from the left-hand side of the book is 38.2. Percent of, the width of the book for the equatorial triangle. And, 61.8%. For, the isosceles triangle, so if you think of a book and it's a rectangle, and you divide the triangles, up until like an isosceles. Even. The, the. The. Letters. Of. The. Title of the book are placed. In an, exact. Fibonacci, ratio, and. Then. On the, bottom, of the book where. There are these planes. Flying in the air and they're falling down they. Also appear. At particular, Fibonacci's, it looks just like a cover, that has. You. Know, it. Doesn't look like it's anything big but there's a clear, hidden. Reference. To these things and there again was pretty sneaky. Plus. The exact, dimensions, of the book are little off so the. The. Vertical ratio. Is 1.0. 666. And then, the horizontal, ratio. Of the rectangle of the shape of the physical shape of the book was, 0.666. To 1 they're. The they're, the. Inverse. Ratios, and, then. I mean, he he did other things with the book to where. There's. A certain amount of pages. In. Each chapter and actually. Where when I showed you this. Toni. Plummer. Developed. This pattern. Based. Off of a few things in Ganz book or, in his book when, when talking about Gann and it had to do with the, number of chapters. And, the. Chapter. Number chapter. Numbers reversed order like he did I. Mean. I'm I'm probably, lost a lot of you already but. The. Chapter groupings, in the sequence, that in the pages. Performed. A certain, pattern and then. Tony Plummer actually. Was. Able to correlate, that to like. The Dow Jones Industrial. Index and find and, this is what he found this, is, anyways. This was this book was of such significance, and it's not very old this only came out in. Gosh. When did that come out. That's. 2013. Yep. 2013. Dedicated. For the global community of independently. Minded technical, analysts. And economists. This. This, book actually. I mean. First chapters on the Enigma of Gann the golden ratio and the Curt and Christian, scriptures, the. Sign of the Prophet Jonas the, son of man in the heart of the earth there's, a couple. Verses. In, the Bible, that, Gann. Found. That. Had. There's. No way that I can explain this book in. One session it would I'd have to do like a PowerPoint of it because it's it's I. I'm. Telling you it's bordering, on the. Conspiratorial. Insanity. And kind of supernatural. But. I can't, deny the. And. I think some of this book is a little far-fetched. I. Have. Difficulty, quantifying, how he gets the values, of Scripture. Using. Gematria. Which, is assigning. A a number value to letters and he. Doesn't he, doesn't identify, where. He, got the. Number. Letter. Designation. For. Those. Bible verses and then he doesn't say exactly, what language, it's in well I think it's in the Greek but, of course I think, it would be more important if we had the had. It in Hebrew because Hebrew, letters, also have in, numerical. Denomination. And that's be. More accurate, in my opinion, but yeah. There's. So. Much stuff in this book it's fascinating, stuff I think that that book will be a. Something. We'll find in, professional. Technol and, analyst. Reading. In the future and future, editions of the chartered Market Technicians course I'm sure that that's going to be a thing.

But. On the International. Fellowship of technical analysts. Okay. I'm done babbling it's. Monday. Have, a great trade, day today let's have a great start, to this week and I, will talk with you all this afternoon if, you're gonna be there one o'clock, we're doing the crypto currency markets and, that's. That one o'clock and. If. You're not gonna be there then I'll see you tomorrow morning, bye-bye.

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