Remittance Payments | BANKS BETTER THAN CRYPTO? 3rd time

Remittance Payments | BANKS BETTER THAN CRYPTO? 3rd time

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All, right now we're going live again this is the, third time this evening hopefully, third time's the charm and we. Will be solid, this time no interruptions. No problems, coming. Right up to you live, this. Is no longer 8:30, a.m. or, 8:30 p.m. but we're coming in at 10:00 to 9:00, Eastern. Standard Time 9:00 p.m. Eastern, Standard Time. With, the huddle report going. For another, stream, attempt. A. Lot, of great stuff that we want to talk about there's, a lot of discussion. And when it comes to the, payment, space and, that's exactly what we're going to be talking about tonight we, are going to be discussing, payments. Payments. From banks, cross-border. Payments remittance. Payments cryptocurrency. We, want to identify that. This space is growing, by leaps and, bounds there's a huge, focus on this space we. Know there's a huge focus in this space it's, been proven, it's been shown and. This is the very reason that. There, are many, discussions, going on right now when. It comes to Facebook. So, Sunday, evenings. Starting. Normally at 8:30, p.m. Eastern Standard Time this, is open, mic night on the jato report, we, are going to be gearing up with, an entire segment, starting, tonight through, the rest of the week discussing. Payments. Now again you know what does that mean by payments were talking about remittance, payments cross-border. Payments whether. It's through financial, institutions, or peer-to-peer. Person-to-person. Moving. Money of foreign. Workers and other countries, that. Want to move money back home there, has been really no easy, efficient. Cheap, solution to do it up until, now now there's many that are competing in this space we, also know that from a financial, institution perspective. We've discussed, this multiple, multiple times that. Swift, is no longer the answer it's an old antiquated. Solution, from over 40 years ago and it. Is only a messaging. Solution it's not a complete, solution and, we, have banks, we, have blockchain. Companies, we, have financial, institutions, we have many, within this space that are looking mean to, get into payments. We have social media companies, whether it was kick, or whether, it's Facebook. Focused. On this, space, that's how significant, it is that's, why we're going to talk about it what we also want to identify is. Whether or not, banks. Or crypto, currencies, have, the best solution, and why, and. Then, that's it that's the that's the whole point of it now if. You go to coin, Telegraph, you, will see that there was actually, an article that, was put up Bank of America. Actually. A Bank of America filed, for a patent, blockchain. Settlement. Solution. Very. Interesting, because it, does mention ripple, coin Deller Telegraph, mentioned that I went, through a little bit deeper went through the, patent, I pulled it up there's patent, you, can actually do patent, searches very easy that way did a full patent search read through it the one area that it mentions ripple, is, when they talked about the ILP, they, talk about the. The. Ripple Ledger and. So it's very very interesting, on, how they they utilize, that terminology. Obviously. They're probably referring more to the XRP ledger. And the protocols, that can then be set up so I think it's very very. Enlightening. To, see that many banks are have. Been and we've talked about this before banks, have been researching, this space banks, are attempting. To establish, themselves. In the, blockchain space, we know that JP Morgan as much, as they talked down on it JP, Morgan has attempted to do the exact thing with, JP em so the call, line is open, waiting. For our first caller to to. Call in go, ahead dial, the phone number then. Punch in the code andrew. Nation if you're on now, we are planning on getting you on the call first so, hopefully hopefully, you're logged in here i'm looking through the stream also, to. See what we have going on let. Me see you know what i didn't pull it up on my computer yet, let, me let me do that while. We're chatting, while we're discussing if there's any specific, things. Questions. Thing, that you guys want to talk about go ahead and throw it in the end. Of this in the just. The discussion, that's going on and. Again, the cult line is open so, go, ahead and dial, was. That six four six five five eight eight. Six, five. Six six four six five five eight eight six five six and then, once you call in you're, gonna have to you will have to push, the.

Code The code is one one five five. Two five one, zero nine. So, go ahead and dial, in and we'll be we'll. Be good to go so, just. Shout. Out to those that are on here. Great. To see everybody on, as. I was a little bit focused, on trying to get things, on line here didn't, really give I didn't, get a chance to give everybody a shout out this last, time around I will be removing, I going. I'm going to delete the the, initial attempts, of trying, to log in here so for those of you that are watching. The replay you're not gonna find it anyways so so. With that alright let's see here we got a lot of people on the stream already they. Came back. Some. People that are that I haven't seen in the chat before we've got this. Is nuts, geo XRP, I know you've, been on before we, got Z bits x, RP carolina, x, RP angel, connie, bubba. Shapes and just. As we're getting started here flooring guy what's up Carl. Lewis what's up, hopefully, I saw, that you were working. In a church tonight so you not gonna have a lot of jokes. For us even though you're just typing the jokes so you're. Not really saying, them out loud so go ahead and you, know type your heart away then, we have notorious. Xrp also with. Us this, evening so, alright. Great is is, andrew, on the, chat I haven't seen Andrew, logging. In here yet, I'm. Not sure if he made it back on or not so, all. Right let's see, here just, still trying to get the, the chat oh this is what happens when you have to reboot your computer and. Log back in and try to do everything timely. And keep, everything moving, forward, and trying to on. Schedule. So what, I did want to mention I started mentioning before so there's this a newer a newer, company. Out there newer, blockchain, solution, that. Is entering, into the payment space these, guys actually reached out to me full, disclosure on that I am going to have them on next. Saturday they, actually reached out to me and. You. Know and so what they're what they're putting together and I think it's kind of interesting they, would like people to start using their wallets they're, putting together an, offering. Here to. Give everybody a little bit of their digital asset, anybody, that's gonna be on the stream on Saturday, they're, gonna get when you open a wallet not sure exactly how, much they're gonna give or you know what their full plan is yet I'll. Be talking to them this week but, I will be doing an interview with them live. Next. Saturday, morning, 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and they're going to be broadcasting. Out of, they. Will be broadcasting. Out of, wherever. They are overseas, somewhere, in Europe whether it's from France or or. Romania, or wherever they might be logging, in from so. They have people kind of in different parts of the. Of, the. Globe so. That could that companies X Network it's X, dash Network IO if, you guys want to check them out ahead of time we'll, be doing a little bit more of a deep dive into them. Next. During this week so and then like I said next Saturday we're gonna have them on live and I, think will be interesting because they're also getting into the payment space so, this entire week is all gonna be about payments.

Andrew, Nation what's up man, since you're the first you. Were gonna login you were gonna call in go ahead and dial six four six five. Five eight eight six five six and then. Use code one one five five. Two five one. Zero nine. It's right on the screen so. Go ahead and punch. That into your phone and dial, in and you'll, go into the green room and then, I'll be able to I'll. Be able to log you in so. So. Awesome. Look, at that there's Bob moneybags, all the way from. Somewhere. Up in the Midwest, and, he's. My. Number two fan it's. Uh that, what that makes me my number one fan so. What's. Up man. People, coming in here and talking about the forked Yeti coin and always trying to promote that Yeti baby, nonsense. I just I just don't get it I do. Not get it so DN. I I don't know if your your in the chat here, I know, you're on, I saw you log in earlier before I dropped. Out, let. Me see here we've got got, a bunch of people and Alisa Flannigan, looks, like you're back in all, the way from Ireland. Awesome, place love, being there love going there what. Part of Ireland are you in I absolutely. You know it's a great place so highly. Recommend if if any of you guys haven't been there yet definitely. Shoot. Over to Ireland. If you get a chance all, right so we've got the first caller calling in I'm going to add him to, the call here in one second, let's, see. All right I think I've. Got you on the line. That Andrew, hey. How you doing give me one second, great great give me one second, I am going to I. Just. I got to hide myself here, um there. We go hide self you perfect, and now I got it wha what. Do I need it oh you know what I got to open up your mic let, me open up the mic, awesome. Alright hey I've got Andrew, nation on the line with me right now what's up Andrew. How. Are you doing buddy man, doing awesome, really. Great to talk to you in person - the first time. No. Kidding lots of technical funky, stuff going on today on YouTube it dude, I know it's insane it's always crazy right when right when you don't want it to happen that's when everything goes bad and I kind of predicted, it I shouldn't, have said anything I shouldn't, have said a word yeah. And. Maybe we'll get this on your pretty clear yeah I appreciate that man you too hopefully, everybody. Give a thumbs. Up yeah, everybody, hears you also loud and clear so, we've got ya bubble shapes gave us a thumbs up everything's great, Lisa's, in Donegal, I've been to Donegal, it is.

Yeah, That's a great place I love Donegal, is not far from it. Was the last port, that, the Titanic. Sailed out of I believe, is that is that correct Lisa, I. Think. It's kind of like in the center south of the of the country I stayed. I think, that I believe I stayed in that area it's a great place so, Andrew, what's uh what's. News man what's, going on what's good. It's. Been a pretty exciting day lots, of live streaming today, right. The NIH I was amazing, and I've been excited, to hear your stuff shout out to notorious. Excited. To watch his his Deeley tonight, at. Some point right. Yeah yep yeah. It's, awesome and so so, let me ask you you know since we haven't really had a we. Haven't had a chance to really talk like this before and, yes, since the first time I you know getting getting you on I just, give you it like just. A real brief synopsis, of, you, know what what got you into this space you, know and you, know how you found, you. Know basically. Extra. P and ripple and you know started really focusing in on on that area. Yeah. I couldn't tell you an exact date but it's probably have probably held, xrp. Since, it was ripple, I bought it as ripple years ago and I. Guess. Initially, it was obviously. Bitcoin that got my attention I started, doing some heavy. Research, on that i've been i've always been interested in new technology, and and, you. Know i like to have the newest of electronic. Since whatever, whatever. Is coming out and stay abreast of everything like that so right so, a bitcoin, got my attention i. Wasn't, in a position to, invest in it at the time i have four kids and uh and. We were anyway. So we. Had just had a baby girl born so and, i was unable to get anybody interested. In it with me really at the time, okay. I think i looked like a kook but. Times. Have changed now it's a few years later and i'm, definitely not. Being. Looked at as quite as crazy by my, lovely, family members, right, that's, a good thing a lot has happened in that and yeah, it's, definitely. A choosing. Ripple is a sort, of a different choice it. Seems. Like the ethical, choice to, me as far as digital. Asset investment, goes and i feel good investing, in it then i see it as a, massive, part of you, know all, these future micropayments, endeavors, relating.

To New technology, whether it be Tesla or, what-have-you. Yeah, what. Was the news on Tesla, actually you brought that up earlier what. What is going on with Tesla I, must. Have missed that I don't know I just I. Didn't, I didn't catch the tweets, have been I try and stay, kind of up on what's going on like. My. Family, was in the auto industry my, grandfather, owned. Many. Many Chrysler, dealerships, in Canada, so. I've. Always. Been a car guy I guess and I've, tried. To stay abreast of cars and what's coming out new and. In the industry, and and, yeah. Tesla's. Definitely. You, know I know just, a couple of years ago I think. You. Know maybe look like you was a bit crazy and maybe, the perhaps, the company is more, of a, idealistic. Invest, investment, rather, than. You. Know an intelligent why the first time people now I think it's it's really looking like what's. How much adversity the company's being able to overcome whether. It be you. Know getting closer to really. Being looked at positively, by regulators. For, self-driving. And. In. And. The, Rockets Falcon, axes well although all the crazy endeavors, the, company has done and his own kind of personal, guarantee. That he puts behind. His. Products, is, pretty inspiring and I like him as a person I like kind of what he stands for yeah. It's a really interesting. Interesting. Subject, for me so I like to try. And stay stay, up on what's going on with them right. And. That's what your thoughts oh yeah. You know well, I don't know I didn't, you know I don't know any I didn't, see any tweets or anything that has to do with them. Leveraging. Digital, assets, or anything, like that or getting into rip, or XRP or you, know how they're gonna utilize that, you. Know I you, know it's it's really interesting you know yeah go ahead. Yeah. You know like I know it's I've followed, him for years kind of regarding, what what the future might look like and I've been unable to find some of his older. Statements. Or kind of subject matter that would used to be on YouTube and stuff but I remember. I'm talking about the future of micro. Payments, and how. The. Cars would, be definitely. Able to utilize. The. Micro. Payments through through. Driving. Them like so they're. Saying you. Know it's. Pretty incredible okay, so you could they're toting the the world's best, financial. Product for the world's best car right right, oh they're. Working on a financial product from Wells Fargo that allows the customer to buy a Model, S. Where the downpayment is, absorbed. By a tax credit right and, it's. Looking, like for around $500, a month, combined, with the, savings. From not paying for gas since time savings, not having to stop for it all that and plus. The future potential, if regulations. Are in place for your car to be driving, itself. Around all day picking. People up, driving. Them around and charging, them like. A taxi, would so rather than owning, a non asset, that sits in your garage 23, or whatever 23. Hours a day and being used, it. Could. Literally, be the very first car ever that, becomes an, asset to own and buy and. That's. Pretty exciting stuff right and when you consider that you know you may know more about the how. You. Know credit companies, and banks, would get involved and I do see a horizon or XRP, you would you, know definitely, be, utilized. Like in, markup payments, whether it be as he, spoke in the past for. For. Drivers. Collecting, payment for the cars that are. Continuously. Taking. In data on the road there's a drive right. Yeah. I dint, know that being that being a paid paid. Element, of owning a vehicle or. Or. What have you so yeah. It's it's pretty neat ya. Know I think that those are great points you know that that I love that you know because you, think about right now if you use Waze I assume use Waze or Google Maps or something like that almost everybody, in the world does now some. Way they, perform with these Google Maps or ways or which one to use known or normally. Yeah. You know like I was i I did. The Google, guide thing and got. Pretty passionate, about it up here but the. Whole, idea of having a owning. A vehicle that. Doesn't cost you fuel you plug it in at night I guess it's much much. More affordable than people realize. Concerning. Electricity, costs, right, and but. But to have created, passive, income, from your from. Your vehicle well, through, two sources, whether it be, taxiing. And or collecting, data. Continuously. So the more taxi, the more data would collect the more you would be collecting.

Micropayments From. Tesla, or some sort of discount possibly, in the future on their cars right so right yeah, no that's awesome I love, that idea I think that's I think that's outstanding you know I mean you think about right. Now your car sits in your driveway you. Know you're not you're not you know just a depreciating, asset, if you're able to find a way to leverage, and make money Airbnb. Obviously. Popped, up you know and Airbnb, is is highly, successful and, helps people leverage, their homes more. Additional. Homes and make money off of them there were a few websites that, popped up to where, you know you try to. You. Know rent, out your vehicle, I think that's it's kind of difficult you know it's a it's. It's a different dynamic however. With, Tesla, and it being that you know you have you have an electric vehicle it's, already it has technology built into the vehicle to, help identify where the vehicle is at all times it's, not you don't have to have add-ons, it's. Able to then you know communicate, on the network and. You know so, you're right I mean to be able to leverage that from that perspective where. The car might be available to other individuals, for rent if. It becomes the self-driving aspect. Of it becomes. More efficient, to, then go out and pick up other individuals, that might be part of a pool of people. That you allow to use your vehicle to. Then leverage, like you said make it a you, know an earning. Asset, instead of a depreciating, asset but, at the same time to, be able to incorporate. Traffic. Flow into, it, you. Know as part of that mechanism I think really as part, of Google Maps or any, of the others you can, still build in, and. Leverage, you. Know Google Maps as a mechanism for you. Know for allowing people to make money just Google, Maps as an example but. If you can make money from from, that you know that'd be awesome. Yeah. That's those year you're making good points they're like I. Get. It early access to some of Google's products, peeks through once. I hit like six star or something like that and I've been I've enjoy. Seeing, some of the stuff they're planning on rolling out and it's pretty incredible I've. Really. It's hard to get your your, mind around what a parada guitar, what a shift it you know it is and, and. I, think it appeals to two, different demographics. That. Maybe, people don't realize like that maybe older wealthier crowd that would, wouldn't, have. The carving, creating. Passive income would just like to keep it, they. Would, be you. Know it'd be appealing to them because of elon, personal. Guarantee. Guaranteeing. The residual, value of the car to be that of a Mercedes. S-class. After. Three years they'll give you the cash or a trade-in right. On it it's. Pretty, confident, moves you. Know concerning, the, future. And so I think it really shows that, when, you see would you like it then when you look at the amount, of, adversities. Been able to overcome. Sort. Of leading away and a lot, of, concerning. Regulations. I think this applies right even with cryptocurrency, or. Digital. Assets, because they'd, certainly go hand in hand, yeah. Yeah no I agree I think that yeah a hundred percent, hey just real quick I just want to give a quick shout. Out here, to uh to. Uh and, I just had to shut down YouTube, on my computer, I don't know I guess, it crashed huh there's also this. Technology. I'm so, kit. G host one says shout out to Hayden nation, of. And. Is. That your son haha, that's, awesome, that's my boy he's your boy - he's as. Whereas I am concerning. Uh you. Know but uh he's, right, on the forefront, of a lot of different things he's, uh I'm. An Android guy he's into the Apple stuff all right so. That's intentional. Geo editor, yeah. He raps, he's pretty awesome pretty. Awesome stuff he puts out there when he has a time right, oh that's awesome that's fantastic, that's really. Cool thanks. I yet out there that's great yeah yeah so thanks for the dude. The $2 Canadian, super, chat the one with that appreciate, that that's awesome and, so, yeah so let's see we've got. My. Dad just logged in as well Papa Hottel he, logged in a little while ago and I'm kind of backtracking, through the stream here it says, everything. Froze up on the computer I'm looking at my phone if, I'm looking down that's looking, at my phone here so. Let me see here.

Wildstar's. Response, here yeah. It's. A strong community, now I'm sure I'm really feeling at home I've only only, been. Involved. Like I really didn't know there was such a huge community, on Twitter, and I've been off social, media for. 11. Years I think before this so okay I'm really enjoying and it's it's pretty awesome people, like you and D and I and you, know investments. Perspective, is fantastic. Oh man. It's it's amazing you know and it's it's funny because I talked I talked to chip a lot XRP. Minute you, know we talked pretty often and, and. It's funny because I look, at this space and, and, really you, know if you look at across the different. Rather. They're streaming, or, you, know they're making videos, in this space you know you're right I think there's, more and more people if you look at that the sheer number of subscribers, you. Know and granted there's a lot of cross subscription. Going on but, there's a lease you know I mean I don't, know where Dai is right now I mean was he like you know 50, 60 thousand. Subscribers, I haven't looked lately, maybe. Maybe it's less than 50 I don't know exactly but that's 50,000. People that are interested, strictly. Just in in in, XRP because that's, all he talks about you. Know and I find that you know on a mind-boggling, you know that there's, you know and granted you know obviously we know there's a lot of people out there and in it but that's only one little segment. Of the space there's, so much more that's going on you. Know and and really, that means there's other communities, you, know similar to those that are loved XRP that are focused. Maybe in aetherium or you know whatever it might be or you, know obviously, we know there's a lot of Bitcoin maxi's out there you, know so uh-huh, but it but I find that just my, god the, worldwide, phenomenon. To like I you know I'm in Canada you're where are you I'm in the u.s. I'm down in Florida. Cool. Yeah you know like there's I've met so many people just last 2 months. 2, months on Twitter I got a thousand, followers and I met people ice all over, the world yeah.

You. Know certainly, hope to meet some, of them maybe you one day the lots, to look forward to and, there. Were a couple, months ago I just thought this you, know tiny tiny. Community, kind of people. Are really kind of pulling together from coming up with interesting, ideas, and the. Sentiment, is things. Greater every day and it's it, feels good and yeah, I think it attracts people quickly. Now you know yeah yeah I agree I agree hey, I just want to give a, shout out here to know Toria sex RP sorry just uh thanks. For the the super chat 589. Is common. Here buckle, up the best is yet to come, awesome, stream space and I and I really like about the community, is that it is, very international you, know when we've. Got people on the other side of the world you know from Australia, and parts. Of Europe and, parts of Asia and, you, know just all over the place communicating. With each other and that's really what it's all about. Yeah. It really, is kind of an open borders, thing the x RP group yeah. You know. Yeah. It's, I'm really really happy to have first. Off when I got and I guess I I got. Kind of got to know investment, perspectives, and then I met. Z. Bit 33, there and a chat and we, got going and he set, up a channel and yeah, I just made a lot of friends, really that I I'm really grateful to have Matt's real fantastic, people and now I feel like there's there isn't anybody, in this there's, there's I got somebody for everything, there's someone who does every like you, know you want some digital artwork done or you know you got contractors. You got people all over the place duck kids not you can bounce ideas off, of and every industry you know it's really an open demographic. Of different different, you. Know people, that's. Right yeah. That's right, that's, right yeah I look, an idiot I could appreciate that right. Right yeah. It's it's it's interesting too, because you. Know a few, a few of my a, few. Of my, streams. Different, segments, you know I've talked, a little bit about politics, and we talked about regulatory. Clarity we talk about what's happening here in the US you know I find, it important, to understand, all those things because typically. You, know we the only the only interaction. That we have with another. Countries, you, know politics, is what we read on the media and, we know that that's not very impactful, and accurate. You, know and so being able to engage and talk to other people and say hey what, do you think about you know what you know you know what do you think or what do you know about what we're doing over here and by the way what are you guys doing over there you know because you, know - you know it's hard it's really hard to stay on top of everything but. When it comes to this space in particular I, think everything. Is very relevant you know and in it I believe it helps because. When one country does something, it, definitely helps to set a precedent you, know across, the board globally. You, know if we get regulatory, clarity in the u.s. guaranteed. Other countries, are gonna follow suit you know based on what the US does now for, the u.s. to establish this. Regulatory, clarity you, know they're looking at what other countries are doing you, know and that's and that's being a big part of it say hey we can't fall behind you. Know other countries are rocketing. Ahead of where we're at and we, can't we can't do. That you know it's not good financially. You know it's not good you know for you know from a technological perspective, it's, just it's bad across the board you know for the for the US what. Are your thoughts on all that yeah it fits. Yeah. Sure it's, leading to really. A, certain. Aspect of e-commerce being, completely, an open. Borders in viral epic you know I know the hot topics seem to be you know, validators. Whose responsibility. Is it as a news but you know what everything is being addressed and, and it's if, you talk about snowballing. I like I just I look like look back to months and ago you, know you. You. Had the g20, what's next to get the Olympics coming up. Man. It's it's an exciting, time to be alive that's incredible, actually I'm. Really a really. Glad I got got, involved in the. Online community, certainly. YouTube's, changes, aren't. Bad, concerning. You, know like the more, family oriented, I'm, a Premium Member something. I'm happy to pay for every month I'm, going to do a ton of research and it's that's for personal, personal. Gain for me to not have to watch commercials all the time and stuff but you know I get to benefit from channels like yours that which.

Are A, little classier, and geared. Towards you, know something, that uh my. Parents would maybe watch and not, be turned off about the you. Know other misconceptions. Possible, misconceptions. About, cryptocurrency. Being. Used for crime, only and whatever what are people, bring to the table before they get learning about stuff right so yeah so yeah there's. Just really somebody, for everything. And you know I look forward to a future maybe I can sell my art work internationally. Without. You, know all the confusing, huge costs, and like just since I started there's been so many changes like, in August you could link. PayPal. To coinbase. And, I was only, as of a few I guess not even a month ago that I was able to take payment, that way through in Canada, from. Customers. In the States but you. Don't know until you start trying stuff really what. Kind of friction, points there are you. Know related, to what your, product is you know what. You're trying to sell how. Do you quote it to people in different currencies, that's a major thing right like I have customers, in India. Who say. I have so many rupees what could I get for this are you looking. At how much does a product, weigh in right yeah, you. Know and, then you have the yeah. You know do you know the crazy people - yeah that's right exact balance and what Tom and a lot of a lot of interesting. Stocks yeah yeah yeah have you been over to India. No. You know but I love the people I dated. An Indian woman for years my son was, is. The same thing an honours girlfriend, couple years I. Love, the food yeah so I I. Like the culture like, the like, curry and certainly. Appreciate. As, a Canadian, I you know, I. Guess, I, I've. Seen kind of their actual, culture sort. Of thing right right yeah yeah look in the way that we're not really a melting melting pot culturally, right so yeah. I appreciate, them and. You. Know certainly, lots of different lots. Of different cultures here and I see that represented, in that community, quite. Well even though it's you, know whether, Twitter's, predominantly. Louder. In the States than, other, countries it's, attracting, people from all over the world you look like Beirut right. And yeah, just, pretty, cool yeah, it's fantastic, hey just real quick I just want to give a quick shout out to aid in trading, just. Logged. In here shot over a super. Chat for two dollars mandate and appreciate, that a lot man he, is our resident. Your. 14, now I believe 14, year old digital. Asset investor, and YouTube, and. Youtuber, any Xhosa channel, all, about digital asset, and.

If Andrew. Could you imagine at 14, if you, are a hosting your own YouTube channel first off you know typically. These kids are doing no liar but we're both homeschooled, so I love. That kid is really, smart and he's got a bright future I think his parents know what they're doing and they're they're taking a stand and I'm going to have, a unique. Education. It's pretty incredible yeah, it's amazing I mean it's absolutely amazing. You, know to have that kind of direction and a start and how you donating. To your channel, hilarious. What it what a funny what. A lot of change we're seeing right now right yeah I know isn't, that great that's it's, amazing, it really is amazing, yeah. Yeah. I love, I love going, on to his chats and you listen to him and you know and he's developed you know like everybody everyone, goes on the first time when. You do the first videos and then, you start building it and kind of learning the process and, you. Know being able to watch him you know for from the beginning and now worry is that now and it's outstanding. You, know I could just imagine you know where he's gonna bring you in on number of years from now right brings. A big smile to my face that if. You're listening Hayden, you know you should go check aide note, right. There you go you. Know, yeah. Publish. I hate is amazing for angry exciting, time and thank you very much for inviting me to speak, on the show it's I'm flattered, your I think, you got a pretty slick channel and it's a it's, a good gateway, for a lot of for, a. Certain. Demographic that's. Particularly. Going to enjoy you know your eloquent. And. Sort. Of classy style and that's I think it's appreciated, by a lot of people not the only one yeah man I appreciate that you know I I don't you know I don't want to you know just talk, a lot of fluff and you, know it's not all just about hype and you know and that's where you know a lot of that ends up you. Know Andy and I I think he covered, it pretty well earlier you, know somebody asked D&I well you know what you know why haven't you growing you know why do a, lot, larger and hey you know man he's been around for months and is doing an outstanding job, you. Know but for, that same reason you, know you could you know just focus, in on a bunch of hype and. I you know I want, to throw out one primary, case and and. It caught a lot of people in the hype you know unfortunately you, know but that crypto, attorney you, know he put up his channel, in a very short period of time you, know he was able to build up the channel you, know but it was all it, was all you know fake you know because he was claiming to be something, that he wasn't you, know then he was you know and, then people were, you, know listening. To what he had to say even though he never said anything of, value you. Know and so you know so here he is you know trying to say something any, and then you you listen to what he said I'm like well you. Said, you were gonna bring in some new information on let's say the token taxonomy, act or whatever, because you were you're, an attorney working you, know for the federal government and then, you you realize that he doesn't say anything but that's, what that's that's.

The One aspect, that, I think within the community, you know we have to do a very good job at, to filter, out the, nonsense, you know, and I think we've seen it in other areas like well yeah. Yeah. I appreciate. That you take that fairly. So serious, and you're you're. You're. Kind of a voice of leadership concerning. That subject, but but. I think we we. Both know this it's, become a more. Self-regulating. Community, in that respect, as you'll. Always have this sort. You know the the, the, trap. Coin or opportunists. That are in you, know there's. Always you, know I definitely get spammed a lot but they're not XRP people right it's. Right yeah, yeah, and I see, it happening less and less and, you. Know people know who each other are and are, learning it's. Not is not as mystifying, to the public just after a couple months like with you in this with, what what's come out on TV in the, mainstream even so, I see. Your channel growing to huge numbers not not, in the far. Future in the near future and uh yeah. Definitely, be happy to have taken a part of it and it's earlier, days yeah, yeah I really, appreciate that and yeah there's definitely more, great things to come you, know nothing, that's one of the things you know I I figure, you know is trying, to figure out this part of it this component, and bringing. People within the community on, you. Know because I love, I love being able to engage with people you know I had a couple other you know the youtubers. On and then. I realized we have all these amazing, community, members that are active on Twitter active. On you know the different videos with, amazing things to say and it's like hey let's get them on you, know that's an and so I love that yeah so so many innovated so, many innovative thinkers, that maybe don't perfectly. Haven't perfectly, fit or been able to use the véra their, skillset or knowledge. For. Such you. Know so effectively, in other. Spaces yeah and it's just it's spreading. Accident, you. Know the laws of entropy insist. It's, going to be everywhere no time just just. Incredible. Like you got coil you got. Another. Channel like the watch is the XRP marching report that guys awesome it's not definitely, definitely, lots of interesting people right. That's right oh yeah and I don't mind I don't mind the hype I think, the hype serves a purpose you got you got new comers they want to hear something good maybe they just invested, you know yeah, well I am you know everybody seems to serve a purpose no, I agree I agree you know yeah so you you definitely want the uplift, exciting. The. High pay right the hype aspect is. What keeps people fired, up and motivated to keep moving forward and then, let's learn as we, go as well you know. For. Sure yeah I'm. Really enjoying it there's always there's, something all day long especially, on the on the weekdays man I could be on YouTube, Twitter there's, there's so much content, it's fantastic. It's really crazy. No it's so crazy you know and then it was funny today I swear. You know I logged, in I was.

Someplace And then it popped up and I saw a DNI streaming. Earlier in the day and then, later in the afternoon, I come back and there's DNI streaming, again I'm, like oh this is awesome I get that I get that login this time and then, I log out I do guide to go somewhere, and I, come back again he's still streaming I'm like holy cow haha, this, is awesome you know like. It's like watching oh no 24. Hour news shutter down like an hour, yeah, when there's a need though you know and the people, just keep talking and it's. Pretty pretty awesome and I like it when people are willing, to fill a need like that you know people want to keep going and he just keeps on rocking there so that's where, are you awesome yeah yeah why, not thanks, exactly, exactly hey this is Sunday all I got is maple syrup red. Maple syrup right you think you know what they need to do is put in, they, need to have the, maple, syrup consortium. Need, to put maple, syrup on the blog chain so, that we can authenticate. The. Maple syrup and be able to track its, origin, to make sure that it's real maple syrup and it hasn't been watered. Down with. Any kind of caramel extract, or anything like that down here in the US how. About that you, know I've what you just said is such. Allegorical. Meaning for, for every other you know I, don't, know if you know whether yeah there's there's been serious problems. With the. Mafiosos. Steve just like same with the olive, oil and Italy, right like you know to, less sophisticated markets. You don't even know if you're getting olive oil sometimes right exactly. You know as criminals get smarter. You know authentication. Needs to become, more you. Know, advanced. So, I like we just add I'm not going to laughs it's actually it's, actually likely. To be implemented, as wouldn't surprise me a bit right, right but I think that would be so critical and then there was I, know talk about B chain for I think V chain is used, for authentication, I'm. Trying to remember there's another company, I was just reviewing, it last, week and that was their purpose was it was all about using blockchain. To. Authenticate. A. Product. So you can track even you know brand name product, you know so if we want to know you, know you, know it's it's so it's key you know it's so important, you know it really is yeah, we're seeing the poor thing there's so much weirdness come to a point with that right like. You. Got Walmart, in like there's a station at Walmart now Amazon in the world and what whatever, but you. Know you look to China and they're using QR codes to, for. Everything, you it's. Just, crazy and do. You know in a future to it's I don't think it's it, moves away from the sort of fascist. What. Am I trying to say or you know. Micro. Payments, and how they apply to that is like like I look into a future where maybe I can use micro, payments to manage. Allowance. Payments, to my children, for you know I agree, with that the yeah here's react, sort of the patient. Like. That yeah, yeah yeah. That's awesome, you. Know yeah. That's. Great hey. And here's here's a wildstar. Wildstar, said limit wildstar. Said maple syrup purity yet, another use case for the Yeti coin yeah. Wildstar, Yeti coin not Yeti baby let's let's make sure we we get that we. Get that correct so. Yeah. Readies. Up twelve percent today so man. Yet again you if you're old you Yeti, coin is got Yeti coin is gonna go to the moon one day. With. That kind of a use case for the maple syrup use case right. Yeah. What'll be the turning point is we'll make it we get some good photos a Bigfoot, that's, that's right yeah, using. Using, the Yeti point, now. That Oh that'll be the day. That's. Funny just one thing here that I think this was really poignant sativa. Shiva. Said I just want to go back up here and and grab this if I can get back to. This. Goes back to what we're talking about before you, know in terms of Aiden but they kind of went through but, I thought this is a great comment, sativas, said my kids won't buy, xrp, and they're adults you. Know and that's interesting, you. Know and, I think you.

Know Sativa. Needs to get the. Kids on on. One of these YouTube channels got, to tune in and. Start learning about digital, asset they don't have to buy XRP buy whatever, you know but you. Know they should start investigating, digital, asset and understand it a little bit. Yeah. I think there's no there's not a heavy, gateway, like they're like I remember being a child maybe, ahead of my time and the sense Adan is a well. You know I wanted to own a bat my grandfather's. Was, an investor, in a businessman, and affected, me a lot but. You. Know I wanted I wanted to invest, in the stock market when I was 11. Years old right I remember asking, him and and I. Remember kind of being laptops because, I was so young right like you need to start with the thousand dollars I remember watching and make you LTC orders. Over the phone from, his house and yeah. Yeah that's all changed, right like now that I got, when I first got into investing, it, was just hitting the banks that you know teaching, you their their platforms. Providing. The education, you know everything's online you I don't need to go to university, to learn how to invest you you, know get on you to me and take, a few courses on on. Sale days or you know just the. The you know and there's no age limit for that stuff right you could be 11 years old and you could be bi you know and that's what's cool you don't have to be 12 years old before you can open a bank account but you know that's alright stupid gateways that were in place before so the e-commerce potential. For for, the future for you consider the unbanked and the billions of people and and and kids. Adults and families, combined that could benefit from it together I think it'll yeah. It's the sky's the limit it just is really really. Something I could think about all day long yeah. You know what and that what. You just said there is so key, because really, that's what that's what this payment space is all about you, know and I think you know between the banks between. Social media, you. Know so that's gonna be you know Facebook. And we have we have to you, know acknowledge, that Google is probably looking into this very thing already. Samsung. Is, probably, looking into it they try to get in the space that, means Apple is probably looking into it somebody's. Out there they're, looking at the, possibility, of how do they get into this. Payment space and taking. Advantage of it from now now, it's all gonna be about blockchain because. Now the competition, is, is. Worthy you know now it's amazing you. Know what's out there you know and so think. About you know there's blurring of the lines between, digital. Asset exchanges, and banks and these financial, institutions, and what, that what the impact, that's gonna be like you said allowance.

Being. Able to pay allowance, being able to have young you know kids they're you know basically especially. In this startup, phase you, know being able to invest and, be able to understand, it you know having their own wallets, you, know and it's it's amazing, you know it's it's an amazing new world you, know of what we could do but I really think you know one of the things you hit on also on how, it can impact families, and so, you, and you talked about trade, with India and trying to understand the rupee and you know imagine you, know some of the customers, over there that, aren't that are making product, but, you have no direct access to them because they have no mechanism, to. Get paid because they, live in fiat Gilder, whole world is in fiat you know when I when I went over to India I mean there's a whole subset. Of people over there that's that's their existence, they they don't Bank because, it's too expensive and, they're, not making enough money from a fiat perspective, when you have engineers, over there you. Know making, 150. To 250 dollars a month you. Know as a computer. Engineer where, I mean that's some. Of the top codes, some. Of the top think tanks, and coders and more like incredible. Infrastructure, that's exploded. Like but you, know it's, a huge, emerging, huge, huge, emerging. First. World environment. Over there right yeah yeah it's, very close to a catch-up point, is that India. Is at the tipping point I think you could say concerning, uh you. Know they're not on that doubt you know on the decline. Economically, sort, of and, hopeful. Like like the divides of the world or whatever but yeah. It's certainly a place. Or yeah I see, a lot of future. Ecommerce. Heads. Of thought. And stuff like that coming out of that country and and, yeah. It's something else to say look, yeah. India's incredible. You know yeah exactly. Laughs. So. Man, it's awesome do. You think the. The. Yeah getting back to micro payments and passive. Income I just always think of the efficiency, great. Like where maybe you and I have would have had to I don't know but you but I just shovel, walks and mow, lawns and, it, started by you know doing. Yard, work of my grandparents, estate I had to be driven out there by my mom and make a few bucks an hour yeah. Quite, quite a quite. A commitment from a parent's, perspective right. Is that word today you just you, buy them a device and and keep them pointed you know monitor. Them somewhat keep them point in the right direction and, boom, kids. Can really, self. Educate, like where home schooling is a whole different model, than it would be would. Have been back when when I was into I was I guess I'm lucky enough that I was motivated. To, self-educate, concerning. For. The subjects, that I've kind of, enjoyed. You. Know knowing, more and more about over the years I thought I kept educating, myself in and it's, benefited, me I guess but yeah, but yeah it's it's such an incredible change worldwide, on so many so many levels to for, for. That that change in efficiency like, you know the commitment, level that's required for, success for for. A child, or adults in. Third world or first world countries it's it's really, exciting yeah, yeah I mean that that's that's an amazing, amazing that you say that because if, you think about it you know you look at the school system today and you. Know for, the most part you, know if you're, you know if you're going to public school or even even private, school you don't get to you don't get to handpick, your teachers, you, know so let's say you, know you want to study whatever the topic is whatever the subject is you're, pretty much locked in to whoever, in that school is going to teach that subject if you're homeschooling. You. Have a little bit more of an opportunity, but. Now you still, need to figure out. You. Know you still need to figure out how do you get the, best person, for the job to, teach the. Child you know whatever that topic, is now, I think back a number of years ago I was learning Spanish and I'd.

Gone Through all the different online. Programs. And did everything and I got to a point where said you know what I need direct engagement, I don't, have time to go to. Some school to learn I need to seek out the best program, and I did that I ended, up, learning. Spanish. You know with with a, teacher in, Guatemala, and the. Program. Yeah. It was awesome and we'd meet via Skype and and. She would didn't speak a word of English so, it's perfect, so I was able to ramp up my Spanish, you know relatively, quickly and it, was fantastic because, at the time I was dealing with a lot of people that Latin America and working. With them and many. Of them weren't comfortable speaking in English so. I had to learn Spanish, you know am i written, Spanish my reading Spanish was very good I could, communicate with them and it was my spoke in Spanish that was struggling, because I like and I got to figure this out but, you think about it from this perspective especially, on, the, micropayments, side and what every dollar meant to them in. Order to have to do those transactions. It. Had to be facilitated. Via PayPal, now, PayPal, was taking, you, know a decent percentage, of of, what, they were making you know so yeah, in in transaction. Cost and you. Know they weren't charging a lot now imagine, now, what, we could do from a micro. Payment perspective, with digital asset get, the lesson boom you're paid no. Delays no waiting no big, costs, no you know no nothing, now from. A homeschooling, perspective. Right no friction points at all or any of us to, be able to engage with a, teacher and get, their subject, matter its, immediate, transfer, a payment and it, incentivizes, people. All over the world to. Engage in this and and that to me is is everything. That's just it, yeah, this is the incentivising, it's kind of it does that without just. Naturally, the kids like is this kind of a self-regulating. Environment. That does that insist, upon a life you as an investment. Perspective I. Think. It's, I think you'd have to be crazy if, you didn't sit in this community for a while to soak some stuff up and realize. What's coming it's absolutely, coming but I'm not you know concerning, price and this and I just, mean like as an, investment you look at micro, payments, and now they tell how, they relate to the. New micro, value, of everything, like what is value, everything, is changing, like like you know all of a sudden and it's you, know it, you could as a kid, if you want to work for less than minimum wage selling, your artwork maybe you don't I mean--it right there's. There's going to be a lot of. Silly. Political notions. Of, the past rather than you. Know committed. Ideologies. That that. That. We've known you know to exist and sort, of the constant. Frustration points. Concerning, innovation. And, advancement. And, technology you, know right, yeah exactly exactly. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Anyway. Hold, the stuff all day oh yeah, that's right that's right look. At this this is funny just as a side note here well based on the language Bubba. Shape says. Anyone. Here using duolingo language. Learning I started Arabic this, week and it's pretty cool and free um I, did do do a lingual, also you know I it's. A fun app to, use you know and I and I thought it was pretty decent it, wasn't bad um. And. Yeah. Arabic. That's, a good one Bubba shapes you know learning Arabic with duolingo. Um, no. That would be a desolated one so, that's. What he that's what he's saying in. The future we're, going to see government. Subsidized people, to, learn you, know you shouldn't have to pay to learn another language if, you can't find someone on your I thank you your. Value as a citizen. To your country, as these, as, these communities. Merge, into one, big, ecommerce. Environment. Yeah. The, value of having a speaking, another out language I think it would take take. On a new form of you know should. You have to pay to learn. Another language and, I, don't know just lots, of stuff like that comes to mind should you like, it getting. Back to the Tesla cars if you have a car that pays. Pays. For itself in the first three days of the month you. Know and it's. The, whole rest of the month it's it's, conducting, two to three different types of jobs. Creating, paths of income for you it's being shared by the community, just like. Just. Like our community shares information worldwide. Nobody's. Really able to put the brakes on that I don't see that happening that's right yeah I know that that's right but but what you just said you know I think is even more important, because now.

Imagine, You. Know Bubba shapes here learning Arabic, and he's. Trying to learn on his own but you, know why not engage with somebody, who's. Over in Dubai, and. And, or you know somewhere else where, you can learn directly, from a, native, and in there and let's say they're a teacher they teach Arabic you know and now, all of a sudden you, know you can engage with that person and learn one-on-one, and and you pay them you know what you know let's, say you pay $20, you know per lesson or 25 a lesson, but now you've, got somebody amazing, that, you know is gonna you know and you could you know they're, obviously there's language. Programs. But this what they could easily connect. You. Know I think that that's key and here's see bits and there's another point when, it comes to education, and, I think one of the biggest issues in, a, university. Level but Sivas, said I didn't, learn anything about, taxes, insurance, doctors. Finance. Budgeting. Or nothing, haha. And I'm sure there's some schools that are different, but but yeah. Pretty. Much no there, there's no other schools, out there that. I. Always, like being in the military these, days your duty to go to school and not, learn the things that are going to heavily, affect, your. Status, and class in the future you know it's yeah I see the sovereignty, of the individual, emerging. Amongst all of this and that's a big deal to me I was, having a lot of kids I know that might my, kids are all, you know they're kind of thought leaders all of them I really, really, respect their individuality, and. But. You know I haven't been a perfect parent by any means but me, honestly they can learn from what they've seen right. Right, yeah. Yeah yeah hopefully, that's for the next generation. Because they're gonna be leading the way right, exactly, yeah Lisa I'm not picking on you taking on anybody there at all what's that. Do. You have children I do, yeah I do yeah yeah I do have a son yeah. Yeah, and you, know you know there's, so many well. What, brings people into the space maybe you you want to take, care of your kids in the future that's that definitely, was one of my first reasons. But it's. A lot more than that to me now it's it's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's right Lisa, said, don't, say that I teach English as a foreign language so. Hey you know that's that's great Lisa. But those those are needed but, imagine, how many people over. Overseas. Need quality. English, teachers you, know whether it's in Asia or, elsewhere you, think about countries, like China that need to do business around. The world in there and the business. Language around the world is English you, know so I look at it from that perspective imagine.

If Lisa, could connect, with. CEOs. Or. You know business people over. In China. Or over in the Middle East or, wherever. It doesn't matter where but imagine. She could connect with them and teach them English. As, a foreign language Latin, America, you, know the expectations. That we all speak Spanish in Latin America, but. They don't you know they're they're English, courses, in school are, you, know oh it probably as poor as they are here in the US unless. Unless they. Were traveling, a lot depending on the, schools they went to in Latin America and pretty much anywhere else in the world you, know if they were able to go to private schools but but. I think that you know it it helps across, borders, wherever they are so you, know that would help Lisa she could you know sit, at home and teach people all over the world and work with again, with business. Business. Leaders around the world helping them fine-tune. Their English skills that would be awesome and. Get paid immediately ah no kidding those it's a, it's, a real interest like like, I'm the, oldest of five. Kids in my family and, my. Youngest sister is, the. Only female. Theology. Major in her universe in the university she's gone to and the. Province, next to our Saskatchewan. And, yeah. I look, at like she's she's flowing overseas, and, been to Italy and taught. English in other countries, already and, but. But, you know I look at like look. At how the, airlines for instance are you know who do they benefit, from for. For. Most of their income it's for you know if you're you got all these headquarters. And where do they have the headquarters, for this conglomerate. Company, and, organization, and and how does that benefit, local. Economies, and yeah I like to as as, everything. Like the entropy of the. E-commerce. Potential. Evolved. Here it's it's. Yeah. It's a it's a wealth transfer that, absolutely. Has to take place right I think it'll it'll, move out of and create innovation. As. A necessity, in, these. Big huge, overly. Bloated, money-sucking. You. Know corporations. And then, move, that move that money and time, and innovation, and places where it's, gonna, crack that it has to fill that, will benefit everybody on so, many do so many different levels that's right that's right. Yeah. The. Other callers. Know. I'm looking at the time here and it's like watching, no. That was awesome you know we're coming up almost on ten o'clock I know I started a little bit late but, you, know we're, into. It for about uh I, think about an hour now right yeah I was like ten to nine yeah now it's like an hour but that was awesome no I think we had it was such a great conversation, you. Know I think, it's great you know I think it's uh it's. A great conversation you. Know I look at this I'm. Gonna figure out how to get multiple, people honey in a given hour you, know but we get engaged in a conversation I, think it's so again, you know my my goal with this is to bring. People from the community, that are engaged in the community and bring. Them on and have these conversations on. A regular, cases I think we all need to learn from each other so much you. Know there's there's a lot to a lot to understand, that's my main that's my main goal to like I'm, an artist not, first but but, if it's something that that. Can be used for me like it's, not definitely not creating an income, for me really or you know it's not it's not something I can rely on for you know feed my children but if. It's an aspect, of. You. Know content, creation that connects. Me with other people, and brings. More attention to the space and you, know I want to fill whatever, need is there. For me and then you know try to set an example the new people and my, children and and and. Bring in the older. More. Conservative. Thinkers. In my family as well right so so. I really appreciate that there's people like you out there and and, like I said the more height channels and the conspiracy, people and I'm enjoying all of it to be honest not everybody likes me because I definitely.

We. Want to go around from all all the channels very good yeah. It's a real blast man if, you don't like diversity that I think, you're not going to like it yeah. That's funny, that's hilarious yeah, no I I have my list of and I bounced around you know and I'm you, know in the mornings early morning and then and. Then at night you know just it's funny there's so much to there's, really you could bald like you said all day long you. Wanted to watch a video or watch a live stream you could do it all day and still, wouldn't have enough time to get through it up all, right, no. Doubt. Good. Times good times. Man. This, is awesome Andy I voted gasps awesome, right now we have like 34 35 we had a little over 40 before. Yeah, but, kind, of focus on you know my and, just like Dee and I was talking about earlier you, know live-streaming. Is a, whole, different, thing, you, know in terms of how you, know attracting, viewers, and trying to figure out the dynamics, of it you. Know versus, like you say new yeah. It's relatively, new, you. Know and then doing it on a regular basis, and then trying to look at how to also. You know impact. The, the Google Analytics when, it comes to what. They're looking for um, you know there's there's a bunch, of criteria that Google looks for that. Gets, your your, your. Videos, out and, listed. In relevant. You know, video. Recommendations. Or recommended, videos so if someone's watching something else so, when you when I was when you make shorter, videos and you, kind of connect all the dots then. You're, you're getting a lot of comments on them there's a lot of things, that Google's looking for and they get placed in those recommended, videos more often as the, short so now, it's it's trying to understand, the dynamics, here and once, you get the traction you know you look at like Brad comms you know he's, done an outstanding job, and he's getting you, know three four hundred people at a time on on, his streams which, is fantastic, yeah, you, know and so it's just a matter of coming. A bit of us. Yeah. Like I I admire. The commitments definitely, like you maybe. We're close to the same age I'm 39. And. Yeah. I see, the commitment that you you, personally, have made to, to. Consistently. Upload, content and, all these other aspects that you you, know that are changing, as. YouTube. Evolves, to, this newer, kind of compete. With Netflix. Family-friendly. Environment. And yeah you're rolling with it quite well and I know that's got to be a challenge, because you got two, things on your mind you you know you want to attract you, want to attract viewers you want to you know you want to move towards productivity. You want to hit on someone right think about I can only imagine how much how. Much work it is to do a full-time kind, of gig. Like the one you're doing yeah much more back man I'd be awesome if I do it full-time yeah, it's. Crazy you know I mean it's a you know kind of a hobby you know but you got to take it you know serious, you, know I you, know I've learned so much from doing this you know it's just uh it's. Been great you know because I get up in front of large groups all, the time and speak in person and, then. When I was doing the videos I you know I learned a lot from the videos helped, me a lot in business you. Know so I was able to make video, what I learned from these streams, or these videos. Apply that to business

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