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You're. Right. So. Hello. Tribe, finder. It has been a bit. We. Have been out for various, reasons. But we are back, and doing the darn thing, so, that. Being said I, am here today with our, member, of the week from gosh a couple of weeks ago now. This is Rebecca Packard. And I'm. You, know what I'm gonna let you tell, people what. You do and, why. You do. It okay, and then while that happens, everybody knows this is how the beginning goes I take, myself off the screen so I'm able to share into different places and when, people come in they're not like ladies. Just not even paying attention I don't want that to be the case so I'm gonna take myself off, the screen but, Rebecca you have added let these folks know who, you are what, you do and why you do it and. Tastic, hi everybody, I'm so excited to be sharing with you all today and it, has been so fun, being. Member of the week on try finder and I think Martha, for having. Me on to, share about what I do and as some. Of you have seen my posts I'm an emotion, code and body petitioner. Amongst other things and. My, main focus, is helping, people release their negative, vibrational, energies, which we call trapped emotions. That, we store all over, our bodies we've kind of gotten, into these lives and, every. Time we have an interaction, or, we watch a movie or we have a breakup, or something happens, to us we take these, emotions. And we stuck them all over our bodies. Mostly. To protect ourselves but, they don't really protect us they lower our vibration, they keep, us in a space of. Self-doubt. They, keep us from being our true vibrational. Selves, we're all energy, fields, we're all. We. All have our own special. Vibration. And our own special. Energy, that we put off and by collecting. All these trapped emotions, we start to not actually, be that we actually it's. Why so many people tend to feel lost because we used to go outside with. No shoes on and get grounded and be able to filter all that out or we go and we sit, in our tribes and, talk. It out and work it out now we don't really do that and so what I do helps, you to do that by, connecting.

With You finding. The emotion, targeting, the emotion and then releasing, the emotion, that's trapped and I. Got, into this and a. Roundabout, way I've, always been intuitive, I've had, mediumship. As a part of my life and everything and I've always been drawn, to holistic. Healing and I had a 15, year career in emergency medicine, and I worked in very boxed. Medicine, and it. Was really funny because during that entire time I was a holistic. Person and I actually didn't participate, in that lifestyle, even though I worked in that lifestyle, and on. 11/11/11. I got a bitch-slap from, the universe I call it where. I got hurt and wasn't able to return, to that job in for. A few years leading up to that space that was like there has to be a way to help people in a bigger space than just carting, them to their most. Important, day like from, picking. Them up on their most tragic, space and then giving, them something more taking. Them to a different space of healing and so, it. Took a little while for this to come back into or to come all the way into my life because I went the whole gamut, of. Box. Medicine, huh holistic, medicine I was seeing Reiki practitioners, acupuncturist. Orthopedics. Kyra. Practice, with fudge therapists, I was doing oils. And all these different things and nothing, was helping. Me and I was in 10 out of 10 pain constantly. For four years unable to do anything about it and I really lived on my couch and, I also had two tiny babies, at that time and so it was really hard not to be able to pick up my baby and put them in the car or push them in a stroller get, on the floor and crawl around with them like all the things that you want to be doing and then one day I was watching, periscope. And some who look like raise, your hand if you want to try this and, see what, it's like I need to get my certification and, I need to practice, on people and I was like I've got nothing. So, I signed up I did this session in 30 minutes 100%, pain free and, it, was really an inherited. Emotion, from my mother that, I had triggered, when I got hurt I felt this immense. Feeling. Of being lost when. They told me I wasn't going to be able to go back to work and I. Knew the minute I got hurt that I was not going to be able to go back to work because, I the pain was just so overwhelming. And that. That. Gave, me the trapped emotion of lost and when I had that trapped emotion, it triggered, the emotion, that I had inherited that was sitting, silently. Dormant, in me, and. It, it woke it up and it took my pain to a whole different level and the second we released both of them I went a hundred percent pain-free and in that moment I also I got off the phone I was crying I was talking, my husband and I said I need to do this this is all the answers to all our prayers and all our answers everybody. Else's, because. I. Had. Been asking, how do I help people outside. Of the ambulance how do I help people not, need to get into this space, and how, do I help people who have gotten done in the space and woken up and can't find another answer, and so, this. Was it so then I got um, certified. And I'm practicing, ever since and it's been absolutely incredible. That. Is amazing. It's, amazing how. How. Emotions. How, the the, trapped emotions, in the ancestral. Lineage rate of emotions. Can. Can, cause such, physical. Things, right. Like that's. So. What would you suggest to, somebody who's I'm. I'm, I. Already know what the answer is gonna be what. Would you suggest is, somebody who's in, constant. Pain because seriously four years, of 10 out of 10 pain guys, I don't know if any of you any of you have been in. Immense. Pain before, but. If you're in immense pain number. One that. Is awful, right but number two it. Seems, to compound. So, for four years, of it all of a sudden you get to a point where your I just I I. Don't even know how to handle, like myself, with. With, how, do you live, through four years of extreme, pain like that like.

That's And and no pharmaceuticals. Or anything we're doing anything for you either right no I couldn't, take any pharmaceuticals. I have a very, like. Huge. Sensitivity. Because of all of my, because. Of the mediumship, and the intuitive and pathetic. And all of that I actually can't, take those because it takes me to oh. Yeah. I get all whackadoo beyond. Whackadoo. So I actually can't, take those and. That and I had two tiny humans, that like my husband still had to work somebody, had to make an income and so, I had to also be cognizant. And not like drooling, on myself or, talking to like, vortexes. Or whatever so, while, the babies were there and. That's the other thing I was also breastfeeding, during that time I was carrying lives during that time and carrying her lives so I couldn't like put myself into a place where I'll be like I'm gonna go sleep for twelve and a half hours I hope they're okay so. I just, kind of had to like. Go. Through it, cemeteries. So I'm a plugger like I'm like I can do it it'll be fine but it did it get to the space where I literally sat on the couch and I said this is not life this. Is not a life something. Has to change something. Has, to give and I, can't. Live like this because, I'm not even being, the human that I showed, up in this movie, right, and, then, the next day was like here, you go right. Here that's. It's, so fantastic. That it just shows up to you right what a coincidence, right. It's. So fantastic, that it just got served up to you the next day and it's it's I'm glad that you're saying the whole, like, basically. You you, it, was a surrender, right oh yeah, absolute, surrender, surrenders. Where it happens guys like that's that's where that stuff happens oh people are saying stuff. Hello. Bird, my Katie Missy. Missy says hi ladies, hello ma'am. Marian. And Robin. Let's, talk about what, it well my, first question I'm, trying to ask questions, that people that. Haven't experienced, this yet would. Have so. How. Do. You do. You is there a way to explain, how. The. Emotions. Actually, do create this, physical, pain is there a way for somebody to kind of wrap their mind around that. Well. Yeah so, I. Get. A lot of people who say I. Had. I, had. A um an. Accident. Three, years ago and, this is what happened and I said okay, um, do. You mind telling. Me exactly what. The accident, was and they were like oh it wasn't a big deal I was in a car accident well. That's kind of a big deal for humans. We actually, as, much as we're all like so desensitized. To the fact that we drive 80 miles an hour down the highway we're actually not supposed to move like that so our subconscious, mind is like actually. I'm terrified, in this moment and I, said okay so during. That time, um. What were some of the emotions, you went through when you were having, that accident. And they were like well it wasn't really the accident, was the after, fact they said okay so can you explain the day and when you start to explain the day and I do this in with. EFT too when, you take people through a walk of the day they. Can only tell you about certain, fragments. And it's, because your emotions have, blocked you and created, walls and then, when you start to remove emotions, you can say okay can you tell me about that day again so, I can let me know about that day again and then, they they can bar more, detail. Can. Explain, the day they can explain, how they were feeling they're like you know what I was actually I had gotten in a fight with my spouse that morning and I, hadn't, even remembered that, til now and I was aggravated. And this was going on and that was going on and I was, in a rush and I, was in a rush because I was gonna be late to work and I had to make a stop before I went to work and I was like you didn't even remember that because you had such an emotional, block to that space and that a lot of the things. That were happening in, that. Oh loop, all. Got trapped, when, you got into, the space of not even being able to process through it because you're an accident and. Everyone thinks oh it was the accident, that made that the problem, but, it's the, fear from the accident, the, all. The feelings, that come from the accident, the massive adrenaline, rush is like let me lock these emotions, in because fight-or-flight needs, to take over rape at second but at the same time it goes here. Subconscious, mind goes well we were dealing with this whole basket, of stuff we're just going to put this on the Shelf right here until we, have time to deal with it again and then it's like well this all happened, so let's just we're. Just going to store it I don't know what we're gonna do with it but we're gonna store it and then you find that people are like oh well, I have such back, pain, from this accident, well did you have a back injury no.

What. Else was going on in your life at that time while, I was having financial hardship. I was maybe going to get a divorce and, difficut that if you know anything about holistic. And work. Or work, with and I know you do. Like. Chinese. Medicine, and all of the things certain, things all in pain, in a certain part of the body and. They'll. Line. With different chakras, and so your self-protection, and yourself. Of who, you are and, your personal. Power. And your protection is all in your solar plexus and, all of your that's, like middle body space, in your trunk oh and, when you have issues with, your finances. In that space that all kinds of shows up in your lumbar on your lower back area and it's like that, is a, key. Factor, of like showing people oh now. You can remember so much more now you can see it in such a bigger picture instead. Of streamline, me as I had an accident, and this is what was wrong Wow. So. My mind just went crazy. I. I'm. Just starting, to think of like all of the people who have like, claim. Oh there's some dogs all, the people that have like. You. Know sciatica. Pain and, lower back pain and things like that and then if we were to directly, correlate, that to you. Know potentially. Financial. Stresses and things like that because that feels like 90%, of the population if not more right. That. Those. Things are probably pretty aligned. Chemically. And that, all affects your root chakra and. It. All affects, your like. Your foundational. Space and which is why it's all happening, in your sciatic, area and, in, your, womb, area, and in your, like. All of, your reproductive area, in your. Whole. Cradle, like they don't call that hip space your cradle for no reason it's literally the cradle, of your life it's the cradle of your space it's how, you come into the world and all of the things but, it's also, where. You hold. All of who you are and a lot of our society, has told us that hat has to do with a dollar amount and so when we go into that financial, space and that, um self-worth. And everything that's why all of that gets triggered oh my, stuff, all of those emotions. Right into there so. What would you do for somebody that, lets. Go into that because I feel like that's a huge number. Of people, if there, are you know 20, people watching right now that's probably 19, of them if not 20. Right so let's go ahead and go down, the rabbit hole and say. Like what what. Would you be able to do for somebody like that then so. Like for me when it came to my injury, I actually, I had a physical, ligament. Tear so they were like they pushed her side my it my pain for a very long time because I had a physical tear that, you could see on an MRI but, the problem was that the pain never went away and so, you may have a physical. Injury but, the pain never goes, away, because the energy, and the vibration and, the emotion are in that space and so what we do is, when we connect that because I do all of this I actually run all of my sessions just like this and I do muscle, testing, and so, I'll ask you if it's okay to, work. By proxy, with you which means I act as your surrogate and then I just muscle test and I ask all these questions and, I, get. Yes and no answers. Target, the emotion and so for. Somebody. With a like. A left hip, pain. I would say is. There something that I do have a trapped emotion that's causing your left hip pain and I would start asking all, these questions and I would ask, the same question, over and over and over and over again until it, said that there were no trapped emotions, in that safe sometimes. That can be like one. Or two times sometimes, that, could be like 40, or 50 times it. Depends, on the person, and the injury so, um.

Because. There are some of us who really like the stuffings in a specific place, which is why we're so imbalanced in some spots of our life um. My, big work with this where we started, to talk about the, inherited, because my pain was inherited, is that I can. Help you break chains, that, are inflicted. Upon, your family, and, your lineage because, all of us have, some. Kind of addiction in our life and like my family, and I. Was a drinker for a long time Oh like not, a good one either like I was fun I was a lot of fun but I was like I had gotten into that space of like oh yeah you need, to stop like this is not good for you um and. When. I become sober, and everything it was like we, knew, on, my. I have both sides of my family have addiction, problems and while when we've been picking, this apart with, the emotion, code in the body code when it comes down to it I have family traumas, lots, of family traumas, and these family, traumas, create. These addictive, patterns which, is why people say like oh the apple doesn't fall far from the tree well, yeah because your energy, in your inherited, energy, and, the, makeup of people, say oh it's in your DNA it's, a vibration, all your DNA, is is energy, your. DNA, is a physical, vibration. That's in a cell, that's just, reading. The same story that it knows and so. Shifting. That vibration, and returning it to your energy, is like. Yes. And, so removing, all of those emotions, and like helping you release that pain you probably find that a lot of that pain is and even your pain either. Wow. That's. Freaking crazy but. And and fantastic. Let. Me see. What people are saying Mary, Ann this is what I've been trying to share with people I can't remember what she was talking about but. Carol. Hello hi Carol, -, Nessa. Well. Okay. So that is what an appointment, would look like with people what does. If. You, were just to give a like, bulleted. List, of. If. You have these. Things. You. Know if you're dealing with these things in your life then. You. Know nine times out of ten I'm going to be able to help you with that what, would a bulleted, list look, like that's. If. You have something, that is the symptom of an imbalance, or a disease. Within. Your person, I can. Help you because, you have a vibrational. Imbalance, taking place somewhere, in you that is a trapped emotion so. If that means that you have pain. Fatigue, insomnia. Stress. Anxiety, if. You're on a pill for something, if you're, not on a pill but think you should be on the pill if you, have. Bowel. Issues, stomach. Issues, if you, have. Sinus. Pressure a lot of people are like oh it's pollen, season I. Have. Allergies. What. Happened, during a springtime event where. You're still holding on to it and you're recreating, it, over and over and over again because you, associate, it with pollen, Wow. Well. I don't, have, allergies anymore. But you know what I did have I had a lot of anxiety, around. Test-taking. And you, know what happens, for six to eight years of your life every. Single spring you. Take tough. Wow. Every. Single spring you, get maxed. With stress, anxiety. Fear. Some, of us going to depress, it's because, we're in, that judgment, of am I gonna do well on this test am, I gonna be okay on this test it's like high, school college, you, that's, when all of your, big tests, happen the. SATs. All. Of your final, notes, they all happen in the spring well, the, more I release, my. Anxiety. Around, test taking and things less, I have a response, to allergies. Seasonal. Allergies, that's. Bonkers. Like. Crazy, it, is totally. Crazy, and. Awesome. So. What, would you say to, somebody that has allergies maybe, that's not um. That's. Not, seasonally. Based but. Like the. Let's. Just say strange, allergies, that people can't pinpoint. Hmm. Okay. So, um, a lot of the times at in like I'm not gonna just be like it's, only emotion, I'm gonna ask you okay when was the last time you cleaned your cosmetic, brushes when was the last time you've got new cosmetics, because I literally just went through this with a girl who had acne, she.

Kept Getting acne kept getting acne I'm like okay will you move from Florida, to California when. Was the last time you got new cosmetic, brushes when was the last time you got new cosmetics, when was the last time you did this that bus. And I Nasir haves your menstrual cycle, been on. The norm and whatnot and a, lot of it came down doing xiety, about moving, and SIA Divya shifting, she did get new brushes and stuff like that but like we. Starting to work through it and um, and it was crazy because I, then working. Through it found that a lot of the times if you're having a like. An acne breakout, it's a really, a misalignment, in your spine. One. Of your cervical. Yeah. One of your cervical, spine is actually out of alignment I believe it was c3, your, c3, and your t6. I believe have a lot to do with acne, eczema and, stuff, like that and so using the body code I was like and. We release the emotions, in those faces and then she hasn't had an acne go reason Oh. Gee. What's. Right. That's. It's. Like it's. Like magic. Right. That. Is so, stinking. Cool oh. I. Didn't even realize, that those, like I've been working with the body for. My entire career, and I had no idea that, like those two. Spaces. In, your. Your. Back can really, affect that. And. Then all the other skin issues it like had all the I was like ooh we need I'm gonna fix that no elf enough of this girl imma, gonna fix that. Marian. Said emotions, and feelings settle in the bottle oh the, body absolutely, oh yeah out of me Marian, said grief for, me settle, on my lungs, oh my yes. That's huge for a lot of people it's why a. Lot of times if somebody passes, away or a. Relationship. Ends you'll find that people are really, prone to, either getting a cold. Pneumonia. Or. Like. What. Is it when they're. Noticing, I love just I love this it's, a study that took place I believe in England they, were noticing. That. After, spouse, would pass away that somebody. Who had been completely healthy we get like COPD. That's. What just happened, to George Bush right, like. So. Barbara passed away and then George Bush just went into the hospital for infection. And something. I don't know I kind. Of heard it in passing but um, I was like oh well that's probably, related, right I mean that is we don't we're not taught, how to deal with grief anymore you. Used to have. Somebody, pass away in the family, and the entire family. Would either come around you or they. Would let you like go and grieve and do what you needed to and you were able to cry and you were able to do what you like maybe, you needed a last shout maybe, you needed to just like lay in a ball on the floor and be a mess and we're not allowed to do that anymore we're not allowed we don't let ourselves because. We're so, focus. On what societal, norm is and that is just, plug through it you're gonna be fine, yeah everybody. Else does it right and nobody. Wants to do it it's the like, the Great Schism. Right. Like the everybody. Does it everybody does it you have to be okay to but nobody wants to be okay like it's we, we all need to process, that stuff just, get right or, in or find, help to do so yeah. Because. Some people are just like well actually I'm not I'm not actually, gonna ever go to that space I'm. Not ever gonna deal with that I'm like well we can remove it and they were like perfect. Yeah. And then, if you don't address it not only does it sit and manifest, for yourself, in, whatever ways it's going to right, emotionally. Spiritually physically, but, then for. Your kids and for your family, and for your entire lineage, you've got that stuff because. Yeah. That's how it works right. Yeah. Once we figured, all of this out one, of our biggest biggest, reasons, for me doing this um was, to keep. Our children in this space of like helping, them move through the my, husband's, family has addiction, my, family has addiction, and we're like we don't want them to go through what we went through right, we don't want them to have to have that.

Whole. Go. Around the mirror go around, the. Type of situation. And. It, was it's literally like once, we figured it out when we really started to dissect. It we could pin, it down to the age of. Where. The trauma was and then once we figured out how to figure, out who it was. Which. Is so much easier now I don't even have to like I don't even I'm, not gonna lie I don't really pay attention I'm just like. Get, rid of all the thing um. But. It was like oh my gosh so, eight generations, ago, someone had a really horrible day oh that's right because like eight generations, ago coming from my family, would have been somebody in a war. Okay. Generations. Ago on his. Family was, somebody. Who had to. Relocate. And, not in a good aspect, of life like. So, we were able to figure all of that out you. Know it was like. The. Making sense now that's, freaking, cool that's. Awesome, I'm. Gonna, Robin. Said that's amazing that was back with the acne, thing and. Then Marian. Said chords can last for generations but, we can also heal past generations, yeah absolutely. Absolutely, that's, that's, the name of the game that's what we're trying to do here right weed yeah, Becht things the best way that we can with the tools that we have available to, us I. Now. Rebecca tell, people cuz it's already been a half hour can you believe that the thing they, go fast. So. Let, people know where. They, can reach out to you how, they can get ahold of you how they can set an appointment maybe, if they can get a consultation, so, they can get a better understanding, first like if that's what they need yeah, absolutely, so, you, can reach me on, Facebook. At Rebecca Packard, Lee free you, can, message. Me through there and talk to me through there you can also find me at Rebecca, You. Can just, go into the sessions, tab see what I have for packages, and you can always do, a trial, session I do have trial sessions, and I'm always open, to talking to people about what, it is that I do so, if you have questions, and you're like well I don't really want to try it and I have more questions just reach out we can figure out when we can get on the loom or home haul or something, like that so that you can get all your in your questions the answers oh that's. Cool that's cool well. Thank you so much for being a tri binder member and thanks for being our member of the week all, of the things and. Everybody. Out there you have an awesome, day and we will catch you next time okay thank. You so much yeah, bye, bye everybody. You.

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