Real Estate Flipping - Creating Systems, Guides and Leverage

Real Estate Flipping - Creating Systems, Guides and Leverage

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I said what's up YouTube, what's going on YouTube today, we're talking about real estate flipping, and I'm talking about how to create systems, create. Books create. Guide. Create, leverage, for, your business because, your. Business is a business system right if. You understand. The four quadrants, right the four quadrants of rubber Kazak is rich dad poor dad, you. Understand that there's the business quadrant. That the investment, quadrant, and the wealth building, comes from the business. And the investment, quadrant there's the employee quadrant, does the self-employed. Single. Person, business. Quadrant. Essentially. You want to pay attention to. You. Want to pay attention to the, business and investment, quadrant, and you. Can still in this time and age in this technology age you, can be a single, person by the way I still run a successful business system, at some point, still, 2017. You're gonna need some help okay but. It starts from how you employ, technology, so, I have this viewer email, that came in today and this person, essentially, is struggling with hiring people and having people help building. A team and things like that so if, you understand, leverage, at any level in the business game alright, in running businesses if you understand, that then you understand that you have to build a team, okay. If, you understand leverage or essentially. Leverage is having. More hours than 24 hours to allow you in a day and being able to make money from that and being able to build a business. From that so, if you're a real estate wholesaling you. Flipping, houses your, network marketer your internet, marketer, any. Type of business at the end of the day if you want to make money, at the maximum, leverage. Maximum. Level and you wanna maximize your. Income potential, you wanna maximize your revenue you're. Going to have to understand. The concept of leverage as with. Regards, with respect. To. Time okay, with respect to time so, with that being said I have a quote here. I. Want, to read, to you, it's. From my book so what you want to do is you want to make sure you go to my website. My, Empire Pro, komm you're, gonna go there and you can download that book for free I, highly. Recommend this book because the game the fundamentals. Everything, I share with you on this channel is. In the book and if you don't understand the fundamentals if you have pick or you need pic all over the place you, will fail okay but, if you understand the concept and you soak, it in and understand, it and then in addition to this videos, it, to help you tremendously in. Your. Business okay so the court goes a lot, of pieces, in your real estate flipping, business can. Become redundant. What. Does redundant, means we don't that means something. That's, not useful but it kind of repeats itself over and over and it. Ends up taking up space in your business, it end up occupying. All over the place at. The end of the day you have limited resources I mean you can think of your business as you have unlimited resources once you understand, leverage only. Once you understand, leverage if you don't understand, leverage, you cannot really think of your business, as. Unlimited. Resources, because you're only one person you only have 24 hours in the day and you have limited resources once, you think, outside of leverage, okay, so. So, redundant, is essentially, you have all these different patches of your business that's, not useful that's not really producing, that's not relating. To productivity. Or, massive, performance in your business but, they occupy, all the they're. All over the place okay, and. Again. Resources. Energy, officers, are limited, and you want to make sure that you're maximizing. The. Use of your time especially your. Time is very very important also time energy, resources those things are limited, especially. When, you do not understand. Leverage, okay, so. A lot. Of pieces and your real estate flipping, business can become redundant. Discover. The solution to this massive virus, in your business, so. Here's a quote here create, a user guide and/or. A system. That does that does the motivation, work for you plug. Your team in on it so this conversation, started from you. Know your a lot of people tell you you're in the business of motivation, but the motivation, of motivating, people. And I'm here to tell you that no you're not in the business of motivating people, any longer okay, inspiration. It's. A inspiration, it's, a big part of what we do as business. Owners, as entrepreneurs. Yes, inspiration, is a big part of what we do but, essentially. You don't want to be you. Don't want to get into the business of using, your time to inspire, people okay. There are other ways to inspire people people.

Can Watch what you do they can see how you're running your business they can be inspired by that okay, so, essentially, you want to take advantage, of what's. Already at your disposal, without, using. Your time because the time is limited energy is limited resources, you want to maximize. The efficiency in. Using time energy, and resources in. Your, business, okay by, the way if you have comments if you have questions. With. Regards to this topics please comment. Below ask, below, I like to address them if you want by, the end even if I'm done with a live session I always come back to get around to it okay so, you want to create a user guide a system, that does the motivation, work for you plug, your Tim in on. It okay. Um. Like. I said earlier you can sit. Down with one person, and be trying to inspire them okay. Or focus your energy on arguing, with people, something. I'm really really learning and says is a very. It's. A it's a struggling, battle, for me it's, a big battle for me, and. That's to not argue, okay not to engage in arguments if, I have something to say and I really feel like it's part of my philosophy, instead. Of engaging, an argument, with one-on-one with people within my time because again my time is everything I, can. Just dump it here at the topic on my youtube channel and, that, video can serve multiple was, over and over again are you gonna see more of that and, what. I share with you here today some of you are good in the team some, of you are trying to build a real estate business some, of you are trying to wholesale, right, but. Yeah, your. Thinking is a one-man business no it's not okay you have to build a business system around this and it starts from how. You use, your time the whole idea, behind, building. Um sorry. If I'm looking here looking at faces I'm looking at you - I'm just trying to talk to everybody at the same time right the. OL idea here is to make sure that you're making the best use of your time okay that's, the whole idea behind business. So in the business quadrant, in rubber Kazak is four quadrant right you, have the business systems, the business system is so you can leverage time, and have time working for you have your money working for you have, all these things working for you so money is coming in even, while you're sleeping even while you're not physically, involved, in the, work right that's the whole idea behind all of this okay that's the whole idea of leverage, okay so, when. I'm telling you create systems, is no way around it if you plan to maximize. Your. Revenue okay there's, no way around it let. Me go back to the quote real quick okay so, yeah business we're talking about business so business. Quadrant, you create business systems businesses. Can include human beings just not necessarily, you by yourself but human beings you know in a world leveraged, tight, together. System, right and then, investor, you have the investor quarter the invested quadrant, where you pretty much have your money working for you you have you've worked very hard and you make some money which, is one of the first is the number one thing you must master how to do you need to learn how to make money if you can't make money then, you have money, coming in okay, let. Me make sure that uh talking. To everybody here, all. Right all. Right so you have all this money coming in right, and you. Want to pretty much eventually. That money you have a copy, here the cap because you're only working eight hours a day right that's all you can do okay let's see you're superhuman you can work 16 hours a day your medical doctor right you're twenty hours but that's to the kaepa okay, and there's only so much of that that you can do because you're human and then you're you're limited by how much you can produce if, all you depend, on is, selling, your hours per day right, so let.

Me Go back here so again investor. As an investor you have your money working for you business, you build in the business you build systems, that work for you even, while you're sleeping but, while you're sleeping, you have ten people working, for you or working, with you in a partnership it could be that as well right but, now you have ten times ten, hours per day that, you can make money from per day and that's called leverage, okay so, you create a use a guide or a system, that does the motivation, work for you plug, your Tim in on that okay it's culture, okay let's talk about culture for a second if, you have your. One person you, you even as a human, being you have to create habits, you have to create winning. Habits, in your life in your business you have to do that because if you do not do that you, will fail okay, because if you assume you're super, macho human, and then, you can just change your habit you're gonna fail you have a human brain in your head I say that all the time if you're, going to create. A business that you're gonna win it you, have to create new, habits, so now habits, when you talk about habits when you take habits into another. Realm when you start building a team now you gotta create culture, the. Culture become habits and your team members does that make sense so. Now, to do that you gotta write them down they have to be documented somewhere, that's the one the first key I want to tell you you have to document that some way because if you don't document that somewhere tomorrow it's, a different day you can feel a little bit differently, right, and then if you feel differently then you have to then. You find yourself creating, a new culture tomorrow and then, tomorrow's. Culture, is right it's not a matter of right and wrong but now you're all over the place you have a situation. Where people are all over the place and you're, not creating, consistency, and one of the keys to success, is consistency. Consistency, on. The same thing over and over that's why computers, will do so much because it's the same activities, inside of the computer that's. Pretty much outputs and me talking to you right now systems. Can be boring and say that all the time but they produce and, they're gonna produce more than a lot more than you let, me give you another example what, I'm saying right now creativity. Right. Creative. People or, some other broke-broke has most, broadcast, people in the world I don't know if my grandma is correct or not I don't care right, the, bottom line is that the most creative people in the world the, most creative people are not always jay-z they're not always Drake, right most of them are artists that I broke and you don't have money why because, it's, not about how creative, you are because number one that's subjective, okay, what you see your artwork, is not what I see is not what the second person sees right, yes, sometimes, once in a while we have a jay-z we have, Jackson come around and a, whole chunk of the population agrees, that yes, this.

Is Entertaining, us right but the other day is hard work and most artists, are broke for, that reason because there's, no it's not a system, it's not a repetitive work, so as much as we like to say yes, we want you to be creative but we also want, to have a system that has, consistency. Inbuilt into, it and that's the idea of being, a business system ok so, I want you to note that ok. So. This is partly I'm still reading the quote from my book if you want the book you simply want to go through you, want to go to, my. Empire procom, right there the first page you can download my book from there you can also register for a free webinar, class there too that can change, your business if they're supposed to be on your team so I said plug your team in on it right if, they're supposed to be on your team your user guide and system will wake them up to, the reality, of your team being, a real business so again remember, I was talking about inspiration, and motivation right, there's, gonna be people that will come into your business and yeah but I gotta spend more time with them let, me help him maybe if I spend more time with him he can wake up and can finally start producing no they, won't ok if by. The way again, that's you thinking, that, that's. Called the illusion of action ok that's called illusion of action and you don't want to be engaged in that in your business illusion, or action will kill your business ok. You. Need to create system unity Trotters trust the system more, I put on the inside of this system is the consistency, that will drive, home let, me tell you my story a little bit ok I'm, a victim, of thinking. I can get creative, and change, things and then I change things every other day before, you know it I'm not really producing I am, a victim of that so you can learn from me you, don't have to make the same mistakes that I've made right, you, need to create a system you need to stick with it and you need to go all the way through that's why you see me dropping videos every day that's, why you see me doing this live videos, because, it produces. Okay but, in the beginning it, doesn't seem like it produce ok, it doesn't seem like it produce so, I like, to do things like this as some example, because you can watch me you can see me do this things exactly the way I'm telling you but. If I do one video and I don't show up for the next two weeks and then I wonder well why is video working for this other people and it's not working for me because it's lacking, consistency. Sometimes. You, have to hear things over and over and over before it drives home yes, for a certain sector of the market they hear you over and over they get tired they remove, you know what from, my quotes and this book right here let's say for your team members right you, create a video and it doesn't drive home then they don't belong there that's why they're not supposed, to be there that's why it's, not motivating, them let's, go back to the quote here if, they're supposed to be in your, team your. User guide and, our. System. Will. Wake them up to the reality, of your team being, a real business what are we talking about here today I'm talking about real estate flipping, I'm talking about network marketing I'm talking about internet marketing any type of business I'm, talking about any of those who do if you're not building a team you're not maximizing, your revenue you need to build a team and you may say hey but I just started how can I build a team well you need partners okay you need leveraging. Other people's resources that's, part of the game or building a business system if you try to do things by yourself, especially. In this time and age you're, going to fail you need to, incorporate mastermind. You need to have a mastermind, people going in the same direction and, in, efforts, to do that you're, gonna end up with the wrong people, and you must not quit okay you must keep going until, you find the right people that, you want to leverage your time leverage. Their time you want to have them leverage your expertise, and you just your job is simply learn something new right learn, something new and share it and continue, sharing and create a system, around it and yes, you can tweak your system but, when you create a system make sure you recognize that it's a system, okay, so. It goes it. To motivate them this. Will make them wake up to the reality so, the system, will make them wake up at some point you, will have the right people okay, I saw at some point your, system we extract, the, studs from. The dots okay most, people that we engage with your business at some point either as a customer, as a client or, as, a as. A, partner, most people, we, be duds, okay and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, they just don't belong there okay.

They Start you only need one, or two or three no. More than five that, you need in your business, to take your business to a million dollars you don't need more no more than five starts, I want you to take that and I want you take that to the bank you. Need maybe five, at most starts. People that will be on your mastermind that work closely with you on your frontline team membership, right those, are the people you need to take your business to the top if, you um if you focus on having, a a big, alarm, frontline, you, will feel but here's the key okay in order to find those five. Studs. You, have to go through five hundred duds does that make sense that's just the way it works, is a numbers, game okay, it's a numbers game so, again we're talking about real estate flipping, right primarily. Yes. There are two types of you you'll be dealing with you're, dealing with motivated, sellers but you're also dealing with building a team of. People that will bring motivated. Sellers into your organization. Okay, you, start by yourself, first and the system you create you. The system you create to find your mood soft of course you have to master how to find motivated sellers yourself, the, system you create you, want to share that with a few. Five. Partners, to find you five partners. It may take you going through 25, people 50. People 100. People you're, building a team why, would you want to build a team because two, is better than one and three is even better than two okay. And and. You're gonna leverage you're gonna tap it each of those currents, you're gonna tap it each other each other's resources and, then, you're gonna be able to build something stronger together to. Find those two. Three five starts, you may have to go through twenty, five, 100. 500. Duds, that's, all you can go to Ross, okay if it's like finding the diamonds in the rough it's, a numbers game it's the way it works okay, so here we go so my point in all of this is that you don't want to sit down with one person and be trying to motivate them in person as you master, the skill set record videos that explain what you do okay. Record, videos that explain what you do and, document. In PDF or, on a report, on a blog post exactly, how you do is step by step and then just hand that to the people that are coming into your team it. Doesn't matter it doesn't have to be perfect as long as it's a step by step something that's um they can follow right. And you can go back there and trickle all the time and say from time to time not all the time from, time to time you can tweak it and say hey I just had it another step oh I just took a step out to optimize. It, doesn't matter as long as it's a system, and as you update people it's the same thing you do if you add employees is the same thing you would do you to give them a guide you will give them something they can follow that's. Why we call it systems. Okay so you want to create system, you wanna create a guide it, could be a book, that's, why the book that I'm telling you right now make sure you go there and you download it is that my Empire procom, it's the fundamentals. Of my, philosophy. On how to run a business not because it's coming out of my ass it's, cuz I've done it okay I've done it I've made mistakes I explain the mistakes I've made how, he affected, me how I came back up from it and how I'm leveraging, other people's resource.

Leverage. It leverage, is a big part of what we do when, it comes to building empires okay, so. The. Code continues do you do not have time for babysitting. Henceforth. Okay babysitting is something you wanna completely, avoid in your, business, and you, wanna have zero. Empathy, for anybody who asked you to babysit, and, you have to be code with this okay I want. You to pour all your energy into leverage, you're, gonna serve a lot more people when you pour all your energy, into leverage. You're. Gonna serve a lot more people and the, people that make the most money or create the most revenue in life and in business and, in your life, any type of lifestyle, are the people that serve the most people so, you cannot serve the most people when you focus on one person okay, when, you focus on serving. One person with 100, minutes you, cannot serve more people than the person that focus or create, systems, that can serve 100. People in one minute does, that make sense you focus you spend, all your time with one person you spend 100, minutes with that one person, versus. Spending. Professors, creating a system that can serve 100, people in one minute which, one do you think is gonna win this. Is not about being fair or not it's absolutely fair. That the person that served the most people will win and that's something you need to pay attention to here that's why if you create, a system that you can close multiple deal in a month or you can close deals without you necessarily, being at the closing table if, you create systems, like that you, will always win if you create a system where you're able to educate more people and bring more people into the business that you get more people right. Even, though you know, because the numbers work the way the numbers work you know that most people would not you, know like prophet has no honor in. His own village, right you, know that most people that go to your material we're not taking serious it's a given we know that already that's the more reason why, you cannot waste, time. With. People because you never know they can show enthusiasm in. The beginning, or excitement, in the beginning and they, could still disappear. On the second day that their spirits could be dead on the second day the excitement's could be gone for reasons beyond your control, doesn't mean they're bad people it's just the way people operate it. Just means what, that means is that is beyond, your control the only thing in, your power. The only thing in your control is when you, create. Systems. Right, to serve more people okay. This is not even about you being selfish okay it's from maximizing. Productivity this, is about maximizing. Performance you, need to create systems, that, serve more, people I cannot stress that enough right so, when. You know better then. When. You know better then. You can use books and systems to motivate your team oh. So. Sorry when you know better that you, can use books and systems, to motivate, your team while, you are not there physically, your, time becomes worth more than money itself, all of a sudden okay, many, of you sell, time okay. And your idea of bringing my money in is to sell more time it's. A good stepping stone when you sell time okay I sell time I sell time too okay and I've, sold my time as much as $5,000, an hour before, with, my $15,000. Program right, now my time is about, let's. See let me do the math real quick my. Time is about. $1,000, an hour there are other services that I sell for $40, an hour it depends on what we're talking about it depends on what my goal my end goal is right, but, many of you have the idea that the way you're gonna increase income is. By selling, more time, you. Can increase your, front-end, cash flow, but, you cannot increase your wealth by selling more time it's just not gonna happen you can only do that in the in the third and fourth quadrant, the B quadrant, and the investing, quadrant, when you have money work for you or, you have other people's resources work for you in the B quadrant, that's the only way you can multiply.

Okay, Because again, you. Create income you multiply, the income, okay you multiply you add, exponential. And compounding. Effect to your money that's how you build wealth you cannot build worth all on, your own it's just not gonna happen why, because, it's, just not gonna happen okay so. Your. Time it becomes worth more than money itself, all of a sudden it's called, leverage that's the end of the quote that's, just a quote that I pulled out of the book if. You want the book all you have to do is just go to my Empire upper calm and download, it for free from there that's, it absolutely, free and of course I'm, gonna assume that, you. Will not because I said it's free you're not gonna think, there's value in it the reason why I'm giving is because it's, free okay this is actually free information, that I've curated nicely. With my philosophy into a book for you it's, 213 pages and go. Ahead and download it and take advantage of the information don't, worry about the grammar don't worry about how its arranged, just go there and take all the meat and leave the bones alone okay it's called the Empire lifestyle, secrets it's 200, plus pages and that, we help your business now okay so, there's this question that came in from a viewer the question goes. Hey. Coach I had to fire the dude that, was assisting me so I met with another guy I, knew. I. Knew. My B though. Seen. Staples because the seems to have some experience, with the business okay. I knew might be good because seems to have a stress with the business he. Just kind of lost everything in bankruptcy recently, she let, me go and tell you right now he's saying that this person he just is meeting with it, seems like it's gonna be a shop person, and you know you know you know I know you're gonna be a shop person, you know you seem to be a shop person I would like you to be in my business you want to be careful with coming to the table with that kind of mindset when you're dealing with the person you're about to hire a person, or your to recruit a partner, or you're about to bring, a new client, on you, wanna maintain a center, okay you want to maintain a certain type of center you want to be excited, but you don't want to be overly excited. You want to maintain some kind of balance where. You don't come off needy right, because if you come off needy they, can feel on it and then you become you, look like you don't have any value, okay so, you want to be careful with, leading with that and lo probably, you're just saying that's. What you see but make, sure you're not you're. Not shooting that energy you're projecting, your own anticipation. On them and plus anybody, you meet you, must treat them all equally, everybody.

Must Be treated equally because you just never know what's going to be that a type personality, that will end up in your team you never know so treat, everybody, equally. Okay by the way click like on this, video if you're on YouTube on Facebook anywhere. You are helped. Me click like okay because I'll be doing this every day and you don't want to miss out on the notifications. Okay. Alright. So you. Want treat everybody equally, okay. When. You do that you bring your skill to the table your skills is pretty much much more work than, worrying. About if the person is I, said. It's a dog I start you start. They. Will figure it out okay, you. Will find that out after the fact if they show up front show embrace it if they say because you're gonna find a lot of people come to you say oh yeah I'm, a killer I can do this oh yeah I'm gonna be the best person on your team right you're, gonna find people like that if you're going through enough numbers, of people which you should be going through numbers okay. If you don't know how to go through numbers, you need to learn marketing that's the more reason we need to download that book because, this heavy. Marketing. Message, and training. Inside of the book okay. You. Need to go through numbers because if you go through numbers then everybody, you treat everybody equally. You, don't say hey this guy seems like a stud I'm gonna spend the next 60, minutes with him to make sure I recruit him as a partner or to make sure oh yeah this guy seems is motivated, and I'm gonna spend, the next 60, minutes with him to make sure he becomes a client if, you have a system in place all of a sudden it doesn't matter, I gave you have a system, a step-by-step. Protocol, that you follow every, time you meet the motivated, seller a protocol, to prequalify, people. It wouldn't matter that's why you need to create systems because when you create system, is called leverage it saves you time it. Saves you resources, it saves you energy and, I make sure that none. Of those things are operating. In a redundant, way in your business system as a whole that, makes sense all. Right so let's go back here. Alright. So so. He says he he knows I do because the guy seems to have some experience, it doesn't matter okay as, parents, it's just a pre-qualification, to don't, lead, with that treat everybody equal, he just kind of lost everything in bankruptcy recently, but I noticed, that it's, hard to schedule time to cover the training I have, to go through with him okay you see what I'm saying this, person is already showing you weakness okay and. Again. If they're showing weakness it wouldn't matter because there will be a system they're following through and you're, dealing with multiple people that, you're trying to recruit or get us a client, or build into the business whatever, it is you're, treating everybody equals. You don't have time to waste on one person on to the nest okay, that's the same from traditional, network marketing that they used to say let. Me see if I remember something, something something next, right just. Pretty much being able to get to the quit just, not. Quit but get to the next as soon as you can you say yes to everybody on so you have to sit next you're really never saying no you just say next if they're saying no to themselves, you're saying next you're moving on to the next as soon as you can because time it's. Worth more than money for you all of a sudden just by simply listening to this video or by simply being here hanging out I mean live or watching rebroadcast.

Later, It's. Money. Okay it's much it's worth a lot more than money especially energy, energy is like you know we're talking about bitcoins these days we have the Bitcoin. Fridays whatever right and energy. Is something, that's neither created, nor destroyed, okay, the law of thermodynamics, right the law of conservation of energy energy. You. Know how to say bitcoin is a store of value, right. Energy is a store value kind, of but you know what I mean it's never created nor destroyed it's, the same amount it just converts, from one form. To the other it converts from one form to the other, looks like matter right so. In, the same talking you it doesn't matter you just on to the nest because you know that if you don't use your, time wisely is, to, dissipate, it to dissipate, it doesn't disappear, vanish it goes to somebody else okay before, you is gone that time is gone so limited amount of it for you right so you have to manage it wisely. Alright. So those are. So. But I notice it's hard to schedule time to cover training it's already hard which, is why you must create videos, video, training, give them tutorial video and then once, they tell them to go go to the video and then get on the phone with you you tell them to get on the phone with you you set a time for them to get on the phone with you and if they miss that schedule, they missed a schedule not they have to schedule another time with you but, you need to communicate to them that your time is just that valuable with. The way you act okay, so if you're chasing them around if you're chasing somebody around with video tutorials that, they need to cover because you're about to hire them they're, not gonna value you because you're telling them you're training them that your time is not valuable so, if they act accordingly, to that or they act consistent. With that don't blame them okay, so again, treat everybody equal, have a system, in place record, video tutorials, record, video step, by step of the guide on how they gonna become your assistant, whatever you're hiring them for or a partner, have, something, that it can go through and just be, there to answer questions, at the designated, time okay, this is all part of the system this is all part of leverage, because again, leverage is it's, a battle against time okay essentially.

All. Right so let's go here I'm, continuing the question here, but. I notice hearts okay he also said in the text to not that. He can only work two days a week you. Know again this is well how you communicate, how you bring yourself this, was last Thursday and, today is all over my text with an ultimatum, for, the training session within 24 hours so he's, asking, for a training session because you promised him a training session when in the first place you should not be promising anybody that hasn't proven to you that they deserve your time you should not be giving them no training session okay they either show. That with work ethics over time maybe you have a relationship, equity. With them over time or they actually pay, for it if they are paying for your time of course if you pay for my time I spend one hour two hours with you if you pay for the time right, but if you haven't paid for that the only thing that can replace that is some kind of relationship which, means I trust, you to a certain level that you're gonna show up unless, there's some kind of emergency if, you're dealing with people brand new and it's a numbers game put, them through a video tutorial and only deal with the people and put a number of people through it and only, deal with the people that get back to you so when you put a number up to it you already understand is only a percentage, it's certain percentage, that would get back to you and it's just the way it is just like this video a couple of hundreds people who watch this video over time maybe, thousands, but, only a few people will I ever work with and I'm fine with that and that's profitable, for me and if all I can do is say one sentence, here and it serve you that's good enough for me as well too okay. And that's the way you should set up your business - alright, so he goes training this. Person, you're bringing into your business either, as a client which means you're about to serve them they giving you ultimatums just, not done that's not, valuing, your time okay he, now wants to meet me for tomorrow absolutely. Not okay, and I've done that before maybe with Starbucks before I met people before and I've met people as restaurants, before because they've worked with me and I, end, up just saying hey let's meet up and just eat up together because because. We have that kind of relationship but, random. People that are coming into your life for the first time because they show something on resume you don't waste your time with those kind of people they, have to go through jump, through some some, type of Hoops, before. You waste your time with people is very very opponent you do that okay so, they have not responded I can't. Deal with this it all seems wrong it's absolutely. Wrong and, it's not that person, that's wrong is used the way you're set up right now and it's okay you're learning right. I'm. Talking about the person that sent this video in but hopefully you can relate right if you're bringing in a new, motivated, seller or you're bringing in it doesn't matter anybody, that's coming into your business, you want to show them all kind of respects but you want to make sure that they deserve it okay you, want to make sure I mean you're not like for example if you're dealing with a client you. Can show up and qualify, them, use it could be your pre-qualification, questions, that. Will lead, to them deserving. The time but you want to make sure these are people that are absolutely yes people and not, people that are on the fence if people are on the fence put them through a tutorial, send, them on my tier I have the autoresponder send, them materials, to them I have a video that I did on this you.

Want To google it you can google my name all I talks I'll be talking to three C's the. Create CAPTCHA convert right you, want to put people through a scenario, instead, of you wasting time and trying to beg them on the phone or coming, off as you're begging them on the phone, or insulating. About begging them in any way if it looks remotely anywhere, like you're begging them it devalues, you, instantly, right, and. Talk to people on YouTube a little bit too it devalues you instantly. Devalues. Everything you bring to the table and they're gonna act, consistent. Okay with that okay and eventually, you may even lose them all you may sign them up temporarily, they'll disappear all right it could be as a partner, or anything any of those things they, would disappear eventually, and that's. Not helpful for you that's not the best use of your time okay, so, instead, I'll rather put people through videos. Tutorials. And prequalify, people that way not everybody that reads my book, we, need more service for me and that should be perfectly, fine but, the idea is for to save me time okay. And to serve, more. Simultaneously. I'm serving more people simultaneously, but, I'm saving myself, time, because, my time is literally, all I've got that's all I got because I said, dissipators, dissipated. It just disappears, into somebody else's hand right, but. The best way I can use my time is to, make sure that I apply, leverage at all points, okay so, he says I've not responded. I can't deal with this it's all seems wrong what, am I doing wrong could this be a good candidate. So, here's that's. The ultimate question, there right could this be a good candidate, it doesn't matter okay, it. Doesn't matter if there's a good candidate, or not, it. Just simply doesn't matter okay they, need to prove that you don't have to find out you don't have to be a psychic, person you don't have to visit a prophet. To find out if this is a good you don't have to ask me I don't know if this is a good candidate not it doesn't matter to you your, system will find out once you set up a system to prequalify people. Again, systems, can be a book can, be pre-qualification. Questions. Questions. We answer three it is set up you can set up three or four questions, in safe he answers the audience, to this answer, call. Me at this number, if you haven't know in this answer don't bother calling me and when they call you you can simply get on the phone and say hey I'm gonna actually I'm gonna ask you two three questions that I asked you on the document, that you went through on the PDF that you went through and if they still saying oh yeah it was I know but I'm not sure if you feel like you have enough time and they on the fence right you, could try to get them to a yes but ultimately.

You Wanna be a yes master here, okay. Does a gentleman, would teaches real estate agents called he has a program called the yes masters right but essentially you want to be the yes master in this situation, you want them to be yes yes, all the way if they're not don't waste your time don't waste at a time move. On, okay. Move, on faster. To. The next person, okay you want to say next as soon as possible you're not saying no you say next until, they are a yes you, want to say next and yes yes, yes yes next next, you want to say yes next next, yes next, and, that no could be a yes in the future I said no to themselves, really because, it doesn't matter to you you got a pipeline, that's the whole idea you may want to Google all our talks I'll be talking pipeline. Okay, and that's another video that I did on pipeline, if you have a pipeline, right. It. It. Doesn't matter okay if it's a good candidate or knife it's a good candidate, there, will filter themselves. Through the cracks the right way that, we end up being your best partner they, will figure out what you're doing you, don't have to answer stupid. Questions and, yes sometimes. There are stupid questions okay, stupid, questions are things that you can literally google but. You decide to change your leader, around you decide to chase a guru. Around, to give you the answer, and if, they don't give you the answer you don't feel comfortable moving forward, those are stupid questions in the day of Google because you can literally Google anything okay. It's called being a self-starter, it's called being the person who can initiate, movement. And, you can move with, or without a leader because guess what you are the leader no, one else is the leader and guess who I'm looking for in my team ever I guess we, to be looking for in your team, guess the kind of people you must have in your system as people this, our leaders, only okay, you only work with leaders because, it's the way systems. Work you need things that was self motivate, and self work without you, being there in person because, that's the idea of, leverage. Okay, so again we're talking about creating systems, and. I read the quote to you earlier let's quote us from my book you want to get the book go to go to Empire my Empire procom. That's what you want to download the book from my, Empire, procom. The name of the book is Empire lifestyle, secrets you read the fundamentals. Of how, this is applicable to any type, of business yes, I attract, mostly, realistic home sellers here because that's my background but. Any. Type of business you need leverage you need systems, you need to build a team okay, because you cannot be everywhere at the same time unless, you apply leverage okay, you cannot be all men a woman, a. Omniscience. On me whatever, it is you can be everywhere, unless you master. Leverage once you master leverage you can literally, be anywhere. At any time at any point in time let me give you an example you're, watching this video you can watch me in live right now but there's a ton of more other people that, watch me long after I recorded, this life how, cool is that and those people can be served by getting one nugget or two and, you can apply that in their business that can change your lifestyle, that can change their business and they, can say hey yeah that I said that one and it makes so much sense I can't, be every everywhere. All the, time unless I apply, leverage team. Building, business. System create system, systems, does not necessarily. Mean has to be a computer involved, it just means something, you set up that another human being can look at and follow that same step right it's, called leverage you another human being that's how you create duplication, okay. I think. Duplication, is BS, but I also think you can reverse-engineer duplication. As much as possible into your business and you gotta have duplication okay, it's the same process repeating. Itself over and over again produces. The best performances, ever because. Of the effect of consistency, in that consistency, is, everything. And if for you to be consistent you, need commitment right. The easiest things in life to, get them to commit our computer. Systems and systems, in general human, beings for us human beings it's very hard for us to to, be consistent, if I start, to say one, word right now and I say go go go go go go, if you measure that go go go each one of them scientifically.

Speaking It, to be all the different. I'm. In, the different volume different kind of frequencies. And on each one of them they're all unique, each one of those goals are unique because, we're human beings we cannot be consistent, so the only way to apply consistency. Into, your business which is the only key to success, right. Is to create systems. Creates, systems, and systems, will turn out to be leverage, and need to save you time and we do reserve it to preserve energy, time. Money. Right. But, more potently time right, resources. In general to preserve it in your business so you can maximize the, full output in, your. Business if you do that you, win the game of business you win the game of lifestyle, you win the big game of life. In general because. You have a lot more to give okay because the idea of all of this is given you're giving value you're, giving value more, value, bring into the world the. More money you're gonna make the easier, your life is gonna be the more happier, you're gonna be the more joyful you're gonna because you're gonna be given, and you know what when you give to people people, will remind, you with your like buttons, with their comments, depending on what. Kind of brand what you bring to the table but, if you're serving people they, will know they follow they look, forward, to the next one and if you do that that's fulfilling beyond. The money forget, about the money for a second that's, fulfilling where, you have people start telling you like yes, I watched, the video yes, I was, your partner I started, with you oh yes, you helped me save my home right it could be a client too so don't waste people's time if they're not supposed to be your client don't waste the time create a system to filter, them quick, through. The cracks let them go their own way you go your own way and you save, your time you save your energy so, you can move on to the next thing faster. All right so, that's what I have for you on today, I'm gonna be here it's called the Empire, our okay, is the Empire our like. My page okay the origin of page all that talks I'll be talk on Facebook I just created it he has last time I check has 37 likes on it alright, let's. See, here, let's. See okay we're back on cool, sorry about that I, almost. Lost that on Facebook cool quick all right so let's let's, create. Like. For me on Facebook on YouTube, if you're on YouTube like, this page comment. Below if you have any questions, with regards, to real estate flipping, and you want to learn more about that comment. Below let, me know what you're thinking I'll give me a thumbs up okay if you like this video share this, video with your team members if you're ready building a team and you feel like many of them are not duplicating, out there waiting for you before they make a move you, don't have to motivate them share videos like this with them to get them motivated okay, and then, your time is now involved I already did this so you can just share with could, you share with them and get it going and you keep moving with your own production you have your own front line your, own front line you don't need no more than five okay, I have one business way now that I have only one solid one and that business is pulling in, just. The last month pulled in about thirteen thousand dollars and only wants one line only one solid front line and if you have imagine if you have five of those and you create a system where you can produce and then you create a system where they can also share to their front line and you can have multiple front line you can build a huge organization, I need, to find out how many my, organization, in that business and I can share that with you guys on, my next lesson, on leverage, but, in the meanwhile if you want to learn this stuff you wanna learn the fundamentals, you wanna go to my, Empire, Pro, dot-com.

Okay, You, can see a link around this video somewhere I'll put a link in the comment area or something and, you wanna my. Empire pro commies where you want to go and you. See a link to download the book get, the book is absolutely free there's no catch okay but. If you want to reach out to me you wanna a coaching, you want a special code you wanna wanna walk coaching or something you, can go to my Empire Pro Comp / coaching, to learn more to, learn more about that my, empire procom. Flash coaching, if you want my personal coaching, you want me to help you with your business your lifestyle, relationship, attraction, Real, Estate's anything, like that I. Have, some. Good experience with those things and I can help you, then on the outside as a coach through, that system my empire procom. / coaching, is where you want to go if you want to sign up for coaching, if one the book is absolutely free, go, download the book right now my Empire procom. Hopefully. You've been enlightened, and educated, and I will see you on the next one peace.

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