Ready to Love S03E11 Unfinished Business (June 18, 2021) Full Episode 1080HD

Ready to Love S03E11 Unfinished Business (June 18, 2021) Full Episode 1080HD

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♪ If I had it all ♪ ♪ If I had it all ♪ It can't be no more fence straddling. This is your last day here on this process. You're not ready to love. Okay. Can I have my hand back? No, I really don't want to let it go. This is really tough, babe.

I'm really torn, because Alexis is amazing, but me having this opportunity the second time around with Kyra, I don't want this to be the end of me trying to figure out can this work or not. I had a feeling that it was coming, but I still was going to stay true to myself. And I was not going to force myself to make a decision that I was not totally ready to make. Now, I'm only choosing one husband, and if I'm only going to be in a committed relationship with somebody, I'm going to be cautious and take my time with making that decision.

When I pick that person, I'm not going back to anybody else. Stop, slow down. [Kyra] Mm-hmm.

So... -Slow down stop. -Mm-hmm. At this point, it's only four guys. [Kyra] Mm-hmm.

Two of them have already, you know, it's pretty solid. -[Kyra] Mm-hmm. -And Jason has made his choice, obviously. Mm-hmm. I'm not sure about mine.

Do you want to be here with me? Yes, I do. I don't want to see you go. I don't. Well, I changed my mind. [Kyra] Wait, what? I was really taken back, because I had not at one point chose AJ. He didn't have nothing to stand on, even in that moment, I wasn't saying, "AJ, I choose you."

But he was still willing to say, "Yo, I see what we could be, I see something in you, and I'm not ready to close that door." And the fact that he did that to me spoke volumes. Can I ask you why? Why? Sitting here, holding your hand, I don't want it to be the last time I hold it. I've waited for years for a second date.

Mm-hmm. I'm not ready to throw that away just yet. I'm there with you. I really want to see where this goes.

Can I do that with you? I would like to do that, too, AJ. All right. -Now, can I have a hug? -Yeah. [Kyra] I don't even know how to put it in words, because one second I'm gone and then, now this man is like, "I changed my mind."

I was like... "Can I kiss you right now?" I was on cloud nine. [AJ] So, ultimately, I changed my mind, and it was a bittersweet moment, because I knew me giving Kyra more time meant that Alexis' time was ending.

♪ Know it took me some time ♪ ♪ To get to the place That you wanted me to be ♪ ♪ But now I'm ready ♪ ♪ I'm ready ♪ ♪ To love ♪ [Alexis] AJ reached out to me to meet him by the pool. And I had to accept the fact that he might not choose me. I'm nervous, I'm afraid.

I'm a lot of different emotions all at one time. You got me nervous, what is going on? What you mean I got you nervous? Man, look, you already know. In every step of this, I've always just kept it -straightforward with you. -Yeah. I don't want that to ever change. I'm about to cry. Don't cry.

Oh, Lord. Sweet baby Jesus. Okay. Oh, Lord, there go that hand. Ooh, charm school. Okay. That's how he gets me. He takes me from ten, brings me down to zero.

I think that me and you will be in each other's lives -for a long time. -Mm-hmm. And I'm smiling, because I'm thinking, oh, man, he's about to say, "Girl, you the one." I just knew he was getting ready to tell me that.

But I don't know if I can be... truly what it is that you see. Okay. So, we all knew that somebody was going to have to leave when it came to the end of this trip.

Mm-hmm. And sorry, Alexis, yeah? That's going to be you. Okay. You're not ready to love.

[Alexis] It's messed up to me, because I chose you. I told you that I chose you. I just got backstabbed by the person that I genuinely like.

I'm ready, just not with you. If you knew how extremely difficult this has been. Okay. And even sitting here talking to you, I'm not walking in surety at all. No hard feelings.

I appreciate our time together, and this has been a wonderful experience for me, and it has taught me a lot about myself. This experience reminded me if I continue to seek God in his righteousness, then all these things that I ask of Him will come to pass. So, I wish you the best in your future.

We good? Don't be a stranger. All right, give me a hug, so I can go on and get out of here, child. Get to my baby. It's painful. But it just means that I'm not yet ready to receive what it is that I'm requesting.

And it was a reminder to me, Alexis, to love yourself more. Once I see myself the way that God sees me, then he will release the man to me. Okay, I'll see you later. [clears throat] [upbeat music playing] -Hi, girl! -Hey, amiga. This is cute, I love this color. Yes.

Hey, baby! -Hey! -Oh Amber! I'm like that-- Hey! -Hey, y'all. -[Amber] Hi, Kyra. Kyra's still here? How are you doing? -This is a cute dress. -Thank you. I'm trying to figure out why, because I know that AJ had a strong connection with Alexis.

So, I'm just a little bit confused. -[Tommy] Hey. -[Amber] Hey! How are you doing? Beautiful ladies, how you all doing? -Good. -Good. All right, all right. Let me sit down here.

No secret, we're missing a real big presence -in this room today. -Yes, we are. Unfortunately, Alexis' time came to an end. So, I know some of y'all was real close.

-[Liz] Yeah. -But let's remember this. Alexis may not have found her love here, but I am certain that she's going to find it, sooner or later. -Mm-hmm. -Definitely. This week, I'm sending you on your last one-on-one date.

-[Amber] Oh... -[Tommy] I want you to spend some intimate time together. -Ooh. -Hold their hands, look into their eyes, baby. [giggling] Baby, I'mma kiss her, too. You know something about kissing? [giggling] I said it, I ain't taking none of it back.

[laughing] Where you going? [laughing] I want you to determine if you can get past the idea of being in a relationship. Okay. And transition into the action of being a couple. -All right. -[Tommy] There is a difference between the two. Feel it out, discuss the future.

Trust your female intuition, you all have it. Most importantly, listen to your heart. Because at the end of this week, we're going to meet again to find out if one of the remaining men just isn't ready to love. Mm! We've got some more work to do.

I'll see you all soon, all right? -All right, all right, all right. -[Amber] Be safe out there. Right you will, I'll tell you what you ain't gonna do, girl, here. Not with Verneashia. -Period. -[woman] Zero. I don't know if you all know I had a conversation with AJ, you know, at the ranch before we left. I said that I did not want to yo-yo with anybody that I was dealing with in this process.

He respected that. He said, "With that, I'm changing my mind and I don't want you to go home." Wow. So you still don't have a decision, though. I'm going to see how these, you know, dates go.

I feel awkward because I do want to, obviously, pursue my connection with AJ. But I have some unfinished business with Jason. Jason, from what I'm assuming, chose Lizzie, and if it came down to AJ choosing me or sending me home, so that's the conversation that I'm interested to have with Jason.

Because when we ended our date at the ranch, that's not really how it was positioned to me. Hmm. So, he never told you that he was choosing Liz. -No. -But you're still interested in both these guys.

Jason and I had a really strong connection. Does that connection go away overnight? No, it doesn't, because it was genuine. Don't make it seem like I was the second pick. This man had two top connections, and he picked me. It is what it is.

And I didn't like how she tried to make that seem. How do you feel about that, Liz? At this point, for me and Jason, I feel like we're solid. We'll just see. We'll just take this challenge

that Tommy gives us -and we will see. -[Verneashia] See the outcome. -[Liz] See what happens. -Yeah. [Joel] I'm feeling cool, calm, collective about going to Verneashia's house. That's the three C's, dig it? If you don't know about that. But you gotta understand, we was there to overcome a little hunk at the ranch.

I need to go and let her know how I feel, right? Come on, Joel. This date is so significant because coming from the trip and everything that we had gone through. My apology wasn't accepted, because you didn't think it was real. It was.

I am sorry about that. Apology accepted. Sit right here, I made you a glass of wine.

He could have easily been done. I was ready to be done, to be honest. You got me feeling like an OG, cup of wine, a plate of food, walking around in that sweater dress. [laughs] I'm feeling excited about spending some, you know, more intimate time together. He can see the softer side of me, I'm not always aggressive. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

-Amen. -Amen. Let's see what we're working with. Now, be honest. Smell good, I wanna say a grace again.

[laugh] For real. Tastes good, I ain't going to lie. What did you think about our little getaway? I think it was cool. What did you think about it? I don't know, it just gave me clarity, I feel, like, on us.

That we can overcome something if we need to. Mm-hmm. I agree with you. Understand that we both have our ways of seeing things. But the common goals is the only thing that really matters, -you feel me? Yeah. -I agree. [Joel] I like the fact that the energy was not where it was before we was able to overcome our little misunderstanding.

I got the vibe that she was down with it, too. Hey, I heard you chose me. Is that true? Yeah, even after all the mishaps. Yeah.

Mm-hmm. I've never not chose you. Who you chose afterwards? Afterwards? Uh... I chose you. So, you never was not... like, my number one. Even when you said I wasn't your number one. Nah, even when I said it.

[Verneashia] I'm feeling like it was meant to be. Nothing up until this point kind of matters of what we went through on a negative side. Because I always knew where his heart was. I'm just secure where I'm at. You want another one? Hmm? What's next? What's next for what? Me and you. Well, I'd like to hear that from you, Joel.

I think we need to continue and see where this thing goes, baby. You feel me? -I do, too. -You hear me? [Joel] It's to the point now, we gonna try this thing out or what? Because you're the one I want to try it out with. Am I wrong to feel that way? I don't think so.

Are you comin' over here? All right, come on. That's how I play. You dig? [Verneashia giggles] [Jason] Green look good on you. [Liz] Thank you. Liz and I roll up together.

I'm excited, the load is off my chest. And I can finally just focus on one person. I'm feeling at ease. And I'm just happy, man.

She's dope. -New day, new beginning. -I know. And I'm just, I can't quit grinning from ear to ear. [Jason] I'm just glad that I made that decision. [Liz] Mm. I appreciate you throughout all of this.

You know, you've been very transparent with me, consistent and fine as hell. [both laughing] Being on this date with Jason feels like a dream. But when we were at the ladies' lounge, I was very much irritated with Kyra because she discounted Jason and I's connection. So, I'm just a little bit confused at this point. So, I'm going to throw a curve ball at you.

Okay. Been getting that a lot. [laughing] -Ready? -Yeah. In that conversation that you had with Kyra at the ranch, what if she would've told you that she picked you? What would you have done? You and me would still be sitting here. Okay.

Because my mind was already made up. Okay. [Jason chuckles] Good. I just needed to hear it from the horse's mouth, and one of the things that I asked her was, "At this point, I just need to know what your direction is, whether it's this person, that person? This guy, that guy?" There's been enough dates with everybody. -Yeah. -That should be able to make a decision by now.

This whole time she never really gave me any direction. I felt like it was disingenuous. So, that speaks volumes to me. That's what it is. Mind already made up? Yeah, it don't take long.

"It don't take long?" [laughing] Hold that thought, let me grab something really quick. -Okay. Okay. -All right, you'll see. Jason leaves the table and I'm like... "Oh, what's happening?" [Liz laughing] So... [exclaims] This is for you, but hold on real quick.

I have a story behind this. I've only gave out two roses in my whole life. White roses. So, the first one I gave to my mother, the second one I gave to my step-mother. I'm gonna give you this white rose, and I'm being serious right now. This is why I chose you as well.

It's because throughout this entire process, you have kept it pure, honest, and you're resilient, and white represents purity. And you're a pure-hearted woman. So, I'd be honored if you'd accept this from me. Because you are worth it, you're worth my time, and you are worth the pursuit. Would you accept this from me? All right. Oh, my hug.

♪ I gave you everything You want ♪ ♪ You were so patiently Waiting for so long ♪ ♪ This is your moment now... ♪ To see those tears let me know this was real for her. And it just excited me even more.

Like, I like me some Liz, I ain't going to lie. Give me some of that. -All right. -I'm so happy. Oh, boy...

[laughing] It's okay. My prayer for this journey was that, "God, I want to find someone that sees me, that sees my heart." And when he did that, it showed me that he saw my heart. And it meant a lot to me.

Thank you. [laughing] ♪ This is gonna be An all-night party... ♪ -Oh. -[Amber] Hi. -How are you doing? -I'm good, how are you? -Good. -Sparkle in your eyes. Look at you. I haven't seen Amber since we had left the ranch, and so, I'm excited to see her, looking like the goddess that she is. Cheers, good to see you.

-Cheers to us. -Yes. -And the future. -And the future. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about how she's feeling, her energy. You know, where she's at with Ron.

I mean, all of that. I had a lot of people, you know, come up to me and ask me how I felt, you know, during truth or dare. -Yeah. -With the whole Ron thing and you,

you know, going out and revealing that you kissed him. But just for some confirmation-affirmation, like, what's good? Ain't nothing-- -Y'all, like-- You know what I mean? -Who? Dipping, talking on the side? -Ron? No. -[mumbling] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I stopped communication with him. There was nothing there. I felt the need to express to Kris that he literally is it.

I can say this, I don't have anymore twos or threes. -Neither do I. -Uh-huh. I feel like we have something great going on here, and I'm enjoying it.

I'm just ready to see where it goes. I realized that there are no other connections. And I wanted him to know that, especially after the Ron kiss situation, honey. I had to give him security and reassure him that he still has Amber right there at his heart. I feel like every time we meet, it just solidifies our connection.

And I'm happy with that. You... You don't know how much that meant to me. Oh. My eyeballs are trying to sweat.

-Oh, don't. -I know. I'm trying not to. You were caring, you were nurturing, I mean, you make me feel so comfortable and secure. It meant so, so, so, so, so much.

And I really appreciate you for that. -Of course. -Um... Yeah. Thank you.

I mean, I'm just feeling it, okay? I'm on the rainbows, the cotton candy, the unicorn. It's all here. I'm ready to have a baby, or three. How many do you want? I don't think I-- Did I ask you that? I do like kids.

-Me too. -I would be happy with one. I would like to be married first, though. We don't have to be married, because I'm not even having sex -right now, I'm... -Ever in life? [Kris] I mean, yeah, once I get... -Married? [gasps] -Married, and we-- [imitates brakes screeching] You what? All the way until you get married? Yeah, because-- Like, I can't convince you a little bit? -Maybe. -No...

Well, I mean... Don't count your boy out, just because, you know. I'm holding off, I'm practicing this semen retention now. I think the main thing, I'm just trying to protect the sexual energy, because that is the most important energy that we as humans have.

And, like, for me to be giving that away to women who weren't deserving of it, like... I was just like, "What was I doing?" Kris, listen here. Amber deserves the energy, okay? I know damn well I did find a connection, and you mean to tell me I'm going to have to wait? Oh, Lord, no. I'mma get down.

I'm going to bring it out of you, though. Wow. That'll be time to get knocked up, because there's going to be trillions of them suckers swimming.

You might end up with triplets, -quadruplets, or something... -Oh, Lord. Because I am backed up, backed up, backed up. [Amber] Well, I'mma bring it out. You'll see how hard it is for you to resist this. Ooh. It's been hard, because I'm still a man.

Like, I'm still human. I be looking at your booty all the time, like... Oh, what? If he looks at my butt and looks at me all the time.

I mean, I'm sure it won't take much for him to not want to practice semen retention anymore. You'll get it popping right now? Oh, you gonna find out. -Okay. -Mm-hmm. All right, okay, let's go test and see. [Kris] Let's go test and see. Mm-hmm.

♪ It's do or die The finish line ♪ ♪ Seems so far away From yesterday ♪ ♪ Another step, another task ♪ ♪ I hope the path will Become clear to me... ♪ -[Kyra] Hey. -There she goes. I like AJ a lot. We've always had a connection throughout this journey, but in the past, when I went on dates with AJ, all of my eggs were really in the basket of Jason. I didn't really gave him a fair shake, so now I'm still trying to know for sure if AJ is the person I can commit to.

-Oh, this is lovely. -[AJ] Mm. A nice little charcuterie, charcuterie, I don't know how they say it, but whatever the case, it's lovely. Well, I figured we'd do something a little bit more chill after that last...

-Yes. that we had there. I appreciate that. It's the first time I'm seeing her again from the ranch. I just kind of want to get a grasp on where she's at. I know where I'm at, I've made my choice at this point, and I'm open to the possibilities of what can take place with Kyra.

And now that we done went to the ranch, we don't have the time to be out and around everyone. What are we going to do now? My intention is for us to move forward. -I'm in a good place. -You are in a good place? -Mm-hmm. -All right. How do you feel about it? I kind of just... want to know where do we stand now? Where do we stand now? Look, if you gotta ask that still, then I don't know what to tell you.

I just, I don't-- Send you home now around this... [AJ laughs] Not the right answer, AJ. Not the right answer.

I'm just saying. I don't have any options or opportunities splitting my time anymore. So, you're about to catch all of the heat. Oh, okay. When it comes to Kyra, I always feel like I've been admiring her from afar.

We've dated in the past, so to have this opportunity to have a second chance, I want to take it. And I think that that played a lot into my decision of keeping her here, because I'm not willing or ready to just take that L when it comes to her and I just yet. So, do you feel like you made the right decision? Sometimes it's not about whether or not you felt like you made the right decision in the moment. Which decision do you feel like you'd regret the most if you didn't make it. -Mm-hmm. -If you can look back and you say, "Man, I should've did this," or "what if that," and you have to actually ask yourself that...

Yeah. That's probably the direction that you should go in, even if it's the one that doesn't necessarily give you the brightest light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't thought about it like that before.

AJ is showing me the man that he is. Cheer to us moving forward, and what the future holds ahead. I can toast to that. [Kyra] But I'm still having some reservations on the connection that I had with Jason. I need to talk to him and hear where he's coming from, where it went wrong, um...

I am hoping that I can get some clarity. [Kyra] Ooh, all right. We're here.

[Tommy] Hey. [all] Hey, Tommy. Look at y'all, final four is looking fabulous. Yeah.

[Liz] I'm trying to figure out what is going to happen in this deliberation, because it seems like everybody is coupled up. So, I'm trying to figure out who going home. Let's cut to the romance. I want to hear all about your dates this week.

-Amber? -Oh, Lord. [Tommy] Come on, now. Kris and I, we had a wonderful time. It was more intimate. And, you know, he actually cried.

-He cried? -Mm-hmm. Expressing himself about me and how he just feels like, -you know, this was-- -When he cried, did his voice still be sexy? [laughing] -Yeah. -Oh, my God. -It does. -I'm crying right now. I can't believe he cried. [all laughing] We gotta slow it down a little bit, -as my tears begin to flow. -Yeah. I did hear something in the date that...

I don't know how I feel about. So, he is going through semen retention. Yeah. -Semen retention? -[Liz] What is that? -[Tommy] So how you retent? -Basically, it's celibacy.

We talked about a little bit of it, but I didn't know, like, he was applying it-- What'd you call it again? -He calls it semen retention. -Semen retention? -But it's basically celibacy. -Yeah. That's new to me. -Very new. -[Amber] I was like,

I respect your decision, don't get me wrong. But, you know, that's something that's gonna be hard for me if you say you're waiting till marriage. We could marry in two years. I mean, now, come on now. Retention nothing. Oh, no. Mm-mmm. Yeah, so y'all be praying for me.

Girl. Look, I'mma pray for you. I'm not going to be praying for his retention, though. -That I'm not going to do. -Yeah. Miss Verneashia, how was your date this week? Me and Joel, we did talk about the ranch encounter, -where we were... -[Tommy] Our little blow up we had.

Our little blow up. But what we did realize is that we can overcome anything. That's good. Miss Liz? -I'm on cloud nine. -All right.

Jason said that he made his decision a couple of weeks ago of what he wanted to do -based on some of our conversations... -[snickers] I'm sorry. ...that we've had. So, he said that. [chuckles] He said that. When Kyra laughed, it was disrespectful. But that just shows what's going on inside of her. It has nothing to do with me.

After we had our conversation, Jason gave me a single white rose. He says that, "I've only given two other women in my life a single white rose, my mother and my stepmom." [Tommy whistles] He said, "You are pure, and that's what this rose means." He says, "You're a good woman, and I see you, I see your heart." [Amber] Wow. "And that's why I chose you."

It just meant a lot to me. -This is beautiful. -Yeah. [Kyra] No shade towards Liz, but what she said was that comical to me. Celibacy until she's married is something that is very important to her. My conversations with Jason, they didn't involve celibacy. This does not make sense.

The reason why I chuckled to myself was not at all to be offensive. I felt like the position was put on me as if I was playing a game. And some of the stuff you're saying, I'm just, like, that's ironic, because it seems like he was playing a game. I'm not saying with you, but maybe with me.

Because to say that that decision was made a couple of weeks ago, that's not what was conveyed to me. -Mm-hmm. -And if your decision changed so long ago, then why were you still pressing me to make a decision? I feel like, if you've made your decision, then what I decide doesn't impact you. Does that make sense to you as well, Liz? [Liz] From what he shared with me is that he needed to hear from Kyra herself where she stood, because he felt that there were some things that happened between their relationship that was disingenuous. And just like she says, she felt the same thing, -or what have you. -I didn't feel... I'm feeling like it's disingenuous now.

Not trying to be funny, but I look at it like, okay, her other option is gone, so you're now pressing her. The fact that I do have someone, you want to force me to make a decision that I'm not ready to make. And that to me is a sign of someone that you will mishandle me in real life. Wow. It seems like you and Jason got some more to talk about.

I think you deserve answers. But let's switch over. Let's talk about AJ. [Kyra] We did go on a date, and for him to respect my decision-making process spoke volumes to type of man and the support that he would give me in a relationship beyond this journey. [Tommy] So, what are we saying, Kyra? You know, if the process ended today, who would you leave with? Um...

AJ, I'm rocking with AJ. 100% comfortable about it? I am. [Tommy] I think we at a crossroads. This week, one man was supposed to end their journey.

But all the connections seem like they got real potential. Okay. So, why would I step in and mess that up? -Thank you. -Why would I do that?

Why would I do that? We've got four final couples going into the last week. That is not supposed to be. Oh, okay.

Joel and I made it all the way to the end, I'm feeling relieved, ecstatic, overwhelmed. [Tommy] I know you've made your selection amongst the guys. But the last step in this process is a two-way commitment. Here go the curve ball.

Both of you all have to decide to move forward as a committed couple. I'm putting together the final dinner to address both the ladies and the gentlemen. This is one last time before you make your very, very, very last decision. -You all cool with that? -Yes.

-Okay. -All right, peace. -[Amber] Bye, Tommy. -[Kyra] Bye. How y'all feeling? I do have a little bit of attitude.

Because I do not feel like Jason was fair towards me. [Amber] Since you are still bothered by it, are you really choosing AJ... No, I'm choosing AJ because I feel like Jason-- Like, "You said I was the one playing a game. But based on our conversation and how it rolls out to me, it's, like, were you the one playing a game?" I was very much irritated with Kyra because she tried to attack Jason's character. I've always known that man to be upfront and honest. So, the things that she was saying...

I choose to pick my battles, and I'm not going to stoop down to her level. We will see. [hip-hop playing] Hey. How are you doing, queen?

I'm good, how are you doing? I'm good, I'm great. Thank you, how are you doing? -I'm good. -[Kyra] Good? All right. I get a call from Kyra, which I'm confused because I felt like everything that needed to be said was said. What I don't want to do is renege, I made my mind up. I don't see the relevance in it.

However, you know, you kind of want to expound it and give people clarity and everything. [Kyra] I... just want to check in with you. Okay. I feel like we're due another conversation. Okay.

I am talking Tommy's advice to have a conversation with Jason because I'm very frustrated and my disappointment in Jason is now turning into anger towards him. So, the conversation that we had today at the ladies' lounge was quite interesting, because when Liz is talking... -Yeah. -...she's saying that when you guys have talked, you told her that you had made your decision weeks ago. -Mm-hmm. -And if you made that decision weeks ago,

then why wouldn't you tell me that? Because that's not what you were telling me. Honestly, so much was said, I'm going to be honest with you, queen, I can't remember. I not saying nay or yay, I'm just saying so much.

However, I did tell her recently that I had my mind made up weeks ago. [grunts] Not really, so that's on me. So I'm sorry about that. For you and I at the tennis court, I needed clarity. You know what you really feel right now.

So I'm asking you, what is it? And still to this day, I don't really know where you at. Kyra does a very poor job at telling people how she feels. But, at this point, I'm rolling with the punches, I've made my decision, I feel very good with Liz. The connection is there, and it is what it is. One of the things that I'm noticing is, like, even the last several times that we've linked up, it's been more... I don't want to use the word "interrogating," but it's been more so of trying to find answers, trying to talk about this, trying to talk about that instead of focusing on the moment.

I didn't see it as interrogation. We do have a lot of questions back and forth -about each other. -Mm-hmm. I now wanted to know what are your what-ifs about me as a person.

So, to say it became an interrogation... Even right now, this is the prime example of what I'm talking about. I'm trying to figure out what the direction of this whole thing is right now. Because it feels like more or so, it's not a date, it's not Jason still trying to get to know you. Is more so of, not even clarification, -it's just directness and-- -No, I needed clarification. But it makes me feel like...

Damn, like, what am I doing that is so bad? And I did my God-honest best to be very direct with you. At this point, I was annoyed because I made my decision. Let's just move forward in a positive way, because what I don't want to happen is we're tearing each other down, because I still think highly of you. What is it that you're trying to tell me? I wanted you to be like, "Kyra, it's about your decision for you, not about your decision for Jason in Jason's timing." And what I found out was that you were saying that, but you were also checking out. We're not going to do this.

I'm being very honest. I know. But we're not going to do this. Sometimes she would try to veer off and make another complaint and I'd shut that down, I'm like, "No, queen." What is it that you want, Kyra? What do you want? If I had related differently and you would have gotten it when you were asking me for a decision, do you feel like the outcome would have been different? No. I still think it'd be the same, because... I really genuinely feel confident in Liz. Okay.

Based on how things have gone this far, my decision is for us to stay as friends. Thank you. Feel better? -No. -Why?

Because... I hate that we got to this situation. I hate that there was...

the discourse between you and I that allowed space for somebody else. I thought that Jason would be the one who would handle me right and handle my heart with care. And I always questioned if AJ would be able to. And, in this moment, I'm realizing that Jason is the one that I should've been questioning. I feel like I was nothing but 100% with you.

I didn't feel that way at that time. If I feel like you... didn't receive it that way, that's why I want to talk about it now. And so, I just have to kind of brush that as water under the bridge. You know, I'm disappointed in it and that's his decision, so I have to accept it. But it hurts. It hurts a little bit.

Some things are just not meant to be. Maybe so. -[Kris] Mm. -[Amber] Beautiful. [Kris] I know, right? -[Liz] Hey, y'all. -Yo, yo, yo! -What's going on. -Good to see you.

[Kris] Good to see you. -[Jason] There we go. -[Amber] All right. [Kris] Yeah. [Liz] We're ready to love. Oh, hey, bright people. -[Amber] Hey! -[Kyra] Hey, y'all.

[Kris] How are y'all doing? How are y'all doing? Y'all look good. -[Jason] Oh! -[Joel] Hey! -[Liz] My friend. -[Verneashia] What's up, girl? At the final dinner, it was really good to see everybody together, you know? Joel and Verneashia, seems like they're married already.

Kris and Amber, they match each other's uniqueness. Kyra and AJ, I'll be honest, I'm not sure. Hopefully they'll work out and, you know, they'll have a beautiful journey together. And, of course, me and Jason, that's my boo. Ha! Got you.

Really? You really took my shrimp like that? You know I like shrimp. -Really? -It tastes so good. [Amber laughs] -Okay-- -Mm. It tastes so good.

[Kyra] When I saw Jason and Liz, I honestly wasn't expecting to feel any kind of way, but these two really got under my skin. However, I like AJ a whole lot. So, I'm focused on him whole-heartedly, but I'm still having some reservations on, okay, Kyra, you like him but do you know him enough to say, "Yes, AJ, in this moment right now, I am ready to make a commitment to you."

Hey, hey. -[all] Hey! -[Jason] Tommy, yo. -[Tommy] What's happening? -What's going on? Y'all looking good. -[Kyra] Thank you, you too. -[Tommy] I like what I see.

So, listen, it's a beautiful thing to see love settling in. Because it's been a long time coming. Yes, Lord. We started this process with 20 singles. Ten men and ten women.

All of you shared one common goal, -what was that? -Finding love. Look at all four of you all. You're on top. You're on top, baby.

Give yourselves a round of applause. At this point, it's pretty clear y'all know each other pretty damn well by now. Yeah.

However, I don't think any relationship is truly, truly legitimized until you take one very important step. Meeting each other's families. [laughs] [Tommy] Yes. Ladies, if you have not met a black man's mama, you probably have not been in a relationship. That's true. -He got to take you home. -Yeah.

It's not the real thing until big mama gives you a hug and share her macaroni and cheese recipe with you. [Amber] Right. All seriousness, meeting your partner's family is a huge step towards your relationship.

Your families look at your potential mate -with fresh eyes. -[Jason] Yeah. And pure intentions. Just when I thought this was the end of the road, Tommy tells us we have to meet the family. It's a little bit too early for that. For me, I know how this can go off the rails if either one of us mess this up.

[Tommy] I wish you all well. And I hope that each of your journey ends with what you came here for. Love. -All right, see you later. -[Kyra] Take care. [Amber] Bye, Tommy. I am nervous.

Okay, because I am a handful. Just imagine my family. -How are you feeling? -I feel good. I can't wait to meet your mom. You're gonna see a female version of me. -Really? -Mm-hmm.

-Oh, man. That's gonna be cool. -Yeah. -Okay. -I'll be honest with you. My mom is very important to me. I cannot see myself saying completely yes if my mom says no. I need this. My family, like, they know me better than anybody else.

So I'm really hoping that they can help me make this decision. I'm at a make-or-break-it moment, and I can really only get through this with their support and with their guidance. So, basically, what you're telling me is that the mom gotta give the thumbs up. She does. [Tommy] Next time on the season finale of Ready to Love. This is my brother. This is Johnny.

Going to meet Liz's family, they was, "Look, we will knock you out." You think you're the right man for my daughter? -And what are your intentions? -[Verneashia] Momma! My son, he's 38 years old, and I don't have a grandbaby. Come on! Damn! Is this real? -Is it real? -Is it real? Oh, my God.

This is crazy. [Tommy] Each couple will decide if they're going to leave this journey in a committed relationship or walk their separate ways. [Liz] It's the final moment. Jason can have a change of heart. You just never know.

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