RE : La hausse des actions continue malgré l'inflation Good Morning Trading - Benoist Rousseau

RE : La hausse des actions continue malgré l'inflation Good Morning Trading  - Benoist Rousseau

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hello everyone and welcome to the taste of morny trading I am delighted to meet you to take stock of the financial markets good bah listen it's not godot big surprise in fact finally it's a little bit all that I want to you said yesterday morning it's I called greenland here it is the country the country of the actions which goes up it it was all day yesterday it was quite impressive it was enough in quotes or to buy and then to wait and close and close almost higher for all actions at 10 p.m. European time it's really really the country the country where everything is going well and it's quite impressive to such an extent that for example at wall street the s & p 500 1 experienced yesterday its best session in progress since March so it's been seven months in the technology sector you have everything everything everything everything which has increased sharply it took more than 2% the laser which took the most 2 28 memory and you have apple alphabet mic rosoft facebook all all all started to move in a straight line strongly and we really have a very very very beautiful a very beautiful context at the moment is it going to last at all will depend on the season of the results of the companies this is what really brings us in an important way we spoke about morgan stanley who took more than 48 yesterday and with results but really excellent better than expected much better than expected and we have like that an accumulation of American company which gives the order their statistics and which are really higher than the expectations we had a fear in fact that it is not at the level of the expectations but there really they are a higher than the expectations the second thing importance was ratified yesterday by by joe biden the law which raises the ceiling of the American debt so that contributes to improve we will say the general feeling on the markets especially American one avoids this point of tension this risk thus second positive point and then a third positive point and that really helped morgane de morgan stanley is that the figures in particular of the weekly unemployment registrations yesterday fell sharply thus the lowest level 2 of jobless registrations in the united states since 19 months the lowest level since 19 points so we can say that arm the aco empty between quotes and therefore ends the American economy we are on the real mans 1st by toper interviews are excellent there we have the unemployment rates lowest in almost two years and 19 months, and cherry on the cake that's why it's a special day US important statistic was particularly monitored to see if the Fed would quickly increase is at these prices production and 20 in the united states producer prices have slowed down they even have they even slightly there is example a slowdown that means that the inflationary fear ballet maybe push back a little in the united states s and therefore with this figure of producer prices slowing down the fed will not try to raise rates a little earlier than expected so we really had a succession of super super new business results excellent the ceiling of the debt is relieved in is quiet in quotes for two months until it finds a new solution while accumulating statistics that could have been inflationary not show us that inflation in the United States does not have for l 'instant there is none and it creates jobs what more you want so conclusion the markets go up in a straight line in gravity it was extremely impressive I was able I was able to do some trade here it is not really been musical ping it was from the beginning of the day trading on the dow jones breakout I told you yesterday morning there was the cac 40 which was the only one who had run for tap you that I had shown you on fifteen days the 10 it is maybe forerunner and then you all saw a relative who got down to lighter and when the weakest of the troop cemea bricks and I came across the weaker nickname from beyond the group in 2d quotes of the six clues I'm watching I came back he also continued to go up in a straight line so it's not markets which are how to say exciting, the sense of which goes up in a regular straight way with very little nervousness so it's not a market where you go out you have received full of adrenaline and emotion rather a market which is boring but here it is not enough to get you in position you are waiting for the goal of the game anyway trading profile is not to have emotions even if for a lot I was one of the first to do this for years I told myself that I came to trading not really to make money but to experience emotions of sensations because the more job I did. teachers bored me frey bored me not but I did not prove things and yet I was pro forcing on Saturday that they could not be able to mark things during the day when I returned from my job as a teacher good bet it was almost nothing spent to the maximum martin had passed his fingers in a photocopier what is good then had one or two students who had thrown I don't know tear gas canisters in the corridor here it goes not very far and then I put myself on the American clues of the nasdaq and I feel like my interesting day in quotes started in fact i was just getting a dozen of adrenaline so we are not complaining that the market is linear not bumping at all years have followed trends will follow we are not trying too hard to understand n 'has really a hyper linear day nothing because we are a succession of good news we had the american companies including morgan stanley but but all the others they are very good very good above expectations on the stock market rose the markets and unemployment statistics good boom it goes up it goes up again joe bayonne swimming pool boom it goes up again and we had statistics slowdown in producer prices low boom it still goes up good news we are going we are going we are going to be happy about it we went to the technical analysis of the different indices does not tell you to subscribe to the youtube channel to put small thumbs up and down no matter it is important if you put it because what it does well classified videos is not a maximum of thumbs up but also the total number of thumbs up and down it means that there is a reaction and this is what makes a video well classified for google for at all thought the same is aside there is the reaction there is the action happening so I put it forward something is happening on this video so we are attacking the technical analysis so today at today we have retail sales girls no sorry we have retail sales in the united states in september at 2:30 pm we have we have three statistics which fall stewardship il 1.18 michigan but nobody cares and we have the empire state activity index who watch and follow but like while playing the most important retail sales in the united states of september at 2:30 p.m. three statistics one important one watch one who

cares for that can be important because if we continue on a phase it's going up it's going up quietly going up well we can have a confirmation at 2:30 p.m. good bah all is well and then we have again we have business results that fall if they are good ah it strengthens its strength and why not finishing is a possibility I know absolutely nothing but to finish on a plus with abs Madeira Fridays at 21 59 minutes is not at all impossible we see that the indices are all towards a little less lively than yeah yeah were almost sure on the double at the opening ture therefore it shows us that the face in quarter of growth beyond the upward potential is perhaps a little lower in any case today we will perhaps have that we will not be able to relay the growth of biden says otherwise we will not necessarily have the growth driver with such good statistics yesterday that for sure we will not have the drop in weekly unemployment the stat has passed all maybe a day when we will not end + 2% and half on all the American clues but maybe in in the green here it is just to tell you Friday we can really finish on a more at the Madeira club but it will perhaps not be the most flamboyant day afterwards of the week but maybe this is his person nobody can know yes and we meet tomorrow for two binary yes at 10 a big big points on the equity markets which is auto I will talk about the banking sector etc I imagine a small passage not planned yet and then at noon that you will be able to see very anquillement all all all weekend webinar wage purchasing power and increases in minimum wages in different countries and is the only attraction is that it really creates an increase in purchasing power or not and then at 10 o'clock our week chivalry so technical analysis on the indices bah listen I'm going to do the same as yesterday it can go up non-stop buy possibly on a reflux if there is not yesterday for example we were sure cataract burst did not have a refusal so good I have candles in one hour in five minutes there was a small ebb there which made it possible to type possibly but tightens really continue its progression non-stop we arrive anyway on a big dams there resistance to my only one and the highest of the previous month here we have here it can it can create it can create a dam there are chances all the same that as little as I say to you it slows down but for the moment a mandate does not see no reason to sell we really have a market that goes in a straight line you should very well in haiti nachi from 10 o'clock mass was said there the first perfect flat bottom and then in cublac a plasterboard the flattest plates and possibly here it was the end we could cash around 7 p.m. and besides that it does nothing until the seam around 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. it does nothing else on the seam so here it is in soft softpower mode except to go up everything is fine If the results of American companies continue to fall like that we can stay like that for a very long time, why not reach the highest historical levels in any case here we have really clearly we can see a setback this total of the ats of two the situation therefore the trend now it is very very clearly very clearly also surcharge 40 bah here it is perhaps still it is perhaps even more striking for him here is up to the moon euro stoxx 50 same thing it is really really really we have the impression that it is a market which left as soon as it tries to destroy the last salesmen here is by saying gave you a little hope but there now we are shrivelling you something good we have when even taken almost 3% in three years you have two sessions so it's quite huge especially on the euro stoxx50 so well here it is to charrat what do you want me to tell you while being wary that we comes into contact with big resistance there by the enpi if the resistances a monthly could have a small a small decrease a small intervention to help sellers but if we have good statistics which continue good business results that can continue to go up on dax like this the biggest resistance which could block a little good it is symbolically the fifteen thousand five hundred and after its fifteen thousand six hundred but there is the potential again to take off yesterday good if you want we really had a big indication yesterday that in quo i it could pulsate is that I play a little more here in the night it did not stop rising which is relatively relatively rare there we see that in the night here it is rather better and it is rather better slightly to rise to stagnate in a we actually have the first little red here if there are certainly some sellers who say to themselves we must absolutely try to lower at the start of the market otherwise we will still be very well massacred and maybe be having a small drop at the start of the market but it will be likely to seek a support and the buyers risk really giving a one piece one piece to the pinball machine in the game so if you are a seller well here it is to see if you cut a finger one arm one leg but there is nothing for the moment that tells us that we can climb on others I dare so there it is there this is where I actually show you entrance was the only one who had not run here and for me here I really saw an entry signal to p artir between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. from the moment when we bridged the highest point that

all the other clues were already in break I said to myself I don't want to be in quotes he has he must he must catch up he must catch up with the others and therefore that I rather put my balls back on the on dow jones and then there it continues to rise good news what is interesting is that there is continue to rise paul ii in contact with the resistance a monthly that seems to block it i mean that they seem blocked then at the moment but in the night it was in contact during the night so that means that there is really an end of buying two titles on the coast we have finished we closed on the plot and we continued to climb in the night to get resistance a manceau has 34 1900 so we are going he really has 35000 in line of sight for the nasdaq even more impressive then the dow jones is still a little late because over the fifteen days he lives ent to exceed a little bit the top of his range of 15 days but the one who has the mega potato abbas and the nasdaq because he exploded the highest of these two weeks they continue to progress strongly and that I wanted to show very I often come back from above so these two nights these two nights I don't think they have a lot of French who trained between 3h and 4h in the morning on the nasdaq but look at we have a fatal acceleration phase to death to death at the night-time vendors we go down and we touch pil pil pil then to the nearest unit after the monthly pivot point and we start to rebound strongly and we are in the night to go get even a higher one like that if we have a graphic paw there under the eyes that it is already a sign that the market is also normally after such a rise on radio to profit taking and we should have rather found contact of 15,000 the nasdaq which puts we find at 15,000 77 so there we even did the same me buyers I was going to say not two last categories but two last moments that say but even at this price it is worth it and which returns a little late compared to the profile of the week but it does not stop continuing to what is it that goes up sharply but this is back it's really very interesting I explained to you several times there I make them rank 2 seconds when you have a phase also you have astonishment you have a break from a very strong zone from a very strong pivot point here the monthly pivot point we cannot do stronger if we have to go to quarterly pivot points but hey I spent tens and hundreds of bitch look I saw nothing really relevant is statistically said to planters of monthly pivot points which works great so when you pass above that you are plying and that you come back to lean on it to start again it is really it is the little breath they have They were trying to regain their oxygen a little to start sprinting again and that is typically the phases of the bull renault phases which quite simply there we experienced yesterday a bull run very clearly 48 hours we took 500 points c 'is still quite rare it is exceptional little turn on Russian itself same thing same topo beware the resistance one monthly and the 2300 zone is a lot a lot a lot to cross all at once for the little guy has and the most high of the previous month there 2308 so there maybe a little attention on the on the russell 2000 on the other hand if it explodes its high of the previous month it is the russell there we can close our eyes bought almost n ' No matter what American indices it is it will continue to rise strongly and our friend the s p500 same thing same thing something else here I have not returned for hours and hours in the tones and technical comments that we can make c is also here don c know more or less what to do if you have bought you are lucky to buy he does not give a contract for me laugh to cash low we go up to your stop very very very high to ensure you a great good and then vallier the hope that things keep going all day long and it will be original for you if you are a seller I really have questions to ask yourself and if you are not positioned like me now there are also questions to ask but hey it's less serious in fact if we miss an opportunity that's not important to Monday we can retire again the room is the entry point in fact here so I would still like a little ebb to be able to return so here is before for example if they are on the säntis 500 it would be at least a small reflux a small quick contact on the lawn the previous week where the friend of the monthly arast 1 to return I say to the contact of the value that we had at 8 pm if it gets going to go up in a right gérard struggling to keep up with age I need them to enter a great market also to have a small phase a small phase of decline is to see the contact that it starts again and there yes I do not ask me questions typically what I showed you on nazak good except against 3 4 in the morning I was sleeping typically when I see that on the nasdaq100 more on the monthly pivot point good I will not be asked questions if it was 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. French time and that the nasdaq which were open but hey there at night I could not but it's true it's typically this kind of thing that I'm going to wait today for this little wave of refusal to get in touch on a big support start of a rebound I come in to follow the general overall market trend which is if you have just arrived extremely extremely green since we had only good news that good smells at the company level and then this who could not worry us about for inflation we have a good American stat which puts the inflationary pressure in the United States into perspective a little bit for the moment, therefore an increase in the fed rates faster than expected and therefore what we have and well we has the nasdaq companies which have soared towards very indebted and for it each month of gained or each quarter of gain there is no increase in the rates it is a puff in the true sense of oxygen of oxygen for her here are the amoebae to listen to we will leave each other jean will leave each other on good vibrations so be careful take advantage of it they did you they do not count this one he is stopped no oh and another dispute I am less is Here it is on this wear you well we meet tomorrow we will have to do a lot of stuff for for for this plate and and then beautiful day of trading here is a good entry point on all had wanted a good entry point and then the sounds son and we will see what happens on this wear you well ciao

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