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Hey, everyone and welcome to story time my name is Jake and today we are gonna be looking at the subreddit are such Pro revenge so, sit, back relax and, enjoy some reddit, stories. Demand. Proof of illness, hope you have I bleach I. Had. A boss one time who was such a control, freak that, she demanded to know specifically. Why, I was, calling out sick, wildly. Illegal where I live one day and for. Reference I'm typically, the guy who never, gets sick so. It wasn't an attendance, issue I told. Her I think I had food poisoning turned. Out to be true and actually, wrote a ULP, T based off this story a while back and she kept. Pressing me as to explain what, my symptoms, were and, why, I couldn't make it in all via, text, I had. Finally had enough and was like look, I'm not physically. Capable of working today and you, are not allowed to ask me personal, questions about, illness and medical history. She. Threatened, me with a write-up, if I couldn't specifically. Explain, / prove why, I couldn't, make it into work, this. Is where the pro revenge comes in I was, about to send her something horrific that, she could not own say and she, wouldn't, be able to do anything, about their sins, she technically, asked for air being. That I was living in the bathroom, for more than two days this. Inquiry was day one and had, aggressive, diarrhea, every 15, to 30 minutes and the, worst abdominal. Pain I've ever, experienced. I lost. My head and took. A pretty disturbing. Picture, of me painting, the ball brown right before I flushed, and sent. It to her no. Joke it looked like I power washed the inside, of the toilet and built, an island, in the middle of the water, it honestly, looked, like a volcano, had erupted I had, no idea your bowels could contain so much. This. Is happening every, 15, to 30 minutes, and I haven't been able to leave the bathroom for the last six hours. Here is your proof check, the time stamp I, also, sent a screenshot of the time stamp I'll, let you know as soon as I can if I'll be in tomorrow so, after. Three days off I show up for my first shift. Sleep-deprived. And saw from sleeping, in my bathtub or on the floor for two and a half days. Jerk. Not, having any aver but I was finally through the worst. She. Immediately escorts. Me into her office where. Regional HR, rep is waiting for me and we. All sit down he has paperwork, in front of him and is, discussing, the incident. With me and gets, me to acknowledge what I did and that sending. Unprovoked. In offensive, content to coworkers, constitutes. Harassment and, blah. Blah blah right before he asks me to sign a final, write-up, if you, do something like this again you're, fired before. Signing, I asked, him did, she tell you why, I sent, this he. Was dumbfounded and. Says, this isn't, really excusable. And basically. Handed, me a screenshot, printout, of the text messages where, this which deleted, everything, in the exchange, in her phone bought. Me, saying sorry but I need to take a sick day today and the, picture, I laughed. And handed him my phone and said, here is the full exchange he. Asked me to leave and give them a few minutes, about. Ten minutes later he, calls me in by, myself, and explained. What I already knew, that she, was the harasser, and that she had aggressively, violated, privacy laws and would, be dealt with and to, call him if anything, like this ever happens, again I, found. Out from one of the assistant, managers, that, she ended up getting a final written notice, and was, super close to being fired and it. Prevented, her from getting a big promotion, that she was being looked at for, so. If you ever come across a douchebag, boss who wants to play doctor and question. Your sick leave send. Them pics like that and they'll either shut up or give you lawsuit, material.

I, Tried. To keep it less graphic but, that, was definitely very. Very graphic. How. I ended, up with my boss's job I, was. Working for an advertising, agency a pretty, big one and I, had an unethical manager. Well. When, I started, out I had a manager who was one of the most unethical, managers. I've ever dealt with. He'd. Order, his sales reps to do things that would increase his bonuses. Which, are based on margins. Example. Say, a client decided, to buy product, XYZ. And their, spend was $2,000, a month he. Would want the agent, to put up products, ABC. And keep, the spend at $2,000. Even, though the client didn't agree to that fact. Is the clients, generally, wouldn't notice, but. If they did it could cost you your job I was, the guy that refused, his demands he, would tell me to cheat the client, and I would refuse, he. Would get mad I wouldn't, care, this. Went on for quite a while now there, is something I don't tell people very often I live, in a one-party, consent state. Which, means so long as I'm aware a conversation. Is being recorded I can, record it without informing, the other party, I had. Just up sold my largest client, making, him even larger. But. I didn't, sell the products my boss wanted, me to sell he. Demanded, I switch things around I. Refused. I told, him I sold the client XYZ, that's, what we agreed to, I'm not, going to change that without the customers permission. His. Exact, words were. Screw. The customer, this is your largest client, I need, him on ABC. Or I'm not going to make my number I'm, sorry. But, you and I both know, ABC, isn't. Right for this client and that's, why he didn't buy it you're. Fired, if you can't, follow instructions. You're fired, after. Confirming, he was dead serious I said, if you, do that I'll have your job by the end of the month I went. Home I didn't, think he'd go through with it sure, as heck next, morning I'm locked out of all our systems. I call, tech support and get told I've been fired so who. Do I call I call, our regional, vice president and, tell, him I have several recordings, I think he should listen to, remember. My boss ordering, me to do unethical things wasn't, uncommon, so. I meet, up with my regional, vice president and play, six different recordings, that I had saved showing. My manager, was pushing, his agents, to break the law to which my regional, vice president leaned. Back in his chair and, let, out a sign, knowing he'd have to fire my manager having. A sales manager that is forcing, his reps to break the law, it's just, bad business, at. Which point I asked for my job back he. Agreed that I would get my job back and, asked, me to take the week off and call him on Monday he. Told me he talked to payroll and make sure I got paid for this week as well fYI, he, fulfilled, all of his promises with me although I missed, a payday but, got back pay later so I was fine with that that. Monday I come into our Monday, morning meeting in which, my regional, vice president was, there he, informed, the entire team that my boss had been fired and why he. Also mentioned, that if anyone wanted to apply for his job there, was now an opening. So. I applied, for it and after three rounds of interview got my promotion, sure. As heck I was right and did, have my boss's job by the end of the month, it was glorious the, first day walking into his office and sitting in his nice big, comfy, chair. That. Is like the perfect thing to happen if you have all of that dirt on him and you don't like him and he fires you like you're just gonna win every, single time. Construction. Revenge ten years in the making and, why, I will never have another business partner a little. Over 10 years ago, when I was a young carpenter, I met a guy who I'll call Chad because. Screw. Chad Chad was.

A New hire by the company, I was working for and became, my helper, we, got along famously even. Though he was 10 years older, than me he, didn't mind working under a 23, year old carpenter, as an apprentice. Chad. And I worked together for six months, when, he brought up the idea of starting a business together, he. Figured, between the two of us we, could easily run a crew and build houses. After. Talking it over with my pregnant, girlfriend now. Wife we. Decided, that it would be better for me to be an employee but, still a 50%. Partner for tax reasons and. Insurance. Purposes. Chad. Said that was fine with him so. We, started laying out who was to take care of certain aspects, of the business. Chad. Was to be the guy to find work as I, look and still do way, younger, than I am and it. Doesn't instill, a lot of confidence in, the client, to think their framer is 16, Chad. Was also, to take care of payroll, insurance. And any other financial factions. My. Duties, were simple, staff. And run the crew and keep. On pocha something. That came easy to me I wish, to be paid an hourly wage, as well as fifty percent of the profit after all business, expenses, I never. Took my profit, draw as I rolled. It back into growing the company, things. Were great for about six months the, crew was working well together we, had a few houses under our belt and contract. For a 10,000. Square-foot custom. House with, multiple, outbuildings. Things. Were great. So. Chad has never built a foundation and. We, usually hired a crew to put the foundation in for us and like, I said chad has never built one and I personally, hate concrete, work. We. Couldn't get our normal foundation crew, in so, I stepped, up and said screw it I'll do it myself. The. Company we were building for is one, of the best custom, home builders around and, doing, a good job on this house could mean that we wouldn't have to pound the pavement looking, for work work. Would be given to us, perfect. Arraignment. Until. It wasn't. Chad, started, spending money like it was going out of style he. Sold his, 2500. Chevy pickup and bought a new Jeep Wrangler. He had the Jeep for about six months before he sunk it in water while, 4x4. Aim and it, caught, on fire mysteriously. A few, days after, he. Received, the insurance, payout and bought a brand new Dodge. 2500. Power Wagon which. He in short. Order sunk. In water within a few weeks I never. Noticed, the red flags as Chad, and I rarely spoke face to face he. Was the business side I was, the gist, of done side. I finished. The foundation, and picked, up the check from the Builder the, Builder, said that we over built him by 25%. But, he was happy with the work we her. I did. But, not to over bill again as he, doesn't like overpaying, as there, may not be any money left at the end of the build I. Apologized. And asked him to cancel the check an issue, 1/4 the work actually, completed, he, agreed to and, said I'm so, happy to have honest people working, for me I usually. Don't pick up the checks nor, did I ever really, look at the books as it, wasn't in the scope of my responsibilities. This. Prompted, me to log into our corporate, account and see, that we are so, far in the red that we couldn't afford to buy a red van let, alone cover, payroll I showed. Up at Chad's house and tore a strip off, of him he, apologized, and promised to top up the account with his personal, profit. Draw money I go. Into work Monday, and find, the locks on our Tobin had been changed. My name removed from all accounts, and a letter taped to the tool bin stating. I was dismissed, from my duties, for, an undisclosed. Reason, I was. Freaking furious. I was, not aware that as a business partner I could be fired I found. Another job quite quickly and, tried, my best to put it behind me, that's. When I found out where the money was going and that, Chad had been slandering, my name around town blaming. Me for the missing money as well, as a bunch of egregious, statements. About my work ethic trade. Skills mental, stability and, home life. Now.

I Fastidiously. Tracked, all of our interactions, with a simple, journal, and had. Backups, of the transactions, of our business, account I also. Happen, to have backups, of all of our texts. Voicemails. And pictures. Of everything. This is the revenge part I took, the evidence to my father's, late lawyer friend who, started a fraud slush embezzlement, investigation. Through the CRA, the, Canadian, Revenue agencies, or Canada's. IRS, and called, the insurance provider to, make sure they were being paid they. Had never received anything I called. The Builder whom we were paying for and explained, what was happening he, told me that Chad had essentially, stolen around. $30,000. For payment of work not completed. And had. Broken into their office and stolen, another fifteen thousand dollars replacement. Value of equipment, and tools I, did. What anyone would do I called. The police, police. Said they couldn't help me and said, it was a civil case and the, Builder said he wasn't going to sue as Chad, had no money and it wasn't worth the headache, so. I called his auto insurance, company, sent. Them all of the pictures of his sunk vehicles, texts. About them and a short video he sent of him lying the Jeep on fire. Insurance. Company filed charges against. Chad and one. Chad. Is on the hook for around, a hundred and thirty thousand. Dollars I've. Spent, the last nine and a half years tell anyone, who'd listen about chard and I, have had him essentially, blackballed. From the carpentry, industry, around here because. It's not slander, if it's true I, have. Also looked, up his criminal history as, its public domain every. Three months or so and make a point of showing up as court proceedings, or offering, myself as a character, reference for the crown, the prosecution. So. I've gone out of my way to remind, Chad that he can't screw me over without, repercussions. And no, this, doesn't, end here years. Have passed and I'm still, ticked off I receive. A call from a guy offering, me a job it, was the Builder that Chad screwed, over not. Remembering, that we know each other after, I explained, who I was and this, bridge is burnt due to Chad he, still offers me the job, medical. Dental company. Van gas, card corporate, credit card I accept. His offer, first. Order of business, finds. Another way to mess, with Chad. Through. The grapevine I find, where Chad is living, and working new. Boss calls the company Chad is working, for and Chad, is similarly, fired, I get, in touch with Chad, Sill and Lord explain, how he operates, and Chad is evicted, for unpaid rent he. Was apparently, a couple, months behind I also, managed, to get his girlfriend's, phone number and call her and explain, what this guy does to people and his, extensive, criminal history, including. But no limited, to fraud identity, theft, insurance, fraud. His, many assaults and his, wanted, picture, published, in the paper, turns. Out she, is the owner of his truck primary. Operator, but, he pays the insurance. He, cannot insure a vehicle, until he pays off what he owes for, the fraud, she. Asked me what she should do I say, that I'll take care of em I call. The insurance provider. Explain. What is going on for, them to tell me he doesn't even have a license, anymore they, avoid the insurance, on his or his girlfriend's, truck after speaking to her. So posting, with the police I, personally. Get to be involved, as I know what's, going on so. I sit and wait for the day it goes down I roll, up behind the unmarked, police cruiser and quickly, explain Who I am and what my plans are the, police are thinking they, are just waiting to pull him over for driving without a license, and no insurance I said. I'm going to call him immediately, as, soon as I see him so. He comes cruising, out and I make the call he, actually, picked up the phone to call me a bunch of names and, the, n-word I'm as white as the fresh fallen snow and, promptly, gets pulled over police.

Issue A ticket for, reckless. Driving, because, no seatbelt, no license, and using a handheld device, during. This the girlfriend, pulls up and proceeds. To give consent, to search her truck in. The truck they find multiple, IDs, stolen. Credit cards a couple ATM, skimmer machines and a fake police badge he. Was arrested, on the spa, revenge. Over right, no. Police. Then asked to search the residence he was living at he moved into the girlfriend's house after, I had him evicted from his own place, in. The garage they find a vast collection of, stolen tools a, lot, of which belonged to the Builder I was working for from. When he broke into their office and they were all stupidly, still labeled with the company's, inventory, control, stickers. This. Brought on more charges and, he. Was remanded to police custody until, his trial day, well. Justice. Is sometimes, slow here in Canada, and his, trial date was at the time, seventeen. Months into the future, well. Yesterday, was, his trial day so, my boss who, Chad ripped off Chad's, ex-girlfriend. And I attended, the hearing just, to see the man squirm his. Judgement was 8 years in jail after, being granted time in a half for time served a. $100,000. Fine, 1000. Hours community, services, after release and no, possibility. Of parole I got. To watch him be taken away in chair twice, never. Underestimate. The fury, of a quiet man oh and, screw. Chad I can't. Tell if that was just a huge buildup, or every. Single bit of that was just a tiny bit added to the revenge and I loved it, hey. Everyone I hope you all had a really good day and that you enjoyed that video if you want to check out some of the videos then click on screen right now or check out the playlist down below if you enjoyed that video then please do leave a like and if you want to submit your own stories, think you can do so by joining the discord, in the top link in the description, but thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon.

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I am the boss and always ask what was wrong when someone called in sick. Not to be a bitch but to check on the person. I’ve told employees to go to the hospital because of things they have said but I never demanded they “prove” they are sick. Maybe I should not have asked but I cannot imagine asking for proof other than a doctor note to say they are ready for work. I own a specialty mechanic show so I cannot have someone working the floor who is sick for the safety of everyone.

There was no confirmation that anyone ended up homeless in this video. What gives?

You can be fired as an EMPLOYEE from a business but if ur a partner as well then a different procedure is required to remove u from the business documents

Is this a reupload? I've heard 2 of these stories on this channel before

It's difficult to keep track of stories on reddit. And it's also possible you heard the stories from somewhere else similar to this channel. Ik I've gone and heard the same story 3 times because different youtubers doing it. With or without tts

The last story was so unreasonably fake on several levels and yet he made it very entertaining! So many make these fake stories and don't hide it very well. Why not do what this guy did? If you're gonna fake, then go all in! ×D

Just use a robot voice, it would be less fucking annoying. Never understood how it is that people who have no ability to speak with proper inflection and intonation make video's where all they do is read reddit posts.

thought Canadians are nice

first one should have just told hr that they were planning on pressing formal charges for the criminal acts commited right before showing them the phone, and then followed through unless immediate termination of the criminal was done.

I'm like # 666

That first story sounds more like Malicious Compliance than Pro Revenge

Oh dude. I'm eating...

That manager that demanded photos of the sickness...what a moron. And how she tried to pin it on the OP was so f***ing stupid. She was clearly a liability for the company. No final written notice, just fire the b****

*starts eating sandwich while listening* ... *stops eating*



@noteven listening Baited.

Are you speaking to someone in particular? Or just howling into the void?

Wow Chad!

"police said it was a civil case" uhhh i'm sorry, what? does it not mention that the dude *broke into somebody's office and stole shit* ??? stealing money is *certainly* a criminal case, not civil.

Welcome to Canada where RCMP is so incompetent they even let a mass murderer running rampant for years.

Between the business partners is civil, the break in wasn't between the business partners.

6 ads again? Really?

@fuck drywall *six* Im all for paying youtubers but thats *six* ads! You dont need *SIX* ads to be successful

if you dont like them dont watch the free content, hes gotta get paid somehow

The cra is trash, and the canadian justice system is a joke. All it is, is a revolving door.

For fucks sake these stories are recycled are you even trying anymore?

no they're not, you probably have just heard them from other story readers

I swear I've heard these stories before, is Jake going over old stories....?

Definitely Jake.. His is the only prorevenge channel I watch.

@MotivatedSpeck yeah seems to be our own fault then xD but most of the storys are way too funny to be missed in the first place so i take to risk to head them twice or more often.

@Ufailty Both of you are correct. It was told a while back by other reddit youtubers.

@Ufailty I thought that might be the case but I'm not sure

Did u heard them from other redditreaders? i had often the same feeling and then it clicked.

The last one seem nuclear or supernova Revenge

My problem with the First Story is HR asking her to leave the room before looking at the phone and leave the phone out of her control in presence of the boss who already deelted messages. HR should have read the phone with OP in the room and only ask them to leave the room afterwards so OP can take their phone with them

I think what happend was OP showed their phone with the whole conversation and the boss then asked to speak to the EM alone. Not that they looked at OP phone without them

Anyone can be an “N” word. It means a stupid or ignorant person. Just saying.

No it is a racial slur, there is a difference. Also nice bait

From this point forward, I henceforth declare that ‘Chad’ shall no longer be allowed to be given as a real or proper name to any child, unless you, the parent really and truly dislike your own offspring.

That wasn't prorevenge, that's damn near nuclear

Amazing Autist - The only thing that prevents it from being nuclear is that it was all legal.

...im eating...this wasnt the best timing


These videos are all that get me through the long jobs on my press at work

My like was lucky number 13 hehe, enjoying binge watching these videos :)

First! Just cuz.

Hey Jake, what’s happened to all your other channels including imagine if? That is my favourite channel of yours and it’s gone. It’s now apparently called tall tales and what’s happened? Also, all your other channels are no longer in the description and your privating all your old stuff?

@Trisha Smith I think it's about money. He made so much money doing this kind of videos he stop doing other channels

Amazing Autist but why did he just leave them and not tell anyone? I know they were his channels and he could do whatever? I was just surprised when I was looking for Imagine and it’s gone. Also, glad to see a fellow autistic.

I looked at the channels names you mentioned and they're both available, but they seem to be by different people

I bet that was really really satisfying getting chad put in jail twice and absolutely totally deserved. Chad was such a **cking **shole He deserved everything he got and more

When you have 50% of a business stake, ALWAYS look at the books, even if it's not your main job. Unless the guy's close enough to be family (sometimes that's not even enough), check the books.

Clearly Karen has a male counterpart, Chad. This is great, people need a name for a male Karen.

A friend from Uni went through something similar to the food poisoning chap. He hounded for proof of her illness, not a tummy problem, a yeast infection. So she took a sample from you-know-where and dropped it on his desk, in front of both his boss and his wife and said "the dr confirmed it's an infection. You should get yourself checked" and walked out.

I think I know the bad guy in the last story. Some things he`s written about sound very familiar to me. If it is, he has actually had his name in the paper and owes 6 figures to one family alone that I know about. As far as I last heard, he was in prison for fraud.

Got to love single party consent.

How did guy know who was Chad's insurance provider ? I think this one is just a good story.

That last one feels more nuclear just for the level of impact on the dudes life the revenge had.

Tnx for the upload Jake & WWO some of these are just plain & simply malevolent

In New Zealand the cops would be all over that shit. As would the papers. That guy would be recognised wherever he went for quite a while.

OP described himself as a guy. This seems to imply that he was male.

@Miss Lissy the only story about domestic violence where I feel confident saying the victim deserved it ^.^ Fuck Chad though, seriously.

@Nerobyrne I'm right there with you, I knew a Chad (real name) who had no problems putting his hands on women, he often hit his ex-wife, and then attacked me on my front lawn, while I was 6 months pregnant. So he was definitely a total douche bag. He got 3 days in county jail and anger management for the assault on me, as anyone can imagine I moved in a record amount of time during those 3 days. It's been many years since and I hear a story or two about him every once in a while, the best is when karma finally caught up to him. He re-married to a much younger woman, but she wasn't a lightweight, she was built like and pro-wrestler, a male wrestler and he wasn't about to land any hits on her at all, no she knocked him around, more than once and from the police call out I heard she knocked him out completely at least once. So after 2 years into the marriage they moved to another state (I'm not sure where) and things were not going well I guess, so his wife kicks him out of the 'bed' and has her lover move in, the lover was just released from prison, and was the reason she insisted on moving to that area. Well Chad has no way of leaving now that he is being cucked at this point he can't move out, they live in a one bedroom and both of them only work part time with 2 children. So for 6+ months he shared a home with his 2nd wife and her lover, damn karma is great. Hahaha.

I knew a guy named Chad once. He was the total Chad stereotype. Both on this post and the incel subreddit. I actually wonder if that's a magical name only actual "Chads" can get.

Kos 291 it would’ve been nice to know. Give warning. Then If we wanted to download them we could. But even with his FakeJake channel he’s deleted stuff there too. I’m not a csgo fan but there were other ones he did; all private. Maybe he’s just trying to change things up or something.

All these ads are annoying!

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