Quit the job, new business and 3 new clients in 3 months - Juliana Rabbi - guest: Lien Vanneste

Quit the job, new business and 3 new clients in 3 months - Juliana Rabbi - guest: Lien Vanneste

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Is it possible to quit your job to land 3 new clients and all of that in ess than three months? Yes, it is possible and that's exactly what we're gonna cover in this video. I have a very special guest, Lien, to talk about it. But first let me introduce myself.

My name is Juliana Rabbi. I help professionals to land a dream remote job in 90 days. This is my YouTube channel and every week I present a new video related to remote jobs, to career in general, job interviews, curriculum... All things career related. So, go ahead right now, click the subscribe button and we'll keep in contact through the channel. Lien, thank you very much for being here, I'm super happy to share your stories...

Beautiful and inspiring stories, so thank you very much for your time today. Hi Juliana, it's my pleasure to be here. Nice, nice. Do you wanna start introducing yourself? - Please? - Okay. I'm Lien Venneste and as a digital marketing manager I help companies improve their return on investment. I mostly do this through digital marketing, brand development and web and social media

content management and my last job I worked as a full time marketing manager at a architectural firm here in Cape Town but currently I work on freelance basis and I do work for several companies as a freelancer digital marketing manager. That's amazing, so many things happened in such a short period of time, right? I remember in november, last year, november 2020 when you hired my coaching services because at that time you wanted to prepare to quit your job and to land your own business, so, a lot of things happened in this time and do you remember what motivated you to ask for help at that moment, three, four months ago? So, I was motivated to resign from my 9to5 mostly because I wanted to specialize more in what I was really passionate about. So at my 9to5 I kinda had a wide variety of responsabilities and it just made me feel as if I couldn't be excellent at all of them. And I just really wanted to specialize on what I really enjoy doing and do that for several companies so that I could just get better and better at that and that makes sense because I just felt that a lot of the tasks and responsabilities that I was supposed to do at my previous job were just really demotivating me to be overall happy in my job and... Yeah, I basically just wanted to eliminate those tasks and really specialize on what I really enjoy doing. That's amazing, because so many people think about a career change as something like "I hate my job, I wanna change completely" or "I'm unemployed, I need to look for another job..."

No, there are so many possibilities out there. So, you like what you do, you like the digital marketing area. You have a lot of experience in this area, but there were some elements, some tasks in your job that you weren't happy about. So you wanted to kind of upgrade your career, go to another level

to be able to do more what you love and less what you don't love. And that's amazing, it's like refining and improving your career even in small details. That's good. Exactly. That's actually...

I always used to tell people that I really love my job, like, I was really passionate about my job, I really loved it. There was just certain things that almost prevented me at getting really better at what I was doing. So that's sorta what I wanted to achieve by resigning. Yeah, that's amazing. And you did it. But at the beginning, were you afraid of something? Which was the main fear that you had, when you started considering like "Ok, I'm gonna quit my job, I'm gonna start my own business." Which was the fear that was kind of stopping you at the moment? So, my biggest fear mostly was to not have enough freelance clients and because of that not have enough financial stability.

I think I always knew that was sort of possible but I was still, for some reason, really scared about that. And I actually think that that's a fear that a lot of people in full time positions have and I think it's one of the things that blocks a lot of people to actually leave their positions because at the end of the day, like, we need money, we need an income to survive and it's very scary to think about potentially not having an income for a month or more. So definitely that was the main thing that was holding me back. I remember I had the same fear when I finally decided to quit my full time job and to work on my own business, this was the last thing that was keeping me in my job, so it's a very common fear, the thing is what do you do with this fear. Some people stay in the fear forever and some people like you, they take a step and they find a way, an environment, they create that then they can eventually make the next step. Actually it's so sad to be held back just because of money, because it's not supposed to be that important but at the end of the day we just need it.

But we were talking right before we hit the record button that now you are making more money than you were making before, right? So, in less than three months already, the situation changed. So it is a real fear, not making enough money, but if you don't give it a try, you'll never know that maybe you can make even more money in a short period of time, so... Yeah. Yeah, so true, so true. Sometimes you only need one or two extra clients to really like change your finantial perspective, especially when you work on the freelance basis and you know, like, one client is gonna be big, some income for a long period of time, so like, your financial future can look very different in an instant really, by just finding one or two clients, so... - It's really crazy, actually, what's possible. - Wow. More confidence.

In only three months. All of that happened in only three months, that's really nice, that's amazing. Which is the main transformation, Lien, that you faced in this process. So we started working together in november, we are now in march, we finished the process last month, so...

In the three months coaching process, which was the main transformation that you went through in this process? Ok, so I really believe that because I went through that preparatory steps to resign from my job I believe that I just felt way more confident to actually take the step. I just felt like I was prepared and I was ready and I felt confident and I believe that that is the biggest transformation or the biggest part of my transformation or the most powerful part of my transformation because before that I just never felt confident enough just because I wasn't prepared to do it like I hadn't take the necessary steps to actually do it. Yeah, and that's interesting because you decided to set the base, create the steps, as you said, to feel more confident, to make this career transition. But there are people that decide to take a different path. Some people say "I'm gonna resign from my job and then later on I'm gonna

figure out what to do, I'll come up with a plan later..." And I think both options, they can work but it's important that we decide what works better for us. Because in your case, if you didn't have the confidence, you wouldn't make the steps. So, for you, this transition,

step by step, was necessary. Other people can do it like faster and there's no right or wrong way, it's more like what works for me? And what do I need in this process to speed up and to suffer less because it can be painful, right? To stay like alone thinking about that and the decisions and not making a move and feeling frustrated and then you're not happy with your job anymore and you want to build your business but you don't make the transition, you remain in a situation that you don't like. So, whatever is necessary to go ahead, go for it! Like you did, you asked for help and it was like boom, super fast, everything that unfolded right after.

- Right? - Yes. Yeah, that's true. That was very fast, very fast. - How are you feeling? - That was very surprising to me. So many things happened. How are you feeling apart from surprising about all the possibilities and the new things that are coming your way, new clients, new projects and everything that comes with having your business, own your business and work as a freelancer? I feel very excited. I feel like I have so many things to learn but learning new things really excites me

so, I'm overall very excited for the future. One thing I noticed in you is that you're always learning and improving yourself. During the whole process you never stopped, you know, attending courses and reading things and being curious about that and that's a great approach to a career transition, even if you change from one job to another job... It's interesting, it's important that you're curious,

that you're open to learn. That you are, you know, alert to what the market needs, what this client needs, what this company is looking for and... Be open to change and to improve because the name says: it's a career transition so you are also transitioning, right? From one position to the other, so it's important to be open to whatever the process requires and I've seen that all the time on you, like, curious and open to learn and to improve yourself. That's a nice approach. I actually think that that is a consequence from working in the online space? I feel like when you work on the internet you sorta always needs to adapt because so many things are always changing, there's so many things to learn, the space is so vast that there's so many things to learn, so it becomes like a general state of mind to always be learning something new. Yeah, yeah. And that's a great comment because people who wanna land a remote job or work in their own business, it's a constant learning process, constant improvement, so there's no time off. It's not that: I got the new job, a created my own company, that's it, I've

learned everything that I needed. No, things keep changing and to be a good professional you need to keep improving yourself and hopefully you enjoy the process, right? Hopefully you're in your genius zone and you're like "Oh, I'm thriving doing that, that's exactly what I want to do with my time", so, hopefully the personal and professional development goes together with, you know, learning and improving and enjoying the process. Yes, exactly.

Nice. Do you remember when we started working in november last year, what made you choose working with me? In the first place, I'm not sure if I ever asked you. So why did you choose me to work with? So, actually, I watched a presentation of yours on the Future Females Founders Club and I just really enjoyed the presentation and I remember it was mostly focused on LinkedIn, I think it was about using LinkedIn to attract clients. - Yes. - Something like that. And I just really enjoyed the presentation and I felt like I could really trust your professional guidance So... I just contacted you. I was like Oh, wow, that's so interesting. I've never really worked much

with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of those... I work with social media content management all the time but like LinkedIn was one of those social media platforms... Because it is a social media at the end of the day, it's one of those platforms that I just never really got into that, I never really managed to figure out and it was also... It was never a focus of mine. So I thought... Your presentation was so interesting and I enjoyed watching it and I wanted to start

you know, transitioning to a freelance career so I believed you were the right person to talk to and I believed I could do that using LinkedIn like you suggested on the presentation, so... That's basically why I contacted you. And I also think... That was obviously the initial reason why I decided to contact you but then our conversation just felt very natural and I felt like we had a good connection, which helped me to make the decision easier.

'Cause I feel like at the end of the day, when you work with someone on the coaching basis, you really need to click. Like you can't just work with anyone, that needs to be some of a connection and I felt like you were that person for me. The click is really important, from my side too. I also choose the clients I want to work with because if I feel I cannot help the person, it's like I won't go for it, it's a waste of time for both parts so... There must be trust and a click as you said for the coaching process to work. I totally agree.

It's something that seems so silly but I have it with all the professionals I've worked in a way like from my chiropractor to... I don't know, anyone you work would really... And even all the clients that I've worked with, it's always because there's like... There's just a click, you feel like you'll work together well and it's something that's easily overlooked but I think that's very important.

And there are so many professionals out there so it's good that we can choose.. One that ressonate with us for some reason, maybe the lifestyle, maybe the approach, maybe even the ton of voice or a similar path. So it's good to be able to choose and it's important to make the click between the coach and the coachee so the process happens so much faster.

- Yes. - Yeah. I a 100% agree, exactly like you said, there's so many professionals out there and every single profession and at the end of the day, anyone's like final decision to actually work with the one or the other is usually like a personal aspect, it's never like... Some thing that... I like. Yes, it's never like "Oh, this person has a degree from Harvard and not from Yale, whatever..." And therefore I think they're superior. It's usually really a personal connection, so... That's also why is important to just like in your marketing material to shine who you are, your personality. I always say that to people.

And you know that because you're a marketing specialist, but I agree with you. When we show ourselves the way we are, we attract the right people and that applies for clients, that applies for the kind of company you wanna work with so... Showing who you are, talking about the kind of topics you like to talk about, the kind of clients you wanna work with, that's the way to attract the right people to you. I can imagine that there are people watching this video and they're thinking like...

"Well, you know, her case is different because she works in this area, it was easier for her, she already decided to quit the job..." So I know... I can imagine that people are, right now, inside their brains like "I'm still hesitant, her case isn't the same as mine and all of that", so... Which would be your final tip for people that are, you know, unhappy with their jobs, with their careers, it doesn't matter in which step they are but they're not happy with their situation now. And because you've been recently through a major career change which is your tip for those people who are watching us and aren't really happy with their current situation? So, I really believe that the first thing that you need to do is to determine the kind of life and career you want to live or have or... Yeah.

Basically the kind of life that you wanna live, you need to determine that first and then take the necessary steps, bit by bit to work towards that. Because it's not something that will happen over night, you cannot expect to resign your job today and have a full freelancer career tomorrow. It's really something... Not real. Yeah, it's just not possible, you know. Just like everything you need to make a plan. If you want to reach a specific goal and I feel that the first step of that plan is to determine what it is that you want, because you can't also say "Oh, I wanna resign because I wanna do something else but I don't really know what it is that I wanna do."

I actually had a conversation with someone who's very unhappy in his career recently and he really explained to me that he's unhappy in his career but he has no idea what it is that he wants to do. At someone like that you can't actually say "Ok, you should resign and then you'll figure out what it is that you want to do", I think you just need to take some time apart every single day to figure out what it is that you want to do, then take the necessary steps to work towards that and then... You'll definitely get there, you know, but it just takes small efforts over a period of time and I feel that... Especially in our collaboration, working together was basically part of that preparation program, and it was like the last step in that preparation program.

Because I've been taking steps over the last year to work closer towards that, but really making the last like solid steps before resigning, I feel that it really helped to work together with you as a career coach to reach that goal. Amazing. That brings a lot of hope to the ones watching us. So it's okay if you don't know what to do next, it's okay. There's a way to get there, there's a way to figure out and the more confident you feel when you make a career change decision the better because, it's like you're enjoying the process you know you're going towards the right direction and you're respecting your feeling, your times and all of that. Yeah. Very good. - Thanks for sharing all of that. - For sure.

I'm so happy to, you know, be part of this process. I'm celebrating each one of your victories and you definitely keep in contact, I wanna keep knowing about more clients and more things that are going on on your side. Thank you very much for your time and for being here in the YouTube channel.

Pleasure. Thank you so much! Thank you. So if you like this video remember to follow the channel because every week there's a new video with other amazing people like Lien, sharing successful stories, or myself sharing my knowledge here on this channel. Thank you.

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