Question and answer with a Driver Business Leader

Question and answer with a Driver Business Leader

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Hello. Everybody I am a bro here and driver recruiting, and I have a very special, guest with me today this, is Jeff and he has a dbl, here at Schneider and he, drove, for 25 years in total and the last five and a half were here at Schneider, yes so, what we're gonna do today is we are gonna ask him lots of questions about, dbl. Lays a lot of questions, that I get as a recruiter, then I kind of pass off to you guys so we're a. Lot. More insight, on what, you do what your relationship is, like with those drivers so definitely. Want to promote right off the bat we, are live, so, it definitely, add those, comments, and questions. And we'd love to hear from you I have the computer right in front of me here so message, us and we will definitely, be able to answer some of your questions today as well be fun so, first of all have a list of some prepared, questions, for you so I just wanted to start out with is what are the best qualities, that you look for it being that you see in a driver that, really helps them to succeed in that driving, role I, would, say a good work, ethic really, wanting to put the hours in the. More time you give yourself in that day we, expect you to run about eight and a half hours a day but we want you to do it in that 12 to 14 hour period, so. If you maximize, that. Eight and a half hours every day you're. Gonna make the best amount of money on. Your, tour okay sounds, good next. One that appears what is the most common questions, that you get asked from your drivers, what are those questions that you feel you're answering on a regular, basis. Iggy's. On a trip plan, can. You help me figure out when. I'm gonna make it to the shipper so, I could maximize my miles, you. Know I I trip, time with my drivers line or what's the best route to take to a customer. Especially. With the new guy they don't they don't have a lot of experience, on how, to get there if it's an experienced, driver it's, more working with the new technology, it's, like oh I know. How to drive I know how to get there and I want a plan but your, systems a little different than the last company event with so, how do. I work, in your, new, system okay. You, know since this is live I'm gonna say right now we're having technical difficulties, I just got signed out of my computer so I know someone that's helping tape quick gonna sign back in so we can read those questions but then the meantime also, wanted to ask so how do you determine where a driver's park, location, is if you have a driver coming to you how, do you guys determine cuz we could ask that a lot of recruiters well where am i parking that truck. We have 24. Divisions. Across the United States in. The over, the road segment and then there's a lot of, dedicated. Segments, it. All depends on what you get hired in so it's, usually if you're within, 50 miles of an OC okay you're gonna park at that we'll see if. You're working safe from like a Dollar, General and that's where your that's where your truck's gonna be they're, gonna that's you're gonna be your Park location if you're if you're on a dedicated to come okay and, they're kind of going off of that with your drivers are you working with mainly, experienced. Drivers is it inexperienced, drivers you know what what kind of experience, level aren't you working with with, most of your drivers I have, I have only from 24, years experience, a driver, that just got his 10 year consecutive, safe driver of a safety banquet Saturday, night all, the way to a, driver, that's been with me since last Saturday okay, I, averaged.

Dbl Save runs about 35, drivers, okay and we, get the whole spectrum, now I myself have. A jet-set fleet so my guys even, though they're from Florida Alaska Vermont, assault. Dakota they're Park locations, actually Green Bay but we fly them to wherever the next truck is they're gonna pick up okay and, another question that they are kind of great segue also that is when do I get to meet my dbl so say you're just finishing up orientation. How, does that whole process work to get to meet you you know face to face so, I'm. A guy that just transferred, from a different account that I just got Saturday I actually brought I actually got this first two loads the landing, mare in Green Bay because I wanted to meet them okay, if. We can get you to a school if you're at one of the major ol sees your, schooling, is usually done at that we'll see so, if you're a Green. Bay driver you'll come in here you're. Ford if you're an experienced driver four days later you'll you'll, come. And meet us so, your face space or, we'll try to work, your, DB. L will talk to you on the phone maybe. For the first week but, then try to work you to wherever they are. Okay. And we actually just got a question in from Sean and it says how much experience do I need to get hired, great, question, Sean so it really just depends, on the account some, accounts are that 3 months or greater but, a lot of our accounts are also for you know in Xero experience, so definitely, go to Schneider, jobs comm, check, out what's available in your area you simply just put in your zip code and then, through that zip code we can see what's available in your area you also can filter by like solo work or team work you. Know are certain endorsements, that are needed but definitely, go to Schneider drops comm and apply with us today, I also, want to take this time to reintroduce, ourselves for. Everybody that's just tuning in now live I am April and I'm a driver recruiting, here at Schneider and I have a chef. And I'm a DB, lore driver business leader here at Schneider yeah so we've been talking really all about the questions, that you guys give to us as recruiters, that are really more his line of work so, we have some great questions that are continuing, to come in feel free to send those on through, Chris, asked what is the best route as a beginner, driver with a Class A so. Do you want to take that any advice kind of for those beginning, Class A drivers it's, it all depends on what you want to do if you want to go dedicated, over the road. It's. It's more. Deals. With home time you know there's there's a lot of factors, that go into it so it is good to look online with, your zip code and. See which one of those are.

Filter. Out the best for you if you've already been through the. Driver training school you have your class a we. Can bring you here for the three week class and we. Will have you up and running that fourth week already awesome sounds, good as far as some other questions that I have for you here is let's talk a little bit about the equipment that our trucks have you know why here we have a lot of great new advances, let's go, ahead so, we're. Just getting in the new 2000. P fours which, as. A new hire you might not get into right way but in three years you'll be into the new, trucks that will have an APU on them come on so right. Away you might not have the the conveniences, of for. Especially experienced drivers as we all like an APU on our truck, with. The fridge in the microwave but within three years Schneider three, or four years Spyder will be, transition. Took all that right. You know it's it's a process but we are starting to get those trucks and now so. A lot of you know experience here's give us a little time you know come on in and and. We get you into that that new truck that you want to have we. Have the lane departure system. On it we are about safety we. Don't have the inward facing cameras, but we do have forward facing cameras, so. If there's a critical event we know what's what's happening and everything like that so I know some guys are like hey, what about the inward facing camera, Schneider does not have that okay a. Little. Bit more about the iPads, as well in the app that and those can we talk a little bit about ah we, are getting away from the Qualcomm. System and going to a tablet, based system, so, eventually. What we're hoping to do is paperless, billing and, things like that it's not there yet that's probably about four years down the road but, all everything, by. December. 17th, will be transferred, onto the, tablet. So, you'll be able to take it into the shipper is no more writing down oh shoot I forgot that that load, number I gotta go back out the truck you'll have everything right there in your hand, yeah. A lot of guys like that. It's. Very upgradable, anybody, that's worked with a call come in the past you kind of had what it is what it it you know there's no fixing. It there's no op gradient with a tablet I was just over at corporate two weeks ago they, have a new weather. App that's being made just for Schneider and. It shows fog it showed all, the weather things going on it and eventually they're gonna have the traffic on there and everything and so, you, you'll be able to watch your ETA, or you know oh man I'm falling behind getting, to my shipper you'll actually able to see the time that it's thinking. You know what I mean things can change you don't but. There's. A lot of tech new technology, and we could really. Upgrade. That as we go through yeah had, another question come in, and it was from Raymond, how do I transfer, back to OTR. From, a local.

Or Shortline position. So if you're transitioning to a different account can, you go into the process of how that all works pretty, easy talk to your dbl say, hey I want, to look at doing. XYZ. Account. Or you, know going over the road they, should reach out you know. What division if you're down by Gary if you by Carlisle, they. Should reach out to somebody in, the over the road, manager. And we'll. Work out a, transfer. Process it's takes, maybe I don't say it's a tedious it's not gonna be tomorrow I want to transfer and it's tomorrow sure within, a week week, and a half it's I've had guys transfer, that fast oh and. Kind of a question offer that I have a lot of drivers that are always interested in owner/operator, users, maybe have their one year of experience wish, Neider they're ready to transition into that order operator you know what, what does that kind of look like as. Long as you're a safe driver and, don't have any critical events don't have any accidents hmm, it's pretty easy okay but, that's why we want that you know your year long to, see how you are and, it's, more about safety getting, into the owner/operator process, than than, anything at that and you know the finance but I don't usually get into the finance but I just do the safety and how, the drivers performing, and things like that okay and we just had another question regarding our transition, to automatic, trucks I know you know worse managed to switch into that full automatic fleet let's talk about that a little bit and the benefits, to the driver we're switching to that automatic, it is really funny because we. Have a driver here in GP account that's been manual, he's just. Got his four four million miles safe the, other night so, he can imagine he's I forget how many years he's been driving um. He, fought he did not want that automatic, sharing three leaks three weeks later he's going through Chicago, and he called and he says thank, goodness, I got that automatic, my leg, feels so much better I know. On our Green Bay fleet we're about 82 percent autos. Okay and they think, by next, June. Except. For some specialty, accounts we will be a complete auto fleet, that, is very cool. You. Know that transition, has just been huge it is and it's, it's you let the truck do its thing, they've, actually not, that we're rolling, this out or anything I had, to have that lane departure and, they've. Actually tested, they had like seven of those trucks that they tested where you got to hold your hands there but it actually and. You. Know the stuff like this all family cars it's. A ways away but, it's kind of cool. Yes. It's really it's really coming down the road so burying it another, question, that I get a lot is how do I communicate with my DB out you know am i picking up the phone and having phone conversation. Is it via email you know wow how was your typical communication, with, your driver all depends. On what. The question is is it something I need, to pick up right number right now call. In right if it's something emergency if it's hey, you. Know I have a delivery, two days from now but I would.

Like To deliver four hours early it's in a message why stop yourself and, sit on hold right, send me a message soup reform, process. But. If it's something you need right now or here I'm at the customer, and they're refusing old well I don't want you sitting there for an hour before I see your message come on fury but, if it's something hey, you know I want my next home time two weeks from now can. You put it in okay. Yeah that's what that you know so it all depends on the question share with, our jet-set, drivers we communicate, a lot with email as far as setting their flight at inner Aries when they're coming back things like that so there's, there's three different ways, picking. Up the phones always probably, the best that's way but if it's something that you don't want to wait around for and it's in the in the message can we send. That freeform message it okay another. Question kind, of off of that is how accessible, are you in a day after you're on the phone a lot with all of your drivers can they typically, you know I know it depends on the day but you're able to answer, that phone pretty quickly or get back to the other typical day yes, yeah some some divisions. You know have a little longer whole time supports. Can be supportive. For emergencies, only so from, 6:00, at night till 7:00 in the morning for, our division you, know you're you're you're working with the support, people okay not. Gonna be a fast but, on our team I think we have unless. We're having a meeting or something really goes sideways we're, about a minute and a half whole time. I. Know, some, places, that the guy was caught talk to me is like my last job I was minimum, 30 minute whole time every time I tried, to get a hold of somebody, so, you, know there I meant. That there's been a five-minute there's been a 12-minute you know you, know what that lunch hour or something we're we're known but we haven't every, there's. A you don't always just get your dbl there's a team of like for us we have nine PBL's okay we say unless it's pay related, or, personal, related if. It's if you need to pick up number to talk to somebody else on the team they can get it just as fast as I kiss you don't have to hold and wait for me right talk, to the team members and the team members get to know everybody's, drivers to a certain extent so it's, good that we have a we have a team atmosphere to, take care of awesome, that is fantastic to hear also want to take a second and reintroduce, ourselves we've been talking for a little while here I'm April and I'm in driver recruiting, here at Schneider I'm Jeff and I'm one of the DB LS here in Snyder and I was also a former driver bus rider so, bringing a lot of wealth of knowledge to, the table today definitely. See your questions coming on in continue, to message, us ask questions, we'd love to hear from you guys so, another question that it looks like I got here is from Ken and it's, asking about you know home time coordinating. That with your dbl you, want to touch on that a little bit and how that process works so there's. A. Say. A message, on the Qualcomm that you'll send in when you want your home time okay and then the dbl, will see that come in and he will process it now if you are on certain, accounts, they have an automated home time okay and it automatically, goes in right you're kind of pre-planned know one. Of the things I like to tell drivers and is. Its, days home that, Nate's home okay. Sometimes. Don't make plans that night you know you're thinking hey I'm done Friday night it could be six o'clock Saturday. Morning because you get Saturday Sunday off you're starting Monday sure we I would say we're probably at 98%. Home. Friday night okay but you. Know that once or twice or four times a year you, know depending on the account it, might just you know you break down whether. You, know there's there's things that happen and and I. Like, to let guys know that ahead of time sure sure, got, another question here it looks like from Richard, and it says is 65 too late to get into, trucking. I think. Our oldest driver is e2, or 86, right Wow okay so me know. As long as you can pass your do t physical. You. Know your we. Have some flex drivers at her better older I have. Like, I say the the driver that's 80, what. 80 plus I should say he. Stays out like 25 days at a time. He's an old old. Time truckers just that's what he's used to and he says I'm gonna keep driving until I can't that's the physical he, loves he, loves it no you know he likes seeing the sights and it's just that's what's pretty yeah very cool, have a lot of great questions coming in here another one from Durant Jim do you still, have flatbed, yes we do have flat met accounts you, know certainly within certain, areas so my recommendation.

Go To Schneider, put. In that current zip code and you can certainly see what's available in your area we do have them they're just not necessarily, you know something that we have all over the United States but definitely, check, another. Question, that I have right here and what advice since you drove yourself do. You give to drivers that are thinking about coming back to Schneider's say they drove for us for a while whatever, reason, you know they went to a different company did something different and now they're thinking about coming back what kind of conversation, or advice would you give to that driver about considering, it the reason, they're coming back cuz I think everybody. Knows the, grass is for truck driver your experience, grass is always greener on the other side, you. I myself. I probably, worked at four different companies I was so glad when I finally came to Schneider not toot my horn because that's where I I'm, landed but, they. Really took care of me I mean I work from all, the spectrums, and one of the companies they. Were like three weeks behind unpaid, and. I'm like hey I need my paycheck which. Later you know you're not gonna worry is, my paycheck, there right sure, are. Miles were a big enough company that we're never gonna run out of miles, you're never gonna I work, for a small mom-and-pop splays, sat. For days down to Florida because they couldn't be bothered over the weekend to find loads they're, like yeah call us Monday and we'll see if we have have a load for you you, don't have to worry about that with, Schneider you know you might hit an area where it's. It's slow but, you're not gonna be sitting for days you might be sitting two hours you know yeah me, you know that and it's just like yeah there's gonna be something out there we have a group. Of people over at corporate that are you, know getting those loads for us it's not like you got one person trying to find the military way there's there's, many people the support I think it's like. I want, to say. For. Every five, drivers there's like one support person. At nighter net which is a really. Sure. Sure, you know so yeah I didn't know that fact until like two weeks ago we were talking about it like wow there's really you got really lot of people back here trying to help us yeah another. Question coming in to is what type of a relationship, for I know every details many different this but what kind of a relationship do you like to say that you have with your drivers can you describe me.

So. I'm sure you get pretty chummy how I'm. Saying, I'm I probably get a little more chummy with my drivers and I should I. Like. To keep it real I'm. Not, gonna for, me I'm not gonna lie to you I'm gonna tell you how it is because when, I was a driver it's. It's bad news tell, me jeez I'm gonna have to wait four hours for my next level you can't get a new appointment I'd rather do that up front then well, we'll, see and then I blow you off for four hours I'm gonna tell you how it is right, up front and I have a good I have you, know said though birthday, cards into my drivers and things like that I, have, two. Of my drivers that just call on every day hey I hope you have a great day I'm at the delivery goodbye, you. Know okay have. A great day you know it's. It's you. Know really, good I really like my drivers and I guess because I have that experience behind. I. Know, how hard it is out there is and I feel that frustration and, and when, a guy is like oh man, you know it's like hey this is what I did to relieve, this dresser here's, how I handled, that situation so, I I, and. Then with the team everybody, from the team brings something to the team so Patty, and myself on our team were both former drivers, so, when, it comes to that hey how do I set the tan on my trailer, or how do I get my weights right we're, there for that if I need help with the computers, where, you think I can go to another team member so it's nice that we have a team that's well-rounded, and they're sorry somebody, if I don't have the answer I know who to go to to, get the answer and that's another thing I tell my drivers I might, not have the answer right away but. We will, find out for you and you can get you that answer okay, very cool another. Question that I have is probably little bit more personal but I do have people that ask me all the time like hey down the road when I'm done driving if I want to be a dbl or I want, to be a te. Does that transition, work, you want to touch on that a little bit but let your manager, know that's, how I did I said my, manager I'm getting. Burned out I don't want to leave the company do, you have any suggestions, what I could do you, know I want to stay working here but, I can't keep running, the. Way I'm running I got to do something different and she. Said hey we have this position, opened up we're. Always looking for te so, anybody, that wants to come on worked. At four months five months safe, we, in fact I just had one of my drivers up here this week that's becoming a te o so. He's. He's. Like 64, so he's got about 46, years experience, I think he said and, now he finally, he, doesn't he. Wants to get back right he had somebody help. Him out when he was younger and now he's like hey this is a good time for me to give back and. Help the next new day. That. Is one thing you, know I talked. To a lot of people even at corporate there's planners, that have been drivers there's support shift at night that have been drivers. They. Will help you work your way up in the company I mean you could become a customer, service person if you really like working with people just. Work you don't have to just work with your dbl, and we'll, see if you know we can have you do a sit-in we can you know get you to talk to somebody but, we're there to help yo we would, rather we, love bringing. People from the ground up because your, support, you know what it's like you've been there and.

You Understand, the customers you know it makes a big difference it really helps everybody, else down down, the road right right, I just had another question coming in a little while ago and it looks like it was from rich, and it says how much, does it cost to get my, class a CD out great, question, really, depends on the school they go to um you know there's programs that vary in length an automatic. Program versus a manual, program, certainly is gonna make a difference on that overall cost, definitely. If you're considering, getting that Class A CDL we, do have a tuition, reimbursement. Program here at Schneider so 30 days after your, date of hire we, start to reimburse, you back for that tuition so. Definitely, keep that in mind if you are interested in getting that class a you. Know we also have some other programs, here at Raider as well for helping individuals. That don't have the class a so you know definitely go to Snider jobs calm, and be able to look at you know the opportunities, that we have also, if you have any questions, or you're thinking of putting in an application or, you put one in definitely, call, 840. For pride, we have recruiters, waiting, for you on the spot interviews, are available, so definitely feel free to give us a call I am an actual recruiter, here at Schneider so you might actually talk to me you know give us a call and, that's what we're we have ninety I think a ninety recruiters right now waiting, for your call so definitely feel free to give us a call that's what we're here for and answer all those great questions so definitely. Want to see what else we have coming up and, if you have that question they will come down and ask me. Okay. Hey, on. This route or, you know can we work this and I'm going, off of that great question is I get a lot is I have a plan family vacation, mm-hmm and I, you know don't have any vacation, yet because I'm here I just started, maybe a month or two ago can, you go through that process how that all works it really works nice is when you're in class. Talk, to your dbl and, we'll. Set it up because we, you know you have a cruise, that you paid for it but you want to start working first night now but it's like do I wait till after my cruise or I start now. Coming. To us now and, we will work if you have a pre-planned vacation, we. Will work with you you, know maybe maybe we do have to you know say okay we'll start after but give, us that phone call we you know we can work that out right yeah we we do it all you know we do it all the time I have guys that come in and especially, the new hires if you didn't know what, type of soon, you were to get your CDL already like right we'll. Work around it yeah. Another. Question that I get a lot this is probably for more newer drivers, but it's one hey I'm doing over the road position, now to kind, of get my feet wet but. Eventually I'd love a home daily and we all know that those home dailies go very very quickly they're not you know as abundant, as an, over-the-road position, I, always, recommend to tell them to tell the dbl about it so that it's on your radar that once that six-month commitment, if something's open, you know that you guys know about it any other advice, if that's their long-term goal, to maybe get that home daily or multiple, time per week well. We don't have at. Least an over-the-road, position, we don't have a lot of home daily right so what, I don't, see a lot of that from my perspective but maybe if you're at one the bigger OCS like Gary Dallas, sure intermodal, might, be something you're interested in because a lot of the inner mortals home daily. But. Yes work with your dbl if there's something in your area, you. Know we can get. You work those so we usually ask if once you hire for over the road we, want to see about six months before, we start talking about the the, transfer, or anything okay, six. Months is always the kind. Of that over-the-top, okay. Another. Question because you have drove before I know we touched on it a little bit but if you're talking to a experienced. Even inexperienced driver, what do you feel that, Sneijder apart. Our. Training, we. Really. You. Even have to come through school you're in you're not sure about something tell-tell you're dbl hey I'd like you know I'm struggling with this man.

We'd, Love to bring you in we'll we'll put. As much as expense. Into you as we can to, get you where you want to be we're here to give you a great. Career, and. Help you with you know whatever you want to do. You. Know ask ask, talk, to your dbl I mean we're telling me earlier communicate. Communication. Is the best thing like. They says if you're de bellas they have the answer they can find out you, know yeah, and you know kind of going off of that training for our experienced, drivers it's only a four day or 84 van truckload so I mean it's paid at that $80 per day we, cover your hotel stay you know we try to help with transportation or pending how far away you are for a school you. Know most of your meals are covered so we try to make it as financially, painless as possible for, our drivers get through that orientation, you know four days they'll get you in get you out and they get you driving behind the truck yes so I have guys that start on Monday with the experienced. Driver starts. On Monday by, Friday or Saturday morning, he could be driving ready yeah so I mean very very quick for her I'm. Just trying to see if there any other questions, coming in here had some really great ones from you guys is there anything you want to add well um kind of bruising. Like, I said I think Shay is a great place I I. Drove, her for other companies I drove ideas everywhere from bed lugging when I first started which is household. Moving I did, intermodal, I did. Reefer. I did. Swinging, meat which a lot of people will never see anymore, and. Then, I came the Schneider I did a dedicated, position with the GP account, loved. It I, I. Ran a little hard, but. It was it was a really good experience for me and like, I say when I needed, to change in my career my, dbl was there for me she, I, actually, got. Her home phone number she helped me with, the interview process in, that way when I went into my interview I was, more prepared for what was going on my. Dbl was really there for me when when I. Wanted. A career change but now but also stay English nighters sure sure. Very cool have, another, one that came in asking, about refresher, courses, it, looks like it was from Russell, great question, so we currently do not have a, refresher of course we did in the past where there was a contract, that was involved we decided, no longer to do that so if you've been out of the truck for a while you, feel you really want need that refresher course to feel safe on the road what, you will have to do is just simply mention, that to your recruiter during, the interview process we.

Can Then mark your application. So that training know is hey this, drivers been out of the truck for a little while you know maybe he needs a little extra help on backing, or some of the maneuvering, if no, additional cost, to you you may stay an orientation maybe a day or two extra sometimes, not even you know and all extra, it really just depends on that situation I definitely. Do not be discouraged if you haven't been in the truck in a while we, will help you with that training process I've had a few drivers that came through for the experience, class they, weren't weird, like you say they wanted to be they went back, through on a three-week class mm-hmm. And I, think, of Joel and I hope Joe's not watching, or he would can um. He's. One of my best drivers know it he, needed a little bit of refresher we worked with him and kept, mine and now he's. Doing, a fantastic job yeah, so we're you know we'll, find a way to help y'all okay, perfect that is great to hear one of the other comments too is that you know how much do recruiters. Who have never been in a track before how, much do we really know about driving, about, tracking you, know how do we know everything that we know just, want to throw out there we are actually in training for a month-long training process, before we start talking to drivers on the phone and one, of the biggest things for me as. Well as for many of my other recruiters, is we actually have a mandatory. Ride-along. That we get to spend a full day off, full day like a you know like 40 no we're - sometimes depending if you get stuck somewhere on. The road with a driver and I will say it has been one of the most eye-opening, experiences. That I've had since. I started working here I truly. Understand, what, you guys do on a day to day basis, all of the hang-ups that can come along it's not driving. Your normal car you know driving for an eight hours like an office job and then going home there is so much more to this way of life to the way the business is structured, and I give great, respect, for everyone that does it because I know I personally could, not do it but, I you know just won everybody out there that listens to our videos all the time now we. Do have that knowledge behind us you know from, doing that and we do understand, what you guys do and straighter as a whole has a class, that I think everybody has to take now it's called the driver experience it's a day long. Yes yes, it's not only the right along but they also go and look at what a pre pre, trip inspection is, oh guys are like well no you don't know what my pre trip inspection is, yes, yeah even people over that are in. Customer. Services up they know what you're going through you know so, negatives. Are all around we they want everyone in the company know how. Hard the truck driver has the work I tell, drivers driving, is probably the easiest part of your job it's. It's the technology it's, dealing with the customer, it's dealing with the, other, drivers, around you I mean you know that's me you can might consider that part of the driving but you, you can handle your trunk very well it's, I'm getting cut off or some, of these you, know whether exactly. Is a bad winter you know we had days or drivers. Are shut down for a day at a time but uh it's. It's it's definitely a struggle of that so I guess I have, that feel for the driver I've been there done that you know it's like oh you, know it's it's not an easy job otherwise everybody, would do it right. One, other question came in regarding sign-on. Bonuses, great, question, really, just depends on the account that you play aren't you signing. Bonuses can go up can go down so definitely, when you're looking at accounts see what that sign-on bonus is it does, differ for some accounts and the experience, of also an inexperienced, driver versus, an experienced, driver a great, question, to look at minor drops comm and as well as asking additional details in your interview, because you know we certainly can give that extra information to you as well do. We still have our referrals, we, do yes if, you refer. Another driver there's there's a bonus that if they stay on I think it's three months six months in a year yes I think so that there's a bonus that you can get for all all, you're. Just. Refer, you don't hear the driver and you're referring another driver and they hire on as well definitely. Have at another way to add, to that take-home pay exactly.

So Definitely. An, easy way when you're in a truck staff time somebody, else you know hey I, got. The cards yeah. That's. Him. Well. It looks like everything, that we have coming in here we pretty much answered, I want to thank you so much for your time today and the, knowledge that you brought to the table if you, guys have additional, questions comments. I do see some additional questions, or comments I should say coming in here feel free even after the video is done to keep on adding those comments and you know stay tuned we'll definitely have, another, video coming your way shortly, make, sure to give us a call at 844. Pride if you're interested, in applying and definitely go to Schneider We have many recruiters, waiting. For you to give us a a call and get that interview in today and thank you so much once again.

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So, What if your OC is over 100 miles away from where you live? I am coming on to Schneider here in the next few weeks(just finishing up CDL school and already got a conditional offer with OTR). I do live within 10 miles from a truck stop, so I'm curious where I will be parking.

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Love the tablet plan! And Jeff needs to be cloned & placed in Georgia. All drivers would like a DBL with such a good personality & knowledge of the business!

Welcome aboard. Your park location will depend on each account and your location. A recruiter can provide your park details. Call one at 800-447-7433 or text CHAT to 28000. Thanks.

We do have freight. Freight fluctuates and different parts of the nation may be softer than others.

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For details about our owner-operator opportunities, please call a recruiter at 800-285-3273 and visit Thanks.

Starting Training in North Carolina in July. Nervous as hell, lol. But this video has helped me settle. Thanks.

We're glad the video helped settle you down. You will do great! Be positive and ready to learn.

Hi, I've been told that Schneider isn't friendly to people with disabilities in hiring drivers. Especially those with an amputation of a foot. Is this true and if not, what is the process for recruitment for such individuals? Does the company support individuals with obtaining the SPE certification? Please advise. Thank you

We are an equal opportunity employer and as long as you're medically cleared to drive, we would consider you for a driving position. We encourage you to discuss this with your doctor or a medical professional to determine your medical eligibility. Thanks.

Man I had made my mind up I was coming to Schneider and get my cdl and training and for my first year guaranteed otr than found out they don't train for that anymore

We do offer some limited CDL training options. However, Schneider offers up to $7,000 in tuition reimbursement to trucking school. For more information and to find a school near you, please visit or text “Chat” to 28000.

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