Qatar Airways · Q Suite Business Class · Boeing 777-300ER · Frankfurt - Doha · Miles & Marcel

Qatar Airways · Q Suite Business Class · Boeing 777-300ER · Frankfurt - Doha · Miles & Marcel

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Good morning and a warm welcome from the Hilton Hotel at Frankfurt Airport. Today is a very special day for me because I am allowed to take a flight that I have been looking forward to for a very, very long time. It goes with Qatar Airways in the Q Suite from Frankfurt to Doha and from there on to Dubai. And I am happy to take you on this journey.

Before that, I'll show you around the hotel a bit and then we'll see how the flight will be. I am very very excited. Thank you for looking. Have fun with the video. And with that, a warm welcome to a short tour of the Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. A really very nice hotel, in which I felt very comfortable. The hotel is located directly at the airport, in the so-called 'The Squaire' and offers not only an imposing reception hall but also these beautiful panoramic elevators. Breakfast is on the

ground floor and a really rich breakfast buffet awaits you here with a large selection of vegetables, yoghurt, cold cuts, cheese and of course a large selection of pastries and hot dishes. There was really nothing left to be desired here. What I really liked is that the breakfast room offered a certain form of privacy thanks to the beautiful decorative partition walls, so that you could enjoy your breakfast relatively undisturbed and privately. Then it went quickly to the room to get the suitcases. My room was on the tenth floor in the Executive Floor area. I had actually only booked a normal standard room. Thanks to my Hilton Gold status, I received a free upgrade and was able to enjoy a more luxurious room with a beautiful view. How to achieve a status at Hilton,

I would like to explain that to you in another video. By the way, here, now visible, is the Executive Lounge. I would normally have gotten access by upgrading my room. Unfortunately, the Executive Lounge was closed at the time of the visit. Here you can otherwise enjoy free drinks during the day and also expect alcoholic drinks and a small warm buffet in the evening. In most Hilton hotels, you no longer need your room card, but can conveniently unlock your room with the Hilton app. This actually works amazingly well and so it doesn't matter

if you forget the card in the room. The bathroom had ample space for a bathtub, shower, toilet, large sink and a small window that allowed daylight in the bathroom. Otherwise the size of the room was okay, but it offered plenty of storage space and, above all, a very comfortable bed, a large TV and a work area where you could actually work. The hotel is directly connected to the airport. So you can walk from the lobby directly to the terminal via a small path without getting your feet wet.

Above all, I was really happy to finally see the big flight display live. Normally I have only connection flights in Frankfurt and therefore never go to the front of the terminals to check-in. Here you can see the wall again in detail and at the bottom you can also see my flight to Doha with Qatar Airways. Incidentally, Qatar Airways customers can use the Lufthansa lounges at Frankfurt Airport. Due to my status, I was able to use the Senator Lounge

from Lufthansa, here in a slightly newer and more modern version, which I really liked. Here you can sit relaxed and enjoy the view of the runway. Then I went to the plane after all the necessary documents had been checked: of course a negative PCR test, the entry permit to Doha and all other documents, I was finally allowed to get on the plane. And here I was once again very happy that there are separate entrances to the aircraft. Once for Economy Class and once for First and Business Class,

you avoid long waiting times and have fast access and fast boarding. And here I can enjoy Qatar Airways Business Class for the first time. The Q Suite offers enough space in 1-2-1 seating, so that you are guaranteed to always have free access to the aisle. The seats in the middle are both very close together, but also far apart and that is what is special: in opposite flight direction and with the flight direction. This is my 3K seat here and take a look: I'm sitting against the direction of flight. I had that with British Airways a while ago. And

here is my neighbor's seat, right next door. This seat is in turn in the direction of flight. Here you can decide, for example, whether you prefer to sit at the window as I would and then sit against the direction of flight or fly with the direction of flight and a little further away from the window. The Q Suite is incredibly spacious. When you sit you have plenty of space to stretch your legs and of course to enjoy the view from the window. Folks, that's the absolute top hammer. I have now arrived at the Q Suite. I am

now allowed to take off the mask because I have just had my welcome drink. The staff is already incredibly friendly and I was greeted warmly, I have been told several times that it is an honor to fly the Q Suite for the first time, because I was asked if I am familiar with the product and I am I said I saw it on the Internet and of course saw videos from and other great colleagues and said it was the first time that I was allowed to fly the product myself . I was shown the seats extensively. First of all I enjoy my fresh orange juice, a nice welcome drink and then I show you the seat extensively.

It's unbelievable and even now, just in the starting position, unbelievably comfortable. I'm curious about the lounge position and then the sleeping seat later. Cheers. Freshly pressed. At the seat itself you will find a lot of amenities, for example there is a very comfortable cushion for the back, which actually enhances the seat very much. There is also a small storage compartment on the side for the headphones, Qatar's own, which we will look at later. In addition, a bottle of water and just in case and a spit bag you will also find a pillow to sleep on later.

This question comes up more often from colleagues - I know, unfortunately you are not allowed to take these pillows with you. Or is it? I'll ask later. Then there is currently a small set of things that you need during the Covid period. There is a mask, gloves and hand sanitiser. There is also a large blanket for the flight, very heavy ... And of course there are the menu cards. Once the meal, I'll check it again later and there is also a wine list. Very high quality printed with the embossing pattern. Really

very nicely done. And of course there is an amenity kit, so we'll have a look later. I 'm really excited to see what Qatar has come up with. There is still a controller on the seat that you can simply pull out, or should be able to pull out, or I'm just too stupid to be able to do it with one hand. Well, let's see each other later. There are many different charging options: USB, normal power, the

connection for headphones, an HDMI connection and there is also a payment option for credit cards directly at the seat. The table is located below the monitor, can be pulled out very easily, is very stable and very large. Look, just now it is unfolded and unfolded it is even bigger. The spots, or what can be seen here

, will just go away with time. I've just looked at it before, it's actually freshly disinfected and just dries a little now. The table is absolutely firm, nothing wobbles and then I'm really curious how the food turns out.

At the time of the flight there was unfortunately no warm towel, but a small refreshment towel, which served its purpose. And here finally the moment that I have been looking forward to for so long . The door of the Q Suite. It is possible to complete the Q Suite completely. Of course there is still a bit of space at the top, but if you look like this, you really have a lot of privacy. As an aperitif I chose a mocktail, there were also a few warm nuts: cashews, almonds, etc. The mocktail was basically some apple juice with fresh lemon,

ice, a little sugar and possibly one or two other non-alcoholic drinks, really, really very good Tasted good, was very refreshing and was refilled again and again during the flight. And as I said, there were also some warm nuts. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen that too. I poste always enjoyed the stories, because there really is nothing better than when the flight takes off and enjoy it only once the outlook and some nutlets can. Since the seat is so comfortable in the starting position, as I said before , I completely forgot to try the lounge position. Here you can see that

this is then very far and, to be honest, the whole thing was a bit too relaxed for me and afterwards I set it a little higher. But with the pillow it was really very, very comfortable. Of course, a short detour to the toilets should not be missing. Here you can also see again how much privacy you have with the door closed. So much can be revealed in advance: the toilets really offer plenty of space for a business class cabin toilet. Here you can relax, freshen up or move on a longer flight without running the risk of getting stuck somewhere. Numerous amenities in the form of, for example, Rituals perfume and face cream can be found here in the toilet. You will of

course also find facial tissues, there are several large mirrors, a toilet, yes there is, too, of course toilet paper - madness - there is a storage space for babies to change diapers or if you want to change yourself. Then there are drawers with toothbrushes and toothpaste, available in sufficient numbers, of course you also have them in your amenity set, but there are also razors here. And a drawer with things that you might not need now. Overall, a really nice impression of the toilet. You really feel at home here and can also enjoy the flight here. At this point it should perhaps be mentioned again that the crew went to great lengths to clean the toilet after what felt like every passage of a passenger . Every time I went to the toilet it was pleasant, it smelled very fresh, everything was wiped clean. That was really great and very, very exemplary from this crew. We arrived in the air and now I have a little time to look around and see how the headphones are from Qatar Airways. They are hidden here in the armrest, which you somehow open

very elegantly. Nah, now I just picked her up. But there, look. So here we have the headphones, I'll try them out and see how the quality is. The headphones were really comfortable to wear. I always have to look a little again which side is now on the left and which side is on the right, I always can't remember that, but of course there are small markings that make it easier. And I had to adjust the headphones a bit to my relatively large head. But after I did that

successfully, nothing stood in the way of listening pleasure and the quality was really good. The selection of films was really excellent, which I would have liked a little better if, for example, the menu had included the film posters and not just any press photos from the film. But there was really something for everyone here. When my flight attendant saw that I was watching a film, he immediately came by with a small basket of sweets , for example popcorn, chocolate or a few chips later. That was really

very attentive. Of course there was also a new drink and so you could enjoy the film until it was time to eat. At the beginning of the flight I was asked what I would like to eat and I chose the vegetarian tortellini as the main course. Unfortunately, these were no longer available , although I was asked second on the plane. Since lamb and fish weren't

an alternative for me, my flight attendant Dinesh used his contacts on board again and later told me that he could get hold of the vegetarian tortellini again. Thank you very much again at this point. As you can see here, the starter was a beef fillet with vegetables and a risotto. And I especially want to highlight not only the excellent quality, but also these cute little buns that are on the side. Here you can find three different types of bread, one with pesto , for example, and of course there is also butter and olive oil and salt. And here came the vegetarian tortellini. They were really delicious,

tasted freshly made with a fruity tomato sauce and all kinds of vegetables. For dessert there was, as previously announced, a few chips and the rest of the film. At this point I would like to show you the seating options in the middle again. Here you can sit together very well if you are flying in pairs. There is a partition that can be pushed down here, as I have at least tried to do. I just couldn't figure out how it

would stay in that position, but you can see that there is practically no distance to one another anymore. And these two seats can also be folded up to form a complete double bed. This is of course really great, if you are on holiday here with your partner, you can make yourself really comfortable in a double bed in your private suite above the clouds. And if you don't want to see each other anymore, you can of course simply raise the partition again and have your privacy again . And here I would like to show you the amenity kit again. You might be wondering why this looks so dreadfully synchronized? This is because the microphone recording in this recording didn't turn out that well and I was really difficult to understand.

That's why I decided to talk about the whole thing here afterwards. The amenity kit contains the following items: a pair of black socks, I always prefer slippers , but socks are also something beautiful. Of course, like every amenity kit, you will also find the earplugs, the earplugs. Personally, I never actually use them because I usually don't want to sleep that much to enjoy the flight and otherwise I can sleep relatively well without it. Normally, I also never need

a sleep mask that is included here. How is it actually with you? Do you use the sleep mask? There are also a few vouchers in the amenity kit. I didn't quite understand what it was all about. I suspect

that it was ultimately about being able to order the care products that are still included and then get a small discount. One of the care products in the Amenity Kit, which I think is great, is a face spray with a moisturizing lotion that you can spray onto your face during the flight so that your face does not dry out. Also a lip balm. We like to know that you get dry lips

on longer journeys . And there was a moisturizer for the face, hands, feet - whatever you want to use there. So you definitely won't dry out on this flight . Otherwise the bag was empty and a wonderful memory of that flight. And of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to test the facial spray live again directly. Time to show the sleeping position of the seat again. I did n't sleep during this flight, but of course

I would like to show you again how the seat can really be completely set back to 180 degrees. The whole thing was very comfortable. With the pillow it was of course even more comfortable. And you may see the armrest on the left arm was a bit annoying, but it can be lowered so that you have a really flat bed. The feet disappeared into the seat of the person in front and with my height of 1.90 m I could really relax and watch the approach to Doha. Shortly before landing, my flight attendant gave me

a couple of delicious chocolates that made this flight really sweet. That was a really great flight with Qatar Airways in the Q Suite. I was very happy that I was finally able to test the product extensively and hope you got a few impressions of it. I would definitely recommend it to you. There are currently great offers with the American Express Platinum credit card, for example, because you get so many welcome miles that you can even take the flight here directly. And I would like to thank you very much for watching and also thank the fantastic crew, who really made this flight something very special. It should always be like

this the first time you fly with an airline. That one is greeted so warmly that one is asked again and again, "Can we bring something else? Can something else be?" Therefore, at this point, I would like to say a warm heart to the crew. For me , I will continue in Doha, I will fly even further, then in First Class with Qatar Airways, which I think is called, but that's just the name. I think this is a better product. Let's take a look at that in the next video. And where it goes and everything else, we'll see. I would be very happy to switch it on. If you liked the video, please

give the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. That would help me to expand everything here and I'm looking forward to the next time. All the best - your Marcel Bye Bye - Thank you

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