Q&A Time! Baby Name | How We Fight | Italian but speaks German WHY? (ambw, 국제커플)

Q&A Time! Baby Name | How We Fight | Italian but speaks German WHY? (ambw, 국제커플)

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Hello everyone!! and welcome back to my channel And... today we are going to make again a Q&A because we reached... how many subscribers?? 20,000? 20k! YES ! OMG I am so happy We got some questions...

Let's just start with the first one right away! So, first of all: "Who's going to help you with your baby? Is your mother coming from Italy to help?" yes... I hope so... That she can come We hope, because of Corona... So the plan actually is that my mom will come actually my whole family wants to come Let's see how it will work because right now we still have the quarantine here in Korea I just saw, it's seven days now but we hope that until April... because it's gonna be end of April that the quarantine will be finished and if the quarantine is finished then they gonna come and they gonna help me and yeah, I'm very happy about that Also my mom can help us My entire family can help us Also you Sarangi? I think we gonna have a lot of help so I don't really worry about that thing Okay, next question: "How many more kids do you want?" I think you need answer this question How many? For now... minimum one more and if you are okay with it, then one more again even one more? Three kids? Let's see Two kids is good, but if there is one more it's more fun It's also more fun for the kids They can play together Yes, but I don't know because right now I just want to focus on this one baby And then let's see Because I have no idea how it will be to grow up a child So we will see...

Also we will see how long we will wait until the next one Just think about one baby right now! Then another question.. I'm very happy about this question because it's from one person of my hometown She wrote: "I live in Bolzano and I saw your article in the newspaper... wonderful" "How did you find the strength to move so many times, to so many different places?" So actually there wasn't any need of strength it was more my wish to be somewhere else I really like my hometown - Bolzano is very beautiful and you also know right now It's a beautiful place - but a very beautiful place for holiday I think, right? Otherwise it will be a little bit too boring for me Because it's very very small, right? No, not small but it's not like Korea It's not a metropole many things are just not working and it's not 'fast' like Korea But of course I had some doubts to move - especially so far away But I had some friends who really helped me and told me 'You can do it' So thanks to those friends I had the courage to move to Korea and to try "How is your new life as newlyweds going" You understand? Newly weds means that we just married - new married couple How is this life - how do you feel?" My feeling...? Yes... good... Say it in Korean I have a good wife, so I feel more calm Before I didn't feel at comfort I'm worried about my future I had a lot on my mind, but now...

Of course, I'm still nervous and stressed out because a baby is coming It's not bad stress. It's good stress I think I can improve more That's why now i feel very good! Thank you! Also thanks to you too Yes, it's true - I think it's very right what you said We still have a little bit of stress - because of the baby But it's not like a bad stress - it's more like an exciting stress It's excitement but of course everyone feels stressed somehow and also about being married... I really like my life being married because I feel more secure - I always looked for security - so I really like it But it really didn't change so much, right? It's not like 'oh we are married and now I feel so different about being a wife and having a husband' And of course I am so thankful of having a good husband I hope so! yes! So, next question! This one is for you: "Your husband likes your hair? I always wonder what Asians think of our hair" So first of all I really like this hair because at the beginning I was also curious about how does it feels like I was really curious I have never touched it before Is it gonna be rough/hard? That's what I thought Or is it very stiff? I was thinking that, but it's actually very soft It's so soft and I like it even more So what do you think other Asians think about... Ah but there is one thing that's a bit difficult When you make these... Ah... Braids? Then, when we hug ... it's hurting^^

Ahhhh, it's too strong Yeah, it's too strong Too thick Right! When you sleep you need to wear that thing that covers your head Yes, I agree! I also don't really like having braids But it's very cool They are so cool and I also know about the history But just in my opinion when we sleep together... then on my face I want to do like this but I can't Right, right^^ But I think in general they just don't know about our hair, right? But so many Asians make perm, right? Right! In Europe, nobody! Many people have straight hair and also wavy hair But those who have straight hair... they don't make perm... There was like... when my mom was a teenager then there was this fashion to have a perm But now people don't make perm But here in Korea, almost everyone makes perm, right? "Hi, will you be teaching your child your languages or will she be learning English and Korean?" So, first of all Korean for sure You are going to speak Korean to our child And me... I don't want to speak English with my child because it's not my native language Not my comfortable language My comfortable language is German I speak German with my mom and my whole family from my mother's side With my dad I speak Pulaar I don't meet so many times my dad's family and we don't go to Senegal so many times So I think, if I speak German with my child then it will be okay Because also in my part of Italy, many people speak German But I'm a bit worried about your daddy Can he also speak German? Or can he understand? Of course he can speak much better Italian but he was always concerned about learning German so he does understand So it will be okay! So also me, now I have to study German?? nope^^ 'Thank you' But you know, you will learn automatically Because my dad never talked Pulaar with my mom He always only talked Pulaar to me and my sister But my mom... she never talks, but she can understand Because you know... from me being a child she always listened the simple sentences

So she just listened and learned everything And our family constellation will be very similar because also my parent they speak Italian to each other So it will be, we talking English (and Korean) And you speak only Korean and I speak only German with our child "How did you meet your partner?" We did a 'How did we meet' video already So please check it out - we will link it Then... "Have you..." Wow this question came to many times!! "Have you guys decided on a name for the baby girl?" Not yet... We don't want to reveal the name of the baby also because that's gonna be a surprise^^ We have something in mind, but it's not decided yet.

We'll tell you when it's confirmed.^^ "Do you plan to always live in Korea or want to move one day?" We already answered this question at our first Q&A so we will also link this video somewhere ... here or here "What are your plans for working/daycare? A family member will take care of your child?" So actually the question is When I work, who takes care of the child Me! You! Yes, exactly You can take care and also if a work as a model, I don't work every day, you know... So I will maybe have one job in one week So for this day you can take care of the baby So... we don't have this stress Because I can go together to my office yes exactly So thankfully we don't have that problem, right? "Where are you from? Like your background ancestors" I already said that My mom is Italian, but speaking German and my dad is from Senegal But I think you need also explain why Why she speaks German? That's a long story^^ Very short: my hometown - the name is South Tyrol 100 years ago it was part of Austria and after WW1 because Italy was between the countries who won the war They were able to choose a part that they wanted to become Italy so that part was separated before it was Tyrol - all in Austria but they took one part, so it became North and South Tyrol and South Tyrol is in Italy now So that is very shortly said and that's why people still speak German there And that's why I also speak German with my family "How long have you been speaking Korean and how did you learn the language" I think I'm gonna make a video about how I try to study Korean The thing is... I have been studying Korean for a long time now

and I should be able to speak much better But I am not very consistent in studying so sometimes I study and sometimes I don't study and yeah... but I will do a video about that I think that's a good idea! "What's your favorite PART of being on Youtube?" It's just funny It's fun but at the beginning it was a bit difficult Since we have a lot of videos published now Sometimes, I rewatch them and think 'Ah it that day was like this, that was a good day' It's like a diary It's like an album - like a photo album Right, right! That's why it's fun! The thing that I like the most - like for example when we went to Italy of course people with iPhone (or other smartphone^^) make a lot of pictures but since we don't make an album anymore we don't print the pictures and make an album I think having these travel vlog videos is very nice to watch again and to have something fixed and placed And also the reason that we have a YouTube channel, we are going to do it because actually you could just do it for yourself but then you're not putting a lot of effort on making a good edit and trying to make a good storyline So I think that is the favorite part "What was your biggest fight and how did you reconcile?" But I think we never fight...? I don't think we fight Because ...

I'm not the type to fight either We just talk and... Discuss, yes! Just... If Aisha is upset about something, she tells me When I hear that then I say 'oh it's my fault' If there is something I am upset about, then I tell Aisha that it would be good if she doesn't do that And then also Aisha says 'okay' Just like that Yes, I think we have many discussions When I don't like something, I tell him Yes, just tell and... I will do behave (or do) like that It's okay, since I didn't know it before We can talk about it because if we don't tell then later it will lead to a bigger fight Right, right! Usually fights always come when you don't like something but you don't tell and then you don't like that but you don't tell...

and then it's like.. BOOM, right? And my personality is also like... if you tell me something that you don't like 'Me why?! Why you don't want that?' That's not my personality Ah yes! This is true, you just try to understand You don't like this? Ah it seems that you don't like that so I won't do it I'll try not to do it. Tell me if I do it again

And also if I ask you 'why are you behaving like that?' Then you also say 'ah okay I won't do it' I think because we behave like this it's why we don't fight "Would you recommend visiting or even living in South Korea as a Black woman?" I think there are a lot, a lot of videos on YouTube on how it is being a black woman in Korea I think it's always different on where you are from as a black woman Because if you are from Africa then it will be very different for you because you lived in a country where there are only black people and then you come to a country where there are almost only asian people so it will be a little bit uncomfortable at the beginning If you grow up in America, I think there are also many black people and a big black community so it's also different And for example my case I grew up in a country where there are not a lot of black people and especially when I was born, my dad was one of the first black people in my hometown so I was very used to being stared all the time and that's also a thing that many people say here Other black people say that they get stared all the time that people want to touch your hair and you don't want that but I grew up with that so I am resistent to that It depends where you're from where you grew up and then come here then everyone has a different feeling about that "Does Aisha have any Korean friends?" I don't have so many Korean friends I have some Korean friends but not so many... Because if you don't go to school here, to meet friends here is difficult - it's not easy I think in Korea, finding new friends it's difficult, right? right! Also almost all your friends are from school, right? Right! I also don't have friends^^ You have friends but you all met them in school They are all middle school or high school friends, right? Ah I also made friends at the army "How old are you guys?" I am (Korean age) 32 years old And I am (international age) 30 years old You're 30 years old? Right, you are 30 years old^^ We're actually exactly the same age We are both 1991 But, people might ask now why I say 'oppa' (older brother) right, that's why Because he is Korean age and I am international age That's what you told me! That's why you need say 'oppa' You always say you're 32 and I always say I'm 30 That's why I also have to say 'oppa', right? "Do you speak Wolof or Pulaar? I am writing you from Senegal" Hi to Senegal!! I am so happy to have also followers/subscribers from Senegal You need say in Pulaar No because everyone in Senegal talks different language I know: "Baaba" "Baaba" is daddy And "A jaaraama" "A jaaraama!" yes! Thank you for watching us!! I speak Pulaar - I don't speak Wolof Because it would have been too many languages And my daddy is Peulh (Fula) - that's our ethnicity And we speak Pulaar We are finished! Thank you so much for your questions I hope that we were able to answer them in a good way Please make sure to like and subscribe and give a comment I learned it last week, that word^^ Please write a comment And please subscribe us~ And please like! And see you again next time!! ByeBye!

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