Q&A struggles as a full time small business & fav things

Q&A  struggles as a full time small business & fav things

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Hi everyone welcome back to another video so  today we're going to do a Q&A I really want   to say like welcome back to another studio vlog  but it's a Q&A today. There are going to be some   art related questions and some other like get to  know me questions as well. I ask for questions on   Instagram by the way so make sure you follow me on  Instagram I actually have two I have we're getting   off topic already but I have one Instagram for my  illustration account another for my shop they'll   be in the description. If you're new hI my name's  Emma I’m an illustrator I also have an etsy shop   and like I said I usually make studio vlogs  where I show kind of like the behind the scenes   of running a small business yeah so I’m going to  get into the Q&A if you want to draw at the same   time or do some cooking or cleaning or whatever  you want to do then go ahead I’m not going to put   anything on the screen so it's just going to be my  face. So Bia who goes by Apenas illustrator said   "what is your background regarding studies?" I always  loved art and it was my favorite subject at   school and I did art for like A levels as well. In the UK generally you do art until like  

year nine and then you choose whether  or not you want to like carry on for gcse   and A level. I didn't actually do so well in my  A level as I did in my gcse I think because by   the time I got to sixth form we had a little bit  more kind of freedom and we had quite   a few free periods which was time that we probably  were meant to be working on stuff and I don't feel   that I was very disciplined with that and also  I think I was just going through kind of stage   where I was getting to like to the end of school  and I was just kind of thinking oh I don't know   what to do I don't know if I want to go to uni  or not. I worked for a bit and then I decided   that I did want to go to uni. So I went to uni  a couple of years later. I did an art foundation   course first, I think most courses you either do an  art foundation or you do like a kind of year zero   and then I did an illustration course after that  so that was like four years at uni. I actually   filmed a whole video that was about uni and  the different projects that I did so I will   leave that in the card is it there I think it's  there. Bia also said "major struggles you faced   since you went full time with art?" I feel like  most of the struggles that I’ve had have kind   of been the same struggles from when I was doing  this and I had a part-time job and that's kind   of just like all the self-doubts and the imposter  syndrome and there being so many   different things that you want to try and like so  many different kind of decisions and just kind of   thinking I don't know if I’m like going down  the right path all the different sides to like   running a business as well which like they're all  things that I really enjoy. Sometimes I don't enjoy  

writing the sort of captions and stuff for  Instagram because sometimes I feel like I’m better   visually than I am at like writing stuff down I  don't know it kind of depends what sort of mood   I'm in, but sometimes I feel like the kind of keeping  on top of the social media is a bit of a challenge   for me. I’d say one of the challenges  is the fact that now I look at other people   that are doing this part-time or like or they're  doing it kind of full-time but they also have   like another job as well and I’m thinking how  do they get so much done and then I just kind of   start comparing myself to them so that is kind  of a struggle the fact that I should have more   time now but I kind of feel like I always run out  of time and there's always like so many different   things that I want to do and just trying to like  squeeze it all in but yeah part of that is also   at the moment I don't want to work weekends  I want to take my weekends with tom   and I think I was working weekends a lot more and  like holidays and stuff as well but yeah I really   like having my weekends with Tom. (reading another question) "favorite part of what you do?" I really like making youtube videos   I really like designing new products, packing is really fun, getting new products and   seeing something that you've designed for  the first time is really really exciting and   then when other people like that thing and other  people want that that's that's like really good   and I’m also getting to know other artists as  well like since I’ve done youtube I’ve like made   lots more arty friends. I had lots of book  related questions Leah Jesse Art says "what are  

you reading any book suggestions?" dark bloom  illustration says "what are some of your favorite   books?" so I’m currently listening to the Midnight  Library by Matt Haig and Matt Haig is one of my   favorite authors, so yeah some of my favorite  books are his books I love how to stop time   which is I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before  It's about a man who has this condition   where he just ages really really slowly so he's  kind of essentially immortal and it just kind of   looks at his time kind of like throughout history  I also really like The Human which is by Matt Haig   as well and that's about an alien who comes  down and he has like this mission to like   bump this guy off and then ends up like taking  over his identity but then kind of loves   being a human. I also really love The Seven  Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle which I kind of would   describe this as like a cross between like  a whodunit and Groundhog Day and   it's kind of strange it's a little bit sci-fI a  little bit kind of murder mystery and this guy he   wakes up doesn't remember who he is and he has to  solve this murder and every time he wakes up he's   in like a different body of the different  characters that are all there and he has to sort   of work out like who did it. Growing up I loved  Alice in wonderland and I loved the borrowers oh   I loved Paul Jennings actually let me go and show  you some of the Paul Jennings books because they   had the best covers. So these are Paul Jennings  books and I absolutely loved these and they   were all like short stories but they were kind of  like really kind of quirky weird stories so some   of the covers were really cool because they had  two covers this one's a little bit freaky but yeah I I loved these stories so much and he  actually came to my primary school once as well   so we've got to meet him and that yeah that was  really cool yeah let me know if you've read any   of these books or if you watched Round the Twist  because they made like a tv show that was based   off loads of his stories. So I have a question  here that says "I get creative anxiety and find   it hard to practice any tips on how to structure  practice time?" I don't feel that I am actually   naturally very organized or very structured  at all I feel that it's something I really   want to be good at and I sometimes go through  stages where I’ll be like okay let's set myself   like a plan and on Monday I’ll do this like and  I have like a couple of structures in place like   for example usually my packing days are on Monday  and Thursday and I’ve just recently started   drawing in my sketchbook every Friday as well  so that's kind of a recent thing so yeah I guess   structures like that you could pick a day of the  week or you could pick like a time to do it yeah   I’m not sure if I’ve experienced creative anxiety  but I’ve definitely you know had the kind of   fear of the blank page particularly if I’m drawing  something and I’m planning on showing it to people   or if I’m just recording it for youtube even  though I know I’ve got the control on editing   whether you see it or not that kind of puts a  bit more pressure yeah I guess kind of take the   pressure off yourself like maybe draw something  and you know say oh I’m not actually going to like   post this or anything I’m just going to draw  something for fun you could maybe give yourself   like a shorter amount of time because I found that  like when I’ve been to like life drawing classes   and stuff they always kind of gave us some like  warm-up exercises we started off with like quicker   ones and like quicker poses and then towards  the end of the class we'd do like a longer one   and that was really good because I find that when  you're given a shorter amount of time you kind of   you don't have time to sort of question what  you're doing you're just kind of trying to get   like the shape down as quickly as possible I know  some people really like to have an 'ugly sketchbook'   so that's something you could try again takes  the pressure off sort of thinking of this has to   be good yeah I guess just practicing more which is  something that I’m trying to do like do more stuff   in my sketchbook and like I mentioned in my last  studio vlog where my owl painting didn't come out   quite how I wanted it to I’ve been trying  to remember that a sketchbook is a place   where like it doesn't need to go right first  time and the whole idea is that it is a practice   I think Yoga with Adriene was saying this the  other day she was saying that you don't have   to do a move right the first time the whole idea  is you are doing a practice and you're kind of   working towards something ‘Sorry it's Gabe’  said "what's your favorite plant that you own?" so   I really love all those little tiny plants and  I’ll try and work out what video it was that I   unpacked them and I will put it in the cards and  also in the description. They've all been growing   lots as well I really love we've got like a tiny  monstera plant and that has just been growing   so well and it keeps getting new leaves and  I really like watching them like uncurl we've   also got like a huge pothos as well I think it's  a Devil's Ivy that we've got and when we first got   it I thought that we were going to kill it because  some of the leaves were going yellow and then we   realized that actually it doesn't like too much  daylight and we were over watering it as well I   tried to be a good plant occasionally I water too  much or I don't water enough we have a couple of   sad looking plants but we have lots that we've  managed to keep alive as well so we're doing   better yeah a couple of people ask me how I am  so yeah I’m I think generally I’m doing well   I have sort of moments where I kind of think about  the whole like COVID situation that we're all in   and I kind of in some ways can't believe how long  it's been. I try and keep myself busy and we have  

like lots of zoom calls like with my family and  stuff as well but yeah generally I’d say that   I’m feeling really happy at the moment it's just  been snowing lots which has been really nice and   a really nice like change and me and Tom had a  lovely like late night walk in the snow recently   and that felt like really nice and magical and  yeah it's kind of a nice change especially when   every day does feel a little bit like groundhog  day it's kind of nice to mix it up a little   bit. artyarty_liza says "who would your top five dream  dinner guests be living or historically allowed?"   I have no idea who would I want, well right now  we can't have any dinner guests so I think   I think if I could magically have any dinner  guests right now I probably have my parents if   I’m only allowed five do I count as one? what like  five extra ones so extra than me and Tom I’m   guessing, so I’d have my parents and then I  guess we'd have Tom's parents and then one   more person I quite like my sister. If we're not  talking about who would you actually like to see   and think about some famous people I don't know  how to pronounce this guy's name but if you've   ever watched the it crowd the guy who plays Moss,  Richard I don't know how to pronounce his surname   Ayoade I think I’m saying that very wrong. I  think he's really really funny so I’d like him   I’m kind of thinking about like some youtubers  that I like. I really like Rachel Maksy who does  

all the like vintage and cosplay things I think  she's lovely and also really really funny oh maybe   David Attenborough that would be really cool I  really like Sarah Michelle Gellar as well because   then I could talk to her about Buffy. Tabitha  Brown because she is just the loveliest person   I love following her on Instagram and her food  looks amazing so maybe she could come and bring   something to like add to like the dinner spread  as well that would be good I’ve got a couple of   youtube questions so Lorettabellart says "how long  did it did it take you for your channel to start   growing?" and Liz V Art says "how do you handle  self-doubt when it comes to youtube?" so I think it   took a really really long time for my channel to  start growing have I been doing it two years or   maybe even coming up for three years I think yeah  it was only last year that I actually monetized   my channel and started earning some money through  youtube which has been very lovely like it's not   megabucks but yeah I really really appreciate it  but yeah and obviously I’m not like the biggest   channel ever I’m still like a very tiny fish  but yeah it's nice to see like a little bit of   growth the main thing that I really like is just  having people like comment on my videos and ah   okay my alarm is going I have I’ve got like a  little art date with my friend in 10 minutes   yeah so the main thing that I really like is yeah  just getting like comments and seeing the same   people come in you kind of yeah just like get a  connection with that person but yeah I do remember   the first the first hundred was a struggle the  first thousand was another struggle it's not   like this channel has skyrocketed at all in any  way but it you know I’m going I’m growing yeah   I don't think you're really here for like youtube  tips exactly although we did make I made a video   about how to make studio vlogs so if you want to  learn how to how I suggest making studio vlogs you   can watch that video, but this channel the whole  point isn't about like how to grow really quickly   yeah and then Liz was saying "how do you handle  self-doubt when it comes to youtube?" yes so this is   something that I definitely felt at the beginning  starting out because I thought who's going to want   to like listen to me who cares what I have to say  yeah I think for a long time because I was like   watching other youtubers sometimes you can kind  of like idolize them and then you sort of think   oh would I have like anything to offer I think  like we can all learn sort of different things   from different people and like knowledge that I  have is going to be different to knowledge that   somebody else has so like we can kind of all teach  each other different skills and yeah there's so   many things I’m still learning yeah I kind of feel  that I am on like this kind of journey and so I’m   always like learning new things and I want to kind  of like pass them on and so that's the kind of   approach that I took with it if I kind of felt  that I had to be somebody that had all the answers   and stuff I think that would give me kind of  more self-doubt because I don't have the answers   so that's kind of how I deal with that is by just  saying I don't know entirely what I’m doing but   the things that I’ve worked out that I will like  pass on to you and also like most of my content   is studio vlogs so I kind of you know share the  highs share the lows it's not necessarily like   a tutorial or a how-to it's just kind of like  this is what I got up to I hope that makes sense   okay I think we have time for one more question  because I really need to go because I have an art   date with my friend in a minute so I will answer  one more question Rozie from pin and inkco says   "would you like to do art for a board game and what  theme would you do?" so yeah I think that actually   does sound really cool and if you don't know me  and Tom have a huge board game collection with   like geeky board game fans I really love the game  Dixit which already has like beautiful artwork   but yeah I think I’d quite like to do a sort of  game along those themes or like if they wanted any   like new artwork for that if you've never played  Dixit and you're a fan of arts or like games   I would definitely recommend it because yeah the  cards are just beautiful and I haven't played it   for ages because you can't actually play it with  two people so I would recommend if you have more   than two people in your house me and Tom actually  did try to play Dixit just the two of us we did a   video where we like it was the beginning of  lockdown and we were playing some different   games again I will leave that in the cards and in  the description if you want to go and watch that   it's kind of amusing well I think it's amusing  anyway. Maybe I could do a tea themed I don't know   maybe you're a waitress and you're serving lots  of different tea or maybe you have to collect   different types of tea maybe it could be an Alice  in Wonderland themed game that would be kind of   cool I don't think I’m actually clever enough  to come up with a game like with all the kind of   mechanics of the game I if I did come up with  a game it would basically just be ripping off   another game or like a snakes and ladders type  thing I don't think I’m clever enough to come up   with the game but doing the artwork for somebody  else's like cool idea would be quite cool. maybe in   the future I could take a game and do some artwork  for it that might actually be kind of a cool thing   to put in my portfolio or to just do for fun  maybe you'll see that in a video in the future   but yeah I have been rambling on yeah I’m  going to stop this video here but I hope   you've enjoyed this Q&A if you have any other  questions    please leave them in the comments and then yeah  maybe I’ll do another q a in the future and   I hope you've had a wonderful day and a wonderful  week and I will see you next Wednesday for   another studio vlog okay bye. *Bloopers* just clicked my  shoulder really loudly. oh my god okay I’m so rambley

what do I want to say how can I say in a  concise way yeah I also really love the   humans which is also by Matt Haig and  no it's not the humans... is it just human?   is it 'the humans' 'human' ... there's 'humans' the tv  show which is about robots, that's something else   I think it's The Humans. Oh I can't do it it's  stuck. put them in the comments in blah blah blah   camera stopped recording just when I was  kind of getting into the swing of things

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