Public Forum & Business Meeting : July 8, 2019

Public Forum & Business Meeting : July 8, 2019

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Here. For. The July 8. 2019. Meeting, of the Charlotte City Council, I hope. Everyone, had a great 4th of July and we had, the opportunity to be. Out in our community, and I heard, that there was a great parade over in Hickory Grove and, another one in Myers Park he would and cool wood and everybody had a chance to put, on their red white and blue and enjoy. The heat. And he was 99 degrees that day he. Felt like it anyway if you're in a truck or a float it definitely, was so. Um we, are going to call. Our meeting. To order and, I'd like to start introductions. Of the people at the Dyess with our city attorney. Good. Evening I'm Patrick Baker City Attorney Marcus. Jones city manager, our. Connect osten district, corner good, evening justin Harlow district to. District. 7. Happy. Monday braixen, Winston at law. Iseult, serving at large good, evening I'm viola and I serve as mayor good, evening. Good. Evening lawanna, Mayfield district 3, Greg. Hips district all happy, Monday tarqell Akari district 6 good. Evening Matt Newton district 5. We. Begin our meeting with. An invocation or, an expression, that. Is to, solemnize, our own presence. And deliberations. Here at the Dyess and we follow that with a pledge of allegiance, and I, would like to welcome any, of you to stand if you wish if councilmember. Newton and we'll, be giving our inspiration. Tonight and afterwards. We would all stand for the, pledge. Of allegiance to our flag, please. As. We all took time to, observe the fourth of July last week, enjoying, precious, moments with our families, barbecues. And parades. Is important. To remember the significance, of the holiday commemorating. The Declaration, of Independence and, the establishment, of our Republic and. As we shift from reflection to action addressing. The multitude of issues observing of our attention and efforts let, us do so with filled. With. A philanthropic hearts. Charity. And service, in mind, with. That please. Stay standing with me and let us pray silently, together, each. Of us according to our individual, beliefs. Let. Us offer thanks, for our daily bread and blessings, for one another, let. Us seek to be a source of hope for those in need and guide us in truth fairness. Goodwill.

Friendship. And concern, for others let. Us City. Councilmembers, give, gratitude, for our opportunity, to serve our great city and give, us the strength to make the right decisions, and let. The feelings of love kindness. And a well-directed yet, gentle spirit always, be reflected, in all that we do in this we pray. So. One of the things that we are very fortunate to be able to do is to. Award, and recognize, a number of people in our community that do, great things and it's always a pleasure to do that and we've, got a number of those recognitions. This evening, and I'd like to start it off and, invite, Dale Mullenix, to come down, and. Be recognized, because, not only are we, proud. Of Dale and his achievements. Over, I don't know. How, to describe it but he's already received the longleaf pine from the governor's office and so, instead. Of us having a bill mala next day we had to make it a Dale Melo next month so. Let me start off with this. Proclamation. For, the City of Charlotte whereas after serving, as executive director of Charlotte's Urban's ministries center since, the nationally, recognized, organization's. Founding, in 1994. They'll. Retired, on June 17. 2019. During. His tenure at, the urban ministry, more, than 150. Houses of faith thousands. Of donors businesses. And volunteers, in the community came. Together to serve the homeless. They. Did this with creative, outreach ministries, and programs, including. Things a room, at things, like the room in the end art, programs, cooking, programs, soccer teams a gospel. Choir that's, really really good an, organic. Garden, and sabor a highly, regarded substance. Treatment, program, whereas. In the early, 2000s. They'll, challenge the Ervin's ministry, Center board of directors, not to be satisfied, with merely treating, the symptoms, of chronic, homelessness, but, to attack the problem of homelessness itself. It, was to resulted, in the 2012, creation, of more place the, first phase of a 120. Apartment, complex, providing. Housing for over 300, of Charlotte's, most vulnerable citizens. Whereas. Dale was named as a community, director, of the housing first Charlotte, Mecklenburg initiative. Which, has coordinated, efforts, of nonprofit, agencies, businesses and, governmental. Entities, that. Led Charlotte, to close the initiative stated goal of eliminating chronic. Homelessness, in our city and, his. Ministry, has not been limited to just the homeless neighbors but is extended, to a far broader, community. Of individuals whose. Hearts, he opened, to the suffering, and innate dignity of. Their homeless, fellow citizens, now. Therefore, by Alexander. Lyle's mayor of Charlotte do hereby proclaim, july. 2019. As dale, mollinax, month in honor, of day, in his countless, ways, that, he served our citizens, for whom he, helped to restore full, and meaningful lives.

So. I recognized, this as still mollinax month and safe. You. Have two minutes Thank You mayor I. Would. Have been more, than overwhelmed, with Dale, Mullenix happy hour. I'm. Very, very grateful and, very honored. By. This recognition. But. I'm also grateful for the partnership. That, the. City has provided with the urban ministry centered through the years. Most. Of the things you name we would not have done if it was not. By. A Community, Partnership and. Coming, together and, people bringing their, best. Resources. And their commitment. To, helping us make happen, what. We were able to do. You. Know the. The. First job of a leader is. To tell the truth about the way things are, and. We had to tell the truth about how hard, life is for, people who are chronically homeless and, the. Good news was the community responded, and. When you mentioned, room in the end 5,000. Volunteers a, winter, we. Talked about. You. Know the outreach. Work that we did than many, people in this community who wanted to be a part of something that was extremely difficult to, do and so. I'm grateful to you but I also challenge, you to remember that your first job is to tell the truth about. What we have to do as a community, but, didn't celebrate the good news that this community really does want to help they. Really do want to make a difference, they really do want to see change and they're, willing to invest in that to make that happen and so I'm very very, grateful. For. This honor but I'm also grateful for the partnership. That we've we've. Had together through, the years. This. Proclamation, on behalf. So. The next one recognition. That we'd like to make I will be done by councilmember. Lawanna, Mayfield. Thank. You Mira and. Right. Before I read the proclamation, I do want to also give. Staff. A little time because there is a presentation. That, is going to be able to, be presented, to Council as well as those in the audience, this. Is an amazing, man I will. Say personally. The, morning that I had the chance to, learn, of his story and to be with him and his family in the seat of surprise when. He turned around and recognized that his family was there was. A challenging, morning for. Me, when we look around this nation and see so. Much hurt and pain, as a. Black. Person in America and. This. Young man did amazing. Things at a time long, before there. Was a quota or a need. And you all would see that so, with that I thank you for giving me the honor to read this proclamation. Which. Reads whereas, our community, continues. To grow and thrive. Necessitating. Capacity. To process more. Wastewater and whereas. Charlotte, water endeavors. To construct, a regional, water resource, recovery. Facility. Providing. A regional, approach to wastewater treatment. Serving. Western Mecklenburg County, and the Belmont, and Mount Holly communities, in eastern. Gaston County and whereas. Mr.. Joseph see Stowe jr. served, as Charlotte, water director, from. 1982. To. 1994. Pioneering. Efforts. During, his tenure to, introduce, a bio solids treatment. Program, broker. Agreements. With local municipalities to, form a regional, water and wastewater. Utility. And implement. A model, program for. Employee leadership. And whereas. Joseph. See so juniors, lifelong. Passion, for water. Has resulted, in significant. And lasting. Contributions. To. The water and wastewater industries. As evidence. And his numerous, awards and, accolades at, the national, state. And local levels. And whereas. Joseph's, see Stowe Junior is a leader, and innovator. Practicing. A philosophy, of diversity. And inclusion. Before. It was the focus of the community, and, whereas. Joseph's, seats though juniors hard work and dedication, to, our commode.

Forged. A solid, foundation for. Regional. Water and wastewater utility. Serving. Residents today, and for, generations to come and now. Therefore. I, mere, by Alexander, Lyles Mayor, Charlotte, do hereby proclaim. This. New wastewater. Treatment. Facility. As the Joseph's seats though junior, regional, water resource. Recovery, facility. And commend its observance to, all citizens you all get a chance to visit it in about a year or so when it's completed, but witness, my hand and, the officials, seal the City of Charlotte, but before I hand you to this mrs.. Lee did, you want to pass, on the video. And. People. Mr.. Stowe is, to, me a godfather. We. Named him Godfather. Because he, mentored, and, encouraged. So many of us in, Charlotte. Water to. Be leaders, to be industry. Professionals. He's. Someone, who I respect greatly, and, look, up to and. He's. Just a you know he's just a fine individual. Joe. Has been impactful. In so, many ways in the community, and with the the, people that he has has. Associated. With and has inspired. And touched throughout his career, Joe. Really believed, in people. And he, trusted. People and he allowed, a lot, of us to advance our careers, by. By, giving us those kinds of opportunities, he. Was, one of the forerunners, in the country. Of for, beneficial, use of, biosolids. And. We. Won. Three. EPA. Awards. Because. Of his support, and encouragement, he, came up. Learning. And knowing about what, it was to work in water and wastewater but. I think it's just, in him, and his, passion, for it is just amazing. He. Is, strong. And steady. Someone. That you could depend on. And. At. Any time in any emergency. Mode. A Health, Net fulfilled, the. American, dream when. I arrived in this country I. Arrived. With a cardboard. Suitcase. No. Education, you know and then. You. Know mr.. Stowell and the management, here the city management. Made. It possible for, me and he come the division, head and I believe I was the first, Hispanic. Division, head in the city he.

Gave Me that opportunity. I swear us to some, other people like myself, who. Can ask for more than that. So. Mayor I would mention this is the very condensed, version, but what mr. Joseph, Cousteau, jr., did is as a. Director. Angela Lee brings him, down our. First, female. To. Work in water was. Because of mr. Joseph Seto, Junior Angela. Lee having, her opportunities, because, of this man. Our. Here, is a gift, for, us so. We would love to hear from you. Well. First, of all I want to say that Charlotte. Is in such, a good, position with, this utilities, that. They. Stayed ahead of the game from. Many many years back in total president currently. Under the leadership of Angela, Lee but. I. Am. Pleased. Dig. Deeply, pleased that. You have. Made. The decision that. You have made relative. To that facility. That will be built over the next several years. Thank. You and. Well. We. Have this family please, stand I see many of you family, members please, stand, please. And. The staff I saw, several of you in these pictures, I know that we're all just getting younger right true so, please add the staff. Jo. And actually, work with Jo so it's so easy enough for his charity work trying to make him not do all the walkout. Thank. You thank, you very much everyone. Thank. You Jo. So. Many of you know, that. The longleaf, time in North. Carolina, is truly. One of the most. Valued. Opportunities. For recognition, and tonight. We, are fortunate enough, to present to, the. Two. Individuals. Very important, to this community their. Order, of the longleaf pine but, first before I do that I'd like to recognize John, Hanna our former, chief of the Charlotte Fire Department. As well, as Mike Sprayberry. Who's, with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management. And who, is representing. Our governor Roy Cooper. So. I'm. Going to read the. Longleaf, pine and then I'm going to have the two people that are receiving it tonight I'm gonna first read what. Everyone always likes, about this recognition, here's. To the land of the longleaf pine the. Summer land where the Sun doth shine where. The wheat grows strong and the strong grow, great here's. To down home the old North State and. This. Is being presented to, two people that worked in our organization. By. Governor, Roy Cooper. Because. They are looking at proposing. Special, confidence, in the integrity, learning. And zeal, of these, individuals. And as governor he prefers. Upon, them the order of the longleaf pine with, the rank of ambassador extraordinary. Privileged. To enjoy fully, all rights granted to, members of this exalted. Order among. Which is the special privilege, to propose the following toast. And select. Company, anywhere in the free world so. It's really a special honor I'm not, sure about the toast part Dale do you use yours very often. I'd. Like to invite Richard, Granger, we call him rich when he was here and asked, him to come down and receive. His order of the longleaf pine as well as Walter. Seco. Well jr., both. Of them formerly. With our department, of fire and to say thank you for the recognition the, work that you've done and, you look a lot younger since, you left. And. I like our final recognition, of the night to, be read. By the mayor, pro-tem julie, i saled thank. You madam mayor. Whereas. On July 26, 1990. President George, HW Bush, signed, into law the Americans. With Disability, Act a da to. Ensure the civil rights of people with disabilities. This, legislation established. A clear and comprehensive national. Mandate for. The elimination, of discrimination against. Individuals, with disabilities. I'm July. 26, 2019.

We Will celebrate the. Anniversary of, the signing of the ADA a and whereas. The a da has expanded. Opportunities. For Americans, with disabilities, by, reducing, barriers changing. Perception, and, perceptions. And increasing, full participation, in, community. Life however. The full promise of the ADA a will only be reached if we remain committed to continue, our efforts to, fully implement the ATA and, whereas. The, city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Celebrate, and honor the achievements of people, with disabilities. Who live in our community and. Whereas. The city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. In partnership. With the City of Charlotte ad, a community. Network team. Mecklenburg. Advocacy. For people with disabilities, and 99. Other partners, representing. Various, agencies, and organizations. Have, come together to celebrate the, Americans, with Disabilities, Act and. Whereas, on the anniversary, of the Americans with Disabilities. Act we, the City of Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County. Celebrate. And recognize, the progress that has been made by. Reaffirming the principles, of equality and. And recommitting. Our efforts to reach full ad a compliance. And, where. As we celebrate, those positive, changes in our community so, people with disabilities can, be free from negative, attitudes, and, architectural. Barriers, and. Whereas. We. Honor those businesses, in our community for, complying with the Americans with Disabilities. Act by making their establishments. Accessible, and useable, to all patrons, with disabilities, now. Therefore we. By Alexander, Lyles mayor of city of Charlotte and George. Dunlap, chair of the Mecklenburg, County Board of County Commissioners do. Hereby reaffirm. To continue, to work toward. Full ad8, compliance, and do, hereby proclaim July. 26, 2019. As Americans. With Disabilities, Act Awareness. Day, we. Have someone, from the. American. Disabilities, group. Or organization, to accept, Oteri. Thank you very much in the community relation, members are, these committee members. Thank. You very much it's even better to have, the responsibility, to. Come down and be recognized, for the hard work that you do to, make sure that we are. Complying, but not just because it's the law but because it's the right thing to do.

All. Right so the next item that we have on our agenda is the public forum where we hear, from our citizens their, concerns, or questions, our compliments. And we, have I have nine people signed. Up to speak I'm, gonna, ask Lily. Tabula, and Cedric. Dean to come down we have two podiums and, feel, free and we'll have miss. Lilly Cibola, speak. First followed, by Cedric, Dean. I'm. Sorry Lily, is not here. Mr.. Dane. Thank. Y'all for allowing me to be here tonight um, come, on behalf of my church the, whole missionary, about this church we, have our pastor, katrell, Burrell here, who. Has made it a mission but. It's social justice issue. And. The first thing I want to say is that. We. Have to start developing partnerships. With, our business, community right. Now I'm calling you out and. Let you know we cannot stop the homicide. Without. Partnerships. With the business community, I work, directly in the jail with these individuals. That's committing, these murders and, it's, the same kids, that's. Getting out the. Same kids is going three photons is on these ankle monitors because they don't have resources, in the communities, so. We need people who will say that they would step up give, these individuals jobs. Because we working directly, with the sheriff and the chief of police so. We can monitor these in the business give assurances. That, if they act up we got control of them but people. Need resources, they need jobs so that's the first thing I want to ask and. Then I, want. To say we got to go back to Community Police, this. Is personal, for me because. Gary McFadden. Was, that one individual. That, everybody. Would go to and, tell. Him anything he needed to know right. Now it's people running around the community with all kind of goods and stuff but, they don't feel comfortable talking, to the police I was a lot, of times because he don't look like them I have, individuals, that complain to me every day about babies, for a TRO and saying, where's, the I see I see people, with their hands behind their back and five officers around him is right why. Are we still doing that today. Right. Well the, murder happened. At their Burger King I personally, saw, five white officers, around. One. Black suspect, I'm. Saying, at least, have some black officers. There and then the community, will open, back up, and. Start feeling comfortable with telling you anything you want to know we can't do it without and, lastly. I would, just say that, you have to work with returning, citizens, and. I'm not talking about in past its. People, the, other day was in Southside homes the. Wanna Mayfield now with knocking on doors talking. To the people out there passing, out food with Second Harvest second. Hart was giving out these food if you, as council, members will. Go, into. The communities, what we giving out this food is the Second Harvest is given for free and, it's not really Second Harvest it's our businesses. That's. Donating, this food to make sure but then you talk to the people that you are. Responsible. For you, can't say you represent, somebody they don't know you so. I will end with that and just say let's, talk that's, all I'm saying my name is seven zero four four, nine two five, five zero nine, if you really want to solve this problem give me a call thank. You mr.. Deane I wanna. Brown. Take, your time could those biggest thing. Hi. Everybody thank you guys for, your job and. Everything that you do in our community, I know it's had to be tough on, you.

As A citizen of Charlotte Mecklenburg County, all my life 48. Years old raising two african-american. Young women we. Definitely got to come back to community policing the. Other day Cedric and I we definitely bollen teared in South Side homes I'm from South Side on, the corner remounted South Tryon and, I've watched the, city change tremendously. I run. The organization, for young women called. Beauty out to the bars, the. Reason why I run that organization because I was a college, student at Johnson C smith University I, committed. Fraud come. From poverty. Hunger. Poverty, committed, fraud, snatched. Out of college first. Time I was sentenced to 42 months I was. 25 years ago I've. Been home for 17 and a half years and I never looked back, but, I want to be able to give back and, so we have to be able to respect our returning citizens we. Have to be able to open up jobs we. Have to understand where they're coming from a lot, of people don't come to these forums anymore, they, don't come out and support you anymore because all they hear is talk now. Born. Into projects, and now I live in Barrett as District three who was my councilman, was. In district 3. On. The Mayfield does an amazing job she. Really does and, at. The end of the day our children are, afraid of the police I wasn't, afraid of the police they, don't know who they are and. There are a lot of great, officers, out here and I applaud you guys for all the work that you do but, at the end of the day let's face reality the. Reality is that they are afraid and, the, 16-yard I got killed on babies for road how. Many people have reached out to their family that. Stuff is important in our community so. To be able to give back to, be able to come in my city and to see my city turning, and all, the murders that we have this year in Charlotte North Carolina it's, unacceptable and. At the end of the day I didn't write anything down because I'm speaking from my heart a person. That loves this city, born, and raised, I was, the on the other side of the law so, I know what it's like to, be born in poverty but I also had a loving family what, about the people that come home and don't have a loving family I told, you I've spent 42 months in prison that's an honor student at Johnson C Smith for fraud but. If I was another color that would have happened 42. Months and then when I came home guess. What I couldn't, find a job so I violated the condition of my parole, and I went back so. You're looking at a product, of recidivism, but, I bounced back I had a family that loved me and support me and stood behind me but, that's not the average person that's, convicted, of a felony all days that's, not the average person that's, born in South Side.

Babies. For roll those corners education, is important, that's, practice equality, for all Cedric. And I work together I'm not here to bash you but, if you want to here for somebody that has made. Came. From a product of their environment has made the change you're, looking at it so you guys run for these offices, and you put your name out there you're back for the votes when you get into position, uphold the position that you're asking us to vote for you for you thank, you thank you very much I. Know. That, in, the next year about 2% of the people coming out of federal facilities, will be relocating. To Charlotte, and that means they have to have a job they, have to have a place to live and we need to work towards that. Charlene. Henderson. Right. Dad. I'm always concerned when people come down the stairs. Good. Afternoon good evening everyone, and, thank you for allowing me to stand before you today I come, personally, because, it is, a personal issue, for me I do have a young son who is 18 years old and I'm, standing, on gun. Violence I'm standing on young. Violence, so I have. A passion but I will read from a piece of paper right now good. Evening I am honored to be here today you are truly an inspiration. I want you to continue to be an inspiration, in our community, as, role, models, for frontline community, activists. Like myself. Fighting. To. Stop the killing. There. Are very good reasons why I'm here today to discuss team-based. Violence, in Charlotte, consider. Three points, first. Team-based. Violence, which, I will refer to as tbv, is a citywide, pandemic. The. Chance that a person, will become a victim of a violent crime in Charlotte, such as armed robbery, aggravated. Assault. Rape. Or murder is one, in. 296. This. Equates, to three. Per. 1000. Secondly. Although. Data is scanty, we. Want to know we want excuse. Me we know that see MPD ended, June, 2019. With, 57. Homicides. Compared, to 26. That's. 119. Point, two percent, increase. 912. Robberies, compared, to 834. Which. Is a nine point four, percent. Increase. 149. Rapes were, reported compared. To 131, which. Is a thirteen point seven increase. 2331. Aggravated, assaults, compared, to. 1920. That's a twenty one point. Four percent, increase. Third. TBB. Threatens. Public Safety, at its, core. For. Those who will survive it, it has devastating. Impacts, on those who have mental health issues, and safety, and their families, in their and, their communities, an, accidental. Shooting of, a woman and children during a drive-by is more than, an accident on an individual, it's an accident, on families.

And Communities. It's, an accident on the rule of law. And. In, an, assault, on the belief in your government, to protect you, in, short. It is an accident against dignity, and humanity. Violence. Is a crime that can be stamped, out through education. Empowerment. Equality. Justice. And, security. We. Have tools, at, our, disposal, our. Community, have tools those who are closest to the problems are the ones who are closest to the solution. Thank. You very much miss Henderson, for your comments, we've heard, a number of comments. From our police chief and the, District Attorney earlier this evening so, that your comments. Thank. You for your time. Alright, miss mayor and council. It's good to be before, you again, seeing your smiling faces and wondering. You, know God's fixin, to get us into a fix that you can't fix, so, that he can fix you right, now you've got a lot of problems, you've got a lot of things that have been spoken from the heart that. You can't fix and resources. You're not going to buy your way out of this there. Is a major problem here when God is removed, from the equation, when. He's just removed and you feel like you've got to bring peace back into the city and justice, and security you'll. Find out that you can't do that, miss. Lyles you have on, a number of occasions said we've got to bring value back to life, we've. Got to bring value into. Life how do we do that well you do that by. Loving, those that. Are perhaps. The. Smallest, little, things as. Soon as the sperm meets, the egg there. Is instantly, life, and a little baby, is born, you, and I, and, all, of us came. From that and our, neighborhood, was the womb that was, our neighborhood, that's where we lived for nine months and, yet. We have abortionist, now not even knocking at the door of the womb and coming in there and breaking in violating, and killing the least and the smallest of these and, if. You're not going to take care. Of the least of these you'll never take care of the violence, that's in the street you're. Not going to do it it's impossible, you don't have it in you and you don't even pray to. The God in heaven who, has, an answer he's saying if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and, pray and seek my face and turn from, their wicked ways and believe, me folks on this council you.

Are Wicked, not, because you, you're not Christian, I mean, there are many Christians that are wicked that need to repent but the fact is you don't think that you need to repent you, have removed God from the equation and therefore, you have no answers, miss Lyles if we, would go ahead and place, value and, replace, value, in life and, and stop the shedding of blood in, the. It, will cease in the streets but if you're gonna sell bloodshed, in the womb you're gonna reap it in the streets, and blood. Is coursing, down the quarters of our schools workplaces and, streets and you know it and you can't do it and don't expect curved Putney to do it there is not a police force big enough to make a young man do what's right but, I know that. There's a Jesus, that once he gets into the heart of that young man he, will lay his whole life down for others. A total, transformation happens. But you won't give him an opportunity you, don't want to acknowledge him, and then, some. Of you that are claiming Christ and using the word Jesus. You're, no more Christian, than you are a poached egg and this, is the fascinating, thing that happens to me you have denied, the evangelical. Voice you, don't want it you'll accept the apostate, church that accepts everything. But, you won't accept the truth God, is our answer Jesus is, thank. You very much he loves you enough to tell you much I'm. Next I'd like to hear from Rita, miles is, Miss miles here. I. Have. A handout, oh they. Already have it okay thank you hi. My name is Rita miles, and I, live in Old Salem Community which is on a very popular, road called, Providence, Road you, probably have heard of it it, comes from where it goes from wedington, all the way uptown. And, I used to drive into our, community. And really enjoy, it but. However in, March of 2018. A, project. Manager, by the name is Sam barber and then Leiber. And, Mike Davis, tore, it up and, it, affected, 14. Properties. And, five. Were really. Really. Messed up they tore up trees, grass. Shrubs. And, as, you see in the pictures, they. Left. This in shambles. Unrespectable. And. Unprofessionally. We. Have called them they. Have made promises. They. Avoid, calls they do not return emails, they. They. Say they're gonna do something they do not they. Left road. Signs down, they did not place back up but. When I called last week, just. Last week they picked up the sign and that was over a year. There. Is a concrete. Slab. That, was left with big iron, stakes, and a. Gentleman, has fallen. Four, weeks ago on it and I, believe there's a lawsuit now but, they left that right by the sidewalk, and it's. In your pictures, just. Last week they just put up a cone or, two, days ago something but. It, is still left in shambles I, am. Pleading, to. You to. Help us get this resolved. I take. Pride in my city and I, love the, beauty in what it has to offer and, I, want to have that drive home to be beautified, it is affected, cells in our neighborhood. And, these. Neighbors, that live there. Their. Lives have been affected, because, they have been calling, and emailing, and. These. Project, managers, are not taking, it seriously. Thank. You for. Your time thank, you we will get this, information, and a response. Back to you as, soon as we can research the information and, thank you for the photograph thank. You thank, you and besides my son lives on farmland so I go by your house thank. You so when you see it completed. Just math just know that you guys did, it for us thank you. We. Will we, will get a report to you and the, information as, well. Greetings. My. Name is Paul our homes and I have resided at 5:03. For, Providence, Road since, 1975. Tonight. I ask for your help in overcoming a, complacent, city department, in charge of the Providence, Road half mile sidewalk, project, from, mammoth Oaks Drive to, East Barton, Road, work. Started, in March of 2018, was. Scheduled, for completion by, August, 2018. 11, months later it, is not yet finished though. Engineering. City engineering, says it is, there. Are still a number of things to finish up after, 18 months no, one is attending, to them though, I have mentioned them to city engineering, as have other landowners, the, city doesn't care I. Have. Communicated. With city engineering, more than forty five times, by email, and phone since, last July. Responses. Range from, being ignored to. Promises, to correct the problem, which turn out to be lies. Now. After all these months of promises, the latest reply, in July of 28, 29, 31 is, that, the, situation is, covered, by the so called taking, payment, for, the right away on my frontage, property, and the.

Mess Is mine to finish that's, nonsense, and a, new twist to get, out of doing what is right after a year of broken, promises. Take. A look at the pictures, of my yard and you will see a well-kept, property. The. Other pictures, show the mess left by the city and deemed acceptable, to, them it's, ridiculous, the. Other pictures, show the first wash out of the yard in 44, years since. Last. July. Due. To negligence of, the the, city, during construction. When. Since, when is the property, owner left with such a mess would. You install a sidewalk, outside this building and accept this mess never. And in, front of your home never, I asked. The council, to shake up the city bureaucrats, to, stop passing, the buck and do the right thing we're. Asking very, simple, situation, is return the property to the condition, they found it in, what. Quality, soil and landscaping, to smooth smooth, taper from the sidewalk, which it had before and, replace, all the mulch in the front yard that was washed away by the flooding we've, been waiting for that now for a year. That's. My request thank, you thank you very much it's always great to have a list that's very specific, mr. Holmes so, we'll add that to the manager's own reply, along. With that from Miss miles thank. You very much for letting us know mr.. Lee James Lee would. Good. Evening mayor council. Bath. It. Never fails every time I come down here I always have some prepared thoughts but. I hear speakers before me and my thoughts, change. Tonight. You heard from from the hood you heard two ladies and then you heard mr.. Dale well. I've been to the urban ministry before I've been through that before so. I'm, initially, here to talk about the housing trust fund. Because. Housing, is a big thing that you, know that that's that's the starting point for a lot of people get. Their lives together. As. You know I'm coming from homelessness I'm a veteran demand transitional, housing now but there's, no guarantee, that I'm gonna be able to afford to live in Charlotte you, know once. I get out of this housing in that ndls test I don't want to live in Gastonia I want. To live in Charlotte so. I, hope. And I pray that you guys make the right decisions, for the two young ladies that came spoke before you and for. The legacy of mr. Dale and also. For people like myself, who. Go. Through at. Stretches. In life but, they're trying to fix, that and then with, that trying to get back to their community, to make sure that nobody's, left behind in this city as we progress as we as we, move forward to the 2040. Plan. There's. A lot of things that. That. We need to do in this city but one of the things I always tell you guys that, I know. It's gonna be this mayor, and it's gonna be this council, just, gonna turn, this city around it's gonna turn this from. 50th, to the first because. We've always been, first in a lot of things and. Wouldn't it be nice for us to be first in this particular, instance where. Nobody's, left behind we're up what mobility, is is. Is allowed. Everybody. Everybody. Has an opportunity you, know not only in Ballentine, but, in Greer Heights and then Southside you know and then the base for a road car everybody. Deserves an, opportunity. To. Progress, along Whitworth, colleges hit II because. I'm, working on their 2040 plan and, I'm gonna make sure that the hood is at the table you, guys already know me in your nose I'm, gonna make sure that the hood is at the table because. A lot, of the people who I represent the two sisters and I've told you before two, sisters they work together they live in a two-bit a two-bedroom, apartment in Grier Heights and they got 13 children but three between the two of them they. Deserve, affordable. Housing they deserve affordable. Rental property, so, I'm. Here speaking for them I'm here speaking for the. Drug the drug haze, I used to hang around I'm here speaking for, my neighborhood for Grier Heights do. Not leave, us behind, do not make sure that, you guys in all your decisions about the housing trust money, and all that stuff is going on make, sure that the people that can't be in here that. You guys remember them. Thank. You. Mr.. Frank, Birds mr., bird. Good. Evening City Council and federal citizens.

Of The Greater shorter greater, City of Charlotte, my. Name is retired, sergeant, Frank bird one hundred and first Airborne and, Air Assault top-secret. Medical. Discharge, I have combat PTSD. I have. Some I have insomnia severe, depression, anxiety tinnitus. Severe. Alcoholism, I do not drink liquor I was. On six medications down, to two. Thirteen. Years no help from, local federal. Or state I. Have. Over, three, hundred thousand, dollars in medical bills property. Taxes, I cannot pay in Dilworth and our. HOA. Of a one thousand, sixteen. Dollars I cannot. Pay. See. Central Piedmont Community College drop, the ball on me because. I cannot afford the. Tuition. Community. Dropped the ball on me I don't. Know weapons and. I. Have not worked in three years since. 2016. From Wells Fargo at. Wells Fargo it's, doing online fraud, I was fired because of my PTSD. Da-da. Act does not apply or, does. Not work. And. That's. All I have to say thank you for your time. So, the next. Are. The consent, items. And I'd, like to have a motion for consent items. Number, 18. Through 46. Second. Before. We take our vote we have item. 19. Mr., Mitchell would like to speak about item. 19, very. Council thank you I just want to say thank. You to the CBI. Staff. For, making sure they take the other program, it's upheld, by. The motion, you accidents, to do today to reject, a little bit and go, with action B because. They met on the SB and MB participation. Move for approval. 20. Dr. Harlow and mr., Mitchell would like to speak on this. Thank. You mayor, just, one, speak rolled quickly, on item, 20 it's a 5 points Plaza I guess it can loop in item 19 the State, Street pedestrian improvement. Project, as well both of which are. Part. Of the West West trade Roswell's ferry seed. Knit program. We a few weeks ago we approved the, Roswell's fairy pets cape, so, again just wanted to thank. All the staff that have worked with, the community over the past few years through bonds cycles, and as, we continue to really start seeing projects, now come out of the ground in this area in this twenty million dollar investment. That, the city is making a lot of infrastructure, improvements and thanks to the community for all. The public input that has gone into the, design and acceptance. Of these, projects. Good. Doctor I totally, agree I just want to make one reference thank to United. United. Carolina's, for surpassing, the MBE goal was 7% they actually got seventeen, point four six so sometimes, we need to recognize, and think those really. Mean I go so thanks to the staff in this corporation. Mr., Phipps would like to comment on item 29 yes. Item. 29 deals, with the public. Hearing on the Cheney voluntary. Annexation. Is. Currently in the etj but i guess. Tonight. You're sitting the public hearing for August, the. 26th. And, if we vote and on, August 26, this will come in I guess, it will be effective, immediately so my question is does, this effectively, redraw, the in the voting the, voting lines for, district 4 for. The upcoming election. I, will have an answer for you I don't know how that works typically. You. Will end up resetting. This and I'm. Not sure how often you do it here, as you bring on properties, they go into a particular district, but I I need to look at that for you to give you a firmer. Answer thank. You I think that in, the past we've done. Redistricting. With the census, or when, the annexation, made, a differential.

Of 10 percent or more and I'm, not so sure that we've done that in a while I not, not since I've served which is like six years so. I don't know if that's because the differentials, aren't do not exist or not so. It would be great for all of us to understand, where. We stand on that is. It below, that threshold is, that the right threshold thank, you for bringing that up mr. Phipps so, we have that's the end of their comments on the, consent, agenda all in favor please say aye any. Opposed. Okay the, next. Items. Are our. Agenda. Items, for today. So we have the city manager's, report. Thank. You mayor members of council. So as we were running out of time in 267. What I'd like to do is turn, over my. Time for my report to tony Corollas to talk a bit about item. Number 15 on tonight's, agenda. Yeah. We're waiting, for the presentation, to come up mayor and council good evening my name is Tony Karolos real. Estate division manager, for the city. Tonight. On your business, agenda, there is an item for. Amending. The, current lease for. Sho Mar which. Is a restaurant in the. Government center. So, before, we. So. What I would like to do is I'd like to go through the, background of. The. Relationship, between sho Mars and. The. City government as. Well as overview. Of the current lease amendment, and pass, forward. The. The. As. Far as the background, of, the. Transaction. Prior to 1999. The. The. City city, building had. Multiple. Food, providers. Inside. The government centers. And. The. City had, or the city occupant, had multiple issue where the service provided, the, long line quality of food was subpar. In, the city had to kind of look, at different so in 1999. An. RFP, was put in place and. City. Staff county, staff as well as, private. Sector advisor, committee was. Put together -, for. That RFP and shamar was chosen. As, the service, provider, in, 1999. So, basically, Sean, Maher has been a relationship, with the city for the last 20 years their. Industry, as many of you know, Restaurant. Restaurant. Industry. The. Average. Business. Typically, say about three to five years 70% of businesses can, fail. Within five years so being in business for 20 years in this building obviously, there is something that very. Important, for, the operation, of the, government building. One. Of the issue that, show more that faced right. Away obviously is. The. Level, of the. Number of services, per, week the, average restaurant. Provided. By 21, services, to week which, is breakfast, lunch and dinner because, the working hour in this building it, is typical. Two meals per week which, is essentially, have, the volume of a. Typical, risk from business in, 2012. As a result of the, Democratic, National Convention. The, city, was, a put. In place installed, a security checkpoint, and. As. A result of the security checkpoint the, volume. And the sales have. Dropped by about 30 percent from. Prior. To 2012. So, the. Basically. The. Restaurant was doing a. Little, bit over a million dollar on a yearly. Basis, sales. Not, as profit as sales and that, number dropped about 30 to 35 percent, as, a result of the security checkpoint, so. We. Quality. And 60. Percent regarded. Regarding. Price so. So. What we're what. We're putting in front of you and agenda, is essentially, amending, the, current lease to, go from. $36,000. A year to. $6,000. A year rail. Reduction, and. By. Doing that that will, give show, Mars an opportunity, to stay. Not. Necessarily. Profit. Allowed say but, will go beyond the break-even point for, them to go to, stay to, stay or, personally, was in the business. Two, things that we, staff. Typically, look at when we look at this part of services, was in the building number, one we consider this as an amenity to, just. To the occupant, of the building so, even. Though rent, is, part, of the equation but it's not necessarily, the main driver the, main driver as I mentioned earlier is, the, quality, the, service, and the price and, they. Are scored very highly in, those three categories. And. The. Second thing is. If. We go, into. Different. Different. Direction or we try to get a different vendor that, will take you. Know going through another, process that will take 12. To, 18. Months to procure, another tenant, and, with. Their welcome. Potential. Demand. From the new tenant regarding, outfitting, the restaurant, capital. Dollar to make it conducive for their operation, so will because outlay, and risk to the city as, far as, Noah. T of level, services exist today. With. That I'll be open for discussion. Just, to make sure we're. All clear what we're voting on. Was. It determined. That what we were voting on is to change the rental rate for. The remainder of this five-year, lease that they're in, currently.

The. The. Amendment, is for the current lease which. Is the next two years and, the option to renew so in other word if you have exercised, if they decide to exercise the option three that. Will go as well there had been some discussion, about. I. Think, he might have been clarifying, what I was asking I'm sorry. All. Right what was your answer to, the question about what, we are actually I was in the two years remaining in this current lease plus the five-year tenant, option, which, I understand, if the exercise option, three new in other word if show more didn't exercise the option to renew then, it, will be. Please. Restate, what they have the option it's. Not our option it's show Mars option if they would extend the lease for another five years at, $500 that's what he's saying we would be authorizing, I was, of the understanding that we were potentially. Looking at just doing the. Fatherhood our lease, rate, for. The remaining two years of this existing. I. Want. To make sure yes. Sir angle s'en said that that was his reading, of it but what I heard, our. Staff, say is that that is not the reading that it is the option, of so I don't know I've not seen a contract, so I'm just trying to figure out. So. The amendment the amendment is, for the current lease and. The. Current lease has, an option, to renew as well, so. If. If. If, if we if show more, ownership. Decided. Not to exercise that option then. This. Issue is. Beyond. The five years will be non-issue. Or not, not, part of the equation but if they decided, to exercise. The option the. $500. It will go will. Continue. With, a 3% escalation. On a yearly basis, further, or per the existing, lease. Dregg's. Thank. You Man madam, mayor two questions that mr. manager. You may have the answer citizen. Or you mister crawlers the general service, operating. Fine, what, is that, what. Comes, out of that currently. What, do we pay out, of the general services, operating. Budget. So. That's the the general, fund basically, so, any revenue that will come from. Leases. That's, not encumbered, by federal, funding, or, you. Know general degraded, activity. That, will go into the fund so, I wanted to have clarifications. Is currently what their rent is is 3000, and what, the request is is a reduction. To 501, that goes into our general operating fund that, we utilize quite, often for, multiple. Almost. Immediate, needs in the, community, the other question. Of which we discussed, this earlier that I have is. There. Is a, potential. Challenge because, of security, measures but do you know if there's been any discussion regarding. Them. Adapting. To. Today's. Market, instead of being open only for breakfast and lunch considering. Being. Open on evenings, where there, are multiple. Meetings, that are happening right inside this building just as the last 20 minutes individuals. That were here earlier thinking, that the meeting time was a different time, are. We looking, at how they look at looked at other options other than. Asking. For, a considerable. Reduction of, funds. That is now contributing, to our genuine, general, operating. Funds based. On the current staffing, level, where. They have we, have I would. Say above average, number. Of employee, accommodate. Our service. Hours and as, a response, for, our. You know for our short lunch, period, of time they. Will not be able to sustain the, level of services, after hours so, that would be a major cut as far as the number of people working in the building and provide. Accommodating. Service because it would be not. Consistent, out say so. Mr. manager what our ask is for us to look at what, are the, possibilities, of other, options, outside. Of, a considerable. Reduction. Is. Funds. That is already, reduced in, comparison to. Other facilities, within. The Uptown area and, how much rental space is. For. Funds that go into our general operating budget.

Mr.. Driggs. I. Wanted. To one publicly, clarify, that George kachelle is an old friend of mine so just. Full disclosure okay, but I don't believe that affects, my judgement about this and, I also wanted to clarify that, in conversations. Today I got. The feeling that the, extension. The. Reduction of the lease through. The end of the current lease term was. Something, that might work for us here and that's, something that should be considered as an alternative, to the original, proposal, that would commit us over the renewal term as well so, I hope today we can talk about reducing, the rent just. Until the end of the current lease term which I understand, from the owner what would, be acceptable to them. You. Know I just, I don't think we should, be in the business. Of. Picking and choosing business, models. To. Support. You. Know like show Mars as an, entity. But. It's, had a good run of twenty years and I, think the market has just changed, and I think. A. Reinventing. Of our ground-floor our, first floor is in line with what, is happening right now as, we're. Completing the one-stop shop. The. The Plaza area could be, find. A way to be incorporated, into, the. Dining area perhaps, taking advantage, of the. Food. Trucks the. Trend. Of the. Market nowadays I understand, that the current lease only allows for five days of food trucks. Yeah. I can't. See. Supporting. This, reduction. So. I want, to make sure you understand, is the is the least that's at least actually, saved that food. Trucks can only be. Used. For five days I want to make sure that we understand, that yes you will have limited just from a competition standpoint, they will have limited, five. Times per year. Yeah. Food. Trucks coming. Mr.. Mitchell thanks, Muir Wow. I, thought. This was a no-brainer - today. He. Seemed like this has turned to a very, interesting conversation. So. Tony let, me eggs because I want to be fair to both sides and and. So show Mars has invested. $55,000. Dude do you have a copy of the. Last, revenue. For last year. We. Have the financials. Are. Your liberty to share with this diet. Right. Now, well obviously is a private entity so, we, have to check with City Attorney whether is that something that can be done mr.. Detorri since. They are in our building, can. The financials, be shared with us well. I haven't, seen their financials, so if they've given it to us I'm not sure if they gave it to us pursuant, to some sort of confidentiality, agreement. Or or, something along. Those lines typically that would be proprietary, information. The by. The entity and could potentially be a shield. To a public, record request I have not seen the document, yes okay. So, shake that box okay thank, you so, I'm, as supportive, of reducing, I'm a big fan of show, Mars so they can they. Can attest to I want, to be fair, corporation. Makes an investment into, equipment. I. Feel. Some. Pain if we somehow would terminate the contract, and they, still have and the, try to recoup that cost on, the back end though I'm thinking about this, building, in the City Council and I.

Think If we go seven, years but I'm here you saying there's two years in the disturb and a renewal another, five years. I give. A little credit to my colleague, councilman. Winston the model has changed and. So, I'm very comfortable, reducing. Their, rent for the next two years and let us have this conversation as we move forward, and. Is, now. You mentioned, that we cannot allow food trucks out there for five days is that yeah, five, times a year is that our policy or that's, part. Of the negotiation that. Basically when we entered into and that is very common in commercial buildings, you. Don't want to have you, know. Competing. Interest, in. In the same in the same building because they provide same, type of food or. Here's. The catch-22. Apparently. They stop it 3:30 right. The mayor's point they. Come they come come that's, old you got turn and still got 4,000. Some people in the building, that, would love to eat even, if five or six o'clock so I'm. Since the two of you on one side but, you can't create a monopoly there could be no other options, for us at, the three o'clock you clarified the food trucks will not be, allowed. As long as they operate as long as shumar is operating, so. If. A food truck comes after, our after, three o'clock we will be open to it thanks for the clarification you didn't sit at first I was only impression on your sense okay, so they can't come, only. Five times. Our. Show, Mars is open they can only have five days. But. That would make no sense for the food truck because lunch is when you make your money. I'm, into the masa we need to make sure we clear some time, let me repeat what you just said that. At. The three o'clock. Food. Trucks are available. To. Be out there in the plaza, that's correct. So. Mars is closed so there's no competition that's correct okay all. Right Thank You MIT Mayor Pro Tem. I'm. Confused, now I, honestly. I do think it's a little confusing because we were only given such a small amount of information and, the contract, itself and I see, vaguely, remember, there was this food truck rule I don't, you know I certainly. Don't want to go the five-year extension I'm. Not gonna, lose sleep over it staying, open. Another. Year to the. Rent itself, is a rounding, error in the big scheme of things but I think you know leave it open and then talk, about other ways that we could provide other options, nothing against show Mars but you know there's. I. Will say though that in. The four years I've been here restaurants. Have closed in this area right you gotta take a scooter.

Up To North Tryon, to, get any food around here because. That Cluckers, across the street clothes and it doesn't seem that restaurants, can make. It down here so you, got to be a little bit careful jurors. Use some, show Mars, you. Know people at the county that, the court system uses it so I'm. Probably fine, with the two-year extension but let's, have a little bit more time to talk about what, the options are after that or. The two years in the reduction just for two years. Thank. You Mary Mary so. I'm. Here with my colleagues. Mr.. Mitchell and Mayor Pro Tem. So. Mars do serve. Majority. Of our employees and they have good service the, challenges after hours. At. The same time I do understand, the investment that they have made and. They have a chance I mean they have a history of 20, years of the City of Charlotte which is remarkable. But. If we can is, there any way we can after two years we can look, at the performance and, see if it makes sense for us to continue. With. Five years or. Explore. Other options, can. We do that in this contract. I know that we that would require majority. Six votes but is there a possibility. There. Is a possibility. We. Will we will now have to amend the, existent. Least not only on the rent but also on, the option to renew because. As. I mentioned the. Current lease, dictates, the option. To renew. Owner. Should be interested, in that option, that's what I'm trying to understand. Not. For the $3,000 I will be down to the 500, so yeah at that point of time they. Will based. On the conversation, that we're having you, will not. Question. We've, talked about the 55 thousand, dollars to replace kitchen, equipment, with the appliances, and remains responsible, for the repairs, so, how it says under the current lease when did they actually update. The kitchen two, years ago in, 2016. When we renewed the eggs the, current lease they, replace the kitchen equipment, and, she, actually owned the kitchen equipment now so they've had. You. Know three years of, depreciation. On the new equipment. Alright, mr., Driggs so. I would like to make a motion that, we amend. The lease rate as proposed, by the staff, for. The drained er of the current lease term. Second we. Have a motion in a second, that the least be done over. Two years and removing, the optional, research, two years two. Years. Until. June, 2021. 21. Okay, while removing the option right is that your move he, said removing the option this, may feel that we. Have a motion by mr. Drake second by mr. schmira this, may feel and mr. Bukhari. Mr.. Bukhari, thank. You. Yeah. I think this, is the the, right thing to do in this approach right here that, we've come to the, only thing I'd say is. Let's. Make one, let's make sure that, our. Our. Partners. And sho Mars know how, much they're appreciated, and this conversation, is a macro, view, of what's going on you.

Can See through the numbers that. The from the employees, that that, they, love the service the food everything of that nature and, I, personally. Really. Appreciate, the, folks that work there I think they're wonderful folks. Let's. Not walk. Away here with with anyone thinking anything less than that hopefully and also, so. There's two years like let's not jump into this decision like, we're talking about it now very ad hoc in two years like this, is the future of food and there can be food trucks food, trucks can be out there after three and while that's not lunchtime it gets close to dinnertime and none of them are there now so, let's really do our homework and if we're gonna come back two, years from now and say the. Model has changed let's be damn sure we understand, what the new model is if this isn't it because, my perspective, is right now we've, got a tenant in there who, serves, up amazing, food and service, in an, area where it's basically a food desert and. You've got to go really far anywhere, else to find anyone else who set up any kind of shop to want to do business in this area so. I just, I just ask that we consider, that. Right. So, we have miss, Mayfield Thank, You Madame, Mia. Permits. The manager and. For, mr. Chronos I. Share. The sentiments, that I do not want us to waste the. Opportunity in. These two years to. Actually. Identify. Opportunities. I, am. NOT a fan. Surveys. As a general, rule because. Coca-cola, can do a survey and say Coke. Original, is the best is number. One out of five cokes that's. Not the information that you're getting you're just saying it's when. I five five out of five, people love coke original, that's, not telling you your comparison. Was Coke vanilla coke orange in all Coke products so, to do a survey, for one business, that has been here for 20 years that. Has not had competition. Is, I. Feel. Very, short-sighted. On our part for. The simple fact that we'd love to sit, around this face and say Paul, market, Co market, business. Sets the tone well, this is a business decision it, has nothing to do with the personal relationships, with any other staff has nothing to do with, a personal, relationship with the owner it's, a business decision so your business, model should, be adjusted I will, not be supporting a reduction. From $3,500, down to $500. Even if there was a consideration, of 1500. That. I would probably have I, would. Give more consideration. To than, going down to 500, because what precedent, does that set as was. There earlier today by, my, colleague, for.

We, Are pushing for. Ground-floor. Retail. Throughout. Uptown. In the immediate area. We. Have, repeatedly. Shared. Where our expectation. Is for, other companies. To do business in the city I am. Concerned, about what precedent, for any other space that government may own because. I'm not. Concerned about is what the private market does I don't care a Bank of America offers, free space for a restaurant I don't care in Federal Reserve does it they. Didn't have funds going into their general. Line-item. In order to help with the needs in the community so. To tell them because a business say they're not seeing the amount. Of revenue that they would like to see, so, in essence, give me a break, that, is a very difficult. Request. For me when, we have residents, in this community, who, are constantly seeing, increases. In, in. Retail. Space, not. Just residential. Space and retail space where, they cannot afford to, continue, to do business in that space and that bank or that other entity, is, not reducing, their rent so. If, you're going it looks like there's support around this table and only takes six out of the eleven. So if. We're going to utilize this two years then, I hope that, we utilize, it wisely, and actually. Reach. Out and ask the question, is, are, there, any other apps food options, you would like to see whether it's food trucks or not plenty. Of businesses, are set up for, breakfast and lunch others. May have a, different, model but, if we're gonna consider, this, rent, 500. Then that means whoever comes in the future should, have that same opportunity to be able to come in and say they can lock in a $500, win opposed. To a 35. Or 45, or, whatever the market says the rent should be at that time so, if we're gonna have a conversation about reducing the rent for, this company, who has had the ability for more than two, decades to. Have a complete, corner, market of 1200, plus individuals, access. Then. We, need to say okay if this is going to be the rent this is going to be the rent for this space moving forward like to make a secondary, motion to deny, all amenities to the current. Police agreement, so. The substitute, motion is, to deny the, all. Amendments, to the current lease agreement with us. For that motion. To. Maintain. To maintain, the existing lease, yes do I have a second. Okay. All. Right all. Right I'm substitute. Motion any discussion, on the substitute, motion all. In favor of the substitute, motion keeping. The current lease please raise your hand. Motion. Fails that. Takes us back to the original motion, to, maintain, the. Recommendation. From the city. On. The agenda for the reduction, in rent from. 3515. For, a two-year. Period deleting. The option, or, continuance. And I guess that assumes, the, owner, will make that agreement. You'll come back to us if not so. Any. Further discussion, of the original motion all in favor of the original motion please, say aye, any. Opposed. I want, to do what you want them to add vanilla coke, thank. You yeah the. Next item on our agenda is a supplemental, municipal, agreement to maintain traffic, signals adopting, a resolution for. The manager to execute. Agreements. With NCDOT. For traffic signal retiming on, state maintained, streets I'd like to see that annual. Traffic signal maintenance on state maintained streets and a budget ordinance of, $300,000. To do so to have a motion to approve. We. Have a second, second. All in favor of any discussion. Next. Item is item 17. We have an I'm at your desk you can ask we've. Voted, and the historic. Appointments. To the historic, district Commission Chris, Merlin, Merlin, has. Been appointed, to. The. Commission with, six votes all. Right. With, that. I'm. Reading. I. Believe, you're. Eating the votes from last time up on the scre

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