Public Forum & Business Meeting : February 10, 2020

Public Forum & Business Meeting : February 10, 2020

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For. The Charlotte. City council, meeting. No longer do we have to compete with Monday, Night Football and. Perhaps. Not, even college, basketball. So that's a big game there, is a big game tonight in. South Carolina. There's. A big game night you kind of South Carolina the women's team is playing and so. We. Wish our you University. Of South Carolina folks. Good. Luck with that one. I'd. Like to call the February, 10th, 2020. Meeting of the Charlotte City Council, to order and, say welcome to all of you who are here today. We. Begin, our meetings, with an invocation or, an expression followed, by our Pledge of Allegiance the. Invocation or expression, is really intended, to solemnize, our own proceedings. And, we celebrate, the diversity of religion, in our community, including. Those that without, a religious, faith and so, we, are going to ask councilmember. Driggs to, address. Us tonight with the invocation and, you're. Welcome to participate if, you choose to do so, after. I'm the, mister. Councilmember, Drake's is complete. We, will ask you to all stand, for the Pledge of Allegiance. That. We will do tonight so, council, member, sorry. We forgot our introductions. We'll start with our city attorney please. Introductions. For everyone, good evening I'm Patrick Baker city attorney Ned, rates district 7. Sarkar, just six Malcolm, Graham district to Market Eggleston district 1 happy, Monday Julie ISIL at-large and Mayor Pro Tem good evening bylaws, in there. City. Manager Renee. Johnson, district, 4 happy. Monday Braxton, Winston at-large. Dimpled, I'm around welcome at large good, evening and happy early, Valentine's Day, I'm, at noon district. And. Now. We'll ask mr. Driggs would. You as a stand with me if you wish please. Heavenly. Father as we gather here today we, thank you for the many kinds of abundance in our lives and for the wonderful city in which we live, we. Pray that we are ever mindful of opportunities.

To Render service to fellow citizens, and to our community, keeping. In mind always, the enduring, values of life and devoting. Our efforts to those things upon which future generations. Can build with confidence. Let, us continue to strive to make a better world. Thank. You. This. Time we'd like to follow, with. An award to recognition, that, we would like to make and, I'd like to ask the Mayor Pro Tem to. Read our proclamation, for this evening. And. I. Don't know miss her would you like to the, proclamation and. And. Then you would have to, three, minutes to respond, to it I believe and that way we can do this so miss Hart who is president. Great. Thank you madam mayor so. Whereas February, 20 20 marks the 100th, anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters of Charlotte, Mecklenburg and, whereas. The year 2020. Marks, the 100th, anniversary of the ratification of. The 19th amendment to, the Constitution. Of the United States, giving. Women the right to vote and whereas. The League of Women Voters of Charlotte, Mecklenburg as, well, as the League of Women Voters of the United States was founded in, 1920. To, help twenty million women new, Women Voters carry out their new. Responsibilities. And whereas, the League of Women Voters has, worked for 100, years empowering, voters, protecting. Democracy, by providing nonpartisan, information on, candidates, and issues, for elections. Encouraging. Voter registration. And informed. Voting helping. Generations. Of citizens understand. The structure, and function, of government, providing. Nonpartisan. Balanced. Information on, public policy, issues, to citizens, and working. To achieve government. Policies, that promote public, interest and whereas. The League of Women Voters of Charlotte, Mecklenburg will, celebrate their 100th anniversary. Of its, founding and, of, women's right to vote on February. 29th. 2020. At a gala event now. They're fair now therefore i by, Alexander. Lyles mayor, of Charlotte do, hereby proclaim February.

29 2020. As a special, day to celebrate, the 100th. Anniversary, of the, League of Women Voters I. Saw. That what the members, of the league, please, stand and be recognized. First. And only time we've ever had happy signs Emil. So, the next item on our agenda is. Our, public, forum, and. We. Begin. Our public, forum oh. I'm. Sorry miss Hertz gonna lead us off with, this but. We have in our public, forum we have two. Minutes for each speaker, but. I wanted to make a note that we do not see. This as a time to respond. We. Take, the information the, staff will follow up, with you you will either get a phone call or a letter or an email the. City manager, will make sure all of you get that and this council gets a copy of that information. So, tonight when, you speak we listen and then, you will get a follow-up as a result of your um presentation. To us this. Hurt. Good. Evening my. Name is Dolores. Johnson, hurt and, I am president, of the League of Women Voters of Charles Mecklenburg. Thank. You mayor, for. Proclaiming. February. 29th, a special. Day to. Celebrate, 100. Years of the League of Women Voters and the, right of women to vote, in. The United States, our. Gala starts at 6:00 p.m. that evening at. The, new Meridian, hotel uptown. It. Is a fundraiser, and, you, can support the work of the league by. Going online to. Go, Lika. That, org to, purchase tickets. I'd. Like to take a moment to talk about the league's history I believe. That, today, women's. Right to vote is, taken for granted, some. May even believe women could always vote however. That. Is far, from true, the. Predecessors. Of the League of the, predecessors. Are the founders, of the league including, women. Of color fought. For over 70 years for, that right they. Were berated. And physically. Assaulted, as, they struggled, to have a say in how, they were governed. They. Held countless, demonstrations. They. Marched, in blizzard, conditions in, front, of the White House they. Went on hunger strikes they. Lobbied, male legislators. They, were arrested. Finally. In 1920. All women. Could vote for a. Women of color it. Was not until the 1964. Civil Rights Act that we, were, effectively enfranchised. Today. Membership. In the lead is, open to all residents. Of the United, States men. As well we. Have men on our local board we. Work to protect voting. Rights for everyone. In. Particular. I'm, two minutes I'm sorry because we have a number of speakers tonight so well. May I finish please I, was told I had three minutes I was. Told I had three minutes. Okay. So. We work to protect voting, rights for everyone in particular. We advocate, for fair elections ended, in two gerrymandering. And voter, suppression. Valentine's. Day February 14th. Is the actual, birthday of the league but, we are celebrating, on the 29th. Everyone. In Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County. Should, celebrate with, us on this, auspicious occasion. Thank, you very much members. Of the league thank, you as well. Thank. You thank, you for allowing us to remind ourselves that, three minutes is three minutes when we tell you that thank. You all, right the next speaker that we have is Sean Gaddy. Mr.. Gaddy, and. Two. Minutes mr. Gaddy. Good. Evening. Thank. You Council for letting. Us speak tonight my name is Morgan Williams, I'm here on behalf of, the Elizabeth Community, Association sorry are you mr. Gaddy he'll, be going next no, we. Go in the order I'm sorry I I know, this sounds very, prescribed. Because it is we. Go in the order by which the. Speakers are signed out and so, I have, first mr., Gaddy miss Lambert and mr. Williams. So. In that order. I'm. Sorry, so mr.. Gaddy, please. Come. Down and miss, Lambert follows. The. Order they've the, order that we signed up it was intended for Morgan, to lay the groundwork of the project, as he's an, important, figure in the neighborhood you know guys you, guys work it out and tell me who's speaking just say your name so that I know, who who's, up first and as.

Long, As you stick, to the two minutes we will be in good shape I apologize, but I'm, following, them. Thank. You my name is Morgan Williams I'm here tonight on behalf of Elisabeth, Community Association thank. You for hearing us tonight we're. Here to talk about the streetcar project and. The adverse impact, that it has had upon our community, and in. To ask for your assistance you're, going to hear tonight from Sean yeah gady and Lambert. And Sarah, Crowder as well and. They're gonna have they're going to share a couple of core points with you first and foremost just. To make sure that everybody is aware of the project it stretches, on Hawthorne, Lane from this street to. Sunnyside, it's, roughly a, 2785. Foot stretch of, property. Which. Has been under construction for. Over. 1,000. Days. It's. Left our community. Divided. It's. Left us without a bridge and, it's, left us to be honest for you dealing with dangerous, conditions. On an ongoing basis. We. Have oftentimes. Sought, assistance, from, the city and we, were able to engage with mr. Jones or Mike Davis we get quick responses. But. Unfortunately, the project management, is not strong, enough to ongoing, to, ensure that their ongoing support, is. Really sustainable, so. What, we oftentimes deal with is issues, that get bubbled up and then are quickly addressed, but then quickly revert back to exactly, the same level of danger if not greater than before our. Community. Is deeply. Concerned, by these additionally. We're concerned, that our quality of life has been impaired for. Over three years now so, for a thousand, days we've, had to put up with the ongoing, sporadic. Nighttime, work we're not really as much concerned, about organized. Efforts as we are as ad hoc projects, that show up in the mill tonight disrupt. Our daily routines and our nightly routines, wake our children. Disrupt our businesses, and in. Injurer they were potentially. Hinder. Our sleep, we. Are deeply concerned that the city is not enforcing. Its its, noise ordinance, and frankly we have heard that they have waived the noise ordinance for. The duration of the project, last. But not least we've got to asks tonight the first one is. The. Next speaker if you'll just say state your names my. Name is Sean Gaddy I live, in the Elizabeth neighborhood corner. Of 8th and Hawthorne, in a historic landmark home, the. Area got more hairy golden home prior. To the onset of this project, I met with. The. Project managers as well as historic, landmarks, related to the home, construct. And tended construction, project, and. How it may impact my particular, home, additional. Works structural. Works were done on the home to somewhat, try to protect it, one. Of my big concerns has, not only been safety. But. Also the construction, practices, lots. Of shaking especially, on the second level of the house, stucco. Cracks. Structural. Failures. Plaster. Pops and, tile cracks as well this, information, has been passed on to the city managers they've, been, more than accommodating as, far as coming out and speaking with me, answering. Phone calls I, understand. That project is going to go further through, the plasm in what area there's also historic, homes there as well so. I would just ask for, you, guys to be open to. Hearing. Our side as far as damages, that, have occurred and possibly. Look, at construction. Practices. And how that may further impact, additional, historic, properties, in the Elizabeth neighborhood.

Thank. You very much. Good. Evening council members my name is Anne Lambert I'm an Elizabeth, resident, voter and tax payer I'm here tonight as a resident, of Hawthorne Court and a member of the Hawthorne Court homeowners, association. I want, to add my comments, about the city management's. City's. Management, of the streetcar, project as others. Have noted there is a very clear safety hazard, posed by this project, and the lack of supervision, and oversight I, have, seen open fencing, missing. Barriers, it's very concerning. Hakone, Court has also dealt with other safety issues including. Improperly, calibrated. Stoplights, resulting, in heavy delays getting to central cars. Channeled, into our dead-end private, street and debris. Left in the street uneven, roads unsafe moving. Equipment and unsafe, storing of materials, in public right of ways as most. Are aware the project, experienced, problems with the girder installation, in, addition, we experienced, powerful, unabated, overnight, lighting, although. I'm informed, the contract, requires the contractor, to use screens, we, have yet to see any the. Noise that was referenced has been at time so loud both day and night it has made it difficult to maintain a reasonable, quality of life late. Last year there were days when construction was ongoing for 22, hours a day, additionally. Concerning, is that the work is so sporadic, intense, periods of work for week or 10 days followed. By months. Of no activity, we. Have cracks in our stucco, we've, have drywall cracks, and settling, our green areas and curbs have been damaged as a result of vehicles, turning into our private drive we. Have engaged the city but are concerned with the lack of concrete details, regarding the future we. Need a clear path forward, I want, to ask that the city reimburse, us with the use of a licensed, professional engineer to, expect our property, I want, to ask that the city assign a representative, to help process the claims associated with, any damage by the city or contractor, and I, want to join the others tonight that have expressed a need for improved coordination by, the city with, the community, concerning, this project, we, need to have a sense of partnership, and understanding. How the city will leave our community and accountability. For the commitments, we understand, including. The operating, hours of the streetcar. And thank you very much, mr.. Crowder Sarah, Crowder. Good. Evening I'm Sarah Crowder I'm president, of the Elizabeth Community, Association. I'm. A lifelong, resident of Charlotte, and I currently live on Greenway, Avenue, there. Are many reasons my husband and I bought our home in Elizabeth nearly 38, years ago but. I can assure you it. Was not so, that we could live along a road that's, been torn up and almost impassable. For nearly three years so. That our children could, run through an open barricade, to. A 30-foot, drop off to a freeway, so. That heavy equipment, could be parked, almost, in our front yards for a thousand, days so. That is our historic, home would be damaged, by, construction. Violation. Vibrations. Or. So, that we could have a streetcar, rumbling by, our homes after, midnight and worried about what those vibrations, could do to our houses, these. Are just a few of the awful, conditions, that, Morgan Ann and Sean and their neighbors and the businesses, and churches along, Hawthorne have. Endured, for. Years. They. Are suffering, so. We want you to step up and, force. Your contract, with Johnson, Brothers construction. Company and your. City ordinances. Make. This company, remedy, the unacceptable. Conditions. On this, poorly, managed. Construction. Site it. Needs to be cleaned up and made, safe. Starting. Tonight. Establish. A timeline for, completing this project that. Will not subject the, neighbors, to intolerable. Conditions. Commit. To an independent, safety, inspector, to walk the site weekly. And don't. Dismiss, the, concerns, of the people who. Live with this project day. And night you, would not want to live with this project in your front yard. Commit. Funds as an task for the neighbors to hire structural. Engineer, to, assess, the damage to, their homes and then. Expedite, those damage, claims thank. You very much, thank you very much. Earlier. Today. Mr., Williams sent, me an email about whether or not we would meet immediately. After this meeting and what I've asked, if the if you would consider a meeting. Later. This week we, will have staff, resources, there the city manager's, office will be represented, we will be in touch with you to arrange that thank you.

The Next speaker, is Scott Bryan, Mr. Bryan. Are. Miss. Bryan excuse. Me. Good, evening madam mayor and city council my. Name is Scott Bryan and, first let me say thank you so much for your public, service I'm here. Tonight to, share some thoughts on the subject of allocation. Of public funds particularly, the, tourism, and occupancy, tax. Dollars. And. Ask that the cities seek a broader balance, in its distribution. Of these funds, provide. Greater public education. And transparency. As it, relates to its allocation, and speaking. More broadly I'd. Like for you to consider how. Large public. Subsidies, to organizations. Already, operating. Under enormous. Tax-exempt. Advantages. Play. A role in inequality. First. The public always welcomes, more transparency. And stronger. Public education. Whether that be on your government website. Or in. The media regarding. The usage of public dollars but. Moving on it appears that the city has a deal on the table with MLS, and its, partnership, with mr. Tepper for. For. An. Allocation of tourism, tax funds, and upgrades. And revitalization, it's. Certainly, exciting to have a pro sports, team, a particular. Soccer in a city and of. Course it's wonderful to have Reeve. Revitalization. In areas such as Eastland, law and some. That. Is long overdue, however. There are a few concerns that I'm sure you recognize but it's worth bringing for you tonight before you tonight regarding, the bigger picture, of inequality, and fair, distribution, of resources. As. The city continues, to negotiate. These complex. Real estate deals and, and operation. Deals with various entities I encourage, you to take into consideration the. Enormous, tax breaks already, afforded, to these corporations, and, individuals, on various, levels. Take. Mr. Tupper sneer four million dollar stadium, tack reduction, recently, I know that's by the county, but, imagine, if that was spread around and, these other businesses didn't, have to shoulder the burden of, that, lost, tax revenue or, take the loss of city revenue, from renting the land to, the stadium, for $1, which, has to be spread out to other businesses. To make up that difference and. Even on the state level. Mr.. Tupper does not contribute, any income, tax to the North Carolina Treasury. Because. He primarily resides. In a tax-free state which is Florida so. When local governments commit valuable tax fines or offer these breaks it's, less money and also, I'd like to know they were told me I had three minutes that no one notified me I had to but so sorry if I could just could, I just put a plug in for the arts community and the tax allocation funds. Which, I was getting to and, if you would give a copy of your remarks, to the city clerk she will distribute them to each one of us okay, thank you for having me help thank you. All. Right, the next speaker is Bobby Kirkpatrick. Mr.. Kirkpatrick. Hello, madam mayor extreme. Council it's good to see you guys again my. Name is Bobby Kirkpatrick, I work. For LSG, sky chefs which, is a catering, company here, in Charlotte we cater Airlines. We. Make Kadem mainly. American, Airlines. Which. Is, a. Monster. Of a company. We. Put food. Beverages. On airplanes, the sodas and beverages. That the sodas, and food, that you eat, has. Names. On them those. Are my coworkers. Most. Of them live in a poverty. And, work in a poverty, wage I've. Been working at LS discussion, for 38 years and I. Make. Sixteen thousand hours. That. Is. Terrible. What. I'm accent my City my city government. To do is. To help. Those, employees. At LSG. Sky chefs which. Primarily. Deal. With American, Airlines. We're. Not asking, you for anything that, you won't want for yourselves we. Need a living, wage. Poverty. That these people might, people, are. Under. Because. They're, dedicated. They're. Dedicated. People that, go, to work every day they, shouldn't be tucking avantage of. Some. Acts of my council the. Urge American, Airlines and the urge. The. LSE Scott shelf, to. Help and. Seek, a better living wage. Most. Of these most. Of my co-workers can't. Afford health, care we. Lot, of them have to have subsidy. Health care through, the government, and. That's. Putting more, girl on my city. Thank. You. To Kirkpatrick. Our. Next speaker is David, Rosen. Good. Evening and thank you for your service, I'm, here today on my 25th. Birthday, to, talk about. Climate. And. What. Is being passed between. Y'all is a, copy. Of Asheville's, climate emergency resolution, that was passed last, week or, two weeks ago at this point by the city of Asheville as. Well as our letter, that, we sent to, the mayor, every. Friday since, December, 6th asking, for a meeting, and. This. Was as a representative of the youth of Charlotte. You're. Incredibly, incredibly, grateful to be meeting with the mayor and her staff tomorrow. And, I wanted to just, use this as an opportunity to.

To. Tell, the rest of the council about why. We're here and what we're looking for. We. Know that. By the time that I'm 55, which. Will be in 2050. That we're aiming to be a low-carbon, City we. Also know that by then I will be older than a lot of the people that I'm looking at in front of me. What. We want to make sure is, that there's, transparency and. Accountability to, our wonderful strategic, energy action plan and B, make, and. The, sustainable, and resilient Charlotte, by 2050, resolution, we. Know that, our, leaders have, their, hearts in the right place and, are trying their best to, make sure that we have a livable future a future where we don't have to deal with the tornadoes that kept me from getting to my home on Clinton, Road for a full two hours earlier. In the month and. We. Had a you, have a platform a list of asks. That we would love to work together with you to try. To figure out ways to make sure that this stays accountable, including. Adding youth to the C F working groups making. Sure that we have environmental, impact, statements, coming out of the committee, that now has purview. Over, the environment and making. Sure that we have. Our budgets in a, accountable. To the goals of the CF so that by 2030, we reach the city's goals thank, you so much thank you Kate. Harrison. Good. Evening my name is Kate Harrison a representative. Of Charlotte youth environmental leaders, this. Fall an estimated, 2,000, youth and Charlotte residents, have participated, in the global Fridays for future or, school strike for climate movement in Charlotte NC demanding, climate action and, we all would like to thank the City Council for unanimously, passing, the strategic, energy action plan last year but. In order to properly act on the crisis we must first recognize that, we are in one we, need to change our approach to tackling, the climate and ecological, crisis as. David mentioned before, you today is a resolution, endorsing, the declaration, of a climate emergency. An emergency. Mobilization. Effort to, restore safe climate from the Asheville City Council the, first city in North Carolina to pass such a resolution. And we can't afford for it to be the last. Recognizing. Our ongoing climate emergencies, the first step in fixing it this. Recognition, and realization, is essential, in implementing, the bold action, and plans that come along with it including the implementation of, C app we've. Seen the growing voices, for change coming throughout the city of Charlotte and the rest of the world we, understand, the urgency of this crisis, in the little time remaining and fixing it the. Youth here, representing, earth uprising, extinction, rebellion Youth Charlotte Sunrise, movement Charlotte Friday's for future Charlotte and NC climate strike have read this open letter signed. By residents, of Charlotte, to illustrate the need for recognition, of the emergency, we face and actions.

That Come with addressing, it thank, you for your time. I'm, mr.. Pride. To, shake. Please. What. Papa. Please. Come down and you. Have to, speak. I. Go. By other I'm. With David and as a representative, of their Charlotte youth environmental groups. Good. Evening to all cousins and thank you for the opportunity, that allows me to speak on something that I'm particularly, concerned, about what. Is environmentalism. To. Me it's not about saving the earth or protecting, trees or improving, biodiversity. Or anything. Generally, about animals it's more so about the human experience. Environmentalism. Is about wealth disparities, health issues economic burdens, social, disruptions, and more, environmentalism. Is about, ensuring that extreme weather patterns like the tornado we saw asked me do not grow exponentially, and out-of-control, environmentalism. Is about ensuring clean access, to water and a dependable, access, to electricity and medical services that won't be hindered by torrential rains pollution. Reduce groundwater, levels and other such climate and environmental, disasters, that will be there when I am 30 or 40 years old and Ryan. Mentalism, is about ensuring that the future generations, in Charlotte don't, have to go out wearing pollution, masks like the apocalyptic, pictures, they see coming out of Shanghai Beijing, and, Dulli, environmentalism. Is about ensuring that the working class relative, is not, disadvantaged. Because of the burdens that will come with climate change I and. I believe I speak for all youth climate groups adult climate groups and concerned, citizens urge all of you and those beyond the walls of this room to respond to climate change with the same attention that is provided to affordable housing health, problems and other issues that affect us. The. Current vacuum and national environmental leadership, is only making it worse and there's, an unfortunate precedent. Being set that, the environment, does not matter and that. Rapid uncontrolled, development is the way to go this, false rhetoric is not only damning, to the current generation but is setting the pace for a gross disrespect, to scientific, data and research, evidence the, need for Charlotte, to become environmentally, conscious could not be great at this point of time and we, need to turn the tide before it crushes us and as, counsel mentioned, about, these councilmember, Drake's mentioned, at the beginning of this meeting we need to strive for a better and a more sustainable future to. End I'll leave you with a small analogy, environmental. Concerns for society, thank you very much my. Last sentence environmental. Concerns to society, is like a cars fire sure, you can drive on flats but for how long, thank you thank you so. To this group I'd like to say I'm looking forward to a meeting tomorrow with you at one o'clock I'd like to invite anyone of the diet's to please join me with, the group and the staff we, will be talking about our CRM. Which, we have saw as a priority when, we approve the housing, framework, we, approve an environmental. Action, plan and that action, plan is underway and we've, also addressed. The issue of mobility and how we're gonna make the world and at, least this city and hopefully. More cities, in our region, more. Environmentally. Friendly with. Mobility, options. And choices so, I look forward to meeting with you, tomorrow at one o'clock and please feel, free to join us at. The at the meeting our, next mayor I. Just, have a quick comment could we get an update on the CF working, groups and how youth is engaged in that group I was gonna say one more thing we are going to have on March the 4th at our budget workshop an update of the CI plan that's, on the agenda and, we can address the question about youth engagement, at that time thank, you very much, okay. So, the next speaker, that we have is. Then. Me, Anna miss. Tammy I don't doubt, E. One. O'clock tomorrow. Anyone. That's interested in, hearing. The young people tomorrow feel, free to just come. Good. Evening good evening my. Name is damiana. Dendy I'm a research, analyst, with unite here the airline catering, and airport, concessions workers union the.

Report That I'm giving, you to you right now shows. That American, Airlines receives. Public subsidies, in the form of capital improvements. Non, airline, terminal, revenues, and tax. Exemptions. Since. 2015. The, Charlotte City Council has approved over, 103. Million. Dollars in spending on airport. Projects, that have benefitted American, Airlines more than any other Airport airline, at, CLT. Between. 2016. And 2018 the. City gave American, Airlines a sixty three point five million, dollars of non, terminal, airport revenue, tax. Breaks on jet fuel that were implemented, back when airlines were struggling, benefit. American Airlines at an estimated cost of twenty-seven million dollars per year on top, of these public subsidies, Americans. Cost per in plane passenger, is only one dollar, and 26 cents at CLT, lower, than any of its other hubs and Cl. T's passenger, facility, charge is, only three dollars lower, than every single large, hub airport, in the entire country, while. American makes billions here, in Charlotte Charlotte. Residents pay a price, Shabet. Flyers must, pay sixteen, percent more for domestic airfare than, the national, average which is also higher, than any, other American hub. Subcontracted. Airline catering workers. Serving. American Airlines will be paid as low as $11. Per hour as of, February 28th of this year and must pay premiums, over. $500. Per month for, employer-provided, family, health insurance. At. The end of my report I've included questions that, I encourage, the council and to. Ask the see the. Airports and american airlines, thank. You thank. You. Mr.. William, votes votes. Okay. The, next speaker is mr.. Leo. I'm on. Their. For coming down those steps now. There's. A long way huh yeah. Yeah. Okay. My, name is Leo Amon I am. Here tonight because well. This is a climate crisis, it's not change, its, people. Are calling it denial, it is not denial you are not going to deny what is the truth it, is, climate crisis. That we were talking, here and first. Of all the borrowed apocalypse, it was like, last. Spring. And um. I'd. Like everyone, everyone. Who has asthma or, some type of breathing. Problems, me.

Including, Included. We're. Having, serious, issues, because. Pawn is one of our main allergens. That, all humans, suffer, from which. Is not a good thing and, if. I want to say something I'm like a sage this stuff so, you know what I'm going to say I'm, gonna say this that. At, the, Tuesday, something-something. Breakfast. Something, something, that. George, dumb, lopped was, at last. Week. What. Happened, he said climate. Change is not our best, priority, wrong, that, is so wrong you should they should be your most, priority. And. We can have it I understand. How people are testifying about. Well not just whatever this is but. Saying, about like. This construction yeah that's true but, I think climate, change should be our main. Crisis. Thing, just. Thing. Going. On right now because. This. Is what, depends. On how. We live, do, you want to live the full human. Lifespan, I think, you do do, you want every. Kid in this world to, die at. Ages. 10. Or 11, I don't, think so but. But. What how the actions, of people. That. They've been doing. Are. Saying. That. You guys don't care well. I, want to say thank you mr., Aman for your own passion, and your. Delivery and. We. Do see this as a crises we, talk about it as a crises so, I'm, glad that this community, is living, and, speaking. Up I think the biggest change that we can make is having engagement, by people in this community to say do this and do it the, way that makes a difference so thank you all for being here that, is the last speaker that I have on the public for. Leo. Amon is my son when you failed to tell you is you, forgot that increased, pawn counts, are because of increased co2 due. To fossil fuel, burning. IPCC. Report, nine, years, climate. Emergency. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight, nine. Nine, months. Pregnant admitted. Into the for-profit industrial. Medical complex, my. Show streams of labor pains puncture, the silent nurses quarters, nasty. Nasty nurses. Placing, bets that I take the poison epidural. I am, relentless for a natural birth nasty. Nasty nurses. Tommy by, brawling in the poison epidural, cart and raging, me to further resolve, my, screams become petitions, to the petitions. To the doctor let me stand up let me stand up let me give birth the way my grandmother's, have for millennia. Liability. Risk No lay down liability. Risk No lay down my, petitions, turn to screams for. Autonomy, over my body the, doctor relents, I stand up I squat, My Ancestors dream, of me my, beautiful son crowns leaving. The nature of my womb only, to be thrust into a cold building, on a dying planet. Anthropogenic. Climate change sustained. By politicians. And core operations, short-term. Profits, Trump my son's future the, future of all my children my. Son belongs, to the world and all children belong to me the, screams of my fight continued into the annals of government, centers and in front of dark age Duke headquarters. I watch, in horror as my elected, followers, allowed greedy developers, to rape and pillage the tree canopy of my home I watch, in horror as the Republicans. Colonized. The Commons the air the land the water. Shut. Up the economy, they say shut, up the economy they say I watch. And horde the wolves dawn the sheep skins of Democrats, plastic. People faking, the funk skunk, my. Horror is my resolve red, rubber burgade holding, actions monkey wrench sets things change and attorney, of the collective, conscience thank you very much. For. Tonight and. We do now, go to our consent, agenda or, tonight. On. Our consent, agenda, I'd. Like to have a motion to. Approve. Items, 30, for 350. With the exception, of 44, and, 46. Motion. Opposed. Thank. You very much this is the. Next item that we have on our agenda is item number 44. Which. Is an in rem remedy for. 56, 24 line metal, drive and. You. Have a speaker on this agenda item, and, that. Speaker. Here. And as, well we also have the.

Community. Neighborhood. Development staff person, that, has been working on this as, well. All. Right mr.. Pölten, yeah. Thank, you for allowing me to speak I am 56, 24 Longmeadow it. It's. Been vacant for at least seven years maybe ten the, city has is coming here to ask you for a demolition, order you've. Owned it for about 45. Days now, we've. Pulled trade, permits on it part, of some of them have have, even been finished where. We're constantly improving, it the city has come out looked at it I've given them open access to go into it at any time to. Take a look at it and. I'm. Just asking that you vote no to. Issue this demolition order it's, been seven to ten years, what's another 90 days you. Know just give me some time to get this finished it's, gonna make it nice home for somebody and I, just think that if you guys vote YES, on this demolition order it just really complicates, my life a little bit more than I just think it needs to be and I. Mean it's, been 10 years. So. We have. You've. Heard the speaker say that. It's been 10 years and he, needs another 90, days can you respond, yes. Good, morning Mary or good evening Mary council Jane tale on housing and neighborhood services and, I have your code enforcement division manager mr., Paul tonight actually had a conversation last, Thursday, and he is correct he was gracious enough to allow me access to the property, so we could look and see the work that had been completed, there. Still is some significant, work that needs to be done and really, what we're asking is, to go ahead and have the ordinance passed this evening and enter. And enter into a consent, agreement with mr. Colten um he indicated, to me on the phone last week that he would like 60 days I think it would probably be more prudent to enter. Into that consent agreement for 90 days to, make sure we have enough enough, time to make sure all the repairs are completed, so. Mr. Paulson are you oh did you hear our response, to 90 days consent. Order that, you would sign for the repairs. I mean, I'll do what I have to do it's to make this work I'd prefer not to have. That part, of the process involved, I'm sure that the I'm sure that code enforcement comes to you several, times a year you can always be brought up the next time, you. Know if you guys feel.

That It needs to that order needs to go through I think it's unnecessary. Obviously. I'm going to work with the city. Code enforcement to try to resolve this. I. Didn't. Hear yes or no in it I just I want to be clear. The. They're. Asking, that you do a consent, order for 90 days. Yes. So. With that what does that require for. Us to have a consent, order. So. Food the demolition, and it's for. 98, for 90 days or does it stay for 90 days so, what we would do is we would ask you to pass the ordinance this evening we'll enter into, a written agreement with mr. pölten with. Certain, milestones, with ultimately a 90 day compliance. Date and then, once. That is done the, ordinance would never be executed okay. Mr. phone are you going to be able to complete, the work in 90 days, it's. It's. A reasonable, amount of time that we could we should be able to get it done right, now we're we're kind of, the trade work is kind of being slowed down because we don't have electricity hooked up so we're, waiting on some final inspections, to happen before Duke power can come out I think, 90 days is is it doable amount, of time in did you you've only owned it for 45, days is that correct we officially owned it for about 45 so did you walk into this situation, understanding. The dire nature, of kind. Of repairs. And necessary. Is I. Knew. About the code enforcement actions, I don't, think they're dire at all I mean I have the pictures that it's. Not it's, not a dilapidated. House, at all you, know it's in very good shape you, know all the windows are there it's. A good looking house even you, know it's not a health, hazard to the I've. Worked with our staff on, a number of these now and I know, they they've. Been pretty fair and that the things they decide it's all it says if you think you can achieve them in 90 days I think this is reasonable I know they will work with you and we'll make sure as we check in that, you get every. Fair chance on those 90 days as possible.

Second. And we have a second, mr. Drake's. Yes. Second okay any, further discussion, all. In favor please, say aye of a motion for. And. The. Winston. Is opposed the, next item that's on. Item. Number 46. Which. Is 40 on an interim, remedy of. 4704. West, Sugar Creek Road. We. Don't have a speaker, but I think mrs. Winston. Wanted to address this. Do. I have a motion move, to approve second motion, in a second, any. Discussion all. In favor please, say aye. So. Now that takes, us to our. Regular. Agenda for, our business. Meeting. I'd. Like to ask the. Council. If we. Can move item, number. 16. Ahead. Of, the, remain. At, the top of the agenda if that's okay. Is. Everybody okay with that yeah so the next item on our agenda will, addresses, item agenda item, number 16, and this, item is to. Adopt a resolution. Accepting. The, donation, of two parcels of real property, on East Arrowwood Road and South, Boulevard from. The John G. Blackmon. Rabbit. I can't even say another word today. Revocable. Trust. I wanted, to introduce. This and I, see the family members, here. Earlier. It's probably, been several months ago mr.. Baker. Will. Recall I had. A visit, from an bass, one. Of the children, of. John. Jerry, who all of us that remember him called him Jerry Blackman, and she. Came in and I, just didn't know with her brother and, she didn't, really say anything, about this and she said you. Know my dad just passed away and of course we very, sorry condolences. For that and she, said that he, cared deeply about this community, and. And, we all I knew that anyway we knew that how much he cared because of his service to this community and she, said that he has been watching. Because, he had not been well for awhile and he had been watching the work of this council and, he had been watching our work around. The issues of affordable, housing and. He. Said he wanted to do something, and I, don't think any one, of the siblings, had any idea of what, would be done, but. Tonight we, are here, and I'd, like to read something, about Jerry Blackmon because he did. Something that's fairly remarkable, in, this community. And, I want you to know Malcolm, Graham and I were talking, about this earlier today and, Malcolm. Said something. That I'm gonna let him say again, about, Jerry. Black moon before I began to read this mr., grant, thank you madam mayor into. The family members I never. Served, with Jerry as a member. Of the North Carolina State Senate, but certainly as a an. Inspiring, public, official in this community I certainly, knew who he was we. Shared a, lot of things in common one. Of those things that we did was our political affiliation. But. It really didn't matter. Jerry. Was a statesman and. He always wanted, to do what. Was right for this community. And I learned from him, I watched. Him, and. Certainly, I followed, in his steps, so I'm I'm, here to say that I I'm sorry for your loss, that, he made an impact, on this community. He, made an impact, on this former state senator, and council, member and. Without. Community, needs more of without, state. Needs more of what our country. Needs more of this, space meant like Jerry Bachman so, madam. Airy he was quite, a unique. Individual, in this community so. I'd like to enter the following statement, into our record tonight, Jerry. Black one of Charlotte passed away peacefully on Sunday, June 1 9 20 19, he. Was born December 23rd. 1928. In Asheville, and was raised in South Carolina, after. Graduation. From high school he joined the US Navy and, became a springboard, to the University. Of South Carolina where, in his words the best thing, mine. In, my life happened. I met, Irene Irene. And Jerry were married for 66. Years. In. 1954. He earned a mechanical, engineering, degree from the University, and worked, in that field for seven decades becoming, a successful, businessman. And Charlotte. And starting his own company 50, years ago JG. Blackmon associates, Blackmun's services, in Carolina products, while.

Irene And Jerry were raising their four children John. Rick. And and. Bill he, contributed, to the community through politics, serving as a North Carolina's, state senator. And serving. On the North Carolina Ethics, Commission and on the board of Mecklenburg, County Commissioners. As. Mr. Graham said he enjoyed working, with both sides of the aisle to get things done and was, glad to be a part of vision and planning for interstate 485, and, Charlotte's. Right light rail system, he. Had a knack for looking, into the future and acting, on it in the present, if there. Was anything that disappointed. Him it was the rancor in present-day politics, and the inability of both sides to work for the common, of their constituents. St.. John if his Kabul became the Blackmun's Church home and he served the vestry there and. Thankfulness. For his life, Jerry was generous, but. He believed that the ability to give does not elevate one person, above, another he. Asked that these words from Emily Dickinson, poem be used in his obituary, I'm. Nobody. Who. Are you are. You nobody too, then. There's a pair of us don't, tell. Jerry. And Irene would remember, for. Their wisdom kindness, generosity, and. They. Had a great gift of family. And friends. So. We have here his children, John please. Not. Here and. Susan. Wright. The. Lawyer oh boy. We'll introduce you into our family. So. The, gift of land that. The City of Charlotte, is entirely, consistent, with the generosity that. Jerry exhibited, through his life which, he instilled in his family, his, memory will live through the stone nation on, behalf, of the citizens of Charlotte, we accept the stone nation as. A part of his gift of giving, back and so with, that I'd like to have a motion to adopt a resolution accepting. The donation, of two parcels of real property, on East Boulevard, a symbol, of Arts East Arrowwood, Road and South Boulevard from. The John G Blackmon, revocable. Trust move, motion. And a second, I like. And if you would like to come down and speak you're. Welcome to, thank. You. Well. I bet, that means you're a lot like your dad so. With, that is there any further discussion. With. Our gratitude, and, generosity, for. This, gift all, in favor please say, aye. Kinda. Makes me. You. Know so grateful, to serve this community, to. Follow in the legacy of someone like Jerry Blackmon so thank you very much. Thank. You very much, all. Right well then we'll go back to the mundane. On. The next item on our agenda. Is. The city, manager's, report this.

Is A mundane, at all I'm gonna have to apologize for that. So. Mayor. Members of council I have the, 30-day memo for you and as. The mayor alluded. To earlier it. Provides. The. Agenda for not only the next business meeting but the, next strategy session, as well as the next, budget workshop, and. What. You will see is the, 2020, legislative, agenda, for, the 24th, as well as a circular, Charlotte, update. Stormwater. Pollution control. Ordinance, and, a closed session it necessary. One, of the keys with, this, next 30-day memo is, that, you have one business meeting, in the month of March so. We're trying to get a number of items done. In. February, so not only the business meeting but, also the, strategy session which. We will discuss. The violence reduction a, framework. And a portable, housing update, there will be some. 9%. And 4% credits, that. Will, come. To your attention this week so, we'd like to make sure that we. On top of that with you and then for the next budget workshop, I'll, have a compensation, and benefits discussion, public, safety compensation. Discussion. Strategic. Energy Action Plan Update, as. Well, as two of the enterprise funds the water and the, stormwater budget, overview I we. Really appreciate, the way. That council handled the first budget. Workshop there was a lot of items there and it. Will be somewhat of a repeat on March, 4th that's. Why I haven't 30-day. Memo mayor, and I. Would like to have. One recognition, for one. Of our wonderful. Employees, if you would allow me to do that so. I am going to welcome Ron. Hark Hargrove, down. He. Is the deputy director of Charlotte, water and, he. Serves as the director of the American, Water Works Association, and. He has a presentation. Good. Evening, mayor. Members of, council thanks, for having me again. Ron. Hargrove Charlotte water I'm, also a, member of the board of our North Carolina American, Water Works Association, and. Water environment, Association it's. The water. And wastewater professional. Organization, here in the state and so we would like to take. This opportunity to, recognize, one. Of our very own members, here, of, the city, our. Association, is very lucky to have the talent and support of many extraordinary volunteers. And water, professionals. And, we enjoy recognizing. The most exceptional, volunteers. And the best and brightest of North Carolina's water industry on. Behalf of the collection, distribution, schools committee, and the, board of trustees we. Recognize, miss Angela, Charles, assistant, city manager as, the. Recipient, with the, of. The with everlasting, thanks. Award, issued. By that committee this, award recognizes a, long-term, commit, the middie member that has given significant, contributions, to the activities, of the committee which. Mainly focuses, on quality education, and training in, the, areas of meter operations. Water distribution wastewater. Collections, and cross connection, control, before. Stepping away from the committee in 2019. Miss. Charles served on the collection distribution, skills committee for more than 20 years during. Her 10 years she served as an official in official. Capacity as instructor, for multiple classes, coordinated. For distribution, classes. And held multiple positions. On the Board of Trustees I think, Angela said she taught her first course in 1993. Unofficially. And probably more important, miss Charles has, served as a champion, for the distribution collection. Schools committee by, recruiting new members and, always fighting, to keep the needs of our operations. Personnel, at, the forefront and maintaining, values of the committee in the work that she has done through various local, and national roles she. Has served as a mentor and role model for, fellow committee members, Association. Staff and, numerous industry. Professionals. Also. As. We celebrate. African-american. History month the, board trustees would like to recognize that miss Charles was. The first african-american. Female in, North Carolina to serve as its chair in 2017. She. Was also the first african-american female in. North Carolina to be awarded the prestigious George, Warren fuller award. It's given for sound engineering, diplomatic. Talent, and constructive, leadership, in. The Arthur Sydney Bedell Lord and the Raymond read Evert Award. For. Outstanding. Service in the water wastewater field, in. Closing, the board of trustees expresses. Its sincere appreciation, to, miss Charles for her continued, support of the North Klein American Water Works Association. Or. Environment, Association and, the water industry, so. With that I have a little plaque here please. This. Charles you're the only, assistant. City manager with, a crew. Don't. Be blushing we don't, know you so. So. All. Of us, want. To say thank you for the work that you've done, you. Have. Really. Created, what, we would call a great value, proposition for the entire organization.

Not. Just in Wardour but as a leader in this. Organization. We, look forward to many more years of. That, support. Diplomacy. And, smart. Work so thank you very much everybody another hand. Ok. Mr. manager I think we should do something like that all the time. Ok, the next item, on our agenda is, item number 12 it's the city bridge. Inspection. Contracts. With. Approving, a contract, of 124. Thousand, for, the inspection, of bridges. Not qualifying, for federal, funds approving. A contract, for six hundred and forty three thousand, for the inspections, of bridges that qualify, for federal funds. Adopt. A resolution authorizing, the manager to execute mr. well a municipal, agreement. With the North Carolina Department of Transportation. To. Share the cost and expect, inspecting. City maintained bridges, and culverts for, five hundred and fourteen. Thousand, dollars an adopt a budget ordinance appropriating five, hundred and fourteen thousand, from, the North Carolina Department of Transportation for bridge inspections, they'll have a motion. Okay, we, have a motion for a through D any discussion. All. In favor of the motion please say aye, anyone. Opposed thank, you item. 13 is the North Tryon Street route change request, adopt a resolution endorsing, rerouting. A portion, of North Tryon Street to. A portion, of North Church Street between Creswick. Avenue. And Matheson Avenue and Mecklenburg County and to, support the Department. Of Transport Colorado Department of Transportation amendment. To, the official, United States and North Carolina highway, system Maps accordingly. Results, we have a motion to adopt, it I have a second, second. Mr. Egleston. So. This. This. Is a great change that's going on in the North End and one of the things I want to note that is. Positive. About it is it increases, our pedestrian. And cyclist. Network. In safety. With bike lanes better. Sidewalks, planting strips things of that nature along, North Tryon and North Church Street. We've. Got a lot of places that really need this and that was. Very. Obvious last, week we lost another life on, a. Part of the plaza near, Matheson, not too far for actually from this corridor where we've got these improvements, and. It's. Not the first time we've lost somebody on that section of the plaza it's not certainly. The first time we've lost somebody cycling. Or jogging. Or walking in our community it. Happens far too often and we've got roads like. Independence, Boulevard and Brooks your freeway and our interstates, that are limited. Access and there's certainly not people walking on sidewalks, there or trying to ride a bike there they're. Designed to move cars as quickly, and efficiently as possible but, we've got routes like North, Tryon and the plaza and Central Avenue and Albemarle, and others that people. Need to be able to walk and bike and utilize. Safely, to, get from their place of, residence to their place of work to wherever, they want to record. School. Wherever and. This. Council this this last term and I think the, current term council will carry, carry. It forward has done more probably. For bicycle. Infrastructure, and pedestrian, infrastructure, than. We've seen in recent history but, we, can't do it fast enough and I know that, there. Is a cry. From the community, and, has been for some time but, specifically. We. Heard it again in the wake of the loss of life last week so I hope, that that, we will continue the good progress that the last council made on this, council and, we, can work with staffs to try to find a way to expedite a lot of this work because every. Day that we don't have these sort of infrastructure, improvements that we're approving, here, for North Tryon and North Church Street on, lots of corridors, like this in our city where cars. Are doing. 50 miles an hour not the posted speed limit of 35 but, yet people are trying to walk and bike alongside that we, will continue to lose citizens. In this community and and, every single one of those is tragic and unacceptable. I, do. Have a question but I did want to comment, on what miss Eccleston, said I, actually only helps write, the own Anderson Street in the plaza and. Wonderful. One of the early consent, agenda items, last, term we. Identified. Dangerous. Corridors, that we were going to invest in and. I remember I went to Danny Pleasants office and said. That this this. Portion, of Road needs, to be on there and, because we do. Things by data and data, inform stuff since, the data wasn't there it, wasn't. We did not consider that stretch of road and two people have been killed on that, since I bought. That stretch of road up so, I know we like to do things data informed, and we like to be methodical about, things but, we have to take.

Common Sense qualitative. Feedback or, things and figure out how to get things done when the community, is speaking to us from real-life experience. I, have. A question, about this, this, item. I'm. Assuming, that is. This a permanent change because I know we've already, changed, the right-of-way on the street I thought, it was temporary so, or, were we saying that traffic, is going to move along Church. Street and Tryon. In that. Configuration, from. Here on it. Liz. Is coming, up to address it. Good, evening Liz Babson, I'm your director for the Department of Transportation councilmember. Winston as I understood your question yes. This is changing, the route designation. This will ultimately what would be what we call a one-way pair and so in, its final, configuration we, need to designate us, 29 and NC 49, on that, new constructed. Facility, thank, you. A. Question. Liz if you could stay don't go away, are. We to. That point I know, you prioritize. The. High incident. Network I always say that wrong the high injury network but. It do we literally, assign. A, weight, to, our. Capital. Spending decisions, because. Of it being a high injury. Network or do we bump them up when the, scores get worse or, so. I'll generally, answer that question, by saying yes, but specific, to this project, this, project is not related to some. Of the issues that councilmember. Egleston just mentioned, on the plaza. Well. I meant even the stretch that mr. Winston, was talking about in I believe that was the same stretch, on. The plaza which is different. Than the project that we're talking about where we're reassigning, the, route designation. Okay. I just I just wondered in general if we. If. We're really adjusting. Our capital, spending. Because. Of, an. Increase in you know something that gets bumped up higher up in the high injury. Network yes, ma'am we are and we can continue, to provide you that information, through our vision zero updates. You, hear us talk a lot about that I think. We've done a couple of those with you in the last year to highlight some of those projects, and and, the. Way that we consider, how we invest. Our capital spending I was with you earlier last, week during, the budget presentation, for example and the. Street lighting efforts, that we're now undertaking or very much influenced. By that data okay. Thank you I. Have. Another question. This may be one, in. The. World. Of your. Expertise. And your. If. There is truly something that's, genuinely. Assessed. And made a decision as traffic. Engineer, for the city, do you have the right to make immediate, improvements. No, matter what or, does it require the Council's approval I think, it would depend on, the level of investment, and current. Council policy and, if there was something within that current council without the policy, that, we were able to proceed. With. Then. We could certainly do that and wouldn't wait for council direction but, if there was something outside of that then we would need your direction in your approval thank. You thank you. Alright. Mr.. Drake's just. A brief comment mayor. You may remember in 2014. I was riding a bike on Carmel. Road and. A, driver, didn't, see me because the sight lines weren't very good drove. Right in front of me and I hit the card by 22 miles an hour went over the roof and hit, the deck and somewhat. Dislocated. His shoulder I was lucky to get away with. Less than that but. These, are the dimensions of the thing the road I was on was actually quite wide and so the traffic on the road I was on wasn't the issue but. The way the corner was arranged you couldn't see so I think we need to include lighting, sight, lines and and those considerations, in our, efforts to improve pedestrian and bike safety. Always. Working on improving. Mobility. Okay. With that I'm we, haven't taken a vote so all in favor. Any. Opposed. All right the, next item on our agenda is. The, exchange of right of way along the links like rail corridor. Resolution, authorizing, the exchange. Between. The city and 21:51. Hawkins, LLC. Involving. A parcel, that's been identified and authorizing, the man execute, the documents, is, there, a motion to approve.

To. Approve, this, but. I did. Have some questions I understand, that we're game piece pieces, of our land exchanging, it. But. This is something that we. Have, many discussions and I brought up a couple different times, last. Term I think we need to have a policy that deals. With. How we negotiate when. Our land is in deals, this. Is, there's. Gonna be office space, built here I know know. Of. No plans to include affordable, work, spaces in there nor, is there any affordable. Housing in, this. In. This deal I, think. Everything, that we put. What. Our assets in should. Get to. Our. Goals, around. Affordability, and less in that equity, gap I know this swap. Will help this deal go through but, I don't know how this gets us closer to. The priorities, that we've, stated. Overall. With. Our uses of land. Discussion. Points. Plaza programming. To accept the awarded funds and the amount of three hundred ninety four thousand, to support the programming, of the soon to be constructed, Five Points Plaza for three years following, its completion, is, there a motion to approve. Any. Discussion. Mr.. Graham, thank you this is a tremendous. Opportunity. For us to receive over. Three hundred ninety four thousand, dollars to support the Five Points Plaza. Fart which, is right across the street from Johnson, C smith University, is. Directly, going to impact, the. Wesley heist for the bill severs Ville and the, biblical communities, and it does a couple of things in terms of. Objectives. Helping, to establish events. And programming, for the, community, ensuring. That the five points clause is active. An. Active space reflective, the identity, culture. And heritage of the historic, West End and, it also creates, a volunteer-based programming. Mode that is self-sustaining. So, I like to thank the denied. Foundation, for this generous, grant. To thee to. The city, and. The. Park and the plaza will be done by the. End of the year in, addition there, are a number of other projects, are coming, to fruition on. The, West ray street phase for Road corridor the. I77, Westray, Street underpass, project. Is scheduled to be completed by the end, of the year the. Streetcar project we're, keeping our fingers crossed that. I'll. Say January of next year but. Certainly on the paper is scheduled, to be completed by the by. The end of the year more likely. January. 2021. The, Rosso, ferry pesquet. Project, has is, due to be completed by, the end of the year the State Street pedestrian, Improvement. Causes. Scared. To be completed, by the end of the year and, just two weeks ago become, so. Authorized. The manager of spent over two million dollars would do power for, the, street lighting so. Long story short, this. Is a great grant and, it's, when, we're talking about programming. Which, means that these projects, are slowly, but surely coming. To an end and I. Think it's gonna really remake, the. Lower part of the base for Road corridor so I urge, the councilmembers, two weeks to, approve this. And.

The Other. Comment. All. In favor of the item please say aye all right anyone, opposed the. Next item we've, accomplished. 16, so we, are now at the point in the agenda where we are going to have nominations. Because the City Council will consider nominations. To various board submissions, the, council, submitted. Nominations earlier. To the clerk during the earlier. Meeting, and on, the second floor names. Of the nominees, will not be read at the Dyess tomorrow, the clerk will email you, all the names of the applicants, that have received at least two nominations, and these, candidates, will be considered, for appointment of the next business meeting at the end of this month any, applicant, receiving, six or more nominations, can be considered for appointment tonight, upon, a motion. And a vote of council, the, names of all nominees, will be recorded, in the official minutes of the meeting and the clerk will now proceed with, announcing. The results of the nominations. For the various, boards. Seven. Nominations. In. Shell, six. Nominations. And, Angela. Stay, on event received. Six. Nominations these. Persons, can be appointed. With a motion vote in ocean, appointment, second we have a motion and a second, any discussion, all, in favor please say aye. All. Right. Business. Advisory. McLean. Guard Lee, received. Ten nominations. There's no point second. I'm. Sorry. But, clean and, I'm. Okay. I'm. Sorry if you've got ten that person got ten yes do we have a motion to do. The. Business adviser community, -, yes. The, chamber seats. For. The chamber for the I'm sorry the Regional, Business Alliance see we know why it was only ten, all. Right so we have a motion and a second all in favor say, aye. There's. One appointment, for a partial, term of, an at-large representative. Matthew. Cherry, received. Seven. Nominations. And. Can be appointed. Good, motion second, all in favor say aye. One. Appointment, for a partial, term by, the recommended. By the black chamber of commerce, Cathy. Dawkins received, nine nominations. Second. For. The Charlotte business inclusion, Advisory, Committee, one. Appointment, for partial, time of an at-large, representative. Repres

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