Psikologi Yang Paling Penting Dalam Forex || The Most Important Thing in Forex is Psychology

Psikologi Yang Paling Penting Dalam Forex || The Most Important Thing in Forex is Psychology

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It must be questioned Trading has margin If we only have $50 then we get $50.000 profit, it must be questioned. That's nonsense. Except if we do it in a long time for getting that profit But, if we get it instantly, it needs to be questioned. Usually, they use it to attract customer. So that they're interested and follow it. We must practicing our own skill *Opening Music* How to do it? we must have more knowledge first The most important thing knowledge is psychology management or Mind.

It's related to psychology management or emotion. We control our emotion. When we're in an uncomfortable condition, and we're not ready mentally, don't enter the market first. All of them are full of risk Even the risk is high. In trading, there is a sentence "High risk = high return" We do high risk can get high potential profit How to control psychology? First, we must have clear t6rading system We must really understand how to take order and exit. I often explain it in the technical material. It's about how to read the market direction probability, determine the order and exit point.

Then, always limit the loss It's useless if we can analyze the market and count the numbers well but we can't limit the loss No matter how good you are in trading, you'll fall if you ignore the loss limit To limit the loss, we can use SL or cut loss Limit the loss. We talk about it again The point is we have clear system and rules. For example, 'I only want to take position when the market qualifies my rules' 'Like.. changing color candle in the SNR area' 'or like.. 2 long rejections'

'or like.. the SNR is broken out by the candle' 'or it's like.. the market has high volatile, so I can utilize the running correction' That's all a part of trading system and rules The order and exit points must be clear So, when the market doesn't qualify the rules, what we do is wait and see Even though waiting is boring But, that's what must we do to survive and be consistent in trading It's to limit our emotion If the system is unclear, when we order and the market reverse, we'll be nervous. Then, we do hedging or locking. It's like.. ordering 1 buy and 1 sell transactions It's because we don't know the system. We don't have plan. We just be brave. We just want to get more profit We must control our mind. We must have rules

Then, don't forget to limit the loss We can limit it 2% of budget, 400-500 Pips per transaction, or 20% of budget (for all transactions). That's a choice. We can't make it same with another people Adjust it with ourselves and capability If we don't have enough skill, limit it reasonably. Because it's related to budget, anxiety, and experience. Then, learn to do recovery If we do recovery, we don't have to add transaction by following the direction. There are lots of way to do it.

When there is correction, we can take position. When the market is slow, we can do stop loss. The point is there must be loss limitation Limiting the loss doesn't have to use Stop Loss. Stop Loss is one of the way in limiting it. We can do cut loss manually. The most important thing is always limit the loss. Besides clear system, to make our emotion stable, we need to limit the loss. Next, it's still related to how to control our psychology Determine the realistic target Realistic means resonable We have many potentials in trading. We have potency to get 100% profit

We have potency to get 200% profit We have potency to get 500% or even 1.000% profit But, if we apply all of these, we'll be bankrupt I'm sure if we do these, our things will run out. If you don't trust me, you can try to apply these as a profit target There is still potential, but when we do 1 mistake, our budget will run out.

It will be hard to survive in this condition There is Margin in trading. Margin is guarantee. There must be guarantee to be prepared to survive there It's different if we buy thing physically. For example, we buy Gold 1kg and the price is cheap. We just save it It's different from spot trading. It has margin. So, we can't do it randomly. We must be realistic We must determine realistic target How much is it? Realistic target is based on our capability How's our skill? We don't have experience and we want to get 20% profit in a day. That's not realistic

Can't we? We can. But, can we survive in trading for a long time? Meanwhile, to get 0.5% - 1% is hard for newbie if they don't master it So, when we don't have skill, just take realistic profit target. 0.5% - 1%

If we count it, it's much bigger than another investments If we take profit 0.5% for 20 work days, we can get 10% profit. No other financial institution who give us 10% return in 20 days It could be stupid investment who give us 20-30% return per month If we can get it at the early months, for next, we couldn't get it anymore so, take realistic target. If we take realistic target, it will be easy for us to solve it (doing recovery) There is still possibility Then, if our skill improve, we can increase our profit target to 2% - 3%.

It's also hard to reach it. We must test it in a long time We must practice recovery more There are 3 ways of recovery. First, you can do cut loss. Don't be afraid to do cut loss. Usually, most of people don't want to do cut loss at the beginning, because they think that the market will reverse back If our analysis is wrong, we must realize it. We must do cut loss earlier. We can also add more transaction to do recovery or we call it Averaging. Averaging is adding transactions, Lots, and so on.

We can also change the transaction or Switching. We order Buy, then we close it. We change it to Sell. Of course we do it based on the opportunity in the market. When we practice recovery a lot and get profit or at least it decreases our loss, That's better Rather than our analysis always correct and always get profit, Based on that experience, we'll be over convidence. We'll always think that we always do right analysis because of that. Then, one day, the market isn't same like the analysis. When the market reverses, we can't solve it.

It's because we assume the previous analysis as the reference. It can't be like that. If we always get profit, it's dangerous for next The dangerous is.. the result of what we learn from that experience. We can't face reversal market. We don't have recovery experience. When we master it a lot and have much experience, We can increase the profit target. It takes long process. We can't do it instantly. Everything needs long process You must be careful if there is people who tell you that, 'I can buy anything just by doing trading for a year' I'm not sure that he's a professional trader. He could be a marketer of broker

He could direct you to his mission, such as affiliation, selling indicator, selling robot, selling signal, and etc. He looks like teach you but there is something behind it. So, what will happen is.. we become the victim

They just tell us the trading benefit. Don't you shock with that. You can reach realistic profit target If we can't often reach 0.5%, do more practice! We must maser the trading system How do we read the direction? How do we determine the Buy and Sell positions? How do we exit? That's the rules If it's clear, it will be easy for us to get it when we use real account Most of people said that there is difference between Demo and real account. It's because they don't practice it maximally. They don't have much experience because of lazy. They assume that they don't get real profit in the demo account

If they think it like that, they'll force themselves to do trading in real account Meanwhile, they don't have skill, they don't even tried practicing recovery they just want to get profit quickly If they use real account, they feel nervous because they don't have clear system and rules They just want to use large Lots but they don't have experience there They just have low durability but they don't understand how's the market potential and probability They just be brave to do trading We must be realistic. Next, we must be discipline. It's hard to be done. Be discipline with our target, risk limitation, trading system. If our target is $20 per day, we get more profit but it's not over.

For example, we only get $18. Then, the market is hard to move. We close it. For example, we get $25, then, we close it. Stop the transaction. Don't let it move. If we let it move and there is mistake, our all profit that we can get can run out.

It's because we don't be discipline. We have rules 'I will trading at 19.00 - 22.00' Then, big candle shows up in the morning, we're tempted. We enter the market. When we enter it, we can't exit because the market doesn't move long. The floating takes long time. Then, we do recovery. Meanwhile, we don't have skill in recovery. What happen is.. We have more minus

It's because we don't be discipline. We just follow our friend in entering the market. We feel confused Because we don't have clear system We don't know on what time we must take order We just follow others Next, we must be loyal with our trading system If we use triggers that we wrote in our trading system (including the risk limitation) We also wrote the rules.. So, learn to be loyal. Learn to always use the system Because, to make a new system, it needs long experiment and experience We must pay attention to it Last, we make a small notes about our trading rules Don't only keep it in our head. It doesn't mean we'll remember it again tomorrow Remember that our capability is limited. We must make a small note

I hope it can be useful and remind you. Especially for you who are newbie, you must be careful. You must really understand it. If you feel doubt, it's better for you to exit the market earlier Don't continue it! For you who have strong mental, always pay attention to the psychology management If we reached all of them, we continue to the risk management or Money.

Money is risk and Lot management How to determine Lot, durability, and limit the loss. We've discussed it. Once more, if we can't control it, we won't survive in a long time. Someone said that, "I can survive here in a long time". It could be, but only some traders who can do it. Then, is it about trading only? If they use random Lot, they can survive it because they join their friends in their affiliation If they use random Lot, they can't do recovery. If it's wrong, the budget will run out.

If we get loss in doing high risk trading, we must inject more budget If the durability is low, the Lot is low, we'll also get low profit. That's the logic. We must understand the condition. Don't fool newbie. The impact will go back to us. Then, limit the loss. We've discussed it in trading system Every transaction must have limitation. In XAU, we limit it at least 400-500 Pips

We don't need to wait for our transaction reaches the SL. There is recovery. If you don't have the example of recovery video and you need it, you can ask me. I'll send you the example That's just small example of how we learn a new way with others experience.

At least, there is overview. The price is relative, the technique is relative. How do we survive in reversal market. or we limit the transaction 1-2% budget. As long as the steps is match on you, use it. Well, that's all about the explanation. If you have question, you may ask me

to be continued...

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