PS3 Emulator RPCS3 - Full Setup 4K MAX Settings!

PS3 Emulator RPCS3 - Full Setup 4K MAX Settings!

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Good. Day guys Austin, E and in this one today we. Are playing, PlayStation, 3, games on our PC. Yep. There is an emulator is named our PC, s3. We've covered it quite a few times on this channel but, today I'm gonna take you from, start to. Finish, playing. Not, just the games but, we're gonna be enhancing, them we're gonna be pushing to the limit, we're, gonna be playing this, to the maximum, configuration. That these games have ever seen, 4k, maximum. Frame rate maximum. Enhancements. Maximum, everything. Maximus, Maximus, that's what we're doing today so. Without further ado, let's. Get, stuck, in. So. Before we start getting stuck into this then I do need to give out a Gypsys, warning otherwise, I know they'll be tantrums, and tears this. Is a pretty cutting-edge emulator. Is pretty, damn new in the grand scheme of things and the enhancements. And the progress that this is making means. That you do need a pretty, good computer, for this to run it doesn't have to be a rocket, ship of a PC it just needs to be up to a certain kind of standard, I'm talking. About I 5 and above I'm talking, about possibly, Rison if you've got it that works like a dream I'll, put all the specifications on, the screen so you can see minimum, and recommended and, I, would say that, even though it does demand a lot it's, pretty easy to put together a PC, that suits this kind of makeup and emulators. In general pretty soon on the channel I'll be making a build it should come up to about three hundred US dollars complete. PC, build that would be suited for these kind of emulators and also. For. PC, gaming oh so a certain kinda standard obviously, it's three hundred books in hooker again blistering. Technology. For that but, hopefully that should dry some eyes and should, put some of this to rest as progress, obviously develops, with the emulator those, requirements, will come down and down as performance, increases. Compatibility. Increases. That's, the journey of an emulator there is no good. Emulator, straight, out the box it takes a long time to progress through that stage so, enjoy, the journey enjoy, this video and at least by the end of it you will know exactly what your PC can do what, this emulator, can do and the, hope for the future so. Let's do, this. Okay. So the first thing that we're gonna do is actually get the emulator, itself, set up and ready to rumble so links, in description down below it will guide you to this, website, here which is the, official, RPC. S3. Emulator. Website. Now to be honest it's. Not nothing related, but it is probably one of the best websites I've seen for an emulator it is, looking, good and there is so much information on it the Peru, at your own leisure now. There is links to the progress, site. Which is basically what they've been doing and what they want to do for future plans as a link to their discord, it's got a healthy community around, it people helping out all that kind of stuff and also, there's a link to their github where, you, can have a look at a code you, can get involved if you're that way inclined and well. It's open source anybody, can get a bug into anything so. What. We're going to do is actually get this downloaded, know at the top of the page there is some various, tabs guides different, sections we're gonna focus on download, however on the splash page there is normally a big download link which is the most recent version so I'm gonna click on that which will guide me to this, now.

At The top normally, you've got the most up-to-date version, this emulator is pretty, much developed on a daily basis sometimes more sometimes it is a day it all depends on who's been working on what and what kind of breakthroughs they've been making now. It is best, choice, to use the most up-to-date version that's normal the one that's got the most breakthroughs, the most compatible and, more. Times I would. Say the best performance, so click. On the link here it will download the, most recent version as we can see it doesn't take long it's a 7-zip, format, file which, means that you should be using 7-zip to extract it so, because I've already got 7-zip. Installed, on my PC if I always click on this it, will open up the window as you can see here so this is that your emulator within, the compressed file, so. What I want to do is extract this to wherever it is that I want to put this emulator so, for this example today, I'm gonna put on my desktop, beaker as well it's a demo so I get to show, it to you guys RP. Cs3. So I'm going to label it and, also going to put it as demo so I know which version of the simulator it is that I'm working on and, then. I'm going. To highlight all these files and I'm simply going to drag it into that fold that I just created on my desktop or wherever it is that you put it on your PC once, that's done then exit. Out of there we. Can now see all these files in all their glory within, the actual folder, next, what we need to do is get, it so, well. If the emulator works now this emulator. Uses. What used to be called like the BIOS files so in the word systems, are consoles, they, would have an operating system on the console itself this enables, it to work well. Obviously, so the system actually works and also. Gives, it access to, actually boot games and get them working properly taking. Assets from the actual, software that's on the system itself so. Our PC. S3 is no different, but luckily instead, of having to dump them from the consoles, or to get them from buggy websites, online you, can actually get it from the official Sony. Website so, again the, links in description down, below it will guide you to this website here, which is the official, Sony. PlayStation. 3 system software, this is the firmware which. Basically. Is on your PlayStation 3 or where go do is put this on to the emulator so, it acts the same way to get our game to work in simple, case download. Update however this is quite large my internet is shocking, so, I'm not gonna make you sit through here while I download, I'm just a bit cancel. Exit. Out of there and as. We can see if already got downloaded to, my desktop now. To get this installed first, off what we're gonna need to do is launch the emulator now, as you see we've got various different files and folders already, here once I launch this it's got to make more files and folders, as it embeds itself on our system it's gonna make configuration files, it's gonna make folders for things to go in and it's, going to set up a profile, that we are going to be putting in for it well have a configuration, so.

Double-click. It, first. For you go see is a little pop-up saying blahdy blahdy blah and to, get started you must install the PlayStation, 3 firmware we've just downloaded that i'ma go do it now please refer, to the QuickStart guide I'll show you that in just a second, founded, in the official website for further information if you have any further questions please, refer to the frequent ask questions again, look over that in just a second and they've also got support on their forums and discord, once, that's all that done click on I've, read it don't, show me again because it's a pain in the ass popping up every time and then click continue now be the last you see of that now. What, we need to do is get our firmware actually. On the emulator so it's a simple case of clicking on file, install. Firmware. And now, what we can do is go to our desktop or. Wherever is you downloaded, it to find, the ps3, update, pup that's the file that we just downloaded and, it. Will now install, itself, onto the emulator now. This, emulator, needs, to change the way that games and software, is rendered. Through the emulator to put this into layman's terms it's kind of changes. In the language so the emulator knows helps to interpret, games and software so, what it'll do is it will do it automatically, or be aware that this will happen so once I click OK, as, we can see is now compiling. Ppyou, modules don't worry about this it may go slower, or faster depending, on what kind of system you run in the more cause you've got it well, really. Starts. To speed this all look but be aware that this will happen when you install new software such. As games and all that kind of stuff and you launch them for the first time this. Will all be done automatically, but, it can be a pain in the ass if you've got big games, because the first time we launched them you gotta get that once. It's done then that is it that's the last you'll see of it so you can delete your pup file whatever it is you downloaded, it the emulator, is now already and if you wish to minimize this as we can see it's, now made all those files and folders that I was talking about and embedded itself on our, system. Next. Thing we're going to do is get, our controllers. Working, so in the. Configuration. Tab here you, should have one called, pads click on that and as we can see opens, up and we've got gamepad, settings for up to seven players depending, on what kind of controllers. You've got all that kind of stuff you can do, different configurations, tests. And play around at your own leisure but for us we're just getting a controller setup so you know how this works now, controller, wise you. Can pretty, much play any controller, with this emulator I haven't. Tested all the ones in the world but pretty much every, controller I've thrown at this where it just be a generic bluetooth Xbox, 1s PlayStation. 3 PlayStation 4 they, all work as long as they're already compatible, with your Windows, PCs, or in other words you've got whatever firmware. Is needed to get the actual, joystick. To show up in Windows once, all that's done then I'm using an Xbox one s Pub they're just good to go out of the box so I just need to configure it so first thing we need to do is certain, the agile paddle, so. That's me bow ended up next. Thing what I want to do is to tell it what kind of want to use so for me using an Xbox one s pad I'm going to use X input. It. Will automatically, assign a Pat number it, goes, in basically whatever sequence, you plugged in your putts so for me the first one that I plugged in would leave it zero so no leave, that as it is leave. It as default profile, next what I do is get the configuration now, at this point depending on what pads you put in there it may differ from the kind of configuration.

What. Is on the screen so sick, time go for all these beep add up left. Right, down, and then, just go through them all. And then, once you've done all that you should get down to this section here which is analog dead zones for those of you who are unaware what this kind of thing is as you, move your, actual. Analog. Stick you, can see a little blue thing that is mimicking. The movement of your stick on the screen this, little red zone, here is your dead zone so any kind of interaction, that, is moved within that dead zone will, not be registered, through the emulator itself only when you go past that red zone now. That's great because it means that if your sticks are not dead Central when the idling means that your player doesn't slowly start walking around and all that kind of good stuff but, you don't want it too big because then you would have to move your stick all the way to the left or right to get actual. Movement. From your place so, a good idea is to simply. Do. The radius of this red circle so it's close but not touching it so you've. Still got a bit of leeway a buffer zone in case your stick doesn't naturally. Go, back to its center position all the time and the, same thing with the other once. I stun then click save and that's your controller set up obviously. Did this for your various different players depending, on what control you've got going on and once that's done click OK and that will now embed, itself controller, wise onto your system and you're now pretty much ready, to rumble, with the games. Now. When you're getting your games working, this. Is going to be the most complicated side, of all this I think because. There is so many different ways of putting them into your emulator there's, so many different formats of games to actually get them working and they. Can come in all different shapes sizes formats. Orca and the stuff so it can get a little bit confusing, so bear with me here first. Off I'm going to show you is the most simplest, and the most common, version, of games, and how they come to you these, are the more disk based systems, so, these are blu-rays, obviously, that you would put into your Playstation 3 and then, you would just play the game however.

Certain, Games need installing onto hard drives, certain games need all kinds of settings going on and we'll cover that in just a second but Gypsys. Warning to you all this. Is the RP cs3. Emulator, as we talked about these, guys do not condone any kind of piracy. Don't any kind of game share in anything like that that could be the legitimize. The. Actual, process, of making this emulator now I do know it's 2018. It's a big wide world out there there is games, that you can download off the internet all that kind of stuff I'm not gonna cover all that stuff in this video it's up to you to go around them houses, I will, not judge anybody doing it however you want I travel this world I've seen many places and, I know that, in some areas in this world you cannot simply just go down to the shop and actually just buy a game now, for, the games myself, and how I get them is from my official. PlayStation. 3 my actual console I picked this up secondhand, I've put, a custom firmware onto, it I'll put links to a channel in the description down below he's great at this kind of stuff putting custom firmware on this kind of thing and it, pretty much transforms. Your playstation, 3 it, means that whenever you put a PlayStation. 3 game into your console, you've got the option to actually play the game or you. Can just copy it to an external hard drive that's plugged into your PlayStation, 3 so, you can have your entire catalog dumped, onto your hard drive so you never need to open cases you've got all games ready to rumble they're already pre-installed onto the hard drive there's, no messing around it's just click and play the, great thing is if you've done that then you can basically, take. Out your hard drive from your PlayStation 3 bring it to your PC, plug, it in and it's completely compatible, with your emulator also. So. You get the best of both worlds but again, you can obviously go onto the internet and do whatever it is that people do now. Most, games, will come in that this format, so. Here. Is my, drive, that I've dumped and. These. Are all my games now, there, is different, codes. As you can see in front of the games these, codes basically, tell you what kind of format. You will likely find from. Dumping, them or however it is that you get your games when you go in there as you can see even normally got a ps3 game ps3, update and some, other files and stuff to go along their lines now, this looks pretty intimidating. Because there's a lot of stuff going on but you.

Can Actually, import, them into the emulator files, themself pain in the ass, don't bother with that kind of stuff simplest. Way to do it is every, is former you've got highlight. Whatever games you want to actually bring into your emulator, drag. Them over and it. Should now populate, your emulator, give. It a few seconds there's quite a lot games there and there we go so as you can see now, in the emulator itself, I've got all my games that I had from my hard drive now accessible, from, the same hard drive it's not moved anywhere, any of the games into the installation. Folder of the emulator they're still on that drive which is the way that I want to keep it and I would encourage you guys to do the same some, of these games are absolutely, massive ranging, from anywhere between a few Meg's all the way up to about 50 gigs they, come on blu-rays, which means that there's quite a lot of storage in there and some, of these games really do take advantage of that times, that by the amount of games that you've actually got in your collection and then, you've got quite a lot of hard drive space being, utilized, just from the games alone then. The emulator, itself, the reason why I don't like to put these together is because the emulator, does in fact become, quite large also. Some, of the games that we'll cover in just a second actually install, themselves onto the hard drive of the PlayStation, 3 so, the easiest way to do that would be to install them into the actual emulator, itself, again we'll cover this in just a second but, just bird that all this in mind when you're actually locating. Your emulator and your games on your PC, you may come into storage, issues later down the line so. Now we've got the game set up now we've got the emulator embedded, we're now ready to rock let's first off make, sure our games are ready to rumble, but the settings at, the top here you've got a little tab click on it is configuration, this will open within the settings and here. Is everything, that will basically. Put. All settings, for all games, this is your default setup. Now now. Keep, everything, at default at this stage there's no need to change anything on this, tab especially, because the developers, have made everything, that is more compatible with the majority of the games as default. So, keep all this bear. In mind if you scroll over each one it will give you a translation, as to what, each one of these settings do in the description, down below but. We want to concentrate on the GPU tab this will open up this, and here. Is where things do start making an impact quite heavily, so. First off renderer, you've basically got two options you've got OpenGL and you got Vulcan, OpenGL.

Is The most compatible and, is. The most. Sensible. Option if, you want to basically, play the games as they were on the system however. OpenGL. Is slow, at texture. Caching, so, as, you, play through the game for the first time you, will end up with quite a lot of stutters, and halting, and it's not a pleasant experience. However if you overcome, that you battle on through you, will notice that it will happen less frequently until. It, comes to the stage where you get none of that happening at all however that, is per game, so you do have to play through each game at least a little bit to get it over to a stable. Kind of standard, OpenGL. Albeit. Very good at rendering, all the graphics and making the magic it's, very slow at doing that, on, the other side we've got Vulcan, this is very quick at doing that shade of caching it will still happen but it is much faster than the OpenGL, version the. Issue that we've got here is that Vulcan. Isn't as accurate. As OpenGL, when rendering the graphics for some, game shall we say an Aki down to OpenGL but for now has changed to Vulcan all. The rest of the stuff should be kept kind of at normal at this rate you don't anyone messing around because, we want to make sure the actual emulator is working them because that ramping it up so. Rest. Of the settings standard. Standard. Standard. Make sure that your console, languages it's English now that makes them just different sort of things that ever done anything to me. Network. Emulator. Yep. No need to messing around there, will be differences. Here depending, on what kind of system you're running I've got 12, well 6 cores 12 threads, on my CPU, so, I've got 12 here but, you guys may, differ as pending. On what system you're running from, so. Once all that's done then click, Save and that will, now set up all the games as that as default so if I don't change make any changes to any game that's how they will run as standard so, at this stage what I want to do is actually test again so, let's, load up some, that's playable, so we'll go for castlevania, lords of shadow to. Double-click. It it, will load up this as we talked about before with the firmware, installation it's, just basically the emulator, translating. The game into, a language which the emulator can understand, it will only open the first time you load each game and then, from that day forth if you loved, it up again it will go straight into the game without any of this. Ok, so now we're in let's make, the screen bigger and, here. We go we're booting in at, this stage you. Won't have this overlay on the screen this is me to aid me for making sure my, well. Systems working to, the utmost and, the games are working it's just specs. Of my system running whilst it's being emulated so. Let's, skip, through all this and get into the actual game. Okay. So now we're in game and as, you can see it's, running pretty damn well, bottom, left-hand corner you, can see compiling, shaders, coming up and down all the time this will happen the first time you launch each game some, games will be affected more than others depending on how many shaders, it needs to load and store, and if.

You've Played it before and all that kind of stuff but, once, you've played through for the first few minutes it will stable, itself out and become. Pretty. Damn. Stable. Page exit. Out of here now, let's ramp this up a little bit so, going, to right-click, on the game that you want to do go into configure now. What we can do is by. Doing it this way it will change only the settings, for, this game so, if you've got problematic, games you can do the old. Compatibility. Check see, what settings, people are working for those and mimic. Those settings, in your settings here obviously. Depending on what game is running will dictate, what kind of settings you want to be changing, but again leave most things to standard the only things that some, games do like is some. The. SPU, threads they, like this to be brought down maybe it's a two or three again, it, depends on the game many of them won't be affected, by this kind of thing it's up to you guys also. Some people with lesser. Computers. Are lesser cause you, can do this lower SPU, thread priority, what, this will do is kind of, tailor. The, way the game runs so, utilizing lesser, calls but more grunted on each core so, again, it will, work with some games may not work with others it's just kind, of ideas. And. Experience. That I picked up from playing with this emulator, next. Stage then is the GPU, so, as we're running through these games what you want to be doing is obviously, playing at the best experience, possible a good, thing about this emulator is that you can pump up the resolution and as long you've got a half-decent. Graphics. Card all you need to do is get this dial and pump, it up to whatever resolution. You want I'm gonna put this up to about twenty. One sixty just a bit over as polls and that, will give me four cave, Ellucian this will actually override. Whatever, default. Resolution you've got set over here obviously. If you're playing this on a 1080p, and you push it to 4k, it's not going to show you 4k, images. But, what, it'll do is it'll give you that a kind of DSR. Super, sampling so. It's rendering, the actual, game images, or the artifacts. In that. Resolution, which. Means that even if you are playing at a native resolution, of 1080p it, will still be a lot crisper on the edges with less, jaggies. Along those lines but don't let it hamper your performance, again the good thing about this emulator is that, it hardly impacts, whatsoever. So you can pump this pretty high I wouldn't, mess around with this too much unless you've actually got. Issues. With games, what, this can do can, do what I've noticed is if I pump this up further then, it will take less a load off my system but, I. Again. I've noticed, big glitches, in games doing, that writing, not showing up and all that kind of stuff so I wouldn't mess around with it unless it goes down on lines obviously. On the side we've got things like vsync. And all that kind of stuff I don't really mess around with anything down dear I keep everything as default, unless. Settings. Dictate, that I have to change this and then, you've got frame limiters, you can put it to 30 60, all that kind of stuff and. I static filter in post-processing. Again. These can kind of break some games including. The actual frame limit so keep everything as standard unless you really want to experiment, rest. Of the stuff then makes no difference whatsoever with, the actual, game unless, something. Does need to be done click, Save and now as you can see once we've saved that we've got a pair gain, this configuration, there, and they take it by a little cog next, to the icon, this means that if I was to load it now it would load using its own settings, so, let's do that. And this. Is the emulator, now running on these new settings we, have run in internal, resolution of 4k, albeit, being rendered on my screen in.

1080p, We, talked about why just a second ago but I, trust, you YouTube, won't do this justice but, this looks so much better being rendered like this I will. Give you now this. Is what I did like and. This. Is what it now looks like. It's. To. Me night, and day playing this in real time but, it made different from you again using, YouTube's, little, compression, methods, so. That, to be honest is pretty. Much displaced. Systems, and getting each game to run the only bit of a thing that I think we need to cover is getting, some of these. PlayStation. Network games and hard drive based, games, working, these are normally, come in a PKG, format, so, let's exile, here and. Here. Is some, PKG, files that i've already got set up and ready to rumble. So. As. You can see you've got wipe out HD, fury and, I've also got Yakuza 5 and. Castlevania. Soon for the night so. Some. Of these come in many parts, so the, first one would likely be the initial. Install of a game then. You can have the next, update the next update the next update all the way until you've got the most recent, version that's why I often you'll find that the first, file. Pertaining. To said, game will, be the. Biggest one and then they will go smaller and smaller because these are just smaller. Updates, as you go along now, the easiest, way to actually. Install these is same, as normal to be honest drag it over. Install. The package yes. Now. The difference why we couldn't do it all at once like we did before is, because, the, way that these are done if these are updates, so. If, I, just throw them all there at the same time the. Emulator, may get confused as to which one is a real file and try to actually install an update before the actual game is there so, to mess around and save any confusion, to make sure everything, is installed properly what. I want to do is obviously just, drag it over and do one at a time so, as we can see we've got Castlevania. Symphony Knight now installed, on here now, what I can do is. Drag. This over and this, will now update it, I would think so, let's minimize. This. So I've got unknown at the moment and. Now. This should give us a version, hopefully. No. It's not. But. You see we're good coming from, so. Now if I was to load this up as. You. Can see we, have now got PlayStation. Games working now, this is a PlayStation, Network game so it's not exactly it. Is as opposed to being emulated but, it's not doing, it through the same way as you can emulate. Through, this emulator, as sounds like inception, does it emulates, in an emulator through an emulator. So. Now what, we can do is play Castlevania, Symphony the night through, a PlayStation, 3 emulator, still, kind, of inception but not as good as doing it for a proper emulator. There. You go I'm not gonna go through it coz there's a huge intro to this one so. There. You go guys that is, PKG. Files which are normally the playstation, network ones you, will see sometimes, that you will get a. How. Would you say a. Install. File such as this a PKG, and then you may get an either slush. Rap, so, some. Files are called rap files and some kind of files a call a dance now, what, those are is say, for example you was to download a demo of a game now, some of these demos, are actually full games but, you, can't access the whole game unless obviously, you've paid for it but, if you had paid for them you will get what's called a either or a rap, file those, little, tiny files are basically a key, to unlock, the entire game so you go through the entire process of installing each one of the games. Until it's completely up to date then, you throw in your rap file or either and that, will then burst, open, the, game to be fully playable for, all time.

You. Get what we're coming from so. I think that. Is about that to be honest we have again, gone very in-depth, we've covered a lot of stuff on this emulator some, other stuff you may think is simple, but, for and every, user as, in somebody, who's never done emulators, before doesn't, know what they're getting into at least now, they can take it from start to finish and know everything, about this emulator, inside. Out I encourage. You to go over to the RPC s3 website, on there, they've got a wiki for many, of the questions which, may still burn in your hearts also, they've got an active forum like I talked about they have got an active discord. And also. I've got my comment section down there I do keep, contacts, on all my videos and try to answer as many as I can, especially. As soon as a video goes up but, if you aren't have any more luck have, a look at my disco channel there is a huge, community, there that don't just cover this emulator they, covered them all and people. Have. They've. Gone far and beyond what is expected of, people. Just helping out there's, nothing in it for them it's just for the good of the scene and that's, the kind of thing that I love so, if you're a positive kind of person head on over join, in with the gang and well. Make. It sound like a big fight it's, just this code for God's sake. Very. Way I'm waffling, on it has been an absolute, pleasure bringing. These to you guys please. As always like, please, subscribe please. Share. This to everybody, in the entire world, but most of all, most. Of all, you. Guys have a very good day, laters.

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been using RPCS3 for a while now but still good to refresh on diff install methods. also I did not know you could just drag n drop games XD

G***y is a slur against the Roma. Can you please not use it again?

Gypsy? Sorry mate, if thats the word, I didnt mean no offense. In the UK the gypsy is a proud folk of travellers. Often from either Europe or Ireland, both having their own language and compunities. With these guys Traveller or Gypsy is how even they describe themselves. However, Pikey or Tinker is an insult and often end up in trouble. Example of a Holywood version of the Ireland type A Gypsy's Warning is a terrn of phrase often used here in UK, not even as an insult. They are well known for fortune telling, Gypsy ladies read your future and would often include a warning...."Gypsy's Warning" for something they know would cause the person harm in some way in the future. An Example: Sorry if it was taken as a slur, but from my background its actually a compliment to our traveller folk. Meaning as wise words, from someone who knows better on how things will trun out. It was not meant to be a insult or slur on the Romani people as to be honest I had to just Wiki it, to find out their history too... crazy how in one place in the world a name is excepted and in another its an insult... we learn something new every day!

Can some one help, I got the latest RPCS3 and Demon Souls keep freezing. All settings are followed as the video. 4790K and GTX1080Ti.

I'm not sure if i could run this emulator my specs are I5 6400 2.7ghz , 16gb ram, 1060 6gb

yeah mate, should run... Some games may have issues at this stage as they are quite demanding

I want to get a PC just for emulation up to PS3, 3DS and WiiU at 1080p. What specs do i need? Is an I3 any good? Or do i need an I5? I was thinking getting i3-8100 with NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti 4GB with 8GB DDR4 or should i get NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB?

I reeeeeealy want a hackable ps3 slim after my phat boi died last summer

Trev Howson yeah i used the same thingy, you just plug the USB in and hit system update and it tells you the minimum downgradeable firmware. Super handy haha

grey that sucks man. Last one I got I asked the guy to run the little app you can get and it tells u if you can downgrade them

Trev Howson yeah but I'm a unlucky sod, checked two out on Craigslist, both weren't hackable

Most slims are hackable man.

that's an understatement brother haha

It does make PS3 gaming so much more fun and simple

This is really cool, and I will most likely eventually do this as well, but I don't really have the time right now, and my PS3 works fine anyway.

Great video! Keep up the good work. Just one question. Does the emulator support reading/playing games straight from PS3 discs?

Thanx. I'll try it out. I have a bluray drive that's on the list, but when I downloaded the emulator the last time (which was about a month ago) and it didn't work then. I'll try it out. Is it select games?

yes it does. but you need a specific type of BR player. The list is on their website for make and models

can they, in theory, let you attach your PSN account to earn achievemnts in the future?

Cheappy V nah nah, trophies can be earned without an account. You just can't link them to an account

Simply Austin conflicting information

Not possible to sign into your PSN ATM, and the guys at reddit say its never happening

It does do the trophies, I have never tried to link to account though... so not sure

amazing what money can do to peoples motivation

grey what's your point? It has only gained any progress when they opened up the Patreon

Cheappy V RPCS3 is completely free and open source. No one NEEDS to pay and all of the people working on it volunteered for it

I think they need to wait now with a ps4 emulator while we have a ps3 emulator in the works i don't want to have to have it that early (ps4 emu) ps3 is really enjoyable enough for that, they have a large collection of classics that i need to finish before even touching ps4, ps4 doesn't even top ps3 for me yet. Altough ps4 has some really great exclusive titles talking about GOW4, Infamous, Horizon zero dawn. But it doesn't have many other great games ps2 and ps3 had coming release after release it comes out.

I wonder can a xeon 5680 3.33ghz hexa-core with 24gb's PC1066 ddr3 (Dell Precision T3500)be strong enough with a 1060 3gb / r9 270 2gb be suitable. ( I know the ram is bottlenecking the true potential of the CPU)

So what is the best method to do this without a ps3?

Hello Austin. I’m a fan of your Youtube and channel and I wanted to ask you a question about your PS3 emulator video. I followed your steps and I’ve completed everything. Now here is the problem I’m having…my ps3 died so I have no way to get the games off that drive…my gaming rig doesn’t have a cd/blu ray drive to possible copy the games. Is there somewhere I can download the files that will work with the emulator? Thanks in advance for your help.

Great tutorial thanks for creating it. You mention some custom firmware for the PS3, are you able to share where to get this?

That was fast as hell, mate. I was downloading some builds of RPCS3 a few months back, but never got around to trying them out. I'm glad it runs even more games now. My computer is pretty good, but almost directly at the recommended requirements (i5 6500, 8GB RAM, etc). I think I'm going to wait a few more months to really get all I can out of this bad boy. Thanks in advance for the guide, though. :)

Broham your are heaven sent my friend

Number one : You need beast PC to emulate this. XD

EnclosureHD kinda sorta, not reeeealy? I have a 5 year old PC and it runs plenty of games rather well haha

What's a ballpark price for a PC that can run PS3 games better than a PS3?

Great video in the usual high quality Simply Austin standard! Keep up the great work sir! Also, thanks for putting time stamps for different parts of the process in your video.

hey man as i was scrolling through youtube i came across a ps4 emulation video and what i saw blew my mind but then i thought well ps4 runs on the x86 architecture and whatnot so maybe what's being shown in these vids may actually be true but then again i can't really trust that so i thought i'd put the emulator's website here for you to see and figure out whether it's legit. also thanks man i love your vids

How does God Of War HD Collection run now?

Ocean Loader!!!!!

a very very nice guide I watched it all the way!

Thank you kind Sir... I hope it helped :D

Waiting for MGS4 to work!

I'm waiting for a user friendly beta build. There is just too much to do to setup and the compatibility for games is really bad right now.

How do I get the pkg files from my PS3 Games? I cant download them on my PC from the PSN.

Where are the save files located? Want to update the emulator version, but afraid to lose the save files.

thanks mate

just download the latest version and paste them over hte current install. Everything will be as it was but updated

is the i5 8400 good enough for rpcs3?

Thanks. Although The Darkness still doesn't work :(

I wish you had shown more gameplay footgage

Lol pathetic


can you sign into psn account and unlock achievements?

does call of duty work

youtube shit folder. lol

How do I update this emulator?

Simply Austin Thank you very much! You're the best

Just download the most recent version and copy it over the current install you have

You linked your own patreon twice and didn't link the RPCS3 patreon once lmao

What do I select if I'm using the PS3 controller?

Also question about pkg files do you just drag and drop update files like that or is there like a manual way it goes on there because i noticed the version of the file you used did not change.

I'd love to see MGS 4 in 4K!

Ahaha... Rockstar lost! In the end, people can play Red Dead Redemption on PC. As a retro gamer, who basically uses all Emulators available, this is good news. And its not a big deal to wait for a few years. Because today, Red Dead is retro anyways. The circle closes, once again...

it may have just been me, but I found using my XB1 pad, it was auto configured to the pad and didn't need configuring. Got to say between this, Cemu and Citra, I am freeing up a lot more desk space, throw in launchbox (I still love hyperspin, but its so much less hassle to use Launchbox, plus I bought the lifetime licence so I'd be a complete tit not to use it:) ) and its like a lazy retro gamers dream come true, well it will be when the 360 and Xbox OG are at a similar level.

Exactly mate! Some great emus bring made with magic around now. Plus yeah... Hyperspin is so overcomplicated, great to see launchbox run with it as much as they did

You didn't cover an important topic: Some of the games you ran don't come up as "Playable" in the compatibility list but you seemed to be running them fine.. how? (i.e. The Last of Us)

Every time I try installing the firmware it says Failure and in the rpcs3 log it says PUP contents are invalid

Mission failed

Re download the firmware mate. May have been corrupted

Good daaaay

grey thanks mate I will give it a try and will know you the update

Dark Wizard afaik your graphics doesn't have support for the vulkan renderer. Try opengl, although rpcs3 struggles without a dedicated graphics card. Any recent-ish one will do, it just needs one (for the drivers i think?)

check description... you may need to update some drivers

When i tried to open the rpcs3, i get this error >The code execution cannot proceed because vulkan-1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

No, thank you mate! On paper it should work... But I can't say how well. Never tested that CPU

I have a core i5 first generation 6gbs of DDR3 RAM a Radeon HD 5450 will midnight club LA work with this

Metal Gear Solid 4?

Peoples if your going to use this emulator please make sure you have the latest Visual studio redistributable and Nvdia or amd latest drivers to avoid dll errors: Nvidia: AMD: VS:

Glad to have helped :)

Thanks for that mate... I will add these links to the description!

Was that a version of the Ocean Loader I can hear at the beginning of the video ?

Hehe yeah, ocean loader one and a bit of RoboCop

Hey austin i have a problem with rpcs3 on playing demon souls, when i go to the next area on the tutorial it gets stuck and says its at 10 fps, my specs are ryzen 5 1600, 8gb ddr 4 ram, 1050ti

It may just be a hug on the emulator build you are on. Try an older build, or wait for the next one. Sometimes games break on certain builds as they try new things. Also right click on game in list, check compatibility notes

Are you able to put ISO compressed games in the file and get them to work or do I need to uncompress them?

just waiting on ff13 to be playable

Extracting raw files to the desktop is the quickest way to build up drive fragmentation. You should know this.

i took out my hard drive in my cfw ps3 but windows does not detect it. it tells me to initialize

Is there any stable Xbox 360 emulator? Because I want to play the original Saints Row so bad , can you make a tutorial for it Austin

Thanks for covering this, I am a long time Fan of RPCS3

Can u list ps3 game playlable?

Austin I have trouble running PCSX2 at more than 2x resolution on games like God of War. At 2x I get a steady 60 but 3+ and it slowly starts dropping into the 50s and 40s. My laptop is a HP 15 liquid, dual i7 2.55ghz 4threads, 12gb ddr5, a fast HD and Nvidia 940m 2gb. Do you think it's worth trying this emulator out? You were talking a sub 300 dollars PC in the beginning and this was around 700 lol. And thank you for the video, was unaware this was so stable until watching! Glad I subscribed the other day :) If anyone else could rspond that would be great also! Edit this is my laptop right here

From two years ago when I subscribed you to now, my pc stays still Core2Duo. I think it's time to change my computer!

boo76 you're not out of options mate, your chip is good enough that you can push it with just the stock cooler. You can get 4~4.2 ghz i recon. This is overclocking tho, be careful and don't push it too hard. Cheers and good luck.

grey my motherboard is a good one for over clocking but I'm on a stock cooler so I might replace it with a decent one when I get the chance. Cheers m8.

th3c0r3 FGO thanks for the reply mate, I've got a gtx 950 will that help?

boo76 get a decent cooler and motherboard, your processor is EXCELLENT at overclocking. Its said to be THE best chip for that in recent times iirc. You might not get 100% speed at every emu, but you should get pretty close

+boo76 You meet the minimum requirements. You also have a pretty good CPU(haven't quite found what is different outside of wattage. The issue you may have is if you are using integrated graphics versus a dedicated GPU.

Simply Austin I recently upgraded to an i5 2500k do you think I could play ps3 games or would I need a Haswell or maybe an overclock? Cheers.

Hehe yes mate! But still capable of so much... But these more recent emus do hunger the power. It's been a crazy journey mate

Take my money my friend

It's been 84 years !

What are your specs?

Doesn't play MGS4 yet.. I'll download it in two years

There's massive shader stuttering every 10 seconds on any game for this emulator, no matter what pc or settings. So if you're into that, go for it.

Simply Awesome is more like it. Please make an in depth video on an affordable PC build. The more steps the easier for me cause I don't know jack about building a PC.

Gooood day Austin! Awesome to see anothet video from you and hearing your theme tune :)

Well researched and very helpful as always Austin. Thanks!

Please show 1080p setups as well as 4K!!! not all of us can do 4K

Can you move PSN games to an external drive without having to redownload them for use with RPCS3? I own a ton of digital games that would be fun to mess with up-res'd and looking pretty.

Cna I jailbreak this emulator and run online games?? Like gta or such

that's not how it works lol

this is a big fuck you to all the console peasants who said we dont get sony exclusives on pc )

This is fantastic thank you! Love your content!

Awesome :-)

So I heard that Pcsx4 runs better than rpcs3 because the Pcsx4 runs on 32 bit architecture

Austin, cover Redream and Retroarch!

Yo that folder in the top left called Youtube shit gave me a chuckle.

Cada juego tiene una configuracion diferente, ninguna es igual, & otra cosa: los juegos reaccionan al hardware.

Hot Damn!!!

I need more Xbox related Emulation :'( Sad that Nintendo and PlayStation always gets more attention for emulation but never Xbox

Ohh yes! Silent Hill HD collection on my PC. Thankyou sir

You're right it wasn't great, but I still want to try it out and see how it runs. Got Yakuza and SH on the DL anyway :)

Sockey Boy In case you don't know, SH HD is awful.

You don't need the ' in CPUs and GPUs. Apostrophes are to show ownership (Bill's horse) or to combine two words into one (can't = can + not). There has been a common mistake lately where people throw an apostrophe on everything that's plural and it's pretty annoying.

Inazuma65 Yes! And even more annoying: People who write “could of” instead of “could have/could’ve”. I see it everyday in comment sections. Arg!

Amazes me how an emulator actually makes use of every thread, most recent games only use 4 threads on pc at best although the ram usage is almost double than the pc counter parts, most computers for gaming have at least 16 GB of RAM

No hay una guia o una configuracion exacta para los juegos, eso depende mucho del emulador & del hardware.

Great job! Can't wait for more guides!

BTW what are you computet specs? I was just planning for a future upgrade. I'd like to know the CPU and GPU combo you have. Right now I have the i5 7400 and 1060 SC 3GB and 8gb RAM. Are you stll with the i5 4690k and 1080?

This is inappropriate

Could you do a PS3 jailbrake guide? I would like to copy my games over..

I got it figured out! Now its taking for ever to copy my games to HDD :(

hello, when i go to launch the emulator i get thid errors messages: the code execution cannot proceed because vulkan-1.dll was not found. try reinstall installing mite fix this problem. and the same error message for MSVCP140.dll, VCRUNTIM140.dll as well

Cheappy V google the there is a video on YouTube that shows how to replace it


Thank you both but I resolved it now just have to finish with iso

Kasy Delrio You can download them

Here's the Vulkan dll file:

Can this work on an i7-7700Q, GTX 1060, 16 gb????

I wonder if it's possible that the emulator could be made VR compatible like Dolphin VR

I've found that copying stuff to drives is too tedious, I just download ROMs / ISOs for games I legally own (only exception is Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World The Game, something that is download only and can't be purchased anymore). Now if only most emulators could just read off the disk... And if you are reading this Austin, I'm a long time subscriber and wish you good luck with future videos.

I’m ordering an AMD Ryzen 2200g with the Vegas graphics, would that be good?

Can it play midnight club los Angeles?

Can't wait for Yakuza 0 to be emulatable with the english patch on RPCS3 since an english translation exists the real effort is actually putting the translation in. that or the PC version if it happens.

it wont let me download the emulator, its keeps saying Unsupported command: C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\rpcs3-v0.0.5-7024-cd59bc3d_win64.7z

which game is being played at 13:57 ?? Also i have a i7 7700 hq, gtx 1070 (8gb ddr5), 16 gb ddr4, SSD 1 tb.. Is the above setup enough to emulate?

Is the last of us playable now ?

Damn I love the ocean loader music. :D Thanks for the video. I don't miss any of them!

Great video! I just want to know have you tried to run Pacific Rim [NPUB31387]/[NPJB00537]/[NPEB01888] on the latest version of RPCS3? It's a PSN demo game, I tried to generate .RAP file using TrueAncestor_EDAT_Rebuilder_v1.65 and put it under E:\RPCS3 new\dev_hdd0\home\00000001\exdata to get the full game. However I ended up with "Trophy internal error 0*8002290f. Please finish your game." error. The RAP file did create a trophy folder with some content and it just prevents the full game from loading. Without the RAP file, the trial version of game can be played. I created a thread for this issue under the support section of the RPCS3 forum but it just disappeared, maybe because I'm a new member?

I have tried that game, but only did the demo version to see if it ran ok. I never tried the rap stuff as I just normally dump the entire installs from the PlayStation itself. The forum thread should work even if new member, not sure what happened there. I'm not at of at moment so not much help. Try my or the rpcs3 discord... But remember, on theirs they hate any kind of download of games other than official playstation

Will Ps3 discs work when put directly into the pc's DVD reader?

That's still great considering most emulators don't support discs at all like dolphin, cemu...

No mate, only blueray players I'm afraid


grey my 970 and i5 are too weak for this emulator at this corrent junction.

BlockABoots X2 I'm not sure if it can run GoW now, that'd be the main reason for this emulator

+boo76 Yeah that should do fine. I believe the card is mainly for scaling resolution. The CPU does most of the work when it comes to emulation.

hello brother .. try play metal gear 3 hd have any slow ? or not please tell me :)

What are your PC specs? Especially the CPU. I have a laptop with i7 7700hq. Wondering if it will be enough to play games like Persona 5. Actually, I just want to play Persona 5 :|

thanks for the video man!!! I tried playing Persona 5 (the only game that I've tried) and only got a black screen, any idea what the problem is? btw I have a Ryzen 5 1600 and a 1060

hi Austin! mind sharing ur pc specs?

my ryzen 1400 can't get stable fps in many games but my dad's i5 6400 can. if your ryzen is not a 1600 or superior then you can't emulate ps3 properly at least i already have my old ps3

vulkan dll error


What file system are you using on the external HD. To play games from external HD on the PS3 you must have it FAT32 formatted but then you will ran into problems because of the size limitation of FAT32. Or do you use the external HD only as a backup of the PS3 games?

Would this work? PNY GTX 1050ti Ryzen 3 8 GB Of RAM

i love you just for starting each vid with that Robocop3 remix

HELP!! I got STUCK IN, now I can't GET OUT!!!

Will god of war 3 and uncharted 1 2 3 in here

Can I request an Xbox one emulator or other series of Xboxes? Thanks again

sometimes RPCS3.EXE randomly deletes itself. I remember the build before the current one in this video would sometimes refuse to open at all when double clicked and the task manager showed that it was running. So I would have to delete my entire folder and restart. I hope this emulator becomes more stable in the near future because it's awesome.


Hello, did you try the Xbox 360 emulator xenia ? it is working well now also. I tried it this morning for sonic and bayonetta and the result is impressive. Check out the link in this video. You will be amazed. Regards. If you want, i have a module for hyperspin for RPCS3 if you need

Thank you kind Sir for the kind words :D

The HD Collection works, but not the third game.

try metal gear 3 hd have any slow ? or not please tell me :(

ThatZaliaSGuy Does it matter if it's Solid State drive or not?

cool video

could you show us hoe to jailbreak our PS3s like you have yours or is that stepping on some ones toes? If it is can you tell us which jailbreak it is if their are more then one

Ps5 has no excuse to not be able to play ps3 games after this

I was excited, then it got to the "you need a hacked ps3" part and just stopped watching lol

Thank you very much for this video, you're amazing teaching, Just one thing i'm sure the devs said on reddit that Resolution Scale is GPU based and that we could turn It up really high because the rest of the emulation is more cpu heavy

What are the specs for your PC to run the RPCS3 games in 4K?

whats the point you can buy a ps3 for like 20 bucks

Long way off for it to replace my PS3 though sadly, although I love it when PC can serve all purposes without having to keep a stack of 50 consoles under your TV.

I wish someone would try to run this on a PS4 & see what happens to prove or disprove Sony wrong about Sony saying they could not do PS3 Backwards Compatibility on PS4. Because I think PS3 Backward Compatibility is possible on PS4 but Sony did not do it as they already had plans to do the Streaming service Playstation Now as I am sure Sony had purchased 2 streaming services 1 was called On Live & the other one was called Gaikai for $380 million as it seems coincedental Sony spends all that money on those 2 streaming services & now they cant do proper Backward Compatibility. That $380 million was for Gaikai alone I dont know how much Sony brought Onlive for.

Thats what I mean I am sure Sony know about this emulator why dont Sony give them a hand to get this running properly on PS4 officially people are only using PS NOW because this is not officially available if it was PS NOW would not make a profit. I dont even think it is worth the subscription as it does not have every PS3 game & all the other games like PS2 n& PS4 games I probably have physical discs of. I dont even use PS Now as I am not paying £12.99 a month to to play a small amount of PS3 games whenever I want when I can simply just use my discs & have a vast more of a selection to play instead of a small limited amount. Plus if it is streamable & you have technical issues you cant play your games if they are physical & use an emulator you can keep on playing.

Last I heard you can Mod your PS4 with a launcher. Can only be done on the previous firmware (always a frimware behind) I heard they got PS2 games running fine on it, but never looked into the PS3 stuff mate. The PS3 could easily e ran on a PS4, but they try their best to lock you out... depends if the modders managed to overcome it. Check the guy I linked in the description, hes normally good with that kind of thing, Im a noob with the console modding... I follow guides myself for that stuff hehe

@Simply Austin great work as aways. Congrats and thank you. Can you add the link to the cost benefit cpus that this or these emulators run better, you forgot to post. And thank you in advance.

A runtime error saying..No supported XAudio2 Library found

I am just getting a black screen here

Compiling Modules taking time :( I have just loaded up MGS 4 after applying your video guide ... Hope it works.. I have an i7 ..16 gb RAM , nvidia GTX 960

Now I am curious if this emulator will run on my Ryzen 5 2500U laptop?

I have not installed this yet, I just discovered it just now. Looks impressive though. I do have a bunch of PS3 games I would like to try to run on my PC. I also have my CPU overclocked to 4GHz. Not entirely sure if that will help.

Jesse N Well does it happen slow during movement snake? on metal gear 3 hd

I might have that one on original disc. I have the HD Collection of Metal Gear for PS3. Also my PC has a blu Ray Drive. Hmmmm......

Jesse N please try run metal gear 3 hd have any slow?

I have a Ryzen 7 1800X, 32GB of RAM, and GTX 1080. It can run Crysis but can it run this?

No point really for normal people to play since exclusives dont really work that well for now, other games you can just play their normal PC versions

each time i drag the pup file it says the pup contents are invalid i need help

You don't drag the pup mate

Bro you should probably not open the video with a "gypsy's warning", that is some dated language that might ostracize any Romani audience.

I keep getting an error when I try to open the emulator that says "The code execution cannot proceed because vulkan-1.dll was not found". I've reinstalled twice but still nothing

Description mate

Liked, Shared, feelin awesome. Bless you brotha been dying to finally replay my Yakuza 3,4&5 in 1080P

When I seen the YouTube shit file I immediately subbed

my pc struggles to run PS2 emulator lol

Name of the games that are running in playable quality? I'm specially looking forward to uncharted series, how is it running?

came here for pirate ps3 games.

Would a GTX 1060 with 3GB VRAM work?

i cant open rpcs3... i downloaded the newest one earlier and i tried to run rpcs3.exe but nothing happens when i checked the task manager i saw the rpcs3.exe but its only taking about 24 mb of my RAM and nothing happens... any help?

Doesn't work after following set up guide, cannot boot from the physical disk or when copied to a computer, invalid file format error,would have been nice if this worked, oh well on to better pastors

Compiling shaders is vey annoying when you play rhythm games like Project DIVA xD

You know them ones on Instagram where they have a vid of a trailer (a console exclusive games such as GOW and uncharted) and show the trailer trailer playing under PS4 while the screens for XB1 and PC are blank? Ye... Those cunts don't know what they're talking about. Also I wanted to see some Uncharted 3 gameplay just to see how well this software is at the moment.

Metal Gear solid 4???

SKATE 3 ON PC!!!!!!

There are quite a few playable games currently unfortunately most of the games that you probably really want to play ( AAA's, Sony exclusives ) are not ready yet. But if you're just looking for some decent games to pass time or have run out of PC games etc.. you'll find something to keep you occupied for sure.


We can go deeper ... ! Run a PS2 game that's a PS1 game on the PS3 emulator.. Emulating a emulator running a emulator ! :P

can someone please link me to a place to dl The last of us iso that actually works with this emulator :( i tried with 3 times with no avail

I would like to ask some websites where I can download PS3 Games for RPCS3 Emulator. I specially want to download Final Fantasy XIII. BTW I have been amused since you're realised in PS2, Wii, Wii U, and now PS3 keep up the good work.

Did this Emulator can run NI NO KUNI? Thx

Anyone knows how to fix that ? I get that when I try to install the firmware

Lords of the shadow 2 needs to be played on the PC since you have a gtx1080 :P ! its one of my favorite games and runs amazingly well at 6k 60fps on a single gtx1080ti.


How come Castlevania: Symphony of the Night isn't listed whatsoever in the compatibility list on the site? Is it fully playable or not? It doesn't make sense that it's not listed on the site it's a popular game.

Does RDR run smoothly??

well theirs a network button does this mean online multiplayer works with this?

PS3 games are BR discs. You need a compatible drive if you want them to run straight from the discs


awesome I'll buy it when I can.

TheKHfan358over3d, I believe that yazuka 0 is going to be on steam in august of this year.

Any PS3 gems that is not out on the PS4/PC that is a must-play? Really don't want to spend money on PS3 games anymore. RPCS3 is where it's at now.

asuras wrath is pretty cool

Nice lets play pirated games

willI I be able to play uncharted 1 with decent fps

Muhammad Abdullah according to the compatibility wiki,uncharted isn't playable

Will this work with i5 1050ti 8gb ram

Technical Gamer no it doesn't.

rpcs3 is mainly cpu intensive. A 1060 will be fine

I do have a blue ray drive, can load the game into the emulator but when it goes to run it says invalid format no matter what i do :(

cacadodo666 way different architecture. I cant see ps5 being able to be completely BC with ps3 unless they jam in ps3 hardware into the launch ps3s jamming in ps3 hardware. Tho if they keep the same architecture from ps4 (x86), I see no problem seeing ps5 BC with ps4 .

Zack no PC build on the market can run a full ps3 library better than the ps3 itself. At least rn...imo it would take at least a decade to get that kind of performance.

austin i love your show

Does '' Last Of Us '' WORK AT 30 FPS ?

Can we play pireted games

Hi. I would like to Knowl of you can help with a problem when installing the firmware. Otros stays at 21% and does not continius the install

Simply Austin voice is so good n unique , no matter how long his content takes, i wul never get bored,

i know emulators are rising and its getting easier as time goes by but i wish finding games was easier torrents are OK just a risk : / any suggestions?

*ps3 emulation* *thumbnail has ps4 controller*

Please what is the game at 2:10

what is the point of an emulator if you are going to play pc games i see no use of it but with exclusives .

rpcs3 d'ont work amd ryzen is fake rpcs3

I'm probably gonna get it in the 1.1 or 1.2 version, want bug tweaks to be made before I download.

Would like to see a guide & more info on xenia.

Oh yeah, totally forgot about that game. Thanks! Gonna try it.

konari HELL YEA

Yuuki Konno Sorry but you just have to google for ps3 roms

You are right about the not-exclusives, but RPCS3 staff is making serious advancements about the emulator and the bast majority of the exclusives are working really well. God of War 3 is working at 18-25 FPS at 4K, The Last of Us is working at 15-20 FPS aswell. Demon Souls is working at 4K 30FPS. The Uncharted Saga works almost at 30FPS aswell. So for people that don't have PS3 or want to play in 4K this is a perfect emulator.


CamoJomei you know what’s stupid though, that’s still considered illegal and won’t hold in court if you got caught. It’s pretty dumb.

Paranoid Gamer if you are going to emu ps3 then you need to go big I5 840 0 and gtx 1060 is what I have and it’s runs fairly smoothly with occasional stutter on select games

I love pirate versions of the game

Man, I keep getting Fatal Error whenever I Try to start the game!

WWE ps3 emulators for android and games

Played one of the EA SKATE games (very glitchy) some months ago. They are improving this emulator on a daily basis!

can u connect your PSN account to the emanator so you can play multiplayer?

Is a i7 2600k and 1060 6GB. Good enough?

Hey dude What if yiu have the disc for the game can you stick it in your pc and use the emulator to play it

18:39 But I want my system language to be German.... WHAT SHALL I DO NOW???? :'(

Core i5 4440 is good for this emulator ?

wondering how red dead redemption is working at this point. Is it any more playable?

I wish there was some kind of emulators own online. It is one of their long term goals tho Edit: HELL YEA SKATE ON PC

Are you referring to downloading games you own, downloading Scott Pilgrim because it can't be purchased anymore, or both?

I've got 1060 desktop edition 7700HQ 16gb ram, BUT on a laptop, will i be able to run this?

Isn't PS4 Emulator announced?

You can use the arrow keys to move the resolution slider 1% each press, that way you can get exactly 4K

The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly (0xc000007b)

it is running Metal Gear 4 at 100%?

ryzen is trash at running emulators, and I'm assuming a 7th or 8th gen Pentium would run this better than ryzen.

I dont have vulcan i have OpenGL and Null. What is best would you say?

I still can't find many good games that work fine on RPSX3. 2 on the other hand works amazing.

RDR works, anyone?

This is a great video and I was wondering can this emulator be put on an Android stick to play PS3 games? And can you recommend any other videos on how to install emulators to play games on Android boxes

i guess all those playstation exclusives are coming to PC all you need is a £5.000 PC

£300 at the moment. But it does more than play PS3. Like all emus, takes time to optimize performance... We just enjoy the ride

Is there any way to fix an issue where rpcs3 doesn't open at all

Tech Gear The game is Asura's Wrath.

Hey Austin, how about an update on Xenia 360 emulator...? How stuck in can we get on that one?

Thank u

I guess you can't just put the game disc in your pc's drive?

could i play ps3 gaming online?

I don't believe this. Is it really a PS3 emu?

is there really a PS4 Emulator? i've searched videos on youtube and they all look sketchy...


will they update it to connect to the psn network? we did old school Fridays with friends and went back like 2010 or 2008 but my ps3 is not working and I really want to join them again

please please please do a complete tutorial to set up controls on the xebra emulator

Just buy a fucking ps3. the emulator runs them poorly

You should do an updated guide for kodi.

Liked for the folder named "YouTube Shit" lol.

Seems like now I'll finally be able to play Journey :3

SimplyAustin a question, I got an old PC for $5 from an office. It has Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 2.83 GHz and 2 GB RAM with no GPU of any sorts. I am thinking what are some of the best emulators I can get it to run on it, not looking for HD or anything just enough to run emulators on its native resolution, will it be possible to run a PS2 and Gamecube emulators on it?

Would it be possible to rip the games from a blu-ray drive and play them that way?

Im using an I5 7600K overclocked to 4.8GHz and wipeout HD is running with fps in the single digits. What more can i do? You say an I5 is required when it seems even that doesnt manage

Time to play heavy rain bitches.

my emulator dont want to work you sucks

Will a Xeon E5410 @ 2.33GHz work?

Halp...fatal error wont download firmware after going to install firmware.

as soon i go to boot any game i just get U {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread)} SPU TODO: [0x128] Unexpected instruction on $SP: SELB following your instructions with a capable pc. you had this before? i am using a fx-8370 everything is at default

Why emulate games you can get on PC in a emulator for a console ?

Still waiting for MGS4 to be playable on PS3 emulators...

I just ran Persona 5 on my gaming Laptop man it is a night and day difference than when I ran it back in March. The intro movie stuttered and lagged no matter what settings I ran. Now the intro movie runs buttery smooth now and thats @ stock 720p settings. As always good video as always. Anyone trying to run either PS3 PS2 or even GC/Wii on their gaming laptops I would highly recommend using the high performance setting and set it back to balance when completed. Now to try upping the resolution a bit maybe 1440p or something along those lines. This emulator is getting better and better with every passing day.

you should show some exclusives instead of castlevania, that came out on pc as well.

Simply Austin Thanks for that, probably will set up SNES, PSOne and Megadrive. Anything above would be troublesome. Appreciate the help

I cant say for certain, but I would say Everything up to Wii at native res. PS2 may be a little too much, but some games may be playable. Agai, I cant say for certain its been years since I tried to play with those

Simply Austin Ok, do you know any compatible blu-ray drives for pc? If so, when I make an image of the game does it work similarly to if you had dumped games from a ps3?

yes mate, but you need a compatible BR drive on the PC

Some games are simply not as well optimized on this emulator as it so early in dev. I tested that game myself and found that on more modern builds of the emulator, performance has regressed with that game. In other words... as they make fixes to get games running and running better... some other games may be effected with slowdowns or in some cases not even playable. Right click and compatibility check it, see whats been done with that game with other users

make sure you install the required framework and drivers etc linked in description

Awesome! Thanks.

If your PC has a compatible BR player, yes mate

As far as I know, no online functions at this stage. But not looked into that side

yeah mate

Simply Austin Ohh ok, thanks for the reply!! And i'm really glad i didn't download any of those fake ps4 emu's

they are... there is a PS4 emu, its called Orbital. It will only run homebrew and used for testing at this point

Watch the vid mate, I do own a fucking PS3 :D

OpenGL from the looks of it mate. What GPU you use?

Awesome, a brand new Emulator announced. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate your brand Emulator news. :thumbsup I wish you the best. Let us know when the Emulator starts booting Homebrew at least, to make a start stage.

Orbital is the PS4 emu... but its not running any comercial games at this point

Depends on the CPU mate, many models by the two brands

I got a 2500K running most games no problem, so cant see any big issues. Some demanding games may struggle

you need a compatible BR player

i have i7-4720hq with nvidia 940m (ddr3 2gb) and 8gb of ram (ddr3 1600mhz dual channel). do you think this system will run well on 720p?

Just wanted to say Cheers bud love your work

I get that there are many accents and stuff but, why does people fuck the language so much? Saying things like: "everyphing", "first phing", "anyphing", etc. That is not excusable by any means.

Where did you download the games?

vulkan-1 dll is missing I get this message wen i boot up the emulatore plez help .........

Thanks for the guide buddy

I just ran Persona 5 on my gaming Laptop man it is a night and day difference than when I ran it back in March. The intro movie stuttered and lagged no matter what settings I ran. Now the intro movie runs buttery smooth now and thats @ stock 720p settings. As always good video as always. Anyone trying to run either PS3 PS2 or even GC/Wii on their gaming laptops I would highly recommend using the high performance setting and set it back to balance when completed. Now to try upping the resolution a bit maybe 1440p or something along those lines. This emulator is getting better and better with every passing day. Laptop Specs. MSI GL62VR 7RFX i7 7700HQ 16GB DDR4 2400 GTX 1060 6GB

My laptop dosen't have vulkan,i installed it and it still won't appear in render selection.

Austin, I have built a 2 player arcade cabinet with a decently powerful PC running it. Each player has a joystick and 8 buttons plus a start and select button. How do you suggest handling games that use 2 thumbsticks? Should I add a second joystick for each user? Additional buttons to act as a D-Pad? Thanks in advance!

Persona 5 baby here I come!

gtx 1080 w/ a 1080p monitor? Absolute madlad.

YES! Finally i can enjoy ps3 titles on pc fully. Haven't been keeping up with the latest emulation scene so watching Austin's video after a long time (sorry) made me pretty excited. Well, what i have now is i5 4gb ram laptop with intel 5500 integrated graphics, so i won't be tinkering with this emulator for now. But, i'm expecting a Dell g7 by the end of next week which has i7-8750h (6 cores) with gtx-1060. So, all i'm doing now is browsing steam for pc games that i've missed on due to the lack of powerful hardware. But now, knowing that a decent ps3 emulator is out along with Austin's guide, I might just spend more time emulating ps3 titles instead of playing pc games. Assuming it would run this emulator as i'm hoping it would. BTW great video on yet another awesome emulator. Thanks man. Keep it up!

I can't find out how to copy my disc game onto my external harddrive, there is no option

there is a error saying blah blah need vulkan

Hello Austin thanks for your amazing guides on these. you really do cover these indepth fully keep up the good work let's hope to see a ps4 or xbox 1 emu in the future. LOL! "stares blankly over at xbox one on the shelf" "and broken ps4 that was 400usd that has a bad soldering job im too lazy to fix. lol

Can put Ps3 iso game from download website through Ps3 emulator? Like, Download Ps3 iso games from website then use Ps3 emulator.

Where do you get your PS3 emu games

Well... I can't even get past menus in Skate 3 and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle performance is bad. The sad thing is that I saw manu videos of people playing those games with no problems...I don't understand what I am doing wrong since my settings are fine and I've got an i7 4790k OCed to 4.5ghz and a GTX 1080Ti. Maybe my CPU sucks I dunno... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how about actually supporting game companies and buying their stuff ?

Michael King nah g

QUESTION: Is it possible to export SAVE files from my PS3 and then play them so I don't have to start over on the PC? Thanks Thanks for the explanation! The reason I don't play my ps3 and finish my games is becuse its too darn loud and hot! I can hear the fan running from 4 rooms and even outside of the house. No joking! My vacuum isn't even as loud..

Anyone got a download link for Persona 5?

Will you be able to play online multiplayer?

00:55 - Requirements needed to use this Emulator, i cant see?

Anyone know what this error is. Im running a ATI 7970 card with i5 86k . Trying to set this up on my arcade cab. rsx::thread} class std::runtime_error thrown: Unhandled GL format 0x8058

Hi would a gt 730 2 gb be appropriate? I can play Wii u emulator but just curious

Emulated games mainly depends on your prosessor. So what CPU do you have.

The code execution cannot proceed because vulkan-1.dll was not found.Reinstalling the program may fix this problem?

How to open Bluray format? (.r00 - .r62, one .rar and one .sfv)

*Luckily, I got my trusty Pre-built Digital Storm VANQUISH 7 - Level 4 PC With me which is going to run at max setting at all times.*

Hi! I'm having trouble opening the rpcs3 application. it doesn't run and a message box pops out saying that: " The code cannot be processed because vulkan-1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem." Thank you.

My specs are a intel i5 6500k, an Rx 480, and 8gbs of ram and the menu for persona lags to shit.

Are there any websites you recommend to download ps3 isos

how do i use ps3 controller

sorry but this video is pretty misleading. on intro and other parts, you demoed some games like last of us but its not compatible at all. you only played 1 game but put intros and in game videos for different incompatible games.

Oh shit does it play skate 3?!?!?!

Most simplified guide on the planet.

Fella tell me the compatible games list so I can download. Thnx

Can you sign into your account and earn trophies?

Simply Austin - Love the video. I have a question for you, my issue is going full screen on my 43" 4k monitor. I can't seem to run full screen. I have set up RPCS3 per your video, i have tried using vulcan and open gl. When i try to go full screen RPCS3 seems to be zoomed in like by 10 times. Runs great in the 1280x700 window. Any advise? I have a ryzen 5 1600 with a GTX 1060 6gig GPU. I followed you video to the tee.

your probably don't have the proper nvidia drivers installed. Get the latest driver from nvidia site and install it, it will also install the latest Vulkan drivers as well.

00:55 requirements?? Timestamp is wrong.

Alright, I'm lazy... Where did you get your Background. I'm assuming you're using wallpaper engine, But I can't seem to find the same one that you are using

30 FPS xD

For those using RocketLauncher, there is a new script that boots games from any folder you choose without having to "install" them into RPCS3.

The one thing i wanna is MGS4 and the legacy collection optimized to play, playable, perfect or in-game :/

it means u have to uninstall your current gpu driver and then do a clean install of the latest drivers for your GPU

my games do not appear on the game list. may i know how can i fix this problem? tnx in advance

I would give this emulator a go if MGS4 works

Can you lower the graphic than normal standard game?

Can you purchase PS3 disc game and insert in the PC to emulate by any chance

Is it just me people no knowledge say that emulator has virus? Ok... You must be really stupid

Can it play the last of us?

You have not told us how to get games on the emulator WITHOUT them being on an external drive, can i put games directly from the actual disc to the emulator?

Cara da para baixar jogos de ps3 no andoid

does this emulator need a ps3

Isnt this shit illegal?

My installation of the firmware got stuck on 140 of 141. wth happened?

You drag em in mate?

Simply Austin maybe can if you get center software. Just thinking about experiment not so sure how to do it lol

Yeah mate, to 720 I think, not sure if lower

You can mate. But the games need a certain set of BR players

Not if you got your games on the harddrive


my ps4 controller is not responsive. any help?

Why does disk format for drakanguard 3 work perfectly fine with the dlc yet the store digitial version crashes with black screen and still even after update patch

what about gamecube or wii controllers? Also logitec f310 works fine

dont worry runs on rx 580 8gb fine and tr4 1950x

I playing Drakanguard 3 with all dlc

Trust me mods are pain to install

Will CD works

Thanks I was able to get this working. Never even knew this existed. Playing my copy of Gundam Dynasty Warriors no issues, but this emulator does have along way to go alot of games aren't compatible and freeze and lag. I need to test this on my main pc I only tested it on alienware 1070 laptop so far. The cpu reaching 100% crazy.

why use this over a jailbroken ps3 tho ?

xbox emulator plz

i have an i5 gen 7 and a 1050ti will it run well

Can I know the specs to play PS3 games on pc

extremely informative video, but i have an of kilter question what was the game played during the intro after the last of us. the one with slightly cartoony graphics.

i need help any time i try to start a game that says intro it doesnt work

Ps3 games are 64 bit? I'm assuming this emulator is 64?

Simply Austin is there a 32 bit ps3 emulator?

yeah mate 64bit

Yo guys, where do you download your PS3 games? And don't come at me with your anti-piracy bullshit Im a fucken pirate and ill always be one so while youre paying for games im saving up money for more important shit Don't buy what you can get for free imo.

Thanks for the shoutout!

Looooool.., now I get ya

No worries at all mate. Thank you for making nice content mate

If you don't get it 0:38

Persona 5 mate?

Hi i cant really find how to make my ps4 revolution pro controller work with the emulator, on pc games it works fine

Tried playing Red Dead Redemption on RPCS3 and it runs but only with a maximum 7 FPS

It won’t start up because Vulkan was not found, how do I install it?

I'm having this same issue

When I try to start TTT2 it says this: F LDR: Failed to load RAP file: /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/EP0700-NPEB01140_00-TEKKENTAG2DLGAME.rap E LDR: SELF: Can't find RAP file for NPDRM decryption! E LDR: SELF: Failed to load SELF file metadata! E LDR: Failed to decrypt SELF: C:/Users/user/Downloads/rpcs3-v0.0.5-7117-12b8908a_win64/dev_hdd0/game/NPEB01140/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN S LDR: Boot successful. Any idea what it means?

yeah thats the one, cheers.

Splash Gaming you don't have to spam

have a ryzen 5 1400 + 1050 ti + 16GB RAM can i play the god of war games decently on 1080p or 720p?

Can these specs run this emulator??? And yes I did saw the system requirements BUT I want to know what you think Intel Core i5 7200u processor. Dual core processor. 2.5GHz processor speed. 8GB RAM. Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. NVIDIA GTX 9 seriesGTX 950m graphics card with 4GB RAM. Dedicated graphics card.

with this emulator i can play persona 5 well but my cpu works at 100% of usage and reach 90 C of temperature, so now i can't play it or my cpu will burn. Anybody know a fix for that? (My cpu is an i7-6700)

saint google rom ps-3

I know the specs of this PC are very high and expensive. Here is a video I made running this emu and MORE on a PC that costs just $300... I hope it helps you out configuring your PCs ready for emulators such as this! What emulator would you like to see next as an in depth guide?

Thanks Austin! Now i can finally play Ninja Gaiden Sigma on my PC. Amazing!

Your channel is amazing, you are a brilliant narrator who is passionate about the pure feeling of that unworried state when we were kids and only dedicated ourselves to enjoying games. I wanted to ask you if you could create a video on how to setup Persona 5 on this emulator... I've ran it and it doesn't go beyond 30 fps. My computer specs are the following: i5 2400 cpu 3.10 gz, 8gb ram, geforce gtx 750 ti. If you have any tips on how to run this amazing game properly without so much stuttering I would really appreciate it.

I'm new to emulators but just a quick questions, does the PS4 controller work for this PS3 emulator? Or what type of controller would you recommend? Thank you! Awesome tutorial!!

PS4 controller works, yes.


How about my MacBook !!!!!

Best place to grab the games online? Trusted websites please.

DeeDee Merry well do you know any CPU that could run this emulator???

no. cpu is way too weak.

Just found a solution! Go here to download the file 'vulkan-1.dll' and when it's done, extract it and put it into your emulator folder where rpcs3.exe is and then try launching it again. I just did that and it worked. Oh and if you have adblock turned on then you can't download the file so make sure you exclude your adblock to not run on the site if you have it on.

for people that want it on PC and also ps3 games can now be scaled beyond 4k resolution using rpcs3

No. but 8th gen i5s can run it quite well.

completely legal as long as you rip only games that you own to your pc. but downloading ps3 games is illegal in most places

No you cant do that. discs dont work with rpcs3.

shitty cpu. only has 4 threads

No dude, rpcs3 will not read any disc no matter the drive. you have to dump the disc to your pc in an extracted and decrypted format. it is nothing like pcsx2.

I have an i3 6100 3.7ghz processor with 8gb ddr4 ram and gpu which is a gtx 1050 2gb will it work for me?

God bless you, Henry.

DeeDee Merry I though. Anyway I just gave up and rebought it for PS4.

I have not tried it yet but the only game I want to play and maybe stream on YT is Fight Night Champions. Best boxing game ever made. I wish they would make a new one for the PS4 or even PC.

vulkan-1 dll is missing :/

Uh Uhandled win32 exception 0x0000005 upon compiling :c

Literally stuck here, with no ability to proceed.

Can i play god of war 3 on 8 gb ram Gt 1030 2gb gddr5 Xeon w3690 6 cores 3.47

4790k and a 1080ti 11gig xgddr5 so I’m good

Is that system software update file gonna work for older rpcs3 versions?

Tried playing Wrath of Asura but was lagging really bad it took about an hour to just get passed the beginning .

here is a tip if your game is saying lagging or has any other issue check the download site since they dont provide updates automaticly and it helped me

Wow so I can’t download them off the internet or something I sold my Ps3 years ago and my cyberpower pc doesn’t have a cd drive that sucks now I have to wait for the games to come out online or something but with Nintendo fucking me over and getting rid of Emuparadise idk what to do

alright,now that i got a better pc that runs rpcs3 full speed,IM READY TO PLAY SOME JOJO ALL STAR BATTLE!

ur setup makes things easier my friend.

guys im confused where do i download the actual games?

hi Austin, which are the specs of your pc? GPU GTX 1080 I see, but what about CPU and RAM? thanks!

i'm sorry but i don't find it...:( I would like to buy a mini-ATX for emulation and in order to run RPCS3 i'm looking for best components: i5 8600 or i7 8700, 8 or 16 GB RAM and GTX 1060 Mini or GTX 1070 Mini?

In the description I think mate?

So I just started working on my PS3 collection of discs. I noticed it was way quicker having MM do an iso copy rather than full copy. Do I need to do the full copy to run on RPCS3?

Wait, since you’re showing Persona 5 gameplay, are you saying that this ROM can play it? I would be kissing your feet if this is actually real. I love my gaming computer but it would be utter useless to buy a console for one game.

Will this work on this pc CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8100A Gaming PC (Intel i7-8700 3.2GHz, 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, 120GB SSD+1TB HDD

Silmply austin

rpsc3 updated with an overall improved performance across the board so this is going to get better and better

E PPU: LLVM: [0x002b26b0] Error: MTFSF E PPU: LLVM: [0x002b28f8] Error: MFFS I got these 2 errors,what that means.Is that mean that I will have some huge problems with the emulator.

hey austin I have an i7-2600 overclocked to 4.2 and 8 gb of ram and a gtx 1060 3gb is that good enough for the emualtor

Time to Break some bones.... #Skate3

Hey all, does anyone else have the problem of the RPCS3.exe file simply disappearing from your PC after you exit the application?

I could use some help if you still read the comments. When i try to run the rpcs3 it creates 2 new files( RPSC3.log and RPSC3.log.gz) and then it says fatal error acces to RPSC3.log.gz denied. I looked everywhere and i couldn´t find solution for this i would really appreciate if you could help me... :(

When I try to start TTT2 it says this: F LDR: Failed to load RAP file: /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/EP0700-NPEB01140_00-TEKKENTAG2DLGAME.rap E LDR: SELF: Can't find RAP file for NPDRM decryption! E LDR: SELF: Failed to load SELF file metadata! E LDR: Failed to decrypt SELF: C:/Users/user/Downloads/rpcs3-v0.0.5-7117-12b8908a_win64/dev_hdd0/game/NPEB01140/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN S LDR: Boot successful. Any idea what it means? Edit: Now when I play at Heavenly Garden I can't see anything

damn austin that's alot of games how big is that hard drive of yours?

Is there a way to play ps3 games directly from a ps3 disc? If not how do I transfer the data from the disc onto my pc?

I've downloaded the emulator and the PS3 firmware and bought RDR by Rockstar, but it won't run on the pc. Is it for the blu ray reader? Help!!

i have a problem where it says i have to reinstall the thing because it is missing the vulkan-1.dll file somebody help

Thankies Austin You The Man \m/

i get an error msvccp.dll and vcruntime140.dll

>not thinking this exceeds minimum W h a t

Can it be download for android?

how to set up g29?

can u make a video on how to copy ps3 games on ur external hard drive?

Click on Pads then Under Handlers choose DualShock 4

Simply Austin I found a way to get thru your videos. I watch them on mute. #Waffle #SlimpyTalking

Does anyone know if Heavy rain runs on this Emulator?

So are you able to just copy your games to a flash drive and move them over or do you need to do it from a hard drive? I have a flash drive but I can’t figure out how to transfer games onto it.

Where i can download games for this emulator. any website that you can provide?. thank you in advance

Where i can download games for this emulator. any website that you can provide?

Where do i download PKG files?

Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8300H 4GB GDDR5 Nvidia GTX1050 128 Bit 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 can this emulate ANY console with ANY games?

Hi . i got a 980m 8gb ddr5 , i7 6820hq, 16 gb ram ddr4, and as soon as i open th elast of us it freezes on the first page. The very first time i launched it it worked after that nothing

My game crashes at launch What should i do ??

how is beyond two souls on rpcs3? would love to play it again but dont want to dig out the console not enought room to set stuff up.

Nice! Where did you get all of these games?

So this works with physical CDs or digital games? Because I have a PS4 and I don't want to buy a PS3 to only play God of War 1 & 2. Thanks!

Quick Question do we need to have Playstation Games to use this emulator???

i have a i3 4160 ,GTX 750ti and 8GB RAM, should i be able to run the emulator?

Simply Austin is simply Awesome! I'm doing this! Thanks again!!!

so i can't just put my actual PS3 game disc of HyperDimension Neptunia in RPCS3

is there any way to get files on to pc without cfw as its the slim n supper slim ps3 i have

I own Sonic Unleased soo. technically if I download it, its legal? Idk.

vulkan-1.dll missing.Please help!

We can play any ps3 game or some work is remaining on it to do so?

I got a ps4 advertisement.

Why can I run GTA V (steam version) at high settings and 40 fps, but I can't run PS3 games like little big planet at over 5 fps?

You're amazing bro

Thanks! :)

Same Desktop Wallpaper :) Wallpaper Engine.

Hey I can't do it on my Computer running Windows 7

an error comes up when i try to open run it it says I need the vulkan.dll

In description mate

I fucking give up. Every damn time I try to install it it just opens to adobe flash and says the file is corrupted. And I have 7 zip installed also.

You see it runs fine on my windows 10 laptop. The only issue I have is the graphics. I was playing Sonic Unleashed and the screen is completely black on the bottom half of the emulator. I few character models are missing, but that's something, I can figure out myself. But what causes the black screen?

No matter what game I attempt to play, I can't get the initial trophy setup screen to go away and I've found nothing in my Google searches that point to anything remotely resembling a solution. To clarify, I can still interact with the game itself but there is always this "Loading Trophies/Trophy Setup" overlay that just won't go away. It darkens the screen so trying to ignore it is fruitless. I realize that this isn't the optimal place to search for a fix for this, but everywhere else I've looked has turned up empty, so I'm grasping at straws here and hoping that someone knows what I can do.

anyone knows whats vulkan-1.dll? I tried reinstalling but it says I gotta have that.. please help

I played skate 3 last night on the emulator and it was running slow asf is there a way i can make it go faster. Btw I use windows 10 and my specs for my pc are these im just gonna send the links to them below. Processor: Graphics card: Ram:

Hey bro my PC specs are.. i3-2120 3.30ghz . 8gb ddr3 ram. Nvidia GeForce gt 710 2gb .. Can it run games well on this emulator.. please reply..I liked your video .

ben oynarken compiling shaders hatası veriyor ve oyun donuyor rahat oynayamıyorum yardım edin ekran kartım 1080ti işlemcim i7 7700k

What if i run a PC game (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4) into RPCS3? *the tutorial using Xbox controller* but i have no Xbox controller and only a simple PS3 joystick. which making it confusing since i don't what the hell is A button in PS3 *will it change the tutorial button too?* EDIT: Tried it, and it wont even launch the game lol. fml. i guess it's only for PS3 game

how to play ingame games

Linux compatible :D, strangely running wine on emulators seems to not slow performance

Hmmm dont belive it


even when I run the game at 40fps it seems rather slow compared to the original. Kinda like its in slow motion or something, is there an explanation for that?

sen me the link where to download games.

does anyone have a good link to roms

Do you recommend this emulator with specs like these: I5 7200U 2.5ghz 8 gb ram AMD Radeon R7 M445 SSD 256 gb Its a laptop btw.

Hi Austin, thanks for your work, so I have a request please, can you do videos for people using Linux

why i get fatal error? soo sadd...

Heavy guide ty man glad I’m subbed to u

Ugh what button do a adding on my Xbox controlller for the PS button? sound pretty similar to mr.paladin....

awesome dude nice video

Can u run these games at 60fps?

I can't run rcps3.exe, it say "the code execution cannot proceed because vulkan-1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem". How can i fix it

thank's gamer brother .it's working for mé .

your pc must be about 20 times better than mine, i can't even run pscx2 on the lowest settings -.-

Whenever I open it says I need to download something called "Vulken-1" what do I do beause I don't know what vulken-1 is

why tf is your catch line "let's get stuck in"

Can I run fifa 17 on this emulator?

Hello Sir i just follow you as your guidelines and my game run but it shows only black screen i have disk game please help

Compiling shaders. Stuck on this screen for 3 hours... My rig can run this.

cant install the update, EVERY time it gets stuck at 21%

nice bro,, How you RAM to use this Emulator?

does 1060 3gb support vulkan????????? pls reply

Yeah mate, just install and update your driver's

why my games running slow? am i doing something wrong?

the emulator wont let me put the folders in.

can you use keyboard?

Can I run it on GTX 970 G1 i3 4170 3.70ghz 8ram DDR3 1600mhz?

It won't work for me Please help to fix ......... here the error comes in when i boot RPCS3 v0.0.5-7402-306f95a9 Alpha | HEAD Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3220 @ 3.00GHz | 2 Threads | 3.43 GiB RAM S LDR: Boot successful. S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread)} SPU: SPU Recompiler Runtime (ASMJIT) initialized... S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread)} SPU: SPU Runtime: Built 172 functions. U {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01143d0c]} HLE TODO: Unimplemented syscall sys_ss_access_control_engine -> CELL_OK S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libgcm_sys.sprx S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libsre.sprx S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libfs.sprx S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libresc.sprx S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libsmvd2.sprx S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libnet.sprx S {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126830]} sys_prx: Loaded module: /dev_flash/sys/external/libl10n.sprx U {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126878]} sys_prx TODO: _sys_prx_register_library(library=*0xd540fc) U {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126878]} sys_prx TODO: _sys_prx_register_library(library=*0xd54118) U {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x011e7d88]} sys_spu TODO: Unimplemented SPU Thread options (0x2) x4 U {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126898]} sys_prx TODO: _sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name(name=“cellLibprof”, flags=0, pOpt=*0x0) E {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01126898]} 'sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name' failed with 0x8001112e : CELL_PRX_ERROR_UNKNOWN_MODULE [1] E {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01222090]} 'sys_fs_open' failed with 0x80010006 : CELL_ENOENT [1] E {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01222090]} 'sys_fs_open' failed with 0x80010006 : CELL_ENOENT, “/dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/final/chunks.big.ps3” [1]

Is playable for gtx1070ti And ryzen 5 2600x with ssd ?

rpcs3 vulkan-1.dll Plss

I have a GTX 1050 TI can I run it

Thankz for the video austin

How can I run rpc3 properly on Intel core m3 processor. My Pc is able to run most of the games like dead or alive 5 and call of duty black ops3, but rpc3 is not working properly

haha my game is running on 2 fps and i have i7 1070 16 gb ram

Check compatibility settings for that game mate

download link for wallpaper pls?

whats the game name on 2:15

>he left render resolution at 301%

i want to ask im going to play persona 5 with rspc3 but th fps is so low and it takes a long time in loading

hi, when i select vulkan it doesnt allow me to choose my niveda GTX1050 graphics card, it only allows me to do so in the do not use D3D12 option, does any one know why this is happening ?

The software update won't download am I doing something wrong?

But I don’t have a os3 console, how else can I get games on pc without a console

pla help vulkan-1.dll is missing . . i already reinstalling it couples of time but it doesent work . .what to do?

gta 5?

Can I play pirated games ? and , Can I play pes 2018 on this emulator ?

playing ps3 with an xbox 360 controller

Please share link for download iso game

Very useful, thank you!

Tried to open the ps3 drivers in winrar. doesnt let me. what file does it need to be

download the vulkan-1.dll file from the net and put it into the main folder and it should work

It says the app was unable to start correctly.

can i use dualshock 3 to play?

Can Metal Gear Solid 4 run on RPCS3?

Why is Audacity open

Until they get the last of us and red dead redemption and gran turismo working... not going to bother with this yet... looks quite buggy atm too. only worth having for ps3 exclusives no point emulating games that already have a superior PC version

what if you have a 32 bit

guys my vulkan renderer is missing what do i do?

YouTube Shit

Can I run ps3 games straight from the blueray?

It only downloads as a PDF, how the fuck do I change that because I am pretty torched rn

lol fuck that piracy shit i've torrented every worthwhile singleplayer game on pc FUCK EM WE BALL


btw im torrenting rdr as we speak.

mines just come out with a z file paper looking an not a zip file .?

how does the last of us plays here? is it fully compatible?

can i run pes 2018 ps3 on this emulator

i can play the game , but why the game on x2 speed mode , but when i attack enemy , its back to normal , and then when i move it the its x2 speed mode , sry for my shitty grammar:(

Recommended system requirements... ..

Would you share your library?

rpcs3 solution there is no vulkan option? in the renderer there is no vulkan option ... there are only open gl and null and how to fix rpcs3 fatal error audio thread ..

First time i see one of your vids and i will say... YOU DESERVE MY SUBSCRIPTION! You are very good Btw i really like your wallpaper, where can i get it?

It's steam wallpaper engine mate

Can I take out my HDD out of my PS3 and connect to my computer and dump the games that are on it or do I have to do it the way you showed.

help me please tell me error unable to start file because vulkan-1.dll was not found

when i start persona 4 arena it seems to be it's like cut in half, the bottom is all black and the top is half of the game

i changed the console language into japanese and now it seems to be working fine :v

wow you burry your content under a truck load of shit talk. couldnt bare to watch it. neeeeeext

Cool desktop background Asus Rog end color change .

Bro how to download PKG files

Thank you i will try to play Saw II, I hope it will work fine.

form where can i downloade some of ps3 games?? like you have

are you frankieonpcin1080?"

On Controllers Setup if i want to use mouse and keyboard?

I have gigabite B7 motherboard+i3 6100 proceecor+8GB DDR4 ram.But I have no graphics card.I use all the game by using INTEL HD graphics 530.Can I play RPCS3?

first i like to thank you for the hard work second where i can get the games from any site and how i can setup it ???? 3 if i let the configurations as it is i can play with mouse and keyboard?

Can you get a game with all updates?

emulating a windows pc on a mac emulating ps1 game on a ps2 on a ps3 emulator running on a xbox emulator that is running on a emulated mac. the inception of emulating

I have a steam controller will it work?

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz | 4 Threads | 3.92 GiB RAM | AVX+ does it work on it ?

Mkay. Give me a ballpark estimate. Would a vr ready pc be able to handle this?

Im gonna have to get a WHOLE new machine. Gotta throw the whole pc away now

Can you use the keyboard from pc as controllers

When in the gpu settings Vulkan isn't an option How exactly do i fix this?

I got an Asrock z370 Extreme 4, gigabyte G1 gtx 1080, Intel i5-8600k, will this suffice?

Isnt there any website for downloading instead of copying the game in a harddesk

I wonder how a Ryzen 3 with 8gb ram will run this? Well time to test!

I bought a new Xbox one S controller for this... got it connected to bluetooth on a pc game... but when I turn the controller on and try to set the controls like you mentioned, it doesnt do detect my commands. Eventually the controller turns off. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm new to bluetooth controllers.

+ALEX Toplicianu that didn't work :/

did you fix it ?

Download Vulkan-1.dll And place in System32 and folder ps3 emulator Alright?

And what does it mean when the the compatibility says "ingame" instead of playable? you cant play it at all or is it something else?

Emulator works...but i have a problem. since i dont have a drive with games on it i downloaded the iso for the game on , and everything kinda downloaded normally but when I opened the game it just showed me the black screen with a few numbers on it. the cpu and sound work nicely so the screen is the only issue. could anyone help me with this or just tell me if i've done anything wrong or if anyone knows a better site for downloading ps3 games. thanks!

i have 7zip but it says i dont have an associated app when i try to open the download. any help?

You mentioned the ability to hook up ps3 hdd's and the emulator will read them. Could you show this working as many of us suffer from a disease called Yellow Light Of Death and would like our data back.

My computer must be soooo ooold. Its gotta be a potato. I judge my pc power on dbz bt3. It runs about 60% speed. Its an asus AzzA

has anyone tried installing 4.80 rebug drex on this emu, I wonder if itd work, I actually own a jailbroken ps3

Linux or Windows, PC is the best platform ever!

If I have a blu ray drive, can I play PS3 games right off the disk or do I have to extract the roms?

i love the background music

Can i play it on Gtx 1060 3gb Ryzen 5 2600 6gb ram

very well explained

Great video, but it makes absolutely no sense to play a game that is available on pc. (Castlevania lord of shadows 2)

Austin when I start up one of my games it says Fatal Error and mentions Unhandled Win32 exception 0xC0000005. and some thing about Module name: 'igvk64.dll'. What should I do? Also it doesn't say playable by the side of the game it says "Ingame" don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Nice wallpaper

i got a error when oping the emulator it says " he prgram tan't start necuase vulkan-1.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the prgram to fix this problem " and i have done that loads of times please help

I HAVE A PROBLEM, i did everything well, but when i start Red Dead Redeption, my game go to 6fps (i got a good PC,with GTX1050)

Now I regret getting rid of my PS3!

website is dead

Thanks for the thorough tutorial - very solid advice here.

For some reason, the emulator only allows me to use my intel graphics card, insted of my 1050ti... why does this happen

Can you please do a video tutorial on how to configure bleach soul resurreccion and play it. Im always having issues with bleach and i hardly enjoy not as much as i should.

Is this emulator need ps3 remote? please tell me

Please i need that Wallpaper , where did you get that , i love your channel , fine videos , good edits , nice explanations.

Where's Sony your exclusives are being stolen.

I just want to play asuras wrath and the last of us cuz my ps 3 dont work no more ty so much bro

i get awesome pc from the trash

Hi! i really enjoy your video, well presented easy to understand like&sub. my Pc configuration: Intel Core2 Extreme CPUX9650 3.00GHz 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX770 2GB can my Pc run it smoothly??

i'm having trouble with the 7zip part..

So I have my GTX 550 ti drivers on my computer, and I was installing the ps3 firmware but when it got to the "copying PPU modules" this error popped up RPCS3 FATAL ERROR Unhandled Win32 exception 0xC0000005 and a bunch of other crap. Can I use this emulator on my computer? EDIT: My cpu is AMD Phenom II X4 955

hello man i wanted to ask you something for rpcs3 i found a pkg game file for splatterhouse my fav game in ps3 but its in 3 parts 1,2,3 what do i do with these to get em woring on rpcs3 ?

I don't see the vulkan option, how do I do ?

my gtx 960 m supports vulcan but how do i activate it and use it with rpcx3?

how do i know if my gtx960m is vulcan compatible ??

Very helpful

hey Austin, what about motion controlls ??

how do u get live wallpaper to work

thank you

I have vulkan-1.dll problem

I want to like RCPS3, but the latest version has some flaws in its settings... I.E., I cannot properly set up my controller to click the confirm button, the gamepad settings unlike yours is in an all in one window which blows up and oversizes the controller configuration to where I cannot even click on the confirm button unless I change my screens resolution to the lowest res, which is irritating and just wish they would've kept it in separate windows like your version is with the gamepad settings then the config window pops up after you click on the config button. Tried running a game but even if the window is either fullscreen or not I just get a small 8inch footage of the game inside of a fullscreen window in the lower left corner... I think I'll wait a while until a few more issues are fixed before I try this emulator, I am glad to see the emulation scene improving on newer consoles like Xbox, xbox3 60, switch, and ps3 they are far from perfect but at least its something I hope they will continue to improve them and get more games running!

Hey austin i have a problem with rpcs3.exe, every time i click on it it does nothing.. can you help pls?

Does the emulator work with switch pro controllers?

My graphics card is nvidia gtx 1050 and i5 processor 8th gen, is that good enough?

The original comment I posted was how i couldn't get the archive to open. Forget all that, nerd got it figured out.

wow i need to buy ps3 and ps3 games first well i better buy ps4 then buy a ps3

Helpme pls! i'm dont have the vulkan on renderer ;-; only OpenGL and d3d12

rpcs lollipop nays

wtf is a 7-zip

yeas me too but i solve it so download this i promise you it will work and you welcome

( use 7zip to Open File) (Doesn't give link for 7Zip) (Person Looks For 7Zip Extractor Downloads) (Wastes 2 hours) (virus) Thanks Simply Austin!

+Faktoria Nadoosh thanks It worked

One huge problem with this emulator. 90% of games aren't even playable. Virtually no AAA games are playable.

Could a 2018 MacBook Pro 15 with a 2.6GHz i7 and AMD Radeon Pro 560X with 16GB RAM run this?


You sound like john Bishop

How do you copy, your ps3 games from your ps3 to an external hdd ?

Do I need to have the controller DualShock 3 and disk for it to work please answer me please see my comment please answer my question

could i get the guide for custom firmware for ps3 system i wouldl ike to give that a try

Where can I download solcalibur 5 and run on ps3 emulator(I need them wothout virus)!

Graphics- AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics RAM- 8GB CPU Type- AMD Rysen 3 Windows Version- Windows 10 (x64) Can i run it?

without grafics card Pentium 2030 run rpcsx3

Do I see bleach in your iso’s

How you get skate 3 to run so smooth?? I can barely get past the menu lmao just falls thru the floor at 1fps

hi again I did get the option to choose vulkan setting's under the render tab is it because i have rpcs3 version ? i hope you can help me out there pls

hi there do you where i can find soul calibur 4 and 5 for PS3 iso + all dlc's content if you could can you please tell me thank's

I have Dell laptop 8 GB ram Core i5 Nvidia And Will it work ?

is this considered illegal

Im trying to play a game called RAIN, but I noticed that it stutters. Not much, but enough to make it too annoying to play it.I literally tried all the options (I think), even changing my graphics settings in the NVidia panel to suit a lower performance, but it still stutters. I am running WIN7 64 with 16GB RAM on a SSD 120GB HDD, GeForce GT 1030, motherboard i5 3470 @3.20 Ghz. Is my machine not powerful enough to run this platform game?

thank u soooooooo much

it says vulkan-1.dll was not found

Could I theoretically play gran turismo 5 on my macbook ? Running bootcamp on my mac, running windows and the emulstor?

Do you have to use controller?

So will my i7 gtx 1060 6 gig of ram be of decent quality? Or dont bother?

what is your pc I wont to bay the same pc you have can you help me

where can you get "bios" files from for example gran turismo 6

downloaded the latest emulator and there IS ABSOLUTELY NO .exe executable file found in the download and there is absolutely nowhere on their site that gives any sort of help on how to use it????

what settings work to get gran turismo 6 actually running

Can I run Persona 5 with an with an i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80GHz, 8GB RAM and a GTX 1050Ti?

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6" Full HD, Intel Core i5-8300H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics, 1TB HDD, 8GB SDRAM, 15-cx0056wm Is this powerful enough

my Dynasty Warrior Gundam always crashed in the middle of loading the fighting session. Any reason or solution for this? Thankyou.

vulkan-1.dll not found. How do I fix?

Question is loads and use some games but the moment I start playing or go to the loading screen it freezes and it's a playable game what am I doing wrong?

But if I use this on an AMD FX 4300???

no me aparece vulkan que hago???

are you able to drag the edat file in, or is there a certain folder you need to put it in? and is dlc after the updates?

it says 5-vulkin.dll is missing

it won't even start for me XD

A good site to download isos? Pls

Maybe mention that you need 20gb worth of other shit to even attempt to install the emulator

+Simply Austin I got it to work already man. Just gotta get some games

​+Reverb Ah its OK mate, never a worry. I just downloaded it and it is a PUP file if you get the right one. 201MB in total. Here is the link I used

+Simply Austin I downloaded it but it doesn't show up as a PUP file in my file explorer, for some reason. Also, sorry, I got salty as hell

Not sure what you are downloading mate, but you need the PS3UPDATE.PUP file (as stated in the video and linked)... its 200MB (as stated in the video and linked).

Will it work with i5 gen 3 , gtx 950 and 8gb ram

Nice video, and where are the save files? Are saves working properly?

Where did you get the rog live wallpaper from?

just a simple feedback , you should focus on ps3 exclusives and how they are performing now instead games like castlevania los 2 which has in all platforms

hi boss.. in RPCS3 when I'm trying to load the game, I received a fatal error and rpcs3 hanged up. I can't able to play the game. any solution is there for that?? please guide me in this.

Do you have any websites to download like skate 3 so I can use it on the emulator

Hello. I just followed your tutorial here. But i used keyboard as my pad. And wanted to download DWGR and i find out its in parts. Any idea on compiling them and apply it to my emulator? Please reply asap

How to download ps3 games from internet into pc

I can't open the rpcs3 file I can't install the emulator

sir please help when i install the firmware the avast appeared and says "rpcs3.exe is trying to change or delete the file BROKEN_PHOTO.PNG" will i allow app or block app

Zana elaborate! Is there an error message of some sort?


this is sad my ps3 is now uselles thanks to emulator

it gives me an error like machine didnt found vulkan1 or something


1:49 the game cause me install this

please test mgs4

Can I play the games that say ingame instead of playable?

Pc master race logic... buy a PS3

Just watched this guy Indian guy that runs GOW 3 on directx 12 with no dedicated GPU as from what I see in the video when he open the config window.

Bro how to download pkg games file

my emulator is notshowing vulkan how to fix this

my i3-8100 can run pcsx2 shadow of colussus on software mode smoothly (with some frame skipping). i wonder if it can handle this too..

This is stupid fake.

Does anyone have a copy of Gran turismo 5 that I can download? or a site with ps3 games?

hey what about IN GAME compatibility ?? what to do it doesn't even start running

Will all the games work?

Question: I'm one of the few weirdos in the world with a blu ray drive in my PC. Can I just put the disc in my pc and run it through there?

Hey Austin you alive bro? Btw. i bought a new cpu mobo and ram. I have a ryzen 2600x... I tested persona and damn man.. it's broken AF.... ;( Not even with a 6/12 cpu.... You think its because of my 970?

it is many dll missing !!!!!!!

Can it get 4k60fps

does it work with mac ?

can i play with keyboard and mouse?

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