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We. Want to welcome you to this special, segment, and. Onstage. With me is a Raj Mizuki hi. Mike. Jacqueline. Mackenzie. Monica. The Maron hello, and Bill ban says hello I'm. Sure a lot of you have had the privilege of meeting them they are an incredible, group of people they. Are all personal students, of Bob and Sandi who have been working with Bob and Sandi and the proctor gauger Institute for years they. Are, also. Personally. Trained coaches by Bob and Sandi and they. Get to work with our clients like, you so. First. I want to ask them just a couple of personal questions, that I think will really benefit all of us and then I'll also ask. Them some questions relating. To what. The proctor Gallagher Institute does and, how. We can help you get. More and better in your lives so that you can enjoy more freedom whether. It's time or money or whatever it is you're looking for sound. Good yeah. All. Right Raj. Why don't you gonna started can you tell us how. You start your day yeah. Sure the first thing I do every, morning is, I, do gratitude, first thing to, start the day and, I always focus, on, exactly. What I'm grateful for and, then I always ask the question why because. When I ask myself why it gets me more emotionally, involved. Instead. Of just making, gratitude, and intellectual, exercise and. After. I, do that the I go to the gym and workout and really. Start my day with. Really. Feeling good about it and then I come back and I'll study for an hour, different, things that I'm working on from reading. Writing. Listening, to, videos or audios, that I'm doing and then. I get in my day and start my my. Strategy, sessions, and coaching calls with clients, I love, it thank, you and. Monica. You. And your husband just purchased, a Ferrari right, so. That, was a C type goal for you all of this at the time yes how. Did you make that jump tell. Us like, how you went from just setting the goal and seeing, something that you wanted to having. It okay. Well, first, it started with a decision and, a desire. We. Had. To learn how to accept an, idea, first, of that, it is actually possible because, for, a long time we didn't think it would be possible and. We. Kept hold of that vision we realized there's two, things that we can control our thoughts and our attitude, about it so. Once, we got in alignment and really got connected to our goal and seeing. The vision of us actually being. In, that Ferrari. Inspiring. Our boys as, well because, they were very excited about it it just drove us to. Keep. Pursuing. It and every. Day we focused, on it we put a lot of energy and attention on to it and the, how just started to show up for us and, it's, here and, it has that changed the way that you approach your, goals today and the next things that you're going after, yeah. It was one of the biggest lessons, I've learned -. One. Of the biggest accomplishments I, think for both of us so, now I apply what, I've done with that into, my, goals that I have personally as well. So. Can, you tell us what, your most powerful study, habit is, the. First thing when I get in the morning up in the morning I think the most powerful thing for me to be honest with you is I. Like. To visualize I, like to totally, set the intention for the day and visualize but, I also like to look at my goal and and I actually, actually. Get emotionally, involved in my my goal well before I even get out of bed so when I first wake up I I, literally, will lay there for about 10 minutes and completely. Put myself in, my goal so, outside, of that repetition. Of studies huge I'm I. Actually. Like to read and. Listen. At the same time - that's huge for me sometimes I'll I'll do an audible, and I'll stop I'll follow along and read it because, it almost is really, like. The stories being told yet I'm following it but my. Routine first thing and what's most powerful, for me is actually. Before I even hit the carpet in the morning is to. Literally. Put my, in the position as if I had already achieved my goal and spend. That time to emotionally, be there and it's, been a huge impact for me especially. Being around mentors. Like Bob and Arash, and and those, people in this in this environment, just. Those small things that we do every single day that, equal the huge things thanks. Bill now I love. These people they're some of my favorite people and I want you all to get a chance to know them just a little bit while we're up here but I don't want to you. Know take up too much time I love, your story bill because, you've known about Bob and studied Bob forever, can you give us just 3045, seconds about your story. So. I first met Bob at the age of 23, 1993. At. A conference my, wife kind of shoved me real quick his way because I think she was tired of the bill collectors, calling. It. Was a blessing, I read you were born rich and I knew at that point I had to be I had to be in that environment because, I grew up in a home where there was really not a lot of success, did.

That For years had a lot of success, but. I met I met actually a rush about. About, five and a half maybe even six years ago and it. Changed, everything for me because I had studied and had. Somewhat. Of an idea but. Going. From where I was at earning around 20,000. A year when, I first met Bob to. Hitting six figures was huge but, it was actually after I met our really, Wragge putting. Me back in touch with Bob about, six years ago that. Completely, morphed, my life and actually, allowed, me to be here even today and. Not. Sure what else you want me to tell about my son and before you well I'll just kind, of that. Was it I wanted, everyone to know how. Long you'd known Bob Proctor and a little bit about where you came from but. You actually came to matrix as a client before. Ever working with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. So. Hold that thought cuz I'll come back to it cuz I want you talk about your experience as a client with us okay. Jacqueline. You, were. A Proctor gallery consultant before, joining the Procter Gallagher Institute as one of our personal coaches and you, get a unique opportunity when, you're working with, your clients as a consultant, as well as our clients as a coach, to. See. Paradigms. And see people working through their paradigms as they struggle to make decisions, and get past the terror barrier and I. Was hoping that you could talk a little bit about how, you push, through people's, paradigms or help people, overcome their paradigms, when you're working with them and coaching them. I think, about. I, love. That thank you so much. Tell. Us just a snapshot of your story, sure. I have. Been studying, Bob's. Material. And really, other material. As well for, three, years went. On YouTube, I did went to seminars, no results. I met, Bob nine years ago and, we had a very candid conversation. I. Was, really at the bottom I was a hundred and fifty thousand in debt just lost my job getting, married three weeks later and Bob. Told, me he said, what. Is it that you're really wanting, and I said I want to create a life of freedom doing. What I love he says well what do you love I said I like. What you do and then, he said well I could show you how to do that he. Says what do you want to do I said I'm really not sure I like, helping people but I'm not really sure he. Said how serious, are you to make a change and I, said I'm very serious, because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired I, told. Them everything I did and he didn't want to hear about my story and he told me that he said you, don't know this you know about it and I'll never forget that moment because I thought to myself he's. Exactly, right because I, was, just forced to look at my result and he said if you'll do exactly what, I tell you to do not. Have not 3/4, everything, will change and I, said well what do you recommend I do and, he said I want you to let, me coach you and do and, I got in his a 13, month coaching program first and, he. Said if you'll do exactly what I tell you not half not 3/4, he, says I can, guarantee you your life will change and, for. The first time in my life I actually did, exactly. What somebody, told me because I would always start, and stop start, and stop so, I never went. All the way through but at this point I had. To put the money down that I said and the money was great to put down because I didn't have it so it, really made me more. Committed because, I, had so much skin in the game and.

If. You think about like Napoleon Hill he talks about burning, your bridges right, and thinking Grow Rich that's what I had to do and, ever. Since then that's when everything changed. That year I was, fortunate enough to to, eliminate. The debt I had my best financial, year ever and every year since its. Continued. To grow all. Right so he's, being modest so I'm gonna fast forward to, today, his. Beautiful wife Veronica, is over there with, you so, you were about to marry ten years ago right right you're, not in debt anymore no you, are, earning seven, figures just. Bought your dream house yes healthier. Than I've ever seen you like. Great, life but, also you. Get to hear incredible, success stories and do, something that you really love like you just told me an amazing success story standing over there would, you share, it sure. We're, a break about I don't know maybe an hour hour and a half ago and I've. Been working with a client I don't know if he's in the room, Brenda. Are you here. Yeah. So Virender. Came. Up to me and he thanked me and he, said. You've. Changed my life and, I said no you changed your life and I've been working with Virender, closely, for about a year and a half and he, said I just bought my dream home and I could have never done this without you guys so. The. Reason we do what we do is to help people and when I met Virender, he. Was very hesitant you know just like many people are and we. Had many conversations. That. We broke him through the, Tara bear and got him through his fear and now, just in 18. Months every. Time I see him it's like I'm looking at a different person. Congratulations. Feli. I want to come back to you like I said I would and like. I mentioned you went to matrix as a client before you joined us but also now, that you're a part of dr.. Gallagher Institute you go to every matrix and you, have a special, affinity for matrix you love matrix, so, can, you tell us just a little bit about matrix, and why it is that you think it's so powerful sure. I look. There's. Probably a whole bunch of you in here that really will relate to this I had, got to a spot in my life where I was just sick of it I was sick of going back and forth back and forth and we, would have success and not success, and, I, was. Laying in bed in, a North. Dakota. And. I, had a project out there in North Dakota in the oil field and I was so frustrated all. He wanted to do is just pack up go home and quit and. I'd been around this material, for years and so. Something. Told me reach, out to Bob one more time well. I I. Ended, up on a call with the Ross he was three minutes late actually. So. It was emotional, for me I was this impact I went in my office shut off the lights do not disturb on my door and I. Ended up having one of the most incredible cause of my life and so. From, from, an impactful, standpoint, the first thing was if somebody really really literally. Believed in me and I, think that's so critical that. You find a community or an environment, where you can actually have somebody that understand, you that will help you and, he said look I'll help you but you have to be coachable you have to do exactly what I what, I'm asked me to do now. I'd heard that for years but. I actually believed, that he believed in me and I, remember at one point Bob said that to me he said if you can't believe in you you've got to believe in me believing in you well, it made such a big impact. Two. Years prior to that I could have paid for everybody in the matrix and now I'm scrapping to get there so. At. That environment, I learned. That I had the ability to be free. To. Be me in that environment like, I didn't have to have the restrictions, of the checking account while I was there I didn't have to have and he kept telling me focus on what you want focus on what you want, only. Because he could see the good right, see the power in what, I was able to accomplish in my life and what I could accomplish because. He wouldn't allow me to see the negative side of who I really was believing, I was at that point I went. Through that matrix that week and was liberated, and if you can imagine being in an environment similar to this where, you're actually away. From life and you're, able to focus on what it is that you want and. Literally. Spend the time to think and really. Consider, from a conscious, position, how to gain control and how to set proper, goals and how, to really go deep and, how to really function, like. A thinking, person that you could really set one three and five-year goals, and, I and it just made such a huge difference, you brought clarity in order to me and, so when, you, it when you're in that environment Bob, then helps you to take your goals and your, ideas, and turn, them into a, mechanism. That you can actually take to the market that you can create results.

I Put, the Wills on the on the bus and get it moving and then he teaches you really how to connect. So, that you're not doing it by yourself and when. I went through that process that day or. That week the. Lights came on in me life came back and it, wasn't that I couldn't, do it it's just that I quit seeing myself as somebody that could and ideas. Were born I often, hear even a rush say that matrix stands for birthing of an idea and so it. Has a major, impact, because it's environmental. And you're. Working with like-minded people just like you are here but, for six days where. When you come there with, a little bit of confusion you'll. Leave there with complete order direction. And the ability to take action. Thank. You though that, was a very good description of matrix and one of the things you've, all been to matrix several times I'm just going to throw this question out whoever wants to answer it can because I don't know the best person someone. Will like it, one. Of the things that I really love about matrix, is the networking and how everyone, else there, is. Getting. Enrolled into your vision and helping you crystallize. It and helping you figure out how to get it done so there's this teamwork aspect, of matrix that is very. Like, a super, networking. I. Think. That I think again I think the environment, is so, huge, it's, so huge and. We could tell stories all day up here about clients, who came and met somebody who, they have no idea of and existed and they might be from Europe. And they're from North America and, literally. Within, weeks, have. A business, that changes their whole life I, mean I I have a client here from, Texas that's having huge, growth and a huge. Momentum because he was there, and he, understands. Now the importance, of environment, and culture and changing. His perception, and I, mean I can think of another client who came there with a makeup. Idea she, had an idea for a mineral base makeup idea, and literally. Because of the environment, and the connections, and the people she was surrounded with and Bob walking, her through the process at, 39, years old is a multi-millionaire. In just less than two years because of that environment, in those connections. One. More question and this one's gonna be for you, about. Matrix. Who. Is matrix right for a. Matrix. Is right for anybody who really. Wants. To take it big and really, has desire, I've. Had I always tell people you're. Gonna come in there with, whether you have an idea or not it could be a goal they're, not just an idea and. Bob. Works. With you so closely and sandy works with you and our team works with you so closely for six days and you. Leave there with an executable, plan I think. For, anybody, who comes, it's. Such an emotional experience you, have to be there to really experience. It because no. One can you, can ask Bob does this this, weekend, nobody.

Can Give a justice, of what. The emotional, impact is, and the tangible, results, I always tell people that I'm coaching that when, you come to matrix you'll never be the same, it's. Just it's, a game changer. We. Do a lot of great things matrix. Is my, favorite, thing that we do personally, because I have such a special. Bond with it because of I see, people who, are in the crowd right now, who have, just dramatically. Changed, since then. Thanks. Fashion Monica. You, started, out as a consultant, now, can you tell us just a little bit about how. You became a consultant just, a little bit about that whole story of what it was like and, what. It's, like being a pocket algorithm Zoltan. Well. I started out I used, to be a hair stylist for 18 years and I had a desire to really, help people oh and I. Saw the opportunity to. Do, that on a global level and, that. Really, got me excited so. I. Fell in love with Bob's material, I was studying it from afar and I, realized if I had the right direction and the right help and a team of people that could help me I could take it and I. Got, involved and. Everything. Shifted for me the. One thing I love about thinking. Into results the consultancy, is it you're in business for yourself but not by yourself you. Have a proven, system, that. When you teach it to your clients, or people. Around you they're gonna get massive results and, their lives are gonna change so significantly. And that to, me was. Huge because I needed, a, system, put in place because, I didn't know where to start off I knew I wanted to help people I just didn't know how to take it so I realized, that the, consultant, program was. A specialized. Knowledge that I needed to implement and take. My goal and my dream and make it reality, and. Our consultant, division is growing, like crazy right, now it's incredibly, successful, I think. We have over 30 consultants. In the room so if you're a Procter collar consultant, in the room right now we just do me a favor and stand up. There's. Quite a few of you that's. Amazing. Very cool. Jacqueline. I would, love to hear you talk about the consultant program as well just because of how you started out and I know that you've worked with so many of our consultants, and then actively, worked as a consultant as well so talk. About what it's like to become a consultant who. It's, a good fit for everything. About being told. For. Me that was I think that is by, far. I, wanted. To really create that life a freedom for my, family, and but. I also wanted to do do. It but. With something that I love to do and. You. Know working. As a consultant, I remember. Like it was only four years ago and it's not, that long but I feel like it was forever ago because, the growth that just takes place.

Not. Only when you're watching your clients, but for you personally. Your. Growth is like at like warp speed I feel like I've accomplished, probably more in the last four years than I ever have and. You. Know every aspect of my life has, improved I, mean I have I've. Been missing some like clients, here in this, event and. Watching. Them you, know whether they're improving their business, or their personal, life. Like. These are real people, who are improving. Some, aspect, of their life whether they want to multiply their income they want to start a business, maybe. It's their health, maybe, they want to find out what their purpose and their passion, is the, thinking, into results program is so universal, I mean you, can work with companies. Businesses. You can work with individuals, you can work with groups. How. Many people in the room, like, what are watching Bob and Sandy today, and thinking gosh I want to get up there and do that one day like. I bet you there's a ton of people well, I was, like that too and. You. Know I if. You would have knew, me four years ago I was probably the most shyest, quiet, introverted, person, if you asked any of my family they. Would, have not ever pictured, me doing. This and but, I used like these principles, to help kind of draw all of that all, of that out, and you. Know I if. You're, looking to do something that, you truly want, to wake up happy and, feel fulfilled I can't, think of another business that isn't better than this one you have an amazing, team supporting, you helping, you build this from the ground up. The. PGI. Like. You're there, a business, that really believes in making an impact in the world and you're an extension, of them. Thank. You Jocelyn and I love how you're both talking about the seal goodness, how you can make an impact but I also want you to touch on how, it can be a really lucrative business, as well and the logistics of how you. Can be an extremely, successful consultant. Yeah well, so, I was a project manager. Before. This and I, worked. Probably, some weeks eighty hours and. If there's anybody who's worked in construction it, was a very. High-stress. Industry, and, you. Know the most amount of money I'd ever earned was, $45,000. And I. Remember, Bob me coming to a seminar like this and saying he can show anyone how to take their annual income and turn it into their monthly income and I. Remember telling Bob I said okay that's it that's what I want I want to take what I used to make as a project manager, and turn, into my monthly income and you. Know the first question he asked me is like are you coachable, and I said yes just tell me what tell me what to do and within. A year I was able to do, that like my, income. Has multiplied. So. Much I. Travel. I you. Know in, my it's so good to be able to be. Able to create, that really that time and money freedom I know that was something that I personally, want but I also know there's probably a ton of people in this room who are looking for the same the, same thing, thanks. Jacqueline, garage. Can. You talk about I'm gonna switch gears now and talk about the, inner circle. Talk. About the inner circle, and how valuable having, an inner circle or being in Bob's inner circle is. To. Be a, part. Of Bob's inner circle basically for the past nine almost ten years and we. Were talking one day and he, would always talk to me about how he was a part of rural nightingales, inner circle, and I. Said and he, said I just wanted to study what Earl was studying I wanted, to strategize, ideas, were thorough so, I told Bob we were on a phone call and I said well why don't we do one and, help. People because there's all these people who want to work closely with you and one-on-one and you don't have the time and.

He. Said you think you'd be valuable I said for me, some, of my most. Impactful. Coaching. With Bob has been these five-minute, conversations. Are learning how to study this or think this wäôre how, to put an idea into form there's so many that I can tell you and. The. Inner circle, our clients, who are in it, it's. For, serious, people who want to really work closely with Bob because what Bob teaches in the inner circle is things. That you won't find on YouTube, you. Won't find it at any of the seminars, we do he really digs, deep and spends, so. Much time on each. Client. On really, getting them to understand, it from literally. Line by line of what he's studying then, how, to really. Put your ideas in the form you, know I remember we were on one. Inner circle call years ago Bob told me he said and I, never heard it this way and he. Said the biggest thing that holds people back as they let their ideas stay still born and. He says any time you delay a decision, he, says whether it's a minute a day a week, a month or, a year you're, telling the universe to keep you stuck in reverse and just. Today when he was saying if if you're. Not willing to, put in the work you don't deserve to win like, being in his inner circle you he really gets people. Really. Out of their comfort zone and really. Takes them by their hand and shows them what to do and how to do it to really create, massive. Shifts, and big ideas and. You. You and your team are studying the, inner circle, calls on a weekly basis, along, with the inner circle, there's just so much depth there -. Does anybody else want to comment on the depth that bob goes into on those calls I can. It's. My favorite, he. Goes in such depth in. Really. Breaks. Down and dissect, certain. Things that he's studying so it feels like you're studying alongside with, him but. What you understand. By doing, that is, to. Get your goals there's, different ways you can expedite what you're doing so, he teaches, you strategy, and execution through. The teachings and. There. Is different ways you can shift what you're doing significantly. And he. Teaches you the how how, to do it. Thank. You Monica last. Question. Can, you talk about the Bob Parker coaching program sure. Like I mentioned when you guys were when you asked me that's. How I started, and the. Coaching, program. Bob. Told me it took him nine years to put it together and, I. Asked him I said why did it take so long he said I wanted to make sure anybody. Who did it would, create massive results. And, the. Way their coaching. Works. Is kind, of like what I was saying about inner circle this is just who bob is where, he, literally. Just. Takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it and, every. Week and the coaching, leads into the next week so there's a full system, because. As you guys have probably heard and you will hear this weekend Bob will mentioned, that success, is not a secret, it's a system where, he, he. Takes you an hour a week on, a webinar and shows. You step-by-step on, what to do on how to do it, there's question, and answers with him you. Have accountability, email, coaching and and, I always tell people the accountability, is such a big piece, in life because, when. We don't have accountability, we. Drift like, that, was me when I was talking about starting, and stopping, you. Know so I always tell, clients, I coach I say, the coaching, is one of the best things I don't care what level you are in your life whether you're a beginning beginner. Intermediate or. Advanced and understanding. This because, working. With Bob and getting him to really shift your paradigms, an hour, a week for a year is an absolute, game changer in, your life, think.

Sahjhan It's the repetition of the idea that, makes a difference, right all. Right I want, to thank you all for staying I know, that, everyone probably has some questions, that we didn't cover there. Is a whole group of incredible individuals, just, like these. Four that we have on stage we shouldn't have room for everyone and. There. Are all of our personal coaches at Parker dahlgren's who are along. The. These. Doors over here and they would be happy to answer your questions they're. All extremely, nice they are all students, at Bob and Sandy's they're all personally trained by Bob and Sandy they can answer your questions. And, would. Be happy to do so do. You all have any final thoughts before we go I. Do. I was sitting in a room like this, over. A decade ago and that's. When everything changed for me I remember Bob was talking about. There's. Gonna be three. Percent of you are going to create a life of freedom and, he said make a decision, to be one of them be. A part of that three percent so. I encourage anyone, sitting, out there right now make that decision, for yourself don't. Make this just a weekend, where it was a lot of fun you got a lot of great information make. This the weekend, like I did over ten years ago that I can look back on that, everything, in my life changed and, I. Highly, encourage. You really. Talk with us talk to Bob talked to Sandy because, you. Know I don't know anybody, if you study the most successful, people in the world I don't care who it is they, all have one thing in common they, all have. Had mentorship, in their life and I encourage you guys set, yourself up to win. All. Right can we give our panel a big round of applause. Check. Us out at Procter Gallagher, Institute, comm for, tips tools, and resources.

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