Proses Yang Harus Dilewati dalam Trading || The Process Which Must be Passed in Trading.

Proses Yang Harus Dilewati dalam Trading || The Process Which Must be Passed in Trading.

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That's part of our review. Next, we start the material first. We'll see the progress while we run it. *Opening Music* Well, go back to the material. I'll try to remind you using this material. The most important thing in trading is we must understand the basic mindset. After we understood the basic mindset, we focus on the process Don't only focus on profit! Trading is a business. It's like general business. We must start it from zero.

We can't get much profit when we start it. There is process which must be done by us. If we're planting plant, we plant the seeds. We water it, give it fertilizer and so on. If we sell something, we must have good reputation first. We decrease the profit and the business is smooth. That's the mindset which must be embedded. To reach the maximum target, we need a process.

If we sell something, we must have good reputation first. How to give promo? How to make the future customers interested by not hurting others? We can decrease our profit. The most important thing is we run it first. Let people know our business. After they knew us, we follow the condition. It's also same like trading. We can't get much profit in trading directly

It's also same like conventional business. We must do process step by step. Because trading is online and it needs long process, we must work hard. Try to know the characteristic.

We must know the market characteristic. The market pair which will be used. If we like using EUR/USD, we learn it in detail until we know its character Next, what's the habit? It's also same like we sell something. Everything needs process. We work hard to know the characteristic from the candle And we also know the habit.

After that, we make a trading system. This trading system which becomes our standard that will be used by us continuously If we can't make trading system which sit on us, we'll feel hard. It will be so hard to find the correct way. Please remember that there are many techniques for doing trading Then, the perspective is also different. It's like sea. It can be seen anywhere. Every trader has their own experience and system.

So, we make our own trading system. Many people still don't understand when we must take order and exit. They are still confused in reading it. If you're still confused, you still can't do trading. Learn to do trading again.

Enjoying process is much better rather than we force ourselves to get profit. At the end, it's uncontrolled. We must do process. Make a trading system which suits on us. Trading system control us how we take order, how we exit, how if the market isn't same like our analysis, Those are the most important thing in trading system. It's like the rules. That's the rules for us in doing trading.

That's about technical; our way to take order. After we understood it, we must understand how to do recovery. Those 2 things are the main thing. The main thing in trading system is how to order. It's not about inly clicking Buy and Sell. It's just finishing. How to order is the long process about how we know the market, character, opportunity, and probability.

That's the important thing. When the probability is high, we can take order. To look for the validity, we must read the market. There are some ways to read the market. There are graphic and also candlestick. We use candlestick. Just by seeing the candlestick's movement, we can find how to order. Then, how to order isn't enough. Sometimes, our analysis isn't same like the market condition.

Why it could be like that? Because market isn't ours. But, it's controlled by many market players. Some of them are strong, weak and also just so so. And all of them have business.

We don't have power to change and control the market. We just follow the strong flow. If the flow goes to east, we follow it. If I make an analogy, we're anchovy which is under the big shark.

We're unable to against it. If we get wave from the shark fin, we can bounce far. It's same like us. Because we're small traders who follow big traders

The main part is we follow the big flow movement. It directs to how to order. Then, about recovery. It's related to loss limit It's related to how to exit from red zone. Please remember that there is no fix in trading. The fix thing is getting loss.

Why? Because when we enter the market, our transaction is minus. We got spread. We must practice it. How we maximize the profit and minimize the loss That's the most basic thing. Then, we must do more practice to know how to order.

What skill that must be practiced? how we read the market direction probability. So, we must master candle or chart. The chart we use is candlestick. There is graphic and also candlestick. I choose to use candlestick because there are many basics and knowledge. Then, it's easy to read candlestick.

We master chart to read the price probability and market direction. First, we must understand candlestick character We see the character from the body and tail. Body or volume is successful transaction Tail is rejection or failed offers So, we must read both of them. For example, when the market move down strongly, At first, it's like this. It's up and down then it's strong to go down.. Turns out, it's closed like this For the top, there is small rejection If we see that candle, it was up and down. The down power pressure is stronger Then, it's closed by thick position like this The body is thick and the tail is thin.

It means that it almost doesn't have rejection. So, we call it as Bearish momentum. or strong seller power. It almost doesn't have rejection We must read this Based on candle character, that's full Seller's power. Another example. There is candle like this After it moves down long, there is rejection like this There is rejection at this bottom. It's long.

How to read this candle character? Pay attention to the volume. It's thick but the tail is longer. So, we read it: red volume and Seller is dominant This bottom rejection is Buyer rejection. Buyer rejection is longer than the body. The big possibility is there will be Buyer fight again. Although it's just temporary. It rises for a while then it goes down again.

At least, Buyer which shows up from this rejection will be formed on the next candle. Is it always like that? No. But, try to read the habit. Because the habit doesn't mean always same. It used to like this, but now, in the same condition, doesn't mean it will rise strong When the condition is like this, it rises strong Based on the experience, when I read many rejections, it will rise strong like this. But, it doesn't mean will rise strong like used to be.

Because it can rise for a while and it goes down again. The point is, we must see current condition and pay attention to the movement, pressure, and time. For example, we can see it from the market. I try to show it This is the example which I can give you. I color it blue. It doesn't mean this one candle becomes the basic I always say, to read the market direction probability, 1 candle as the basic isn't enough.

We must use some history candles as the basic. Then, pay attention to the top and bottom limitations. If it goes down, it's bottom limitation. We call it as Support. When there is Support at the left side, then it's rejected, it becomes our key. When there is rejection at the left side, and the last candle is also rejected, it's not the only candle for the clue that the market will rise Because there is bump at the left side and this candle went down. It was unable and rejected by Buyer The volume is small and Buyer rejection is longer But, at least, Seller reached this bottom. It means that don't ignore it!

After the candle changed, it still against. This is not ordinary power. It means Seller has extraordinary power. It's able to pass the psychology level although there is no rejection Next, it tried to go down again. This is Seller. At first, it was red and it's rejected by Buyer. If we get used to it, when it's rejected, there is psychology level and it can't be breakout, Next, there is bottom rejection, and it's unable again.

It can be our trigger to order Buy there We don't need to wait for it finish first. The point is we must follow the process since the previous. This is not the only trigger but there were candles. Starting to thick candle then thin candle.

The volume decrease. The rejection is getting longer. It tried to go down again and unable, it rise again. This can be our trigger. We don't need to wait for 2 rules or breakout to make it as the trigger. This is the example. So, we can read this character. From this character, we combine it with the Support. Then, we see the previous movement. We can conclude that Buyer has amazing power.

Next, it still related to the chart. Don't forget to always see the psychology level condition. Psychology level is where the market is unable to rise and it goes down. We can call it as rejection or tail Many rejections/tails, it indicates that it's strong psychology level. It can be the closest Support and Resistance area.

We determine the Support and Resistance based on the psychology level After that, we determine our trigger After we see the Support and Resistance condition, our trigger is the candle which was tested before. Trigger can be our basic to take order there Trigger can be in a form of candle pattern, changing color candle, When green candle is in the end of up trend, after that, there is red candle. It can be our trigger. Of course, not only the red candle which becomes our basic, we must read the structure, character, and support too. The trigger also can be in a form of correction when the candle is running In utilizing the correction, we must practice more and more. We can also see 2 rules as our trigger. When the market goes down, there are 2 green candles. Those are the rules.

That's if we use 2 rules. But, to take order, we don't have to use these rules We can use running correction, changing color candle, candle pattern, but also rejections At least 2 long rejections Once more, trigger isn't the only one determinant of taking order. But, we must read it fully. We read the structure, the trend direction, Support and Resistance, and we look for the trigger. Trigger is the last part. It can be in a form of breakout too We must understand the trigger The first was related to candle character In the chart, beside reading the candle character, we'll also find the trend direction What I mean by trend is the closet trend to running Why? Because the closets trend has impact That's if we use short-term trading. If we use long-term trading, it will be different. We pay attention to the large time frame.

D1 and W1 as the examples. H1 is the example of low time frame. If we found the direction in H1, we just follow it. Then, we also pay attention to the previous candle That's all about my explanation. We'll see the market condition and we'll try to practice it. We must try and learn a lot. Don't forget to always think about durability Budget durability If we're newbie, use safe durability; 50.000 Pips durability.

If we like risky durability, we can use 20.000 Pips durability. But, we need to be careful. All of them must be practiced and tried. Why must we use this durability? It's for our safety. Actually, you can use the durability up to you. But, I'm afraid you'll use high risk durability

If you don't understand about high risk and you use it, it becomes gambling. It's based on the lucky factor. Because if you use low durability and low budget, you'll use large lot.

If the market reverse and your Lot is large, you can't solve it. Your budget can run out quickly What we expect from trading is for long-term We don't want to get profit only for 1-2 days. We hope that we'll get profit continuously. That's why we use safer durability first. Well, that's all for the material. If you have question, you may ask.

2021-08-18 21:22

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