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Whatsup guys its me Geminate! in this vidoe we are going to- do the profit method that you guys have requested. Trading Profit! so without any further talk, lets get into the video now! Ok, so trading is one of the most popular profession there are just alot of styles of it in growtopia or in real life. For example Crypto, Stock market, Futures, Forex, etc. In growtopia, there are many items/style that we can trade with for example if you like to invest items, buy for cheap and sell em once the price rose or normal traders. and there are many items too! Silkworm items, weather machines, wings, and so many more there are many profiters in any sectors And this time we will become a profiter aswell, but with a different style many people thought profiter means buying items for SUPER CHEAP and sell them for SUPER EXPENSIVE obviously we are not gonna do that XD, its kinda hard in my opinion, My trading style is the quick one so the item that i will be trading with is the item that has a very high demand, many sellers, and many transactions.

The point is, im going to trade something with many transactions, many sellers many buyers. the item is one of the item that is cheap if we buy dozen of them, but they will worth more if we sell a ton. which is ghost jar seeds, well not only ghost jar seeds, there are many more. so maybe ill make the 2nd part of trading video so jar seeds is one of the quickest trading style, but the profit isn't much (since its quick) so how to do it? simply buy jar seeds for cheap. for example 50/....wl at BUYGHOST/BUYJAR buy them for cheap rate, and once we have 200 seeds, we can sell the 200 seeds for higher rate.

sometimes many people would like to buy 200 for more, since a lot of people wants to mass they need the seed ASAP, so they are willing to pay a lil bit more wls to save their time. Ok now, lets just go to BUYGHOST to find the seeds Ok im at BUYGHOST now, btw disclaimer: im not a trader in growtopia and im not a pro. im just making this video for fun and anything that can be profitable, ill make the video honestly i can do masses but im not very familiar with investment/trader XD now we are at BUYGHOST, and actually the client of the game is laggy as hell, especially if ur playing in windows like every single update, the client will be broken. for some reasons...

soon ill upgrade my laptop too, so hopefully i can get a better quality XD Ok so now, we are going to find sellers, and make sure to bring a calculator so we can count the rate simply buy a dozen of seeds, and sell them once you have a ton so theres a seller, lets count the rate i think 1.13 is too expensive im lookin for 1.15-1.2 rate once we have 200 seeds, im going to sell em for 200/176 (Rate 1.12) by doing that, we can earn profit. so 0.01 in this method is really crucial XD

Ok now, it might take time since i have to find a decent price (lookin for the best price) Ok i just found a seller here, 71/61 and i think the rate is pretty good 1.16 so lets just buy em now lets find another seller, ive been in this world for 1 minute, and i managed to found some already so its pretty quick now lets find more seeds! Ok so i found another seller with 1.15 rate, i think its pretty good and just another tip, try to negotiate for cheaper price to earn more profit perhaps just try to negotiate to get more energy, make sure to drink coffee XD, "Aming Coffee" is my fav one, a local coffee shop damnnn Alright so i went to BUYGHOST and BUYJAR to buy seeds, and we spent 16 minutes to buy these seeds. actually this isnt trading yet XD but i have 421 ghost jar seeds already I started from 360wls btw lets just write it on a sign Ok so we still have 10wls here, which means we spent 350wls to buy 421 seeds and this is the moment where we can sell them for more, maybe 200/176 or 1.13 rate or more depending on the situation actually and another tip, many buyers outthere loves to negotiate so i came out with a trick, lets say you would like to sell them an item for 151wls, people tend to negotiate to 150wls, its human nature XD "Sell 152wls", ~> "Buy 150", and since we are going to sell them for 200/175, we will try to sell them for 176-177wls why? cuz people might ask to negotiate the price to the colests price which is 200/175, its human nature so don't ask me about it XD so lets just sell the seeds now for 200/177, our target is 175wls after negotiation.

now lets just go to BUYGHOST/BUYJAR, theres a link at BUYGHOST to "42" so just visit the world "42" now we are at buyghost, lets try to sell our seeds now for 200/177wls 200/177 rate = 1.12 or 1.13 See, thats how it works XD, i said 200/177, and people negotiate to 175, its human nature .... lets just trade now 200/175 time for profit this time we can sell them for 176, i shouldve had sold them for 176wls, but that's alright now lets see how many wls we got so after been trading for 20 minutes, we got 361wls and 21 ghost jar seeds. and remember we started from 360wls which means we already earned 1wl profit and 21 ghost jar seeds. 21 seeds = 18wls so total profit we earned 18+1 = 19wls in 20 minutes ! i think it is pretty decent, i can earn 19wls in 20 minutes, idk how much we can earn in an hour especially for those who hate breaking, or massing or anything but you want to get rich while sleeping actualy we can get rich in gt while sleeping, but you gotta need a higher budget for that, like vending or smth but if you have lower budget, i guess we have to work hard so we got 19wls profit so far, and i think its pretty decent, now lets try to do more we only earned 19wls, lets do more XD now, lets continue but make sure to drop the seeds so our bpack isn't full you can also visit BUYJAR if you want to. between BUYJAR & BUYGHOST sometimes i went to BUYJAR to sell seed, and move to BUYGHOST to sell the seeds.

now lets just buy more seeds! ok so we have bought another 400 seeds, we've been trading for 40 minutes btw we have 400 seeds and i still have 43wls leftover from trading, i learned something. the smaller amount of the seller's seeds, the cheaper the rate is for example, i bought 9 seed for 9/6 (rate 1.5) which is very very cheap. so its good to buy from those sellers so we can buy for the cheaper rate. and i found many cheap seeds for 1.2 rate or 1.3 or even 1.5

there were a seller who had 3 seeds, he offered me 3seed for 1wl and i thought hes still a new player so i gave him 2wl 3/2wl = 1.5 rate which is still very good i kinda feel bad if i bought the seeds for too cheap XD honestly i can earn more profit if i ask for negotiations, i did not get any negotiation from any trades btw, only once maybe so whatever the price the sellers set, i bought them with that rate so we have 400 seeds, now lets just go to BUYGHOST and sell our seeds for maybe 200/176 again sometimes i would look at the situation, if there are many sellers then i would sell them for normal price but if there are no seller but many buyers, i will set the price as high as possible to earn more profit XD now lets just go to BUYGHOST/BUYJAR but i found more buyers at BUYGHOST, people are buying em for 177 ill try to sell em for 178 Ok so we had a deal for 178wls, very nice XD lets go to his world cant get in xd ok nice we managed to sell em for 178wls Alright guys so after weve been trading for about 50 minutes, started from 16:30 and now its almost 5:30 Ok so total we got 399wls and remember we started from 360wls. which means we earned total 39wls clean in about 50 minutes, only trading.

without breaking, massing, or doing anything actually XD all i did was using calculator like a cashier, counting the rate of the sellers. once i got 200, i can sell em for more. so from thi video i learned something, cuz frankly speaking I've never done trading profit i did some surveys in every world and i think that ghost jar seeds can be good for trading i can earn about 40wls in 50 minutes, i think its a decent profession for lazy players but obviously price might be different, so do not follow the rate price in this video, cuz the price mighve changed depending on the market and supply & demand alright guys so, we managed to earn 39wls in less than an hour with trading only.

i believe you guys loves "Lazy profit" or "no Break" XD and just for your information, i can earn way more profit than this.. but i rarely do a negotiation cuz sometimes i just kinda feel bad after doing a negotiation XD, im truly scared if the seller might not earn profit and most of the sellers are still new into the game so... and sometimes i just cant negotiate XD just feel bad sometimes actually negotiation is totally ok, as long as the buyer and seller have a deal. but there are 2 types of negotiation actually.. 1. is the normal one and 2. is the crazy negotiator for example im selling items for 40, and somebody asked for less, then i said 35.

and he said Buy 20.... its like **** u so thats it for this video... i earned a pretty decent profit from trading just relaxing and do our thing so if this video got many views/ likes, i might make more videos about trading but with a different item for sure.

cuz as i said earlier in this video, there are many types of trades & many items to trade so maybe in the next eps i will trade another item, and we'll see if we can earn profit. so make sure to LIKE, Comment, and Subscribe to my channel cuz ill be uploading more videos including the future trading videos! thanks for watching, see ya next time !

2022-03-09 05:48

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