Profit 1Juta Sehari | Belajar Trading Crypto Tanpa Modal Pemula Wajib Nonton! Trading di Tokocrypto

Profit 1Juta Sehari | Belajar Trading Crypto Tanpa Modal Pemula Wajib Nonton! Trading di Tokocrypto

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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, see you again on the Andri Lestari channel. On this occasion I just want to share my experience of trading profit on this Tokocrypto application, my account is Tokocrypto and friends can see now the balance is 3785670 the first time Tokocrypto the balance is Rp30. 000 there are so many comments, the balance is 30,000 Adha 30 million, it's okay, it's okay because I made the tutorial Turi from scratch from scratch, starting with no capital, then we mine the decrypto tab, the result is With Rudy tokocrypto and we do Hi trading and Alhamdulillah now it's 3700000 I want to share my experience How do I get or double my balance from zero without capital and now it's 3700000 and it hasn't been a month, friends and I've made videos several times, I've updated from Rp. 30,000 to one million. the video has now become three million and I will show you kkan historical process I trade and it is very easy to emulate at my friends all course I am also reminded that the name game cryptotrade Ding money crypto is very risky please use the money idle is not the principal that is used daily is very risky even though I pointed out not there is a risk but if you are not proficient later you can lose or you can lose because trading like this does not only require capital but mental courage to be patient and we will dismantle my history to get a balance of 3700000, how much is my profit a day if I trade if it continues each day trading or taking and others we will discuss friend friends can see here is a history yes Profile pop-up so it topapp is that I get from cripto this tab so successfully managed then I gather I play trading nah like this happens influx from cryptotab, it's in BTC, so if it's right, you can up I convert to IDR now what I want trading now is not Bitcoin but this teapot TKU this crypto money has a crypto shop in my opinion this is more volatile I will show my results for the past two days this is a screenshot of my previous First Brigadier store balance, which is 2400000 On the date we check, I screenshot on August 25 at half past five in the afternoon Then on the 27th at 0433 and a half this morning I screenshot again the balance is 3381510 5, that's 2400000, this has become 3381510, it will be from the 25th to the 27th in the morning now It's 27 that afternoon, I sold the TKU because the position of this TKU was stump. Let's see if we buy it, it's raised to 30 8901 Rp. 40,000. Now, the price of the teapot is 43500. That means that we have made a profit of 3500. So let's sell it.

Hi because I see at this high price manually, yes, we sell it right away, no need to use this great, we sell it at 40 3555, we sell it all will get three million sold right away Hey OK, let's see if it's been sold or not, there's still a queue. Maybe it's a problem Oh, it turns out that the price has gone down, yes, I sold 43 500, yes. That means waiting for 43500 , except this is a little less than a refresh, wow, that's already 3611097 Hi deh At least it's been sold out, just wait a little longer, it's just a little bit, it 's touched my thirty-three 500, I've touched 43 500 Yola temple Okay, it's sold Hi, the total balance is now hi Hey, this was 3711083 his wife Yes, it's fine, it's like this already this profit directly 11:00 noon on 27 3.68707 million A700 Yes it balances down Rp3,000 was dropped from Bitcoin fish baseball rupiah money many Andi Bitcoin Bitcoin fall 3006 issue but a but on the 27th morning earlier this morning it's still this meaningful 3300000 One day there is no one day I'm Profit 300 if it's added from the 25th it means I'm Lucky Hi, this is real, we'll dismantle what is it That makes me Profit Okay, now let's go to Orders, so my way of playing is limiting like this, my friends , I didn't sell it right away like it was earlier, if I sold it right away, I immediately saw the price going up high, I immediately sold it instead of going down again The Let's see Well this turned out to ride ya mind I sell in numbers 43500 kan it gained 43 706 issues later we will buy again will I demonstrated step by stepnya would I explain first How do I get only two days I get one million three hundred wondering trading like this, let's see from the order. Now, let's learn what I did on the menu. This order note may require clear thinking to understand because I will ask for different proposals. This is the 27th, which

I saw earlier, I was selling here, it was TKU 68.69 or I said 73 Oh that's just the price I sold it for 43500 I saw it together now I bought it on the 26th Hi Tad I said 27 in the morning, the balance is still the same on 26 Yes, because I use the limiting system , so what is meant by limiting here I made the order on 26 7.30 at night, I did a limiting activity, I wanted to buy TKU if the price was 30 8900 and it turned out that on the 27th this morning That's the price of TKU. When I ordered, it's guaranteed that it's still around 40, the price is 41. Nana, sir, this morning it went down, so my order was executed , right like before, if it hasn't touched the price, it won't be executed. Well, apparently this morning, my balance was still executed. what I saw earlier in the video, the price has touched

43, so I'm selling it like this, it means I'm lucky 39 yes in the middle 39 40 41 42 43 4540 Mother 500 by TKU Even though I have 70 TKU, just multiply it, I'm just sharing, friends I don't mean to show this amount of balance, it's okay. If your details are trading such a balance, there isn't even a small nail but it's fine. let me give an example from a small thing so that my friends feel able to do it even without capital, look for capital from the crypto tab, the video is in the description of how to get money from the crypto tab, we continued earlier, one million three hundred Fortunately, we will continue Hi, on the 26th This is it, so on the 26th this afternoon at 2.00 Hi, I have sold TKU at the price of 40300, the thing to remember is that every time we make a transaction, 0.1% is cut , we sell it, want to camp, buy 0.1, it means we make the transaction, Say 0.2 the percent is cut so at least we have to profit 1% we will look again below on August 21 I bought TKU still the price is 30000 I bought it for 30 I sold 40 means how much profit is 10,000 by one my determination if this time I have 37 TKU Isn't that already Hi and I did this over and over again, down there, okay, the proof of the transaction is like that, now we practice, we have already sold the number 43500. So that means, right? our money is in

rupiah, right, by Dr. If it's just like this, we can't possibly make a profit, we have to buy another currency at a low price later it will be sold when the price is high and that's how I go to the market then I will buy this TKU at low price means it's not executed now Yes, it's right, it will be executed later after the TKU price drops, once the TKU price drops, our purchase will be automatically executed. Hi, after the execution tour, we make automatic orders again with restrictions, namely limiting when the mic price is according to our wishes. I will give TKU, how do we buy it at a price, if my prediction is that it will go down to 40 Rp. 40,000 we will buy it at 40 when it goes down, usually that afternoon it will go down first, right, once we become TKW, we sell it but at 44 and thousand 44 so from evening to night we can potentially profit 4000 by TKU, I have 70 TKU, right, Hi Kan su it's almost 300,000 and it can be done many times in one day today I've made a profit of 302 yesterday, I've already made a million profit, I'll be the wife , I've seen it OK, just click on TKW then we buy Now here I put it on the price Hey, let it be 40500 or not papa, we buy it Now, here, later I will get 73 TKU , when I sold it, it was only 70 TKU, right, if this really goes down, he will be 40th I got 73 three Oh good luck, then I just click buy, click buy later this would make such orders we check in menu cover is opened reservation booking we refresh this well here I bought TKU diharga Rp40,000 if it's like this HP already turned off or left doing it later before I know if the price has gone down TKU considered automatic Rp40.000 this will be

executed as a TKW after that Yes, we have installed it the same as before but in the form of selling Okay, we will continue after my order is executed okay friends This is the end It's already been executed, we bought TKW by installing it by limiting it to a price of 40. That's all and this has been executed here, there have been 72 TKU and the balance has increased by Rp. 50,000, my friends, for a moment, we saw in this history, I put a price of 41500 when I first made a video That's 40500, it didn't arrive at the price of 40, it didn't go down to 40. Finally, I canceled and then I bought it again at this price of 41, my friends, I canceled it in the last video before I posted it, we have a price of 40500 Hey, interest tutorial, if not, I'll change it. I waited a long time until the price was 40. Finally, I

canceled it and then I put it back at the price of 41500. I raised a thousand at 1807 and I opened it, it's just been executed. Let's see now the market price is 42,200. Just realized that the execution is already profitable. It's already profitable. 7000 nankan Afternoon already profited around 700 Kan I bought it earlier I executed

41500 this is already 42 yes 500 silver is up the decrease is quite 500 silver times 70, right, I have 72t of you and if it's like this we immediately install and sell so we immediately sell the TKU but at a high price, not the price we buy it at 41500, of course we sell it, how much is the profit target but of course we are looking for profit It's also seen from this market, if the market is at 42 43 44, we sell 50, yes, the money doesn't turn around, so today I'm making a tutorial on how we close high profits twice a day, no need to be grandiose, actually it can be 10 times five times a day if the value fluctuates like this can once but yes it should concentrate the focus should be okay immediately we sell but at a high price so indirectly to sell now we are making orders now we sell to you right we buy ready-made TKW 72 so Gan're lucky two maids that now we buy tomorrow now we are selling all 23 Oh but this is at the price according to our wishes, for example I want to sell it at 4 0 3700 So buying 41500 means 2000 profit Yes times 72 TKU means that you have profited 140,000 this morning already profited 300,000 which is not bad If it is later touching 43 But if you don't touch Yes, tomorrow it will touch I think tomorrow it will touch when it's 43 Okay this I'm selling it at a price Hi later If today at night maybe the hours I saw it was 09.00 it was 10.00 it touched the price 43 I'll continue the video okay friends This is finally after waiting About two hours or an hour and a half This is finally the sale of TKU I succeeded and the balance is now already become this 3815000 Real we gain just a few hours rp150000 means with that earlier this morning we play relaxed lu yes does not mean that we play great games from 1000 to 2000 and then purchase Ndak selling this because we created a tutorial for relaxing we profit around 400,000 yes to 500,000 this is one day from morning to night and we only execute trades twice, let's see on h the story is automatic Hi, friends, you can see in the transaction notes that I made the tutorial, I actually recorded it in one day, earlier, we bought the last one at 18 and executed an exit arcam 7/8 plus a price stick of 41500 then at 08.00 until we made an order and newly 9:30 tereksekusi sold arrested 43 700 it means that profit in 2000 Ya just 2000 alone so these friends had me open wide the details of how I played through was really I pesen executed then sold me to buy is executed again and so on for one day This is with a note that I play casually if friends want to quickly buy and sell buying and selling quickly, the results are much bigger. Once

again I emphasize that playing trading is not always talking about capital issues, but mental experience and patience play a role in playing success In my personal opinion, trading is more profitable than investing, let alone a deposit sito For example, if you have a capital of 5000000, the most investment per month will get a profit of Rp. 75,000 to Rp. 100, assuming the interest is 18 percent and the investment has the potential for loss, especially when compared to deposits. For example, the interest rate is 8 percent, it's already high for deposits. Hi with capital 5000000 at most per month only earns around Rp. 30,000 or 40,000,

while playing crypto trading with the same capital is 5000000 for example, to make one million in 1 month, in my experience it is easier Hi but everything has a risk of returning to friends, all I don't mean to invite let alone force friends to play crypto trading I'm just sharing my experience maybe one of you is interested or looking for a reference to play crypto trading Finally, thank you for watching this video, don't forget to click the like subscribe button and comment in the comments column see you in the video o next

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