Pro Sims Teams Split Up To Win $100k In The Sims 4 • Spark'd Ep. 3

Pro Sims Teams Split Up To Win $100k In The Sims 4 • Spark'd Ep. 3

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On the last, episode, of spark, the teams were cut down to the final two, as team gnome's run, came to an end i am sorry it's time to exit this game, team gnome has killed it this far, i really thought we were going home but now, dr gluon. X mirror mira, sim lissy, and team llama look to continue, their research. We could win a hundred. Thousand, dollars. I. What. I've been doing this for too long. To just get here and, fail, standing in their way, on to the next one, consistent. Cow plant, dr, ashley. Little see ha and stefo, sims, they're one step away from the top prior. There's definitely, a chance, that we can win this. Two teams. Two, final, challenges, take it to the next level what the hell but only one, will bring home the prize, of one hundred, thousand, dollars. This is the sims. Sparked. Just two, teams remain, in the competition. For a grand prize, of one hundred thousand dollars. Team llama. And team cow plant. How does it feel to make it this far in the competition. Wild. I don't even know how the hell i'm still here, let alone. In the final, two, i'm in shock. Complete shock, what's shocking about it i think maybe just because we were on the top for so long. And then to. Get a taste of the bottom, i feel really lucky that we're still here and i think we're ready to bring it. Not only did we escape, elimination, but we're also in the finale. Which is. Such a, wild, roller coaster of emotions. How did we go from. Almost going home to, being finalists. Dr glue on what's going on through your mind. I was happy to get to day two, and, here i am so, yeah i'm pretty. Amazed, to be here. We started out. Not really being that organized, and i think we've really. Found, each one of our strengths and really learned how to work together, is your team the one to beat of course. But your work is not done. So far you've been competing, together, as teams. But. For the skills challenge we're doing something a little different. You are going to go head to head. One, on, one. This whole time we've been working as a team and now i have to go do a challenge, all by myself, and it's, it's really scary. Each, of you will face, off against the opposing. Team's, respected, skill player. That means stylist, versus stylist, builder versus builder. And storyteller, versus storyteller. The players. Will earn points, from each, judge. The team with the most points at the end of these battles. Will earn an advantage, in the final elimination, challenge. I'm a little nervous, for the story, part what am i going to do as a story, person. Am i just going to tell a story. Are you ready for your final, skills, challenge. Stylist. Your head-to-head, battle. Is called gender, not required. For this challenge, you must, create. Six original, sims, models. That are different in size. Different in shape, different in gender, different in ethnicity. You'll create a cohesive. And unique, gender fluid fashion collection.

For Your sims to model, in a fashion showcase. You'll, only have 45, minutes to complete this challenge. And your challenge will start as soon as you enter the workspace. But you'll be there alone, because the rest of the team will watch with us. A lot of our challenges, have been really heavily on story and not on style. So i finally get to just, show my style and i'm really excited, for that. I got it like i'm gonna do fine like i live in creative sims but i wondered. How my team would stack up against the other team directly. Being that we've had issues, with dr glue on in the story structure, how is this gonna, end, for us as a unit, it's about to go, down. So miramira. Little see high. Head to the workspace. I do feel a lot of pressure, especially, being the first one to go during this challenge. It's all on me, and i gotta pull through for my team. I'll. Spend a little bit of time customizing. The sim. And then, i'll kind of just dive into. Your outfits. This is all i do, for hours, and creative. On stream, making, sims, and. Diversity. Is in my backyard. But we only have 45, minutes so this is super hectic. I've been playing sim since i was five, the game has really evolved, in the 20 years that i've been playing it, there's so many different skin tones so many different hair types, especially taking away like the feminine, and masculine. Tags, and being able to wear whatever you want regardless, of, what gender, you aren't locked, in a box, anymore, and i think that's, amazing. Players, how does it feel to be, in here watching, on this side i'm nervous, for her i'm so excited, like i want to be in there with them at least like not touching the computer, but being but like oh, yeah that looks good you've been getting used to the team. Team you guys can talk about how you know you use teamwork. And teamwork, and potent and elsa and. Now you guys have to work, separately. The strategy, is to keep everything. Consistent. Cohesive, make sure it matches. And really play around. With things that i don't typically, use at home. I would really like to pull this one out for the styling, round, because. I don't want to feel like a broken, wheel, on the cart that is our team, so i do feel a lot of pressure.

My Strategy, is to get the outfits done first, and then whatever remaining, time i have left i want to work on their details, and i want their body structures. To be. Mirror in overdrive, has a certain pose. She leans forward. A power stance. Not seeing a whole lot of diversity, in terms of body size. Or age. And i'm wondering if that's something that they're going to change. I'm feeling it i'm feeling quite a bit of pressure. Experience. An amazing stylist, i have some really, tough competition. They were almost, out the first, day, and, they've worked their way up so i, do not underestimate. My competition. How are y'all feeling about little see huh, she like knows how to capture a vibe, really well. How do you think miramir is doing so far, good she's doing amazing yeah, when she goes in the style stuff, she knows exactly what she's looking for she has a vision, yeah exactly. All right you guys i think that's enough. I'm gonna cut this feed. So we can be a little surprised. You good over there. Do you feel like you're overthinking, everything. I'm struggling. I'm trying to get it together. No i'm like is it good, is it not. Good. How much time do we have. Is there too much. Hectic. All right time, is up. Styling. How are you feeling. I tried. I, tried. Okay how about you little sia, going insane. All right it's time to present. To our judges. Why don't you join me. I am a little nervous because my teammates, are relying on me to get the points from this, and. I, don't have anyone to fall back on, this is, all. Me. All right stylists, welcome, back. Mirramira. Show us your collection. Okay, be cool as ice, with the chill collection. By x mirror mirror. Always, shaken. But never. Stirred. So, we have. Nita. And she's wearing her swimwear, fit. Mia. She has on her active, fit. Next, up. Gary. He has, on the everyday, fit, and then we have john, over here which i have fun with because i really like his hair. I kind of came out in reverse. I was trying to do, neutrals, with pops of prominent colors and it kind of turned into like prominent colors with like pops of neutrals, here and there. And then. We have desean. Who is in his formal. We have. Katie. In her, warm weather outfit. With the shoes, and the top and you know my favorite lipstick. Oh. I accessorized. Where i could. Tried to give each of the sims their own personal, flair. I think i did okay. Can you show me some of the accessories. On i think you said his name was daquan. Deshawn, yes, desean. I loved, i was like oh he got his little things going. Which i don't think i've ever used these rings before, they look good. Are all your sims adults, or did you have any variation, of age in there, they're, all adults.

Everybody's, An adult across the board, can i see some more of the faces, specifically. Like get in on those, makeup looks that we're seeing, okay. Yes. Are there any men wearing makeup as well there you go. Judges. Do you see the gender fluidity. In this line. I think i definitely see the gender fluidity. But i think that what you're really showing is diversity. With with, race, and body type and and i think that that's beautiful. Kelsey, i mean i definitely think it hits all of those notes, i love seeing a guy in a crop top what can i say yes i think it all, blends, nicely together, i can see the through line, would love to go to this party. Thank you. I would like to see a little bit more diversity maybe an age. But overall i think you hit you hit the pace it's pretty darn well thank you thank you miramira. Thank you thanks for showing us your style. The judges, really. Liked. My collection. The only, oversight, i really saw, was that sim guru dave pointed out i could have added an elder in there and he was definitely, correct, i just assumed. Do not change the age and i never asked and that literally, is no one's fault but me and lil see hi you're up next. When i thought about fashion the first person that came to mind was my grandmother, she wears a lot of very strong, patterns. A lot of very bright colors, so i named my collection. Suzanne. My, goal. Was, to. Have one main focal point of each outfit, so this is, the look i've chosen, for the party, outfit. I took a lot of inspiration, from like harry styles, you see him wearing like a lot of blouses, and like high-rise. Pants. This is our exercise, outfit, i did want it to be a little bit. Simple, this one is our formal outfit i tried to make him look a little bit posh, a little bit. Self-absorbed. And i tried to fit in some green as well in the shoes, he's got some, rings as well, and this is our swimwear, outfit, i kind of struggled, between making the focal point the, actual. Bodysuit. As well as the, flower crown. But i really like the way they look together and i wanted to put her in some wedges, too, and, for sleepwear. I didn't want this one to be too complicated, either like the the sports wear because you're, just passing out so. And lastly, we have our everyday, wear i'd like to imagine this man is retired. He's done, he's chilling, he does not care. Uh and he looks good while he doesn't care. So that is my line. Judges, what do we think about the suzanne, line. Suzanne line's cool, i definitely see all the floral, kind of patterns, going, through. Uh appreciate, some of the diversity, i'm seeing wish i saw a little bit more kind of extreme. Body types or a little bit more variety, and in the sizes, of bodies. I like that it was a personal, story, anytime you you know you have a designer, that has something that says, these are what these prints these are what these cuts, mean to me and the story that i'm trying to get across, i love that you added the floral for that reason. I wish that i saw a little bit more. Tying them in together which i know is there's so many fits so to tie all of those things together in one. I know it's tough, how about you kelsey, i mean i really, love, florals, on everybody. I think it's pretty bold, and fun i like the backstories.

And The thoughtfulness. However. Probably, wasn't like the best way to spend time during this challenge this challenge was more about body type, about diversity. But that being said like i i, would definitely want to rock some of these pieces, thank you little seahaw, thank you so much for sharing with us, i hope suzanne is proud. You can go ahead and join your team now thank you. I hope i made grammy, proud. I think she'd be proud if i presented, my sims in like underwear, i don't think she'd care. I think she's a pretty biased, source so, i think i think she'd be happy. All right builders. Now it's your turn. Growing up pressures, from family, myself. Kind of stressed me out, but the sims gave me a good way to, kind of make my own reality. I could do whatever, i want i could be whatever i want that's why i really love the game. I've always been interested in art and i think that's probably, where, the connection, in the sims came from just like doing art my entire life and applying that to builds and like design, like i think just kind of all work. Together. Your head-to-head, battle. Is called. Unconventional. Build. For this challenge, you must create a unique, mode of transportation. Using, unconventional. Materials. For example if you're building an airplane. You can't use an actual airplane, wing. Builders, you got 45. Minutes. And your time will start as soon as you enter the workspace. Good luck. I have to, create. A mode of transportation. Using, unconventional. Items. In, 45, minutes which is insane. And, arguably. Impossible. So. Great. The clock is counting down for our builders, challenge. Dr ashley, of team calplant. And sim lissy, of team llama, they've only got 45. Minutes to create a mode of transportation. Using, unconventional. Materials. At this point i'm not even, thinking, about the competition. I'm just really wanting to, create something, that i'm really proud of. What's dr ashley working on, rocket ship maybe. My mind is racing. You could see like steam, coming out of my brain. To figure out something. That's, finale. Material. But, also. Small, enough, that i could do it in 45, minutes. A little cottage. I have literally, no idea. My idea going into this was immediately, to build a school bus because i knew items in the game that i could sort of represent. Pieces to a school bus, so i decided to just execute that as best as i could i definitely think working with a color palette's a smart move, can immediately, kind of put things together, very curious to see like if she's gonna make like an rv. Where's that unconventional. Kind of material, gonna come from. Is it a little bit easier to be on, this side, oh yes definitely, i was going through changes over. There. This is not, what i do i build, family, homes, i build student, homes. I have never done anything like this before and i am. Panicking. We're really focused, on mode of. Transportation. Here it looks nice on the inside what about the transporting, part. Yeah i am worried that she's kind of reverting. Back to her comfort zone maybe a little, too much. You guys know what might be a fire, idea. Is if i go in there and give her one little hint as to, maybe. Focus more on the transportation. What do you feel i think that's a good idea. All right, bye, all right, they probably tired of seeing my face go ahead. Well it's good what's good, hey, girl.

How's It going over here pretty well. Um i had a clear, vision in mind as soon as. They said the challenge was unconventional. Mode of transportation. Okay i see what you're doing here it looks like it was like crashed, into it i don't know i'm very, excited to see where you go can i get a little baby hint on what it might be i won't tell the others i. Promise. Okay, i'm. Zipped up and i'm zipped. Up. I see you're building some type of. Magical. I don't know what it is but i'm excited, to see what you do with it all right, is there a reason like why you're spending more time on the inside than the outside. Um, i want it to have, detail. And i feel like a lot of things have lacked. Detail. That i've gotten a chance to build, do you think that you're gonna make sure that your outside is just as perfect as you're making it on the inside. I will try, yeah okay okay you don't get a lot of time left but. Good luck my girl, i'm excited to see, thank you, well she played it cool, in front of tayla. But she definitely listened to her because she went right to that exterior, and started adding some details. Okay. I'm shutting, it up. So. We're gonna cut this feed. And, we'll see what they come up with. Normally, i would spend 45, minutes, probably just on one room so an entire, build and a unique concept, in that short amount of time is very nerve-wracking. Seamlessly, we are very similar, people. And similar builders, that. There's a small chance that we might go out there and build the exact same thing, so i wanted to make sure that i did something, completely, out of the box and something that was going to wow the judges. Oh my gosh, i'm not finished. All right builders. Hands off, your time is up. It's time to present to the judges. Dr ashley you're up first. Come with me. I feel, pretty, good, the only thing i'm skeptical, about, is the structure, itself. Because. I, wouldn't build something like this, if i wasn't, forced to, but i'm really confident about the concept. Hey welcome back builders. Dr ashley, you are up first. Let's see your presentation. When i first heard that, i had to build, an unconventional. Mode of transportation. The most unconventional. I could think of, and that is. Traveling. Through time. So here. Through the trees there seems to be a wreckage, site. And. My time machine. I really wanted to go with the time machine, because, it is unconventional. And it also, leaves it completely, up to me what it looks like the scene i was kind of trying to paint here, was. A, crash, landing. There's kind of like the engine falling off some debris. And all the trees have kind of been knocked, over, i thought maybe of going for the more modern, super futuristic. Vibe, let's just look at the top a little bit there's kind of like the. Motherboard. Mothership. Kind of, antenna. Thing that allows you to go through time. So as we go in, i wanted to have kind of the contrast. Of, a really. Beaten, down, exterior. But inside. The technology's, got to be there, so it's got to be. Futuristic. Modern. All the technology. One thing that i did want to kind of. Emphasize, is i have a bunch of clocks, everywhere. Mainly, to. Illustrate. That, the person. Who uses this machine. Needs to keep track of time, around, different time periods. Going out to the second floor. So through this top floor is kind of where, i guess like the captain's. Area, is to drive the time machine. So i did, use this. Cool chair, again with this, futuristic, looking. Archway. That, is. My. Unconventional. Way of traveling, all right dr ashley. Kelsey i want to come to you first, i'm definitely floored, i will also say mad props onto the attention to detail, you set the scene with like seasons. Going in you like, had like different effects, moving, through, you every piece had a purpose, and was there, on purpose. All right dave, excellent, choice for like, a weird mode of transportation. Super sci-fi, i can totally see that like the clocks, are awesome, i see a lot of tech. Related, objects spread across various, packs, so i think this was just incredibly. Creative. And you really rose to the challenge thank you so much, taylor. Talk to me, i really really love the touch of the extra, clocks, and the overgrown, vines, and when you think of transportation.

You Don't think about. Transporting, through time. So i thought it was a really cool unconventional. Way. To. To do that i gotta say you completely, did, i'm, very, happy that you guys like it i knew that it was a risk to do something like that. So the fact that they. Were really sold on the idea. And they they liked every detail, that i put in. Really, gave me some, confidence, that i really needed. All right, so sim lissy. It's time to see your unconventional, bill. So what i decided to go with, was. A conventional, mode of transportation, but used, unconventionally. A school bus that's been turned, into somebody's, home. And i wanted to use. Objects, that obviously, weren't, made for a bus, and try, to make it look as much like a bus, as i possibly, could. And. So, what i decided, to do on the interior, was really add as much clutter. And, things that i thought really suited this whole like. Hippie, story, i wanted to tell. And, really like bring in the flowers. And use some of my favorite items as well because this is one of my favorite styles, to build in there's also, the art easel, and the bubble blower because i thought it fit the whole hippie theme if you guys get what i'm saying, okay. So i have some chairs in here and i also use this wall decoration, to simulate, a steering wheel and then also for the dashboard, i sized up some shelves. And then here on the front to create the effect of the school bus i used some roofs, and then also, these are headlights, sized up and also the wheels are lights as well because we don't necessarily, have. Tires and this is supposed to be using things that are unconventionally. Used, to. Make it look realistic. And. These are actually wall decorations. That i turned around so you couldn't see the design, on them to make it look a little bit more like a tire. And then this is a vet decoration, that i wanted to look like, the front of the bus like where the radiator, would go. And then i also, used. These little night lights to look like. Brake lights or just extra lights on the bus, and the other details, i wanted to include, was just like, the personal touches, that i imagined, the sim living. In this little caravan, or this little school bus. Converted, into a home would add to make them. Feel at home, all right dave, how are we feeling about this, unconventional. Bill. Well similarly, you are a talented, builder you. Employed, some pretty clever, tricks here. Overall. I don't know if it was the right, call to focus, so heavily, on the living interior, if this was a. Tiny. Build. Challenge. I think you you'd, take it away. I'd want to live on this i want to go toward the countryside. So i think you met all the requirements, of the challenge. But maybe i would have liked to see a bit more details, on the actual vehicle, aspect, was that detailed enough for you kelsey. I would say that it was you definitely used ink unconventional. Things like i really liked, that you, used. Some kind of wall decal, backwards. In order to get the wheels like i think that's really clever, but i will say like a school bus doesn't feel like that's necessarily, like unique. Um it doesn't feel unconventional. But i do i think the attention to detail is great it's a solid build a gorgeous, build, yeah i would have to agree i'm like i want to take this bus on tour.

Let's Get it this is definitely, better than the tour bus i definitely. Love that you did use. Um. Unconventional. Parts as far as what you actually made, with the unconventional. Parts i would have to agree that it didn't shock me but i will say that, that's what this was about, flipping, those conventional. Ideas, on the head. All right, well thank you so much for sharing that build, i think the judges. Y'all, gonna have a tough decision on this one both teams have really delivered. We've had two head-to-head, battles so far, the stylists, and the builders. It's been a really long day let's pick this up in the morning get some rest. It'll be the storyteller's, turn first thing in the morning. We'll see you then going home. I still have no idea what the story thing is gonna be about. What i'm going to be doing, during my head-to-head, story. Battle. I'm going to, probably stay awake most of night thinking of just, stories. That i could use. But honestly. It could be anything. As the sun rises, on our competition. Team cowplant, is missing a key member of their team. Good morning teams. Good morning. There are only five of you here right now, the storyteller, from team cowplant, stefo, sims. Is not here. I ended up making the, decision, to. Leave the show shortly after, team, left, the team being eliminated. Is team gnome, oh my god. Guys i had. I went, back and forth with it a lot because, i just didn't want to let my team down i was really trying to push through. For them. But the last thing i wanted to do was. Hold my team back because. I. Couldn't do what i needed to do for them. The english swimmer and plum bella are my friends. We came in it together, even though they're not on my team. And when they left at least me left with them. So. I didn't know. How to do it without them. We respect, and support her decision, completely. And it's been. Such an honor and a pleasure working with her and being on a team with her up until now. She kind of just felt like she couldn't. Live up to like her fullest potential, in the challenges, but like ashley said we're, behind her 100. All right so of course we respect. Stefan, sims decision. But the competition, must go on. So based on our rules. The most, recently, eliminated, storyteller. Will compete, on behalf of stefan sims. In this case the english simmer. From team gnome will now be joining team cowplant. All right welcome back the english simmer.

I'm The english swimmer i think my forte, when it comes to playing the sims, is really delving, deep into a character. With the sims being the type of game that it is it just promotes. Inclusion. And diversity. And so when it came to my own coming out i didn't, really see it as a big deal because, i had grown up, with a game that allowed me to tell those stories, anyway. And just playing the sims, really helped me to just become more comfortable, in who i was, if i win it would be a dream come true. How are you feeling. I'm ready to show. What i have left and hopefully. I can be the best that i can be for stefo, sims, we're happy to see you back thank you. Storytellers. Time to get back to work. The rest of the teammates, head over here, storytellers. Your head-to-head. Battle, it's gonna be a little different, you're gonna have zero, prep time. English simmer, is an amazing, storyteller. So, i'm gonna have to, up my game, even, more, you're gonna take turns, storytelling. Live. Based on a sim scenario. Created. By. Judge dave over here. No pressure. Glue on. The ball is in your court, this is crazy. I'm hoping that he can be quick on his feet and, figure out whatever they throw at him, the team, with the most votes in the skills challenge. Will have an advantage, going into the, championship. Challenge. English, simmer, step out the room because dr glue one's gonna go first, okay. Good luck. Okay. All right dr gluon. Your challenge, is called, sell that fixer-upper. In this challenge. You will become a real estate agent giving the judges. A live, narrated. Open house tour. Your job, is to convince, the judges. Why they should buy your house, okay, judge dave, is gonna take control. Of your fixer-upper. Tour. Drive the ship a little bit, sounds good. All right, let's do this, no prep time, no time to think about what's going to go on. It's pretty nerve-wracking. All right let's just go. Uh welcome. Uh this thing, has been on the market, a little longer, but it has a lot of character. Let's walk on inside, the house um, it's uh if you got pets then they will love this fig a lot of like interaction, for the little critters, you know, what's in the. Kitchen. Oh yeah yeah that's uh. That's roger, he comes on weekends, to do a little house cleaning. I can't say, enough, about how. Amazing. This kitchen, is. The wallpaper. Is versatile, it can come on or off depending on what you want or in between. Either way, which is fun. Of course here we have a, lovely, bathroom. Now all the water is just left on all the time which is really fun you know, i hate turning on those taps all the time, this, is, the living room and how many times have you seen the fireplace. In this economy. You now see them so really. Let's go ahead and head into the back of the house here, the previous, owner had a little bit of an accident. And they're still technically, here, um, let's head on back to the front of the house again and oh here we go, actually here's one of the previews owner's wife if you can get them to come out, they're super friendly. You are gonna, love what you see upstairs. Oh my goodness so nice i i love the open concept with the piping, you know what i mean, like. I just like to see where the water is coming from, it's always running which is awesome. Whatever you do here's uh. Yeah, it looks like larry's practicing, his acting skills. In front of that wonderful mirror, i don't know about you guys i'm a little frightened right now. Yeah should we head back up let's head back upstairs, all right, i can definitely see on your face if you are absolutely, loving this place, let's um. Head on. All right. Kelsey, in terms of storytelling. How do you think, dr gluon performs oh i think brilliantly. There was a joke in every room. Uh everything, that kind of popped out he flew with, it all flowed really beautifully, being a twitch dreamer, you definitely have like that, i think on your feet. Ability, and i definitely saw it shine, i think here taylor did he convince you to buy this house, you know what if anybody, else was presenting this house i probably would have ran out, you know but with you i'm like maybe i'll see one more, room, and, maybe see the potential. Like she said you ran with every, punch. Really fun. Thank you. Yeah i think you did a really good job glue on uh, but to be perfectly honest, i would expect, no less i mean this seems to be, really right in your wheelhouse, right, i built houses much like this. Awesome job thank you for sharing, thank you. All right. English, simmer. I am a little bit nervous for this challenge, because, i know that dr gluon. Is a live streamer. Whereas, as a youtuber. I do have the time to, edit what i am saying. Having to do it off the course is a scary, thing for me. Here we go. So. As you can see, we are, in a lovely world filled with greenery. Uh we do have, we do have a few cracks we are hoping to uh to fix up a little bit we have some uh pets that come included, you'll never be lonely, in this house, through to, the.

Kitchen, You have fresh ingredients. In your kitchen, fresh enough that they are still alive right now so. The, pots actually uh, cook themselves, you know. And this is the uh, the current. Resident, who, is living here don't worry he'll be out before you guys move in and, here, we have the man who built the house uh this is uh. Yes this is, count. Julog. And this is our pride room. This is where we celebrate. You being, you. And here we have the second bathroom. Like i said. You are, free to shower wherever, you want to in this house, i would prefer to shower, in the kitchen, looking at this uh. What's in here. Um. Yes, so, this, is actually. From. The. This is the, nursery. Oh. Okay. Um, hi there. So this is, clive the clown. He, passed away, and uh he was really close. With the child of the family, he likes to visit every so often and just play, i'm a little scared now guys do you want to go back out front yeah. It's a little scary. Definitely. It's definitely. A fixer-upper. Great job i loved the bit about. Being able to shower wherever you wanted i think that was very charming. Dave, what are you thinking. Uh i think this is a tough challenge. I think it's really difficult, to come up with a cohesive, story on the fly. I think he did a pretty good job there was a couple of moments there where you seem to be struggling. Uh overall pretty strong thank you welcome back thank you. You think stefo, sims would be proud, i would like to think she would i am feeling the pressure right now, i do feel, as if i rambled, quite a bit and i really felt as if i had let down team. Calplan. Welcome back team llama. And team calplant. It's time to find out, how the judges voted in the head-to-head, skills, challenge. Remember, each, vote is worth one point. The team, that gets the most points, gets an advantage, in the final challenge. Let's start with the stylist. Your head-to-head, battle, was called, gender, not required. With the stylus, on center stage, x mirror mirror's gender fluid fashion line called the chill collection. Focuses, on an array of blues, and neutral colors in her line. While little seahawks, collection, suzanne, was inspired, by her grandma, and it highlights, patterns, and vibrant colors. Judges. My vote was for team llama. I just think it was the most cohesive. And it was very, very well put together, i liked all of the makeup looks, and how fresh it was. All right one point from, kelsey how about you dave, i think you guys both did good on this challenge. But honestly i really wish you pushed it more both teams you know for a gender, fluidity. Challenge. You know i think we expected to see a little bit more. Variety, on the gender fluidity. Seemed like we got a little bit more traditional. Kind of fashion, lineups. In the essence of the challenge i do think xmi ramirez. Definitely, rose to the challenge a little bit better and that's why i'm gonna be giving you my vote. I'm gonna have to say, team, llama has my vote in regards, to the styling, because, you had such a difference in body shapes and sizes, you killed it with the consistency. Throughout the entire, line and non-gender. Conforming, outfits. Congrats, team llama you're at a three-point, lead right off the bat to get all three judges, votes felt, really good if i felt validated. In my choices, and what i decided to choose, to go with and create a sim, it felt so good to get like a leg up for my team, in the skills challenge. All right in the builders, challenge we had dr ashley. From team calplan, versus simlisi. From, team llama, your head-to-head, battle, was called unconventional. Build. Dr ashley's, mode of transportation. Took the unconventional. Route with a focus, on traveling, through time while simlisi. Took a school bus and turned it into a detailed, home tayla. I really enjoyed how you took a very traditional, sense, of traveling, but then you, actually, flipped it on its head and you did use unconventional. Things to make, what we see every single day, but completely, made out of different materials. But then, it was just undeniable. Dr, ashley. When we were like oh but you thought of a completely, different, way to think about time, and because, there is no specific, way that a time travel machine looks, you did incredible, so i'm just gonna have to say, my vote, is going for. Cowplant. Kelsey. I think this challenge, definitely could have been, perceived, in different ways, similarly, you did an amazing, job of making something, very. Creative, and sweet. You played your strengths, the interior, was absolutely, stunning, and you definitely used unusual, objects, to accomplish, something that isn't a traditional, build in the sims.

Dr Ashley. You went above and beyond. I think you really like utilized, a lot of stuff we don't get to see every day, and made something that we wouldn't have expected. And so for that i am giving my vote to dr ashley. Thank you, dave. Dr ashley. You super crushed this man this was really, really inventive. Super unexpected. Similarly, i thought you did an adequate, job, i think you played to your strengths, though rather than what we were really looking for out of the challenge. So that was one of the reasons why i had to go with ashley on this one. All right we have a 3-3, tie, we have three votes, outstanding. It all comes down to the storytellers. To determine, the winner of this head-to-head, challenge. The storytellers. Dr gluon. And team calplan's, newest member the english simmer, were put on the spot to walk a potential, home buyer, through an open house tour as our very own judge dave navigated, this fixer-upper. Dave, well both these teams were pretty fun i don't know if i'd buy. Either house. Dr gluon. I honestly thought you could have been a little bit, more, on point with the humor. English simmer, i think your, realistic, kind of approach to kind of taking the the role of the realtor, and trying to upsell us on all the features of the house, i think that kind of won me over so i'm going to throw my vote to you on this one. Taylor. I love, your realistic. Approach, you know you took something that's like okay. I could imagine. If this were a real house, that these are the only ways, possible, that this person would have been able to sell that to me but then i go over to team llama, and i just was laughing. So. Much throughout the entire house like i i'm gonna have to give my point to team llama on this one, and that leaves us with a four, four, time. I did not see this coming. Oh. Neither did i. It has to come down to you kelsey. It's definitely. It's hard, i really like that you weren't afraid to back down from the the gritty, you were like this is the real t about this house but don't worry about it very strong doors, you know, uh i love i loved that vibe. You did have a few moments of stalling. Dr gluon. I think that you were just seamless, in the way that you went about the house. I think. I think my my vote's going to have to go to dr gluon and team llama for this team llama, you won the skills challenge, winning the skills, challenge made me feel, really, really good i was taken aback i was shook i was like i feel so good, it all comes down to this, only two teams, remain. And one. Will win. 100. 000. Team llama, for your advantage, you'll get 15, minutes ahead of the other team, on your computer, it is pretty, huge, for us we get an extra 15 minutes to work on our final, creation. And that 15 minutes can go a long, long, way, to determine, the winner of sparked, your final, challenge, is called play with life, and the winner. Will be our very. First. Spark. Champion. I'm freaking out a little bit, the hundred thousand dollars is right there, and it's, waiting for us to take it, good luck y'all. On the next, episode, of spark. I'm freaking out right now. We crown, a winner as team llama, and team cow plant battle it out for 100. 000. When you get nervous, you start to screw stuff up one final, challenge, remains. I'm just really happy that i finally got to tell something personal. One final, chance to create, i loved. What you wrote oh my god, it's all, on. The. Line. The winner. 100. 000. Is. And for you, watching from wherever you are your sims challenge, is live, now.

Simply Head into the sims 4 on the platform, of your choice, to find new, exclusive, community, challenges. For in-game, stylists. Builders, and storytellers. And by submitting, your community, creations. You and your creations, have a chance to be on a future season of this show. That's right, maybe the next season of spark could feature you head to Challenge. Now for all the details. And check out the new challenge tab in game. We can't wait to see, what you create. You.

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