Private Investigator Vs. Regular Person Vs. Psychic: Who Had A Botched Surgery?

Private Investigator Vs. Regular Person Vs. Psychic: Who Had A Botched Surgery?

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I'm. A private investigator. And today. Alongside a psychic. And an. Otherwise. Unnoted. Person. All three. Of us are attempting, to determine which, of our subjects. Has. Had a botched surgery. There. Are different, waveforms of. Energy, that are very subtle, energy. Forms, to determine, who is lying. And. Who's telling the truth I'm, gonna come in with the friendly angle be, kind of non, assuming, non-threatening, and, then hit him with some hard questions that might catch them off-guard and may slip up some information all, right let's bring in our medical test subjects. Okay. How. About you sir okay. What's your name Brendan Brendan yes all right how old are you Brendan I'm 33, okay, how long you been in LA just, shy five years so tell me about your your medical experiences, when I was a, sophomore college, he, was 2008. I was, playing pickup basketball at, my school and I rolled my ankle super, hard there's like these, ligaments. That attached, like the middle part of your ankle and when you roll it that hard it can like pull out little chunks of the bone that are still attached to the top, end of the ligament hmm and so you have two options one, you, can hope that the bone dissolves, which sounded gross or, to, put it back in let every set and then like that should be fine the glue dissolves, on its own as it heals I went with a surgery route after about a week it was way, worse it was swollen it, was like dark stitches, weren't healing right so I had to go back in and they were like okay like we'll do new x-rays where'd you go to school the, University of Arkansas I'm 49 okay yeah they did a notice of x-rays or like every now and then somebody will have a reaction like your body rejects the glue basically, so it the x-rays and they're like yeah it looks like your body doesn't like the glue and you've got like a like, a little cyst forming, look like we're just gonna open it back up scrape, that out and then like you should be good opening, back up and it wasn't a nodule from the actual glue there's like a little seal they put that keeps the glue dry like with any glue keeps from drying out and there, was like a little piece of that plastic, that was like next, to the little like crack where they had filled in with the glue in my ankle and they'd, sewed it back up and my body actually had no problem with the glue the, glue was fine it was rejecting, the piece of plastic that was in my foot so they took that out research.

It Back up and then after about a week or so it was fine obviously they didn't use like an Elmer's glue bottle, but it is there you tell me it's some sort of protective, biohazard. Seal, that, like kind of flaked off when they were putting the glue in you or where, did this plastic, come from they said if you picture like a like, a nozzle for glue that. Like they. Keep a little like thin piece of they, say plastic but I'm assuming it's a flimsy that's, like on the. Tip of that to like keep the glue from drying out so basketball. Injury. Surgery. They they they cut you open to, put glue in there to hold a look to put some bone back right. And then there was a foreign. Material that. Got made its way in there with the glue and your body didn't. Handle that - well yeah okay Holger you would, have been 29, - okay, so, at senior year right I do okay. So you from Fort Smith okay. So the universities. In the town yeah okay, right on yeah what's, the town like it's is it's a college town honestly, not really it it sounds like about a hundred thousand people but it's a it's a small school really yeah, without. Counting the students we don't get like I want people who come. From the lake far away to go to UA for its minute so how many students were there, okay. You live in NoHo right, mm-hmm. Okay, did. It hurt ankle, yeah, yeah okay, all right uh I. Think I'm all right for now. Brendon, thanks for your time destiny, come join me destiny, how old are you I'm 25, okay. Where you from from Seattle were you born, 1994. So what's, your story okay, are you ready, okay. You're ready all right so back in 2009. Yeah, I write that down go. On okay in 2009. Right - like split down the middle of my chest I had a cyst. It was kind of like small and annoying and, I kind of just ignored it until one day I was like well it's kind of painful and like felt kind of like lumpy. And kind of nasty, so. Being Wow. 15, at the time I was like mom I need to go the doctor so she's like okay, she took me to the doctor this, was a doctor I had never seen for doctor, comes in and he's, like looking, at it and he's like oh yeah that's that's. Infected, there's like fluid in there reaches down into his little goodie bag and. Pulls. Out a scalpel, and proceeds. To, slice. It open this. Is at his office. Right yes, okay that was just like really yet he then bandaged me up pardon me for having to ask but but the cyst is it's it's kind of like right between your breasts right between yeah literally like on a belt on the, breastplate yes okay gotcha the way you tell the story is he turned around and he's just brandishing. A scalpel, I mean he. Picked it up any and he walked, across the room and then are you laying down I'm, sitting up you're sitting up okay, and you said was there other fluids. Coming out there were like. What I don't know what it, was, can you describe them it smelled very bad okay, then it was dark in color can, you be more specific, I can't it's.

Really Good I don't, know it was like it. Was blood and like maybe, puffs, and, like oh. Yeah. Was, it like, black, or brown brown, okay, yeah she was black that'd be really scary was it his breath was it as fluid. As the blood or was it like thicker more. Like gelatinous, or, jelly it was um, a little. Thicker to my knowledge this, is a while back so alright I think I've got enough to go on for the time being but I may need you later oh thank. You yep thank you I'm Edward Edward, uh what, you do for a living I'm a video editor here at BuzzFeed all right what's your medical, experience, allegedly. My, budg surgery, had been back. In high school was my graduation, news I was 18 and I was actually driving over to meet up my, girlfriend in time for a date as I, was driving over there I got into a bad accident where they hit me on the driver side and one of my ribs, had punctured my lung and as they were mending. In and sewing it up and everything the Airways were getting constricted, they were they were coming, and tightening up and now because of that surgery, after that I developed, asthma because now mucous kind, of enters. The pathway, and is it gives, me respiratory, issues so I never had asthma before so when that happened and that was back in 2009. Yeah what car we driving I had a well, I still haven't my Toyota Corolla the same car at ten years still living even, after this catastrophic accident. Yeah were you knocked unconscious, yeah pretty much, I kind. Of remember bits, and pieces how long were you in hospital I was there for two weeks so what what time of year did this happen this was, it. Was like February because yeah I was getting closer to like graduation time, and all that stuff so Valentine's, Day time it was right before Valentine's so. Were you back in school and, after, a few weeks or something like that it took about like a month month and a half until and, so I was able to to, my, big let me get back in and on stuff all right I think I, have, enough. For, the time being so thank, you for your time thank you very much I've got some notes I've got to do some soul-searching. Destiny. Would you can. You uncross your hands for, me okay. Thank you and. I'm, going to ask you just to say your first name just one time for me destiny. Okay. Destiny. Have you ever been in so, much pain that you, went into doubt if it, would ever end, yes and, did it bring you a lot of doubt I did, you, you strike me as a very independent, person and, yes. But, did you ever feel that you were, victimized. To, some point or something happened, that changed the, course of your life slightly, that you had nothing to do with I don't know not that I can think of but, I don't like rethinking everything and I think maybe. Is, it easy for you to forgive. People and, move forward with life. It. Depends, and have, you ever, had. To take pain, pills or anything like that of any sort to get, out of pain I have okay. Yeah okay, thank, you so much yeah just any thank you you're beautiful thank you, I want to talk to you, please. May. Have your first name just one time please my first name is Edward Edward, have you ever felt. A lot of doubt, or locking, in direction, in your life at times in life I guess have you ever had to take paint, for anything or, yes the medication, yes was it long-term pain, or pain that you felt that you couldn't get out of, no its long-term yeah.

And Did. You feel that you suffered. As a result. Of it emotionally, mostly, yet your, question yeah did you ever have, a sense, that you were a victim or something. That happened that was out of your control that changed, your life I can say yes this happens and if, someone, were to you. Know tell you something you. Know for example a doctor and would, you go to get a second, opinion or would you believe that individual. No, okay. This is just typically how you've always been, maybe. But more after an incident, more. Even, more extreme okay. Are you optimistic about, your future, definitely. Thank you so much thank you so much thank, you thank you you're, my next victim ha ha ha I'm gonna ask her name please Brendan let me see, have you ever felt like a victim, or that you've been victimized, in any particular situation or. Situations, sure yeah okay and when. We talk about like feeling, like a victim what, exactly does that mean to you, I guess not having, control over traumatic. Situations, do you have confidence. In yourself now, as an adult to overcome. Adversities. And. Circumstances. Yes, okay. Have. You ever been in long-term. Mental. Physical emotional pain, oh sure yeah and have. You ever felt that you were uncertain, there was an end to that or, probably, not I think, I've always been, maintained. Some level of optimism did, that affect her life in, any way yeah, I think it probably, kept, me a little, indecisive. For a long time okay and when. You felt that did it feel that it. Was just out of your out of your control and you felt that yeah, okay, if you had to describe that feeling what would that feeling, be just to sum it up a lack of control. Or clear. Direction for. For myself okay. Was it easy for you to re-establish. Direction, yeah eventually I got the are, you generally, happy, in life yeah, has, it been your whole life or just, part. Of your life more, recently, like. I think I was when. I was younger it was rock here but then as I've become an adult I've. Found. Myself and, been, a lot happier okay, all righty, nice nice, meeting very nice thank you so much I've, made my decision after. Looking. At the energetic. Patterns, of information. I've been able, to I, believe. Determine. Who. Has had the botched surgery. Bring. That line up. Nice. To meet you have. You ever had a botched surgery yes. So. Back in 2009 I got into a bad, car accident one, of my ribs puncturing, my lung that, took me to the emergency room and when his surgeons, came over to try, to repair my lung that's, where, they. Were they, messed up something where my air, paths were, more constricted and now more mucus is developing, and blocking, the air passage so I have respiratory issues because of the surgery and yet, develop into asthma that now I actually, have to carry around my beuter all -. Yeah. Pretty much maintain my asthma and everything because that botched, surgery, hey tell me more about the accident, that led to this I was on the way up to a date and everything and I was and, as. I, was trying to turn, to left on the intersection, that's when a Nissan, Altima came, in and they, hit me to. The side and on my driver's side door and that's where. Pretty. Much it was a collision where like the rib cage was was. What ended up punching my lung you have some. Sort of like lesion. In your lung that creates the asthma, or the surgery, repairing, the lung as, they were trying to repair and heal up with skin skin. Cell tissue and on stuff like a fake traffic, Graham yeah you, have to like put over the punctured, arm that's, where when they were trying to the pathway. That goes out, of the lung and for the, bronchiole. That stuff to be able to breathe that's, where. It. Got tightened, and and so, instead, of opening up instead of being my normal size like it was before now that it's constricted, that's where I could not have respiratory issues from, breathing. Going in and out of the, lungs great. Well that's that's, all I need thank you appreciate it thank you so much part of you you next hi, hi, Alex. Destiny hello hello, nice to meet you good, morning have you had a botched surgery before, I have, mm. Same. As that word seems. Upward but there can only be one basically. I had a like. A lump, rulz assist really but, I think it had become infected on, your hand no it was actually on my chest area like kind of right okay down, by my stomach almost like in between my rib cages and.

I. Kind, of noticed it was getting bigger and really painful and I was like oh my god like I did what most people did I ignored it until, it got infected and, I was like oh my god mom I need, to go the doctor like we need to get this checked out so my mom comes with me to the doctor we. See the doctor he, looks at it he's touching it he, calls his nursing, for backup the, nurse is standing in the corner my mom standing in the corner he stares at it and he goes hmm. Pulls. Out a scalpel, slices. It, open right, there right, there, no, medication. I know none, whatsoever, he took the scalpel, and he just sliced it open that's, not even a surgery, that's just like him marking up and being like yeah I feel like you have to do some paperwork or something yeah no nothing was signed and then what happened then did you just bleed, it out online, I just bled out and he was like nurse can you get like help me and she's just standing there like like. She couldn't even move because she was like so shocked and he was like nurse and she was like like, whatever we, cleaned it up and they bandaged me up and that was that and your mom was with you were you living with your mom yes that's all I need to know last. But not least sir, hello, Alex. Brendon nice to meet you after meet you have you had a botched surgery where, Janell yes I've had a boss surgery, three out of three hmm. Interesting. What did you eat this morning two. Pieces of beef jerky. Yikes. I say, about the surgery mine, was actually 2008. Which. This is a real bad time frame, for surgeries I guess so yeah Wow, I was playing basketball the rec center at my college I, rolled. My ankle super, hard thought, it was a bad sprain turns out you. Have these little ligaments. That are attached like the middle part of your ankle bone mm-hmm, and if you roll your foot under, yourself, like I did those, little ligaments, can pull out like a tiny chunk of the bump they. Gave. Me two options one, I could do like. Nothing and let it the. Bone hope in, their words hopefully. Dissolve, which, sounded gross okay or they can take this like medical, glue and like cut you open put, the little chunk back in and this glue that then dissolves, like while it heals so. I opted, for that within, like. I don't. Know the first week after the surgery it, was really. Gross and swollen and affected so I had to go back and they. Said oh this is rare like sometimes people have reactions, to the glue like. We'll do another scan I'd have it x-rayed again, and the x-ray they're like oh you developed, like a little hole sis, was a little nodule where we put the bone back in we got a scrape it up they cut it back open and found, that instead of a little nodule as, a tiny piece of thin plastic of, the used to seal the glue like. Kind of like plastic wrap to keep it from drying out that. Was like, not, in the bone that was left like kind of next to it and, my, body was actually fine with the glue it was rejecting, the piece of plastic Atlanta and. So they had to scrape, all that out resell back up and, then for weeks. So. Let's back it out truck you, had a rec center so what school did you go to University.

Of Arkansas, okay. You didn't think I was completely hurt how long was it when you rolled, your ankle to when you actually went in no - yeah. I was hoping it was just a bad sprain, but. I went like from, the rec center - I called my girlfriend at the time she, because of my right ankle I couldn't drive so she took me to the hospital so, I was, at the hospital within a couple, and they looked at your ankle they're like we could just leave alone your, bone will dissolve yeah. That's the term well, they, did x-rays feel like that's not a good thing yes oh man well that's why I opted for the surgery they said that the chunk is small enough that it will probably just dissolved, okay great it's all I need cool, I know who is telling the truth. It's. The moment of truth now we will each give, our decisions, on who has had the botched surgery. I think, destiny, had, the, truthful. Medical. Experience. It's, been a hard decision. Based. On what. I can see from the energetic, patterns, I believe that it was Edward who, has had. A botched. Surgery based, on my regular knowledge, of regular things and. It's. Conducting, my regular, interrogation. I believe. It was Brendan, who, had the botched surgery. Oh. Everybody. - did a fantastic job, so, Edward has that inhaler. On him I began, to think it was basically, kind of late laying, it on a little too thick, from, Edwards so I kind of discounted, Edward and then I came down a destiny, and Brendan and I mean, you, know ankle, mishaps. And basketball, happen, all the time and he's got he's got a pretty legit story but I think I said earlier destiny, was kind of physically. Disgusted. By the details, of her own story, I personally. Made, the choice of Edward, because I thought that when, I asked, about pain, I felt, that he had more intimate. Knowledge I chose to ask a direct questions. And. I. Realized my thought, process, on that was limited, in the moment, destiny. Here although she wouldn't take off her hat and it's one of the ways that I look, for energy, I feel, that. She's. Never, fully. Felt like a victim I think you have to have some type of victim, mentality which. I think speaks to her. Character, and her ability, to overcome. Adversity and. Empower, herself, Brandon. I felt. He's. Had probably, a decent life and not.

Although. He seems very evolved. Probably, not experienced. A lot of adversity or. Felt. Like a, victim. So that's, where I came to my decision. Thank you all so much I went. About it. Very. Mundane for. Edward, I noticed. That he kind of had a lot more details, starting. To get jumbled. Different. Things like pointing out like my lung oh I mean my rib that. Kind of gave it away from me and I just didn't think that asthma. Could, be contracted. From a botched surgery the, main reason why I picked Brendan. Was because Destiny's, story seems so absurd to me that. Like a doctor, would just pull. Out a knife and just slice open something, just like that but. I guess, truth. Is stranger than fiction.

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