Private Investigator Vs. Regular Person Vs. Psychic: Who Had A Botched Surgery?

Private Investigator Vs. Regular Person Vs. Psychic: Who Had A Botched Surgery?

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I'm. A private investigator. And today. Alongside a psychic. And an. Otherwise. Unnoted. Person. All three. Of us are attempting, to determine which, of our subjects. Has. Had a botched surgery. There. Are different, waveforms of. Energy, that are very subtle, energy. Forms, to determine, who is lying. And. Who's telling the truth I'm, gonna come in with the friendly angle be, kind of non, assuming, non-threatening, and, then hit him with some hard questions that might catch them off-guard and may slip up some information all, right let's bring in our medical test subjects. Okay. How. About you sir okay. What's your name Brendan Brendan yes all right how old are you Brendan I'm 33, okay, how long you been in LA just, shy five years so tell me about your your medical experiences, when I was a, sophomore college, he, was 2008. I was, playing pickup basketball at, my school and I rolled my ankle super, hard there's like these, ligaments. That attached, like the middle part of your ankle and when you roll it that hard it can like pull out little chunks of the bone that are still attached to the top, end of the ligament hmm and so you have two options one, you, can hope that the bone dissolves, which sounded gross or, to, put it back in let every set and then like that should be fine the glue dissolves, on its own as it heals I went with a surgery route after about a week it was way, worse it was swollen it, was like dark stitches, weren't healing right so I had to go back in and they were like okay like we'll do new x-rays where'd you go to school the, University of Arkansas I'm 49 okay yeah they did a notice of x-rays or like every now and then somebody will have a reaction like your body rejects the glue basically, so it the x-rays and they're like yeah it looks like your body doesn't like the glue and you've got like a like, a little cyst forming, look like we're just gonna open it back up scrape, that out and then like you should be good opening, back up and it wasn't a nodule from the actual glue there's like a little seal they put that keeps the glue dry like with any glue keeps from drying out and there, was like a little piece of that plastic, that was like next, to the little like crack where they had filled in with the glue in my ankle and they'd, sewed it back up and my body actually had no problem with the glue the, glue was fine it was rejecting, the piece of plastic that was in my foot so they took that out research.

It Back up and then after about a week or so it was fine obviously they didn't use like an Elmer's glue bottle, but it is there you tell me it's some sort of protective, biohazard. Seal, that, like kind of flaked off when they were putting the glue in you or where, did this plastic, come from they said if you picture like a like, a nozzle for glue that. Like they. Keep a little like thin piece of they, say plastic but I'm assuming it's a flimsy that's, like on the. Tip of that to like keep the glue from drying out so basketball. Injury. Surgery. They they they cut you open to, put glue in there to hold a look to put some bone back right. And then there was a foreign. Material that. Got made its way in there with the glue and your body didn't. Handle that - well yeah okay Holger you would, have been 29, - okay, so, at senior year right I do okay. So you from Fort Smith okay. So the universities. In the town yeah okay, right on yeah what's, the town like it's is it's a college town honestly, not really it it sounds like about a hundred thousand people but it's a it's a small school really yeah, without. Counting the students we don't get like I want people who come. From the lake far away to go to UA for its minute so how many students were there, okay. You live in NoHo right, mm-hmm. Okay, did. It hurt ankle, yeah, yeah okay, all right uh I. Think I'm all right for now. Brendon, thanks for your time destiny, come join me destiny, how old are you I'm 25, okay. Where you from from Seattle were you born, 1994. So what's, your story okay, are you ready, okay. You're ready all right so back in 2009. Yeah, I write that down go. On okay in 2009. Right - like split down the middle of my chest I had a cyst. It was kind of like small and annoying and, I kind of just ignored it until one day I was like well it's kind of painful and like felt kind of like lumpy. And kind of nasty, so. Being Wow. 15, at the time I was like mom I need to go the doctor so she's like okay, she took me to the doctor this, was a doctor I had never seen for doctor, comes in and he's, like looking, at it and he's like oh yeah that's that's. Infected, there's like fluid in there reaches down into his little goodie bag and. Pulls. Out a scalpel, and proceeds. To, slice. It open this. Is at his office. Right yes, okay that was just like really yet he then bandaged me up pardon me for having to ask but but the cyst is it's it's kind of like right between your breasts right between yeah literally like on a belt on the, breastplate yes okay gotcha the way you tell the story is he turned around and he's just brandishing. A scalpel, I mean he. Picked it up any and he walked, across the room and then are you laying down I'm, sitting up you're sitting up okay, and you said was there other fluids. Coming out there were like. What I don't know what it, was, can you describe them it smelled very bad okay, then it was dark in color can, you be more specific, I can't it's.

Really Good I don't, know it was like it. Was blood and like maybe, puffs, and, like oh. Yeah. Was, it like, black, or brown brown, okay, yeah she was black that'd be really scary was it his breath was it as fluid. As the blood or was it like thicker more. Like gelatinous, or, jelly it was um, a little. Thicker to my knowledge this, is a while back so alright I think I've got enough to go on for the time being but I may need you later oh thank. You yep thank you I'm Edward Edward, uh what, you do for a living I'm a video editor here at BuzzFeed all right what's your medical, experience, allegedly. My, budg surgery, had been back. In high school was my graduation, news I was 18 and I was actually driving over to meet up my, girlfriend in time for a date as I, was driving over there I got into a bad accident where they hit me on the driver side and one of my ribs, had punctured my lung and as they were mending. In and sewing it up and everything the Airways were getting constricted, they were they were coming, and tightening up and now because of that surgery, after that I developed, asthma because now mucous kind, of enters. The pathway, and is it gives, me respiratory, issues so I never had asthma before so when that happened and that was back in 2009. Yeah what car we driving I had a well, I still haven't my Toyota Corolla the same car at ten years still living even, after this catastrophic accident. Yeah were you knocked unconscious, yeah pretty much, I kind. Of remember bits, and pieces how long were you in hospital I was there for two weeks so what what time of year did this happen this was, it. Was like February because yeah I was getting closer to like graduation time, and all that stuff so Valentine's, Day time it was right before Valentine's so. Were you back in school and, after, a few weeks or something like that it took about like a month month and a half until and, so I was able to to, my, big let me get back in and on stuff all right I think I, have, enough. For, the time being so thank, you for your time thank you very much I've got some notes I've got to do some soul-searching. Destiny. Would you can. You uncross your hands for, me okay. Thank you and. I'm, going to ask you just to say your first name just one time for me destiny. Okay. Destiny. Have you ever been in so, much pain that you, went into doubt if it, would ever end, yes and, did it bring you a lot of doubt I did, you, you strike me as a very independent, person and, yes. But, did you ever feel that you were, victimized. To, some point or something happened, that changed the, course of your life slightly, that you had nothing to do with I don't know not that I can think of but, I don't like rethinking everything and I think maybe. Is, it easy for you to forgive. People and, move forward with life. It. Depends, and have, you ever, had. To take pain, pills or anything like that of any sort to get, out of pain I have okay. Yeah okay, thank, you so much yeah just any thank you you're beautiful thank you, I want to talk to you, please. May. Have your first name just one time please my first name is Edward Edward, have you ever felt. A lot of doubt, or locking, in direction, in your life at times in life I guess have you ever had to take paint, for anything or, yes the medication, yes was it long-term pain, or pain that you felt that you couldn't get out of, no its long-term yeah.

And Did. You feel that you suffered. As a result. Of it emotionally, mostly, yet your, question yeah did you ever have, a sense, that you were a victim or something. That happened that was out of your control that changed, your life I can say yes this happens and if, someone, were to you. Know tell you something you. Know for example a doctor and would, you go to get a second, opinion or would you believe that individual. No, okay. This is just typically how you've always been, maybe. But more after an incident, more. Even, more extreme okay. Are you optimistic about, your future, definitely. Thank you so much thank you so much thank, you thank you you're, my next victim ha ha ha I'm gonna ask her name please Brendan let me see, have you ever felt like a victim, or that you've been victimized, in any particular situation or. Situations, sure yeah okay and when. We talk about like feeling, like a victim what, exactly does that mean to you, I guess not having, control over traumatic. Situations, do you have confidence. In yourself now, as an adult to overcome. Adversities. And. Circumstances. Yes, okay. Have. You ever been in long-term. Mental. Physical emotional pain, oh sure yeah and have. You ever felt that you were uncertain, there was an end to that or, probably, not I think, I've always been, maintained. Some level of optimism did, that affect her life in, any way yeah, I think it probably, kept, me a little, indecisive. For a long time okay and when. You felt that did it feel that it. Was just out of your out of your control and you felt that yeah, okay, if you had to describe that feeling what would that feeling, be just to sum it up a lack of control. Or clear. Direction for. For myself okay. Was it easy for you to re-establish. Direction, yeah eventually I got the are, you generally, happy, in life yeah, has, it been your whole life or just, part. Of your life more, recently, like. I think I was when. I was younger it was rock here but then as I've become an adult I've. Found. Myself and, been, a lot happier okay, all righty, nice nice, meeting very nice thank you so much I've, made my decision after. Looking. At the energetic. Patterns, of information. I've been able, to I, believe. Determine. Who. Has had the botched surgery. Bring. That line up. Nice. To meet you have. You ever had a botched surgery yes. So. Back in 2009 I got into a bad, car accident one, of my ribs puncturing, my lung that, took me to the emergency room and when his surgeons, came over to try, to repair my lung that's, where, they. Were they, messed up something where my air, paths were, more constricted and now more mucus is developing, and blocking, the air passage so I have respiratory issues because of the surgery and yet, develop into asthma that now I actually, have to carry around my beuter all -. Yeah. Pretty much maintain my asthma and everything because that botched, surgery, hey tell me more about the accident, that led to this I was on the way up to a date and everything and I was and, as. I, was trying to turn, to left on the intersection, that's when a Nissan, Altima came, in and they, hit me to. The side and on my driver's side door and that's where. Pretty. Much it was a collision where like the rib cage was was. What ended up punching my lung you have some. Sort of like lesion. In your lung that creates the asthma, or the surgery, repairing, the lung as, they were trying to repair and heal up with skin skin. Cell tissue and on stuff like a fake traffic, Graham yeah you, have to like put over the punctured, arm that's, where when they were trying to the pathway. That goes out, of the lung and for the, bronchiole. That stuff to be able to breathe that's, where. It. Got tightened, and and so, instead, of opening up instead of being my normal size like it was before now that it's constricted, that's where I could not have respiratory issues from, breathing. Going in and out of the, lungs great. Well that's that's, all I need thank you appreciate it thank you so much part of you you next hi, hi, Alex. Destiny hello hello, nice to meet you good, morning have you had a botched surgery before, I have, mm. Same. As that word seems. Upward but there can only be one basically. I had a like. A lump, rulz assist really but, I think it had become infected on, your hand no it was actually on my chest area like kind of right okay down, by my stomach almost like in between my rib cages and.

I. Kind, of noticed it was getting bigger and really painful and I was like oh my god like I did what most people did I ignored it until, it got infected and, I was like oh my god mom I need, to go the doctor like we need to get this checked out so my mom comes with me to the doctor we. See the doctor he, looks at it he's touching it he, calls his nursing, for backup the, nurse is standing in the corner my mom standing in the corner he stares at it and he goes hmm. Pulls. Out a scalpel, slices. It, open right, there right, there, no, medication. I know none, whatsoever, he took the scalpel, and he just sliced it open that's, not even a surgery, that's just like him marking up and being like yeah I feel like you have to do some paperwork or something yeah no nothing was signed and then what happened then did you just bleed, it out online, I just bled out and he was like nurse can you get like help me and she's just standing there like like. She couldn't even move because she was like so shocked and he was like nurse and she was like like, whatever we, cleaned it up and they bandaged me up and that was that and your mom was with you were you living with your mom yes that's all I need to know last. But not least sir, hello, Alex. Brendon nice to meet you after meet you have you had a botched surgery where, Janell yes I've had a boss surgery, three out of three hmm. Interesting. What did you eat this morning two. Pieces of beef jerky. Yikes. I say, about the surgery mine, was actually 2008. Which. This is a real bad time frame, for surgeries I guess so yeah Wow, I was playing basketball the rec center at my college I, rolled. My ankle super, hard thought, it was a bad sprain turns out you. Have these little ligaments. That are attached like the middle part of your ankle bone mm-hmm, and if you roll your foot under, yourself, like I did those, little ligaments, can pull out like a tiny chunk of the bump they. Gave. Me two options one, I could do like. Nothing and let it the. Bone hope in, their words hopefully. Dissolve, which, sounded gross okay or they can take this like medical, glue and like cut you open put, the little chunk back in and this glue that then dissolves, like while it heals so. I opted, for that within, like. I don't. Know the first week after the surgery it, was really. Gross and swollen and affected so I had to go back and they. Said oh this is rare like sometimes people have reactions, to the glue like. We'll do another scan I'd have it x-rayed again, and the x-ray they're like oh you developed, like a little hole sis, was a little nodule where we put the bone back in we got a scrape it up they cut it back open and found, that instead of a little nodule as, a tiny piece of thin plastic of, the used to seal the glue like. Kind of like plastic wrap to keep it from drying out that. Was like, not, in the bone that was left like kind of next to it and, my, body was actually fine with the glue it was rejecting, the piece of plastic Atlanta and. So they had to scrape, all that out resell back up and, then for weeks. So. Let's back it out truck you, had a rec center so what school did you go to University.

Of Arkansas, okay. You didn't think I was completely hurt how long was it when you rolled, your ankle to when you actually went in no - yeah. I was hoping it was just a bad sprain, but. I went like from, the rec center - I called my girlfriend at the time she, because of my right ankle I couldn't drive so she took me to the hospital so, I was, at the hospital within a couple, and they looked at your ankle they're like we could just leave alone your, bone will dissolve yeah. That's the term well, they, did x-rays feel like that's not a good thing yes oh man well that's why I opted for the surgery they said that the chunk is small enough that it will probably just dissolved, okay great it's all I need cool, I know who is telling the truth. It's. The moment of truth now we will each give, our decisions, on who has had the botched surgery. I think, destiny, had, the, truthful. Medical. Experience. It's, been a hard decision. Based. On what. I can see from the energetic, patterns, I believe that it was Edward who, has had. A botched. Surgery based, on my regular knowledge, of regular things and. It's. Conducting, my regular, interrogation. I believe. It was Brendan, who, had the botched surgery. Oh. Everybody. - did a fantastic job, so, Edward has that inhaler. On him I began, to think it was basically, kind of late laying, it on a little too thick, from, Edwards so I kind of discounted, Edward and then I came down a destiny, and Brendan and I mean, you, know ankle, mishaps. And basketball, happen, all the time and he's got he's got a pretty legit story but I think I said earlier destiny, was kind of physically. Disgusted. By the details, of her own story, I personally. Made, the choice of Edward, because I thought that when, I asked, about pain, I felt, that he had more intimate. Knowledge I chose to ask a direct questions. And. I. Realized my thought, process, on that was limited, in the moment, destiny. Here although she wouldn't take off her hat and it's one of the ways that I look, for energy, I feel, that. She's. Never, fully. Felt like a victim I think you have to have some type of victim, mentality which. I think speaks to her. Character, and her ability, to overcome. Adversity and. Empower, herself, Brandon. I felt. He's. Had probably, a decent life and not.

Although. He seems very evolved. Probably, not experienced. A lot of adversity or. Felt. Like a, victim. So that's, where I came to my decision. Thank you all so much I went. About it. Very. Mundane for. Edward, I noticed. That he kind of had a lot more details, starting. To get jumbled. Different. Things like pointing out like my lung oh I mean my rib that. Kind of gave it away from me and I just didn't think that asthma. Could, be contracted. From a botched surgery the, main reason why I picked Brendan. Was because Destiny's, story seems so absurd to me that. Like a doctor, would just pull. Out a knife and just slice open something, just like that but. I guess, truth. Is stranger than fiction.

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I thought it was Edward.

Lol the psychic blaming Destiny's hat for her being wrong Also the PI is literally laughing at the psychic at the end HAHAHAAHAH mood

"speaks to her character to overcome adversity and empower herself" lol wtf chill out lady, she just had a cyst removed

totally out of subject but the regular guy looks like if shane madej and andrew from worth it had a child

Does having a cyst cut open count as a botched surgery though? It just seems more unprofessional than botched, and not even a surgery

just here to see the psychic be the only one wrong again

The psychics mouth noises are making this unwatchable for me

Girl, that's not a botched surgery, that's how a cyst is drained and it's normal to do without anesthesia etc at a dr's office, with a sterilized scalpel. The only thing the dr did wrong was to not explain things properly.

It should be can a psychic or a regular person beat a private investigator??

Well, maybe he works on cases that have nothing to do with this. Like maybe idk missing persons or just things that don't need super secret lives. I have no idea I'm just guessing

I just want to see Brendan in more videos yowza

The sad part of Destiny's story is that it isn't implausible. It is pretty well known that a horrifying amount of medical professionals believe that people of color have a higher pain tolerance. It's mostly known for the reason doctors refuse to give people of color pain killers even after major surgery. So, yeah, a doctor who believes that might think it's just fine to cut into a young black girl's chest without any anesthesia or prep work.

i may be partially face blind but that is not a private investigator that is john krasinski

i knew it was destiny because she couldn’t tell a story like that if she was lying because it would be too obvious.

The psychic is such a fraud lmao

Why does it sound like the psychic has pop rocks in her mouth?

There we go the psychic making excuses. She didnt get it right b/c of a hat

We stan the Phycics Voice

The Supernatural Bois should go to Savannah Georgia, (that's my hometown) it's very creepy here.

Why was the PI so rude to Destiny

is it just me or does the regular person look like a young shane? that moustache being the highlight of this video :')

Well and seriously her story wasn't a "botched" surgery. It was basically a standard procedure

do you think she moans during sex?

i would let that psychic take my blood

that psychic would be very weird during sex. I don’t even know how it would go down.


Mmmmmph that psychic's voice is so relaxing

Cutting open a boil is not a botched surgery.

@Arianna J I mean it made sense though, because why would you risk you job for a buzzfeed video? But I guess his job isn't in danger.

Caatiry Anne ohhh

Technically, they're not spies. They're hired privately to investigate people, events, etc (also with different reasons and ways). They dont really have to hide their jobs

the physic has lip stick on her teeth and i cant stop staring

Doh I did notice the inhaler was a bit oversold but I still don't see what the botch was with the sist iv seen it done just like that loads of times thanks YouTube why do people film it tho

I'm gussin the car crash one cos he don't even know how to explain it he hasn't rehearsed it the sist one didn't even say what was botched they do it like that all the time and lanky knee guy had me till he was explaining the bit that went wrong and started smiling as he spoke let's find out lol

I'm kinda surprised that they were so shocked at Destiny's story. I had an infection in my leg, and when the sore got so so bad I was constantly in pain, I went to the doctor and she lanced it for me (meaning she took a scalpel and opened it up, and drained all of the fluid inside). They did it right there in the office with nothing but a little bit of numbing cream on it.

But Destiny said that it was between her breast to John (4:52) and down to her stomach almost (14:03).

then they are all lying cuz that was neither botched nor a surgery

whats so "psychic" about interrogating the people? all she's doing is asking questions, nothing psychic there!!

What an annoying music! I want to listen to the people, not be influenced by the music!

Cool cool so uh.. is Brenden single or nah? My friend wants to know, great gal

That blonde guy in the beginning looks like he’s related to Shia labeouf!

Lol the same thing that happened to destiny. My primary care physician lanced and drained it in the office. It took about 30 minutes and I was given a prescription for antibiotics. Quick and easy.

Thought it was funny the psychic even shared anything... Like, you either know or don't. And to basically make the excuse of things like the hat...Rme. She was on the same level as the ordinary guy.

Never heard more mouthy saliva sounds than the 'psychic'.....

one thing i have learned from thesse videos is that people hate psychics

I haven’t seen the hole video but I think is the asma guy

*blames it on the hat*

Nah bruh he said my sophomore year then he said junior

Lancing a cyst is not a botched surgery

Why did think this was an X-man trailer before the end?!?

Just throw your whole psychic career away woman.

Psychic: I got it wrong because she's wearing a hat and nobody here gives off victim vibes K

So psychics are BS is what I’m hearing

yeah brendon out here representing u of a

His eyes stare into my damn soul.

I feel like all the hate about the psychic in past videos made her think she needed to try harder to look more like a psychic

this just proves that we only need john to do these videos

I've experienced mistreatment at the hands of doctors, I straight up knew it was Destiny.

*psychic its more about vibes and empathy. very emphatic people can read people very well.

Psychics always make excuses. "She wouldn't take off her hat"

Dang, does the psychic lady have an ASMR channel? I could listen to her talk for hours.

Omg the girl looks like shea Mitchell

*Destiny describes a completely normal and routine incision and drainage of a cyst* Me: ummmm, okay...where is the “botched” part? Am I missing something here??

Profecional private investigator 2 - hocus pocus crap 0 psyduck psyduck

I thought brenden was lying cause he couldnt pick a year he said sophmore but then junior

Was I the only one who only had to hear a few seconds of Destiny's story and guessed it was her?to me it was quite obvious for multiple reasons

Alex looks too young to grow a moustache to me. I don't know about the others but that's how I feel.

i knew Edward was lying when he said he was making a left turn and a car came and hit him on his drivers side. That's impossible.

He is the best P. I. !!!

"so I was a sophomore in college" *later* "so you were a senior in college right?" "uhh, junior." bruh

How many video editor/lair extras are there at buzz feed and when will folks realize the video editors are probably just in there because they are easy extras? Just my 2 cents.

I don’t like how you can hear the saliva when the psychic talks

That regural guy is so hOT

420 comments? Nice

Psychic’s are just bs

Confused cause she said it was between her breasts but then said towards the bottom of her stomach??

Wait......just because you had a botched surgery you’re supposed to be traumatized and feel like a victim and live like a victim and you’re life is essentially ruined???...says the psychic.

Sorry not sorry, nothing was "botched" or "surgical" about what happened with her, that sounds like a pretty standard lancing and draining which can easily be done in a clinc. This was the dumbest most misinformational peice of internet I've seen in some time, which is saying alot. Stop being a melodramatic drama queen buzzfeed. Not everything is a controversy.

basketball guy is Jim Halpert

I’m sorry but destiny’s “surgery” wasn’t even botched nothing went wrong????? A botched surgery is where undesired results come out of it....

My regular self picked Brendan too. lol

It sounds like the psychic has pop rocks in her mouth

I love watching "psychics" get things wrong.

Hillarious how that dude is notably unnotable

When the Psychic said Brendon’s name as Brandon everybody realized and smiled that was funny and awkward

Ugh. I hate to call racism, but that “psychic”. Based everything on preconceived ideas, and she missed the real answer because she was trying to make the black girl a victim the whole time. Why would you even be asking those kinds of questions? She seemed to think the black girl MUST feel victimized and can’t get over being black and marginalized(wrong), she automatically assumed the white guy had a glorious childhood with zero problems ever to face(wrong), and she believed the other guy basically because she seemed most likely to be a victim. The weakest.

In right-hand traffic it’s definitely possible to be hit on drivers side when making a left turn. The drivers sit to the left.

Damn i feel like they need to reverse the roles of whose playing who. they need the PI but also they need to put some professional actors in their to be fake and try to trick him. idk man.

The psychic actually did know that they were going to lose this batter before it even started. But only because they knew they really weren't a psychic and had no skills what so ever.

I knew it the most gross stories are always the true one

y’all are bangin on the psychic but her voice is so soothing, i wouldn’t go to her for a session unless it was like a story circle

A “psychic” private investigator should be a show

Dude, you dont have a real psychic on your show, a real psychic would not ask questions, period, and would not be "i thought because I asked and I thought" that woman is basing her decisions based on assumptions, not psychic ability. A real psychic does not assume. I dont know if you are a channel that is just trying to diss psychic phenomena. But if you want to compare with a psychic, then get an ACTUAL PSYCHIC, NOT A PHONIE.

Brendan is pretty gee darn cute...

Why do they still have this lady come on the show when she’s rarely been right? Get a new “psychic.” I don’t like that she’s making excuses for why she was wrong. “If she took off her hat...” what? You should’ve asked for her to take it off if it was THAT important. She’s been wrong every time I’ve watched this show. She’s embarrassing real psychics.


is slicing off a cyst in a doctors office even a surgery???

Nothing botched about that at all, that's a regular procedure. Same thing happened to me.

but the shark..

He's an actor not a PI

Get a new psychic. She seems to be wrong a lot for a psychic!

you can’t tbone a drivers side door if they’re turning left edWARD caught that

Brendan said that when he returned to the doctors, they said that they guess it must have been a rare allergic reaction, but as a person who has over seen medical surgeries, the surgeons always go though the tools and supplies they use several times before hand and check with the pharmacies to check for what they are allergic to, so that’s what gave it away for me”

Check the PI's face when Regular Person 2 (aka the "Psychic") says Brenden probably hasn't experienced adversity...oh man. He really is the only reason anything with the name "BuzzFeed" attached to it is remotely watchable.

The psychic is so saliva-ie. it makes me uncomfortable

I can't stop watching the series (ง'̀-'́)ง

Damn, who knew hats were so powerful.

Keep the same PI! He's good

i didn’t think it was Destiny cause she said the cyst was in different places when she retold her story

Didn’t lung man previously say it was a bike accident

Psychic voice gives me goosebumps. It’s like ASMR

Why does the psychics mouth sound so wet when she talks

The psychic's voice is exactly the same to the one's of Alex from OITNB omg

I really want to do this and be the one telling the truth because I’m autistic so even when I’m telling the truth I look like I’m lying cuz I’m socially awkward

Does the psychic actually know what shes meant to find out because it felt more like a therapy session and she didn’t actually ask anyone about a surgery

@SA RA hmm

19:55 the psychic thinks the straight white guy has had a good life and the black woman has been a victim who has empowered herself to be independent, seriously this psychic seems like her feminazi views are colliding with her mind-reading abilities.

There’s no way it’s not Edward

I’m in love with regular person guy

His face when she said “Brandon”

My mom had destiny's surgery. She had a cyst on her forehead and they did that to her

“It’s because of her hat I couldn’t read her energy” omg

Is it just me or the dude with the ankle injury totally sound like Jim from the office I mean.......

the psychic looks alot like lily rabe

anyone else out here wearing a hat to protect ur energies from the psychic?

Well at least she didn’t have to pay a medical bill for her surgery

physic didnt even ask anything close to botched surgery

No one: Absolutely no one: Brenden: we have these *little* ligaments |_*0*_|

Doesn't sound like she had actual surgery nor was it botched.

Um, turned ankle in middle school running. Chipped small piece of bone off ankle. Horribly painful. Absolutely does dissolve, no surgery needed, and absolutely way less creepy than surgery.

Maybe if they used an actual psychic, it’d work out, this one seems very amateur...

is no one gonna talk about how similar the PI and brenden look?

I KNEW IT- after her more detailed description to the regular guy, I could just sense how she tried to seem as confusing as possible wooop

You should have people try to guess who the PI is!


The Psychic is scary af


I literally skip through the part of the video where the “psychic” is asking questions because she literally asks and says the stupidest things.

"I was a sophomore" "22" "Senior?" "Junior."

I can’t be the only one who wanted the psychic to lose and for the private investigator to always win

Ashrith Dubbaka sarcastically

are you joking or sarcastically referring to psych?

All psychics are phonies, there are no real psychics.

She's as much of a psychic as anybody else is.

Jenna Cooper I’ve been reading through the comments just to see if anyone else noticed that, and I can’t believe there aren’t more comments about it

i swear i should be a PI i always guess the correct person lol

Why does the psychic have a problem with ppl crossing their arms?

john gives of such a hopper vibe

The guy with the car accident, if he was turning left and he got hit on the drivers side how did a car hit him from that side cause if your tubing left on coming traffic would hit you on the passenger side. Unless the other lanes were just bein wild and runnin lights

HOLYSHITTT!!!! I’m just Fayetteville I arkansas!

I guess destiny because the one guy changed his story and the other guy sounded nervous telling the story

this thing was edited very strangely, i wish it was by person being questioned and not by person questioning

More John please

could hear the spit in the psychics mouth when she talked and it made me want to throw myself out of the window.

do people lie about their real name

did you notice brendan said sophomore year and then junior year ?? hmm .. haven’t finished but i think it’s brendannn

So I have a surgery tomorrow morning and probably shouldn't be watching this

the psychic didn’t ask about their story this time

"There are different wave forms of energy that are very subtle, energy forms to determine who is lying". Well - found the liar right there!

I thought it was destiny who lied and brenden the one telling truth

"Truth is stranger than fiction" Well spoken you have :)

I can't imagine having that PI for a dad

Why does the psychic look like the female PI that Buzzfeed uses in a disguise?

They got rid of the blonde psychic with the New York accent because she just asked regular questions and was always right. This lady is a lot more fun to make fun of

once again the psychic is wrong. I wonder why


I got it right!

Can I get that PI's email? I just wanna talk


when it's just a surface level cyst/abscess, you just gotta drain it, clean it up then maybe issue a round of antibiotics. i guess you'd be surprised if a doctor was just like 'kay, we're gonna slice you open real quick' and that's why she tells it that way, but that's kinda just how it's taken care of...

All I could pay attention to was the psychics lips smacking every time shed speak

I thought destiny from the get go as well. I had an abscess on my upper thigh a couple years ago. And it was also just sliced open without numbing. They just took a scalpel and then drained it. Granted i had walked into the er but i have no doubt a typical doc would have done the same thing.

The regular guy came in with the preconceived notion of "that incident would never happen", thus resulting in missing the mark. Destiny appeared so flippant that she was hard to read.

the psychics mouth noises

Lol that psychic was so full of bs I couldn’t stop laughing

I had a peritonsillar abscess and they also drained it then and there. Yes it hurt and whatever cream they used to “numb the pain” didn’t work. I was crying and gagging on pus while two doctors sliced and repeatedly wrung my tonsil out...point is, it was by no means botched. They didn’t even have to stitch me up because those procedures heal so fast. That’s what they do for external abscesses. A dose of antibiotics and I felt better instantly. Healed in a day. Medicine isn’t always about what’s pleasant. It’s about what will get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

Can we get the psych some water?

Psychic needs to be more aware

omg really, like just like that?

to me it wasn't even a surgery. I'd have to be put under in order to call it one. I've had a couple of awake operations myself and one surgery. my operations were at a doctors office and my surgery in a *Surgery Clinic*

Fin Thank you I was wondering where the botched part came

Psychics are just guessers

Your not going to write that down? “Go onnnnn”

The psychic has never gotten anything correct I swear

John is the best as always. Regular guy with regular knowledge about regular things should come back too. Psychic... nah thanks, as someone else mentioned a doctor would have been interesting.

Mia is so captivating to listen to. Just her diction instantly puts you at peace lol.

How was the car saved after the accident?

John: “I’m a Private investigator...” The Regular Audience: “Oh, we know John...”

literally couldnt listen to the "psychic" with her annoying smacking lip sound while talking

Not gonna lie, I thought it was Edward.

i thought it was destiny too!! i'm a genius, hire me

How I came to destiny: the story was so weird they wouldn’t use it as a lie cause it’s so unbelieveable, and someone who has to lie on purpose has to give a believeable lie.

i kinda have misophonia so the psychic lady is making me feel so uncomfortable cuz when she speaks you can hear her saliva and all :( but i bet she's a nice person

Proof that "physcic's" just talk bollocks

I think this PI needs to stop fuckin around with buzzfeed and help solve some real crime he is damn good!!!!!!

I love Alex

the physic sounds like james charles with her mouth noises

So, are tinfoil hats superior to regular hats when I’m trying to block my energy from being viewed by psychics?

John is amazing

Lol at the psychic saying Brenden has never felt pain or been a victim, even after he told her the exact opposite

I’m a regular person, and even I knew it was Destiny. How did the psychic not see she was holding back? How did the regular guy miss that she had no formal procedure?

Yeah my mom said they used a scalpel, but also my mom's 62 so that was.. 47 years ago

Amber Berryhill omg same lol

Private Investigator Guesses Private Investigator Out of A Lineup

Who is regular person oOooOo

I love that PI's look when the medium started talking

John face at 20:00 is priceless ! haha I love him !

That poor psychic can sense that everyone knows she's ful of bologna

Ewwww!!! I hate the noise I hear when the psychic talks!! It’s like extra saliva in her mouth!! Grosss

the psychic made me cringe so hard

Brandon's voice was John Krasinskis voice

Grace Upton so triggering ughhhh

“Although she wouldn’t take off her hat”-trying to justify getting it wrong

That psychic was just chillin the whole time and did eeny meeny miney mo at the end

For everyone saying “It’s not considered surgery,” it actually is in most cases. While working as a lifeguard anything that was considered putting a pointy object in a person was considered a surgery. We couldn’t even take a bee stinger out of someone legally because it was considered “surgery.” I agree that I would personally not call it surgery either because we all think of surgery on the operating table like grey’s anatomy, but I don’t think that is always the case. ((At least from what I learned as a lifeguard)) BUT it definitely was not the definition of a botched surgery.

i love brendan hahah “what did you eat for breakfast” “2 pieces of beef jerky” i would like to marry him

What the how did someone from Arkansas get on BuzzFeed we're crazy mountain people

The psychic didn't even ask questions about the surgery and spent 15 mins lol

This guy is a actor

..... but the surgery wasn’t “botched” he didn’t slip and cut her nipple off... lol he drained her cyst

"There's no such thing as psychic" - Patrick Jane

psychics are a scam

Love John ❣️

from this video i got that toyota corollas last for multiple decades lol

Ayeeee Arkansas represent!!

the psychic is so full of crap lmao shut uppp

I knew it!! they two men were being so specific! like extremely specific! but the girl wasn't! and she had like good, real facial expressions! the psychic is absolutely amazing and beautiful.

was hoping it’d be a different psychic lol

Was it just me who heard the physic smack all I the mic

Psychic is just watching body language and noticing very subtle cues. Why create something like “energy form” lol. Maybe you’re just sensitive to heat and notice when someone’s perspiring

I don't like the way the psychic talks and I don't know why


can we just talk about how when the physic was explaining the p.i. looked so fed up lmao

dont know if anyone else noticed , but with brendens story , he started out saying it was his sophomore year and when the PI asked him again he said it was his junior year

Private Investigator Vs. Regular Person Vs. Deluded Person FTFY

Who put a mustache and voiced over a 7yo?? 0:37

I personally think that that PI is a DB (this is from watching his expressions in this and several other videos with him)... either he is pretending to be someone he is not to "appear cool" (but failing), or he is really a DB.... and the "regular guy"... I think he was into it all along (e.g. he was paid to pretend to be a "regular guy guessing who is telling the truth"...

As a medical professional I can tell who's telling the truth

i caught that boi... SLIPPIN

4:01 SO AWKWARD...

PI is best guy.

Why can I hear her mouth when she talks

I think it’s Destiny. The other guys gave too much information.

I mean honestly Brendan is the one that fucked up his story, he said it was his sophomore year then his junior year

The psychic needs to swallow her spit.

I’m a normal person I can tell who’s lying

I think the psychic was lying about being a psychic.

I can see how she gets by as a " psychic". She has a soothing voice and always gives a positive answer. Kinda like a therapist. Any un-knowing person who is generally unhappy and too shy to get actual help will belive and sometimes even benefit from a conversation with her. Placebo!

He's so trying not to laugh at 20:03.

Of course the P.I. got it right. :) I'm glad the P.I. got it right, otherwise he'd lose clients. XD

dude said sophomore then changed it to junior

I guess I'm just a regular person

i rlly do keep reading “psychic” as “physics”

That's why you shouldn't believe in psychics

I love this private investagator! He's so funny! I can't shake the Zack Galafinakis(spelling?) vibes

Is it me or Mia Simone sounds like James Charles? Iam not judging, just saying

20:00 the PI's reaction was like wtffffff ahahahaha

That psychic lady’s lips sound very moist

Can someone get the psychic some water?

I've had a similar experience as Destiny. though her story was a bit extreme I was more willing to believe it actually happened. doesn't seem botched to me tho. lancing stuff is not a big deal but the fact she was a minor I feel like more precautions should have been taken. but black women are at highest risk to be the victim of medical malpractice.

When someone lies, they blink a lot. 11:25

Destiny I hope you got that lawsuit

Brandon is hella fiinnnneeee but I will always my crush on John.

Yes daddy...

I could tell it was Destiny when she said “wow, I was 15,” like she was reminiscing what happened.

did they edit out the part where destiny explains how her "surgery" was *botched*

love how brenden likes to give different years every time lol

At 14:41 the two other candidates are staring at Destiny so engrossed into her story. Both mouths wide open. Lol

P.I. trying so hard to not roll his eyes at the 'psychic'

no doctor would just say its infected and then immediately cut you open while your sitting up on a table with no medication

The regular person was funny

Anyone else notice how the psychic sounded exactly like Donna from That 70’s Show?

Leave to a psychic to use a tactic she could explain away if failed

Very useful video, now i know how to protect myself from a psychic... wearing a hat.

I might be crazy, but the psychic looks very similar to the female P.I in former buzzfeed vids

I'm sorry but I really don't like destiny's attitude. Also what is it with the "psychic" and crossed arms she said that in another video.

Totally fake!

The psychic shouldn't have been allowed to talk to the people. Still got it wrong of course... because of the hat...? GTFO

Am I the only one that thinks Destiny looks a lot like Shay Mitchell??

Did you hear how *MOIST* the psychics mouth was?

Lol while watching the video I was like man she better get it right, or people will start be rosting psychics in the comments. Long and behold almost every comment is about her

The psychic is beautiful.

If Destiny hadn't been wearing the hat, then the psychic lady would have gotten it for sure, am I right?

My guess is Edward had the botched surgery My least likely guess is Destiny Okay.... this is why I’m not a private investigator...

why the f does it sound juicy as f when the Psyc is talking. gross.

Does the psychic have an ASMR channel, cause damn, those mouth sounds gave me the t-t-t-tinglesss

I swear John literally works for bizzfeed now

I would pick Destiny because it’s the most absurd one but also making sense at the same time...

I am so confused. John Druska is an actor, known for Gratuity Not Included (2015), Common Outlaws (2014) and No Way Jose (2015).( according to IMDB)

Why did anyone ask: “what is a botched surgery for you?”

i didn’t know who it was but i knew it wasn’t brendon.

Destinty did not have a botched surgery, that is completely normal... they should have got medical advice on this one. Her being a manager at buzz feed she probably came up with the idea after telling her coworkers about her "botched" surgery. She is kind of victimizing herself here, but is embarrased to admit it so she said no.

Whats with the mic on the "psychic" you can hear her lips smacking like crazy.

Where TF is Ryan and shaneeee

wait thats not a botched surgery, thats just how you drain a cyst

Thats why you should ask more questions as soon as youre satisfied on the answers you get from them cause theres no time limit so the PI took advantage of that and asked so many possible questions that led to his answer

Lol when Brendan said he was a sophomore then changed it to a junior was funny and the PI was like “...ok”

Edward looked too guilty in the PIs questioning

19:42-19:52 and 19:59 lmao @ John, you can tell he thinks she's talking complete bull

What I've learned from this is that John is waaay more thorough than the average Joe (or Alex). Also that, when it comes to botched surgery stories, truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

The regular dude needs to get together with the chick that does that Mystery Girl show on Vice.

I thought it was Brendan because destiny’s story sounded different each time

I didn't think it could be destiny at all as she seemed hesitant in the details. Like when John asked her the location of the cyst , she said between her breasts but to the last guy she said that it was near her stomach

why did the psychic make so many mouth sounds

I think John feels that the Psychic is rly just bs

I could've not watched the video and only listened to it and guessed who the psychic was

Yall should have ahd a surgeon guess

Private Investigator vs Professional Con woman vs Regular Person* fixed your title buzzfeed.

I'm just saying, the "psychic" and the Regular person basically had the same time questioning and time. And the PI who is I think the only one with any judgement to figure out who is truthful. THE PI IS THE BEST.

The PI is pretty good

The psychic’s voice is so relaxing

He tricked brenden with the senior/junior thing when he originally said sophomore

From their body language I thought it was the same person picked by the psychic. Damn.

Every time the psychic talks the PI is looking around like Omg is she really saying all this bs... Oh boy does she ever stop talking? Haha Brandon you alright? She's talking crap about you

Well ok but Destiny didn't have a consistent story like.... Wth She didn't get wrapped up and then there was a nurse that wrapped her up, her cyst was between her breasts and then it was almost on her stomach???


John’s last name in Lithuanian means salt

Bro this private investigator dude is cool he can tell who’s lying I want this dude to teach me

Sees warning: Ah, I've actually had a botched surgery, should be fine. by 2:06 : nah, I'm gonna have nightmares about this, no way

When the "psychic" called Brendan Brandon

2:00 you can see the man in the back saying no to whats being said... okay

they be standing for such a long time. i could neva!!

I was thinking with the dude with the ankle botched surgery *why didn’t the doctors notice that the seal to the glue was missing when they cleared up??....* I know there could be some other reasons but it seemed a little fishy

it would be interesting if we could hear how the people in the line up felt talking to each person, too, like whether or not they felt confident in getting away with their lie or something

that psychic can get it

15 minutes in, I am guessing it's Brendan. Edit: I was wrong D:

Wouldn't call that botched exactly. Horrifying and painful, for sure but not botched. I went deaf in one of my ears after my last surgery in that area (major childhood defect)... that's a pretty good definition of a botched surgery. A big scar and the nerves completely severed resulting in permanent hearing loss ftw! (The surgery had nothing to do with the middle or inner ear, so hearing loss was definitely not expected.)

John’s face while the psychic was talking about her thought process

I was actually rooting for the psychic one, and liked her questions, but I got completely different "energy" from them than she did. And the way she explained her reasoning at the end... yikes with the hat excuse. With all respect to that woman! I continue to be disappointed by psychics.

why is the psychics mic so fuckin close to her throat

Lmao the Private investigator cracks me up! Him smirking at the end and looking at the Brandon guy. Lmao


I decided to try to guess who it was at the beginning before they started asking questions and Destiny stood out to me. I somehow guessed correctly.

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