Prime Minister's Questions: 6 March 2019 - knife crime, police numbers, Brexit and more...

Prime Minister's Questions: 6 March 2019 - knife crime, police numbers, Brexit and more...

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Questions. To the Prime Minister Tim Farron, question. Number one mr. speaker. Thank. You mr. speaker I'm sure the whole house will join you in welcoming. Our Australian friends to the gallery but I'm reminded. Of the occasion, when the. Another. Former Australian. Prime Minister John Howard visited. This house. He watched Prime Minister's Questions, and he commented afterwards. That however lively, p.m. cues was here, it was a vicarage Tea Party compared, to Australia. Mr, Speaker the. Death of anyone, through an act of violence is an appalling tragedy. A growing. Number of young people have. Lost their lives in a cycle of mindless, violence that, has shocked us all our, thoughts, and prayers are, with the friends and families of all the victims the. Responsibility. For these crimes lies with the perpetrators. Of them but, we must all do more to ensure that justice is served and to tackle the root causes of this violence, so, that we can bring it to an end and ensure the safety of a young our young people, Mr, Speaker I will be holding a summit in number 10 in the coming days to bring together ministers, community, leaders agencies, and others and I will also be meeting with the victims of these appalling crimes to, listen to their stories, and to explore what more we can do as a whole society, to tackle this problem. Mr.. Speaker I'm sure the whole house will want to join me in paying tribute to, Professor Lord, Bhattacharya, who died, sadly last week his. Creation, of the Warwick manufacturing, group was truly a pioneering, partnership, between academia and industry, our thoughts, are with his family and friends and I know he will be sorely missed this. Morning I have been meetings, with ministerial, colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house I shall have further such meetings later today Tim, Farron, is, a speaker may I associate, myself with the remarks of, the prime minister and to pass my condolences, on to the families, and loved ones of those who have been the, victims of tragic crimes this, week, and Mr Speaker Britain spent, 27. Billion pounds, bailing, out the banks and they, have repaid us by closing. Down three thousand, branches since, 2016. Including, this week the last Brown, in grayned they also failed, to compensate, innocent. Customers, who've lost two billion pounds in fraud, so will she agree with me the banks have taken without giving for far too long and, will she meet with me so we can force the banks to compensate, victims of, fraud to compensate. The communities they have abandoned, and to prevent the bank's closing the, last branch, in town. Can. I say to the, gentleman.

That. He talks about banks closing, branches, of course as people's. Behavior. In terms of their access to their finances changes. Then, banks responds, to that their commercial organizations, those are decisions that they take he, talks about the issue of compensation of, courses is an issue that has been raised, across. The across, the house in the past and it is a matter that is being taken up and being being looked, at by the financial, services Ombudsman mr. Simon Hall. Today, today, sees the start, of legs traditionally. A time of abstinence, and giving things up, recently. It's become a season, of doing something new and positive, would. My right on another friend agree with me that. It would do our national soul some, good if we, all took up voting with the government. To. Leave the EU with. Her good deal and, in, an orderly fashion on. The 29th. Of March. Hi can I thank my honorable friend he has put forward a very positive suggestion. For members of this house during, them to vote with the government in the meaningful vote and then of course across, this house we, would all be able to give up being a member of the European Union on the 29th of March. Thank You mr. speaker, I joined, the Prime Minister in paying tribute to Lord Bhattacharya. Who died last week, as, she said he was a champion, of the car industry and manufacturing in, general, and played a key role in saving Jaguar, Land Rover safeguarding. Jobs but crucially, ensuring. International, research is done in the UK and I think we thank him for everything that he did tomorrow. Is International, Women's Day and I'm, delighted that from our points of view that debate, will be opened by my friend the Honourable member for Lucien East who herself is the daughter of a Windrush generation, and we. Will be making the case to close the gender pay gap as our determination. To improve the lot of women in our society and in that vein mr. speaker can we congratulate, the member for Liverpool wavery tree on giving, birth to a son this morning I. I. Joined, the house I joined the Prime Minister Mr Speaker I, joined. The Prime Minister Mr Speaker in sending, our thoughts and prayers to, the families, of those, that have lost young, people, use. Of mark I and Joe Dov Chesney both 17, years old and the. Ninth and 10th teenagers. Murdered already, this year two, hundred and eighty five people, have been stabbed to death last year the, highest level, ever I welcome. The fact the Prime Minister has announced that Cobra has been convened, but. What. Extra. Funding is being provided to, address the root causes of both, knife crime and the. Increasing, levels of violent, crime on the streets of all of our towns and cities. I'd. Like to join the right honourable gentleman in congratulating the, Honourable member for difficulty, on the birth of. We're. All, pleased to hear that that has gone well can, I also say in relation to International, Women's Day that I'm very pleased that today marks, the launch of the book by his honourable. Friend the member felishj west of women, of Westminster, women. Who changed politics I hope that book will be an inspiration, to other women, to come into politics, and see a career. In. This house and can I also congratulate, the England women's football team. Last. Night won the she believes cup defeating. Japan, in in, doing so the, right honourable gentleman has raised the question has raised the question specifically, of knife crime which I referred to in my opening comments of course what. We recognized, I said any death of a young person, is a terrible, tragedy through, an act of violence and we have seen too many young. Lives too, many, lives. Of promise and potential, being cut short. Responsibility. For these terrible crimes does lie with the perpetrators. And we will always stand with the victims to, ensure that criminals are brought to justice but. We will only defeat the scourge of violence, if we, understand, and address its complex, root causes, yes, that does mean ensuring, that all agencies including, the police have the right resources and powers to do their jobs, it means, tackling the drug crime that, is fueling, gang, violence in our cities and exporting.

It Across the country and it means intervening, at every, stage to, turn young, people away from violence, and as exactly, what the government is doing. Mr., speaker many of us in this house would have sat in the living rooms of homes where, a young person, has lost their lives through night crime and we'll never forget that experience and, never forgets, that feeling of hopelessness and, loss that those families are going through we await to those families, and those young people that lost their lives to do far more about. Knife crime and far more about ensuring, there are sufficient resources. For the police to deal with it Sarah Thornton, the national chief police council said and I quote we. Need much, stronger leadership, from government, and there needs to be more, funding the, Metropolitan, Police Commissioner, said yesterday of course there, is some link between violent. Crime on the streets and police. Numbers, 21. Thousand. Police officers jobs, have been cut violent. Crime is at the highest level, since comparative. Records began if, there, are sufficient police, numbers, can, the Prime Minister please explain, why yesterday the, defense secretary was offering to send in the military to assist with knife crime. Gentlemen. As the Commissioner of metropolitan Police has recognized, that the causes of live climber complex, she, said police alone, won't, sort, this issue out we. Can't. We. Can't arrest, our way out of this problem and I agree and that's why we, need to tackle it across, a number of fronts now, we must continue, to enforce, the laws that bear down on violent, crime that, involves the offensive weapons bill which where we've introduced, them not the knife crime protect French and orders those, were asked for by the police and we're introducing, those orders, will. Intervene early, to stop young people going, down into a life, of crime and becoming, involved in crime that's, we published a serious violence strategy the serious violence task force is working we've. Also put, some put 200, million pounds into the youth endowment, fund and our early intervention youth, fund has already, funded 29. Projects. Working with police and crime commissioners. We, do ensure that police have the right resources 460. Million more, money available this, year nearly. Dubbed the double that nearly, a billion pounds extra available. Next year but, we also we. Also need, to ensure that we're understanding. The different, use and misuse of drugs, that is fueling, this, a lot of this crime and that's why my right honorable friend the Home Secretary, has set up the independent drugs, misuse, review, which, will be layered by Dame Carol black. Speaker. The police clearly do not have the resources to deal with it. Safer. Neighborhoods teams have been cut community, police officers have been cut, many areas, see no police officers, at all there is nobody to supervise. These, special, orders the Prime Minister is talking about perhaps, she could listen to Nazir, Afzal former. Chief prosecutor of, Greater Manchester. Tragically. His 17-year, old relative, was recently stabbed to death in Birmingham, and he said this when, you reduce police numbers by 21,000, there isn't the intelligence.

Anymore, There isn't the neighbourhood, policing anymore. Does the Prime Minister now regret, the, cuts in police numbers, and will she, undertake. The, 'unless review, they, will be restored, to the level they were formerly, at. As. I've just indicated, we are putting more resources into, the police this, year. It's. No good it's no good members, on the opposition, benches, standing. Up and saying no you're not it is a fact but more money is being. But, more money is being input into the police next, year the real question, the, real question, is not are we putting more money into the piece because we are the, real question is why did the Labour Party oppose that money going is. Mr.. Speaker violent, crime has doubled, under, the Tories Watch and. I've. Had a letter from Mike, in Gospels. Where, he says yes. It's important, he's got something to say, the. Crime rate has run out of control, because. There are no police there is no police presence adding. It's, become a really unsafe, town to live in I think Mike speaks for millions of people around the country when, a terms such, as Gosport, and others going, to get the resources, they need for, the safer neighborhoods, teams they need and the local police they need to tackle rising, violent. Crime and provide. The intelligence, from which arrests, can be made against. Those that have committed these crimes. As. We put more resources make more resources available to police they're. Available to forces, across the country including of, course Hampshire. But can I also say to him that, of course, we. Look at the powers and the resources that the police need that's, why we are not, just putting more resources in but increasing, the powers, that the police have we. Introduced. The knife crime prevention orders, in the offensive weapons bill that's an important, step we've taken it's, a step we've taken because, the police asked, us to do this but, if the right honourable gentleman wants the police to be able to do their job, on the, streets he, needs to answer the, question, to tell this house why it was but, when we increase, the powers, of the police when. We increase, the powers of the police to deal with those who are carrying the and to custodial. Sentences, on those who are caught twice carrying, knives the right honourable gentleman voted, against, it. Crime. Went down when, Labour was in office we increased the numbers of police officers, and the, Seifert neighborhoods teams police, officers telling me there's, simply not enough of, them to do the job, Hampshire. Alone has lost a thousand, police officers and their funding has been cut by 70, million does, the Prime Minister understand, the scale of need here the, Local Government Association, says, local, services, face a funding, gap of. 3.2. Billion, this, year and by the way that's double, in one year alone what, the stronger, towns, fund is offering over seven years the. Numbers, of rapes murders and other serious, crimes committed, by offenders, on parole has, risen by more than 50 percent since, privatisation. Of the probation service, was introduced, four years ago at. Least one, company wrongly, crashed classified, offenders, as low-risk in order, to meet government targets, does, her government, now accept, that, privatizing. The Probation, Service to. Profit-making, companies. Has been a disaster and should, be reversed and should be brought back completely, into, the public service. What. We want to do is to ensure that when we're working in relation, looking these issues of, probation. That we are actually genuinely. Reducing. The level of reoffending and that is about a rehabilitation.

Method. That is about a rehabilitation. Method that looks as a variety of issues that looks at the question of the home that, an individual, coming out of prison has that looks at their employment and looks at their relationship with, their family this is something that wasn't being done wasn't. Being done fully under the last Labour government, that's why we saw reoffending, rates at such a high level and it's why we need to take action but he comes back he keeps, raising issues I think what he's doing and I think I welcome the fact that he's accepting. That dealing, with serious violence, dealing, with nice crime actually, requires us to act across, a number of areas so, for example it is about the work we're doing with young people it's, about supporting, intervention, in accident and emergency department. In hospitals, we're, expanding, our support to the charity, red thread injured. Which introduced its youth violence. Intervention. Work, now, in hospitals, in Birmingham, and Nottingham as well as in London, and, we're supporting the 3.6, million pound national, count, Alliance Coordination, Center in just, two, separate. Weeks of law enforcement, action we. Have seen more than 1,000. Arrests. And. 1,300. Individuals. Being safeguarded, we. Commend all those police officers and other agencies, involved in that work the, government is giving them the support they need to do their job. Mr.. Speaker the problem is that violent crime has doubled, the, rise mr. speaker has, been driven by austerity. Something, the Prime Minister told us a few months ago was over, cuts. To, the police. Rising. Poverty the. Police and home of his recognize the link even if the Prime Minister doesn't but, Mr Speaker the issues are wider the. Privatization. Of the Probation, Service has, been a disaster. Mental. Health services, are under-resourced. Youth. And children's services are, in crisis, more. Than. 600. Youth centres, have been closed. 3,500. Youth, workers, have lost their, jobs. Funding. For colleges, and schools, has been cut and exclusions. Are rising the. Public, services, that were, there to support young people have. Been systematically. Stripped. Away and everyone. Can, see the consequences, of that. Can. The Prime Minister not recognize, there, has to be a holistic, response to this you, cannot keep community. Safe on the, cheap by, cuts and, privatization. You have to invest. In all of our communities, in every part of this country something.

This Government, is incapable, of doing. We. Put more money into our in Tonopah authorities, the right honourable gentleman. God, a. Very, discordant. Noise from, the opposition, backbenches, the question, has been asked. And broadly, speaking heard, and the answer. Will, be heard the Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker we put more money into, our, schools. We're, putting. Two, point two point six billion over these two years. More, money into our local authorities, 1.3. Billion. Voted. Against by the right honourable gentleman in the labour party more. Money into our police nearly a billion politics, through available to them next year voted against by the right honourable gentleman and the Labour Party but you know the right honourable gentleman stands, up here and he, talks about austerity. If. He's, that concerned, about austerity you, would think that he would want to make sure that it could never ever happen. Again and let's remember why we, had to take. The Labour Party. But. What would his policies. Mean, higher. Borrowing higher, taxes, crashing. Our economy, less, money for our public services, he take us right back to austerity, square, one. Mr.. Merriman. Mr.. Speaker across, the country freeholders. And leaseholders, being ripped off by management, companies, charging excessive service, charges often. For services, they do not require, many. Of these people, are vulnerable pensioners, and are trapped in McCarthy and stone properties, with their assets appreciating, thanks, to the dominant dominant. Involvement, of first port and Vincent, Cheng Ruiz could, ask the prime minister for two reforms, firstly. Ground. Rents, a peppercorn, peppercorn. Levels for, retirement, homes secondly, bring, in a charging, schedule, and an automatic REIT ending process so all freeholders and long lease holders can, bid with their own Community Interest companies, to, deliver services, which they actually require. This. Is an issue that is of real concern to many constituents. It's, why we've committed to clamping, down on those agents, who abuse the system and protecting. Lease holders and renters who are suffering at the hands of rogue agents, every day from unexpected costs, or from poor quality repairs, for excessive fees, we've, asked Lord best to chair a working, group to look at regulating, and professionalizing.

Property. Agents, and that will include reviewing, the standards around the transparency, of service charges and other fees and charges how. They're presented, to consumers, and putting them on into, a statutory, code for, manufacturing, for managing agents but I'm sure that my right honourable friend the community's secretary, will, have heard the issue that the my humble friend has raised and we happy to meet him to discuss this forever, in Blackfoot. Thank, You mr. speaker, mr.. Speaker, Toby. MacDonald, is, 87. Years old, she. Was brought up under. Nazi occupation in. Denmark. She's. Lived in Scotland for. 59, years, why. Is she being forced, to register. In a country, she's, called home for almost, the last 60, years Prime Minister. We. Want to ensure that you. Citizens, who living, here are having, their have their rights protected we want to be able to ensure that they have the, necessary support. That they need and indeed the recognition, of their status here in the United Kingdom if the, right honourable gentleman is interested in, defending. And protecting the. Rights of EU citizens here, in this country than I hope he will vote, for the deal which does exactly, that. Mr.. Speaker what a disgrace. A woman, that's lived here for almost 60. Years and, the Prime Minister what sort of register, to, stay here mr.. Speaker. Toby. Has children, she. Has grandchildren, she. Has married in Scotland, she. Has friends here she, has built her life here Prime Minister, why. Is the Prime Minister, making. Tovey register, after almost. 60 years as. Well she and this heartless, policy. Will. The Prime Minister, till 2v tell. All EU, citizens, who, come to the UK to work to. Live and to know that, the UK is their, home without. Precondition. We have consistently. Searched to EU citizens, who, have come here who have been living here for many many years as in the example he was given and for others who have come here more recently, we, recognize. The contribution, they have made to our society, we recognize, the contribution, they've made to our economy, we want them to stay that's, why we put you citizens, rights at the front, of the negotiations. With the European Union it's, why we have negotiated, those. Citizens rights in the withdrawal agreement and it's why this government. This, government has. Given a confirmation, and has given a guarantee that those, rights will be protected even. If we leave with, no deal, that, is the right way to, protect the interests. Of City, you citizens, here in the United, Kingdom and, the right honourable gentleman the. Right honourable gentleman should be recognizing. The, commitment, this government, has given to, all EU, citizens, in the United Kingdom this, is their home we, want them to stay and they fans day. Wrists fell, Thank. You mr. speaker, five. Years ago my constituent. Barry, Bednarz, 14, year old son Breck was, brutally, raped and murdered the perpetrator, is now serving a 25 year prison, sentence, however, in recent months the victim's family. Including. His teenage sister, have, received repeated very, distressing, and disturbing, communications. On stat snapchat. Purporting. To be from the perpetrator. Graphically. Recounting, the, circumstances. Of the. Murder, the. Police have asked, snapchat, to provide the data that would help them definitively. Identify, who has been sending these messages for. Example data about the device from. Which the messages were sent, but, snapchat, is, referring. The police to a mutual, legal, assistance treaty.

With The US and the police would have to go through a. One-year. Process. To get this vital data, for their investigation, does. The Prime Minister agree this. Is completely. Unacceptable. Does. She join me in calling on snapchat and other, social, media companies, to promptly, cooperate, with, police inquiries. And. If, they do not do so does, she agree that legislation, is required. What can I say to my own boyfriend obviously, the case that he's raised is one of great, concern and I know that members across the whole house will. Once join me in sending our. Sincerest. Sympathies, to Brett's family, and I'd, like to take this opportunity to pay the trip pay tribute to Brett's mother for, her brave and powerful campaigning. On the wider issue of internet grooming, the, Ministry of Justice have assured me that their urgent looking into this issue and I'm sure they will update my humble friend as soon as possible I agree, with him we want social media companies, to recognize, the responsibility they, have and, to work with law, enforcement agencies I know my right honourable friend the Home Secretary, has written to my honourable friend to, meet him and hear more from the family this. Has become it has become increasingly difficult for UK law enforcement, to. Access. Data if data, containing information on threats to UK public so safety is held or controlled in other countries and that's, why the government did recently legislate. We recently passed the crime overseas, production order search which, will give law enforcement agencies, the power to obtain electronic. Data controlled. By providers, outside the UK where an international agreement is in place and he raises the United States we expect to establish the first such agreement with the United States Phil Wilson Thank. You mr. speaker as, I raised with the prime minister a, couple of weeks ago Conservative, government's have taken six billion pound out of the northeast since 2010, the. Government now proposes, to give back 15, million pound a year over seven years through. The stronger, talons fund but that read every payment can. The Prime Minister tell the House by, which century the, money's owed to the Northeast would be repaired. Honorable. Gentleness he knows full well we. Have been investing, in the, north wing that we're investing in transport, across the across, the north of England. We've been investing, in our public services, or investing, in the health service and the northeast will will benefit. From that as well, we, now have since, 2010. In the Northeast there are over 35,000. More small businesses, over. More than 18,000. New affordable, homes and over three hundred and five thousand, children are at, good and outstanding schools. In the Northeast that shows that the hard work of this government, is paying off when the people of the Northeast are benefiting even, metcalfe Thank. You mr. speaker, earlier, this week the owners of the Westgate shopping center, in Basel Berlin terminated. Smart parkings, contracts, after a disastrous. Nine months of operation, I, have now discovered, that smart parking have signed a shared business service, agreement, with the NHS, harass. My writing girlfriend to ensure but, before any contracts. Are signed that, the Department, for Health fully researched the impact, the practices, of smart parking would, have on their users, customers. Clients, and staff. Raised. An important, issue and the, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care will be happy to meet him to discuss this further, Thank, You mr. speaker amidst, the noise noise. Of the brexit debate there's a real risk that we lose sight of the reasons why so many people voted to. Leave in the first place so, I think that if we want to restore faith and trust we need to devolve more, political, making decision, away from, Whitehall, and closer, to the people who will be affected by those decisions so following. On from the very constructive, meeting that took place that. Fountains, Abbey in North Yorkshire with the Communities and Local Government Secretary and the Yorkshire, leaders on Friday can, I ask the Prime Minister personally to.

Engage With the substance, of the one Yorkshire, devolution, deal, with. A view to, reaching agreement that will best serve the interests of the people of Yorkshire. I think. He's a living example of devolution of powers from this from. This white, wall to out to the areas through the Merrill t-that he is he, is serving on the issue of Yorkshire, devolution we recognize, that. There is no. Recognized, the discussion. And debate that has been on this issue the, one Yorkshire, proposals, didn't meet our criteria for, devolution but my right arm offender community sector II has met, Yorkshire. Leaders discussions, are continuing, but, the priority remains the implementation, of the agreed Sheffield, City region deal which, will bring 900. Million pounds, of investment to the local area which I'm sure he, will welcome via, Lopes mr.. Speaker it, was broke with profound sadness that, I saw my constituency, this week join the all to long list of areas across our country to have lost suppressant, precious young person to knife crime the, public don't want to see politicians throw blame at one another for these stolen lives they want to see them take responsibility for, what is it within their control provide. Resources resources necessary and, then demonstrate a relentless and total. Commitment to, snuffing, out violent crime I welcome. The, announcement of an emergency summit but what action, will the Prime Minister that be taking, after that constantly. To drive performance on these issues until we get the results the public rightly demand to keep children safe. Can. I say to my honourable friend as I did earlier any death of a young person. The. Hands of violence, is a terrible, tragedy and I recognise as she says her constituency, has, become, seen, just one of the latest examples of a young life cut short far, too early can. I also say to her yes what we are doing is bringing as I said bringing together ministers. Local government police and others, other agencies, this needs to be a cross, society. Approach. In terms of dealing with this issue because, it's not just about catching, the perpetrators, of the crime it's about preventing the crime from taking place in the first place that's. One of the reasons why the government will, be launching a consultation, on addressing, this is a public health issue there, has been excellent, work done under, what wall Strathclyde, peace force now peace Scotland.

Looking And using the public health approach what. That does what, that does is ensures, that all agencies, not just across government, but, in other parts of in. Local government and elsewhere are, able to be brought together to deal with this issue and what I want to do at that summit is to hear, directly from those. Further. Action government can take which we can then put in place to deal with the issue. It's. My daughter's 16th, birthday on the 29th, of March and, it's her generation. That would be most impacted. By brexit, perhaps. The Prime Minister, could, give her an early birthday present and delay. Brexit, until, she. Until. She has informed, the house as, to the status, of the police and NCA, investigations. After vote leave and leave Dottie you were found guilty of corrupting. Activities, by, the electoral, commission. Very. Simply to the Honorable ATS I think she has just, discussed. The issue of delaying, rec sit with me before can. I just simply say to her we, gave this, Parliament. Gave the people of the United Kingdom the decision to choose whether, to leave the European, Union or to stay in they. Chose to leave the European Union, I think it is I think for trust in politics it's important, that the government delivers, on just that. Mr.. Speaker you are right that the former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, is very welcome, here today as he said in a lecture last night if, a state sponsored adversary, has enduring. Access to, staff software. Or hardware. Deployed into a target telecommunications. Network then, they only require, the intent, to act in order, to conduct operations within. The network, would. The Prime Minister, explain. How given, that Chinese law obliges all, Chinese. Companies to assist the Chinese intelligence services what implications, there are for, British government, policy. We. Look at these issues very seriously as, regards. The issue, of 5g, security, we're looking at the right approach that we need to take we want to be able to benefit, from that new technology, but of course we need to manage the risks closely, and we are considering a full range of policy options our review, into 5g is still ongoing and no decisions, have been taken blackburn.

Scottish. MPs voted, against. The Prime Minister's deal last, night a historic. Vote took place in the Welsh Assembly in the Scottish Parliament both, Parliament's, simultaneously. Rejecting, the Prime Minister's, dealers isn't, it the case that the Prime Minister has no mandate from Scotland, for either law deal or hurdles. We. Entered. The European Union, as the United Kingdom we will leave the European Union, as the United, Kingdom and, I also saved the Honourable lady that the SNP, has no mandate from the Scottish people to continue to pursue independence. Oh. Yes, no, I older. But. Difference. Of opinion, is of the essence, of politics, there, is an elaborate, combination. Of, finger. Wagging, and, head shaking going on which. May be personally, therapeutic. That is institutionally. Disadvantageous. In any case we owe the honor of otter we. Owe the Honourable, member for Taunton, Dean a decent. I'm, not sure he's in charge of the washing machine in your house. Were. You aware every, time, you or I or anyone else puts, on their a noted washing, 700, thousand tiny, microfibers, get, washed down the drain and into, the marine environment causing. Untold, damage. The. UK, sixty-eight, million. The. UK 68 million, loads, of Washington every week contribute, a staggering, nine point four trillion. Microfibers. To, the environments. Were as. Many colleagues, including, me. Try. To reduce, plastics. For Lent in a in a campaign last night when concerns with. The prime minister agree, with, the prime minister agree. That, this is a great, time to address, this issue and carry on the great record news. By. Now the watch would have been completed. Thank, You mr.. Speaker. Can I say tomorrow my friend she has raised. Despite the laughter she has raised a very important, issue and can, I thank her for continuing. To be a champion, of our environment, and she. Did an enormous, amount of work which led to the government ban on microbeads. And, she's now raised an issue of microfibers, she's, raised those, members across this house who are seeking, to reduce their use of practic plastic during, Lent I think it was incumbent on all of us to be seeking to reduce our use of plastic, not just Europe during Lent but for time, to pump. Speaking. Can I say is one of the Aussie MPs, in this house how much I share his appreciation for, Australian. Tennis players I would have my personal favorite Evonne Goolagong Cawley who, was such a brilliant, inspiration. To so many of us when I was growing up in Australia, the. Prime Minister, has been refusing. To answer for a year now my questions, about the visit of aggregate, IQ to, Downing Street so. Can I ask her about the visit of Alexander. Nicks of Cambridge, analytical, to Downing Street in December of 2016. It. Was reported, in the spectators, coffeehouse, Prague but not in the transparency, data so. Can, I ask the Prime Minister who did Alexander Nicks meet in Downing Street what, was the purpose of the meeting and most, importantly, why was it not reported, in the transparency, date. To. The honorable lady she's. Raised a specific, issue with me which I will look into but she had says that we didn't respond on the question of aggregate ID IQ, by. An offer and the Minister for the Constitution, has written to the Honourable lady about this and responded, to her query. Antoinette's. And batch. Speaker. Women's football is the fast one of the fastest, growing sports in the world and, I hope you, mr. speaker and my right honourable friend, the Prime Minister will welcome the 70, million pound investment Cheshire, FA is putting, into developing, a women's track football training center, in, Winsford.

And Can I invite the prime minister to come and open the facility. Please. - I was pleased to congratulate the Engler, women's football team I'm sure the whole house will. Will recognize. The important work that's being done by Chester FA, I think it's very exciting project, I welcome, the commitment that they're pushing to providing, this new world-class facility, for women and girls football, in Cheshire, and can I just say that I would look very closely at our invitation it sounds like a very interesting one but of course I can't commit my diary on the floors I have Mary. Black. Michael. Statue arrived, there led to her EAC assessment. As requested, by her Assessors, only, to be told that she would have to wait another 90 minutes to be seen now, she has an open wouldn't, so, certain for any great length of pain causes heart rate the stress and pain so, I've got a lengthy minute way she was then told that she wouldn't be seen and would have to make another appointment altogether, so. And I believe it's actually happening right now so there's the play - those think that, it's rate that my constituent. Have to go through this humiliating, process, all over again. Obviously. She's raised what, sounds like a very distressing individual. Case I will ensure that I. Will show the appropriate Minister, rights to her son. Speaker. Last. Week MPs paired harrowing, testimony. From family members of a man who tragically, committed, suicide, because he, faced the lone charge a 20-year. Retrospective, tax facing. Thousands, of families in my constituency, and across the UK mr.. Speaker the prime minister said to the 9th of January, that the government, accepted, the review into the launch charge yet, the law in charge a PPG was only advised this week by the Treasury, that there is no such. Review, mr.. Speaker. The Treasury have acted in bad faith so, will my right honourable friend now personally intervene. To, ensure a genuine, review and an, urgent delay in to the loan charge so that this review as promised, can be carried out. Can. I thank my humble friend for his question and obviously he's raised the issue which is of concern to not, only his constituent, but others across, the house and I, will, ensure that he receives a response from the Treasury which sets out exactly, what is being done in the review that has been taking place dr.. David drew mr.. Speaker last Saturday. Morning with three colleagues I met with the heads and governors of Gloucester, schools each, score, outlined, the impacts, of Education cuts on their particular establishment. But. They agreed on one thing that, the Prime Minister could make a real difference on now, with regard to special educational, needs. And I hope the government will consider this first. World. The government makes sure that, the additional, need budget is fully. Ring-fenced. And invested. In schools rather. Than lost somewhere on the way and secondly. Will, we take away this ridiculous. Perverse incentive. Where the first six thousand pounds, for any education. Health and care plan has. To be found by the school themselves, if, that was to be done it, would make a dramatic difference to, our schools I raised this in the debate on Monday. But, unfortunately. The Education, Minister was unable to confirm, with the prime minister make a confirmation. That the government would look into it and do something about it. We. Recognized, with our schools to do more and that's why we've recently announced an extra, 350, million pounds to support children with complex special educational, needs and that includes an extra 250. Million which the high needs budget across this year and next and that's building on a six billion in place for this year the highest level on record we've. Also put, an extra hundred million pounds to create new school places to, improve existing facilities, for children with special educational needs and disabilities and, that takes our total investment on, that to three hundred and sixty-five million through. 2021. He, raises the question of the money actually going direct to the schools I suggest, that he needs to sit down I'm sure he has but sit down with the local authority, and discuss with them how they are using the money that is being made available to, commerce.

Thank. You mr. speaker this week marks the beginning of brain tumor awareness month and, I'll bring the attention of the house to the event that happens immediately after this p.m. views in Westminster, Hall a good, progress is being made to find the right care and care for people who have brain tumors but, could I ask my friend the PM if she'll meet with the prime minister if she'll meet with me and others, to discuss how we can improve the life chances of children and. Young people who, survived, the brain tumor itself are left with brain. Injuries essential. Therapies, and support for children in this situation, and young people is not, consistent and often, lacking leaving. There with its significantly, impaired life chances. Friend. Has raised a very important, issue and I'd like to thank the brains yoona tumor. APB G for all the work they've done on this issue I think it is essential to recognize that the needs of parents and carers of children to ensure that the right support is in place when and where, they need it and that's, why those diagnosed, with cancer including, children with brain cancer will be benefiting, from a tailored recovery package, individually. Designed to help them live well with, and beyond, cancer. As my humble friend mentions. It's not just the dealing with the cancer it's there after that is an important, element of this as well and NHS, England is accelerating. Rollout to ensure full implementation, by 2020, which was as recommended by the independent, cancer task force I understand, that my right honourable friend the Secretary of State for Health, and Social Care will be going directly to, the event. That my, humble friends referred to and I'm sure the the appropriate Minister in health and social care will be happy to meet and go through this in detail. The. Prime Minister will be aware of, our concerns, but attempts, to prosecute secured, members of the security, forces who. Conscientiously. And courageously. Defended, all the people of Northern Ireland against, terrorism, well, she assured me that any, proposal to. Provide, greater, legal, protection, for our forces will, include those who, served in Northern. Ireland. Can, I can I say to the honorable gentleman we have been clear that the current system for, dealing with the legacy of Northern Ireland's past isn't working well for anyone around. 3500. People were killed in the troubles 90%, were murdered by terrorists, and many, of these cases require, further investigation. Including. The deaths of hundreds of members of the security, forces the. System to investigate, the past does need to change to provide better outcomes for victims and survivors of the troubles but, also to ensure that our armed forces and police officers, are not unfairly, treated and that's, why we are working on proposals working, across government, to see how best we can move forward we're carefully, considering, the very large number of responses, that we receive to the consultation on this issue we'll, be publishing our next steps in due course and the mo D are looking, at what more can be done to ensure that service personnel, are not, unfairly, pursued through the courts including considering. Legislation, Colin, Clark, mr.. Speaker the, SNP Scottish Government has resurrected. For. A Scottish currency, does the Prime Minister agree this, is reckless and risk destabilizing. The Scottish economy. Glass. A smile animal friend I seem to recall back in the 2014. Referendum. That the SNP were absolutely, adamant, that Scotland would keep the pound. They've. Been a few changes since then they've gone through looking, at the option of the euro then they went back to sterling now they're into an independent currency. This. Government, is working to, secure a brexit, deal that protects jobs and our economy, the SNP should, focus on that rather than continuing, to pursue their independence, fantasy.

The. DWP, are currently carrying out five, reviews, into disabled. People wrongly, the, pride of Social Security support because of the flawed personal. Independence, payments, assessment, my, constituent. Mr. De Laurentiis was. Given just zero points. Despite, being unable to prepare. Food for himself or even dressed himself recently. We have learned that there are over 4,000. People were, wrongly, deprived. Of their dearly when reassessed, the PIP, 17,000. People have died before, their PIP decision. Was reached and over. 72%, of those, cases, that go to an, appeal, tribunal, are overturned, in favor of the claimant so when will the Prime Minister. Follow. Labour's, policy and scrap, this. Discredited. And flawed person, independence. Assessment, spring can I just very gently, say to colleagues I am, trying, to accommodate, as many backbench. Members, as possible and I say and it applies to both sides, of the house some, extremely. Serious. Public. Purpose, focused. Questions, are being put but, they're too long the Prime Minister Thank, You mr., speaker in relation to the essay underpayments obviously, mistakes shouldn't have happened we need to clear this up as quickly, as possible, the GWP is taking the issue very seriously they've. Got around. 1,200. People working. On sorting the issue out we've already paid out almost 330. Million pounds, and the department expects to finish correcting, the majority of the original cases. April, it's, aiming to process additional cases by the end of the year. Rebellion. Motor. Starts, trophy for secondary schools their amazing work to encourage more people to cycle to school with, the Prime Minister join me in congratulating the school and their head mr. holbart and his team of staff who, are committed to creating a fitter marina, and more environmentally, focused next, generation, of therapists. Welcome. I say to my own or friend I'm very happy to join her in thanking, and, congratulating. Tweedmouth. Community, middle school for the excellent, work they've been doing encouraging. People's to cycle to cycle, to school it's. Clearly an excellent achievement, and we congratulate, them as I say because, we all know the importance, of keeping our young people active and I like to congratulate mr., holbart and all the teachers but, particularly the students who've actually taken this art and put it into practice it's a very good example for schools across the country Alan brown. Thank, You mr. speaker, mica statue in a volunteer his four-year-old, son Logan as the, only child in the whole of Europe with chromosome, 7 P duplication. Syndrome, which causes epilepsy and, autism. Parlor. Any prescriptions. Of medicinal cannabis have been allowed today and with, Logan being so unique he, will always be denied, access under, the controls, of proven, benefit, so. What changes, can ban the patient, Li organ, a Logan, that's his cannabis products, too easy suffering, without his family having, to get through a very high-profile. Public campaign. Obviously. The Honorable gentleman has raised a, distressing, case about his constituent. We. Have taken the steps to ensure that medicinal cannabis is available. The decision, on that availability, is one that is taken by clinicians and I think that is absolutely right with that that's what should be done, Scali. Introduction. Of the domestic abuse bill and.

The Hopefully the successful, packet passage through this house does. My right honourable friend not agree with me that as, well as tackling, extreme, abuse and violence that, we should also be able to raise awareness of, the entry levels of acts. Of coercion a deceit, and manipulation, that, lead to my extreme examples. My. Friend has raised a very important, issue and I think people, will obviously have seen distressing. Cases, of coercion, that. Have led to that, and. Indeed some instances. Where this has been taken through the courts I think we all need to recognize the, importance, of dealing with domestic abuse and recognizing. That for too long this issue of coercion was, not accepted. And was not addressed it's important, it's this government that is doing so and as he says we must be very clear about the entry levels about the levels which actually lead to this lead, to the distress, christiev and thank you mr. speaker to, Deesa 10th anniversary of the blacklist of construction, workers being exposed and today, various, news reports, on the, extraordinary, admissions found in the Keaton report that, the police and special branches across the UK and security. Services supplied. Information to the consulting. Association. So, there's a prime minister agree, that, the no requires having a field stand alone you keep public enquiry into the human reach conspiracy, of blacklisting, so that truth and justice can be saved and those responsible, for blacklisting, can be held check out. Say. To the, Honorable gentleman he raises an issue that has been raised on a number of occasions in the past and in. Relation. To this question of course the government has responded. On this in the past and I'd be happy to write him on it. Thank. You, this Ash Wednesday will, the prime minister give strong, encouragement. And support the. 48 Conservative. MPs, who are taking, on an environmental challenge. And. Because. We've seen the devastating. Impact, of plastics. Across the world was. She also give a big shout-out to. All members. Of the House who. Are taking, on a plastic, pledge and raising. The good work of ter funds and dipp'd. In reducing, plastic, pollution Prime Minister, my. Honourable friend that I'm pleased I was pleased to see many, honourable. Friends giving up plastic last year and I'm pleased to hear that many colleagues are as she says planning support tier funds pledge on plastics, through. UK, aid match, UK. Aid match the UK government will match donations of up to two million raised, by tier fund supporters, for a project in Pakistan, this. We are committed, to the UK being a world leader in tackling, plastic, pollution vulnerable. Members of this house are showing, by their example. The role that the UK is taking, and I congratulate, them and applaud them on doing that so Vincent Cable the. Prime, Minister will recall, the advice she received. From her conservative. Colleagues as, well as mine about. The dangerous, folly of making, landlords, responsible. In criminal, law for immigration, control, following. The High Court ruling of Mr Justice Spencer. That, her policy, is now increasing. The, risk of racial discrimination, will. She not accept, that her policy, is Fanning the flames of racism, in, return for nothing, but tougher, rhetoric, about immigration, control, Minister. I think. It is absolutely right. That the government has taken the approach that we need to consider when people are accessing different services, whether or not they have a right to be here in this country my, right honorable friend the Home Secretary, because. A, written ministerial statement has been issued in response to the case, in the courts and I understand that the government is appealing that case.

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Yes, Theresa Useless May is increasing funds NOW for the Police Service, but only because she has saved many millions of pounds during these last few years by reducing Police Officers and Prison Officers by tens of thousands ..... thus SAVING millions by not paying their wages and benefits. She is hopeless now and has ALWAYS been hopeless and useless. How come she is STILL our Prime Minister ? ....... What a totally useless ditherer she is ...... SuperNutkin.

Government and media problem again. Knife crime is no different now than ever before. The only difference now, the Police and Mainstream media are showing the true crime figures, instead of covering it up for government records. Just like schools hide bullying. Myself personally would rather send my child to a school where bullying figures are high, knowing that the school are admitting there's a problem, instead of covering up for government figures. There's no possible way of stopping knife crime, but can be prevented. You can't stop it in enclosed spaces like prison, so what chance do more policing stand? Why close all government work schemes for school leavers? put money back in to work schemes for school leavers, instead of them slaving around a stove making burgers and hanging around the streets forming gangs. Start giving youth respect instead of finding any opportunity to piss them off. They may start feeling part of society and giving respect back .It's not rocket science. They'll give £1bn to the police next year and the Police will say it's still not enough. They could give a trillion, take all knives off the streets and still wouldn't make a difference. The root of the problem starts from the way our country is governed. We need change.. Fast!

Gender pay gap is a myth.....

Digital culture, media and sports should be open for all common people so we can gain and seek knowledge from life.

T May talks nonsense - banks close services - and force people to net - then banks use excuse no one uses the on-site services. no wonder she's been such a disaster re Brexit

May has mission impossible with Brexit. The clowns in that chamber should just vote for her deal and move on. More cops is a no brainer to end to knife carnage. The SNP needs a serious injection of little grey cells. Corbyn is a Commuist reaping the benefits of free press. Seems like any moron can become an MP these days.

Does anyone believe a word this stupid woman says?

whatever you have done until now is not working !!

0 tolerance to crimes !!

build more prisons !!

STOP sending 20 billions Net oversees for EU or International Org !

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32:08 Best part, SNP got proper triggered.

More armed Police patrolling the streets and shooting anyone with a knife... start with gangs.

A total denier she knows what the cause of crime is but because it will mean action and money she evades that analogy. Youth service's slashed, and public service's, prospects and opportunity post school very dim, A disparagy between rich and poor and a lack of police personel to deal with the fall out.

If you cared about the general public you wouldn’t make cuts to our emergency services it’s very simple Embarrassing government

She is the worst person this country has ever put into any office....u have to feel sorry for her homosexual husband...imagine having to breed that....errrrr....

Sorry, but what are those yellow flowers for?

The break down of the family unit goes a long way to explain why the violence around drugs, gangs and knifes exists in the first place, the gov can't legislate out of this

A great day would be too see Tanks in parliament sq .. overthrow these parasites and their parasitic rule.

knife crime hahahaha meanwhile here in america i'm in the market for a glock 17 with 32 round capacity magazines

And yes Labour voted against the introduction of Knife Crime Prevention Orders, which are designed to place curbs on those who routinely carry knives, and prevent gang escalation. In the Commons, they voted against an extra £970 million being made available to the police. Not a single Labour MP voted in favour

Why does anyone bother with thoughts and prayers comments. Just use an acronym TAP and move on. It should be outlawed. Instead present actual solutions and follow thru.

No deal is better than a rotten disastrous corrupt traitor quisling vassal state “deal”.

I have been asking so many sources and don't get an answer! Can someone please tell me what happens to NI contributions towards a pension if an EU citizen has worked in UK having 11 years NI contribution but cannot now stay in the UK and register? Can they claim a pension 20 years down the track or will their NI number be revoked and all records wiped or inaccessible to them?

used to feel bad for theresa may she's a few years older than my mum and i hate to thing of my mum being under that much stress all of the time! but she's just not a very nice person is she? :( not kind. hopefully the next pm will be better - would much prefer a labour leader over a conservative one.

i'm very tired listening to them,the fake speakers..could only leasing us while i'm not in London..Arthur.

You people need to realize that nothing in elf is free and you have to work for what you want. Stop looking for hand outs. More government stifles the economies and suppresses innovation to progress in life. Wake up and smell the coffee. WORK

So this is 2019 and the PMQ's are filmed in 480p...seems very appropriate given the present Brexit circumstances. If they leave, will they upgrade to 4k?

If I catch my daughter reading that book I'll slap the piss out of her.

Soros Arrested. This man. Evil. Con man. In with. Big gun,s at the top. Truth will out.

May seems like a cold person...

Corbyn hits the nail on its head here real integrity . Jc4pm

I woulld introduce and bring back the national service-that will keep them of the street and also free up the police resources and let them learn self respect for themselves and others and dignity and pride-it will keep them busy-

Tories are such scum. Sitting there jeering and sacking 21,000 police officers while our kids get stabbed to death on the streets...

Jeremy Corbyn won this one.

I don't care who is in charge stop blaming each other and do your job or step down!

Police funding - Over funding caused by labour which led to money being wasted for example PCSO’s. which are a total of £39million plus in the MET. That’s an extra 866 police officers compared to 1200 PCSO’s. Labour causes this country to run out of money and go into a recession due to over spending. Labour caused the issue with the police and their budgets of which the MET is cutting over 800 million. Selling off prime real estate and not investigating low level crimes anymore. Which ironically matter most to people. If Labour got in yes you would see a surge in the police budget however it wouldn’t do anything to change the poison which is drug enabled crime in London. This lies with the courts and sentencing. The prisons need more funding and need more space. Judges are reluctant to send people to prison due to over crowding. It’s a social issue, the drug runner are 99.9% from social housing and they are the cause to all of this knife crime. As always people on benefits who pay nothing into this country end up costing us tax payers. Get a job, show your kids they need to work and they will. Get out of your estate and actually buy a property.

Theresa May and her party are in denial.

No one talks to that Javid dude!

They should all be sacked, it's a playhouse

International Women's Day March 8

May doesn't give a monkey's. She actually seems slightly amused. Trouble is, if the Tories go, there's nobody to trust to take their place: nobody fit to vote for.


No police on the streets? Labour bought in the PCSO’s ......what more do people want....the ungrateful tikes.

You need Police to implement all of her new policies. Ealing area in London on nights had 5 police officers. Is that enough, NO she's a joke.

Ash Wednesday is a solemnity and a reminder that we are dust and unto dust we shall return. It's not to be hijacked in a political argument, and a pathetic attempt to sacrifice our country on the alter of this Governments Brexit deal. Oh how wish this place was a pile of dust, because it is so corrupt and rotten to its core.

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Well thats England ,, though my Family came from there to USA its Amazing how little gets done just like US ,But Still Intresting

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Politicians are all greedy cunts. bullets for the greedy.

================= INEQUALITY = CRIMINALITY ============================


Most of my fellow Americans could not handle Parliament and their antics and demand a SAFE SPACE!

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There are quite a few 'Hasbara Trolls' on this feed. Disgusting little parasites out of Israel who come out of their filthy little caves to spread hate and dissent on YT comments sections. They are a pariah on the net that behave like cancerous sores sucking the life out of the conversation. DO NOT REPLY TO THE PARASITES as they feed off negativity and chaos!!

Theresa May will be the death of this nation

Our MPs behave just like children

Superior Landlords are crook thieves. Leaseholders must be protected. Leaseholders are not short-term tenants

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I love watching this madhouse. The best thing about it is the Speaker shouting "Order!" and telling people off when it's required.

She lives in another world to us mere mortals

it's easy to see when May feels insecure answering the Opposition's questions and critique. She stumbles over her own words, then concludes by speeding up the talk in attacking Labour.

Aggregate IQ was there for 1 reason only - to advise the government how best to Spy on its own Citizens. And Head Prefect May wants Law Enforcement to have de facto access to all of our social media data? 'mission creep', always ensues as evidenced by numerous precedents. And the grip of GCHQ 's Surveillance State will tighten over anyone who dares to dissent from the Mainstream narrative.

These comments have descended to the gutter, I’m sorry to say this is what happens on YouTube when controversial matters such as politics or religion are discussed. I do wish some posters would grow up! Hurling obscene insults is not debate.

I heard this bloke say: *You can take the boy out of the Caribbean, but you can't take the Carribean out of the boy* What a load of rubbish. It's the white Patriarchy what's making them knife people. Ennit?

Ooo, Theresa was quite strong today!

zabawa gospodarka zabaw ist Europa ma złożoną koniec ofiarą będzie on uratować poprzez finansowanie dalszych eksperymentów społecznych i historycznych w Wielkiej Brytanii Brexit

All the Questions to the PM are seen by her and the government in good time to prepare an answer, no questions are asked without prior notice, why don't the MPs be brave and ask a question the PM is not prepared for?

everyone want's clarity on brexit, until we reach a deal or have an out come, any advice given by the goverment will be wrong, until that point

this prime minister could not lye straight in bed! lies, sell everything off, utter BS shame on the over 40's who voted for the Tories while this government destroys the country from the next generation

I think the do-goodness have to take some responsibility, there is no discipline at schools these young thugs aren’t scared of the police and with light sentencing there’s no deterrent, turn back the clock and start punishing the culprits with severe consequences might take a few years but you get them off the streets.

...a chamber of absolute treasonous compromised corrupt puppets of corporate central bank actors...there is no common sense ,integrity or representation of the people of the UK here....this is a pathetic group of self interest greedy sell out stooges...moving bad air round a chamber with no air con efficiency...liars,cheats and more no less.

Da leiba páati!!

Man, the UK Parliament is fun

+Alfonso Estrada Are you an Adult?

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From America with love and fun. Just take a play book from Texas. Give the Cops their guns. Shoot their F***in asses. Expedited death penalty.... Bump their sorry asses to the front of the line PERIOD Brother.

Silly people. Terminology is used to confuse, confound and control them. Nobody has a clue about their so-called beliefs, although they are quite happy to yell these at each other, and the politicians are just laughing at us over their first-class business lunches. Divide and conquer: the Romans knew that, and the capitalist thieves running our society do, as well. Forget politics, watch Masterchef. The quarter-finals are on at the moment.


British madhouse at its best

This 'Silly' Woman just refuese to listen and she started this problem when she was home secretary!

Dam this government is corrupted to the core like US government. What can i say wait 10-20 years more and UK will be the same as US all are privatise and UK citisence pay more taxis then EU citisence. It's sad to see the world lost one more country to corruption

The whole world must be laughing their tits off at this circus !! capricious vacillating leadership, politicians and political system needs a complete shake up, archaic laws are a joke, punishment never fits the crime, never address the issues that require immediate intervention just pass the buck for brownie points, all MP's should be reviewed and appraised like every other employee every 12 months or less, and if found incapable by the people of this country sacked, just like you or i would be.

Oops. They’ve forgotten to lock off the comments section again.

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Sorry but  was this NOT called Prime Ministers Question Time, not Opposition Leader Here to Answer Questions.? I think some one needs to  tell Theresa May.  as she keeps asking Questions and NOTt answering them.

No discipline at home ,at school ,on the streets = no law and order it is as simple as that

That's why the country wants JC4PM..

Why do remainders focus on the possible damage to the economy leaving _might_ do? (I disagree and see opportunities myself) however to most Brexit voters it wasn't remotely about the economy but what kind of country we want. Do we want full control of our laws, regulations, trade and borders or do we want to let the EU have that control? We gave our decision and it's the job of the politicans to implement it as they promised they would. They are trying to confuse the issue but we knew what Brexit meant. A full retaking of sovereignty from the EU and anything less than that is a betrayal. The withdrawal deal CANNOT be signed as it stops this country forging a new path outside of the EU and keeps us taking rules potentially forever. Theresa may couldn't have done a worse job if she'd tried. Signing that gave up any leverage we may have had in the coming future relationship and the 39billion should never have been agreed until we know what future relationship we have with the EU.

For me it is the thought of all the young people having unfair competition for jobs due to uncapped migration.

How the fukin hell can she stand there and day she's out more money into communities when councils have to make millions in cuts once again this year

So grand & good to see a person actually showing his faith with ash. Thank you.

They don’t need you to visit. Jc would be more welcome.

Still trying to figure out why no one has boarded this building up and set it on fire yet with all these clowns and asshats inside. Quick solutions to big problems.

when there's a new breed of working class called the working poor you know this Government has been extremely bad!

Take away Mays security and police protectors, then see if she walks around the streets day or night on her own. She is totally responsible for the 21,000 less cops patrolling the streets, she has rocks rattling around inside her head, get rid of her!!

It doesn't affect her personally so she doesn't care when it's a rich person then they'll act quickly. Sorry to say this but working class people are expendible and viewed as collateral damage to budget cuts.

She could do it in a pure British area. And she is not (enough) stupid to go to a 'culturally enriched' zone.

money, money, how much is it to do with money, or an easy way of passing the buck ? for their incompetence

I'm horrified a member of parliament uses the old-fashioned and stigmatising term of "committed" for suicide. This is NOT appropriate language for 2019. In case anyone ever queries the terms, it is "attempted" or "completed" - depending on the outcome.

"Why Danish woman have to register to stay here!?"

+Joseph Maxwell Registration of all current foreign born people living here is still a crucial policy to follow, it is a far easier policy than adding in exemptions for x or y (I'm sure she is naturalised but due to how long ago she came she apparently does not have the necessary paperwork). The result of not pursuing a policy of registration is another Windrush in 50 years time (I find it particularly irritating that the people who shouted most about Windrush are now complaining about registration).

+Joseph Maxwell Good info, there. Well spotted. My mum always called them the Scottish Nosepickers.

Lord Verus : In the example highlighted by the SNP (which means Wanker in Scottish!) this woman must have been here 20 years before the EU was even established. Therefore, it's a bogus argument or she was an illegal immigrant until the EEC derived from the Common Market.

I still don’t understand this people no fed up talking 24 7 and we do not see any result yet cost tax payer a lot of money and people leaving in the road on the bad condition I’m giving up really

This Government is horrible they leave you with only false hope that the nightmare will be over

they have failed people on a gigantic scale since being in power

And listening to any debate it’s clear party politics first, national interest 2nd

They always do. They are always hard right. That’s why I don’t understand how the people vote for them. Their policies are the same through the ages. It was the same in the 80’s. The problem is each generation seems to forget. Politics needs to change. We need a happy medium. The left doesn’t work either if extreme.


Did he just say NATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY is TOMORROW? Search Results Featured snippet from the web International Women's Day takes place every year on March 8 (a Friday in2019) to celebrate and commemorate the countless achievements of women around the world

Her husband should make her happier as a woman or simply drop her

I am critical of Teresa. She breaks the right on private life when she says about peeing of police on the relationship of husband and wife

This woman PM is about to go too far with her EU/Theresa May Brexit Deal. It will be resoundingly defeated again next week in Parliament. Then she has promised to give Parliament a vote on the no deal default alternative plan, which they all voted for when they enacted Article 50 two (2) years ago. Then another lengthy process of further delay before another referendum to reverse the original vote to leave will follow. You will not have see anything like the civil disruption that is coming, if and when they do vote down a no deal Brexit. They had better get more troops on standby 3,500 is not going to cut it, they will need that amount of troops just to protect Government and establishment buildings. In which case scenario, Release the Dogs of War! Your House and everyone in it will be targeted for sure. Democracy will be dead by that stage anyway! The last time this happened Cromwell took control and ruled with an iron fist for years.

Simple answer more police

These people in parliament just see it as a game when we the people suffer because they cant do what's right Tories have no humanity universal credit police cuts NHS pushed to limits poor and disabled suffer... children go hungry many many people lose there homes and parliament just sit bickering and none of it actually benefits the people only people that gain are mps and the rich people I honestly have no faith in the government we will soon be a dictatorship I hope God strikes down the houses of parliament or brings back guy forks!!

Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people's idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage. Winston Churchill

(dead/ stale/ beaten competition)

Higher police presence and funding in combination with a reconfiguration of drug laws. Legalise WEED and it cuts the money motivation for the youth to join gangs. Every youth starts off selling weed and going in cocaine, crack, heroine etc. ALSO, the housing situation is abysmal. You corner these people in block of flats where they are literal breeding grounds for gangs. The PM should not be allowed to dodge questions like this. Makes PMQs USELESS. Also look at the Tory front benchers they don't give a damn. Fair enough labour have their issues but my god at least they're calling Tories out on their bullshit


there ain't no gender pay gap (Sir Jeremy) there's a socialist pig problem and it's been putting men on the sideline for no reason at all (wake up, Sir (or rather stop lying) men been the workers for a reason and still are; remain to be) 4:37

"You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go." ... GO ALREADY FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE, YOUR GOVERNMENT IS A DISGRACE!! FOR GOD'S SAKE WOMAN, GO!

eu's stench BEEN raping the corners of the world and REAL NEWS is done with it!

(29 March 2019.)

3:24! BREXIT.

Vicarage tea party indeed!

The crime rate in the UK is spiraling upward??? Corbyn is trying to take credit for the decrease when Labour was in control?? much for your gun control....people are getting stabbed more and more. Seems like the UK is ahead of us here in the US when it comes to working on re-entry programs.

Stabbings? Damn, family. America needs guns because stabbing takes entirely too much effort.

At 33 minutes when Bercow started his drama club I turned off!

More Lies Lies We need more Police More Money to If she did not Waste 33 Millons

Theresa May is so fake. Her fake concern about knife crime. You don’t hold a summit. You immediately arrest perpetrators and increase the sentence for carrying knives to 15 years. And 30 years minimum without parole for knife attacks

We need gun shops soon

Personally I love watching how her confidence has slowly been destroyed, every week she stumbles over her words more and she is less and less of a leader every time she opens her mouth at PMQ's

For never in our history have we been conquered by the strength of our outside enemies but only through our own failings and the enemy in our own camp. A leader who has to abandon the platform founded on Her general principles, because she recognizes the foundation as false, can act with honor only when she declares her readiness to accept the final consequences of her erroneous views. In such a case she ought to refrain from any further political activity. Having once gone astray on essential things she may possibly go astray a second time. But, anyhow, she has no right whatsoever to expect or demand that her fellow citizens should continue to give her their support.

Knife crime solution requires strict enforcement of laws, long mandatory prison sentences, and serious reduction in parole for violent crimes. You can work on alternative solutions all you like, but if you don't get the scum off the streets the problem will continue.

Reducing reoffending? The prison population has doubled in 35 years. What's she talking about?

carrying a weapon 10yrs use it life n if ends in death hang them and that goes 4 repeat rapist murderers and paedophiles

when tosser tony n braindead brain was in power they changed how crimes were reported making it look like it went down when in fact it went up that man as thick as he is ugly

funny how he does not say how bad it got in London under khan

Ogan must be somewhere Scottish not some silly name ach noo

Out meant out not Traitor Mays stitch up deal

I would absolutely accept her answers to Corbyn, at least when she decides to actually answer the question, and could even accept her twisting of the truth to spin a narrative, if it wasn’t for her malicious grin. It looks like she gains so much pleasure in riling them up that it appears almost sadistic.

and they call us criminal for smoking something when these are the very definition of criminal parliament needs burning down from top to bottom with every single politician in the building EVERY ONE OF THEM


I hope this is the last straw for this pointless two party system, a choice between incompetence like May or lunacy like Corbyn. She has wreaked this country first as Home Sec and now as PM,.

if you vote for Corbyn & Abbott then count yourself as a terrorist sympathiser!! Shamima begum can never return to our country!!

R W Well I use an app only bank, who have an agreement with the Post Office. I have no need for a bank and never go in one...

It is dude utter shame

It's worldwide and it's heartbreaking.

Maxwell Smart

+ryen mcdonald Um, yeah.

Oh nothing at all. I just wanted to see if i was right. Dumb comment + bad grammar = Republican

+ryen mcdonald What does that have to do with my comment? But yes.


Sir Jeremy might as well break out the violin. (mentioning all these programs that are having problems, you don't say)

President Sarkozy said"We must breed Europeans with blacks, if they refuse we will make them" In the same video, he promises the Saudi King, "We will ensure the Arab genes remain pure" Open borders and mass migration of African and Middle Eastern men in their millions, many more on the way, is the start of this The end result is to make an underclass of lower IQ brown people. with no history, no culture, no Christian values so the population will be easily controlled to be used as cheap labour. NO GROUP WILL COME OUT OF THIS WELL! A mass removal by interbreeding of some of the most amazing democracies in history for money! White working classes of all countries get in the way for the global economy of big banks, big tech, big business!

The UK: the most abysmally ignorant and corrupt country in Europe.

Emily Oakland ja ha ha samie order my friend

Im from the US, and I was told by my college professor to check out Question Time. To us Americans this concept is totally incredible, and we don't really have anything like it. It is exciting to say the least!

universal credit is making people angry and violent let us sanction you for 8 months without pay!!!!!

Most cops set out to do good, protect and help people, how quickly that changes into protecting capatilism on behalf of greed

Sembrano degli ubriaconi al BAR

Why wont she just die....

There are criminals out there in the world, Sir and people who earn know what accountability means. If the older lady knew this then she would be registering tomorrow(!)(.) 21:15. This gentleman is asking redundant pointless questions FOR the audience, when the Prime Minister gave all them answers in her first answer about the older lady registering. And it makes perfect accountable sense.

"Let's remember why we had to take those measures, because of the state of the economy left by the labor party!" 18:01. "But what would his policies mean, higher borrowing, higher taxes, crashing our economy, less money for our public services. He'd take us right back to austerity square one." (these people look and act like a bunch of third parties, no work just a bunch of mouths) 18:31.

"investing in communities" is not the same as investing in the same corrupt circles where there are changes, good will follow. Sir Jeremy just got the Prime Minister repeating herself. 17:41.


Because there saving money where labour party would spend more put the country in debt IMF cant give us anymore money


Their is no gender pay gap mr Corbyn

I love it when an Empire falls.

More coppers mean there's more chance of getting nicked for walking around with a blade. Take 20,000 off the beats and the thugs take over the streets.

"There's no link between hitting the ground really hard if you've jumped out of a plane without a parachute". That'll be her next line. Honestly,how much longer are we to put up with this useless weed of a PM?

How about you, I don't know, let us defend ourselves? Just a thought.

I would like to introduce you to Ukraine.

She is right in saying that you cannot arrest your way out of a problem. Just look at my countries failed war on drugs.

But my fellow Americans remember that strict gun control will eliminate or greatly reduce crime.

Die BRD ist doch nur ein „ Fantasie - Produkt „ von den USA  und Endland und Frankreich und Russland und wenn man Strafanzeigen schreibt so ekelt man das „ Fantasie - Produkt „der Siegermächte doch noch nur kaputt , den die Staatsanwaltschaft führt ja Statistiken über die Strafanzeigen die so anfallen .  mfg eure conny

sharia may, as useful as tits on a fish. FOAD

Why is the Parliament theatrical? The U.S. Congress isn't like this. What do I not understand about the British political culture?

There’s only one thing left for this place,, the biggest baddest most lethal grenade possible

Trump 2020!!!!

Here are the marxists, hellbent on social engineering and steering us toward a one world order or 4th reich, paid off by the jewish bankers to subdue and enslave the population. They ought to be exiled

(((They))) cant have that now...

A lot of people slate Theresa May, but I think she brings a positive pacifying feminine influence to politics, at a time when UK politics has never been more turbulent. I wonder what the political landscape 'would' look like if we had a male in charge at the moment ? We all have our faults, but overall, I think she's done the best job she could, all considered. I think are some members of parliament are dismissive of the hard work she does. The biggest problem in the UK parliament is that many of the members refuse to co-operate with her....This, sadly.. is what's wrong with UK politics right now. I also think, that many young people have, unfairly, had to grow up in times of austerity. I think the extra difficulties and pressures that they've had to deal with, doesn't get enough recognition. p.s. is the house speaker saying Order..or Hors d'oeuvre ?

A lot of people slate Theresa May, but I think she brings a positive, pacifying (feminine) influence to politics, at a time when UK politics has never been more turbulent. I wonder what the political landscape 'would' look like if we had a male in charge at the moment ? We all have our faults, but overall, I think she's done the best job she could, all considered. I think some members of parliament are dismissive of the hard work she does. The biggest problem in the UK parliament at the moment, is that many of the members refuse to co-operate with her....This, sadly.. is what's wrong with UK politics right now. The fact is, it really wouldn't matter 'who' was prime minister, especially at the moment, they'd be in the firing line. It would cause more harm than good meddling with the structure that's already in place at the moment. There are more important urgent issues to deal with than reconfiguring the political structure. This would just be, as usual, a distraction, an unuseful use of what short time is available, and yet again a flagrant display of playing party politics, when it's really not the time nor the place. A supportive approach would be much more productive than an attacking one going forward. In fact, it almost seems like some individuals have smacked of sabotage, and by not working as a unit, would rather hold their own country to ransom in order to maintain whatever personal interests, and motivations they might have. I think it's really time for people to start laying down their differences to show each other how they can work together. We need to ditch first past the post election results, and operate proportional representation, so we get a fairer reflection in the house of commons, of MP's that speak for 'all the people' of the United Kingdom. I also think, that many young people have, unfairly, had to grow up in times of austerity. I think the extra difficulties and pressures that they've had to deal with, doesn't get enough recognition. p.s. is the house speaker saying Order..or Hors d'oeuvre ?

A lot of people slate Theresa May, but I think she brings a positive, pacifying (feminine) influence to politics, at a time when UK politics has never been more turbulent. I wonder what the political landscape 'would' look like if we had a male in charge at the moment ? We all have our faults, but overall, I think she's done the best job she could, all considered. I think some members of parliament are dismissive of the hard work she does. The biggest problem in the UK parliament at the moment, is that many of the members refuse to co-operate with her....This, sadly.. is what's wrong with UK politics right now. The fact is, it really wouldn't matter 'who' was prime minister, especially at the moment, they'd be in the firing line. It would cause more harm than good meddling with the structure that's already in place at the moment. There are more important urgent issues to deal with than reconfiguring the political structure. This would just be, as usual, a distraction, an unuseful use of what short time is available, and yet again a flagrant display of playing party politics, when it's really not the time nor the place. A supportive approach would be much more productive than an attacking one going forward. In fact, it almost seems like some individuals have smacked of sabotage, and by not working as a unit, would rather hold their own country to ransom in order to maintain whatever personal interests, and motivations they might have. I think it's really time for people to start laying down their differences to show each other how they can work together. We need to ditch first past the post election results, and operate proportional representation, so we get a fairer reflection in the house of commons, of MP's that speak for 'all the people' of the United Kingdom. I also think, that many young people have, unfairly, had to grow up in times of austerity. I think the extra difficulties and pressures that they've had to deal with, doesn't get enough recognition. p.s. is the house speaker saying Order..or Hors d'oeuvre ? All the greatest victories in history, were won against the odds ! The triumphant victor is he (or she) that forges ahead with their solid vision and says yes, when everybody else is telling them no.. I think there is no better example of this at the moment, than the pure demonization that is being thrown at Theresa May They're scared...and they're running

A lot of people slate Theresa May, but I think she brings a positive, pacifying (feminine) influence to politics, at a time when UK politics has never been more turbulent. I wonder what the political landscape 'would' look like if we had a male in charge at the moment ? We all have our faults, but overall, I think she's done the best job she could, all considered. I think some members of parliament are dismissive of the hard work she does. The biggest problem in the UK parliament at the moment, is that many of the members refuse to co-operate with her....This, sadly.. is what's wrong with UK politics right now. The fact is, it really wouldn't matter 'who' was prime minister, especially at the moment, they'd be in the firing line. It would cause more harm than good meddling with the structure that's already in place at the moment. There are more important urgent issues to deal with than reconfiguring the political structure. This would just be, as usual, a distraction, an unuseful use of what short time is available, and yet again a flagrant display of playing party politics, when it's really not the time nor the place. A supportive approach would be much more productive than an attacking one going forward. I also think, that many young people have, unfairly, had to grow up in times of austerity. I think the extra difficulties and pressures that they've had to deal with, doesn't get enough recognition. All the greatest victories in history, were won against the odds ! The triumphant victor is he (or she) that forges ahead with their solid vision and says yes, when everybody else is telling them no.. I think there is no better example of this at the moment, than the pure demonization that is being thrown at Theresa May They're scared...and they're running

Education,Finance ,media , and movies that what causes the issue in the UK, we have shabby organisations in the uk must be updated in the right way

People have to stop this feminist crap this woman is a leader please resign

How about yo legalize mace and tasters, and adopt McDonald vs Chicago you stupid bitches?

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