Prime Minister's Questions: 6 December 2017

Prime Minister's Questions: 6 December 2017

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Be bold. Order. Questions to, the Prime Minister a roost George. Thank you question, number one the. Prime Minister. Mr.. Mr.. Speaker I'm sure the whole house will wish to join me in. Offering condolences to. The family, friends and colleagues of, police, constable, James Dixon, from Thames Valley Police who. Was killed while on motorcycle. Duty yesterday and also. To the family and friends of the passenger, in the car involved in the collision I'm. Sure the whole house will also wish to join me in offering condolences to. The family and friends of the former member of this house Jim, hood who. Was. A former miner and a strong voice for Lenexa, in this, place for nearly 30, years, mr.. Speaker this morning I had meetings with ministerial, colleagues and others in addition to my duties in this house I shall have further, such meetings later today, Ruth, George. Thank. You my. Constituent. Kate has run a successful nursery. For over 14 years but. After two months, on the government's, funding for three and four-year-olds, she says she can't make it work she's, having to sell her home to pay her staff redundancy. Over. A thousand, nurseries, have already, closed, and 58%. Say, they can't continue. If nurseries. Closed parents. Can't work please. Will the Prime Minister meet with me and nursery, owners to discuss such. Widespread and, critical, problems, I. Can. Save the Honourable lady that I have indeed recently, met with some nursery owners looking, at this issue and they've given a very clear message that actually there are parts of the country where local authorities are operating, this system very efficiently. And very well and, the reports of the country where, is not happening. Of course what underpins this, is the decision taken by this government, to, improve the childcare offer for, parents, so that they actually have a better opportunity and, ensure, that their children get into the childcare they, three, Bellingham. The speaker will the promise to give a quick update on the brexit negotiations, and does she agree me but post brexit, is. Absolutely. Crucial, that, we enhance skills, and, apprenticeships, in the construction, and housing sector don't you agree but now is not the time that, the construction industry training board to be proposing to close, their site at Bertram, in West Norfolk first, putting at risk 600. Jobs in a rural area will, she meet me to discuss this and will she help me in my campaign. What. Can I say to my honourable friend that, he's, a great champion for his constituency, he's, been. A great, supporter. Of the CIT be at Bertram, I'm very, happy to support its campaign I wish him well I'm happy to, meet with him he asked, about grexit and of course what what, we are doing in the brexit negotiations. Is ensuring, that we can indeed build. Those houses and build that country, for a future that we want to see and the, principles that, we are working to, are that. The text that is currently, being discussed is a report, on the progress of the negotiations. On which, basis the European, Commission, will decide whether sufficient progress has been made and, we can move on to the next stage of talks and it's, for those future talks to agree precisely how, we ensure, cross-border. Trade while maintaining their constitutional, integrity, of the United Kingdom we're leaving the European Union, we're leaving the single market and the customs union. We, will. We. Will do we, will do. We. Will do what is right in the interests, of the whole of the United Kingdom, and. Nothing is agreed until everything is, agreed. Me : Thank. You mr. speaker. I joined. The prime minister, in condolences. The police officer, in the passenger who lost their lives in this tragic, event yesterday. I also, joined, the Prime Minister in paying tribute to the late Jimmy hood who, represented. Clydesdale, and later Lamech and Hamilton East he was a good friend of all of ours and he was a great fighter for the coal industry and the Mine Workers Union. During the strike and after that during his time here we thank Jimmy, for his work for the labor movement.

Mr.. Speaker in July, the, international. Trade secretary, said, brexit. Negotiations. Would be the easiest, in human, history. Does. The Prime Minister still agree with that assessment. I'm. Very pleased to report to the right honourable gentleman as I've just said negotiations. Are in progress and very good progress. What. My right honourable friend what, my right honourable friend has, been focusing, on is the, trade negotiations, for the future and indeed. Because we are already a, member, of the European Union when we leave we will not be at the same basis, in, relationship, with them as say Canada was in negotiating, a trade agreement and therefore, we do expect that we'll be able to get the deal that is right for the whole United Kingdom, what we need to do to be able to do that is to move on to Phase two and if he's so concerned about easy negotiations. Why did his any peas vote against, enabling, us to do. Mr.. Mr. speaker the Prime Minister could always look behind herself. One. But. Mr. speaker she hasn't she. Has acceded, in convincing many people, and yesterday, one, Tory donor told the papers and I quote. Yesterday. Proved. Beyond. Doubt that the Prime Minister is. Not only weak but, it's her incompetence. That's hobbling the UK, and, he, wasn't very kind, about the rest of her friend front bench either. Describing. Them as a bunch. Of jellyfish. Masquerading. As a cabinet. Mr.. Speaker this is. This, is truly a, coalition. This, is truly a coalition, of chaos at, the start of the week it all seemed to be going so well the, Prime Minister had scheduled, a lunch with jean-claude. Juncker, followed, by a press conference and, then to triumphantly. Returned, to the house to, present her deal. Order. Order, let, me make it clear for the umpteenth, time no. Order, I know. What's going on I'm grateful to the Honorable gentleman for Bowles over but I can look after these matters no, one in this chamber is. Going, to be shouted, down it will, not happen and if people think they can sit where I can't, see them and make a raucous noise they're. Very foolish, I know where, they are they know what they're up to and it is to yell at work end of, subject, Jeremy. Corbyn thank. You thank you mr. speaker but on, her way back to it Britain, someone, forgot to share the details of the Irish border detail, deal with the DUP. Surely. Mr., speaker there are one and a half billion reasons why, the, Prime Minister really shouldn't haven't, forgotten to do that. I think. I think was a little difficult to detect the question, the walls. But. Let me say to the right honourable gentleman as president. Janka said on Monday, there, are still, a couple of things that we are negotiating on. He. Is confident. That we will be able to achieve sufficient. Progress, but if he wants, to wonder about plans for negotiations, perhaps he should look at his own front bench. The. Shadow the, shadow Chancellor. Used to say staying, in the single market was, not respecting. The referendum, now he says it's on the table the. Shadow brexit. Secretary, shadows shadow trade secretary, used, to say staying in the customs union was, deeply, unattractive. Navin, says it isn't off the table. Now. I think, they are we now know, from the shadow chancellor what their approach really is it's not having a plan at all because, when asked what the labor party, plan was but, Shadow Chancellor said well, that's difficult for, us. As. We all know the only thing the Labour Party, is planning, for is a run on the pound. Mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister, was, unable to support a brexit, secretary, when he tried to explain that, a detail, a deal was supposed to be done in October, but still hasn't been done by December the, leader of the DUP, told Irish television she, only got site of the deal on Monday, morning, five, weeks, after she first asked, for it two, months after the original deadline.

For The first phase of talks and after. Monday's shambles, is the Prime Minister now now. Able. To end the confusion and, clearly. Outline, what, the government's, position is, now, with, regard to the Irish border. To. Outline, the position that, I've taken on the Irish border, with Northern, Ireland, it, is exactly, the same position, that I took in, the Lancaster House speech that, I took in, the Florence speech that, we have taken consistently. In the negotiations. Which, is that, we will ensure that there is no hard border, between Northern, Ireland and the Republic. We, will do that while we respect the constitutional. Integrity. Of the United, Kingdom. And while, we respect the, internal, market and protect, the internal market of the United Kingdom and those. Neighbor members, who shout how. That's. The whole point of the second phase of the negotiations. Because. We will deliver, this we. Aim, to deliver this as part of our overall trade. Deal, between the, United, Kingdom and the European, Union, and, we can only talk about that when we get into Phase two we. Have a plan he, has none. 18. Months, after the referendum the, Prime Minister is unable to answer the question. As. She thought she was coming here to, make a statement it was vetoed by, the. By, the leader of the DUP, the, tail really, is wagging, the dog here. Mr.. Speaker the brexit, secretary, told, her, BBC's. Marr program, in June it's. Much in my job I don't, think out loud and I don't make guesses I try. And make decisions you, make those based, on data the, data is being gathered, we've got 50 nearly, 60, sectoral. Analyses, already, done. This. House voted to see those analyses, but, today the, brexit secretary, told the Select Committee they actually don't exist well. Can. The Prime Minister put us out of our misery do, they exist or don't they have, they done the work or haven't, they that is surely one, question she can answer after, 18, months. Can. I make, a gentle. Suggestion, to the leader of the opposition. He. Asked, me a question on, the Northern Irish border, I answered. The question. And, said the. Question, he. Should listen to, the answers. The. The. House requested. As I understand, it 58 sectoral. Impact, assessments. There, were no 58. Sexual. Impact, assessments, there, was sexual, analysis. Over. 800. Pages of sexual, analysis, has been published. And made available, to, the Select Committee and, arrangements. Have been made available for. Members of this house to see it we. Are very clear, that, we will not give. A running commentary on negotiations. As they proceed but. What we will do what. We will do is, work, for what this country, wants, we. Will ensure we leave the European Union in March 2019. We, will leave the internal, market we, will leave the customs union at the same time and we will ensure there is no hard border, between Northern, Ireland. Mr.. Speaker this really is a shambles, all, they've done. All, they've done is, offered, a heavily, redacted. Abbreviated. Version, which has not been widely, shared, and, the. Brexit secretary said in September mr.. Speaker, that, 50-billion. Divorce, payment, was complete, nonsense the. Foreign Secretary rejected. Any payment, and said the EU could go whistle, so. Can the Prime Minister, put before, the house a fully. Itemized. Account, that, could be independently. Audited by, the Office of Budget Responsibility and. The, National, Audit Office on, any, proposed, payment. Because. We, haven't actually, we're at the point of progressing, on to the next stage nothing. Is agreed until everything is, agreed so. The final settlement won't be agreed until we've actually got the whole of the tea hill agreed but, I have to say to the right honourable, gentleman he's, asked me questions earlier, about hard borders, you know half the Labour Party wants to stay in the single market five the playboy party wants to leave the single market the, only hard border, around is right down the middle of the Labour Party.

Mr.. Speaker 18, months since the referendum no. Answers, to the questions. Today. They. Haven't yet concluded, phase one no, answers, to the questions, and the. Dup, appear, to be ruling, the roost and telling, her what to do mr.. Speaker. Whether it's brexit, the National Health Service Social, Care our ripoff railways, rising. Child poverty, growing, pensioner, property, or universal. Credit this, government, this government is, unable to solve. Important. Issues facing, this country in, fact it's making them worse the economy, is slowing more, people in poverty brexit. Negotiations. In a, shambles, this. Government, is clearly, not, fit, for the future if they, can't negotiate, a good deal wouldn't, it be better if they just got, out of the, way. I. Say. To the right honourable gentleman, week. In and week out, he comes this house making promises but, he knows he can't deliver, and. They keep doing it at, the election, he told students, they would write off their student debt then. He said I did, not commit. To write off the debt but. What are the Labour Party, doing they're putting round leaflets, which say labour will, cancel, existing, student, debt. It's time the right honourable, gentleman apologize. For grossly misleading. Lavery. Hello. Order. Closed. Question. Mr., michael fabricant. Question. 5. I'm. Pleased. To say that employment, in West Midlands has risen by one hundred and ninety eight thousand since, the 2010. Election, and, in the budget my right honourable friend the Chancellor, confirmed. People, living and working in the Mid West Midlands will benefit from second, devolution deal and a, two hundred and fifty million pound allocation, for regional transport, projects, I kill, fabricant. Mr., speaker the devolution, deal, the, budget, and now, the establishment. Of the, National, battery, R&D. Center, in the, West Midlands, puts. The whole region at the very heart of European. Autonomous. Drive and electric, drive cars, so. Will, my right honourable friend, commit. To continue, to support this important, industry, and will, she make a very important, promise, to me. Yes. Will. She get rid of that gas, guzzler. Jaguar. Of hers in number 10 Downing, Street and, get. A modern, Jaguar. An electric. One from, the West Midlands, because, we're the party of the future not, the old labor dinosaurs. Offices. That's. I could just um. Perhaps, I could just once. I could just met. My right on let, my honourable, friend know but, sadly the Jaguar, in number 10 Downing Street is not mine. But. My honourable friend is absolutely, right that the West Midlands is at the heart of this important, industry, we are investing, 31 million pounds, in the West Midlands for, the development of testing. Infrastructure, for connective and autonomous, vehicles and we'll also build on the West Midlands expertise, in self-driving, cars as we invest a further five, million into an initial 5g, testbed. And I certainly look forward to seeing this technology, developing further. Blackford. Thank. You mr. speaker can I associate, myself with the remarks of the prime minister regarding, delete Jimmie hood then pass on condolences. On these benches to his, family and friends I'm sure the house will want to join, me in welcoming Billy, okay one of the Chennai six who's, arrived back in Scotland, this morning, mr.. Speaker so. Now we know that the, deal that was done with a DUP, to keep the Prime Minister in office gave, the DUP, a veto. Over, brexit, it. Is embarrassing, that it was being briefed on Monday morning that, the Prime Minister had a deal only, to take this off the table after a call with the DUP, is, this the prime minister, who is in office but, not in power. What. We are doing is working for a deal that will work within whole of the United Kingdom. There, are particular. Circumstances. For Northern Ireland because it is the one part of the United Kingdom shares, a land border with a country that will be remaining in the European, Union but as we look ahead and as during, the negotiations.

As The Honorable gentleman will, know we, are consulting, and talking, with all all parts, of the United Kingdom with the Welsh government and the Scottish, government and we, want to ensure that we get the right deal for the UK and that's the deal that I've set out we'll, be leaving the European. Union, will be leaving the single market will be leaving the Customs Union but, we will ensure that we get that good trade deal for the future young blackford. Mr.. Speaker the, clock is ticking and we need, a deal that, keeps us in the single market and the customs union to, do otherwise will devastate, an economy and cost jobs while. The Prime Minister recognized that such a deal will resolve the Irish border question and protect. Jobs out the UK anything, less will, be a failure of leadership. He. Continues, to bark up the wrong tree we're. Leaving the European Union, that means we will be leaving the single market and leaving, the customs union we will take that and, we, will ensure that we can do trade deals around the rest of the world and that will be important, for us and it's important, in he references, jobs it will be important, in ensuring jobs. In this, country and, we will get a good deal on trade and security, because this isn't just about trade, for, our future relationship I set, out of my Florence speech the deep and special partnership, we want to continue to have with the European Union that, is about a trade deal that ensures jobs. And prosperity across, the whole of the United Kingdom I just politely observe, that the frontbench, exchanges. Have absorbed. A disproportionately. Large share, of time but I am determined to accommodate, backbenchers. Who are waiting to ask their questions, mr. Alex choc. The. Bottleneck, on the a 41-7, continues, to cause dreadful, accidents, as well as traffic misery, in Gloucestershire, now following, the leadership of the transport, secretary and the support of Gloucestershire honourable members, the vital consultation, stage of the shortlisted, improvement, proposals, will begin shortly, does, my right honourable friend back the scheme and does she agree that by committing hundreds, of millions of pounds for this crucial project, this government, is backing the Gloucestershire economy. On. This particular issue and I understand the concerns and frustrations, that. Drivers, in his constituency, and elsewhere, have. About this vital strategic, road for, not just Gloucestershire at the wider region as well I'm happy, to assure him that we are bucking the development, of the multi-million pound air balloon round roundabout, scheme which was announced in 2014.

A Consultation. Will begin shortly so, we can develop the right solution, to tackle this pinch point and continue, this support which as he says is good for the whole of Gloucestershire economy. Please paying. Unable. To provide us with a single, plausible, budget, scenario, that will meet the red lines and, be, acceptable to her cabinet to Island and the DUP, isn't. It therefore time that, she either drops her red lines, the DUP or the pretense that you can govern this country. Just. Completely, wrong this government has published, a number of documents which set out the various options that can be taken forward in relation, to the trade relationship for the future that address the whole question of the customs a relationship. In relation to customs, that would address the issue of the Northern Ireland border we've already published those proposals, they're not part in detail, those details are not part of the negotiations, at the moment they will become part of negotiations when, we move on to phase two either bone. Thank. You mr. speaker when the British. People voted, to, leave the European, super-state, they. Voted. To end a free movement of people they, voted, to stop sending billions, and billions of pounds of you, every year and they voted to make our, lords in our own country, judged by our own judges. Prime. Minister are, we on course still to, deliver that and if, we have a problem would, it help if I came over to Brussels with you two. Well. I'm I'm I say to my honourable friend I'm always happy to spend time in his company, and I. Hope its petition on chicken farms but down well the, the, other evening but the answer is yes we are on course to deliver what the people of this country voted, for when they voted to leave the European Union John. Will. The Prime Minister support, new transfer, 9 rail links, namely high-speed, free. But, also the, restoration. Of the Skipton cold link which, as well as providing an economic, boost to pennine towns has, the additional, merit of starting. In the government chief whips constituency. Well. Can I say to the. Honourable gentleman that we are of course looking very, seriously have been and, supported, with this concept, information to the transplant on railway we're waiting, as I understand, it for specific proposals, to, be brought forward and of course we'll look at those proposals very seriously, it's a Mike penning. Thank You mr. speaker, I'm sure the whole house is aware that 40 years ago today this house came together and voted for. A new charity the, Motability charity. Which, is transformed, the lives of disabled, people and their families would the prime minister agree with me that the sucess have started by Lord Goodman when he was chairman and now by law she should be carried forward and it gives a governor an opportunity, for disabled, people to get into the workplace and enjoy the things that everybody else does in this country.

My. Humble friend for marking. The 40th anniversary of most Motability in this way and I'm very happy to join in remarking that and I'm looking forward to becoming a senior patron because they do do excellent work for people with disabilities, enabling. Them to stay mobile and active and there are more people with a motor bility car today than, the were in 2010. But, can I also can. I also wish, my right honorable friend well as, I understand, he will be going to the palace tomorrow to receive his knighthood well. Thank. You mr. speaker Prime Minister and light of the news today on the reported, Kara step on the prime minister and others can. I assure her of our prayers for her and our Majesty's Government on this side of the house and, thank the security forces for their starting efforts. Prime, Minister Canada. Can you give a specific commitment, that nothing will be done that creates any barrier, constitutionally. Politically. Economically. Or, regulatory, between, Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Can. I thank the the honourable gentleman for the remarks that he he made can I say to him the simple answer to his question is yes he. Will know as other members of this house will that, there are already areas. Where there are specific. Arrangements. Between, Northern Ireland in the Republic of Ireland for example the single energy market, that, exists, between, the Republic of Ireland and Northern. Ireland but, we want to ensure that there is no hard border that is exactly, what we are working for we are also working, to, respect, the constitutional, integrity, of the United Kingdom, and protect, the internal market of the United Kingdom and I think we share those aims, Douglas. Ross. The, Prime Minister will be aware of our systems advise Scotland, report which has issued yesterday that, said in Scotland, up to, a million consumers. P on average, 30% more, to parcels, delivered than the rest of the country in my money constituency. This is a huge issue we're, ridiculous places, are put on to deliver to our area and in some cases companies. Refused to deliver at all camera, right honourable friend tell me what the UK government can, do with, myself to ensure we right this wrong once, and for all.

Absolutely. Right to raise this issue and speak up on behalf of his constituents, in this way as I'm, sure he knows that Royal Mail does provide a universal postal service, that includes Parcel. Services five days a week at a uniform. Price throughout the United Kingdom but there are commercial, issues that play outside this, service, but. I'm sure that my right honourable friend the business secretary would be happy to meet with him and discuss this issue Ben Bradshaw. The. Recognition. By Donald, Trump of Jerusalem. As the, capital of, Israel will do grave, damage. To the prospects, for a just and lasting peace settlement. Between the Israelis, and the Palestinians, which, has been British and indeed American, foreign policy for. Decades, was, she consulted, about this announcement and if so what does she say and. Will, she here and now unequivocally. And clearly. Condemn, it. I say, to the, right, legal gentleman that I'm intending. To, speak to President Trump about this about, this matter but. Our. Position our, position. Has not changed. We. Our position as he says has been a long-standing one, and it's also very clear one that, the status of Jerusalem should, be determined, as a negotiate, in a negotiated, settlement between. The Israelis and the Palestinians, and Jerusalem. Should ultimately, form to share former shared capital, between, the Israeli, and Palestinian. States that, is you know we continue to, support a two-state solution we, recognize, the importance of Jerusalem and our position on that has not changed. So. SmithKline joined Mark AstraZeneca. And many other companies and charities investing, in British, bioscience, genetics. There's, my right honourable friend agree, that, this, investment, in science, and research underpins. Not only jobs but, also revolution. In medical treatments, which will save lies. Hope. To many patients, for new treatment, well. I absolutely agree, with my honourable friend and of course what she has highlighted, is a sector which is a very important, sector for, the United Kingdom and I welcome the investment, that she has referred, to that is why this is one of the sectors that has been given significance. In the industrial, strategy that, my right honourable friend the business secretary has has, delivered has published, because. This is exactly an area where we see there are benefits, here in the UK for investment, jobs in the UK but also as she says for, improving the, treatments, and available. To patients and improving their lives dr., Alan Whitehead. When. The Prime Minister rings Donald. Trump up to express our concern about his, moves concerning. Jerusalem in the US Embassy, will. She also be informing, President, Trump that. We will be, proceeding, to recognize, the state of Palestine, here as a central. Part of keeping the two-state, process, underway. We. We, want to see a negotiated. Settlement between the Israelis, and the Palestinians, we believe that should be based on a two-state. Solution, that should be a sovereign, and viable, Palestinian, state but, also a secure, and safe, Israel.

And That, should be a matter of NIC for negotiation, between the parties is, rendering Mitchell. The. Whole house will, support, what the prime minister said last week in the Middle East on her visit about. The unfolding. Humanitarian. Catastrophe, in Yemen will. She continue to. Provide, the maximum amount of pressure to lift both the humanitarian. And, the commercial, blockade and use, Britain's, good officers at the United Nations to, secure a resumption of some, sort of political peace, process, which, is inclusive, and which does not have any preconditions. Well. My friend. Has raised a very important. Issue and I'm sure everybody, across this whole house is deeply concerned at, the humanitarian, crisis, and the the spiraling, crisis that we have seen in the, Yemen and the lingering threat of famine, there I did indeed as he said raised my concerns when, I visited Saudi Arabia, last week I made, it clear that the UK's view is that we want to see not just heard, a deport opened for humanitarian. Vessels, aged to be able to get in but it should be open for commercial vessels as well this is absolutely, crucial. And important, and he. References, the need for peace talks that is our top, priority because, the best way to bring a long-term solution the best way to bring long-term stability is, to have a political solution and we will continue to, support the efforts of the UN Special Envoy and, play, a leading role as he says in diplomatic efforts, to ensure that a political solution can, be reached Alan, brown. Speaker. Today one Boeing pilot ill the DUP, MPs Reverend a knowledge each one's worth more than Ronaldo now. In a look at the various core stories, we need to consider latina half bow in Qatar Scotland's, budget, the 600, million home real shortfall, the, 200, million pounds card in virgin. Install, ISM and the hundred, forty, million pounds, Bartley, fungal, soldier. Each. One, of these go, through stories costs Courtland, 265. Million, pounds. Fair. Long. Question. She actually looked at the facts is my, Scottish conservative. Colleagues who, have been sure that in the budget. In the budget we. Were able to take steps in relation, to the v80 status, of police Scotland, and the fire services, in Scotland, and he. Might obviously, hadn't, noticed but I'm happy to repeat to him as a result of this budget two billion, pounds. Murray. Trevelyan. Curriculum. In order to give our children the skills they need to succeed. Because. She's raised a very important, issue and I'm very happy to agree with her on this yesterday, we learned how, the UK's. Revolution. In phonics has dramatically, improved, school standards. And, I would like to play or, I would like to pay particular tribute, to, my honourable friend the Minister for school standards, who, has worked tirelessly on. To, this end, through.

His Time here in this house but, also pay tribute to the hard work of teachers up and down the, country we, have unjust. For the figures in 2012. 58%. Of six-year-olds past reading checks this, year that has risen to, 81%. They. Are indeed building, a Britain fit for the future. In. Alternative the Prime Minister wrote an open letter saying, EU citizens, living lawfully, in the UK today will be able to stay but. This week my constituent, Francois Milne, was told by UK VI that she had to wait until brexit was done and then take her chances can, the Prime Minister tell us are, the EU, citizen. Living, here, just. Pawns, in the breakfast negotiations. Or, will, she change ukv, eyes operating, systems, to ensure he, you citizens, can stay. The. Professional, EU citizens, that I set out in the open letters I sent is the, position of the United Kingdom government and, I suggest to the Honourable lady if she has a complaint about something that UK VI had said that she sends that information into, the Immigration Minister John. Balan. Yesterday. Yesterday. The old party group on cancer, held its annual Britain, against cancer conference the largest one-day gathering, of the cancer community in the UK to. Launch our report on the cancer strategy, we heard from the government NHS England many good things but that were happening but there was one issue that is causing real concern to frontline services, and that is the delay in the release of, the transformation. Funding, to those frontline, services, Kurds to do of an additional, requirement applied. To, the funding after the bidding process closed, having, discussed, the issue with the Secretary of State it was a jolly chap could. I group, with the prime minister meet. With me to discuss this, matter further. Well. I say, to. What, I say, to my own girlfriend of course this is an important, issue and we have as he said seeing, some, great progress being, made in relation to this issue of, providing higher stands of cancer care for all patients survival. Records, are now at a record high and around, 7,000, more people are surviving cancer after successful, NHS, treatment compared. To three years ago of course, we want to do more in relation to this issue he's raised a very specific, point and, I, understand, the Department. Of Health are adopting, a phased approach to, investment as the natural national, cancer program does run for a further three years but I'd have to be happy to meet my level friend to discuss this. Thank. You mr., speaker contrary, to a previous, answer in the subject only the Prime Minister's, government can, remove barriers to universal. Credit for a terminally, ill people in Scotland England, Wales. And Northern Ireland, will. She answer this, question, again this time will she end the cruel requirement. For people across the UK who, don't want to know they are dying to, self-certify, on, universal. Credit. To. The Honourable gentleman that I suggest, that this, is an issue I will ask the secretary, state for Work and Pensions to, look at we, do want to ensure that as he, knows we're working on how universal. Credit is rolled out and how, that is dealt. With in relation to two, individuals, but I'm sure he will understand, that if there are particular things. That. Apply to people. And particular circumstances. Then they can only apply those circumstance, if the universal, credit and the job centers are aware of those circumstances, but I will ask the department work and pensions to look at this Jacob. Riis MOG. Before. My right honourable friends next goes to Brussels, will. She apply a new coat of paint to her red lines because. I fare on Monday, they were beginning to look a little bit pink. Now. I can say to, my happily. Say to my honourable friends that the. Principles. On which this, government is negotiating was. Set out in the lancaster foul speech they were set out in the Florence speech and those, principles remain. This. Morning London MPs were briefed by the Metropolitan Police, Service on, the grave challenge, of serious youth violence and, violent, crime including, the scourge of scooter, assisted, crime with, robberies, up 30 percent in London the, police service in London faces, a 400, million squeeze which will drive police numbers down to the lowest in 20 years and my own libera has already lost 198.

Police, Officers. Does the Prime Minister still think we have the police resources, we need. To. Say, to Cumberland are we not reducing Metropolitan Police's budget we are protecting, police budgets, they, were protected, to the 2015, spending. Review I repeat, as I've said in this house before there's, more money and more officers for each Londoner than anywhere else in, the country of course, it is up to the mayor of London to decide how that budgets. But. She also raised the important, issue of scooter, or moped crime, and I'm pleased to say that my right honourable friend the Home Secretary, has held a roundtable with, peace and others in the home office to look at how this can be better addressed Breezer, the. Industrial, strategy identifies, but. The world will need sixty percent more food by 2050, as we, leave the EU when the Prime Minister commit. To, supporting our, farmers. I'm. Very very happy to commit to supporting our farmers and in. Fact markets, with Brita for British food are growing around the world and we want to see those markets. Grow even further leaving. The EU means, we will have an opportunity to design a, new approach, to agricultural, policy one that, supports, our farmers to grow more to sell more and to export more of their world-class projects. Products. What we'll be doing is ensuring we have an agricultural, policy that actually meets the needs of the United Kingdom Adrien Bailey. This. Week motor, manufacturers. Announced a year-on-year. Drop. In car sales of over, 11, percent, they. Blame. Confusion. Caused, by the government's. Incoherent. Policy, on clean air and diesels, budget. Measures, and, uncertainty. Caused by brexit. This. Industry, is vital. For both, the national, economy and jobs in the West Miller what. Is the government, going to do to turn this around. If. He had listened. To the answer I gave and the questions from my honourable friend on college field earlier he, would have heard, how, we are supporting, the automotive industry crucially. Supporting, the future, of the automotive industry we, recognize, its importance for the West Midlands we recognize, its importance for the United Kingdom and that's why it's one of those sectors, that, we're very clear in our industrial strategy, that we will be supporting, so we can port those support, those jobs and prosperity for the future Bernadette. Thank You mr. speaker, with my right honourable friend confirm, that. She is aware of the very strong enthusiasm for. Free trade deals with the UK from countries like Canada. The united states australia, and, even, and even, for participation. In, the. UK participation, in the trans-pacific partnership. But. None of these opportunities will come our way if we remain shackled to EU regulation, after, we've left the EU. Well. I'm very happy to say to my. Honorable friend that I do, recognize. The enthusiasm. There is out there around the rest of the world for, us to do trade deals with other countries I'm happy, to say that my right honourable friend the trade sector was in Australia, recently. Discussing. Just these opportunities, when, I go around the world I also hear, the same message from, a whole variety of countries they, want to do trade deals for us in the future what we want to do is to ensure that we get a good trade deal with the European Union, and the freedom to negotiate, these trade deals around the rest of the world lose. Several Roberts. On. Monday evening during the opening speeches of the EU withdrawal, bill the government bench showed its true colors. Reveals. Were, the Imperial. British government's, intentions, spelled out in red, light and what. The, Prime Minister care to echo the chair of the Welsh Affairs Select, Committee and. I quote it is, a power, grab and what, a wonderful paragraph. It is to or would she admit that. The Scrabble to repatriate powers. From Brussels, provides. A grubby excuse, to, deny our democratic. Rights and Wales yeah. I think. The, honorable lady knows full, well what. My honourable friend was, saying was. That what, we will be doing when we leave the European Union is grabbing, powers back from Brussels, to the United Kingdom. And that's. Exactly, right and following. That we will do, expect to see a significant, increase in the decision-making, power of devolved. Administration's. As a result, of that and that, is absolutely right. But, if pride connery are saying that they want to see powers rest in Brussels, we take a different view we want those powers to be. Cities. Are making that final pitch and the campaign, to be named UK, City of Culture in 2021, will. The Prime Minister join me in wishing the SoCon Trent team every, success, in their bid to see stoke-on-trent, become. The next Capital of Culture for. Britain. Well. I'd be very happy to visit stoke-on-trent on, a number of occasions and, my honourable friend is a valiant.

Champion, For stoke-on-trent and. I wish them all the best but I have to say to my little friend as I have been asked about a number of other bids. From cities around around, the United Kingdom though I'm sure all of those cities that were bidding have extremely, good cases, to be recognized, in this way thank, you order.

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