Prime Minister's Questions: 5 June 2019 - D-Day Anniversary, trade deals with the US, steel industry

Prime Minister's Questions: 5 June 2019 - D-Day Anniversary, trade deals with the US, steel industry

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Order, questions. To. The Prime Minister, Tim. Loughton I. Have. Been asked to reply my, right, honourable friends. My. My. Rifle of a friend the Prime Minister, is today, with. Other world leaders in, Portsmouth. To commemorate, the 75th, anniversary of, the d-day landings. That. Operation, involved. Though, this this. Event. Today will involve more than, 4,000. Personnel in, d-day. Events, in the United Kingdom and in France and it. Will involve representatives. From every country, that fought alongside United, Kingdom in Operation, Overlord and. Appropriately. Our former, adversaries. As well and. I'm sure that members. Right across the house, will. Want to join me in paying, tribute to the. Sacrifice, of those. Who fought to, secure. The Liberty and peace. That, we enjoy, today and, for. The courage, that made. Possible, then the, restoration, of democracy. Human. Rights and the, rule of law to our continent, of Europe. Mr.. Speaker I'm, sure, also that, the, whole house will want to join me in sending our very. Best wishes to our, Muslim, constituents. Here in the United Kingdom and to. Muslims, around the world, celebrating. Eid alpha-2 I had. Meetings with, ministerial. Colleagues, and others earlier today and actually having further such meetings later on today Tim Loughton. Mr.. Speakers the Chancellor says today in Portsmouth, and tomorrow in Normandy, we honor the veterans of, 150,000. British American Canadian and other, Allied troops who led the charge to liberate, Europe against, the, real Nazi, scum, so. Does my right honourable friend agree that when a minority, of hate fuel demonstrators. Yell, Nazi, scum in the faces of American, tourists, and intimidate. Others legitimately, welcoming, the visit of the American president however we may take issue with him and regrettably. Spurred, on by certain, honorable members of this house that, they attacked the greatest, alliance of free nations and they, demean the memory of those brave troops and veterans whose, very sacrifice, secured, the right of all of us. Mr.. Speaker, I, agreed. With, every word that my, on. Door friends has just said, and I, think that it's worth reminding ourselves that. The. The, fact that we. And our. Neighboring. Countries, across, the channel enjoy, today. The. Freedom, to, express, our views publicly. To assemble, and to demonstrate our, points, of view to argue, peacefully. Against. One another in this place are. Derived. From, the courage and the sacrifice of, the wartime generation. Whether, from the United Kingdom or the United, States of America. Or our other allies and we should remember, and, salute. That courage, and that sacrifice are not defeated by. The sort of disgraceful behavior to which my own will friend refer. You. Mr., speaker, and it's a pleasure to be stepping in on behalf of my colleagues, today and indeed to be opposite the right honourable, gentleman and might I echo his, comments, made regarding, the marking of the 75th, anniversary of the d-day landing, which are being commemorated today. In Portsmouth, we must never forget the. Extraordinary. Sacrifices. Of all those who landed that day in Normandy, and the achievements. Of our servicemen. And women who, came together to fight fascism, and protect, our freedom, I'd, also like to wish an eID alpha T to all of our Muslim friends right across the, United, Kingdom, and I also want, to express solidarity to, all women fighting, pension. Injustice in court, and outside Parliament, today. I'd also like. To congratulate, both. English, teams who competed in the Champions, League final on Saturday and, as, among United fan it pains me to congratulate, Liverpool. On their victory. Although. Fairplay, fans, did rename Margaret Thatcher square in Madrid Jeremy Corbyn, square and. I reckon that deserves brownie points even from a man United, fan mr.. Speaker yesterday, the, Prime Minister, had to repeat, two, presidents, from a journalists, question, about whether the NHS, is on the table as part of a US trade deal given. The Prime Minister was silent. On the, matter perhaps the right honourable gentleman could clarify the, government's, position will, the Tory party, give, US companies, access to, the NHS, yes or no. Well. Can, I can. I first of all welcome. The the. Honourable lady to, these, new responsibilities. And, to. Agree. With the comments. She made both, about d-day and about the success, of English. Football teams, in recent, to. European, Championships, and also. To. Wish. Well to both the English and Scot Scottish, women's, 11, for their forthcoming, matches. I. III. Welcome. The Honorable lady I I feel. Slightly sorry, for the rifle. The lady of the member for evenings. Him south of used, to to, jousting, with who who.

Seems To have been dispatched to internal. Exile, somewhere. Else. Mark. The only honorable. Ladies not to need to watch, out because I think there's a lesson there that, anybody. Who at the despatch-box outshines. The dear leader is, speak. Risks. Being airbrushed. Out of the politburo, history, at the earliest opportunity. My. Rifle more friend the. Prime Minister, has. Been very clear and she, heats she spoke for. Everyone, in the government and on this side of the house when it comes to trade negotiations. The, NHS. Is not, and will not be up the saddle. Today. Mr., speaker well the president, certainly seemed. To think the NHS, was on the table yesterday, so, does the trade secretary. But, who knows who, speaks for the government at the moment and the Prime Minister did nothing, to allay concerns yesterday. So, I hope she, was more forceful. In raising, climate, change with, a president, who initiated, the u.s. withdrawal, from the Paris climate agreement opened. Up record, amounts. Of land for oil and gas drilling and called, climate, change a hoax can. The right honourable gentleman confirm, if yesterday the, Prime Minister made any attempt, to convince him that climate, change is in fact real. Yes. Mr. speaker the variety. When the Prime Minister did. Raise, climate, change with the, president, yesterday and, she made clear at their joint press conference yesterday afternoon, that that is what she had done we. Are very proud of this, country's, commitment, to, the, international. Agreements. To reduce global, carbon, emissions, and we, have a better, track, record in reducing, those emissions than any other g7, Member, State long, Bailey, speaker. The statistics, that they right honorable gentleman referred to relates to emissions cut since 2010. When the UK benefited. From, policies, put in by the last Labour government, policies, which, have since been dismantled, but. How much authority does, this government actually, have on this issue three. Current, cabinet ministers, have denied, the, scientific, consensus, on climate change and several. Of those standing, in the Tory leadership, contest, have close links with organisations, and individuals promoting. Climate, denial mr.. Speaker it does not bode well figures. Released in April show, that the UK, is set to miss its own carbon budgets, by an ever-widening, margin. With, the right honourable gentleman light to explain why the government, is off track to meeting its own targets. Mr.. Speaker where we, went off track towards, of meeting those targets at all since 2010. Since. 2010, the United Kingdom has, decarbonized. Our economy. Faster. Than any other. We. Generate, now a. Record. Amount of electricity. From, renewable. Energy sources and. We have just gone through the longest, period in our history without. Relying. On electricity. Generated. From coal, that's. What. Appears to be the Labour Party's, declared, policy, which, is to reopen the, coal mines but. Not actually, to burn the coal that they mine. Mr.. Speaker the Labour Party, does not condone, the reopening, of any coal mine to be used for energy. Emissions. Reduction. That, were implemented, using. Labour, Party, policy, labor policies. That have since been dismantled and that only is the government failing, to me its targets, but last year actually saw the smallest, drop, in carbon, emissions in the last six years just. Two, percents. At, that rate it would take until the end of, the century to reach net zero emissions, and mr., speaker just yesterday, the, Financial, Times reported. That the government is accused, of trying to fiddle its, emissions, figure ignoring. Its official, advises so let me ask the right honourable gentleman a simple policy question, the Labour Party, has committed to banning fracking will, the government ban fracking and allow new onshore, wind in England yes or no. What. The government is committed to is to, reducing. Emissions. In line with both our domestic and global. Targets. And we, have not, just met but we have, outperformed. Our first, and second, carbon budgets, and we, are on track towards, meeting the, third there is going to be a need, for some time into, the future to, use gas, as a transitional. Fuel, but, that is much less. Polluting. Than other forms of, hydrocarbon. Based energy and it therefore is a good, source, during. The transition, period while, we make, ready to, move to a completely, decarbonized. Economy. Rebecca, long Bailey this, is absolutely. Staggering, the government promotes fracking. Backed, by only 12%, of the public effectively. Blocks onshore.

Wind Backed by 79 percent of the public new, solar is down 94. Percent home, installation is down 98, percent mr., speaker Parliament, declared a climate, emergency. Yet, there is no evidence, this, government, takes this seriously, we. Need a green, industrial, revolution. To tackle climate change, and alone, swansea. Tidal, lagoon would, have required a hundred, thousand, tons of steel mainly. From port talbot for, the government refused to back it can. The right honourable gentleman tell us what the government has actually done, since signing the steel charter, to support our steel industry. Mr.. Mr., speaker if one looks at what is actually, happening, in the, real world, rather than the ideological, trap. Switched the Honourable lady. You. Will see mr. speaker, that there are about. 400,000. Jobs already, in low-carbon, businesses, and their supply, chains, throughout, the United Kingdom and scope. For much more low-carbon. Growth to, support, up to 2 million jobs in the future, we, now have received advice from the independent. Climate change committee about, how, to, time and to legislate, for our transition, to a completely, decarbonized. Economy, and, we will brief bringing forward our decisions, later. This year as to, how and when we will be taking that action. Well. The independent, climate change committee has repeatedly. Criticized the government's approach to decarbonizing. Our economy but I know in the right honourable gentleman's, response there was not a single word on what support the government will provide the steel industry and people from red car to scum thought know that his empty rhetoric will not solve their catastrophe. Mr.. Speaker climate, change is an existential, threat. To safeguard. Our future we. Will need to mobilize, all of our resources, just like we did when we rebuilt, Britain after the Second World War if we, took the challenge seriously, we. Could create hundreds. Of thousands. Of jobs in low-carbon, industries, reverse. Decades, of decline in, our day industrialized. Areas, and lead, the world in renewable. Technologies. But, the government, is letting, us down. They, have recklessly. Run the clock down on brexit. But, I say to the right honourable, member isn't. It the truth that, their failure is now running down the clock on our planet. Mr.. Mr.. Speaker sir the older lady asked, about government. Help for the steel industry the. Answer to her question is, that we have provided taxpayer-funded. Subsidies, to. Cut energy costs, in the steel industry we. Have supported. A globally. And introduced. Here, trade, defense, measures, to shut out unfair, competition and, dumping, from, steel and when I was in Sheffield, a few, days ago I talked, to specialist, steel makers, in South butcher, who, welcome this government's, commitment, there to the advanced manufacturing center. To, the work that we are doing on technical, and vocational training, and who, were optimistic. About the future of steelmaking and manufacturing. In this country under. The policies, that my right honourable friend Secretary, of State for business has, been taking, through now, the truth is that III, when, I looked at the, Honourable, lady's video, about, the, Labour, Party's, new, commitment. To a a green, innovator, me green industrial revolution, it concluded. With a focus, on the. Word the. Words about, reen, a tional ization bring. Back into, public ownership as, if that were, the way forward. Now. We know from the CBI mr. speaker that, the cost of that would be a hundred and seventy-six billion, pounds, taken, from, the pockets, of taxpayers.

Well The United Kingdom, that, money could be used to. Build 3 million, new, homes, those. Labor policies, would, put at risk the, finances. Of decent. Working families. Marcus, fish Thank, You mr. speaker, some somerset, has been helping, illustrate. The huge, national challenge. We, face in, social, care through, a powerful panorama. Program, the final part of which as tonight. Will, my right honourable friend join, me in paying tribute to all in caring roles and, commit to addressing, their, funding, needs fully. Mr.. Mr. Speaker I first of all thank my humble friend for highlighting. This important. Issue we're committed to ensuring, that people of all ages have access to the care and support they, need that's. Why we've given local authorities access to nearly 4 billion pounds more, adult social, care this year but, we recognize that we also need to make sure that best practice, is observed across all local authorities and NHS. Trusts, where the evidence is that delayed discharges, are higher in some areas, than in others we will be publishing the green paper at, the, earliest, opportunity to. Set out the to, set out the. Hard. Strategic. Choices that. Are going to face, the, government whoever leads. The, government in the months to come and to. Describe. Proposals, to ensure that the social care system is sustainable, over the longer term. Mr.. Speaker I wish to associate. Myself and, my SNP, colleagues, with the comments of others our thoughts, are with the veterans, gathered in Portsmouth, today to Kemah me to commemorate the anniversary of, d-day here, today, is also World, Environment Day an important. Reminder that climate, change remains, the biggest challenge facing the world and, also I'd like to wish a very very, happy Eid Mubarak to all of those celebrating, across the UK. Yesterday. Donald, Trump said, that the NHS, was, on the table in, the trade talks with the UK today. He. Says he's, not so sure this. Is someone, who doesn't even believe in climate change a president.

Who Simply, cannot, be trusted. Why. Then, is the UK, government, saw, obsessed. With. Pursuing a trade deal that puts Scotland's, NHS, at risk. Mr.. Mr., speaker the government. Is not putting the NHS, at risk in Scotland, or anywhere. Else and, the Prime Minister has made that very. Clear indeed, what, I fear, is, putting. At risk standards, in the NHS, at Scotland it's in Scotland, is the SNPs, obsession. With constitutional, matters in a referendum. The, better delivery of public services. Mr.. Speaker we, have the, best-performing NHS's. With. The highest number of GPS per, head of population. If. This, week has, proven, anything it. Is proven, that there is no guarantee our. NHS, is safe in, 2014. Westminster. Promised. Scotland's. NHS, would. Be in public lavatory. For, as long as the people of Scotland wanted, it but, now this, Tory government is, actively. Working to. Deny. The, Scottish, Parliament the, powers, to, safeguard. Our NHS. Our. Public, services, the. Truth is under. This government, restored. Hland won't have a veto we. May not even have a see, the. Scottish, government will never allow, our precious. NHS, to. Be signed away in a Tory Trump, trade, deal. It's. The minister its fellow antiques, I don't, make that same pledge, here, today. They, will never ever, be, forgiven. Mr.. Speaker the, the risk of repeating myself, the. Under, this government, and under, stewardship, of anybody on this side of the house the NHS, is not gonna be up for grabs in a trade, negotiation, with the United States or with anybody else at, all and, I would say to the Honourable lady that when she talks, about the need for a voice for, Scotland, she. Ought to have more confidence in the. Ability, of herself. And her colleagues. To represent, the interests, of Scotland. Here in, the debates and in the committee's, on which they sit at, the moment they're leaving it my 13, colleagues, on this side would be the truth. Mr.. Speaker thank you very much um I know from, my own personal experience. What it takes to win a seat, from, the Labor Party, and hold, it will. My right honourable friend agree, with me but every community in this country needs, a strong voice in this place and, the people of Peterborough, tomorrow have the opportunity, to elect Paul Bristow, to, give them that voice to. Replace the failed Labour MP who, ended up in jail. Mr, Speaker I, very. Much endorse. What my honourable, friend my, rifle, friend says and I, believe that in, Paul Bristow Peterborough, would have a formidable, champion. For, the interests, of the residents, of every part of that borough or, a pig. Is. Just a stand-in, while the vultures circle, but I want to ask what he thinks of the legacy, left by the Prime Minister a deeply, divided country where, 14, million, people live in poverty where. 130,000. Preventable, deaths have, been caused by austerity. Since, 2012, a country where, 17,000. People can, die while, they are waiting for disability, benefits where homelessness. Is soren, destitution, is rife and in the UN Rapporteur. By harsh and uncaring, ethos I don't wanna personalizes. Because every one of those, ventures is responsible. But what kind of legacy is, that. Mr.. Speaker the. Legacy. Of my rifle friend will be a country, in which income. Inequality. Is down. In. Which wages, have been rising faster, than inflation for, more than a year where. We have the lowest unemployment since. The 1970s. And record, numbers of people, in jobs. It's about time that the Honorable honorable lady stop talking, our country, down on this side we want to raise.

Right. On a rock friend, think it's acceptable, the. People, with access, to large sums, of money are. Able to bring about private, prosecutions in. A way that. Undermines, freedom. Of speech in this country. Mr. Speaker I let, me say two things about my, my. Honorable friends question. First, of all I believe, that, freedom of speech is one. Of our, most precious. Inheritances. From previous, generations. And we, should do everything we can in this place and outside to uphold that principle, when it comes to any specific. Case it would clearly be wrong of me to pass comment, on something, that is before the courts judge. Stevens. And. My constituency, suffered, yet more serious, violent, crimes some in the public domain and some which isn't including. The murder of 18 year-old for, hard Mohamad north and a, knife attack on, the congregationally. Leaving, dowel of dark alizarin musk following, Ramadan, prayers, since. 2010. Under Liberal Democrat and Conservative government South Wales police funding has been cut by, nearly 61. Million pounds, police, officers, in Cardiff are running on empty, what. Will it take for, this shambles, of a government to accept responsibility for. Public Safety and give South Wales Police the funding. Well. This mr., speaker South, Wales Police is actually. Receiving up, to 290 million pounds, in funding, in the current financial year which is an increase of 19, million on the, last financial year but. The to, get to grips with. Serious. Crime, and no, one would have anything but but sympathy, for the victims whom, she referred to and their families, we, also need, to look at what it is that, drives young. Men in particular towards. Gang. Membership, and participation, in. Violent crime and that, is an, matches the work but, my right on will friend the Home Secretary, in partnership. With other ministers, is now leading and which I hope will bring benefits to her constituency. And to many others. The. Motor industry, is vital, to the economy of rugby and the West Midlands and so was the Maya Trimble friend concerned to, see the UK, manufacturing. Statistics, from the SM MT showed, that in April production. Fell by 44%, because. A factory, shutdowns, for the unexpected certainty. Of a 29th, of March Briggs it does, he agree that this should act as a wake-up, call to ensure that the same thing doesn't happen again on the 31st, of October by. Leaving, the EU with a deal which will take away the uncertainty. That is so damaging, to our manufacturers. I. I. Think my auto friend makes a very important, point and the car industry, is one. Of the most important, but by no means the only sector. In this country that, relies heavily, upon, just-in-time. Cross-border. Supply, chains with, enterprises. In other member states of the European Union that. Is why the government remains focused on ensuring that our departure from the EU is smooth, and orderly, and with. A deal which allows, for those just-in-time, supply, chains to be protected, Penacook. Mr.. Speaker, of the many collective, challenges, we face none is more essential more. Urgent, than climate, breakdown the, legislation, required to commit the UK to phasing out carbon emissions entirely by mid-century is simple, it's, almost certainly already been drafted and this house could pass it in a matter of days, this, issue is simply too pressing to wait for later this year or a future, administration, we have the parliamentary time what, possible, reason. Can the Minister give for, why the government cannot commit to enshrine NetZero, emissions into law now. Well mr. speaking out there first of all congratulate, the Honorable, gentle in his partner on, having looked at its Twitter feed on the the. Imminent. Birth of their their second child later this year and wish, wish both, here is partly well, in. In terms of his question it was discovered, which. Actually, went to the independent. Committee on climate change and asked, for advice from them about how and over what timeframe to make that move to complete decarbonisation. We, have only very recently received. That advice that will clearly need to be considered. Within government, and we want to bring forward our decision, at the earliest possible opportunity because. I share his view, of the importance, of getting amitis this green, mr.. Speaker difficult, times often. Call for new leadership and a new vision therefore. Will my right on revenge join me in supporting. Councillor. David greenhouses, visit, vision, for a regeneration, of Bolton his, bids for the future High Street Fund and the recovery, of Bolton after 40 years of, labor miss rule. I. Like. To thank my honourable, friend for.

Highlighting. This. Initiative. In in, Bolton, as, he knows their. High streets are changing, and we are committed to the government to helping communities like Bolton, to adapt. To that change we've, already proved, a set in hand the 675. Million future, high streets fund we welcome Bolton councils, applications. It being they're being assessed alongside other, applications. We, will make an announcement about those places, that are successful, later this summer I know my honorable friends will, continue, to be a very, Doughty champion. For his city. My. Local, NHS, is cutting GP, hours. While they and NHS, England are forced to subsidize a private. Company Babylon, GP. And land which is sucked up over, 50,000. Stations, for its controversial, app-based system. Undermining. GPS, across London, and beyond given. The health secretary is, babylons, biggest, cheerleader, why, should my constituents. This, government, to keep the NHS, public, any more, than they would trust Donald Trump. Mr.. Mr.. Speaker an NHS, England is I understand, increasing, the baseline funding of Hammersmith, and Fulham. CCG. To ensure it is not financially. Disadvantaged, by hosting, GP. At hand, but, via the NHS, to improve. Its service to patients is going, to need to embrace innovation and, digital technologies. Like those used by GP, at hand do, offer convenience. For patients, and often allow clinicians to, work more. Efficiently. And that's why our new GP, contract, gives everyone, the, right to digital. First primary, care including, web and video consultations. From 2021. If that, is what they want to receive. 75. Years ago tonight, the first steps in the liberation of Europe were taken by the Oxfordshire. And Buckinghamshire. Light. Infantry when, they dropped by parachute to. Liberate Pegasus. Bridge as, the Dakotas over, Normandy, commemorates, this feat, this. And time will my right honorable friend join. With me to celebrate. And, commemorate all, the ordinary and yet extraordinary, men and women from every corner of our country who, turned the tide of the war in freedoms favor. I'm. Grateful, to my honorable, friend far for, highlighting, the particular example, of the Pegasus Bridge and the heroism shown, by the. Servicemen, from our two counties. But. I think he's also right, that we need to pay tribute today, to. The men and women who took part in the success of Operation, Overlord for whichever part of the United Kingdom or whichever, allied country they came. To. Many people, in our uniform public services, are taking their own lives but Mr Speaker we don't know the true extent of these tragedies as ministers, do not require this data to be collected more. Than Minister agree with me that the police our armed forces and the prison services, should follow the need on a fire service, and record the number of people in their service that take their own lives I. Mean. The your intent will make say a good, point I know he is due to meet with, minister, of justice ministers, fairly, soon to talk about whether, the. The. MOJ, could introduce similar. Practices, for, its services, and I, will draw, his question to detention, of the Minister for policing, to, see if a competing. Can be established with home office chief, Johnson. Mr, Speaker pets, would have designated an area of special, residential, character, in the London borough of Bromley but, it suffered from inconsistent.

Decision Making at the hands of the Planning Inspectorate, which I feel is unaccountable. Would, my right honourable friend use his good offices to, help me secure. The meeting I've long been requesting, which the planning inspector has for some reason consistently. Declined. Well, I'm very happy in the first instance, to ensure, that my honourable. Friend has a meeting with the relevant, minister in the Department, of Housing communities, and local government and hope that that would enable him to find a way forward would, be a groups discourtesy, if it were otherwise. Extraordinary. That the honourable gentleman should have to ask for a meeting but there we are he's gonna get his meeting Rachel maskel. Well. Yesterday the US President did say that the NHS, was on the table of any trade negotiation. And the, PM did not intervene, to stop him the, net Dems and Tories, have already voted through the Health and Social Care Act, which opened up the NHS, to, the US market. 10%, it's already privatized. And the brexit, party leader has no issue with, US private, health care insurance replacing. Our NHS. No. Party, can be trusted. With our NHS, except, the Labour Party. To. Save our NHS. Mr.. Mr.. Speaker one does get a bit sick of these scare stories, after a while. Mr.. Speaker. Mr.. Speaker. The. Honorable lady, might like, to pretend. That the. Majority, of, NHS. Contracting, out the private sector did not actually take place under conservative ministration. But under the Labour government. With. Andy Burnham urging. That to. Accelerated. Now, the truth is that, during, the 17th, year lifetime of the NHS, it has had more years under conservative, than. Under, labour stewardship. And if we look at what is happening today we, see the NHS, getting the biggest cash boost ever, in its history a long-term, plan for its future made possible, by conservative. Policies. And. I remain the house of my members interests I echo what the minister said about our teams going to the World Cup and their. Performances, later on this month but there is further representation. From this country with, three match officials, selected, John, Massey and Lisa she'd from England and my colleague from Scotland, Kylie Coburn all, selected, to represent their, country so will my Reitan was brain join me in congratulating them, for their dedication commitment, and ability as much of the officials, which has seen them called up to the World Cup and wish all our match officials, are successful, and productive. Tournament. Well. I I, didn't I did feel there was perhaps no. Beat the shop steward for the amalgamated. Union of. Association. Football officials was the speech you hear but, the. I, very. Happy to join my own girlfriend in congratulating, Sean DS and Kylie as having been selected, as assistant, referees. It is a first-class. Achievement. And I'd like to wish them as well as both teams, all success. Will the World Cup in Fletcher. Pupils. From st. Gregory's, primary, school in my constituency. Recently. Wrote to me regarding, the problem of plastic pollution in, our environment, they. Have rightly, pointed out the damage that plastic, waste. Causes to marine life and also human. Life as it makes its way up, the food chain as a result, they, are calling on the government to introduce a deposit, return scheme that, will reduce the, amount of plastic that ends, up in landfill, and in our oceans, on, this, World Environment Day. Does, the minister agree. With, the pupils, of st. Gregory's, primary, school. The. I think that, I can give. The, Honourable, lady an encouraging, message to, take back to the people beggary, school which is that under, the leadership of my, right on a friend the Secretary of State for the environment the. Government has. Launched. A resources. And waste strategy, which. Includes consulting. On plans to introduce consistent. Recycling, for all households. And consulting. On a deposit return, scheme, to. Drive up the recycling of cans and bottles, and plans, for producers, to pay the full cost of managing packaging. Waste through extended producer responsibility. It. Makes a good package, Thank. You mr. speaker, 30. Years ago this week some. 2000, Democrats, maybe more will never know the number were. Murdered, in Tiananmen. Square and. Even. Now in China there is a Great Firewall, which. Prevents, Wikipedia. Google. And others. Communicating. With the Chinese, people. Now. While China, has moved, on, does. My right honourable friend not think it the, height of hypocrisy. Those. Who, demonstrated. Against. The President, of the United States of America, yet. Chose not, to demonstrate.

Against. The president, of China when, he came here. I. Think. That my, honourable, friend makes, a telling. Point about, the. Inconsistency. In, standards, that we've seen from some leading, members, of this, house, it. Is indeed 30 30 years yesterday, since the. Tragic. Shocking. Events in which so many people lost their lives while protesting, peacefully in. And around 10 and men's square and the. Sad truth today is that people in China are still unable. To exercise, their, right to protest peacefully. A right. Given. To them by. International. Agreements, to, which the Chinese government. Has signed up and we continue. To urge the Chinese government, to respect citizens, freedom of association, assembly. Expression, and other, fundamental. Rights, and freedoms as is, supposed to be enshrined, in China's, Constitution as well as an international, law. Adam. Price is in celebrating. It with the Normandy a memorable, Morial today and we share the feeling for all those people who know. I guess. When President, Trump's visit was thought, up months ago the plan was, for. The UK to have he left the EU by then, take. Back control they said but. What we saw this, week was, a vision of things to come of, razzle-dazzle. Concealing. The reality, of sovereignty, reduced, to sycophants. 68%. Of, Welsh exports, mr. speaker go to the EU. Only. 14%. Of, our exports, go to the u.s. post, breakfast, the, British government will have to choose which. Deal to, strike which. Would he prioritize. Mr.. Speaker if the old lady had been studying the various. Publications from, the government she will have seen that our objective. Is to have a very close, deep. Future partnership, on trade and other matters, with, our neighbours in the European Union while, at the same time having, the freedom to pursue trade, deals with other parts, of the world including with. The United States, amongst. One and I just, do ask, young, lady to. Just pause, before. Condemning. The state visit, by, the elected. Head of state, and government of, our. Staunchest. Ally. At, a time, when we commemorate, the 70th anniversary, of, the d-day landings. And trying. To criticize that for political. Purposes. We can disagree, with, President Trump any of us is free to do that but, he is here as the elected, head of state of our. Staunch. Consistent. Ally and we should honor and respect, him during that visit. Speaker. I know my Rhydon friend, we aware from his recent visit to call up the potential of development, the space sector in, Cornwall, and therefore, I'm sure he would join me in welcoming the announcement, yesterday of government, support of seven point eight million pounds with the development, of Europe's first horizontal. Spaceport. In Cornwall so will he join me in congratulating all, the space-boat chromel team for, their successful bid woody uses officers to ensure that the government does everything it can to make sure the regulations, are in place for, satellites, to be launched as soon as possible, and what is on his feet woody congratulate, the Cornish rugby team for, their excellent, win on Sunday against. Cheshire to, become county championship. Where. I delighted. To, to congratulate, the Cornish rugby, team as my other, friend invites me to do I was, also very pleased, indeed to see the decision being made to give that support, to the, Cornwall. Spaceport. Initiative I remember very vividly, meeting. Representatives. Of the spaceport during, my visit to lagoon. Hilly Earth station, earlier, this year and I think there is some really, exciting commercial, opportunities, available for call war and the United Kingdom. Mr.. Speaker in, July 2016. My constituent, mr. jock was diagnosed, with multiple myeloma, a, form. Of blood cancer he. Was treated with two lines of chemotherapy and, initially, responded. Well but had recurrent. Infections, which required antibiotics. He. Went into remission in 2018. And his pit was stopped in December, 2018. Mr.. Gough appealed the decision despite, the fact that he was receiving treatment his appeal was refused in February, he was told his cancer relapsed, it. Is incurable he's, now been told his mobility car, will be repossessed, this week. Removing. His PIP left, him we'll leave him short of money unable. To get to most of his daily appointments, and at, risk of infection when, travelling on public transport, can. I appeal to everybody, on those benches over there show, some compassion. Someone, intervene, and stop this in just. The, I mean be honourable member will appreciate, that. I don't know any more about the detail of his constituents, case than what, he has just set, out before the house. My, rifle friend the secretary State for Work and Pensions is, in her place on the front bench we'll have heard what he said and I, should ask her to make sure that a minister from that department speaks, to your gentleman urgently, to get to the bottom of what has happened, mr..

Speaker The. National, leadership challenge, launches, today and can I particularly, recommend colleagues. The conclusions. On further education. In the government's post 18, education. Review to. Reverse the decline. Of course spending, to, increase the unit funding, rate and to allow for three-year funding plans does my right honourable friend agree that this should be essential. Reading for Treasury ministers, before, the autumn, spending review and more funding for further education will be very welcome. Mr.. Speaker my my honourable friend makes a very important, point about the. Vital. Role that further education. Provides. Both, in equipping young men and women with, skills. They need to give them good career opportunities, but also often is providing, a passport through, to higher education, at a later stage in, their careers the author review provides a blueprint, of how, we can make sure that, everybody can follow, the, path that is right for, them and he's right to say but, we need to study augurs conclusions, carefully in the run-up to the forthcoming spending, review McDonald. Mr.. Speaker please Scotland, prepared. A report on extraordinary. Rendition, flights stopping. Through Scottish, airports, for the Crown Office. Counterterrorism. Officers and, the Lord advocate have made clear that, they require full. Access to, the, unredacted, Senate, Intelligence. Committee report from. The United States government, but they have so far refused, to do so and therefore, it's prohibiting. Them determining, whether, or not a crime was committed, so, given intelligence sharing is supposed to underpin, our relationship, with the US has. Anyone from the government raised, this with President Trump whilst he's been here and if, not while he pledged to do so on behalf of Scotland's law enforcement, agencies, before, he departs Yukie soil today. Mr.. Speaker. Unsurprisingly. In. Line with president, under all governments I'm not prepared to discuss security intelligence, matters on the floor of the house but, I will draw the Honourable gentleman's, question, to, the attention of those, of my colleagues in government who, are directly responsible for these areas of policy. Today. With my 94. Year old stepfather. Who was once again returned, to Normandy to. Remember, that it was soldiers. Sailors, and, airmen, from, not, only the UK, and the US but allies especially all, over the Commonwealth, who, fought for our lives become, we use this moment to thank, them, to. Thank those who serve in our armed forces today, and to. Thank our prime minister, who, in her last few days in this job is serving. Our country with, great dignity. I'm. Grateful. To my humble, friend for her question and. I'm. Sure that. She will to take back to her stepfather, a salute, from the entire. House for the service of himself and his comrades, on, in. Northern, d70 five years, ago I agreed with every word but my humble friend said. Finally. Kyle Turner. Mr.. Tall this house that, she wanted a speedy, resolution. To. The funding, route between NHS. England, and vertex. And for, the drug or can, be to, treat cystic fibrosis. My. Seven-year-old. Constituent. Oliver, Ward brought. To the prime minister recently. Asking. What, progress, she's.

Made Could. The Minister please give. Oliver. Some, good news and tell, him that he needn't get, up every, day worrying. About this, terrible, injustice. With. Mr., speaker I shall ask the health sector one of his team to contact. The Honourable gentlement, the earliest opportunity to, try and give Oliver, the. The news that he wishes for. Yes. Very well point, of order point. Of order mr. Martin, Daugherty Hughes, mr.. It. Relates to matters. That can't wait. Until. After the urgent questions, not because of the fullness of the Honorable gentleman's, diary but. Because the matter appertains. To exchanges. That have just taken place. Very. Good point, of order mr. Martin dr. Hughes mr.. Speaker and image, we commemorate, the freedom, of Europe. It's come to my attention the weekend that I fell a member of the Council, of Europe, the Georgian, state.

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there is no need to make such a big deal of what Mr Trump said about NHS

Never wishes to any other religion, ever, oh apart from the those Easter worshippers.

Why do they keep mentioning Muslims.. we are not interested..we are celebrating the 75th year of the Normandy landings. And if you are so grateful to our armed forces why are you chasing them down to take them to court for doing their duties in a hostile war

You traitors are taking our democracy away from us..and being subservient to an ideology


Then WWII that my line helps with. Then their they are.

Or does it count. Like with me

Which is what Great Britain

Then my grandfather you know the rest. Because my cousin said he got shot end of that. And I’m saying Because corrupt practices.

Just like in Florida

With Police being no good in Grand Prairie. Drugs were coming from somewhere.

Report or reports eyes can see

Mad man

It was ben laden that was on coke cain wanting to war everyone

I remember myself being a baby

It’s about using

For whom?!

Their trying to keep all the cases!

I have it in the body of secrets. But one that is not in the book. That even England knew that the US knew.

Even the ones next door knew eban. Because they know so much that I remember.

Is what some will say maybe.

They came in threw the cartel suppose.

Just like eban and ben laden wanting Egypt. And the US wanted it.

Playing their f’n Philosophies

You know they know the f’n truth about a bid!

This US is backing arians! Like always BS’n!

Is May still on duty?

glad to know rebecca long bailey is a man utd fan like me

Yer yer not a hoax climate change-best and real scientists say it is- it was a lot hotter in medieval times- when will th rela people stand up- enoughis enough of this game!

Humpy And Bex we also have cheaper medication thanks to the EU to help the NHS function, and workers to support the service. America with provide neither of these and will strip it of assets once it finally breaks.

Steve W We don't know what to believe because Dump changes his opinions at the click of a finger.

Now he deleted that comment I replied to, because he knows he lost the argument ...

Only about 18% of Britain identifies as Christian. You dont speak for me when you say this is a Christian country.

@Kieran OConnell Yes but there have also been record winters as well.they are rising in summer but going colder in winter

@Rule Brexitannia How do you explain then how the global temperature has risen by 1 degree since 1900 and twice that in the arctic. And how do u explain how parts of Louisiana are already beginning to dissapear due to rising sea levels. To make it closer to home i the UK the temperature has been ever rising each year since the 1990s except 2001 and even now the warming water in the north sea is destroying nests and habitats of birds local to the seas around Scotland and each year in Britain there are several major storms and almost always heatwave

@Kieran OConnell Your only using pakistan as an example, and only 1%! thats nothing. Also "Global Warming" doesn't exist, they show pictures of the North Pole melting, but in some areas its getting thicker! They only show those areas! Also, a lot of the COs produced was because we used it in the empire, before people started lying about this "Global Warming" thing

@Rule Brexitannia Which is bad

Enviromental responsibility will be always in consumers mainly.

Didn't age well, NIGEL doesn't even have any policies and has just mobalised a fairly small base, most people can see through it

@Radical Rainbow Jeremy Corbyn is a joke, hes a socialist when it doesn't work every time! He wants to change politics for good, he was big views for future after brexit, hes said that often. I will always vote for them after, unless the do something terrible

Nazis spoiled a handfull of verey wealthy JEWS. Zionists spoiled 5 000 000 poor palestinians from their land, thrown away as refugees since 1984. hence: ZIONISTS are worse than NAZIS. send zionists to HELL with isra-HELL ...

From the US: not one UK demonstrator has done more to insult the honorable sacrifices of our armed forces than that orange windbag residing in the White Trash House. Thank you for snubbing him, Boris, and those who turned out to voice displeasure with that deplorable person.

Don't you just love the way the Conservatives setup their speaches so one of their own party asks another question on a topic they want to promote after they have answered with a highly questionionable and really inadeqate response. There by managing to avoid a rebuttal. The dumb conservative speaker says how privatisation will cost the tax payer, what complete nonsense, if the government OWNS the industry then the tax payers can potentially infact receive dividends! Unless the government outsources the whole deal and pays too much, which would seem like the conservative plan. I've not historically been in favour of a Labour government, but honestly lately they feel more British and MORE CONSERVATIVE than their tory rivals.

Talking of D-Day celebrations, as a Norman I was there and guess who else was: Colin Thackery, the winner of BGT 2019

Your welcome welcome all remember to mp further future people qualify for you mixinto thanksgiving mps to parliament love you so much

Long bottom could not form a sentence utterly pathetic if you dont believe me ask hog roast thornberry

Grovelling to muslims, because terrorism works. British politicians are truly gutless scum.

Seems looking at the results of the Peterborough results even the Loyal Conservative voters have also got their heads in the Sands, hoping they will ever get back into power, they must vote for the Brexit party candidates throughout the country, if not the labour muppets party will get in power and we don’t want that do WE.

Why not? A hard dose of what socialism is truly like would do the Brits a world of good. Pathetic, work-shy, welfare-sucking sissies, they would soon understand that nothing is free: not even their 'benefits' and 'services'.

Climate Change (Global Warming) whatever they're calling it is FAKE! The New World Order is in fact the new age Nazi Fascist Regime. Praise God for the People who are waking up to the Global Warming (climate change) hoax

Oh it hurts me!!! Meow meow meow it pains me!!! Back at you------> at least he's entertaining enough more than can be said for corbyn. Glad to see you not there too

Thank God you’re not there

@ab ba If "no deal" had been decided from the outset, the UK would have had 2 years to prepare customs at the entry points. Check out Southampton port as a shining exampe of supremely efficient customs. Businesses would have arranged different routes into/out of the UK for their goods. The NI/EU border would have been resolved. Instead the incompetence of the UK government means UK has made insufficient preparations for what was inevitable. This is because no one believed the UK would leave. The former PM resigned because "it's not right for a Remainer to lead the country through Brexit". When the governing party elected another Remainer into the job it said from the outset "We're not committed to implementing Brexit". The betrayal is nearly complete. You yourself have been convinced of the catastrophe of "no deal", when there is no evidence that that is guaranteed. Interesting times ahead for a nation intent on obliterating itself.

@kasegi Yabu Yes uncertainties as result of a Brexit which turned to a destructive thing before even started Thanks to those extremists who want a hard deal . The primary affect of hard Brexit started as panic and uncertainties. Beacuse they are expecting bad news biased on facts and logical studies.

Brexit isn't a destructive force, you emotional Brit. As ALL of the businesspeople have said: it's the uncertainty that is crippling things. If the UK declared now that there will be 'no deal', then businesses will know the environment in which they will operate, enabling them to plan ahead.

@G Jones ok that's interesting. Thank you.

Every war the US has been involved in in the last 70 years has a root cause, and a pretext. It's role as a superpower has been to make the world safe for US capital to make profits. Democracy, freedom etc. are handy idealistic notions in the war for US dominance.

@G Jones wow that's interesting. It look like the US was and still get involved in wars for profits.

US govt saw US companies were doing quite well out of the war, supplying both sides, until they realised Europe could be lost to soviet influence, on the inevitable defeat of Nazism. As it turned out, they only lost the east half to"communism" for 40 years,

@Goddesses StarTrek Online Fleet It's fear of muslim terrorism. When the police stand by, afraid of intervening, while 1400 schoolchildren are raped by muslims, you know terrorism works.

Modern Britain. There's someone represented from everywhere in the world, and lots more wanting to join them. Them being mentioned is probably an indicator of how active and large the Muslim population is now in Britain. Take from that whatever you will.

The British politicians hate the British army, just as they hate the British people. Now everything in the UK parliament is left-wing, expect this hatred to intensify.

Are you the shepherd that lost his sheep

If facts don't back him up, it MUST be fake news!

Blair the Tory you mean? New Labour = Code for Tory Policies

The New Labour project under Blair did continue policies of the previous Tory govt. as was pointed out by socialists within and without the Labour Party

Exactly Right!!! It is nothing but a money grabbing exercise by our government! It is their duty to relieve us of our hard earned cash, by Hook or by Crook!!!!

Student activists are like that, they like telling people what to do as these activists are always correct.

@Rule Brexitannia IK but thats climate change - which is happening and it is global warming because the world does have higher recored temperatures almost every year and even though there r colder winters there r still hotter

@Kieran OConnell but not global warming. Its going up and down, so i will melt and freeze again

@Rule Brexitannia IK!!! Climate Change!!!! If there r record cold winters and record hot summers then i am pretty sure that is bad for the planet and us - AND a sign of CLIMATE CHANGE

Packing up her goods and loading the removals van

@Rule Brexitannia Have a read Labour's Manifesto you will see there isnt that many simmilarities. Corbyn will always put members and voters views before his own. As for Venezuala before Maduro venezuala was a well functioning country with the best fuctioning health system in the region. Maduro has violated socialism and has turned venezuala into an authoritarian dictatorship where the wealth is held in the hands of him and his friends.

@The Other Side He says he does. DId you see his Venezuelan tweet, he made tributes. His polices are the same as Venezuela. Also he wants to nationalise everything, name one thing he has said he doesn't want to nationalise or that he wants Privatise

@Rule Brexitannia No he isnt if he was he would support a fully communist state where the government own the means of production. Corbyn beleives in government regulation to protect the environment and to protect jobs and graduated taxation to fund our NHS, roads, welfare state and every other government owned service. Dont buy into this comrade corbyn nonsence used to deligitimise him.

@The Other Side No, he is 0% capitalist, full Venezuelan supporter

@G Jones

Farage represents a small section of the ruling class, whose traditional party the Tories, is split through infighting over Brexit. If you want to know Rexit Party policy, look at UKIPs policies under Farage, and also remember the infighting when others disagreed with him! Flash in the pan!

My goodness no ideology works in its purest form. Corbyn offers a bright future with a balance of democratic socialism and capitalism.

Farage is a traitor who wants to abolish the House of Lords!

the reason he didn't get in was because too many people voted cnservative

British National Conservative did you forget the shambolic loss of the conservatives in the European elections and the hung parliament they caused in the snap election whilst labour boomed in votes in the snap election. Please just look at the statistics.

British National Conservative conservatives are s a shame to our democracy. Their core fundamental principles are to cut the budget and tightened spending on public services. Look t our country now!! Can you not see the mess the conservatives put us in? Are you rational? Please explain how a party that doesn’t even have a majority and has a noticeable lack of support from within its party are the right people to govern our country?

When did the Labour party care about the MAJORITY????

Climate change is a MYTH!

London is looking safe

the criminal gangs are driving by money you suckers ......they make millions instead taking a low paid job and working hard

it would be coool to see chinese subtitles

18:00 hahahahha :) :) :)

thank you mr for you compliment ,, Eid mobarak alekom ,, from all muslims to you

Phones Should Be Banned In The House Commons !

@kasegi Yabu Yes you right about the slow work. Before Brexit vote I could tell that no one I knew believed the result vwill be out. That's why millions of British didn't bother to vote. Instead the leave were out in full. Than the shock. Cameron mess. it up for the pro EU. Those who didn't vote gone mad and them self to blame. Including many who didn't get chance to register to vote. Anyway this fact as you possibly know has maid all the noises and problems we are going through not to mention many people are angry about the way the Brexit campaign went...and the way Brexit was explained. .and not explained. ..even many leaves aren't happy with it. And they are now remain and some still leave but wanting soft Brexit keeping their free movement in the EU and all the benefits, like no restrictions to work retirement free universities ,colleges ,schools care... Any way as you know all that is very important for the British . You right preparation for a no deal isn't all three and probably it will cost billions a year. ..for many years in case of a no deal. The uK just started to recover from 2008 global economy crisis and still not standing right at all.A no deal will knock it backwards badly be honest as we all know humans do have panic mood at stand by 24/ 7 This fact will make a no deal even worse than what it is. THEE IS NO DOUBT about that. I really think asking people if a no deal, The Government only deal.or the existing deal. Or just let the parliament to vote on the Government deal with those compromises to soften the exit from the EU and to keep the British close as possible to the EU. But no member of the EU. Than the UK could increase the existing trades with the existing over 40 countries a round the world.The UK is been trading with them for many years.Not sure what kinds of system but it is helping the UK economy. aprt for the EU trades..




Prime Minister's Questions without the prime minister... Interesting.

Really I like British parliament, even British policy and accent too. British policy controls most of the world, but the USA wants to dissolved them.

Wikipedia but Google. ..???

"Interesting" is a subjective, ambiguous description. What do you mean by "interesting?"

I truly believe the labor party and the us democrat party are about as moronic as humans can be! But I’m all for other countries killing there economies while ours soars to new heights!

Lidington performs better than dear leader

@M Catchpole You have no evidence, it's a MYTH!

You're up against a hell of a lot of objective evidence there. What's your reasoning?

Hotter in medieval times? Where's your evidence for that? If the world was hotter at any point in the past 10,000 years, then why is there permafrost being exposed now that hasn't been exposed in hundreds of thousands of years?

Are you aware that out of all EU laws that passed since the year 2000, the UK was outvoted on only 2% of them? And yet everyone thinks the EU somehow controls us and we need to tAkE bAcK cOnTrOl

Idiotic Tories who cares about football scores that house is for world leaders to discuss important life events and debates that joker stepping in for pm is a travesty

Which particular graphs? There's a lot of graphs out there.

@Badboy 4life When has the UK (or US) government ever pushed for action against climate change? They could have enacted carbon tax years ago if they wanted. They didn't, because action against climate change is not going to benefit the economy. It's what's needed though. Scientists have been giving us warning after warning for decades, but governments keep dismissing their words. But now suddenly everyone thinks it's a Government conspiracy? What?

No Just in Time without being in the CU! What´s so difficult to understand? The automobil industry depends on the EU´s CU, what you want to leave!

Equating Trump with the then fighting troops is something. Hypocrisy at its finest!

What a disgrace. Bigging up the muslims after mentioning the biggest Allied invasion in world history. Shame on you, you bastard. What about yearly Christian and Jewish celebrations ? You can see how far muslims have got their hooks into British society - it wont work you bastards.

that was a month ago, stop that joke. it turned sour now.

Wizardde GIMTH she is still the prime minister. Theresa May resigned as leader of the conservatives until 7th June 2019, and will remain as Prime Minister until 17th July 2019.

@Stuart Anderson Idiot, it's not me that needs the proof, I am not claiming that something exists!!!

Hereward the Wake nor do you.

Unfortunately it’s as Real as Doris Karloff ..aka Anne Widdecombe..I wish that both didn’t exist

Who is sitting left of Rebecca Long-Bailey?

@Spark Spark ok that's interesting. Thank you.

@Spark Spark wow that's interesting. It look like the US was and still get involved in wars for profits.

Sky Australia says it all about parliament a truth... Somes all these up...

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